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Brisbane Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 3, 1944, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia e3b33efl. Rationing and the j War Effort \ the Issue of new ration books this week end a should be a reminder to those who might be j j a growing querulous that the War is still on and �. T that the need for a continuation of reduced standards of t Comfort is As Ereat now As Ever it was. J Australia no doubt is Safe but to argue that in con j j sequence the Burden of rationing should be eased is to disregard the plight of those other countries not the least j of which is Brilain who Are still enduring greater hard j a ships Titan we have been called upon to face even during j j the period of our greatest peril. Our own improved position rather than impelling us to seek greater benefits should stimulate us to. Make even. Greater sacrifices for the Benefit of people whose need is t immeasurably greater than ours. � a nevertheless though rationing should continue to be accepted in the Coni nonsense spirit in which it was j accepted when the War was at our Gates it should not be accepted blindly and there should be sufficient vigilance to i j prevent bureaucrats from hiding their ineptitude or j governments their Clumsy planning behind a thick fog of j j appeals t o patriotism. I the reduction in the butter ration will not improve the j j plight of the people of Britain it will Only enable them to t j maintain their meagre allowance and it has been made j necessary in great measure by the denudation of Rural j. Areas of manpower. No amount of exhortation to Aid j j Britain will alter that fact. J equally justifiable Are criticisms of the poor Quality j. And the High Price of available clothing. The manpower j t and machinery allotted to civilian needs would do much t j better National service if they produced durable articles instead of shoddy As the clothing would last longer and the people would spend less on replacements. J j As it is the clothing ration is far More severe than it t j appears because the clothes give Only a fraction of the service of their pre War equivalents particularly in the j warmer climates and the government s objective of j reducing personal expenditure is being Defeated the principle of rationing. Is equitable and if those. T who Are in control of its operation Are permitted some j j flexibility to meet genuine cases of hardship will be accepted with Little complaint. T that Jiow Ever does not mean that the people should j passively permit its use to cover up inefficiency nor the j exploitation of War time shortage by the unscrupulous 5 who produce and sell inferior goods at Peak wartime prices i to their own profit. � j the people Are entitled to demand that the Burden of j War is evenly spread and that patriotism should be prac i tired and not preached As a Fine of sales talk. T j a bundle of new books the War scene from Africa to China variety is the spice of the reviewer s bookshelf. Fiction autobiography and Post War planning Jostle with Eye witnesses commentaries of the War scene in " the Stream of books that Issue from the London presses. Even allowing for the fact that this War is the Best reported in world history. The number of Well written factual books of War reportage covering the european Battle scene is extraordinarily Large and the flow shows no signs of slackening. Be of the latest of these is Guy Ramsay s one continent re deemed Harrap and co., ltd., australian publishing company australian distributors. Ramsay tells the Story of that vast undertaking which Churchill called the end of the beginning the Reconquest of Africa by the British american and fighting French forces living with the americans with the Raf with Hie North Africa French Ramsay saw not Only the great events that make history but the tiny details that make events. He writes of them with the judg ment and acumen of the a Peri a need observer giving an impartial and sensitive picture of the turmoil of Battle of tortuous political in Trigue and finely drawn portraits r of Eisenhower. Darlan. Giraud As Well As the nameless soldiers and civilians who crowd the Rich. Troubled scene of a continent in process of redemption. A novel of Flie ret army Tuch has been written of the african campaigns but there is a remarkable shortage of Bolcs about the russian front and China s War. For this reason a novel of the red army and an autobiography describing China s struggle offer a Welcome change of diet for the omnivorous Reader. The people immortal by Vassill " be Ossman Hutchinson is a novel Hadout a unit of the red army Dur ing the grim Retreat through White Russia and the Ukraine in the autumn of 1941. It is written with passionate sincerity. There is a Stark almost crude simplicity of phrase and passage that pulsate with an emotionally lyrical Patriot ism springing deep from the soil of Russia. " the theme is the russian will to wage War the capacity of body and mine for resistance the Confidence in Victory. It smacks at times a thought too crudely of the political propagandist and it is not Surpris ing that in deference to patriotic -8nd party propaganda Grossman makes his hero Bokarev a political commissar who was formerly a professor of marxist Leninist science. Bokarev is depicted As an omnipresent and invincible com. Monist. His regiment is Cut off and surrounded but he manages to hold out and loads an attack against he German rear which plays a vital part in. His division s counter Offen Sive. A violent earthy novel re violent of the russian soil. The agony of China Battle hymn of by Agues Sheriley go Lincz should he rend by All win seek to know the background history of China s life and death struggle. It a a boldly vigorous and forthright v narrative of the extraordinary experiences and adventures of a your. Alcous woman who lived dangerously As China s Florence Nightingale sharing the sorrows and sufferings of the Humble people of China the patriots and the guerillas. Lovers of autobiography will find much that is fascinating and reveal ing in this picture of the indomitable chinese. It abounds in vivid portraits and crackles with Ancoin. Promising and outspoken criticism of the Western Powers. Agnes Snedley s Story begins wit the split in the Kuomintang in 3027 and the opening of Chiang Kai Shek s Campaign against the communists. Through the author s own eyes and her own experiences the Reader traverses nine Long years of Bivil War. The Long the Sian incident and at last the forging of the United front against Japan. A Grill inn Ivia Nii. Autobiography an autobiography of a markedly different is the turning faint.1 by Klaus Mann go Lincz. Klaus Mann is the Brilliant eccentric Ann of the famous German Liberal novelist Thomas Mann. He has written a remarkable and colourful Ttorp of his artistic and politics life. He describes in a curiously exotic exuberant and discursive style the mad carnival misery and vice on n colossal scale of corrupt Berlin in the years following world War i. Sodom and gomorrah in a Prus Sian when Hitler Capie to Power. Klaus and his sister Erika his spiritual twin left their native land because they could not breathe the air in nazi Germany. He gives an incredibly tragic comical picture of Hitler sitting in a cafe in Munich and gorging himself with Strawberry tarts Hitler is a greedy Lover of pastry and he studied with cold disgusted curiosity his Unap Petis ing features he was flabby and foul and without any Marks of greatness a frustrated hysterical Petty Bourgeois and Mann Felt with malignant satisfaction Don t fool yourself Schik Gruber. Five years from now nobody will remember your name. \ was he asks poignantly no bloody Aura around his head to warn me the Book is studded with Brilliant portraits of celebrities in Europe and the United states where the author now lives. Among the Host of names that figure in these revealing pages Are Gid. Gorki. Wells. Huxley Somerset maugham. Julian Green. Greta Garbo. Pm 11 Jennings Sinclair Lewis. Dorothy Thompson. Upton Sinclair and w if. Auden. European labour s failure in or the student of the polite on and economic Soone the tragedy of european labour 1il 18-1 my by Adolf Sturmthal i Gol Luncz provides realistic constructive thought on the past and future of european political lab our. The author asks Why the great labour organisations of Europe were powerless to Avert the destruction of european democracy. He sets Forth in answer the convincing fact that labour in Europe was Strong enough seriously to interfere with the smooth working of the existing institutions of society but it was neither sufficiently Strong nor sufficiently constructive to rebuild the key to this stalemate As he describes it of social forces in hitter conflict is that labour preferred to operate As a pressure political group instead of taking up the Burden of democratic leadership. The author is Able to illustrate his argument with cogent examples showing How the socialist parties and the left generally re Tuscq to accept real political responsibility while Europe went through its successive stages of political and economic disintegration. In this connection he finds the classic example of labour pressure group thinking in the Germun social democratic parly. In the tracks of Khan a Mono the More popular to Mantle novels tin Golden horde by in Halle oilman Hurst and by Piekett Ltd presents a new Angle in mystery fiction. Captain Mikhail , a White russian officer fleeing from the red armies of revolutionary Russia across the wastes of Asia Dis covers the existence of a mysterious and powerful Force gathering in the mountains of Mongolia. He unearths at last the threads of a Gigantic plot. Mongol chieftains plan to follow in the footsteps of Genghis. Khan and reconquer the Eastern world. Mis Fate is inter Woven with a Beautiful mongol Princess vividly written against the background of. Modern China. Russia. Mongolia and Tibet. The Golden horde is a thrilling if improbable fictional narrative that will keep the Reader s eyes glued to the Hook until the last chapter. Clem Lack federation needed for Europe s future peace by Stephen Kelen it Wilt not be enough to beat the German beast Back to his own territory and make him pay for All the monstrous crimes he has committed. The great Allied nations will have to give a definite out line to liberated Europe and not let chaos Rule. We have had our lesson from the last War and we should know what to do. The first world War and the Pence which followed showed the ignorance of certain people mostly politicians who were not acquainted Ullh a realistic View and had not the knowledge to establish a sane and secure future for the world tile old cursed Complex of fron tier problems was everywhere. How Well x remember them in the East and in the West. That inn on the dutch belgian Frontier where a billiard table stood in the Middle of the room one part of it in Holland the other in Belgium. The peas ants had to go from one country to another Over the frontiers if they wanted to plough their soil. And the Little township of Komaromy Komano part of which belonged to Czechoslovakia part to Hungary. The Frontier dispute Between Poland and Czechoslovakia. All created chaos which the germans at the begin Ning of this War. And before used so Well to their own advantage. The peacemakers of the Allied nations after the last War made it easy for Germany to take one Small country after another playing the majorities and minorities All. Over Europe against each other. People who lived on the same soil but claimed different nationality and Lan Guage were hopelessly tangled fight ing with words and weapons and clamouring for Justice on their own Peculiar claims. Educated in hatred in Central Europe and the Balkans in Frontier cities towns and Vil Lages the inhabitants spoke two or three languages perfectly. Each of them might have been their Mother Tongue yet they could not under stand each other and lived with in finite hatred. They were educated and brought up in such an Atmos phere. This education system of hate mongers was left intact after., the last War. How therefore could there have been any Hope of Chang ing the Outlook of the future generations ? there were faint attempts to unite Europe such As Briand s pan european movement but they faded into obscurity after a while. The league of nations did not succeed in educating the nations for peace it Only tried to bind them to Gether. With what results can be seen today. One of the first things the Allied nations have to give liberated Europe is n new objective history Book translated Inlo every language giving a True Light to incidents and educating the youth to think of pc acc not War. Furthermore we give every euro Pean child a second language be sides his Mother Tongue so that he will be Able to understand other europeans because behind the frontiers there is the different Lan Guage. It sounds absurd that people living in the same country cannot understand each other. Knowing the sentiments of euro peans. 1 would say the second Lan Guage has to be a Neutral one. Which will not Hurt their National Pride. European immigrants to Australia Usa and other English speaking countries have proved that it is not difficult for them to learn English even at an advanced age of Len firm and this is the second time in a generation the world Lins had to go to our because a conflict arose in Europe the pretended reason being a minority question. There fore we have to Stop the minor Ity if frontiers remain in Europe minorities will stay too. Only a Central federation of the european nations is the solution. Nations cannot be compelled to stay together but with proper education and guarantees of free Dom and common interest it is possible. Russia Switzerland and the Usa Are examples. Not Long ago a document was published by american and euro Pean scientists providing a basis for a United states of Europe the Only Way in my opinion to ensure peace throughout the world. Of course the question arises should Germany be included in such a federation if so what would happen most Likely the prussian element would gain superiority again in the German Community then slowly penetrate and conquer. Let us not fool our selves the germans will not change overnight just because they Are beaten and Pence is concluded. German influence and plotting would Start everything All Over again. The germans Are Peculiar people. I often wonder whether they ref Tlly want Equality. All through their history As a nation except for a few very Brief periods their de sire has been to dominate or to be dominated. But a generation brought up with an entirely Dif Ferent Outlook from that of to Day could bring them Back to the Community of the european people or for that matter to the world. The United nations in the Mem ment of Victory must have a Well defined plan constructed by scientists not politicians for the peace. To Divide South East and Cen trial Europe into Small states would spell disaster again. Germany is the country which should he divided and the others should he members of the european federa Tion. In this Way we would be Able to gain our objective. Fly flab sri 3ix i Pannos it ism Amu ii in in our a Iid knit 8m a a a a ii Ounjia us u v or Ahja s a is to 1 pm h my a i Joja Qiu i to ainu a Ai lung a ii i m a to la -7i1j3 la tilts to Osoh of a Fujii l8 j Saip Iii Znoj Piini v "8 a my t a ii Odoj so ii8it priv Jinp .t0 it fifis c in inv a 1i r a Huv up d ,0 Onia i n s Liiva Izop a Hoo. 1 v Actori a Palace. Adv inn bookings for Austin Lia s most popular hotel next town Hill Melbourne should under present crowded conditions sent e number of nights accommodation required and payment in Advance for full period of intended visit., should be made on arrival. Other Wise continued occupancy of rooms cannot be guaranteed. Telegraph bookings cannot be guaranteed. Where to go on sunday arrangements for the entertain mint of servicemen and service women tomorrow include spout exhibition ground. 1.45 pin women s hockey , Rugby league. Baseball. 1.30 new farm Park us Navy rep. Unit v. Surgeon Windsor Park. 1 and 2. Lang inn Park. Perry Park fund no 2. Cin Ijes arose Flold round Mountain. Football Aust. Rules Victoria Park. , St Lucia. Braceville. Rugby league Victoria Park Davie Park. To Wong St Lucia. Soccer Raymond Park. Kasinga. Chermside. Women s hockey Graceville. Basketball Gilbert Park. I Tuitt services see Page 4 for details. Band concerts afternoon at gardens. Ensi Brisbane juvenile band Mowbray Park. Citizens band new farm Park. Excelsior band. Tennis us forces courts May he hooked through american red Cross service Chip. Artist. Forces court Avail Nile daily racquets and Ball sup plied Rinc sgt. D. Picking f33. Exten Sion 541. Before 1.15 pm a. For booking6 theatres his majesty s. Majestic. Regent. Is James motion pictures. Theatre Royal. The Mai animal ticket from us red Cross River trip Boata leave North Quay 10 am and 2 pm for Pine. 2 pm for 17-mile rocks. Night cruise starts from North Quay. 7 45. Seaside trains leave Roann Street and Central stations for Sandgate and re Deloffe leave South Brisbane for South coast Wynburn and in nov. For train times phone b4026. Vaudeville a 7.30 pm. Ameri can red Cross. Time off club. Eliza Beth Street show 7 pm is. George s service club. 7.30 pm. R5saiia variety show. Dancing 8 pin australian army canteen. Railway Institute and trades Hill. Accommodation and meals hostels and private Homes inquire at the information Bureau of the australian army canteen. Desmond Cham Bers Adelalde Street b4676or at the american red Cross service club Corner of Adelaide and Creek streets i. Meals Are provided for ser vice men and women at the trades Hall at 5 pm sunday. Museum Art Queensland museum near exhibition. 2.5 pm Library of modern Art. George Street Opp. Ade Laide Street. 2-4 pm hotel Canberra. Gallery. Gwendolyn Grant s Artex Hibi Tion for red ones2-5 pm. Welfare of schools is aim of new association to co operate with governments and other authorities As Well As with any organisation bodies or persons in the promotion and development of the welfare of schools and education generally is one of the objects of the proposed association of metropolitan state school committees and Kindred associations. Copies of the proposed Constitution and Rotas have been sent to All state school committees parents associations and welfare associations in the greater Bra Bane area and they have been invited to Send three delegates to a meeting to be held in the builders Exchange building. Wharf Street on Friday june 23, at 8 . It is emphasised the 1 the draft Constitution and rules Are open to discussion and amendment at the meeting. It is pointed out that there Are Many major items of policy which such a combined association could handle with greater off nil than Miu Commil. Tees. The drafting of the Constitution and rules follows a meeting held last month and attended by 36 members of state school committees or welfare associations of 13 schools. This meeting carried a Resolution expressing the opinion that the time was opportune to found an organisation to Cater for the needs of scholars throughout the metropolitan area and appointed a provisional committee to prepare a draft Constitution for submission to a sub sequent meeting to be held to set up the association. The list of objects As set out in the draft Constitution is As follows to further the interests of All school committees by combined Effort. To make representation t o any authority or authorities in respect of the promotion and development of the welfare of schools and of education. To assist any particular school in matters affecting the welfare of such school. To assist and co operate with governments and other authorities As Well As with any organisations bodies or persons in the promotion and development of the welfare of schools and of education generally. To arouse and maintain in All Citi Zens a sense of Pride and interest in the education of our children and in the methods by which such education is achieved. To accept the affiliation of. And to affiliate with any other body or organisation having like objects upon such terms and conditions As May be mutually agreed upon. To do All such other lawful acts and tilings As Are incite Mai or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the association and the intellectual social and physical improvements state school child Ren and the advancement of Edu cation the words school commit tee Are used they Are deemed to refer to the state school committee parents association welfare association or any other organisation working in the interests of a particular school and which is a member of this association. The rules provide for the appoint ment of officers and executive management and control is to be vested in the hands of the delegates to the association who 1 will meet once a month and when called together for any special purpose. The executive is to meet As often As required for the conduct of the business of rhe association. An annual general meeting is to be held each year. The Haze of memory Gate through the Hase of memory at a phase that seems fading from View. And a Friendly to army life har Shinn. For through them pm writing to you. The roof tranquil Pool of reflect lion casts a picture Ftp always recall. So your eyes and your smile shall he with me from now v if the curtain shall fall i look in the Hook of the futures and i scan All the script of our pastor Trnyan groping and seeking and hoping that much More than memory shall last hut my curse is the. Curse of the Roomer so Content never sits by my fire of Vii never be Friendly with sorrow for pm Rich in treasured desire. Sgt Joseph do Isiais. Council loan of �806,675 during the next financial year the Brisbane City Council will he called on to arrange for the raising of Loans amounting to �866.675. States the report of the finance committee to lie presented to the Council meeting

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