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Brisbane Telegraph Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1890, Page 2

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Brisbane Telegraph (Newspaper) - December 15, 1890, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia cablegram. Farnell in Ireland. Electioneering in Kilkenny. Paa Roku is Assn car. London. Coomber 12. Messes. A toll davits Sexton and Healy . P., Havo Gono to Kilkenny for the purpose of addressing rival into tongs in Oon Netotian with to election for Kilkenny North. The fell Ewing appeared in our second edition in saturday. Telegrams Queensland. Rocki Yaju Ion Mccomber 13. Tho Soho la hero both state and private Aro All breaking no. The past week has been one Long round of examinations. Great indignation is express of Here at the Way Tho Rui Iway department is working Tho Senn Park Lino. This Pope Lor watering place is empty this year because Tho department insists on running Tho last train from Rook Hunton at 5.15 in to afternoon which com. Petely or condos be Ines men going up and Down hence no one is staying at Tho Park this year and the department also loses heavily. All that is required is that the Las train be run at 5.46 or g o Otoe to Strohle or quadruple the returns. New South Wales. Hydrus a december 13. At Gundagai yesterday Alfred broken a Groom was sentenced to is months imprison ment for the manslaughter of u chinaman it Cootamundra by throwing a Brick at Hin. It is proposed to pass the Babbit Bill through All its stages in Tho Assembly an monday night. During the partial eclipse of the son yester Day or. Bussell government astronomer succeeded in taking 10 line photographs each of 6 inches in diameter. Two sailors jumped overboard and swam ashore from the ship Bel o of Bath As she was being towed out of Newcastle Harbour yester Day. They bad been put aboard after serving a term of imprisonment. The ship at Tho time had two boats alongside and had fore and aft Canvas Sot therefore to attempt was made to pursue Tho men. A Coal Lumper named Walter Byron was yesterday buried under several tons of Coal for three hours on Board Tho Steamer Adelaide. When extricated he was bruised and shaken but not seriously injured. It is state thut thu miners at mount pleasant working under Tho dreadful now rules Cau com from 28s. To 30a. A Day. Or. Clement l. Raggo the Queensland government Altro Coiner left Sydney last evening by the Steamer Maroon in to establish Mote logical stations at Noumea and the new hybrid a. Two men committed a cowardly assault upon a chinaman near Kook Wood on wednesday. Tho celestial retaliated by sticking a Pitchfork into the face and neck of one of his assailants. M lean and Kemp compete on the parrs Mantta Biver on monday for the Selling championship of Tho world and �300 aside. Both men Are in the very Best possible condition and the Champion asserts that to Baa a Surprise in 9 Tore for to Richmond Man. Victoria. Melbourne. December 13. It is reported that mrs. Johnstone one of the victims of the tragedy enacted at Buu rat on monday night is rapidly sinking. John Tirao Tho husband bos also taken a Tarn for the worse and has had to be Pla Ood in a atari est jacket. Tho evidence Given before Tho charities com Mission in Melbourne As to the undesirable Nesa of sending Yonng people to gaol for minor and first offences or. Uni Limo advocated the adoption of the criminal Law amendment not in Force in England and referred to the immoral offences committed by school teachers. Or. Goen Donel found f Alt with Tho Charity organisation society in not affording Moro Relief to the destitute. Tho witnesses were of opinion that most Good May to Dono in in Taro by look ing More after Tho training of Tho rising generation and by on exhaustive scheme of technical education for Tho children of Tho poor. A Farmer in Tho Oak Merton District has lost through Tho ravages of Tho Cator pillars 80 afros of English Barley valued at �gq0. Prices of 6tcck in Tho District through Road of this debt Rule Low two Largo auctions being comparative failures through this cause. It is the Desiro of the government As Well As of a Large number of members on both 6ides, that parliament should prologue on Friday. Tho business to be transacted leaving oat of consideration Tho metropolitan Board of works Bill and infant life Protection Bill is of a formal character and need not give Rico to discussion. Tho Merino Board yesterday decided to reduce sea Pilotage by 15 per cent and Harbour and River Pilotage by 10 per cent Tho reductions to Osmo into Force 01 january 1. Mary Keiley the barmaid who a few Days ago charged John Maok with committing a criminal assault upon her has disappeared. Henry Mullens a pugilist was arrested lost night for Tho manslaughter of Nicholas Fitzgibbon. Tho men quarrelled recently when Mullen knocked the other Down and Fitzgibbon died in Tho Hospital whither to was taken for treatment. The death is announced of or. Henry t. Hammond sub collector of customs. In 1851 the deceased gentleman arrived in Melbourne and received an appointment in Tho custom department. He was one of Tho Block wednesday victims but some time afterwards he was reinstated in Tho department. In Tho Early volunteering Days to wbb Captain of the Kew and Hawthorn company of Killeb. To leaves a widow. New zealand. Auckland december 13. The Earl of Obi of the governor visited Perthelia yesterday and met with a cordial reception from the Maori Prophet the White and h followers. Illegally on premises. Given in charge by a woman. While Constable Toyoo was on duty in Queen Street on saturday at Bont half put 8 ., a women made a report to him in Ponse Quinco of which he accompanied her to Tho promises of messes. Wilson and Newman Wilson in Ade Laide Street. On arriving Thero to Law a Man run out of a Gateway at Tho Book of the premises. Tho Man was closely followed by a Man named Ballantyne who subsequently caught him. The woman then gave the Man. Hobo Namo was ascertained to be Jamoa Anderson Agod 30, in. Chargo to Tho policeman for being in a closet up stairs on the premises of her employers. The Man in reply said 11 1 must have Boon drunk last night Ana got in there Bat unfortunately for Tho Man statement to Oon stable informed the Bench at the City Polios court this morning when Tho Man was brought up on the charge that in his opinion he was not drank at All. _ the defendant was remanded till tuesday. Queensland country mls blon the monthly report of the ool Portoro of this society a read at Tho committee mooting on Friday by which " appears that he has been travelling through Gladstone mount Lar Combe Baglaj boo Hampton mount Morgan visiting the celebrated Goldfields. Slan Woll. Westwood and other planes to Samboon whence the report was written. His Suo Eesa in soiling bibles and other literature has been various but to has been impeded owing to the arrival of his Stolk having Boon delay Odt Krough the recent wrong strike he experts to been Brisbane in Vune to Tabo part in Tho Forth aiming annual mooting of the Mission. Sab carib tons in Nidorf. The Mission Are thankfully merited by James Grimes of Rooen Aroet Brisbane. Tho Witch pita Al by a Aruba Sylva Queen of thou Elmila has Bee purchased Epco Aljy Tor "7ta Christmas cuito a of i jihad p it Jatoi it it Juki i a i u Svi luf o.-. A it us is fun y alleged incendiary . Fire at Rockhampton. doom bar 13. With regard to to fire in William Stroot Early yesterday morning subs Quonce Luvesta Gati oof showed that a dastardly not opt at bad been undo which Only an occident had Jacv Pontod thereby Avor what would otherwise Bavo Beau a serious conflagration. In ail Rob ability it Tannd by Insi of Hon. Tho Pio Misca consist of n shop and at Tho Back Thero is a stable in which Tho mourning coach web and nears used by or. Barry in carry ing on Tho business of Tux undertaker Aro Pla Ood when not in Uso. On Tho premises Throe employ Coa Wero sleeping named William Ever All William Barry and Thomas Fiina Gau who Patata that until Tho alarm of fire was Given by Wing web Tho Chiacco Stor Kooper Thoy heard nothing to Muko them suspect that anything was wrong. A examination of Tho stable Howo Vor proved Tho reverse. Tho stable contained two mourning of Athos and a hoarse which Woro placed As follows next to the Oatho boards composing Tho Well of Tho Sido of Tho shop one of oath was placed in Tho Scutro of Tho shop came to Hearse and immediately to to rear of Tho hoarse the other mourning coach. Tho Wall of the shop on Tho outside that is Tho Iuler Side which composes Tho Wall of the Stablo was covered with kor Obine Bioh had apparently been thrown from a our or Mannikin. Tho ground alongside was also saturated with Kero Linc As also a Board on which a lighted Canelo bad Boen placed which had Burnt Down. The coach next to Tho Wall Aud also to Nesree had likewise been splashed with be Torino Sud leading from Tho Board on which the Canelo Hud bum Plucci and connoting Tho first coach and hoarse another Board of Tao had Beau placed which had also Bosn saturated in scr Ouido. The coach immediately behind Tho Careo was found to be on fire Tho whole of the inside fitting having been destroyed and to framework much charred. This of oath had been covered with a Linen cover concealing Tho Interior and Thero seems to to no doubt that the whole Interior bad been sol Ashod with kerosene and then lighted Tho Mali Olous per sons trusting that Tho Blazo would to concealed until Tho Firo had such a hold that it would to impossible to Check it or to discover its origin. Altogether the Coroum Stancea Point to of Tho most deliberate attempts at Inocen Diuris. It is to be hoped thut Tho police will unmask the affair and bring the Gulbor or authors to con Dign punishment. Railway freights. The new classification. The classification for goods revised by Tho railway commission Cra was passed by Tho executive Council on fid by. This revised classification has been a work of considerable Imine As it was found by experience that it was a difficult matter to arrange upon what basis the rates should be made up As to bring in a considerable in Creato of Rovento to the depart ment without unduly pre ring upon any in Dusley. For some time past it 1ms been Tho cause for much Adverse comment by members of to legislative Assembly Tiit Tho country should to called upon to pay for Tho deficit arising from the working and construction of Queensland railways and the commissioners recognising that Tho Linos should contribute at least More than Thoy Havo Dono in the Post towards the Largo expenditure Mado upon them determined to raise Tho of goods rates with a View to accomplishing this end. The revision has Boen conducted purely for the purpose of bringing in Isore Judd Revenue and the commissioners Havo therefore to Many oases been forced to increase what in to bold opinions Aro already Skific Wodtly High rates. In these oases Tho commissioners would have been willing to modify the rates if Thoy would Bavo seen to slightest of Husco of sufficiently increased traffic to recoup Tho depart ment for the loss of used by the reduction. In other oases far from increasing the rates Thoy would have willingly lowered them below what Thoy Are at present but having been Forwood to Tho Conolus Lon that the Only Way to obtain in reused Revenue is by the levying of increased rates they have Reluct Only been compelled to either allow them to stand As Thoy were or to Ioc Raeo them. Tho classification generally has Beon reversed and whereas comparatively Fow specific goods were mentioned before there arc now several hundreds Down on Tho list. In fact every thing that is Likely to Homo by rail if set Down. Under Tho previous classification All goods not specifically mentioned Woro charged at Tho highest rates. But Tudor Tho Preest classification As will to sea this cannot occur. Tho classification is roughly divided into three branches Mineral agricultural pro Duce and general merchandise. Taking Thorn in Tho order named a glance at Tho lists shows that Tho rates upon goal Road Metal Aud bricks have been slightly increased for the first 100 Miles but this will not affect the traffic for shipping As a special clause has been inserted by which provision is made for u shipping Rato which will apply to All goods consigned for Export. With regard to agricultural produce two rates Aro quoted Ore for a ton lots Aud Tho other for 3-ton lots. These rates have Boen materially increased. In 1833 the agricultural rate was reduced Low that in Many it failed to be remunerative. It has As has been mentioned above icon raised considerably but is still lower Tau it was by fro the reduction in 1888. Upon Wool Tho rates have been in creased and a glance at them proves that Tho rates now quoted Aro very much like they Scro two years ago the in crease will affect this product As much As from 10s. To 25s. Per ton according to the dista Uoc it will travel. In the general merchandise rates Thoy Havo As a Ralo All Beon Intro Sod even where Tho differential rates Aro in operation. Wherever it would be of looted taking into consideration Tho conditions Uoder which they were granted Thebo differential Rontos have been abolished. For instance Tho differential rate upon Queensland flour has Boen done away with As it was found a very difficult matter to determine whether the flour was Mado from Queensland or imported wheat. A Tho future All flour will to charged at the same rate. This Rato will be slightly in Advance of that previously charged. An advantage has been Given to those who order a 4-ton Load of flour by granting a Robate equal to 10 per cent. General merchandise has Boen treated under three Ola sos and in classify ing the goods Tho commissioners Havo had re Gard to three things their bulk nature and Alao and have endeavoured to form As Equit Able a basis for increasing the rates As possible but keeping in View that Tho in Cross of railway Revenue is their main object. Tho Ipswich Ratos which Havo hitherto Boea upon a differ rental basis Havo also Boon increased and this has had the effect of increasing the Ratos West of that town. All rebates on Tho Western traffic and upon live Stock Havo been abolished but the rates to stations 300 Miles from Brisbane Are almost identical with what they Are at present. Tho rates to terminal stations in Many Oasis will therefore to less than to those places out web to which Tho through rates Aro in operation. Special trains to the South. The railway department have Beon in communication with the authorities of the railways in new both Wales respecting the advisability of running special trains to Sydney. Owing to Tho fact that the last special trains were not patronised the new both Wales department Ere not in opined to do anything in the matter. Messes. Cook and Bona have Howo Vor deter mined to take Tho matter in hand and have arranged for Exon Sion tickets to Sydney and Melbourne which will be issued on the 17th offences. Tho following minor a sea were dealt with at the City Polios oort on saturday before ,. guilty to being drank were discharge of As first offenders Thos. Bartholomew 743we. Wilson 24and Jamoa Harlond 28 wore each fined 6a. For being drank and disorderly Oon not John m Laren 30 for being drank and disorderly was fined �2, or in default 48 hours imprisonment. James Murphy 30for a Smilar Affonco was fined 10a, or 2 Houta . a soul z to. A ,3� d n 31 a n m 37 3 Serif a jaw rail t � tuo9 Sovereign United mine. Examination of witnesses extraordinary disclosures. An exam Inatio of witnesses was hold on Fri Day in Tho supremo court Susol Osoy jurisdiction before his honour sir Charles Lilley c.j.,in Tho liquidation proceedings of the Sovereign United Gold mining company limited of Croydon. Or. E. M. Liley Mitra Otid by messes. By no and Goetz for p. W orow a contributory shareholder or. R. W. H Donoll instructed by messes. Cham bats Braoo and m Nab for Tho liquidator or. Poirou. Patrick Walsh Crowe a commission agent in Brisbane examined by or. M Dou Noil stated in december ibs to Ronld not say who owned Tho properties. J. A. Potts put them into his Bunde to float into a company. To was to pay Tho original owners �1,000, Aud Tho company were to pay �000 brokerage and 1,000 shares paid up to 10s. Witness was to got �300 brokerage mud �1.090 shares paid no to 10s. Potts showed him some reports but witness did not draw up Tho prop Lotus. He signed to document As broker. It was published Aud advertised for a Mouth mud registered by Potts. Was aware the pros Cotus stated to Only Chargo to Tho company for Al dating was printing advertising telegrams and postage. Hero was Elso a Olauso providing remuneration to any Persou assisting to Plano Tho shores in Tho event of Tho company not being floated Tho application Money was to to returned in full. Was elected a do Roott at Tho first meet aug in 1388. It was before the directors met to pass Tho accounts of floating Tho company. Pott a Siirid to bad fu1l authority to float. Was present when the �300 was passed for payment to himself not As a director but to explain the of pesos incurred in floating to company. Did not attend to Muke a quorum. Messes. J. W Potts Aud t. Kirk were also present. Thero Woro Only three directors. Did not Voto that Day on any matter at All. Tho shares did no1, go off Well with Tho Public. On february 2, 1sss, about 5,000 shares Wero sold or take up. Witness wrote Potts about Tho matter on february 2s. Potts did cot Call on him and suy Tho application Money should be returned. Sent a clerk to him repeatedly Aud to Appu Arod quite oblivious to the responsibility to was under in connection with to company. Some of Tho shareholders had been asking to have their Money returned. Potts said Tho application Money should not to returned. To would Lako no Tho Blanco of 15,000 abates himself As it web Good enough to hold. He took up Sharos for other people 500 for Bruno Aud 500 for Wie Bam becoming responsible for Tho Money. Only 5,000 shares had Bien sold to the Publio when Tho company was floated. Potts divided the brokerage with witness. The potato mint of accounts witness made was passed by tli9 directors Potts and Kirk in april 18s8. Iho Secretary said to Mado a wore detailed statement and handed it to Tho liquidator. Tho Secretary was wit Neh clerk. Witness was not acting As a broker when to was a director nor did he Placo any shores then. Kirk and witness opposed the winding no of Tho Ooin Nany on Potta e petition. Tho latter never paid anything. To dishonoured his obey to. Had received �355 in respect of applications and allotment Money. Fits received Money from Wickham. Did not place any Money to Tho credit of Tho company except Pottos Cheque which was dishonoured. The Miro was not worked by the of Pauy. Thoy never got a title to it. Curd the Mineral land was sold to a Mel Bourne Man when Tho petition was being presented. The first witness heard of it wa3 from Potts affidavit. Witness and Kirk opposed the petition because Thoy would look ridiculous in the Oyes of the shareholders. Thoy expected Potts to pay up his Calls As Well As the rest of Tho shareholders. Their object was to got Potts to pay his Cheque Aud work the Mono. Thoy had judgment against Potts before this and got As a result a. To original vendors Wero never paid. Potts was chairman of Tho Board. Witness paid Tho liabilities far Asho was Ablo. Thomas Kirk an Engineer and director of the liquidating company said to was present at the Board meeting about april 4, 1888, who the accounts for floating Tho company were passed. Could not nay if Scowe voted or if the business done that Day was confirmed at a subsequent meeting. Understood Potts and Rowe wore entitled to receive �300 Oach. A9 far As wit Ness would see things Scro Correo. It was Potts action in not honouring his Cheque that brought the company to grief. John William Potts was twice called but failed to put in an appearance this closed the examination. Valley presbyterian Church. Rov. E. A. Telfor will Lotura on John Knox and to scottish reformation in Tho Valley presbyterian Church on monday oven ing. Admission Freo. Photographing the Sua. A photograph of Tho Tun during Tho Coli use on Friday was successfully messes. Longcr and co. The picture was obtained at Tho moment of Tho greatest font not 2.14 the nog Ativo has Boon enlarged to Sarto do Vitito size which provides in Ace Tahlo me mento of the event. New farm . Concert. A musical and dramatic Euter Talmont was Given by the new farm Cricket club a Tho foresters Hall on Friday in Aid of the Fonda of the dub. Thero was not a Large attendance but Tho Gandionco made no for their of numbers by then enthusiasm. Hitherto the new farm of rocket club enter Tai Mente Havo been very largely attended but then admission was by invitation and lost night the friends of Tho club were called upon to pay for their tickets. Tho affair was not by any Means a financial failure As a Good number of tickets Hod been sold. The programme was a Long and varied and contain of items which Alono would to Well Worth Tho Praia of admission to hear. Mias Bpm Betham contributed a Solo the last Miloston and received a flattering reception. Miss Otho Bridge who gave Tho greatest asses Tahoe to Tho club during the cd onion in Tho Way of gave a Solo and received a lot of Well merited applause Bev. Manly Power got a most Dover mind encore for his rendering of Sully in our Alley and responded with Tho Anchor weighed " both of which songs suited his voice very Well. Or. Wilkinson and pupils from Tho Brisbane gymnasium gave a pretty exhibition of the Indian club of cruise and a Tho Sorond part of Tho entertainment showed what he mud his pupils would do in Tho Way of gym Natios on the horizontal bar. Signor Trynda and company contributed Butto foot and peasant and " ii Trovatore a their usual Ollon manner while or. B. Trevathan kept Tho Gandionco in roars with " five minutes with a ventriloquist Tho entertainment Oono ended with Tho Well known sparkling Somody slight mistakes in which messes. O. Peterson j. F. Fallon t. H. Thompson and others took ports. At Tho Oono Losion of the programme to Hall web cleared for dancing which was kept up to the strains of Signor Truda band until 12 o Clook. Jottings. Tho secretory luf orms us that magic weight in to Vacy l Lato at Towo Minbu 1b 7 ., not As printed 6 . Tho East url Shano Progress association moot in Tho Mowbray town presbyterian schoolroom to Day at s . A meeting of the subscribers of the Valley railway opening demonstration will to held at the Booro Dabin Toni d office the Tel afternoon at 4 o clock to decide about Tho disposal of Tho surplus Days meeting of Tho Pony and Galloway association 1h to to held on Friday do combo 20, and saturday. December 27, whoa six events on each any win to competed for. Particulars a another column. On saturday december 20, Tho Natoni will take a trip to Southport starting at 1 ., and return ing by Moonlight on sunday opening. Seasonable entertainment and instruction will be found in the Christmas number of the if Tefa to extra Shargo for this Issue. I a i i -1 i i. O t 1. Tara Ion Ike australian parliaments. New South Wales. Syb Xiv demo mar 13. In Tho Assembly yesterday Tho metropolitan roots improvement Bill was read a second Timo and passed through of Ommittee with amendments. Or. Gould moved Tho second Reading of Tho imprisonment for debt Bill Aud to Debato was adj Arnod till wednesday next. The Wylor one ovation but was introduced and read n first Timo. The eight hour Bill and i Ort hacking not fishing Bill was Dis charged from Tho business paper Thoy being Dool Rcd out of Ordor by Tho Spoa kor. Tho Assembly was of unto out at 8.4, during Tho adjourned Debato on Tho Blacktown to Blayney railway. Victoria. december 13. In Tho Assembly yesterday the votes for the railway do Purmont on Tho additional is Tintos Scro no Rod to mud a Resolution was a Oporto to Tho Honeo. South Australia. Abb Laid december 13. A Bill was Pusod through All its stages in the a Fombly yesterday Nurmi Biog Tho Powors of to railway commissioners. West Australia. Pm Tii demo Moor 13. Tho following results Ore to hand of the elections to the Assembly for Orantle or. W. G. Arraion returned unopposed North Fra Mantlo or. W. S. Paroo South Fremantle or. D. Symond heating or. Oon Don a former member of the old legislature and thrice mayor of Fremantle by 60 Votos. The exe Outeiro Wilt Eloot the upper House next week during which Timo it is exp Eood to governor sir William Robinson will Send for or. John format to form a ministry. New zealand. Auoe and december 13. A Cabinet mooting was held at Wellington at which it was Dotur Menoil to Oon Vono Parlia ment next month instead of in april. Tho ministry will not resign immediately As they claim that several Moin bars of unto As belong ing to to opposition will Voto with Tho government. Victoria Ond the London morn. Market. Blu Ourka december 13. The treasurer has Boon informed by Pablo from Loudon that it is hopeless to Venvert Tho �850,000 g per cont debentures falling duo on january 1, into 3.j per cent Stock. The associated Bonks will therefore in aos Ordanza with agreement Advance Tho no Cesary Money to pay off to debentures. Five Hundred thousand pounds will to advanced without Security and Treasury Bonds will to Given us Security for the Blanco. Reports " All Albany advises the under Secretary Post and Telegraph department Brisbane under Date 12th instant As follows Large German Steamer passed break san hound Oast flying nos. r. 10.50, wished to be reported All Well. The times Tho weekly edition of the times for of Tobor 31 says in the Queensland parliament at big Buno a motion for separation from Tho Mother country was done nod by 32 against 20 Tho " Mother country will fool that although saved on that co asian her position must to Oriti Oal. Coming to Queensland. From the european Huil of novem Ber 7, we learn that passages to Queensland ports have been booked As follows per p. And o. Company Ethamer Massillo to leave november 13. For Brisbane or. And mrs. F. Barton faithful colonel forgo ant and mrs. Raav miss Jones miss Mortice Captain l. E. Mortice messes. R. L Armour and f. A. . Per Orient company or m Cuzco to Incavo november 21. For Brisbane or. And mrs. A. Pago or and mrs w. G. Wright Aud family. Overland passengers. Wami Neauba december 12. � or Brisbane major nod mrs. Room mrs. H. O. Zor Rard master a Errard mosses. A. Shr Woroft j. Shr Woroft j. Davidson g. Lennon h. Lennon h. Perkins h. J. Mill h. Sellers a Toomb w. J. Dawes j. G. To. Snaps a Borer no miss l. Parkins miss e. Parkins tvs. Brow Croft miss Bowden miss Lonnon. For indoor Spilly or j. Ool Linb. Waii Ioanni door Moor 13, 9 For Sydney mrs. Gray or. A. B. Baal trough mrs. Forbes mrs. T. L. Combo and child miss Wobb miss Stewart mrs. And Hon. A. H. Wilson mrs. Dull Moro , two children and servant messes. A. Go Rio f. L. Cloden blah kind g. Axon son f. Aronson John Bobb j. A. Roborts j. Smith Gordon Palmer and Gray. For uni Rind messes. H. Lodr Aud p. J. M form Job. For armies to Bov. Aud mrs. A. M Lvov or. And mrs. Greenwill. For bog Gabri mrs. Fernet. Muldia Ore. A Noroel of Nino tons of Ntonio from the Hul Diya Silver mines Ohil Legoe Detriot has arrived in Brisbane on its Way Down to dry greek South Australia where it is to be treated. Tho Eton is in 184 bags and an assay is to be made by messes. Lindon and Stokes of Bris Bane. To ensure a Good average assay Ivory fifth hag is opened and a couple of handfuls of atone taken oat at random Tho bags being then re closed. Tho consists of Argonti porous Galena and Mora oxidised Load ores. It appears to Homo mostly from Tho Paisley and now Moon shafts but Soma vory mob resembles to atone from Tho eclipse Lodo. Judging from to former samples which have been forwarded to Brisbane Tho nine tons now passing through should give a fairly Good re turn of Silver. Land for selection. Tho following land will to open for Sueloo iou at Tho respective land off Ioos on Aud of Tor Mon. Day february 2, 1891 agricultural farms. Surveyed Bundaberg portion 8v, Taunton resumption Parish of Tottenham 16g afros Gimpio portions 40v, 41v, Gondi a area 133 acre 3 porches and 170 afros 20 porches respectively Ingham no. 144a, portion 154, Mounga 296 afros Mary Borough no. And portion 1613, Broomfield 120 acres Roma no. 27, portion 480, Bato 1,280 afros nos. 34 and 122, portions 3v and 7v, Authulla 480 acres and 100 a Rob nos. 120, 163, and 164, portions 33v, 30v, 29v, Bute 100 acres each no. 180, portion 62v, Hodgson 80 sores. Vul ago settlement 12 farms re opened in the Village of Haven Sborne Toowoomba District ranging in area from 39 acres to 70 acres. Grazing farms. Sorvo Yod Manango 3 farms areas 2,700 acres 4,000 acres and 6,840 acres respectively on the resumed part of bom by Jandron pariah of boo Nimba. Marked off under Tho 44th Section of Tho Crown lands not of 1844 boo Hampton five forms from 3,100 acres to 8,000 acres on Daarina resumption in Tho Parish of Daarina East maximum area 8,000 acres. Certain remedy Ratter astringent mix Ture and injection. Corner cd word and Eliza Beth streets Brisbane. A Nix j the Eltoh a Citadel by Carmen Sylva Queen of Roumania has been Paro Masod specially for the week crib Mas number. Ladies visit Jook and m Konzelo for your Christmas and new tear millinery. Thoy have purchased from a. Wholesale House the whole of their Stock of French trimmed hats and bonnets at a big reduction of Home boat. These Flo. All Beautiful new goods and Are soiling at Low prices. Sao our window. Trains 1 id /. 41. I. 0 a i i a i i a i a Hui a Lionil local government. Waringa division. Ina Rural social meet car. Tho langur Al toting of Tho newly constituted Waringa divisional Board was hold at the old Indoo of Polly Board office staring a on saturday. Tho meeting took Tho form of a social one and All members of Tho old i Dooroo Pilly Board were invited. To proof doings common cod by to returning of Boer or. New Man Wilson again loading the namo9 of to newly elected member of Tho Board As follows no. 1 subdivision goo. Oarr g. Lambert goo. Burton no. 2, t. Morrow w. H. Goto t. J. Moore no. 3, t. A. Ryan has. Pastor son and E. Munro and auditors messes. A. D. Campbell Andt. F. Kershaw. It was proposed by or. Ryan and Eoo Onrod by or. Patterson " that Thomas Morrow is Elan Tod Oha Rinau until Tho Ond of Tho Tho motion was carried. A Voto of thanks to Tho returning officer or. Newman Wilson was proposed and carried by acclamation of Tornich Tho mooting adjourned for lunch. During lunch Beveral toasts Woro proposed and drank among them Boug " Tho return ing of Ioor Tho Waringa division or. Oarr who topped Tho Pollard " mom Bors of Tho old in the Tourso of their a pooches mosses. Moon and Woolcook me bots of Tho old Board made some remarks on divisional separation and called in question Somo state ments which had been made by Homo of Tho separation committee and Oslo orally by. Or. Nowman Wilson. Messes. Lambert onto and Patterson Woro appointed a finance Yommi too and the next meeting of Tho Board was fixed for Woda Ossy january 14. It was also proposed that messes. Oato Ryan and Lambert not As a commit toe to adjust Tho Fia Noeo of Tho old Aud new boards. To question of banking account was also dealt with and it was decided that in future to Board banking Noo onut to kept with Tho Bank of Australasia Waringa a proposal to keep it at to Queensland National Bau boing lost. Petty payments. At the Brisbane Small debts court on Friday before messes. A. M. Francis ., t. Furry and Widdop jj.p., verdicts Wero onto red for the plaintiffs for Tho full amounts claimed with posts exocet where otherwise nod undefended uses. Job. M Kitrick v. W. Alexander rent �4 Wallaroo Warren and co. V. E. Knowles goods �2 go. J. Andrews v. A. Stoi Buco goods �0 10s. A. J. J. Wat by v. Jno. Haworth dishonoured promissory note �10 3s. Go. M Cormack and co. V. E. A. Smith work and material �2 18s. Or. Bargott v. By. Farrow professional attend Anoo �3 16s. Or. Burgott v. A. Warren professional attend Anoo �2 12s. Go. O. J. Porter v. �. J. A snack balance of dishonoured obey to �2 7s. 2d. Land and Thorno v. S. Andrews goods �3 19s. Go. S. Cohen y. B. Unia dishonoured , �7 15s. O. Lavoy v. B. Uni Ioko dishonoured promissory note �4 is. Defended costs. A. Adlington v. J. Do Buovo work Aud a uterine �25, with �2 12s. Costs. O. Holmes v. T. Pyrah dishonoured Ohe no �11 12a., �4 16s. Bad been paid in Veriot for balance with �2 7s. Costs. J. W. Debnam v. W. B. Whitten work Dono �18 109. Go. W. B. Whitton y. J. W. Dob Nam goods Board and lodging �12 3s. 0d. Do Olivion was reserved in both oases. Thomas Wolsey v. James Gordon dishonoured �18 17s. 8dwith �2 7s. Costs. A. Baker v. C. Factor Money �9, with �1 8s. Cd. Posts. D. Campbell v. J. Quail goods destroyed �1 is. Cd. Plaintiff non suited. E. Lax v. W. Boulston damage �0 13s. Go. Yor Diot for �7 14s., with �2 is. Costs. Judgment confessed for plaintiff in Tho following costs j. A. Clark y. E. M Dermott goods �1 0b. G. Valentine y. W. E. Bowring Balonzo dishonoured pro. Missory note �2 15s. District court. Civil sittings. The following a a list of to undo ended oases set Down for hearing at the civil sittings of Tho Bouthern District court on monday next before his honour in do Paul. With a jury goo. Browne v. William Howard Smith and sons damages �105 4s. 3d. Edwards and Chapman v. Nehemiah Bartley and wife goods �23 2s. Go without a jury James Grant v. Patriok Troy Good �3 17s. 3d. I Yons and others picturesque Atlas Pabli Sli ing company v. O. S. S. Perry goods sold �4 6s. Same v. B. G. Balding ditto �0 same v. E. Marwedel ditto �10 10s. Same v. M. A. Harris ditto �0 10s. Sumo v. L. M. Jost ditto �10 10s. Same v. S. Batt Orfield ditto �10 10s. Samo v. E. T. White ditto �9 Samo v. S. H. Whitby ditto �0 10s. Ammo v. O. B. Williams ditto �7 10s. Same v. J. T. Kennedy ditto �10 10s. Louis Mebain v. O. Lonee Puorro Money due � 20 w. H. Beds v. Emma Matilda Smith illegal distraint �130 William h. Brown v. William j. Haho ook commission and proof Vional Sor vines �13 10s. John Ora and co. V. Metro Politan Tramway company goods supplied �22 is. Of. Hugh Neill v. A. J. J. Warby horses sold �67 10s. Grand damages �20 Wilson Nowman Wilson and hem Ming v. B. Sparks professional sir viols �8 3s. 8d. John Gibbs v. H. Molony subscription �1 10s. August Kohl or v. Miss j. Longley goods sold �2 3s. 4d. A. M. Arnold v. R. W. M Donnall summons for a. Or. Tho following Havo Boen sont Down from Tho supremo court g. T. Woodgate v. John p. Jost Riding fees �45 Thomas Stanley v. Hugh o Neill wages and of poses �32 10s. Thomas m Trudden v. George Shin goods sold �160 a. M. L. And g. Co. V. John Bukoy and John Brigham dishonoured �20 15a. Ild. W. M. Galloway v. Pm Nook and others Appeal. Natural compasses a. A correspondent sends is a clipping from the str lung to natural or face compasses. Tho writer says that standing one Day with an african Savago he asked him in w ooh direction to look for the North. Tho wily Eon of darkest Africa at Onoe pointed his nose to Tho Sun and a moment afterwards pointed True North. On being asked How he had solved Tho problem to said that Tho human face was a natural Oom Poss. On boing requested to explain to said that at Sunrise if pointed his Noso to Tho Sun it would to Noti Ood that Tho Knuth was of aptly opposite to his right ear and that Tho Sun moved on in his course Tho South according to Tho Timo of Day would always he at an Apreo Kublo Duffor Enos to tween Tho nose and Tho right oar until the son had reached her Meridian whore Sho and the Noso would to due South and Tho North of aptly opposite that through the afternoon the difference would be Between Tho Noso and the loft oar. This orious foot was Mont Onod to sir Brohard Burton Tho eminent traveller who remarked that to had Novor noticed it but that to knew a watch trick wat Ohos being to wording to Tho Sun coarse in a Northern hemisphere might to similarly ubed that of a oreo Whon rising a watch or a face for Tho same purpose in a Southern hemisphere Tho loading would Havo to to reversed that to believed it would Bobo but never having travalled in Anthorn hemispheres to did not know for of Eltoln. Our correspondent add that probably it was Tho Novelty of the Foo Compass Sugges Tion that surprised sir Brohard into admitting that to did not know for Oertlin what happen a in Southern hemispheres because to was Novor known to admit Igno Ronco of anything. . Concert. Tho Oono Ert tendered by various Brisbane one iowans to Tho y.m.o.a., to be rend Rod in the Centennial Hall on Tho x8th, promises to to a vory Suboc Susfal affair. Various popular vocalists and Are to Render solos dots vocal tettes string Tottos. Of. Mozart Twilight Soprano Boio will to a room Panold by Throe strings and flute Wyllo other vocal numbers Aro to to varied and oni. Beule hed in n similar Way. Thero will Evi Dently. Be plenty of agreeable diversity in Tebei evening musical menu and the Oono Ert should it tract by its own in Trusio Merit apart from its object. 1 Mon i. If a i a i if in h it o " =-.ii i. Beau a open column this column is open for a fairly from expression of opinion on subjects of interest but to do not bind ourselves by any sent Mouts which our contributors May express \ Meeron Puly. To the Niton. Sir a. Huriod but Datar mined attempt Boa a gently Beau Mado by a Tow residents in Tho North East Corner of no. 2 subdivision of Meeron Puly to Semoura Flop nation. Though Thoro Aro weighty reasons for not disturbing Tho existing Urra Gomont. No mooting of Tho ratepayers ha9 Yot Boon called to discuss Tho matter. This is to say Tho lost a Businesslike. Somo who signed too petition did under misapprehension. I am glad to see that Tho matter has Boon referred to Tho Board and a future to Hopo that action will he taken Only after mature consideration by Tho general body of ratepayers. Tours ito., a. Nats Payba. Excessive drinking. To tiie Eriton. Sir in Reading your Valu Able paper Tho other Ning Tho Oboye heading caught my Eyo. Now sir exo Ossio drink ing docs nothing but Flad fault about Tho saturday night entertainment which a Givon free and Overy saturday night a varied As to try and please everybody. I Oak inform " exo Ossio drinking " should to Call on Tho of Ommittee at Tho Hail and suggest something of n Novelty which would draw Tho boozing crowd every saturday night from Publio houses his suggestions would to listened to and no doubt carried into effect. If not prepared to do that let him put his suggestions a writing addressed to the Secretary which will amount to Tho Samo thing. About or. M Bobbio i consider that gun Loman has icon Long enough before Tho Publio to Soublo to judge for Hira Solf what pleases the Publio Boit. Hoping i Honvo Cottros Pusod too much on your valuable Epact Tours &o., . Ambulance corps. To the editor. Sir i wish to draw your attention to a fact which occurred at Tho Lata Firo in Elizabeth Street. Several members of Tho Brisbane am Bianco corps wore present and nobly assisted in extinguishing Tho Firo but won Tho various cold onto happened although the men Wero prompt upon Tho soon Tho Polico refused to allow them to interfere simply by Curuso boy had no Mark or sign to indicate who they were. Now sir if those men Are trained to do such work Why not allow them to Wear their red Cross i think it is a shame. There was present at Tho soon an sex me incr of Tho fire brigade who wished to attend to Tho wounded but was refused Tho privilege. It would be a Benefit to Many who Are daily mooting with too dents if Tho corps Wero allowed to Wear their badge. For Intanno who Scro Tho two Mon who lifted Tho late or. V. O Doherty into Tho Oab when to Mot with his fatal Accident ? two mom Bors of Tho Bris Bano am Bianco corps. Hoping this will Moat Tho attention of the .o. Tours. &a., Oki Oreee. Brave aldermen. To she editor. Sir Tho Thonkar of Tho ratepayers Are duo to the us Dormon who Aro taking a stand in the of until against Tho proposal of giving Tho ends of Tho streets that abut on Tho River to a private monopoly which would do Privo the rate avers for 21 years of having Access to them and Provost Thorn from enjoying views of Tho River Bioh Are to Boob trained there and which could to Mode pleasant by forming Tho streets to their proper level and planting Shado Trees. In other parts of Tho world Groat interest is Takon in keeping open Access to such pm docs and forming Thorn Tor Tho Publio Benefit instead of closing and shutting them no. It should to Tho duty of Overy Rato payer at Tho coming elections to show by their votes that their interests and privileges shall not to sacrificed or to exposed to have their Money wasted in lawsuits or litigation arising from engagements entered into Bioh will Lead to such being Dono by those who Aro supposed to guard and conserva Tho privileges of Tho ratepayers and who should prot Eov and Malm beneficial those privileges for Tho Publio Benefit and welfare. Tours a. A biter yen. Protection and local Industry. To tee Cerron sir in your Issue of the 9th instant you Havo a Par. With the above heading. In reply to some to who to Coll your attention to Tho fall that to Aro Tho to on firm in question and beg to repudiate Tho statements Yon Hugo Mado. In Tho first Plano you say Tho reason this Govor Mont work was sent to Sydney was co Auto they Scro afraid to could not get it done in Timo. Now to Woro prepared to give a guarantee to Tho Olfat that it to work was Pla Ood in oar hands with out delay to would have it Dono and Dolivo red it Tho Duto required. Aguin with regard to Tho Cost we informed Tho stamp officials " that rather than Havo Tho work sont out of Tho Colony to would take Tho some at Sydney to Havo Boon put to a big expense in making a Coin photo Plant and in getting skilled workmen from England for this particular Branch of our business but to return Enterprise gots is to Tho officials Oon Cor cd cannot rely on Lonal boar in mind or. Editor they Havo not Yot Givon us a trial with Tho of option of the railway commissioners who Are fully satisfied with the work Zehavo turned out for them. Yours of Bonne it ado do Dave. In reply to a statement circulated by the writers of Tho above letter that " Thoy Tho Telegraph would not publish it to explain that it was passed for pub ligation when received but at the last moment on saturday it web crushed out by a great Rush of advertise ments. Our information was obtained at Tho a Elul government source. In. 21 great Silver mines to a editor. Sir in those Days of Queensland and australian " Silver booms it is interesting to Tarn to Sulci mines As the old world famed Potosi on the Andos of South Amorita flaw called boil Val. Which has Violder. Since the Days of Cortez and Pizarro Many scores of millions Sterling. Companies Thoro now look email by Tho Sido of broken Hill proprietary mine. The largest is Tho Huan Theoa company which cleared in 1888 and 1889, the ram of �079,092, of which �432,000 wont in dividends and �147,692 Wero married Forward. Thero Are 0,000 shares of �2coeaoh, of which 33 per cent Are held in Paris 47 per cent a Chili and Tho balance in Bolivia and their Market Tuluo is �376 each. In Tho District last year company sent Home 290 Tony Olp Obod Silver Ore which gave 8 83 per cent or 2,880 ounces of Fine Wilvor to Tho ton. Privato Silver mines such As that worked by or. Andrew Penny pay a profit of Over �50,000 a year. This Placo supplies half Tho Bismuth which the world consumes and Stream Gold and Stream tin Are abundant hut Antimony will not Brand to Cost of Nulo packing in default of a railway. For Petsul leases at Low Raton Oan be got for mines in Bolivia and labour conditions Are Moro Liberal than in this Colony. A now rival to our Kil Ivan cinnabar lodes has been found in Servia. It is not equal to the Almaden Mono in Spain now worked for 2,600 years and still paying �300,010 a your but it surpasses anything in California and appears As Good As the Best austrian mines of Mercury. In Servian cinnabar Iho j formation a in Arrito Throat lip through Serpent to Limo nuts and Pyrites being also present. Tho is Nativo Morenzy Ana Calomel hut Ohl Efly oink Char Tho Sulphur it. This a an old Mino onto worked by Tho anoints Liko Tho Almaden and grows Richer As greater Depths Aro attained. The shares Aro hold in England on a Oono Aaion obtained in 1887. Tours of. N. Bat lev. Fan for the family this year contains a number of outdoor games just Tho thing for an australian Christmas. The Christ Man number of Tho week will give you fun for both morning and Ning. Ton pay 3d. Only. See that you get a b Cocoa Ann no Votaw. " must to pronounced of the Quality being All Tost can be Deal Rod a Rohrda Aroma Tuto want i by a a thl i Ina it ill k in Shvom i ii i a. Liichi Ifni i n t ail to in Uili 1", Ceca a b to seut Ilu site a Rei shipping. Arrivals. November 13, buium Ola. 1,035 tons Cap twin j. Holmes from Fundaburg until Mary Borough in Mon Cra pcs dimes Woods and Juli uti missus 21. Julie if Bellamy Cameron and mire Allen nil Fox Moss a. Mari Anthul Wood Job. Att How jus. Hocking Isky Rinir. 12. W. Curtis. R. Peel. J. A. Mortimer. H. Ito Sony thai w. L. A outer. W. Loch. A. W. Mills of Cucolo Cou inn t. E. Smith m Dowell ill. In Chou 1\ w. Jenkins Mustora Davidson and Davis and to in the Strum the . And la. To Man limited Matt ghz in cats. December 1s.-i.uuv and Adelaide Clio once in Plain w. A Council from Tho a Oulu Ken ish Mph. Dunn. Phllis. And co., agents. Mccomber 14. Dkl went a. G00 tons up Tui Ellin from Roclor Impton via ports. Pusso Gera mesh Zuius Mitrion. Thompson and son a. Stephens and maid Oarr Watson Pawoll Donna misses Grieve gluing Herbert Kearney prior usher Dighton. T. Doolie Campbell Kent Watson Lynnn i Renu hit Epson Fleming Dubrou a Smiley Ltd Mullite l Helen Bligh. Iter. Barrio or. King messes. U. Steele j. Fate Wurfl Rutin Herbert j. Ii. Godio a. Grant e. . V h be briefs Lekoy l. Hpe Neor . Right M. J Hompton. J. E. . Of Iunius Thompson j. Hull w. Millor a. Bbl and A. Julius Cotou. Blackburn j. B. Grayson and master Aitken and u0 in the steer nge. We. Howard tilth and of Cenua limited agents. 1december 1i.-ranela0h\ a., 830 tons Bap Tain j. L. Johnston irom Sydney. Pcs Migora 1 mesh Tinea Shohei bum and infant drown Carco. Misses Keogh. Watts m Nemsio Moatari. dido. J. F. . Savago p. M . Lynelia j. C. Henrj Ghec h 8. Brown w. Evans i. G. Springall w. Tiow Norco. It. Doulin a. A. Rani w. 8. Kueker and 7 in Tho it Scrage. Tho l. . And . Company limited finn Ginier agents. At the Dae. December 1 4 o at the Thun a from Hon Kong % in ports pm to Sydney and Melbourne. Gibbs Bright mud co., agents. Departure. December Amao 2,1 1 1 tons Captain j. D. Mcalum for Cooktown via ports. In hungers pcs dams tile to and child Lucid p. Dmn sey Cark m Fluery w. Wallis Miiller Wallaroo and family Morrison Donala 8uowcroft, Bowden m limes Slisher Voysie n Orris it id Summers Paradise May ii Way brn Culin Cowboy c. Tennaut Hao Kinga Williams Ford i 4 Erguson. Hiu Rison. Hykiea. M jilt head Hmil or Luric t he nning e. Blok More Dudley Connelly Dizin Bowden Morrisey j. Inc Donald Tih Wcroft. Dowson Captala Wallace Hon. Ii. C. Wood m.l.c., messes. E. O.1 Erkins to. G. K. Him a donate Fraser pm. Jones Young Lambert Smith. E. Maynard 8.c. Lox Ailor. Weinberg . C. Ltan con m Cabo. C.d.8till,l.g.la8coilo9, f,, w. Joc Bleim Jno. Kennedy j. Ferguson d. Grose Creed m Donnld. H. Gels nor ii. Wills t. Delinn a. Wlm Woroft t. Cook. J. Anew Croft . Bohuw. Sudbury j. Smith . Dawes John Coon j. D. Oswald , r. Edwon. Lye"8 a , e. Wilmington w. Turner. Al. Xiu Iier Shepherd j. M cab Crossan Andi How m Cros Suu p. Latham 8. Russell. Roarty h. He ii fourty h. Hellos . Fahey ii. Rolton j. Ritchie. S. Ilaw Good .7. Love Ujj. Mullen to. Barry Fly. Darr Geo. Feeny and 80 in Tho Steerage. Tho 13.1. And . Company limited managing agents. December 18. Eur1mdla, l,0bg tons Cap Tain j. . Passengers me Samoa Tanoury and 6 children he Jimj and usher Grange Gardiner j. Morris 8davis. Mason mud Billing Roy. Sumerville messes. Downing Wilkinson w. It. Swan f. Hack Chi m Al Ster Uchaker downward. Ii. Thomas h. Shuw Tii Nith. Dumb airy Espolt Black Isturis Williams Gardiner Bromberg Joskie and master dude Cut mud 7 in the Enigo. . And , company limited managing Ngi its. December re. Glan Woietth s., 877 tons Captain a Sinclair. For Man Borough Dudun Nerg Gladstone and Roek Limpton. Passengers Mes Ninos Llo Berthon g. A. Antullo and child carers Adams Howard jus. Gibson Durdon Ana 8 children Stubbi w. Pinnoy misses Gaylard. Hayes. E. Thomson Gormier Mellifont Jensen Ribisl mall Adams Power Marks. Molloy 1. Ford or. Pain Cajita ius Jensen and Reynolds messes Eilson w. 1-Ord, j. Ii. Fox and servant a. Dinny i Tatullo Cuffin no 2f. Dunn non w. Heel Lafout g. A. Mellifont Capers ii. W. Capers our Iio 13. H. Gilill in licit it. Row d. Gibson. Young Row a. Btu bin w. Founders to. Green Cesli Durkott. J. Laurence Ogg Ana 19 in the Steerage. Tho . Mud . Company limited managing agents. December 13. Lucinda government steam Ync lit Captain j. Ii. Knuth. For Cooktown via ports. Passengers sir W. Urquith Tho . Unm Nek Tho Hon. To j. Byrnes messes. Mor Gan Watson. Etc hons Ilyne and l issuer mm.l.a., . Dell it. B. Taylor and . Cleared. December. 13. Eskdale barque 1,235 tons cantau Howatson for Invercargill ballast. Parbury Lamb and co., agents. Projected depart urea. Fob Sydney and Meli Buunk Buni Nynoff s., to Morrow at noon bar Coo s., on wednesday at 11 .cmtra, s., on Friday at 1 . Bursali s., on of Luuy at noon Fob dam at kilo i Bact lady one Ruvo s., on wednesday at 5p.m. Fob Kopoev Amiton via pouts Dane Lagh u., to Ino irow at 4 . Ser want a., to Morrow at c . To Nowarra a., Friday at 10 .Fob Hlaoky and Gabo b., to Day at 4 . Fob Duby own via i outs Marabou a., to Morrow at is . Voo alb in fort. Capelle barque 501 tons fro Humburg arrive december 4, Cormorant barque from London Arr Irod of Tober in. Burns Plilip Aud co., agents. Greta barque 1.180 tons from London arrived december 4. Parbury Lamb and co., agents. Kileena barque. 783 Tous. Rom Lluc Rauol of lived dec Ember 4. Quinlan Gray and co., agents Kibiuk Bawn barque 1,120 tons from Glasgow buived december 10. D. L. Drown and co agents. Tar on . Arrived from London do combo g. . Puiul . Company managing auguts Jess posted arrivals. Adeline barque 630 Tous left London for brie Bane a gust . Dec Lyle and co., agents. Ardvar barque 830 tons loading at live poo for Brisbane october 21. Armin barque. 812 tons left London for Rock Hompton and Townsville october 8. Walter Ria and co., agents. Deemah Bur quo 864 tons loading at Glasgow for Dies Bane. Int Isle India ship , loading at Lon Don 1 or Drishaus a acct. Jul noun Gray and co., agents. Concordia barque 84s tons to leave new York for Brisbane in november. Parbury Lamb and co., agents. Lori orinus barque 1,016 tons to leave London for Brisbane Bop tember 25. Burns Plilip and co., agents. Covilie Bank Bip 2.200 tons from Greenock via Maryport to Iris Bucu i Sadang la october by Ellie mud co., neuts. Culmore ship tons to Olavo Maryport for Bundu Bergund Gladstone bup Tomber 13. Franeis Fiji tar slip 1,430 tons loft lotion for Brisbane november 0. Parbury Lamb a and co., , barque 074 tons from London sailed boat cuber 12, Quinlan Gray and co., agents. In Isiah la dolls barque 83 tons loading at Glasgow for Brisbane. Novem Bur 16. Liei Mim Ocdol Jarlsberg a., 3,150 Tona loading. At London for Brisbane via Southern ports. We. Howard Mil Ali and Boris agents. Ilii Polyta Bur quo 783 tons loading at Lon Donfor ill Bunc. October 3. Boulo Auu co., agents. Jumet court barque left m idd Leub or of ii for Normanton october 16. Jumna 6,197 tons to leave London Forb Risbano december 11. . And u , l Nadelb do Street ran Vii l Fri iwo i Koi k Hui Asiu i is in ,.i Ujjin ii l i i final or to a

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