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Brisbane Telegraph Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1890, Page 5

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Brisbane Telegraph (Newspaper) - December 15, 1890, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia of j = s last night s storm. Electrical disturbances. Harrow escape from fire. One of the Moat Novoro thunders Totoiu a Phish Haa Beon expert Euord in1 Bisbano for some time broke Over Tho pity about 12 o clock a Flat sight the heat Wah Intonato through out the evening and a thunderstorm was anticipated but very few thought Tho Lei tation would to anything like b9 Evoro As it wag. Lightning wan Otic table Oatly in the evening but no rain fell till shortly after. 12 o clock when it came Down in torrents. Accompanied by vivid flashes of lightning. The Sharp reports of Thunder which Emo almost with the l get Nung gave Rise to a general opinion that a Good Deal of Danago would be found to have been Ooola Eione. Fiefs la however fortunately do not As yet give much foundation for Bebo beliefs. A Largo ornamental tree situated at the residence of or. . Port in. A Gray Street near Pidoux a treat waa Etc a by lightning and up motored in every direction. A Chi Nuy top at or. J. Or Chat s hotel Neur the Voloria Bridge Wab taken Olean away. 8cme damage is reported through Tho storm water. Daring the night drains in George Street be tween turbot Street and Tho railway station got hooked up and the water amhed through several ehop3 in George Street. A notable sufferer is or. John Urcia Draper. A considerable Quantity of stuff was damaged and a Sale of Goodel damaged by storm water is annoy nod. During the height of Tho storm a Man named whittick an sex Volunteer Tiro Man who was on duty at Tho scene of the late fire in Elizabeth Street noticed an unusual Glare a messes. Perry Bros store and. Breaking open Tho door be found the place in flames to Hrazo was lost in putting out the Are and it was found that some oars lying in the Papago were Moro or le3s destroyed. It appears that some qui Klimo was carelessly left in Tho passage and with an equal want of earo9 some other workmen bad thrown Tho Oara on the a Nick Limo. Water was Foroud in under Tho doorway and reaching the Quick Lime Vanaed it to Slack and the Onra were thus quickly bet on file fortunately Tho goods Loseby consisted of nails in Drums and consequently were not of an inflammable nature. On Tho other Sida of Tho passage oases of goods were stored and if the fire bad taken Plano on that Side More damage would have been done As it happens however �20 is expected to cover the loss. A Bittick is to to commended for his Detriot watch and ready notion the following was i fibred from Tho weather Bureau this morning North Queensland thunderstorms but vory Little rain have been recorded in North Western parts and also along the of ont. Fine weather predominates Tia morning although at present it in Cloudy at a few places. Winds Ohio Fly East North and North West. Sea generally smooth. Extreme temperatures 11 degrees 67 degrees at Hetherton. South Queensland. O Vor Tho Oast and especially Tho South Eastern districts heavy thunderstorms with Hail were experienced. The rainfall proved heavy in to Vicinity of Brisbane. This morning Fine conditions with Cloud Are general. Winds Var Kublo blowing Freeh in places. Seamen orally smooth. Extreme temperatures 106 degrees at Davalo and Blackall 68 degrees it Mitchell. Bisbano and 8uburbs. Wickham Terrono 80 degrees and 04 degrees Bowen Park 89 degrees and 05 degrees now farm 89 degrees and 66 degrees botanic gardens 80 degrees and 63 degrees bulimic 87 degrees and 66 degrees Bouth Bri Baue 91 degrees and 63 degrees Kangaroo Point 82 degrees and 66 or Green Albion and of Pomba 87 degree and 63 degrees. Rainfall. The following is the rainfall registered no to 9 . Day Tonth Queensland. Zilora 066 been Leigh 018 taboo lure 0-16 Samboon 002 Apo Morton 013 Cleveland 2 01 Cress Brook 046 Dalby 002 Emu Yalo 002 Emerald 038 esk 037 Fassi Foro 045 Gympie 035 kinship Point 014 Ipswich 060 Jim Bour 068 Killarney 062 Laidly 0 34 Lytton 0 34 Maryborough 003 Day with the orphans. Picnic at nudge. A few months ago the Hon. Chas. Powers the then minister for education gave a i Oisin to Tho inmates of Tho diamantina orphanage and a Largo number of the boarded Outah Drou. Had to remained in office or. Powers Woald have completed Bis Good work by a Pizonie to the nudge orphanage children but Hie intentions were Carnea oat of Nis Huo Teebor Tho Hon. W. O. Hodgkinson on Satur Day last. Or. Hodg Hasou a Pio Uio was a great in cooed. In do Cerenou to to wishes of the Sisters of Meroy Tho Pironio was held in the grounds of Tho orphanage instead of on Hoard a Steamer the invitations being extended to Tho boned of out children in Tho neighbourhood. Altogether about 466 children were present and in Tho Best of Fine weather enjoyed a Happy Day. Or. Hodgkinson before Heclo Firof theses Ion Hud obtained for Tho Purchase of presents and prizes for the children. The minister who was Roeom pained by mrs and miss Hodgkinson Aud or. O. C. Horro Obs inspector of orphanage and mrs. Hot Rooks was received of Hie arrival by the Bev. Mother Vincent and beat ral of the Sist Cra from All hallows Convent and to Rev. D. Fou by administrator of the archdiocese. By rail and Road a party of invited guests also one about noon. These Inonu did hid honour or. In stick and mrs real Hon h. Toor colonial Secretary Hon. A. J. And mrs. Thynus Hon. W. A and mrs. Power Hon. E. B. Forrest Hon. P. Ond mra. Perkins. Or. G. Aglow a., and mrs. Air new or. And mrs. G a. Gray or. And mrs. Viiu Power mrs. Quintan Rev. Father Broon or. And mrs. D. Ewart or. K. I. O Doharty or. M Neely or. R. W. Mao Donnell or. And mrs. Leeper mrs. Byrnes there were also present a Largo number of former inmates of Tho institution Aud those also gave a Good account of themselves. After an inspection of the buildings and All Tho and. Mirabl arrangements an adjournment was Mado to Whu rothfelder children Lavoan entertainment Anda Olever Little girl Road an address of Wole ome to the minister who pelted in a Brief Bat Tono Hing Spoonh. Songs choruses recitations. And educational exer Olsea Wero Gono through in admirable fashion much to Tho Surprise As Well As Delight of Tho visitors. Tho children Wero regaled in a Largo mar quo with a substantial dinner Aud must heartily did they enjoy that part of Tho Pironio. Lontor a Tho afternoon along programme of sports was gone through and As each event was Oom Letea the minister presented Tho Pri Zob to Tho a onnors in the presence of Tho 8isttr� und the lady visitors. In Tho Largo Rof Totory of Tho now building or. J. Baldwin of Tho parliamentary refreshment rooms prepared an Ono allot luncheon to which or. Hodgkinson invited Tho visitors. A Short Toast list was Diakou Tod and speeches Wero delivered by Tho minister who was in Groat form Rev. Father fou by or. W. Kinnaird Rose or. Justice Raal Hon. P. Perkins Hon. A. J. Thynus or. O Toberty and or. R. W. Mad null. Tho Toast of Tho " Sisters of Meroy " was of genially honoured. After a Long Day of Joy and Delight and nobody enjoyed Tho picnic Moro than to generous minister himself Tho Large company separated As evening Hendes Drew Noar. Asart Vortisch. Or. Theodore Wight 1b t Leo Turo on years of phrenology in Tho Bouth Bri Abuzo Baptist Church ont quaday oven eng next. Item. W. Poolo will preside. Nominations Coloso today monday at 5 ., at 7 Kent a buildings Adelaide a Trout. For Tho following ranch mite of 10 aovn., 18.1 Bonds and under Lawn Handicap of 10 bovb., 14 bands and under Belling Itaco of 15 bomb. Winner to to sold for 15 bovb., 14.2 hands Ana under City Handicap of 10 bovh., 13.8 bands Ami under Galloway Handicap of 15 bovb., 14.2 hands Ond under Tandoi in Handicap of 16 sovs., for All horses. See Carew Gardner and Bulington s and Yeti Bomont on front Page. Advt Carmen Belva is an authoress of noted ability. A Story from her pen has been purchased specially for the Feek Christmas number. Mookon Forit. Ready on thursday next. Premier s tour. Arrival at Gladstone. Enthusiastic Welcome. To. Government steam yacht Luo Lnda left the Queen s wharf on saturday night shortly before 10 o look with Tho Premier and party on Hoard hound for Tho North. Tho party of Onesta of Hon. Sir 8 w. Griffith Hon. Theodoro in Maori Hon. T. J. Byrne Meers. A. Morgan Watson i. Lies nor and w. Stephens mm.l.a., T. Bell Premier s Privato door teary or. J. Gilligan official shorthand writer Magator Griffith i Scmier a Yonn geat Sonand two representatives of the frees. Or. R. M. Hypo .a., was to join the party at Maryborough or. R. H. Smith . A., at Bowen and the Hon. A. Int Lodge at Charters towers. A Largo number of gentlemen Assoc blvd at the wharf to bid Tho party Ion voyage. Among these were Hon. W. H. Wilson .o. Hon. A. B. Cowley Hon. H. Tozer my. A Hon. A. Rutledge a. Hon. To Macdonald Faterson .o. Messes. J. M master my a. J. T. Annear J. B. L. Lambert D. H. Dat Rympo . A John m at Meson chief railway com missioner. E. Forty Skodon und John m Donn Oil. Raou Oue special no Ponton. Gladstone december 15. After a fairly smooth trip from Brisbane the Lucinda arrived at Tho Mary River Heads about 1 On sunday. She was there met by a launch having on Board me bars. Hypo Stupart m Auster bands and others. Or. Hypo joined the Premier s party but the others to turned to Maryborough after a Brief stay on Tho Lucinda. Subsequently the Lucinda an bored at Little Woody Island where the Premier the Hon. To Unm Sok the Hon. T. J. Byrnes and some others landed for a troll. The Lucinda loft again at 5,30 ., and after a steady run All night arrived of fort Curtis Early this morning and proceeded no the Harbour to the com Mercial wharf at glad Tono whore the Ortiz end had congregated. The Premier landed at 9.45 ., and was received by mayor Smith the aldermen and messes. Curtis ., m Aigist or o.p.b., and Reilly Tho Gol Wardon amidst cheers. The party thou walked to the town Hall where the Lork read an address of Wel come. Sir s. W. Griffith took a walk round the town Bosforo replying to Tho address. "m-1 Llende Tafel picnic. On ibo invitation of the president Hon. W. H. Wilson .o., and the vice Presl Denta Tho Active members of Tho Bisbano Liede Tafel went Down Tho Hay a Tho Steamer Otter on saturday afternoon last. By about 1.30 A Largo number of gentlemen had of ambled on Board and As soon As Tho vessel was Cloar of the wharf the company Bat Down to an Exoe tent lunch spread on Tho after deck. After this had been Folly Dis Onsted and the Toast of the Queen duly honoured Tho lower Deok became deserted and Tho upper Deok was soon crowded by those who were and Ion to obtain the Bono flt of Tho fresh North cast Breeze blowing at Tho time. The Otter steamed out into the Bay some few Miles past Tho Pilo Laht and then turned to begin the Way Homo. Oif the Pilo Light however Tho engines were stopped so As not to interfere with the Onslo and the members then gathered Rondo Tho piano who had been placed upon Tho after Dock with their conductor or. H. J. Pollard and their pianist or. Frank Fowler. A number of to Liede Tafel favour i to choruses wore Given and a number of instrumental and vocal solos. The soloists included messes. Doa Zloy Dicker m Dwaine Horlor Lym and Thore. After an hour or to had been passed a this manner or. Pollard Eaid that to had a very pleasing duty to perform. This was to propose the health of " or. Wilson Ond their Tho Toast was accorded in Shoal honours As indeed was every other Toast proposed. In responding or. Wilson said that to Folb it a High honour to be Tho president of the Liede Tafel. To spoke at length upon Tho Obj ote of Tho a Moiety and said that it had Boon established to Supply a need which had Beon greatly Felt in musical of ircle. Thoy had however done their utmost to prevent of lashing with any Othor so Bioty in Spito of what had been recently said regarding a into unfortunate coincidence. To Alln Dod to the unfortunate cold Cut through which Tho last concerts of the Liede Tafel and Tho musical Union had . Mrs. A Ploton Dresa in scr and Draper Victoria Bridge South Brisbane. Anted a Erst a ass Man gook for a City hotel must to Buglo. Apply by letter enclosing copy of discharges to k.g., Silico of this paper. Wanted boys to learn China painting &c.,must be Ono that Lisa Tomato for drawing Flowers a apply a. Jumps pottery works Coo paroo servants wanted. Competent general servant must to Woodcook and la Undraus references required. Mrs. E. O Doherty Bellevue Wick Liam Terrace. Coo Kond la undresses housemaids Cooks Nuree girls town Aud a Casrto general Hor vents Good wages. Mrs. Miller s Silico albeit Street near turkish Baths. / 1uok Eru fill Fui Niiya gook and la undresses a Kelvin Grove and now farm la undresses Olty hotel and suburbs waitress leading hotel Parlour maid housemaids of Orevillo Aud suburbs general tier ants Towo Oinen band Gate to Wong new farm Bow Chi Hills. Lutwyche. Hamilton been Leigh a. Mrs. Marsh Ganun Nihil Hull. Good Washerwoman. Apply Narella Maryb treat. Goo general servant. Apply people s Cash Toro Brunswick Street Valley. Girl for Tho country Between 11 and 10, apply Noon s produce Toro Roma Street. Goo general servant. Apply it once Toby Aston hotel near Rop works Kun Ugaro Point. I Ood general Berunt. Must Havo Good x character. Mrs. Appleton Draper Vic Toria Belld Lyngh lad wanted at once Good wire. Gardner sons William Street. _ Vitur Beirl. Apply a. Maxwell Wick Liam 1.1 Street six doors from Boundary Street. Strong Active girl. Pino cottage Leichhardt Street opposite Federal hotel. Able to milk As general useful 0 new chum preferred. Apply u. Wrig Lic 0 Darr Gli s Chambers Quwwn Street. Wanted useful Little girl apply u0 Queen Street. Wanted useful boy. Apply n other Way North Quay. Wanted � Kitchen girl. Apply Sovereign hotel Elizabeth Street. Yi7 anted a Strong useful girl ubut 10, is. Uva week. 7 upper Edward Street. Wanted nil classes of to runts Cooks 15ato 25f. Miss Leney Adelaide Street. Wanted a Muir lad Groom Able to milk references. L. Phillips 8f Queen Street. A anted n Good gook and laundry so for the Yvo cosmopolitan hotel re Fienco required. Apply at once. Wanted at ouch smart lad to Leniu Danny Yvo and trap. Mrs. Johnson Bra Side Windsor Road. Wanted woman to Wash. Apply . Noiman Street Long lauds estate East Brisbane. girl to assist in housework and mind children. Mrs. Lurk Woulfow a near railway station. Wanted at once Plain Cook and laundries or Good general servant apply 2 Harris s Terrace George Street. "11/ anted a Middle aged person As go ueral by servant. Apply to mrs. M Nell Chester Street Tonc Riu e. Three in family. Wanted a Good laundress to pantry maid and smart lad us buttons. Apply mrs. Eustace National hotel Petrio bight. Wanted sternly Young Man to make himself generally useful. W. 0. Riar gout Ginger Boer brewery Arthur Street Valley. Wanted Gaud a Tuulo Cook also Sinuta waitress must be willing to such Good wages. Apply mrs. Shulgold a luncheon rooms g Corge Street upstairs next trim airy to Tot. Wanted Genera ser aut to accompany lad to Hump Boug for two months another girl kept Good situation Cook and la undresses town House Ami Parlour maid meat lady t o clock Young nurses general servants Small families. Girls ii Isis Call Early and got Well suited. Now is the time to pet Good . Gardner s of lace add Lido Street near Corgo Street. Youngmun. Apply e. Smith Corner of Zeeland Rey streets Bouth Brisbane. Miscellaneous. Furniture of any Sio House stocks cup to to �1,000 prompt Coelyn we. Giles l&2 George Street. Furniture furniture Bovos. By Over Al persons about to furnish give Westlake a cull and so Tho enormous reductions on All household furniture. Houses Fum labed through out with All household requisites. Cheapest for Cash most Liberal for Tonus. English and american stoves Nin ugles &e., in Groat bedsteads four Post 20s. Double bedsteads four Post. 25s. W. J. We Slako easy time payment House furnished Petrio bight Between Ann and Boundary St roots City and at Stanley Street. South Brisbane. Private tuition. Visiting and resident pupils prepared for Legal and other examinations. John g. Blew it ,j, we Verloy upper Journo Street. Tram. Wanted furnished bedroom. State rent As Tula Oli co. Wanted to lend �0,000 sums to suit Bor rowers h. T. Jenkins Arcado. Wanted empty bogs in any ans. Campbell & Bons Crook Street wanted respectable Board andlodging.i",with so of stable in City. Btu to terms to this of Loco. Wanted furnished House about five rooms to rent from 28th instant. Address w. To. Thompson . Wanted to of Chango heavy Dogcart for Light Hond cd Dogcart will pay inference. A. Bar gent flu Micro. Anted to buy for Cash furniture pianos carts of. Tritton s furniture warehouse Logon Road Woollon Gabon. Wanted to sell a Cora Peteto bedroom Butte no reasonable Oiler refused. For Partlou inns address furniture this of lace. Wanted known. Houses furnished throughout by weekly or monthly pay ments. Wilson s furniture Murt George Street near railway Gates. Wanted about no porches and three Largo rooms and Kitchen to Udanga i Dooroo Nilly or Ali Vartou ne0 let Victoria Bridge wharf 182 feat front x ago to Brisbane River with right of Way to Brauley Street and Good of lace Macuom Modou. King & King auctioneers und land agents Queen Street. A o let. New by ecu roomed House option of pure using Didsbury Street Olf bin ploy Street almost whole Palco remaining on interest if desired. William Billars Vul Tmur Street East. To let Ormuz vulture Street opposite Musgrave Park six rooms Lith Ana Wash Honeo Vernl shed throughout Good Yard Hall no rates convenient to town 20s. Per Bros Queen a acct. Rico let commodious shop and dwelling with x very Largo Gulloti Cunt or Laud situate at Tho Conr prof Leichhardt and Isaac St roots a prong Hill lately occupied by or. Juries Brown apply Georgo Gannon Teglo a treat. Bulaw Lunyou Semenu. To it j.,4. ,. ,. ,. 17hjj. Berume business in the uninjured portion a. \ 07 is sub. Elizabeth Street warehouse of t h u b s a a to 1 in in. St an to at 10 a. V., when they will be prepared to offer a w e l l a b 8 o b the d took. F. To having Homo to terms with the Inbur Anoe Oom Paulea for the goods Tataro Zolj slightly injured in the Northern portion of warehouse to will offer on constituents 1 _ � j special bargains. R to take this Opportunity of thanking our friends for their numerous expression sympathy and prom Isis of continued support. A. M Arthur a co Elizabeth Street Brisbane. To x it to let in Kent Street tone rite commodious residence containing six rooms Kitchon servants pantry and Bath room stables coach House Fec Droom. Laundry. &c., Wylle Veru Udu rent moderate. Apply n. Corrigan Valloy. Pro let Italy Street Oil Ann a treat Olono to x protestant Hall Only to Iron Mintos from Queen Street Good eight roomed House Bath. &c., water Laid of House has just been Reno voted throughout rent 20s. Markwell Allcut k co., agents 26 Queen Cercet. Tvo let elegant Villa live rooms x Kitchen stables in every convenience also i Superior family residence 12 rooms stables and every modern convey Cuce apply n. W. Ravon Derwent Lodge Montague Road Bouth Brisbane. Flip let at breakfast Creek Largo and com x odious residence lately occupied by l. Fligeltaub esq., comprising 18 rooms with veranda All round stabling a. Overlooking Elvor and sports ground splendid situation rent Low. Apply Arthur Martin & company limited City auction Mart. I 0 let Kent House Grey Street South brisk no five rooms Kitchen bathroom. Vulture Street Bouth Brisbane five rooms and Kitchen. Two houses. Mii Scotte Cairns Terrace Iivo rooms and Kitchen. Little Edward Street Spring Hill six rooms Kitchen and bathroom. Co Geo. Lower Esplanade Send Gate Well furnished. Pick position. Lutzy Csc Bradshaw estate now four roomed House. Heath Flold estate six four roomed houses with kitchens. Nuu Dahmer Esplanade Sund Gato Tea rooms Lares grounds rent Low. Ai i Aries b. Dickson � company it Tenn Trot. Gimon Eraser a son have to let Large store in Mary a tint cellar and two Floora 100 feet by 30 feet with right of Way three or five year lease. Bakery at Rosalie with shop and dwelling flour store Eta Bleb &o., so. Bakery at Woollon Gabba stables cart a hods underground tank near the five ways. Offices in australian Chambers Queen Street. Office at 121 Queen Street breakfast Creek four roomed cot Tage and Butcher s shop with fixtures end fittings two stall stable. Also Largo commo inns Ana Well finished family residence in a Good locality. Full Partio Larson application 10 Simon fra8er so son Avor Ashkens Queen Street Rel 0 let. To let. To let. To let. Complete list of furnished houses. Unfurnished houses. Shops warehouses offices stores stables and allotments. In All the Best positions in and about bbi8bane. Full list now ready. Can be had on application to Cameron Bros town Hai professional notices. " Sydney dental rooms20 Quban Ernst facing town Hall. Gold lined Seta of artificial Teeth �6 Batu nation guaranteed. Single Teeth is. Degaj. C Teeth filled 2a. Of. Painless Fez too Tion la. Opon daily from 9 till 8. Campbell s superfine soap Standa up Arloia and alone. Jaq aged Iron. I have some of Tho above now for Sale. W. H. No Stroogh Queen Street and Stanley a treat Jaq oember Register properties for Bale. No ready. Kindly Call or Send for one. J. 8. White 10a . 0 Haibt has supplies. Christmas supplie8. Christmas supplies. Cutbush s wholesale and Bepari wine and spirit cellars Treasury hotel Gbo Boe by baht. Heads of families and others Ore Rose Elfoly solicited to inspect our Stock of wines and spirits which in known to be the largest and most onre fully selected in the pity. Our wine list comprises at least 100 Vario Tiea of foreign and colonial wines the principal items of which Are Champagne and other sparkling wines. Meet and Chandon dry Imperial Pommert and Reno Longs Bood Ereo King s private Cuneo Tdel Teok a Bouvier Fredrea Nen Bohatel Deinhard s sparkling mosque sparkling Hook sparkling Burgundy All in Large Aud Small bottles. Sherries. Amontillado very Superior dry Superior fruity. Ports. Our up Loibl invalid Garrard s four Diamond Cohey e four Diamond Garrard s double Diamond. Bhinewine9. Hochheimer Neir Steiner Rudes Heimer in Large and Small bottles. Chablis foreign end South australian ban Terno Vergniaud lantern Sohr Obder and Schiller grand Vin Bureau All in Largo and Small bottles. Clarets. Chateau Honi meant this wine woe specially imported from Bordeaux by ourselves being at the 18s0 Vintage and possesses All the characteristics of a very sep prior wino and certainly excels anything yet seen Here Cuba eau Mouton Rothko held Var Ginand do nos. 2 and 4, Hardy s South australian no. 1 Claret All in Large and Small bottles. Booth australian victorian and now South Wales wines Oai Micheel s porphyry Paul a Castillo red and Hor Mirage in Large end Small bottles pen fold s Muscadine from Ignao grenache Tokay riesling Brown Muscat Brahe a fruity sbiral and riesling Hardy s an Gabten port a most snit Ablo and economical wine for invalids Lambert s Queensland wines red Aud . Draught spirits. Quality end strength As heretofore. No attempt will be made to reduce oar Standard Quality in order to meet a Price. Always in took. John Jamison a Bow Street Dublin old Irish whisky four and seven years old in Wood and bottles. We Park and Forward to any part of pity and suburbs assorted or original packages at wholesale prices. Printed Price. Lists can be obtained at the hotel. G. B. Out Bush Tea Toby hotel. P o e Sale. Wool Owin right at the rail Way station. Five new six roomed houses in Good position. Prior �195. �39 Deposit and �2 per month. Fee onre a new House for the new year. J. S. White 19a que blk sex next opposite real property of Floe. A. O r b a l a South bib Bane within 20 minutes walk of Queen Street in elevated position. Superior allotment with new House or 1 booms Kitchen and bathroom Doug to Brick Chimney grate oven &o., to. Water Laid on Pludo and Shower Bath it nod. �260. Terms �5 Deposit and Basanoo �2 10s. Monthly. J. B. White 19a Quern Street

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