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Brisbane Telegraph Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1890, Page 4

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Brisbane Telegraph (Newspaper) - December 15, 1890, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia late shipping. Arrival. 5deccttberl4. Gabo a. 8.004 tons Captain j Ohn Tiido r m Melbourne and Sydney. Passengers. Mesh mos Shannon Tuxford and two children Brown Sharp Ferguson Burns and Yaw v Moses Ferguson Amoron messes. Tuxford w. Harris h. Oxley &. H. Eaves. D. Ferguson . Gulf y. O. Brady and 13 in Tho Stoor ago. Of Fol. Howard Smith Ana Bona. Limited a Izuta. Doctmbcrl5. Baltcoo.s., 1,501 tons Captain j. Sydney passengers Mosdar aos Sodon w. 8. Wallney Guthrie Bray misses Bank Nicholls Eva Gibson. Moss a. J. Burk j. A Thurson a. To Tawny it. D. Anderson w. 0 Wallace o. Thornton a. Therson it. Aves away a. E. Brown Guthrie barn Tsou a. A. Beat w. Studman j. G. Peny t. Parton. J. Watson. Burcombe in Caln Tho Steerage. Tho b i. And of company limited managing agents. Teutor s telegrams. London december 13. The Orient company s r.m.3. , from Adelaide. November 6, and cd at Plymouth on wednesday evening. Port Sato december 13. The . Company s it m Verlaira from Brisbane october 13, left hero Tho Day before yesterday homewards. Ulaila flails wid be made up at to general Post office Brisbane for the undermentioned Ploos As follow for Tho australian colonies Overland daily saturdays excepted at 8 . For net zealand ovo Huid tuesdays and Fri Days at 6 . For Mackay and Townsville per Gabo at 3 . To Luy. For Maryborough and Biu Laborg per Derwent a. At 4 . To Morrow. Fortock Hampton and Northern ports of copt Bowcut thursday Inland Anil Norm Uton per mar Mon s., at 7.45 . To Morrow. Packets newspapers and registered Lotters must be posted one hour prior to the time appointed for closing the oils. English mails. Arrive per Orient Steamer about decembers per French packet about Janu Tyg 1801 via Sao Francisco about december 10 por p. And 0, Steamer december 80 per German puck about december 33. Lacavo per Orient Steamer december 26 per French packet december 27 via san Francisco december 22 per p. Ando. Steamer december 19 per Germun packet january 2. Captain pain reports that the Gabo b., left Sydney at Midnight on Tho 12th instant arriving at Tho company s wharf Brisbane. It 10.20 . On Tho 14th, experiencing Light variable winds commercial special London telegrams. London december 11. Tho Bonk of England returns published to Day show the proportion of Reserve to lib titles to to 4g per Cut being 1 per Cut higher than last week. The total Reserve in notes Ami bul lion is �17,000,000, being �330,000 More than Hist week. Money is in moderate demand. Tho Bank of Eug Laud rate of discount is 5 per cent and the Market rate 4 per cent. Bar Silver is quoted at 3s Llyd per of. 23 per cent Consols Hio Quonn it �93 us. 8d. 3i per cent new South Wales inscribed Stock �101 10s. 4 Pur cent new South Wales inscribed Stock �115 10s. 8 per cent victorian inscribed �101. 4 per cent victorian inscribed �108 10s. 4 per Cut South australian inscribed c107. 4 per cent Queensland inscribed �107. 4 per cent new zealand inscribed �106. 4 per cent tasmanian inscribed �103 10s. New zealand hemp fair medium Quality from Wellington is Worth �23 15s to �21 Pur ton. Kuuri gum Good Pale scraped Lous per web. For new zealand cheese of Best Quality Tho average Price Par cwt. Is 101s. London december 12. The Quantity of wheat nil out for the United King Dom in 2,037.oooqumters, Buing-25, quarters More than a week ago. The wheat Market is Linn and steady and prices arc sustained. Australian wheat sex warehouse per 496 lb., 39 4. New Zeal Imd wheat Longberry sex warehouse per 496 ., is 87s 6d to Sis. Australian flour sex store per 2s0 . ,18289 to 2ss 6d. Galvanised Iron 26 gauge 0 and 101 feet lengths Lysight s orb Brandis �18 7s go per ton. Australian leather Best sides 83d to fid per la. Jcj Ilver is 4s old per oz., us Lead is �12 ios per ton. Beuter s telegrams. London. December 12. Bar Silver is 3d higher is per of. Tho present series of colonial Wool auctions will close to Morrow. At Tho bes Point reached Dur ing the present smiles better Sot to of combing and Gray met nos As Well As Good Merino lambs and crossbred wools were 5 per cent above the opening rates. Scoured Merino wools were 7$ per cent and medium and inferior scoured Mei uus 10 per cent below the dosing rates of last soles. Wool sales. Rorm Spe Tii London. December 14. Tho november december Sei Iea of Tho London colonial Wool sales closed to. Day. Prices Wero fixin. Messes. Arthur Martin and company limited report Tho Eal of 74 Ullom Hutsin the third Section of Tho Manly Beach estate on to ground Satur Day afternoon for the sum total of �626 109. reports the Sale of Gordon Park estate Lut Wyclif the property of the my troop Ltd Freehold land and building company. Limited the Competition although not very spirited resulted in the disposal of 78 lots at an average of �26 8s 7d, for a total of �1,927 10s. Messes. H. G. Bearne and a. Revert having obtained the following prices at their Market sales lost week Cora 2a 11& 1 to 89 per Vihel chaff mixed �3 tend to �3 15 per Toa chaff wheaten �2 12s go eaten Ste �4 15s chaff Ino Erae �s5t the �3 16s ver ton onions �17 to �21 per ton Bacon inferior 2$d to 4d per la. Butter pastry 6jdto8d Good 10 the is 3d eggs 8 14 Tell soil per dozen few2s to 3s so per pair English Knoke. 4a to 4 id per pair geese 8s site 9s per pair Muscovy ducks 6s 6d to 6s so per pair turkeys Cocks. Ids per pair turkeys hens is to 10s so per pair cabbage Ltd to is id per dozen Green peas 3s per Smau Oate oranges 9s per Case. Messes. Barnes Archibald and company limited report having obtained the following prices for produce it their sales on saturday Maize 8s 6d to 3s us per Bushel mixed Chuff �3 6s per ton wheaten chaff �3 12s 6d to �5 10s per ton Lucerne Hay �2 i2s 6d to �3 7s 6 of v re limed Nellie Mitchell. I j Florence Walden the Hisure on the 4o. R sick Aufu b in to. Pay s Issue. Is Christmas number 07 the week will to published on thursday next and will have a stitched coloured wrapper. Tho number will contain Bebide Tho usual heat res the following Largo and varied Selco Tion of Readis appropriate to the season tales the King is head Long live the King by mrs. Walter Laungham. The Blacksmith s daughter a colonial turn by g. Spencer Briggs. Did he atone 1 by Helen Mathers author of " comin thro Tho Rye a my lady Grcen sleeves of. Shuffled cards s by mrs Pashol Hooy nut nor of " out of court " Queen s Token j a the Witch s Citadel n fairy Story of Tho edelweiss by Carmen Sylva Queen of Roum Miia. Or the girls a Christmas custom tale of a Christmas pudding Sandy claw Ana let to Rony half a Century ago Little girl s chrlstmas.1 or the boys grumbling Gregory Gerald s Christmas gift ghost of the Brno chamber saved by a grizzly. For Little people a typical christinas too a Jolly old Jack in Tho Box a curious Story a let to Christmas spy Little Claro Louis s wants a Christmas Surprise. Chats about Christmas Christmas customs in different countries a Christmas drama a Christmas me Mory dethroning Santa Ohms a Tolo of Tho Timo Christmas on Beard Tho Mayflower no Christmas Christmas eve lore. Christmas comical ties. Christmas i poetry. Christmas cookery fun for the family. Crackers. Christmas entertainment for All Ages All sizes All torts and conditions of people. The proprietors anti Ripato a demand for this year s Christmas number greater than that of former years. In order to prevent disappoint ment agents end others should therefore Send in their orders Early to the business manager Queen Street Brisbane. Price threepence. Cheapest Christmas number in Australia. Heady thursday to Morrow s auction sales. The following Are among to mor Row s auction sales. T. Bell la Bis Mart it 11 unredeemed pledges. L. Phillips on the premises Petrio bight at 11 Salvage goods. A. B. Bell k co., at their Yards at 11 100 vehicles. Johnrow Todd at his Mart. Tall proper Talca Fortescue Street and York Parade. King & King it their rooms at 11 House hold furniture books of. Isles love k co., on the premises Boundary Street at 11 piano household furniture of. D. J. E3rwan k co., at their Mart at 11 farm and Dairy produce. J. W. Knight at Al Vooys Woollon Gabon at 11 horses vehicles harness produce a. In memorial. Foley. In Loving and sorrowful remm Braco of my dear Mother who departed tills life at Maryborough december 16, 1889. Inserted by her Loving daughter Bridget. Diary. Decem Bobbi 8un" 0i1r 18"0, rises. Sets. Morn. Even 161 monday i 62i""fl49 1 11 67 i Moon. First Quarter december 19, 6.48 . The Telegraph. Monday. December 15, 1890. Brentnall versus Mabbott. The above suit having terminated so far As the litigants Are concerned Tho ease might now be allowed to remain whore Tho court has loft it if during the trial certain facts relating to the Telegraph As a journal Hau no transpired for whilst it in to Sbialo to pass Over in silence All Tho merely personal avonts of Tho Case it is not possible to Overlook some of Tho state ments made with regard to this journal. It was said during the course of the trial of Tho press generally that information concerning the labour Side of Tho struggle was not fully and properly Given and in addition it was said that the Telegraph in particular made statements which wore " internally no one Ever pointed out an alleged false statement made by this journal and therefore to this Day it has never been possible to refute what was said. Perhaps too much attention ought not to to paid to Tho allegations. Thoy were made by persons who at Tho time were very angry by persons who either had been deceived or were acting a Vicy malicious port who had entered on a conflict which Thoy thought themselves Able to carry to a successful Issue if not easily at least by such efforts As Thoy Felt themselves Ablo to make and who eventually discovered that they were Likely to meet with a notorious and disastrous failure. It brands to reason that they Scro angry and perhaps on this account As to have said too much attention must not to paid to their words. But when Tho same statements substantially were afterwards and in Cool moments repeated in a court of Law Tho Case was Mado to Wear a totally different form and these statements Scro deliberately made and of a sat purpose. During Tho Striko there were three sources of information for Tho newspapers. Ono of these was in the offices of Tho leaders of Tho strike Tho second was through Public meetings and Tho other by direct made to the press. In regard to the first of these uniformly and persistently representatives of this journal Wero told that Thoro was no information to give hut information that was at Tho Timo supplied was always published in full to Tho very letter. In regard to Public Moc Tings several of these were very fully reported and if any were not to fully reported the reasons were either that nothing fresh was said or that what Wab said was Mere Persona abuse and it was Only reasonable to bup Poso that every resp Stablo newspaper would decline to circulate such matter apart from Tho fact that a Good Doal of it was defamatory. In re Oronce to Tho third source of information no letter or Othor communication received at this off co from acknowledged leaders or representatives of that body was refused insertion. Two or three communications were Laid aside Ono because it was distinctly an advertise ment and the others because either they covered Tho Samo ground that other Lotters had already covered or Thoy Wero so defectively written that they could not to Given out As " so that to say that Tho Telegraph refused information that might to in favour of Tho strikers or that it made a statement which was untrue is to make a statement indisputably not according to fact. We do not wish to say that Tho statement was a lie nor that Tho Man who made it was an infernal liar but we Havo no hesitation in baying that Tho Man who Mado that statement if classed in Tho above category would not to incorrectly placed. When it web made in the defence there was an air of jealousy about it As if Tho privilege of lying Wero Peculiar to Only one class of persons. Why should not newspapers Lio us Well us other professions ? Thoro was therefore no need on this score to be jealous and moreover Tho bar nowadays with perhaps Ono or two conspicuous exceptions will to held to consist of persons who even professionally speak the truth As conscientiously and continuously us their Neighbours do. This apparent jealousy As if in favour of Tho Croft Wab for All conceivable reasons and purposes quite uncalled for. Perhaps the most serious statement made during Tho struggle a statement repented deliberately during the into trial was that Tho newspapers in general and Tho Telegraph in particular endeavoured to crush unions. Had that object Ever Boon contemplated by the newspapers they would Liao operated upon it Long before the Striko Thoy would be operating upon it now. Tho fact is that the destruction of Tho unions was never thought of. The thing that was in dispute was the affiliation of a certain Union with unions already affiliated. This is so Well known that it seems absurd to repeat it. But the state ment Mado in court last week cells for the emphatic assertion that neither Tho employers of labour nor Tho newspapers in Australia Ever lifted so much As their Little Finger to destroy the unions. Tho reasons Aro that unions of working men Are not contrary to natural right and As a matter of fact Thoy Aro recognised by statute Law. If this Scro not so the masters themselves could not Havo United and it would to absurd to say that Tho masters whilst themselves engaged in doing a certain thing endeavoured to crush Tho unions also engaged with the same object. They did not object to affiliations in Tho abstract their objection was to the affiliation of no particular Union with Tho rest. At this Point it May to Eon Venont to mention that it has been charged against Tho masters and the or j3s that they introduced As the subject of the quarrel their right to employ Freo labour and that this was their chosen weapon with which to crush Tho unions. Hardly anything could to said further from Tho truth the facts being that ships officers averted their Freedom to do n certain thing. No Ono Ever denied that they had a natural and lawful right to do what Thoy wished to do. But obviously it was also Tho right of employers to say whether or not they would continue in their service persons who Wero associated with labour unions in a manner which they deemed would Oporto injuriously to their interests. It was Here that Tho question of their right to employ Freo labour naturally and inc it ably presented itself. Thoy made no Choice of it the thing was forced upon them and they must either have taken the course indicated or Havo gone on to Tho ruin of their commercial interests. It is conceivable that these things Wero not known to persons who daring the coarse of the trial last week made statements so directly contrary and whilst As to Havo said to Havo no desire to say that the persons who Mado them were informal liars to again repeat their classification in a Given category would not he incorrect. We do not suppose for a moment that these facts had anything whatever to do with the result of the trial that it May he assumed was considered by the jury to legitimately follow from the facts placed before them and they May to excused from not noting that what is said of men As a class and in a Public manner is a totally different thing from what is said of an individual and in his private Enka Eirv. They May he excused for no thinking that words used under a Given bet of circumstances Ore defamatory and it would he a mib Tako if jurors were called upon to judge things by the and Homine principle by asking themselves How they would Liko it if similar things Wero said of them. But As we Hugo pointed out these Are the personal factors in the Case and for Tho present at any Rato they will to allowed to remain As they Aro. In regard to the general question it is indisputably the fact that the Side of the contest taken by the Telegraph admittedly won the Victory and universally at least by impartial persons it is allowed that the Victory Wab won not so much by might As by right and that if employers had not won the Victory it is impossible to fore cast How Grout would Havo been Tho disturbance of Trade same industries at least being rendered almost impossible and others would have had to to carried on at a loss which would have hastened their promoters ruin. At this moment Thoro is every Prospect that every Union and that every Freo labourer will find at least something to do and Sinco Tho full employment of All workers is Tho first condition of Prosperity it is not rash to con clude that the strike ended Well. Tho part which Tho press took in it was both Wise and Beneficent. Any personal in convenience which May he suffered by those who took a prominent port in it on Tho Side of Tho employers is sufficiently recompensed by Tho present Promise of Prosperity. Buy wedding and birthday presents from John hike household Farmeer Corner of George and Ann streets Only who keeps a first class assortment of fancy Good to Tares of am. Revived Trade. It is pleasant to Seo that things Sre brighter Thoro is More than a rift in the Olond. It has been commanded that there be Light. The brightening of the Day is one to Tho fast that More work la boing done. Report bits that at Newcastle the mines Are at full swing. Work there Means Prosperity in a Way of its own one on never to Enro that a factory at work moans business but mines at work always do. The product of mines though not Peri Hahlo As an article of Oom meroe must from the Exi Conoles of the work be got Oil hand straight away. Tho tons of thousands of Tony of goal raised Thoro per week rep resort not Only local activity but activity also whore also. This re Vival in id Strite is duo in no Small degree to Tho fast that there is Moro sons done Between Man and Man. If that Toni Denoo is not wickedly interfered with it will become stronger and Load to Atill Groat or Prosperity. Law and morality. Some Eon Thern journals Ore troubled Over the supremo court decision in the Amby Duwor shearing oases. They say Tho decision must be regarded As a convenient one for men with an imperfect perception of moral perhaps so but that As it happens does not touch either Tho facts or the Law of the Oak be. The fact As finally dist showed that Here and not Boon Tho sort o agreement that is usually taken to sustain what is Oal cd a moral or better still a natural obligation. It was re lied upon to do that but it could not a made to do it and the Refet Enoe to possible causes justifying the action of Tho men in leaving work were in needs Ary Thoy Wero in fast so far As they were adduced inapplicable. The whole Cape had to to considered As falling under a statute Luw. Had Tho agreement been made under that Law reasons for leaving work would have been admissible in evidence but it was not under that Law and could not to brought Nandor it. It requires an Effort for to Lay mind and sometimes the Legal mind to Realise that things not done under an not cannot even in Tho judiciary be brought under it und that things done under an not arc governed by Legal and not by moral considerations. The if feet of Tho do Oreion will not be at All As suggested by our contemporaries that in to Lead Aion of Loose moral principles easily to break contracts but it will rather opt Rato to make All parties reasonably of artful when entering into contracts oboe orally if such contracts involve great interests. Electric lighting. The apparent desire of some members of Tho corporation frantically to Rush into All the risks of Electrio lighting May Chance to Reo Oivo a Cheek when it is known that " the Eleutrio lighting companies in London hero notre Alliod the dividend paying at ago yet but the directors of the metropolitan Eleutrio Supply company report that what promises to to a Large and remunerative business in being built up and they look Forward to a satisfactory dividend being earned during Tho on Euing Hope always did Tell a flattering Talo and it would he disappointing and Dis Stroub if these com panics should not pay. But ail the ame there still is the outstanding question whether a municipal corporation ought either to Inonu the risk or to net the profits of a business Well and indeed rather better carried on by a private party. Tim absence of dividends in London companies is not altogether unaccounted fur. A Good Deal of the work is initial and not at onco remunerative. It is reported that during the 14 months which have elapsed Ainos the company obtained parliamentary Powers up wards of 40 Miles of Electrio Light Mains Havo been Laid in pipes under streets of Tho Priboi. Pal thoroughfares of the company s districts. Current .1 Bodig supplied from four control stations two of Bioh namely Whitehall and Sardinia Street Aro fully equipped while the other two namely Bat Bono place and Man Chester Equardo Are on the eve of Oom lotion. The company s area of Supply Imp been enlarged by to addition of Tho important and valuable Diat riot of Paddington. Bit John Cowell Baa Plao cd Tho Eleutrio Light in Windsor Castle s great Library but the Queen does not like the Light and will not have it carried fur ther. It will be done some Day. Cablegram sir j. A Boehm. Found dead by a Princess. Que special message. London. Desomber 13. Tho death is Anno coed of sir Joseph Edgar Boehm it r.a., the Emi noot soap Tor. London desomber 14. The great soul poor appears to have bad a melancholy end. Hor Royal High Oas Frinco a Louise marchioness of lore nod of Gabiou to visit the artist s studio yesterday and on enter ing discovered that he was dead. Hazell s annual " contains Tho following notice sir Joseph Edgar Bohlim bart., it. A., is of hungarian extraction and was Horn in Vienna in 1834. Has resided in England Elco 18g2, to was appointed sculptor in Ordinary to Tho Queen in i88i elected it. A. In 1882, and created a baronet in 1689. Executed a colocan etutus of Tho Quyon 1667and produced among other works recumbent statues of Tho into Princess Alico and her daughter and of the into Princo Imperial Tho statue of lord Abbey busts of or. Glm Latono Jar. Bright lord Iddis Leigh and or. Ruskin the equestrian Stutto Oft Hudeko of Wellington for Hydo Park Corner a cow no statue of Tho Queen for Sydney Tho recumbent statue of general Gordon in 8t. Faul s Cathedral a effigy of Tho Lato Prince Leopold in High und Costino for Tho Albert Chapel Windsor a statue of Pinco albeit Victor und another statue of the Queen for Tho House of convocation of the London University. To designed the Queen s effigy on Tho Jubileo Coin age. At Tho Royal Academy exhibition Lutio. J3.�r j. the British guardsman of 1618," and Tho " Lunin Killen Dragoon of being two of Iilah statues at Tho Baas of Tho Wellington Monument Hydo bark Comer also bunts of Tho late Frank Hou and mrs. Arthur a Aaaron. His Tho Prince Consort which was finished this year. Irish parties. Pamell at Kilkenny. He insists in absolute submission. Embargo on funds at Paris. Priests. Rallying the people. Otro Sra Ciai mess Job. London december 13. Or. Maisoll is receiving Tho support of Tho labour party Aud Haa Seo opted the nominal headship of the Roe Only formed Irish labour federation Tho head quarters of which Aro at Cork. Or. Parnell yesterday went to Kilkenny and on his arrival he received an ovation from Tho people. Messes. Mihul Davitt and Timothy he Lowe to hooted by Tho crowd and after words Burnt in it by. Tho roman oath Otto clergy endeavoured to rally Tho people but their Effort Wero unavailable. It is reported that or. Carooll insists upon the Abs onto submission of Tho Irish nationalists to his leadership. In cons Quenzo of Tho Disanto regarding Tho leadership of Tho Irish party to Otti oers of Tho National log to have Laid an embargo upon Tho funds in the Hanks at Paris which had been deposited in or. Farnell s name. London do Ember 14. Or. Pamell in addressing a meeting at Kilkenny denounced sir John Popo Hennessy As a place Hunter. It is of posted that the result of Tho Kilkenny Eteo Tion which takes Olsoe on Tho 22nd instant will be a Otoe one. Or. Timothy Healy speaking at Kilkenny last night referred to mrs. O Shea As Tho Joan d Aro " of the tories. Mes Bis. William o Brien and Timothy Harrington have left new York their destination boing Paris. Fps thu Tab s aobnot.1 London. December is. The have announced their intention to publish on monday next a paper entitled suppressed United Ireland in opposition to or. Farnell s paper United Ireland. Or. 0. 8. Pamell arrived at Kilkenny from Cork last night and received an Onton Shastio reception. To was to his hotel by a torchlight proof Salon headed by bands of Muneio. To afterwards addressed a crowd numbering thousands of pc sine from Tho bal Onny of the hotel and urged Tho claims of or. Ski ii Tho Parnel Lito candidate for nor h Kilkenny who is opposing air John Popo he onesby Tho anti Parnellie candidate. London door Moor 14. To prs. O Brien and Gill two of to Irish delegates to Amorita Havo sailed for Frt Noe and or. Timothy Harrington has loft for England. Messes. Timothy Healy and Mich Al Davitt have arrived at Kilkenny for the purpose of supporting to candidature of 8lr John Popo Hennessy for Tho representation of North Kil Kenny in the House of commons. Thoy wore greatly hooted upon their arrival. Tho National Bank at Limer Iob owing to the spilt which has taken Plano in the Ranka of to Irish party has refused to Honor Tho National Lea no Ohe incs Givan to Evi Tod tenants. Our special messages co operative shipping scheme. London december 13. A of operative shipping Shoemo initiated by messes. M lean and Rigg of Sydney is regarded with much favour in trading orioles Here. The schema is to be put to a pro tidal test the Steamer Duro a having Beon chartered for that purpose. The vessel is loading at Liverpool Ana will shortly leave for Australia. Explosion on the Jumna. London desomber 14. An explosion occurred an the . Com Pany s Jumna yesterday through the bursting Ofa steam pin in Tho engine room Ono of Tho Lascar firemen was killed and soveral Thorb Scro badly so aided. Vancouver australian steamers. London l Ciembor 14. Tiro Hod. 0. H. Tupper Canadian minister for Marine and fisheries who is now in London has requested the agents. Oon Oral for Australia to Confer with him on to Day in reference to Tho establishment of a line of steamers Between Vancouver and Australia. Jews in Russia. London. Demo Moor 18. It is understood Bat As Tho result of Tho a count movement in London on behalf of Tho jews in Russia sir Josoph w. Pease m.p., will convey Tho English protest against Tho persecution of Tho Job at St. Petersburg and endeavour to obtain a personal interview with the Czar. Capture of Dakota indians. London desomber 14. From information received from now York respecting Tho suppression of the rodent red Indian rising in Dakota it appears that the United states soldiers hemmed Tho Indiana round a Pino Ridge. Many of Thorn Mir Rondo cd including the Sioux chief sitting Bull. Per Router s Agency. Wreck of the Nepaul. London december 13. Tho p. And 0. Company s . No Paul which recently stranded at Tho on Ranoa the Plymouth bound is now settling Down into deep water Hor Hook having been Brobson. Death of a sculptor. London desomber 13. . Princess Louise the Stoh Iooss of Lorne had of cation to visit sir j. E. Boohm the eminent enl poor on Friday Evanio but on her arrival found him lying Doad in his studio. Accident to the Jumna. London december 14. The departure of the b 1.8. N. Ompoy s . Jumna for Quoon Eland ports which was to have Takon Plano yesterday has been delayed owing to Tho bursting of a steam pips. Nino persons wore Soal Dod and one Lascar has died from Tho injuries he received. Telegrams. Queensland. Mind Dongdon demo Moor 16. A girl aged 13 yours pleaded guilty this morning to setting fire to the Oxford hotel on five diff rent of Babions. Sho was reminded. A party of 10 persons Mot Tho government yacht Lucinda in the Straits a osterday. Tho weather in warm. New South Wales. By dust. December 16. It is believed that the business of Tho As Sembly will to brought to a Coloso on Friday night and that parliament will to formally prorogued on monday next. An Artesian Woll has Beon tapped at a depth of 1,651 foot on Weill Anglo run no Arbre warring. The yield of water is Ostl mated at 1,728,000 Gallons per Day. Tho Keystone of an Arob of Tho building being created for Tho Factor lists association limited at Kir Ribilla Point was set on Satur Day by sir Patriok Jennings in Tho presence of a Large in Moor of guests. At the Wiio Annia police court on saturday f. Donnelly was committed for trial charged with refusing to assist a Constable in the Exco ution of his duty when called upon to do to. At Tho new Batlo jockey Lonb rates on saturday Tho december Handicap Wab won by Ellerstine with Lockeley second and lady mod Rcd third. The Park Handicap was won bar Sovereign and to sports Handicap by Victoria. Mil Douhne desomber 16. James Byrne a labourer employed at for and Gibeon s new buildings in Gol Lingwood was billed on saturday through falling from Tho fifth Story a do Evanoo of 19 feet. The Loopuit plague in the Wodonga Diat riot a unprecedented. The peat is travelling in a southerly dire Otton covering an area of a mile wide. Much anxiety la Felt for Tho vineyards. South Australia. Adept do desomber 16. The free labour Bureau Haa been closed. The men presented the manager or. Nottage with a complimentary add ebb and a Silver mounted walking Tiok. Tasmania. Hobart Doo omber 16. Or. Button has been to of looted mayor of Bun costed and or. Hiddleston mayor of Howait. West Australia. Faros Deemter 16. An connection with the general election for the legislative Assembly or. H. Parker has been resumed for York. New zealand. Auce and. Desomber 16. Parliament will meet Early next month. The government intend to sending hour resignations As soon As the new speaker is Ole Tod. It is reported that messes. Folton Ormond Downie Stewart Vino ont Pyke and sir m. O Rourke will probably be called to the upper Hobo. Read the Neon of Roumania a Story in the week Christmas number. 8ee Carew Gardner and Billington s advertisement on front Page. Advt. The Christmas number of the week has Beon compiled with the View of pleasing everybody. Read it and see for your Golf. One of Tike greatest wonders of the age la a Asbeil and co a la. 8d. And 2a. Teaa. Compare with others at Dongle the prior. 138 and 140 Queen Street next door but one to the Genera Post of Floe. Fasts. Grotting in Melbourne arrest of one of the robbers. Melebo Ubab Doo omber 15. At about Midnight on saturday of or. J. Hilton a grower was proo Oeding to his Homo in drum Rand str cot with Tho Day s takings in his Possession to web Garo Ted and robbed by four men at the of Tho children s Hospital. Howes . Yesterday one of Tho robbers was arrested and identified. Ballart tragedy death of mrs. Johnston. Holh Stranb. Demo Moor 15. Mrs. Johnston wife of Johnston Tho perpetrator of the Fiall Arat murders died last night the deceased who was Only 30 years of age was Tho eldest daughter of me. R. M. Hattoy the town clerk and Surveyor of brain Youg. Hor Nahand Buie lives and it in sex pc cd to will recover. The physician in charge considers his Case a remarkable one a to is Freo of pain. To police Aro still guard ing the bed of to patient. Mrs. Johnston was Cou finious almost up to Tho time of Hor death hut undo no ref Renoo to the Sauao of her trouble nor did Sho make any further inquiries relative to her children. Refrigerating car. From gee Lomg to Adelaide. Back again to Melbourne. Milhou dub december 16. Maylois Patent railway refrigerating car which left Geelong on Tho 6th instant for Ade Laide arrived at the Spencer a treat station on saturday with 50 Curc eos of Mutton Bioh Havo been married the whole time and Distano. When Tho our was opened in Adelaide on wednesday last the most was in Oxboel Loncon edition and on saturday an examination showed that the Mutton was still in very Good condition. Or. T. K. Bennett of messes. Brown and Bennett bought ail but a Fow oar eases which were to he taken to Geelong to Manifest the in comes of Tho Experiment. Late shipping strike. More about its origin. Mid Doubni demo Moor 16. A. Luttio Nunt was on saturday shed on Tho origin of to into shipping strike by or. Edmund Smith of messes. Howard Smith and sons the president of the steamship owners association. Speaking to a Toast at a fete of Tho employers Union at Bellario to Baid the late or. Alfred Lamb of Sydney had really Bringht about to strike As he knew Tho labour bodies intended to postpone it until Tho height of the Wool season which would have Pla Ood the employers in a much Worso position. Or. Lamb therefore hastened it on. Che result Tho defeat of Tho men showed it was impossible for one emotion to coerce nil Tho other bodies. Warwick farm race. Sydney. December 13. Tho Warwick farm races Tonk place on saturday. The weather was Fine and the attendance Good. The following Are Tho re suite Bui Jib rate. Chatsworth 1 Cascade 2 handover 3. Of dying stakes. Grayling 1 Little Glare 2 May gala 3. Auction stakes. Bessie 1 f. Walker 2 Over 3. Or of ibid Handicap. Pretty Kate 1 southerly Buster 2 to Sobrano 3. Page welted. Grayling 1 Mildred 2 Biz set 3. Muir s Mission. He wanted to kill the governor. Melbourne. December it. A Yonng fellow 25 years of ago named Daniel Muir was brought before the pity Bench on a Shargo of insulting behaviour yesterday morning. The Acon sed was observed prowling about tb6 Domain in a in Spilions manner. He without not rating attention. A Oon Stablo asked him what he was about and he immediately declared that he wanted to kill Tho governor. In answer to further inquiries mule expressed his Oon Votion that Tho time had arrived for the establishment of a Victor in rep brio and a believed Fate had marked him out to to the George Washington of Tho Colony. The Bono sent him to the Kew Asylum. Overland passenger. Walland Aesia demo Moor 13. Dor Jit Dane mra. Vonaia m Rogor my bars. B. Fitzgerald v. Fitzgerald r. A. Keir f. Abigail Brown m. Manning a. Graham. For Toowoomba messes. W. T. Robins M Donald j. Clarke. For Warwick messes. Malcolm and Bozoo. Waldan Abba december is. For South Australia or. T. Fraid. For Melbourne messes. J. J. Clarke e. J. Clarke Manly and j. Broad. For Sydney mrs. J. Frey or. And mrs. M Kherson miss Fitts miss for Tor miss J. Forter miss p. For Tor mibs pennies Mies h. Pennies messes. H. Bishop f. Blanchard f. Floyd Jackson h. Green and a. E. Sluman. For Tamworth mrs. T. H. Barron and miss Lorna Barron. Aquatic contest. Stephenson versus dutch. Sydney Doo omber 14. Stephensod of new zealand and dutch of North Shore font opted a Roo on saturday afternoon Over the Champion Oonsa for a stake of �60 aside. Stephenson who had Ohio of of position Eelco Ted the Southern Shore and after a Rood Start almost from first Troko shot ahead. To passed Uhr s Point in 2 mins 10 sets. With a dear less of a length. Dutch was far from being beaten and Quio Konug no to noon got on oven terms with the new zealand or and at the mile Dontoh led by a length and continued to Lead to the Gasworks whore to was Threa lengths ahead of Stephenson who however soon began to gain on his opponent and at Glade Villo wharf had drawn level. Time 10 mind. 36 sets. A Groat Roo ensued to the finish Stephenson passing Tho winning Post with a Lead of a length and a half. Time 23 mine.60 sets. L ire at a foundry. Machinery badly injured. Sydney do Ember 16. Shortly Notor 10 o look on saturday night a fire which resulted in Tho partial destruction of the Fao fio foundry broke ont in Britt Street. In a very Short spa a of time font steamers wore on the Soona of Tho fire and after working hard for nearly two hours the flumes wore got under. The Loof of a Long shed 200 feet by 60 feet was almost completely destroyed to Gether with the contents of the first floor con sisting chiefly of patterns some of which had been in Tho building for nearly 20 years. The ground floor throughout to Muinos untouched by the. Fire but Tho machinery bad been badly damaged by water. The damage is estimated St Over �1,000. Tho building was owned by d. W. Dentin of Surry Hills and web lot an Locaso to messes. Chapman and co., the proprietors of Tho foundry. Tho machinery and patterns were insured for �3,000. Carmen Sylva. Is an ant horses of noted ability. A Etory from Hor pen has been Par Shaeed specially for Tho week Ohr Atmaa num Ber. Look ont for it. Ready on Thor Day next. The talks in the Rohrl Bitmas number of the week Are by local and English authors and they Are All Good. There is Ono by the Queen of Roumania which is sex Bellont. Fire fire 1 great Salo of drapery goods saved from m Arthur a fire now boing bold in the Valley oort Nenning from to Day. Three door from Overell oos Ann Street Tho Well known drs Peis. Advt. Points. Tax members of Tho Liedo Tafel Laid Themi selves ont Lor enjoyment on Sale Day after noon. Tax singing and went a merrily As Ever Thoy Ronld do and ovo Yoio was beginning to love everyone also and to fool tint the to orly was t Hilf in hurl n. Slann of Tow Alt when a minor chord was it Rook by a hand that should a the last one to Start Tho Wail. Tub minor business was performed by or Ptan ook who even in the midst of do much Good nature and pleasantness trotted out Home antique and convalescent Griova Noo with Tho press. My. Pinkocze prides himself upon performing Hia duty manfully and straightforwardly with out fear or favour and the doctor must Bay that he succeeds pretty will. But Why not give to other people to credit of attempt leg to do the same no matter How unpleasant that duty May be p i.1bb to o Sullivan earmark or. 8hpaker,r or. Pidock e pm Logio it about played out Sua requites & Long rest to restore it to health nir.1 strength once More. Xii Jittlov difference Between to Liode Tafel 6 ii the musical Union is now ail cleared up & i i it appears that Tho whole business arose through a mistake. Tub two 60oioties Ere reconciled and on saturday uttered expressions of Mutual love and Benevolence. Caius Ltd to children is now so prevalent that it is to have a so Bioty Oil to a self. It is apparent that it is much too important to to t acted on to the society for Tho proven Tion of cruelty to animals. F Elway freights Are to be increased. Is this the Way to Indoo traffic most formers imagine that better results would follow from reduced freights. But then on railways Aro run on 11 Zommor Ciol principles now Don t you know. The Brisbane nurses Hospital club had & " pleasant excursion up the the Liede Tafel had pleasant excursion Down the you can get pleasure either Way it Secomb on our 11 Beautiful bar no 11 Kemp and m lean Row for Tho championship this afternoon and both Aro confident of winning of course. Encouraged by previous Sno Oess in tipping Tho doctor now assures his readers that Only Ono will win. They Havo had another Firo in Sydney an old fire fiend is evidently trying to Tako it ont of bom body. Won dub if Tho ins Ranoo companies supported the capitalists in the Lato strike. A Tel Hosam from Victoria said the a doubt plague in the Wodonga distr Iob is unprecedented. You can bet no Ono wishes that that romark can be correctly Mado again. It is said that the Coal Trade at Newcastle in brisker than it Hes been for a Long time past. Toby evidently Don t want any Coal in Syd Ney. Clotting plenty of Firo without it. Tub Senate of the new zealand University Havo chosen for Iho subject of the to Wen prize Emy " federation Imperial Quatra asian end a Oribe Bays. 11 what form will it take and what will be its probable effect on to destinies of great Britain and Tho colonies As yes let us Hope these essays will be Lesb disastrous than Are now zealand Earth quakes. So John Waves in. He Bays speaking about Canada look at what England is doing for us to Day. England has no up total interest in the Fate of Tho seals yet lord Salisbury s government in insisting in a Magnifico it manner on maintaining and info rom Canadian rights to the Seal fisheries. What would Canada do in Tho Behring sea Contr Voorby without England at on Bank there now. Melbourne theatres. Mild opens Doe Moor 15. " Eastlynne was revived at the Alexandra. Theatre on saturday before a Largo audience. Miss Nellie Stewart s opera company Aro play ing " la fillo de Madame Angot to crowded houses. At the opera House Tho management have de Oded to play on through the Christmas holidays. The Gratton Riggs company have moored a Success at the theatre Royal with Tho " Irish do Cativo which was Givon Tor the lost time on saturday. Shin Fane Zajta follow. Tho gondoliers retains its popu Larity at the Fric Oess theatre. At the Bijou. Theatre on saturday " Tho Squire was produced with marked Sno Oess before a Large audience. Questionable assistance. Milo co Stablo Joyce was on duty in. Queen Street yesterday morning at about a Quarter past 7 o look he saw a suspicions looking individual hurrying along the Street and immediately afterwards heard someone Call ont Stop that Man i give him in Shargo for going through the Man was stopped and an explanation of affairs Thon. Took Plano. The second Man gave the Namo of Georgo Withers and said that he was lying Down in William Street Whon to saw Tho first Man whose Namo was ascertained to be John Pov Ceil died 25 years Tako his watch out of his Pouch and after turning him Over on Hia Side take half a Sovereign out of Bis pocket. Purcell explained to the Oon Stablo to was Rous ing Tho Man no to give him a nip of Brandy the explanation web not considered Katie factory and Purcell was looked up. When search id a half Sovereign and 3s. In Silver waa found on him. After the Ovi Denoo a to his arrest had been taken the Man waa remanded till next Day. Cart and Dray collision. Nearly into the River. A serious Accident occurred this morn ing on Tho Hamilton near Tho Resi Dence of . Baxter Bruce. Fortunately Tho deities concerned Cao aped any Injo Rioa of a Vety serious nature Bat will Bear to Marks of their m Shap for Many a Long Day to Home. It appears that a horse stat Hood to a Dray loaded with Wood Tho property of a or. Of Sistino was being driven in the direction of town when from am reason Tho horse which. Waa a Young animal bolted Whon soaring the Corner of Toorak a by Ringhart in. Bioh was a Yonng Man named e. Hurst a. Farmer who lives on Tho Sandgate and. His wife and child turned Dawn Tho Hurst apparently did not notice Tho Bolt ing animal in time and Tho wheel of the Dray collided with Tho Oart with such Force As to of most turn it Over the horse attached to the Oart became unmanageable and leaped Over Tho Low Fence which divided the from Tho River. Tho Renoo fortunately was Strong enough to atop to Oart Ortho vehicle and those in it Wonla probably have been precipitated into Tho water. As it was Timo was Given or. Hurst to get out of the vehicle with his wife and child and Tho animal having been released from the Oart was brought no on Tho Whon it was found that to had icon badly ont about Tho Hind logs apparently by Tho Renoo against Bioh he was jammed. The Fence along this portion of Tho River Bank was fort Anatoly Strong but had Tho to Eldont Plano at Somo of Tho places along the Hamilton Tho Fence Vonlil undoubtedly have Given Way and the horse Oart and people have been precipitated into the River. Or. Hurst Reo Elved a Nasty ont upon his right which was in flirted by Tho empty lamp Solkot noon which he was thrown with Somo forgo sustained n Severn Shook. Read Tho Queen of Roumania a Story in the week Orris Tab number. The grandest assortment of fancy goods useful and ornamental novelties toys dolls &o., that Over was shown in Queensland is now ready for inept option at Finney Isles and co s palatial we Reonee in Edward and Adelaide streets the is an exhibition really won seeing by Yonng and

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