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Bristol Bucks County Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 8 1910, Page 1

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Bucks County Gazette, The (Newspaper) - April 8, 1910, Bristol, PennsylvaniaDoylestown Fust company Imi in Shtok. A. . 1 100 mosey to pm Tel k. K k i toll Drill i us six ar., m in i in n will til i Imrit u h fur and Public r Trust Orin t ime4 i Hap Naii Mii Kurt r a. I Mart , lit i i. It k t or tit lit hrs n in Cru n. I non Liti i. Tikiun. Tin mrs it to k notice Lolion o tags redeemed at in Cohen s tobacco store Mill Myert i in Iii ugh. Rohrback dentist. If Cul Tettke repair if Etta Geliai. Parkland Heights Bulotta county a Lirt mall ams lumber Yard pm. Ito Kris with building All Kinzig at kka8on prices in of Trot Star Acra we Cherry Toifl he Firle re pallm nuptial to Terni to for Bint a Holim to Hli at kit Toji Airlen. Ulli Ltd to. Tie 4-Nif Louis kivov1tch t Ami i t furniture bought Aud if Furini uric tit kale on As mtr Titt url Suil. Charles Henry Moon Woodbourne. M county . County Surveyor. A Mir Tou of Lou to Trully Atid k. Dirt . T 1-hmc-lt r. W. Dorland Deistl St. 325 Radcliffe Street Bristol a. Imil Relin. Lawmen or 15ix . E. King d. D. S. Mill strut Bristol. Edw. Lovett real estate broker on kvant Avi isl Llama. To apr loan on Al rail Mort age. Xor Tel la Imol purchasing Agency. Pm to in Shoppe or kind will attend to to in Flint in or i a with t ate undo m. Cd go ten to urn wearing ital Tow a of Palm Torii Fehrl Kiml Liml to 312 Walfate Trout or Lutol a. Deo. W. Fisher express Man it if ofal. .t.ada, pipe Salty. Us a tweet in Rulo. 150 farms for Sale of to Jen some special n Niall for catalogue. Horace g. Reeder Lasu Saoe it. Or. D. Thomas 1st in fat Kaytion of Teeth with from 112 aleut St kept. Henry e. Hacker. Bo6 Stock Exchange big stocks and Bon sout Ani Soi ii on comm1bsioj. I Teofe Siml a j. W. Boz Waliur. A alms estimates Gli in. Street Bri Biol. 5-14-u for Sale. i e Tirck dwelling Wolhau in . Mutated on uie rom a Trout. No. Kad Clytte he apply to Ailko gun James. Free Book far Tarj i tag imag tic turn Teter Iarj 306 Page Book tree on the treatment and can of hones. Cattle sheep dogs hop and Pool try. Also stable Chart to in iwo my . A. A. See Man per Law m. T. m. Vii Rajm Beta. Grass b. C. Rwm aus. p. F. Pat Couch. A Mitchke. In Mai . Slav per Maeser East l Mian i j. At dog Gitty of Tat prepaid in tint of Pekoe. Ssh. Artrea nov or mob. Mocon co s population it about and the Gazette is the county s most progressive paper vol. Xxxvii. To. 35 the Gazette his the largest circulation of any newspaper in Bucks county with one exception an address on righteousness owing to Sickner or. Anger Wai not at my i acct if Aid Rev. Mai too add Kiick the Katie act. Owl loan attack of grip which Chin Lilied him to the Rousu w. Holt augur esq., of Trenton Wax unable to keep he to address the men s meeting at the Bristol Baptist Church on hint sunday afternoon. Jacv. Johnston with Erik tidally no preparation delivered a Sii Lenold and this remarks i it bused upon Hie episode of apis Hole 1 aul h appearance whore King full. Or. Johnston spoke As follows Kev. Johnston s add Hesh. On last sunday i am sure were All mightily impressed with the address on Tho great drama of life and evidently As each Man of a listened to it we Felt the Force and truth Trewn cd in it and a desire to play the part that was assigned to us und Pluy it Well that Whin Tho cur Tain was rung Down on our life we would not to to say it we viewed the p it that we played the part of the tool. We made Annm Ous As to study history that there Moun Tain peaks in human character who because of the place they occupy in the world today Wield Sulci almighty influence that the succeeding Genera Lions will look to them of models but we must remember As Well the fact that each one of us is a Force in the world and in the place where we live that our influence in going to multiply for Good or for Laid As the years Roll on. I wish it were in my Iwler this afternoon to lie a Painter i wish i might paint for Ami a picture which Wai presented to me by a text of Wal Liiro in the act of apostles 24th chapter and 24th and lifter certain Days when Felix came with his wife Jurii Hill u to was n of Vesi he sent Lor Paul and heard him conjoining the Faith in Christ. And us he reasoned of righteousness Temperance and judgment to come Felix trembled and answered go thy Way for this time 1 have n convenient season i will Call for there is no character outside of the son of god that has wielded such a mighty influence us the a Rustle Paul. No writer of books will even be an in fluence unless there is something of character Hack of his writing. Tie picture is one of intense interest. Felix the ruler and by his Side Diwi i i who was the wife another limn but Felix was passion Italy fond of her. Thom two people though they were living in sin time dragged heavily on their hands unit they Dis covered the fact that the re Nus a noted Primmer so they win for him that by might entertain them with the Story of his Faith in c Hilst. You run the soldiers As they do his bidding you Etui Sec the form of the apostle i aul As he is ii Usu in chains and brought into the presence of the ruler. There is u Snier on the face of the ruler and his companion in sin. They give i Mil every Opportunity to express himself. It taken a wonderful Man to be Able to say what More proper relations which we tear to one another in the great struggle for bread which is becoming More and More intense. It May have been worse within some other time of the world s history but never in the his tory of our lives Hutc we he ii conditions As they in the present moment. There seems to he the need of a new gospel being preached. There seeing to be the need of a new Law be ing enacted or lie old Laws we have now being enforced so that we shall recognize the fact that god never gave the right to any Man to lord u Over his Fellows. God never intended that a Man should amass a great for tune by Tho Power of grinding the poor taking their very blood to mingle in their glory and luxury Bristol. Bucks county. A. Friday april 8, 1910. And that we need to god Means recognize the fact right living and right relations that the poor shall have bin rights an Well As i he Rich and Mas Paul preached on righteous Ness he meant not Only social righteousness but he mount us Well the right relation which we Bear one to another in the great conflict of Liberty and then be Ond question the apostle Paul bad in mind us lie preached righteousness to this ruler and upon the right relations in the great government of which he was representative his present position in the Dungeon at Jerusalem was the re sult of the failure of the proper regu lation in Law. He was a free Horn Iio Inan and by the right of that birth he should have Hud a fair trial instead of that he had to Appeal to Ceasur. The rafters not All living in 1010. If you will read the Bible you will find Felix sent for him in the to it is not convenient just now to let it go. Here is the lust for drink. Across the sky god has written the word. A drunkard cannot inherit the kingdom of god an Appeal comes out from Tho word of god and says. If you Ore going to enter into the kingdom of god you must Liva righteously. Day of judgment is com he says i know it or. Johnston 1 know it is All True but it in t convenient just now to let go. Here is the lust for Gold the lust for position dishonesty in business and be says i know 1 cannot live or. Johnston As 1 am now and be come a Christian the reason Why i have not taken a stand is because i am such a Coward i know it 1 won t be a hypocrite but i cannot do the Way i am doing in business and be a Christian cannot do it and have got to let go somewhere but it in t convenient just now. Oli friends somehow or other the Ope of him a getting Rake olt. He aunt for him a Groat Many times so grafting is really an old Trade Only some of our Fel lows improved on the old ways mid get thesis in Bunches now As in i Lottsburg Albany and some other places i bless Ood for the apostle Paul preaching righteousness that Means every nmn in Uhlie office Hull recognize the principle of right living right relations right adjust ments and the recognition of that supreme Power. We live under Tho Power of the Law which properly administered Means for the Good of nil of us and the sup porting of the nation. Paul did not Only ileum with one Only righteousness but Temperance. Tem Perance did not mean Tho closing of Tho Saloon unit is not the thought of referred to in the Bible hut self control. If there is anything needed to lie preached to All of us Thih Ufa noon it is sell control. Of what a change in the lives of most of us if to could hear an we ought to hear and recognize the Power that it is Jiow Blo Lor each of a to possess self control. This old Bonk and his tory teaches this great truth lie who controls own spirit is might Ier than he who to kerb a that requirement possible to each one of us the ourselves the nature of the almighty As Well As n partner in civilisation to prove Devil persuades us that it will be possible to crowd into our live in the last five minutes what to have crowded out of those lives through All the time Goci has Given us. Is it not strange men i Liat we somehow or other believe that character is like a cloak. They Tell us Down in mexi co among the ignorant inhabitants of that country when the Shadow of death is in a Home they secure if possible the outer cloak of the priest. They bring that outer cloak of the priest and Lay it on the Bod of the lying loved one then those who left behind if they have Hud the Good Fortune and privilege to secure the lobe of the priest feel a sense of Relief and of Security. They poor superstitious minds and believe on account of the outer cloak of a Man who pro Essex to be u Man of god that it is sufficient to bring them through the Cloud and let the soul of the departed one enter into most High. The presence of the friends the thing we carry with us is our character. Our character in t built in a moment of time our Char Acter is what we really . The world May say some things about us that is reputation we leave that be Hind us with the outer cloak. No Man can build character in a moment of time. I do not question the Jower of god to Lorg Lve men s sins i do say to you today to every one of us As Well As to Felix and Drusylla there comes ibis one great Appeal to righteousness to Temperance and to judgment to come. More and More Tullytown. Milton Stroup s House is undergoing the process of being pointed by Robert Chase. Mrs. John White of Penn Valley has been a guest of friends in Washington d. 0. A gospel song service v ill be held in the methodist episcopal Church next sunday evening it 7.45, under the direction of the the bed men s Lodge of this place is still considering the advisability of b a lading a Public Hall and con tractors May now have an Opportunity to submit bids for the same. Theo Dore Burton is chairman of the com Mittee. Elmer East uru has moved into the House vacated by James Mclean a part of Harrold Llo berts property or. Mclean has removed to the ten ant House on Martin Ulrick s farm. Harry Carlen now occupies a portion of William j. Wright s House from which William of Beunier removed to his own property. Warren Thompson of Bristol is occupying his Tully town House for the season. Timothy Worthington of Fallsington has taken up residence at the car return House on Oxford Street. The methodist parsonage was the Soene of a very pleasant Raffali last wednesday evening when the congregation of the m. E. Church ten dered to the Kev. O. Bandall and his wife a reception in Honor of their return to this Church Foi the sixth year. After prayer by m. W. White the address of Welcome was Given by Harry Luft erty to which or. Randall responded. Appropriate remarks were made by others and after singing Blest be the tie that and a closing prayer by the pastor the remainder of Tho evening was spent in social Intercourse and refreshment. Buckman s big Surprise dare Nee had Promise Forte Senate Laft fall. Where is Clymer school Board Pir clued Brock prop. Arty sewer trouble and water works in a men. Doylestown april ih10. The county seat had a sure Surprise when it read an article in Grundy s plaything at the Bottom of the first giving an account of Clarence Luckman s friends and neighbors assembling in unknown numbers possibly too Large to count and urging him to take the nomination for the state Senate. Of course Clarence was very much astonished at having this unexpected Honor thrust on him and while be would much rather in his brother he rip Verthe stay it Home and Hel watch for automobiles Eden. Mrs. Oprishach and daughters were visitors in Trenton on saturday. Or. And mrs. Henry Stoeker spent sunday with relatives in Philadel phia. Or. Beswick and family have As i As i Ive among men More and More iry in my Humble Way to do controlling of ourselves by controlled by an agent in lie ought to say in the presence of those who have Power Over him. Tho natural temptation for men in the world in which we live is to say great Many things behind Peoples Meks that they would no doubt be afraid to say in front of them. We have known of men to say a thing about one who occupies some place in the world we heard them condemned by the Man and just us Kiti they put in an appearance clap goes the trap and there is nothing doing. We Bow in subjection to a Man who has a character we have no Faith in whatever hut merely lie cause he occupies a prominent place in the world you and 1 fearful what we might get us into trouble we it under our breath. Ii is All True i know it but i just Don t want to speak out. If there Ever was a Man brought face to face with a Cool prop Pitlon it was the apostle i aul in the presence of Felix that he might talk concern ing his Faith in Christ. If there Ever was a Chance for a Man to win Over a Friend who might be of sen1 ice in the critical Lime of his life Here was the Opportunity to do so. His enemies and accusers were not pre the ruler is in a Good humor to men the possibility in control not Only of the passions in one direction hut in All directions and then to preach upon judgment to forget it. Men there is a theme we need to remember judgment to sometimes when Jou and x get discouraged when we seem to see the wrong Triumph and the right crushed Reu Dembei that quotation Given Tho other Day in our meeting about i igbo forever on the scaffold and something for the uplifting of Man kind the less i have taken interest in the theological liar splitting of our Day and generation or do i have much Confidence in the building of castles in the air of Beautiful characters that will some Day be revealed in men. I am intensely interested and influenced by the principle that come Down into men s lives clothed in the human flesh walking up and Down this world making the world Tetter because we have lived in it. Men there is nothing in All the world so important in any Community As the righteous Man the men who live right in every relation. There is no Devil so dark As that Devil of lust that Dies As Felix does. There is no Scrant whose Sling is More Veno Mous than the Man who liven in the Community who desires to gratify himself and pies upon his Fellows either As he creeps with his silly trend into a Home and takes to his bosom the loved ones and ruins them the same principle applies in Grep wrong forever of the lie i ing after that which really belongs to Hla neighbor and takes from them the Chance to live the life As Ood would have them live in his Good free air. Of men we will All condemn Felix hut some other men do thes Uuie thing in different form but is All. To i say to you men this after noon in this hurried talk of mine that what we need la not merely to preach though much it May be needed but we need to Realise the fact that Ood expects in us and gave to us Hie Power to be righteous men to he temperate men. The fact that some Day judgment Day is to be entertained and if Only shrewd enough to he wants i aul was grasp the Opportunity he Lime flatter the ruler he May Tell him How great find grand and Noble and True he is he might then get around the argument and Tell him How he himself Hud been falsely accused and How his enemies had taken advantage of him and plead his own cause in the pre sence of the ruler without any one to oppose. Here has his Opportunity to make himself Good. The apostle Paul rises above either of these situations to n Cognize there is a something beyond Mere by fall of his own cause and go lie lie Gan to reason with the ruler. He did not preach upon the love of tied lie did not take for his text god to loved the world that he his Only Begotten son that All Nho be Lieve on him should not polish but have everlasting he did not do that. There times when t hat text is very approx note but the fact of the matter is that men have heard no much of love that they love sick. There thousands of men and women today who unwell us to re the fact that while Hod is a god of love he is aim a god of jus Tice so the apostle began to reason upon the kingdom of god is not meat and drink but righteousness. Men have been persuaded to sep amt the Church from the common lift of the people. I stand Here in the presence of a number of men with All of us on the journey toward the grave and from the beginning of this old took to the but verge thereof until the amen is said i Dud no Liere any other thing announced to tax world concerning the kingdom of god. is the fundamental Rock of the whole theme. If you and i thinking about confirmation baptism Church membership and All that tort of thing Independent of that great proof you and i going to fall utterly. A Man who enters the door of the Church of Christ to Robe himself in the garments of that Church where be appears to others to for righteousness when he know big life is Blok and wrong has not begun to know thu principles of that blessed old Hook. right living. We do not preach this gospel to men on sunday we sometimes so advertise a religion which is a Traver on the religion of the Long Jesus. Home men Ore willing to clothe them selves a Ltd it and with sanctimonious faces Parade up and Down and sometimes even handle the cup at the communion table and Down deep in their hearts and in their into come with men in the world of business around about them is All but righteousness. They Oft Lea moral ten erg and go Felix now was Star Rel to the innermost As he gaiety upon the tin in big heart but by big Side that Beautiful woman who the wife of another Man. So Paul did Hind that scaffold in Tho dim unknown there is a righteous Ood who is going to Rule. Bless your heart friends in t u Worth while that in that a of judgment Justice is going to tie done. The criminal is not going to be let go merely because the follow on his huh has n political pull. One boy in t going to the and another fellow get off when both have done the same thing because of pull. In that great Day of judgment Justice in going to be done and though you and i sometimes become disheartened and discouraged Ood never told us by his Book or by any other process that you and i shall see the full completion the full Bloom ing Flower rounded nut of All his plans and processes but when you and i recognize the truth you will recognize there if a Day of judgment coming. Home people get some of it Here but we will All get it hereafter. I know that some Penolo my that you have your hell people some of it Here no question about that but they made it themselves. God never wanted a Man to go to hell Lod never sends a Man to Bell. If be goes it is because he refuses to accept the Means god has provided. 8oe that picture if you will Paul with flashing Eye. Bis bands bound by chains proclaims that wonderful Sermon of Bis of righteousness tem Perance and judgment and old Felix listens spellbound by the eloquence or the preacher. He begins to Snake As ills own conscience is stirred the very Cut upon which he sits begins to move. At last he cries out Paul Paul Stop it i have heard enough. Of thy Way at some More convenient season 1 will take the matter you hear Tho Clank Clunk of the chains As the apostle disappears to his cell. Felix has made his Choice. God gives every Man a Choice. If any Man Here Ever is lost it is not because god did not give you a Chance but the fact of the matter is you would t take the Chance you had. There in t a Man in tills Audi ence this afternoon but if you will Slop and look Back Over your boyhood Days but can recall the moments in life when you had the Chance As far As the world is concerned for position. Many a Man thin afternoon remembers the time in life when he had the Chance for some investment that in vestment would have multiplied and might have made him a Rich Man be had the Chance but he would not take it. So with every one of us we each one of us have the Chance. Ood gave Felix the Chance when Paul preached unto him righteous Ness Temperance and judgment to come. I want to say to you As we come near the close of this series of meetings that there has t been and speaker within the Walls of this Church but that has had a message it May be in different language. There in t a Man of you May not have agreed with All that has been said but what recognizes the fact that Back of it All and through it All there has been one great foun Dation truth. God desires Man to reach his highest possible develop ment mentally spiritually and physically. For that one purpose did the son of Ood die that you might know it was possible by Faith and ministry of the spirit and by conviction in coming you u us Justice will though May try and full in the world s measurement of us nut not in god s Justice. I thank god that Down deep in your heart and mine we May know there is a mind beyond the mind of men and through All they May say to disturb our lives he knows the truth that is there and though we May be thus As move along through life blocked and Hind ered by the world yet like the apostle Paul Nav come to the end of our journey As Aid he hindered and handicapped and yet Able to say i Hove fought a Good for it is going to be a tight if you trying to be Good. Don t imagine that it is foolish to try to do Light. If you think it is an easy thing to try to be a Christian make up your mind you going to do it for tomorrow just for Twenty four hours and see if you Don t find it u hard proposition but i am Suie there is a Ruurd in it. Don t forget will be "1 have fought a Good flight i have kept he Faith and henceforth there is Laid up for me a Crown in and though Nero s Block and axe Lay j ust beyond the City Walls he did not seem to see it but looked beyond it and says there is now a Crown of righteousness for me and not foe me Only but for All those who love his appearing god Hel men. Temperate men and Etc revive in the knowledge of the fact that some Day we must stand before the judge of All and Render in account for what we have done the Way we Hutc lived and How we associated with our fellow men. Moved into the House vacated by John Daniel. Misses Clara and Kate Brenion entertained by a euchre on thursday evening. Walter Satterthwaite of Westtown boarding school is Home for Spring vacation. Mrs. Christian Johnson recently entertained the Little girls of her Sun Day school class. Eve. Mans Graves of Philadel phia is visiting Bis daughter mrs. George Patterson. George Patterson has left the employ of George Brelsford having taken u position with Uyrus Smith. Or. Ferris and family of Bensalem now occupying one of John Fabian s recently finished houses. Eugene Coppock and William cop pock of West Philadelphia were recently visiting their sister sirs. George w. Cutler. A petition is in circulation among the citizens of the town to the effect that the name of the place be changed to South Laii Horne. The total length of the new Man Hattan Bridge connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn is 6856 it. The total Cost of the Bridge including real estate is the weight of the cables is g300 tons. Not Wek of right any other thought living. I do n than that not mean As merely id he Micuta of the flesh that is part of it but it not Only right living in the social realm but living right relations with our Fellowmen. I want to that which i am sure appealed to Yon in the course of to meetings that com to close that to need to show your own heart and conscience you know the truth As Felix knew the truth. Why did t he yield to that truth he Shook with emotion be was convicted. I want you to read this passage of scripture and Yon will know that while Felix trembled Drusylla did t. She sat right along Side of him. Can you imagine while Paul was preaching upon righteous Ness and self control this rules s heart was stirred As he looks upon his sin and he turns and glances upon the Beautiful face of the woman who sat beside him do you think As he thug gazed upon her face he thought of what Paul said and if he was to take his place by the Side of Paul he must say to this Beautiful woman with whom he wag living in sin you must go Back to your husband or somewhere but get out of my it was t convenient to let her go he was t ready yet to let her go. Many a Man has been in the same but it in t always the lust of woman damning a Man s life that in t it always. There May be Many men damned today by that very lust when the Appeal comes to the Eon 1 know it is wrong Down in my heart i know it i pains or cramps i carry or. Miles anti pain pills with me All the time and for aches and pains there is nothing equals them. I have used them for rheumatic pains headache and pains in Side and Back and in every Case they give perfect Henry Courlen Boonton n. Pain comes from tortured nerves. It May occur in any part of the head or body where there is weakness or pressure upon the nerves. Or. Anti pain Pill. Relieve pain whether it be Ralgia rheumatic sciatic head ache stomach pleurisy or ovarian pains. Mry when Mil to Tom. If first a dust Falls is omit your drug 9lst Mill return Yew rns Hsy. I Bice. Co., Ruurt lot. Fallsington. Mrs. Frank Burton has been on the Nick list. Warren Mcclinsey of new York was a recent visitor Here. Mrs. James t. Watson has Heen quite ill Durinik the past week. Mrs. C Harles Watson is visiting her Sou William at Atlantic City. Walter Ely moved into a part of miss a fac Watson s House on thurs Day. Miss Clara Kluckner of East or Ange is tilt aug her parents this week. James t. Watson has had a Concrete floor Laid in his Wagon House by Evan i. Baylor. Mrs. Mary Ann Crozer and Daugh Ter mrs. Eugene Wink of Hoboken visitors at James 1. Watson s. The Auto bus is now in running or Der having been overhauled and re paired by its owner Taylor Praul. Or. And . Frank p. Worthing ton entertained the euchre club at their Home of wednesday evening. Mra. Edward Croasdale has been spending a few Days with her sister . Frank Croasdale at Tentou Junction. David Satterthwaite and Frank Button attended the banquet of the milk men s association held at hi1 de Breckl a Trenton last week. Mrs. Tacio ill Gingham and brother Edward stuck House who have been spending the Winter at Moorestown have returned to their Home Here. Or. And mrs. Charles Headley miss Lily Moon or. And mrs. Walter Ely attended a Maui o at Fil Isard s Academy last wednesday evening. Albert Hibbs who was working at Frank Smith s new House went to Cut a Lead pipe the knife slipped and ran into his leg inflicting a deep Cut. The Sale of the effects of the late Bailey Cutler was held on tuesday and wednesday. Fair prices were averaged for most of the articles. Fourteen watches and six violins were among the articles sold. An old fashioned claw footed sideboard was sold to Sidney Cadwallader of Yardley for less yielded to the urgent solicitation of his friends and for the Good of Tho Paity sacrificed his personal inclinations and became a candidate. Clarence had kept his intentions hidden away closely from the Vigi Lance committees of Middletown a Laughorne Attl Elidoro and Zulme because last fall at a Good roads meeting at Jamison Clarence made a speech and Bis aspirations to succeed senator urls seemed to be Public property. Everybody that has any Pieterse to political Wisdom at the county seat knew that Clarence claimed that he had Uit Indr s pro Mise that he should be the nominee but. Nevertheless the vigilance committees did a Good big Surprise stunt and the item was sent to the Kew town Enterprise Only. If Grundy engineered this spontaneous outburst by the vigilance committees Why did not the intelligencer have it. When he intelligencer did print it they carefully credited the item to the Enterprise a thing they rarely do. And then closely following this came the uprising of Bristol s fire department and the consequent sur prise of Frank Wilkeson whose unpreparedness wus shown by the carefully prepared speech he delivered and in All this where of where is Isaac Clymer no sound comes from the West Rockhill Section. Is it possible that Farmer claim a is to be turned Down and another Man selected in his place nothing has been heard from of or about him. Of course the county sent approves of Grundy s Choice although it is rather in do Tibt about the situation. John Poore came Down to sure n Bridge contract this week but the Sphinx was a double tongued gossip alongside of him. He had Nis Hearty handshake and his genial smile with him but when it came to politics he sure had nothing to say and there May be not Sci shuffle of the cards before the Primar ies in june. Trolleys to the Monument House. On monday morning the Bristol. Newtown Joylet town trolleys commenced to run up to the trolley Ter at the Fountain House much to the satisfaction of their patrons but they put on an additional five cent fare Between Doylestown and new town much to Tho disgust of their nations. It is now about the Best Road coining into Doylestown. Rumours of candidates. Where will the Bucks county liquor league hold its april meeting it is rumoured that Bristol is to be Bere of Council were making uncalled for attacks of the Man and it is no wonder that be Felt sore at them. But to Cap the Climax Tyve of them Wen to the Plant on sunday morn ing. The Hony apparatus was closed Down and while they were discussing it a stranger walked in. He walked around awhile and then started the Holly engine and pump at their full Speed naturally something had to give Way and the Nome thing wan the Large Supply main Between the Wutt a works and the Reservoir. The water was promptly shut or but not until it had materially lowered the visible Supply in the Reservoir and families living East of Broad stint Between main and state streets wore without any water for several hours. Things in such a bad condition at the Plant that an expert from the Holly worlds at Lack Ort n. Y., has been sent for and by the time Council pays the Bill the Treasury will again be empty with our borrowing limit fully leached. No improvements for Doylestown this year. Price three cents Oxford Valley. Samuel Niblick who has been critically 111, is improving. A. F. Hobbs is Christian Endeavor Leader next sunday evening or. And mrs. Charles Button were visiting in Edgewood of sunday. Mra. A. P. Hobbs is confined to the House with muscular rheumatism. John l. Tomlinson had a Telephone installed in his residence last week. Misses Elva Blinn and Ada Fabian of Newtown visited relatives Here on saturday Aud sunday. Henry Sickles from near Dun Lap station died on tuesday evening from a complication of diseases. Bev b. F. Past preached in the Chapel on sunday afternoon using for Bis text John 13, the 30th verse. The Oyster gunner by the l. T. L. On saturday evening was Well Uttend de and a Success both financially and socially. The tables were decorated with hyacinths Narcissus and tons and Laden with a variety of Good things pleasing to the appetite providing u Complete supper in Addi Tion to the oysters. R the following moving took place in this neighbourhood on april at Samuel Titus from James Moon s farm to Newportville Aaron Ahlem from above a Woodbourne to the farm vacated by Titus Randall Cummins from the tenant House on the Gillum farm to the Charles South properly near Roelofs Joshua South to place vacated by Cummins. Langhorne locals a budget of late Reitmi item gathered by oar Ceres Ponder. Walter Gate Hal of Philadelphia has been visiting friends. Harry of Philadelphia i been visiting Howard Thompson. Miss Bessie wll Damn of Morris Ville has been visiting relatives. The dunce at the ii. C. C. C o saturday evening was Well attended. Mrs. Sterner of Philadelphia has been visiting mrs. Daniel g. Hart Ney. William b. Parry has sold his to Avenue to Alfred m. Wild on Hill Man. Andalusia. Mrs. Alfred Kirk was seriously 111 All lust week. Or. Mcblane was up from Phila Delphia last week. Or. Van Byren was Over from Ger Rua town lust week. The moving pictures on saturday evening last attracted a Large audience and gave satisfaction according to the Small boys Oue of whom said to us in familiar vernacular of but was All the death of Harry c. Forrest at Torres Dale on sunday though not unexpected after his Long and Virv pain mrs. Nettle Heiron Moug has improved her property by ing tin Nice. The ladies auxiliary will meet tills Friday afternoon at mrs. Ii. W. Taylor s. Miss Jennie Johnson of Huline Volle has been mrs. Hellas Barkley. The next meeting of the Middle town Grange will to held april oth it 8 p. In. O. H. Hare nmn is now occupying his new Home Tho mis. Georgnia Watson place. Mrs. Robert Leo Doit has returned from a week s visit to relatives it Clifton Heights. Or. And mrs. Charles j. Matthews returned Home this week from a tour around the world. Bui ton head Ley of Winchester va., has been his sister mrs. Bent Ley c Andy or. Henry Sam Lucr and daughter of Aurrli Artim were guests of my. 1-xi will App Clou on Somlay. Or. And mrs. Krunk How and mrs. Pietreo Flowers Hutc returned to their Home after a Winter in Phila Delphia. Mrs. Benjamin Harding and Daugh Ter of Felist Orvllle will Pirnke their Home with or. And mrs. Russell Clayton. The will go to Newtown april Duth to Supply Tho programme for the afternoon for the new town Century club. The presort Eilain Junior c. K. Held their easter social in the Bungalow and Grove and had a Verv enjoyable time. Talk. Catherine Mcvey sponge daughter of or. And mrs. I. F. A pincer of the pastor gave u missionary Ful illness Cau de deep All the members of whom he had been sympathy with ills family to a notably kind and generous father for so Many years we congratulate or. And mrs. Wil Liam Hoagland on the Advt of a son born to them on thursday of last week. Mrs. Hoagland was miss Ethel reuse. A daughter of Nathaniel Frease of this and until her marriage and removal to Eddington closely connected with our Parish and social activities. If the Tys Pring Manly stations so ident during these wonder honoured with their presence this time. It is said that Bristol s flab thug Pur notably evident the reverend William Johns Ful Days continue to hold Good auda ton would accept a nomination As a Lusi Awill be very attractive this sum candidate for the legislature perhaps the liquor league will offer him one but he will have to make a change in some of his talk and also Promise to vote against local option. If the liquor league should finally deter mine to Bieak with Grundy and run a ticket of their own Bucks county voters would have at least four sets of candidates to choose from and it would Utke a very interesting fight. Tho More the merrier for All but Grundy for him it Means the More candidates the More barrels will be already it has taken All he farming last season and has eaten a Hole in his Chicken and egg Money. It is an expensive thing to be a Boss if you the real article. Many moving. First of april was very Dull Here this year. The Bank and two Trust companies were busier than usual As a matter of course Tut they did Verv clipping Ning bul Ped. Ide by lower Ben Saleta. Charles Hoffman Philadelphia was visiting friends in Bridgewater on saturday. A son was born to or. And mrs. Frank Satterthwaite Bridgewater on saturday last. Franklin Baker of Philadelphia was visiting his summer Home last week. Charles w. Palmer of new Mexico was the guest of Mlsna Frances Middle ton of Bridgewater of sunday. Work on the buildings of the enter prise manufacturing company Cornwells is progressing rapidly Little Over time work. Real estate transactions now scattered through the whole year and even first of april As the recognized moving time has fewer Ings every year. A Large number of Doylestown people have changed their residence and Many have moved out of the town but their places have been speedily filled. Houses at a Premium Here. The Demaud is far in excess of the Supply but there v.111 probably be a number put up this summer which will rent As soon As they tit to move into. School Board buys prop erty. The school Board has purchased the George p. Brock property adjoining the present High school building and will remodel the Bouse in the fall using it for the sub primary and Pri Mary grades thus relieving the very much congested condition that now exists and which will become worse if the contemplated enlargement of the county seat takes place. We now have suburbs which have All the advantages of the Borough but not in it Aud As the township tuxes about the same As those of the Bor Bialy the owners of pro in the Southwest Side want to Espe at miss Grace Welles of Boston wag the guest of her parents Rev. And mrs. Clayton Welles Eddington. Mrs. Daniel la Dur and family Philadelphia were visiting mrs. Jon Athan Vandegrift Bridgewater on monday. Miss May Gould of Camden. N. J., wag a visitor at the Home of mrs. Frederick Snyder of Bridgewater last week. The Stork made its appearance again in Cornwells and left a baby boy at the Home of or. And mrs. William Hoagland. Walter Jones Bridgewater has the largest number of chickens hatched out by his incubator of any other per son in Bensalem. A grand order Cigar. Smoke the greatest of All cigars the grand order 6c Cigar. Maio Oben distributor. 8-18-41 the Story comes from Texas that a Rich Young Jan out there has been sued for breach of Promise because be asked a girl at an after the theater supper if she would Tab a Little lobster. I come in. This will necessitate another Ward for the Borough. Sewer troubles. Doylestown sewer troubles May soon be remedied. A bondholders com Mittee from Morrisville and Trenton visited the Plant and will report to a general meeting of the bondholders. It is said that the bondholders will be asked to Abate a Small portion of their interest to be devoted to Perma nent improvements. No other town but Doylestown would have stood for the nuisance this Long. It will never do to allow the present trouble conditions to continue for another year and As the state Board of health Lias taken a band we May soon have Relief. Water Trof Oblea Doylestown Borough Council re fused to elect again their old Borough Engineer at the water works Wil Liam Wintyen and elected William Hudson in Bis place. At Midnight March 31, Wintyen after having filled the Reservoir walked out the next morning Hudson walked in. Hudson had to assist him two or three other engineers experts on pumps but the big Holly pump re fused to work for them until labs on saturday night. Naturally All sorts of stories were in circulation the worst of which was that we had no fire Protection and that if a fire broke out the whole town would go. Wint who thoroughly understands the in said that a of fire he would at once have offered Bis services so that we would have had All the water necessary. Not satisfied with having taken wac Tea i Job fam him several Nouv Mer and will justly mean the title which the Gazette sometimes places at the head of our special column the Beautiful we always say a silent thank you to the Printer when we read the appreciative words. We Hope we not unduly trespass ing on the kindness and Good nature of the editor of the Gazette if we ask him to publish the enclosed cd apr from the Philadelphia evening a. Letlon of april 5th in Tho Aud Alueta notes. Judge Biddle is one of whom we All justly proud and any hour done to him is always a matter of great satisfaction to our people with whom his name has been associated for All the years of his distinguished life Biddle the venerable prothonotary of the court of common pleas was today sworn in Foi another term of three years. President judge Bregy of court no. 1, administered the oath of office. James w. Fletcher chief Deputy presented to his chief a handsome Basket of Spring Lowers a gift from the clerks in the office. Judge Biddle received congratulations from a number of the judges and members of the bar. Catarrh cannot be cured with local applications As they cannot reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh in a blood or constitutional disease and in order to euro it you must take internal remedies. Hall s Catarrh Oure u taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall s Catarrh cure is not a quack Medicine. It was prescribed by one of the Best physicians in Telb country for years and in a regu Lar prescription. It is composed or the Best tonics known combined with the Best blood purifiers acting directly on the mucous Bur faces. The perfect combination of the two ingredients is what produces such wonderful results in curing Catarrh. Send for testimonials free. F. Cheney co., props., Toledo a sold by druggists Price 75c. Take Hau b family plus for constipation. Oxford Valley Accel cd the rite of baptism it the presbyterian Chuich on sunday. The Philadelphia chorus led by or. Welder Sang at the morning Sei Vicc of the m. K. Church lust Sun Day and also at the lecture on Satur Day evening. Rev. And mrs. William w. Sweet attended the reception at the Phila Delphia memorial Church on tuesday evening Given to the new minister Kev. Bisbing. Miss Helen movie of Oak Lane miss Lucille Gawthrop and Ralph Jackson of Philadelphia and Harry Gill of Rich Hoto were members of the House party entertained by miss Lily h. Ridge. Mrs. A hails Pope of Fallsington mrs. Charles Atkinson of sonic Ron and Justin n. Harding of Philadel phia were recent visitors of mrs. Los Coli k. Harding. Or. And mra. Alfred Marshall or. And mrs. Allen r. Mitchell and daughter and miss Edith Mitchell who have Bof n spending the Winter at the have returned Home. A Mission study class will be organized by Rev. Paist for the study of Corca. On wednesday evening april 13, lie will speak concerning cores. All interested invited to join the class. Rev. B. F. Palat and Rev. William perms Manor. Mrs. C. Vilm friends in Trenton of Friday last. Howard w. Carter Christianen Donavor Leader next sunday evening is the monthly business meeting o the c. K. Society was held in the Czupel of tuesday evening. Or. And mrs. William Booth sunday guests of Howard Firth am family of fed Siloro n. Miss a Tolu Louderback or. And mrs. Walter Cote ill o n. J., on easter sunday. Miss Ethel fish of Canden. N. J., n upending some time at Tho Home of her brother Herbert m. Fish and family. Or. And j. Kildaw Slokar my son called on Charles Muschert and family murals Vic on saturday evening last. Fred Wurst of Moorestown n j taken of hit farm owned by the Lute Margaret Whit and vacated by David Fabian. Rev. John Gurlon Piv ached an of act Leo Sermon in he Chapel lust Sun Lay evening from the a it . I Tho choir Sang a Hel Callon in tiled for god to loved the the following pupils attic Dihl the Ilanor school every Dav during the Nonh of March Mug net null Alice Wise Arthur ural Nam Fred Jii Colw. Frank Leedom infused half Day. Mary Ivlois Raymond Guus Ine und Alfred Sterling missed one a each. Miss Reivitt Watson teacher. Miss Ethel Leo Dom was Given a in Prisc at her Home on Mun a evening March , la Honor of or birthday until Vemury. After Tho or pulse the Young lady proved her Hacif a charming hostess and welcomed 1u guests moot cordially. Tlle Elmo As spent in various games music and hinging after which refresh Lents were served. Thou present Ere or. And mrs. William Iii or. And mrs. Lease Lonzom irs. William Booth. Misses Kullu Hutli oud Zibuck Ethel Jami. Ethel Lee Ini Mary Buker Hilda Page Essres. Hurry Chapman George c. Cedoin David Fabian jr., Frank Anee Kloven William White Fred Edom James s. Brooks Matthias Hap Sun i Ruuk Leedom. Parkland. Mrs. A. Mcallister recently is int in Day at her cottage Here. Rudolph h. Winter and son Allier inter were Here on sunday last. Frank e. Elk Vandr Pella Del Ilu frequently enjoys a Duy at Park lid. I mis. Hurry we hic of Holland. Was lately vix Iling 11 lends it Thia place. William of Phila Delphia wot a sunday visitor at this place. A son was born to or. Piid my. Clarence Shock on thursday evening March Slot. Miss Mary j. Doll spent saturday and sunday it her collage on the lower grounds. Horace Oler ii Cal la Hud steam heat installed in his residence on Highland Avenue. William Hibbott and wife again frequently noticed at Ihler residence on Highland Avenue. Mrs. Klimt ctr Rementer and Joseph Shi Ihler lately or. And mrs. Lyle Piirak in Jenkin Torii. Miss Katherine Pruun und miss Louise Karl Hurt of Philadelphia re i fitly enjoyed u few Days visit Here. Walter Lewis and daughter miss Eva Lewie entertained friends on hulmev1lle items Mathy a numb John noon wan a recent in mrs. Alejandor to Moi spent Tum Day la Philadelphia. My. Cyrus Smith last thurs Day la Philadelphia. My. John Ita Chiofer is unending Sev. Eral Days la Philadelphia mrs. Ell Beth Ken of Bridgeton As a recent visitor in town. Mrs. I he Llop Halwell was calling on re Emu la town Hist Friday. Mini urn yer Kos of Trenton la visiting her aunt mis. 8. In Lark. The preacher for next hum Lay mom. Lie at the m. K Chuich will to or. He loll. Mrs. Jesse Hel Iyer of near Wii was railing on friends la town ast tuesday. C. Tkv Critt and George dour ass wore Ima Nom visitors la do Yoni on saturday. Mrs. H. the wed us of a Friend la Philadelphia on wednesday evening. Or. And William Bachofer or were visitors in town on saturday and sunday. And mrs. John Curran of poll ice Pula were visiting mrs. Curran s Isk a mrs. Wald route. My. Frank Forker and mra. Wii Ani Ivory were visitors in Philadel Hla on monday and tuesday. Mrs. Amy Oil Hington or. And Ira. Hony Brown Aud nun wore vis iting in Penns Park last sunday. Severe persons from the villain Al Ipi Ideal the wedding anniversary of or. No let mr8.loul b runner of Tor run Lulu. The regular business meeting of the up world league was hold at the sunday nue a. At their residence on at w. Sweet will Exchange pulpits ibis Purist s Lext sunday morning. Rev. For the evening at his own Church will be i go to prepare u place for John 14-2. Miss White has accepted the to Ballon As Secretary and stenographer to Wil Liam b. Parry real estate agent miss Cynthia Leedom resigning to assist her sister miss Amy Leedom with her Large orders for Spring Miltner. At the banquet of the men s Bible class of the presbyterian Church on tuesday evening april 12, Frederick b. Limerick will speak on the Challenge of the w. T. Johnston s topic will be catch ing the 84th anniversary of the Middle town Grange was held on the 28id of March in Hibbs Hall. There was a Large number in attendance who enjoyed a Bountiful repast. After the supper there was a literary pro gramme followed by a clipping party. The Semi annual Jug breaking and held in the lecture William e. Uei Ither. Secretary of the Camp association lately made a business visit to ibis place in the in Terest of Tho society. The unusually Fine weather this Spring has encouraged Many of people to engage in Early gardening Ami All quite Busy pulling thur places in order. Miss h. Annie Bronson will Lyhl Spring have the Large dining room on Tower grounds turned into n dancing Pavilion. B. Frank match has the contract. Home of a Corgi pm Vonk on monday evening. Miss item in Smith and or. Burd Sull of Elizabeth n. J., were visit at the Home of Cyrus Smith on saturday and sunday. The log to meeting of Tho m. E. Church will be led by Thomas Sehar. The topic kill be "1 he Christian s mrs. Edward wll Letl and son Ray mond and Wesley Leaden of tie ii ton were Vii Louis at the Home of or. And mrs. Alexander Cossou on b la Day. I. And mrs. Wools on blown or. And mrs. Hull it and son of Philadelphia were at the Home of George Douglass and family. The entertainment which was Given of tuesday evening by the peace and order of the Huhne Volle High school Pnno to he a great Success. The Buiji of about Twenty five dollars was cleared. Few town. Reception will tie room of the presbyterian Church since 1789 the United states govern ment has spent in caring for the indians. This does not include the Cost of the which made Good Indi Sweden makes about crowns a year from the Sale of Alco Holic drinks. Giving out. The Strogle Many a ii Ben of Bristol. Around All Day with an aching Back can t rest at night enough to make any one Doan s kidney pills will give renewed life. They will cure the backache cure every kidney ill. Here is Bristol proof that this is so mrs. Amanda Mcdonnall 034 Bace Street Bristol pa., says for a number of years i was rarely free from pain in my Back and at times it was difficult for me to get about. The kidney secretions were irregular in passage and generally caused distress when being voided. My health was poor and my nerves were All Unstrung. Although i did everything i could think of in an Effort to get Relief. I did not improve. When almost discouraged Doan s kidney pills were brought to my attention and i pro cured a Supply. I was surprised with the results of their use. In less than a month All the pain had been re moved from my Back and i was in much better health. I have never taken a remedy that could compare with Doan s kidney for Sale by All dealers. Phoe 60 cents. Foster Mil Burn co., Buffalo new York sole agents for the suited states. Remember the take norther. Thursday evening april 21st, at 8 o clock when All persons having jugs will bring them in it this time and a Large Jug will be placed at the door for other contributors. The Money has Bevin solicited for the building fund. Way out. Perkins had been appointed Tutor to the Young lord of Tlle Manor and to Gether they were making the grand tour. Perkins was congratulating him self on the excellent behaviour of his Pupil but ans they Bod Only reached Geneva when his charge fell deeply m love with a pretty Swiss peasant. In rain did he remonstrate with the Young lord pointing out the social bar Rier that existed Between the lovers and the total impossibility of marriage. But All to no purpose. The Beautiful Swiss i Micleu held the Young lord s heart captive and he would scarcely leave her Side. Distracted. Perkins wrote Home to Tlle marchioness asking Ner advice and pointing out her son s infatuation. A Day or two passed in agonizing suspense. At last the answer came. Perkins breathed a sigh of Relief. All his anxiety would now be Over. He Tore open the envelope but As he read the letter be groaned in the anguish of Bis soul. It consisted of three words marry her an English pith Story. Brown had returned from a fishing expedition Aud after partaking of a most Welcome dinner was relating some of his fishing experiences. Last said he while fishing for Pike i dropped half a Sovereign. I went to the same place this year and after my line had been cant a few Man notes i Felt a terrific pull. Eventually i landed a Fine Pike which bad Wal Lowed the Hook Aud on cutting it open to release the Hook to my Aman said his friends you found a half of replied Brown. I found 9s. 6d in Silver and threepence in cop Well what became of the Otow queried Bis mends. I suppose the Pike paid that to go through the answered London , subduing t bully. A or Law in u Vladivostok paper tells of an encounter lie once not nested on n siberian train Between a lady and a Nobleman. When to train pulled up at tilt liar in Manchuria a Man clip Noble who had bullied All his Fehlow passengers alighted at the station Rcpt aural after warning them that lie would decapitate any of them who took his seat during his absence a smartly dressed Young russian lady entered the car and despite the alarmed expostulation of its occupants calmly appropriated the seat. When the Noble re turned he flew into a pans Lou and advanced threateningly a Ltd his curved Saber drawn. But the Young woman coolly covered him with a. Shining re Volver. Do you take us for a pack of cow ardly she exclaimed and then pointing to her feet she remarked Here is your place my the Mandy Noble surrendered and sat at her feet for the rest of the Jour Ney. Hugo and bar bar. When Victor Hugo lived in Paris in the place Royale he used to be shaved by a Barber named Brassier. A Freud of the poet asked the Barber one Duy if he was Busy. I hardly know which Way to was the reply. We have to dress the hair of thirty ladles for soirees and and m. Bras sier showed the list to Bis Friend. A few Days after the Friend returned and inquired about the thirty ladles. All said the Harbor sadly i was not Able to attend half the num Ber and i have lost Many Good customers through m. Victor it appears that the poet Wien about to be Ibaven was suddenly inspired and seized the first piece of paper be could find to write a poem. Hugo hastily left the shop with his unfinished verses on the Back of which were the names and addresses of the thirty ladles Many of whom waited in Vald for their coif Feur. Wulman t. Hollborn is building a new barn near his greenhouses. The congregation Wor us Pplk d in the uld Church on sunday morning miss Hass ii of Oil City won a week end guest of mrs. Herman Barnsley. Miss Esthma look is As clerk in the office of t. S. Kender a sons. Henry fell of Trenton was a guest with the family of William Eyre on sunday. James r. Felton has moved from 01 Ney to the farm he purchased of Richard Linton. A. Johnson Lias built a House on the race track and is now building a Lester r. Martindale will open a live and leu cent store on saturday the 8th, in Triumph Block. Davis widow of William Davis will make her Home with her son William Davis in Wrightstown. The sewing school will give an entertainment Aud exhibition in Liaison s Hull next saturday afternoon. Miss Elizabeth k. Eyre returned Home from Indiana county Normal school on Friday for a ten Days vacation. George h. Thompson of Tings. Philadelphia has been visiting his and mrs. Charles or. Thompson. Mra. A. Amanda he thou and Mia Maggie Mather have returned from Atlantic City after attending two weeks at the hotel Dennis. Mrs. Herman Barnsley entertained some lady friends at Bridge on monday afternoon in Honor of her Guert miss Hassan of Oil Cly. The Public schools resumed work again on thursday morning after a. Week s vocation giving the teachers an Opportunity to enjoy the easter tide. Mrs. Harry Jamison Nee Carver was a visitor in town last week since which time Che Bas gone to los Angeles California where her bus band preceded her. Mrs. Mary Jenks who is boarding with miss Ella Janney is canvassing this neighbourhood for the a lava treat ment. Which met with such Good favor Here a few Yean ago. Safe san. Among the medicines that recommended and endorsed by physicians and nurses is Kemp s nals Ftp ule Best Couch cure. Far Many years u has Heen retarded by doctor As the Medicine most Likely to cure Couch and it has a Strong hold on esteem of All Welmon ramrod people. W Kemp s Balsam cannot we Udall be at a Ion to know what Wui. Animal and vegetable life be Mically unknown South of Horn the Only forms of vegetable life that found being a few Low forms of Hardy mosses. Follow this advice. Quaker Oats it the Best of All foods it also the cheapen. When such men a prof. Fisher of Yale University and sir James Crichton Browne . Of London spend the Best pans of their live in studying the great question of the nourishing and strengthening qualities of different foods it is certain that their advice is absolutely Safe to follow. Professor fitter Lound in his Experiment for testing the strength and endurance of athlete to that the meat eaten were exhausted Long before the men who were fed on such food u Quaker Oats. The Powen of endur Ance of the non meat eaten were about eight times those of the meat eaten. Sir James Crl Duon Browne says cat More Oatmeal eat plenty of it and it irequcntly1. A buy it in the regular Loc package or the Large tin family package at sore Throat in spa Peri newspaper
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