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Brisbane Sunday Mail (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia the Price c is now j i d for a 3 piece suit Faul Letsly l re cleaned unit fretted to fullers the belter dry cleaner Ann & Duncan streets Valley. Cluj depot Ascot Chambers. Thonton bb8os. By ii. French Navy reported with British two battleships destroyed Cabinet delays peace decision thigh officials of the United states government have been informed it is believed on reliable authority that Britain has taken Over the French Navy says the Washington correspondent of the new York Herald Tribune. He adds that the French blew up the battleships Clemenceau and Richelieu before evacuating Brest and that the British embassy de Clines to comment on the report. Another message from the Washington correspondent of the new York times says that it is believed on Good authority that less than half the French Navy has joined the British but it has not been con firmed that the Richelieu and Clemenceau were destroyed. Six French tankers have anchored at Istanbul Turkey. They have transferred to British ownership and hoisted the British Flag. Meanwhile no indication of Hitler s armistice terms handed to the French envoys at comping be on Friday nor of France s attitude to them has been Given. The French Cabinet met at Bordeaux from 1 . Till 4 . Yesterday studying the armistice terms. The president m. Lebrun presided and planned to meet again later in the morning after experts had examined the specific demands. It is understood that the meeting will continue All Day. Capitulation demanded Filic Iwuh naval Luht. The battleship Dunker one with a displacement of 26,500 tons is an ? adaptation in some respects of the British Nelson. Below. French warships lined tip at Brest. I London june 22. 7r0m the preamble read to the French envoys by the German chief of staff general re Telat Hitler s order it is inferred in London that Hitler s ? demands amount to total French Capitula Tion. Hitler at preventing France from resuming the fight and at giving Germany safeguards for continuation of the War against Britain. The germans Are reported to have demanded a yes or no answer unconditionally and immediately. After the French envoys Hadj been in repeated consultation a Telephone with the French. Government they conferred again with the germans on Friday afternoon. Germans in Madrid affirm that there will be no peace negotiations after the armis Tice. Germany and Italy would Lay Down terms on which they would govern France throughout the War. The newspaper achtau Sogabe declared that France must disarm completely. The French merely have the Choice of handing Over All War material including All categories of weapons or witness ing German seizure of them. Indicating that military occupation of France is one of the Ger Man terms the Rome radio said yesterday that if France accepts the armistice Italy will co operate in a military occupation of France. The Rome radio states that Mussolini will undertake peace negotiations after France s reply to Germany is known. Following a report from Bor Deaux that the German Advance on the whole front ceased at 5 . On thursday the daily mail says that the cessation is interpreted As an indication that hit Ler s terms would be acceptable but nevertheless hard. The French envoys reached Tours at Midnight yesterday after Long delays resulting from the movements of the French re forming around the Loire. They travelled by car escorted by motor cyclists flying White flags and found a German general at the Pontoon Bridge at Tours. He had been waiting since yesterday after noon. They then went on to com Pisegne talk of the French Fleet being withdrawn from the Mediterranean and of the air Force flying to eng land or North Africa Are merely dreams France must accept what Ever is demanded of her says the special correspondent of the new York times at Bordeaux. France cannot now be considering the French British fusion proposal and if is even doubtful whether the government will leave France As a symbolic protest if the terms Are too harsh. M. Laval a former Premier and foreign minister told deputies that it was the business of the French patriots to remain and work for reconstruction. Nobody appears to grasp the fact that France is Defeated. The correspondent. Adds that it is improbable that the full German demands will be announced As the politicians themselves prefer not to risk the rage of the nation when they learn As sooner or later they must that Germany will not give France the Opportunity Ever of recovering As ver Sailles ave Germany. Attacks by italians fail a French communique i issued at Bordeaux this morn i ing said local engage ments occurred South of the Loire. A detachment of spa his on the Rhone at andante re pulsed an enemy battalion including tanks after Sharp fighting. Italian troops unsuccessfully attempted a few local attacks in the Alps the French communique last night said in the Vosges mountains our troops formed into a vast Square to carry out a vigor Ous fight. They Are holding their lines repelling several assaults and counter attacking Success fully. On the rest of the front there were some local clashes not ably in the Region of Clermon Fer Rand Clermont Ferrand is 80 Miles West of Lyons. A Berlin report says that bitter fighting is going on at Wiedenhof Fen North of Metz and the fight ing continues at Colmar near the Frontier about 40 Miles North of Basle. The German High command formally apologised to the French for thursday s bombardments of Bordeaux they pointed out that the belated arrival of the French envoys resulted in the belief that France was not willing to negotiate. Therefore Bor Deaux was strafed. The exodus to the South continues although it has slightly de creased. Mmmmbbmbems1 Ype scale nazi air raids London june 22. German bombers for the third night in four tried a Large scale attack against Britain and met every where a hot reception. The raiders again adopted hit and run tactics. It is officially stated that bombs were dropped sporadically in several Eastern counties. They mostly fell in open country causing Little damage except some which fell on a Suffolk town. One of these demolished a House killing three people. Elsewhere the Only casualties were three persons wounded. The raiders came in successive Small Waves Over parts of North and South East England causing Many people again to spend nost of the night in shelters. Within a few moments of the air raid warnings a series of loud explosions were heard Over a wide area. Warnings also were sounded in South East England. In some areas the All Clear was sounded after two to three hours. The raiders attacked one North Eastern locality in relays dropping Many bombs. The residents of one town bombed said the raiders did not waste time searching for military and. Industrial targets. They de parted hurriedly after dropping a few bombs which merely watered Fields near houses. The majority of the bombs dropped in. A certain spot seemed to have been jettisoned when an enemy plane was being chased. Many bombs were heard to explode in the North Eastern District which was visited earlier in the week. Singing crowds people Sang As they left cinemas after the alarm in the Eastern area and took Refuge in the nearest shelters. The alarm lasted four hours during which anti aircraft fire and heavy explosions were heard. Two bombs were dropped in another Eastern place one dam aging the Corner of an unoccupied House another falling in a Garden. A bomb falling in the outskirts of a certain town Shook buildings three Miles away and smashed windows in five streets nearby. This bomb Fel near a Small works in which three men were on duty. One said i heard a plane approach. It seemed to be making a Power dive. The explosion lifted me into he air. I think the re Flection of the Moon from the sky Light gave the Raider the impression that he was Over a Large fac tory five bombs were dropped a mile from the works. A bomb set fire to a Haystack in an Eastern county. The Raider encircled the area dropping More bombs also machine gunning apparently under the impression that it had hit an important objective. The Raider quit immediately . Fighters appeared. Anti aircraft guns went into action in the South West of eng land in the morning. Spitfires went up and pursued a solitary enemy plane after which heavy explosions were heard. One bomb fell in a Timber Yard in an Eastern county shattering the windows and shaking build Ings three Miles away. A few minutes later still More violent explosions were heard. Some fires were reported. A network of searchlights picked up one Raider which made off towards the coast. British fighters were everywhere Active. Air raid warnings also sounded in East and North East England. A plane crossed the coast and dropped flares when it was picked up by searchlights. The . Went off the air at 10.45 ., without explanation. It resumed very faintly soon after 11p.m. Two further deaths have occurred As a result of the air raid on a North Western town Early yester Day. To Day s weather Fine with Tot Herly winds. . A take children from England Washington. June 22. Or. Ronald Robinson . Conservative in an informal appear Ance before the House of representatives foreign affairs com Mittee suggested thai the United states might give Refuge to thous ands of English children because Hie War is coming to England and the country will be turned into a Battlefield the Speed at which the removal was carried out was vital. If we Wail Loo Long we May be unable to get them out said or. Robinson. May halve horse and dog races Sydney saturday. Recommendations urging 50 per cent reduction in the. Num Ber of horse and dog race meet Ings Are contained in a Cabinet subcommittee report which will be considered by the state Cabinet next wednesday. The Premier or. Mair to Day declined to say How these recommendations would affect the Rac ing Calendar for metropolitan and provincial meetings. All i can say is that the sub committee has concluded its in Quiry and its proposals if adopted will be brought into operation As soon As possible said or. Mair. Race club representatives prob ably will Confer this week after the government s intentions have been made known. Warm protests will follow any attempt to eliminate provincial meetings. Provincial officials Realise that some curtail ment is necessary but they will ask for a share of the wednesday meetings. Where Hitler wants his revenge j the railway Carriage in which the armistice was signed on november 11, 1918. Hitler desires to stage a dramatic coup by signing peace with France in the same place. The Carriage is now in a museum in Paris flanked by other trophies of the War of 1914-18. This picture was taken in 1924 when a party of boys of the Young Australia league visited the museum. Planes cause raid alarm in Berlin London june 22. The Berlin correspondent of the associated press says that an air raid alarm was Given at 1.40 . It was accompanied by gun fire lasting several minutes. No planes were visible but they were heard flying Over at a great height. Intense anti aircraft gun fire followed and scores of search lights 6treaked the sky. Some observers declare that shortly afterwards at least 25 heavy explosions were heard in the City s Southern and Western suburbs. ,. An official admitted that Sev eral enemy planes had attacked but had been driven off to Tho South Westward before they reached greater Berlin. -. The Berlin radio reported that nine people were killed and eve ral injured in a British air raid on Essen on thursday night. ?. First alarm at Cairo the first air raid alarm at Cairo was sounded at 1.50 ., and the All. Clear at 5 . To Day. Searchlights picked Vout enemy planes and anti aircraft on went into action. No bombs were dropped. Four civilians 1 were1 Jfe Jared by shrapnel. A i miss Connie Jordan of the Queens. I i land Aero club staff who will i assist in servicing the planes i handed Over yesterday by the Aero � club for training . Recruits. ? ? i ? ? my h so cups Fine after fog metropolitan Fine patches of morning Mist or fog. Southerly winds. Queensland Fine except for scattered Shower developments on he far North coast. Cold nights further frosts in. Die Central and Southern divisions. Downs Fine further frosts southerly to South Easterly winds. Fax w Iab Lef and ?. A. ? Fil Viri by Seal your Romance and at the same time show your Wisdom by purchasing your Diamond engagement ring. At Wallace Bishops who As Queensland s largest manufacturing jewellers offer not Only by far the but definitely the Best values. 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