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Brisbane Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia v new Rex product cowslip cheese kit la. Carious nil 51b. Blocks. Pasteurised Rich and mild fogg1tt, jon1cs pty., Ltd i " Fere test Winter Sale commenced to Day. A great Day for Valley shop pers. To Day we will give plenty of evidence that Sale time at Over Ells la Brisbane s greatest half yearly bargain vent. To repeat. Below a few of our sensational Cash offers. An Early Call is absolutely essential to secure these outstanding bargains. 11/9 Var Bolo full fashioned pure silk to self Hose assorted shades 7/11 pair. A/11 Ime Bation Stiede gloves fancy gauntlets Dainty shades 1/111 pair. 3/11 ribbed Wool and cot ton vests shaped Broad strap or Short sleeves 2/0. 1/6 ribbed Cotton vests bound top and Arm holes for /101 each. 3/11 33-Lnch tinsel Maro Cain in assorted shades for 1/11 Yard. 10/6 to 15/11, 48-Lnch silk lace and voile also embroidered voile. I flounce songs for 3/11 Yard. 0/11 ladies Art silk bloomers Laddo proof in popular shades a/11 pair. 9/13 ladies natural Fugi silk Princess slips Superior Quality 0/11. 4v Berle cont Rolette made of Pink sateen lace top four suspenders 21/. Sll table of infants and toddlers Woollen Jum pers and cardigans in As sorted designs for. 3/11. 1/11 natural Fugi silk a genuine pure silk Quality 29-Incli, 1/31." 5/0 crepe Satin Isis in Sipany. Dainty shades 36 inches Livido. 2/3 Yard. Loi fancy tiny Tot Cam Bric attractive designs. In Small effects 27 inches wide for 77 j Yard 13/11 fancy and Plain Jer sey combination of silk and Wool. Mixture 54 inches wide for 6/11 Yard 8/6 children s Wool Jum pers. Close fitting Collar sizes 22, 24, 28. Inch for "5/11. 32/6 maids Dainty Emi evening crepe. De Chene frock trimmed Picot Edge frills and self ring for 21/. 10 tables of ladies and children s fashionable shoes All half Price. 1/6 White he stitched Pillow cases 2 Inoh hem stitching All round 1/." 1/11 54 Inch Elep Pant hand unbleached. Sheeting for 1/4j v 2/11 so Inch " elephant Brand unbleached Sheet ing for i i .yar4 1/0 special Brown striped turkish 40 x 23 Inch for 1/. 2/0 by eclat Brown striped. Turkish towels. Size 46 at 22 Inch for 1/02/3 White turkish towels. Size 45 pc 33 Inch for 1/71 1/6 stripes Flannelette in a wonderful Range of pyjama stripes 101 1. Yard. 1/6 typed Tea towels in assorted colours. 23 x 34 Inch for 1/ each. 22/0 table of All Wool cardigans and it. Pm As sorted shades for ii. 26/11 Good Quality Al Wool velour coat tucked " Collar and cuffs 18/6. 22/6 men s Wool mixture Saddle twist trousers. Sizes 8 to 8, for 16/11. \ 17/3 to. 36/ Small boys overcoats including double breasted styles lined. Sizes 0 to 4 for half Price. 22/4 men s Tan or Black calf Derby working boots for 17/11 pair. 6/11 men s tourist shirts made in latest designs of Fugl do luxe 4/11. 22/6 to 20/ oddments in men s pure fur Felt hats is sorted shapes and shades Lor 15/6 Bach. 2/6 men s pure Wool Black Cashmere half Hose for 1/7j pair or 8 pairs for 4/6. 3/11 Bonds Art silk and Wool half Hose fancy Check designs. For 1/11 pair. Other great bargains from around our store. Extraordinary offer in stencilled and embroidered poplin a curtains 21 Yards x 40 Inch usual pries 27/0. Sale Price 18/71 pair. Extra super Quality White australian Wool blankets i double bed size Only 72 x 90 Inoh. Usual Price 07/6. Sale Price 60/ pair. White Linen finish of sheeting Osman make blk pliant Brand 68 Nohea wide usual Price 2/6 1 Sale Price f/91 cd. 70 indies wide. Usual Price 2/11. Sale Price 2/ Yard. 80 inches wide. Usual Price 8/8. Sale Price 2/0 Yard. 90 inches wide. Usual Price 8/9. Sale Price 2/11 Yard. Horroc bes White or Cream Flannelette 36 ins. Wide usually 1/8,Sale Price 11 id. Yard. Children s Tan calf one bar shoes flexible Veldt sewn crepe rubber Solo. Sizes 4 to 6. Usual Price 8/3. Sale Price 8/11 pair. Sizes 7 to 10. Usual Price 9/0. Sale Price 7/11 pair sizes ii to 1. Usual Price 10/6. Sale Price 8/11 pair. Children s Patent san dals pliable crepe rubber sole. Sizos 7 to 10. Usual Price 8/11. 3ale Price. 6/11. Sizes 11 to 1. Usual Price 10/6. Sale Price 8/11. Every shoe without exception in our shoe Section reduced at least to per cent during Sale. Toe Valley Brisbane Mcd. & e. Special offer of Flou icings some Clearing at less than half Price. Coloured silk lace flounce ing 4-Tler effect 50 inches wide 11 Yards to dross lengths Dahlia and Black Only 19/11. For 7/11 each. Also coloured silly la co Floun cing Peacock dip Back style 50 inches wide in Black Laulla beige Reseda nil Violet Fawn wine Larne 11 Yards dress length 19/11. For 7/11 each. Silic lace Floun cing Peacock dip Back style in Saxe flame Pink Nice Coral each mauve Lemon 11 Yards dress length 21/. For 9/11 each. We advertise the truth the truth advertises us. Last ii 1 1 Tex sensational furniture clearance Many useful pieces at genuine bargain prices. On account of our fast growing drapery departments and the need for More space to Cope with same we have decided to discontinue stocking furniture. Therefore every article under this heading is to be sacrificed at clearance prices. In addition we Avo offering an extra 10 per cent discount for Cash. Here under we quote a few merely As examples 10/6 split Cane chairs 17/6 22/6 seagrass chairs 19/6. 47/6 seagrass settee 42/. 12/6 collapsible cars table stained top 10/11,. 45/ Oak occasional tables round top 39/6. � 19/10/ Chesterfield suite 3-piece, �17/10/. �24/19/6 3-piece leather suite �19/10/. �18/10/ Oak bedroom suite 3-piece, �14/15/. �60 Maple bedroom suite 4-piece, �42/10/. �21/10/ Oak dining room out itt 8 piece for �16/5/. �29/10/ 8-piece Oak dining room outfit �23/15/. �7/10/ White enamelled Dresser 2 drawers Arctic Glass doors �6/5/, _ we will continue to Stock bedding veranda blinds floor coverings such. As linoleum carpet runners door Mats a. Mcdonnell East s great Winter Sale starts wednesday next opening Day specials include half Price remnants also half Price boots and shoes for men women and children also a Quantity of ladies Sample underwear at half Price. Remnants and half Price footwear will be sold for Cash Only and not before 9 am. Wednesday. Watch to Morrow s paper for big Sale advertise ment Mcdonnell & East Ltd. George Street. Brisbane. No High prices per dental work of the most Satis factory kind. Full upper or lower sets from �3 8s. Painless extractions 2/6. Open tue8day and Friday n1ght8. Denh to port cart Stewart Valley Corner upstairs be tween crease chemist and Sankey Fraser optician and at Ascot near Oriel Park Tram terminus. One slice Leeds to another because the cake baked euro to be delicious Simpsons self raising. Floor. Public notices. What about Wilto ants and borers Aro you going to disregard to Weir presence if you do there s trouble ahead. Street s Wilto ant cure is Tho Only effective remedy. Sold in any Quantity from pints at 1/0. We. Street & son Ann Street near people s Palace Brisbane. Get some. Store news. On account of numerous in. Quark s and to when t. C. Bell no s. Big Winter Sale Starta we wish to advise the buying Jublle Liat this looked for event commences wednesday week 2nd july. Country customers please note our Winter Sale Book is now. In. The. Printer s. Hands. And Willa posted to you in a few Days. Beirne blankets for value. The cold weather is Stii a a ii bad cosy blankets will be wanted for the Chilly nights and fro Ity mornings yet to be experienced. Pro cure yours. From our Fine Range of dependable australian Wool blankets. For Large double Beds. Sizes 81 x 99 ins., weight 9i lbs. Price 60/9 pall. For double Beds. Size 72 x 90 ins., weight 74 lbs. Price 45/ pair. For three Quarter Beds. Size 63 x 81 ins., weight s lbs. Price 36/0 pair. For single Beds. Size 64 x 78 ins., weight 45 lbs. Price 28/11 pair. Grey australian Wool blankets. Strongly Woven in dark or Silver Grey made full Standard weights and sizes. Good serviceable Quality. For Large double Beds. Size 81 x 99 ins., weight 94 lbs. Price 50/ pair. For double. Beds. Size 72 x 90 Insl weight 74 lbs. Price 39/6 pair. For three Quarter Beds. Size 63 x 81 ins., weight 6" lbs. Price 32/6 pair. For single Beds. Size 54 x 78 1ns,. Weight 4j lbs. Price 25/6 pair. Kapok quilts. A Light and cosy these quilts Are Well made and liberally filled with Best semarang Ica poc. Covered with Good Quality Floral sateen. Covered both sides with Floral. Sateen. For single. Beds. Size 8 x 4 it. In frilled 12/. Frilled 14/6 each. For double Beds. Size 6 x 5 it. In frilled 15/6. Frilled 18/0 each. For Largo double bods size 6x5 it. In frilled 18/0. Frilled 21/6 each. Covered. With Floral sateen and trimmed with one panel of Plain sateen. For single Beds. Size g x 4 feet. In frilled 14/6. Frilled 16/6 Coeli. For double Beds. Size 6x5 feet. In frilled 17/11. Frilled 21/6 each. For Large double Beds. Size 6 x 0 feet. In frilled 21/6. Frilled 24/6 each. Covered with Floral sateen and trimmed with two panels of Plain sateen i for single Beds. Size 0x4 feet. In frilled 16/6. Frilled 18/6 each. For double Beds. Size 6 x 6 feet. In frilled 20/1 frilled 22/9 each. For Large double Beds. Size 6x6 feet. In frilled 23/9. Frilled 27/6 each. Sheeting ready made sheets a. Wonderful value in Finlay s Linen finish sheeting. Plain make the Well known no. X. Width 80 inches. Usual Price 4/6 per Yard. Special Price 2/11 per Yard. Plain unbleached Sheet ing of Good serviceable Quality. Widths 54 79. 80 1ns. Usual prices 1/9 1/114 2/6 per cd. Special prices 1/44 1/8 1/11 per cd. Hor to cases ready made White twill sheets. Sizes 64 x90 63 x90 ins usual prices 6/0 3/11 each special prices 4/2 4/8 each Good Quality Cream Flannelette soft cosy Moke Ideal for Winter Wear. Widths 30 36 Nohea prices /94 /104 per cd. Striped Flannelette an excellent wearing Quality in a Range of Pya non stripes. Width 30 inches. Prices /04 and 1/3 per Yard. Width 36 inches. Prices 1/3, i of and. 1/9 per Yard. The Mccall printed pattern. Even if you be never sewn he fore you will appreciate Tho wonderful ease and clarity of these unique patterns. Get hold of one As an Experiment. Its simple lofty and straight forwardness will convince you. Pattern department first floor. P limited the Valley Brisbane p1ione b1151. Lind umbrellas hundreds of styles at nil prices. Locally made. Sold direct and there fore lower priced. Ladies from 6/6 men s from 6/6 Linds for Tho Best umbrellas. 125 Queen Street Opp. C reddens Brisbane. The . Hug City bargain basement created a sensation in the City to Day with 1,000 real wonder bargains Winter Sale sensations this week we Are making sensational clearances of All Winter stocks in our Valley South Bris Bane and City. Stores at the . Stores Only can you secure these real Sale bargains 22/6 ladies fancy All Wool knitted Cardi Gans 9/11 1/11 Yard genuine . All silk natural Fugi 29 inches wide 1/3 Yard 10/6 Yard Beautiful Jer sey Silks in self striped and Plain colours to match 4/11 Yard 1/11 54 Inch heavyweight unbleached sheeting. 1/2 Yard 2/11 stoutly Woven unbleached sheeting for double Beds. 1/8 Yard 2/11 ladies coloured Fleecy Winter Bloom ers 1/4j pair 2/11 Yard Snow White bleached pure Fugi silk. 29 inches wide ,. �. 1/8 Yard. 10/6 ladies fancy Brown Nappa gaunt let gloves 7/11 pair 2/6 ladies pretty stencilled Art. Silk knitted scarves. 1/3 1/6 Good Quality striped Brown towels size 40 x 20 inches. Lord. Each 2/3 Large size White Bath towels note the size 48 x 24 inches ,. 1/6 each 1/6 30 Inch excellent Quality striped flan Nelette 9jd. Yard 16/11 double bed size Well filled cosy Java Down quilts 11/9 �2/10/ ladies smartly tailored All Wool fancy Tweed Coats. 24/11 10/6 ladies fully fashioned Beautiful qual. To silk hosiery. 4/11 pair a Superb Quality in Sll silk stockings with new lace clocks 2/114 pair 1/6 ladies ribbed cot ton vests with tubular shoulder straps 8 cd. J 12/6 ladies smart i i new coloured Felts latest styles j latest shades 4/11 each j 12/6 girls All Wool Navy flannel blazers 5/11 3/11 children s one piece striped flannel Ette pyjama suits. 1/114 Forlen 14/11 men s fancy Wool knitted pullovers. 8/11 3/11 men s fancy silk and Wool half Hose in Choice designs. 1/10 22/6 men s Tan or Black Derby working boots double Solesi. Watertight tongues. 15/11 the . The Valley South Brisbane and Adelaide Street. The new Saxon Tea cups plates jugs bowls. Ac., in exquisite translucent Ulm Sam translucent colours and Mottle. Practically unbreakable and yet every piece a Gem of Art and Colour. See window display in Queen Street Neil note the very reasonable Piv Allan & Stark imm Lik a pm Utlang civil service Shioru. Selling to Morrow ladies shoes wonderful shoes from Melbourne a warehouse Stock Selling to Morrow see window display. The following seems ridiculous but it is absolutely True. Ladies shoes lot 1. Sells at 1/11. All these ladies shoes Are the Stock of a reputable Melbourne warehouse that we secured at bed Rock for Cash and then a big Dis count the result is to Morrow s remarkable Sale of ladies shoes. But remember personal shopping Billon exchanges no appros., no phone orders and we cannot guarantee mall orders first there is lot 1, comprising. 84 pairs of ladies coloured court shoos with full Louis heels. These. Are not cloth or fabric shoes but Are All in. Light coloured calf and be value is amazing. To Morrow 1/11. Pair. Ladies shoes lot 2. Sells at 3/6. Only.l20-palrs in lot 2 but they. Are a Fine selection of ladies Patent bar and coloured court shoes flapper heels and medium Spike Heel. To see them will be to buy them. To Morrow 3/6 pair. Ladies shoes lot 3. Sells at 7/11. The largest Quantity is in this lot which comprises 370 pairs of lallies coloured calf bar shoes. Medium and Low heels and smartness that. Will Appeal. Early shopping essential to Morrow 7/11 pair. Ladies shoes lot 4. Sells at 8/9. In this lot there Are 204 pairs of ladies Patent bar. Shoes with Tho dainties of. Coloured trimmings in Somo variety. Comfortable and most attractive shoes. To Morrow 8/9 pair. Ladies shoes lot s. Sells at 12/9. The last and Best of All in to Morrow s Sale 101 pairs of ladies Patent bar shoos pump soles tasteful trim and comfortable heels. To Morrow 12/0 pair. Slippers slippers i 2/11 2/11 2/11. Also to Complete to Morrow s great event 200 pairs of ladles slippers Are to be sacrificed comfortable slippers Navy Rose and Saxe. To Morrow 2/11 pair. All sizes available. This is a Melbourne warehouse Stock in which All sizes of ladies shoes Aro represented differing in that respect from a Sample Stock which Means Only limited sizes. All sizes Are in the lots to be sold to Morrow no delay to Morrow shop Early. Every preparation has been made to give satisfaction and Quick service. There will to a Rush for those ladies shoes to Morrow. Ladies shoe dept., is 1st floor Queen Street. Rapid service by three elevators. Sales assist ants will give prompt attention to Tho requirements of girls and business women shopping in route to work or during lunch hour. Allans Stark limited Adelaide a Queen St. By Abb c. W. Barrow Ltd., Tho right place for Good furniture a at your service. To Are always keen to help and. And also on All furnishing schemes. To will willingly Lovoto much time in order to assist both present and prospective customers. Come and talk it Over with our principal. It costs you nothing and places you under no obligation. You can rely upon us to co operate in Tho most whole hearted Way in giving you Tho Best for your Home Furni Ture and furnishings. Showrooms on the ground floor Are open for los Pettlon until 10 . Dally. C. W. Barrow Ltd., comp Letb House furnishes. 428-430 Queen Street Opp. Custom House Wnters v a Muir Tim Baths vast Jip omm our policy . At i jew kor in Mcwhirter announce their Money saving Winter Sale will commence wednesday next 25th june see Page 4 great preparations have been made to make this Sale the greatest Bargoni event yet held let nothing deter you. From being present on wednesday for right throughout Brisbane s vast Emporium will be thousands of bargains in seasonable dress materials Manchester goods blankets quilts and wearing apparel you Are now in need of. The startling Price reductions ensure for you substantial savings. To Day s. Telegraph contains a list of some of the bargains to be offered see Page 4 thousands More will be showing in every Section Dois t forget Sale commences next wednesday morning be Early for the first Day Plum bargains. Every one a genuine Money Saver. We accept Myers Cash orders. Better than i Sale prices Are the pre stocktaking bargains offering at to Day n ladies welted 27/6 shoes 19/11 men s working 21 a boots 17/6 ladies suede 3/9 gloves 2/6 Cashmere 4/11 Hose 3/6 dinner 59/6 sets 45/ pure Wool. 60/ blankets 39/6 Grey 40/ blankets 35/6. Kapok 72/6 mattresses 57/6 bargain in 3/6 scarves 2/6 Flannelette 6/11 nights 3/1 1 Black crepe 10/6. Satin 7/11. Ladies Wool .16/11 cardigans 12/6 Fleecy lined 3/1.1 bloomers 2/9 coloured 6/1 1 Satin 4/11 Oxford 1 4/6 trousers 10/1 1 digging 7/6 Forks 5/1 1 Foy & Gibson pty., Ltd., the Valley Brisbane. The business firms that jul have wisely and eone iat j entry employed newspaper j advertising during the past i your Are now being rewarded j with the greatest share of j Trade and profits put your Faith in tried and j proved newspaper pub i licit. J 1 the Telegraph j advertising is sound advertising phone b2066. Bargains in the new Woollen. Fabrics .4/1 1 Yard costume Tweed for 3/11. 3sln. Fancy Cmok costume Tweed in assorted colours. Usually 4/11, special Price 8/11. 8/1 1 Yard tartan Kasha for. .5/11, 3 81n. All Wool Tartaf. Check Kasha in Good toning. Suitable for skirts � am july. 8/11. Special Price,5/11. 13/6 Yard All Wool j Ersey. For 1 1/6. I. 54in. All Wool Jersey cloth in i Vogi of Royal Mastic Henna Lemon. Htide powder Fawn beige and rust. Usually 13/6 special Price 11/6. 17/1 1 fancy Jersey cloth for 13/1 a. /. / " 34in. All Wool fancy Jersey cloth in Stripe and spot effect. Usually 17/11 Peelar Price 13/11. 1 3/6 y Ard coating velour for. 8/n. / a. 641n. All Wool coating to Bur in Saxo Brown. Jade Hollo Cocoa Fawn Lilg mgr. , wine Henna and powder usually 13/0. Special Price 8/11. 12/6 Yard Charmaine for. 7/il. 541n. A Wool Charmaine t in ton Nigger Cocoa Saxe Brown Bote a Rose mauve Leux Rose Vine Maroon e. Usually 12/6 Sinecia Price -7/11.8/11 Priestley s Gaberdine for 6/1 1. ,. 381n. Sall Wool garbed in in Fawn Grey. Tan Saxe hello. Brown Jade Leux Rose ,1, Maroone Brown beige.usually1 .8/11. Special Price 6/11. Cutting and tacking v service. " suits frocks and children s Gar. Ments Cut out and tacked for Home sewing. Providing the materials to. Be used have been bought at fun. Nay two will cult it to valid tack it. Up for you for pm Lnor charge. I . The Telegraph daily. Subscription rates payable in Advance. Posted daily to any address within the Comasio wealth. Per annul �2.16 0 per Quarter 0 14 0 to United kingdom. Per annul �4 11. 0 per Quarter. 1 2 j to . Per annum-., �5 4. 0 per quartet 16 0 to All other places. Per annul �7 16 0 per Quarter. 1 19 0 Telegraph newspaper co., ltd4. Queen Street Brisbane Queensland. Lectures. Jjedcl1ffe town Council. Lecture on town planning. Or. W. J. Earle . City planned by Courtesy of Tho Brisbane City Council will give an illustrated lecture at " the Redcliffe picture theatre on Friday the 27th instant at 8 . Subject town planning outlining a scheme for the. Future development of red Cliffo the Cost of same and How. To meet it. The lecture will be illustrated by cinematograph films. Admission free. All members of the Public especially Redcliffe ratepayers Aro cordially invited to be present. I j. Lucas. Town Price cutting at Rhoades Nurt wait a while will be the big losers if thu a b 1arnlture Al 1 rho a Des " a bargains in Quality .iia1,itn1l ugh he St re 4 m Katy floors crammed with most attractive b Well built furniture of our own make ruthless Price cutting Lias been 3tno order of to Day. A thl Ner lik0 hns Choc n sc0i before in Tho general opinion Bof those in Best position to judge. You la say Tho sumo of you Al see and b Compro for this our latest Effort at bargain giving constitutes the greatest of All our records in Valuo giving. Send for our now illustrated catalogue and ready made furnish throughout lists Post free. Rhoades & co. Ltd., for Eye opening furniture Broadway a Brisbane the Telephone number i the Telegraph is b 2066 note Bee two of double six it ==r3\ Rex Pye 1 in lib. And a cans. The finest meat in the world nolo ils delicate Arom and Ivole some Upp Durance at nil grocer Ami Fosgitt Jones iy., Ltd. V

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