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Brisbane Daily Mail Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 5

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Brisbane Daily Mail (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia s j evening j i j Vear it tha 8oa3on that Calls for i s formal Evon lug Wear i with us. The Ball the dance the jazz evening demand of Meu who Toko j at Pride in their appearance. Dress that will provide a i i " fitting background for the. 1 six Ticki cts Fob 0/. Each ticket 146 chances and can win prizes value �4000. Please stamped addressed envelope nut result slip. Tickets obtainable from . Donk atall co. All branches liar dressers und tobacconists in cite suburbs and country also messes. Proud Ltd. And humic tier a. Sydney. To. Griffiths. Elisbth Street Itris Hanc. Edgar Booth Hon. Secretary two Culb h chamber. Matoumba . I Martin Kelly i private det Cativo registered next 4 to Fluney Uslos Queen Street no know Ledger As the most reliable detective f operating in Queensland in Montri Mogul civil so Elul any confidential to y quires. Ladles and get Lemon see me before you go elsewhere. 1 Clingo you not hag for advice. I Send my staff to any part of the state on inquiries. Raaon for Tho great de and Fortl lamberts wines in their Bleb Quality Inlet on Lamb crts a by your win shop Bottlo do pc. A rainout for Lalk rat a tue Tiv beat bottled Loea in. Australia a . Races Toohey wins treble Les Paddington and Agar take jumping double Siai extraordinary weather for Liia time of the Wear waa experienced for the a.. May meeting. It Una Quito warm and doll. Tho Largo jumping Fields evidently proved a draw Jerst race a Largo crowd " pr0-c, i do Imp Dulca Woro place Don Tho Ienaido of the . Up reported that c. Black.1 Aiki received a rations Over Tho right oyo and concussion when Pali Camo to grief at Tho seven furlongs in 9 u Lviv. Hio rider. Of steel Point in Tho re Eli cd concussion and abrasions to his of 1 9, Vun by. Hits rider of South Boa bad his Eoll arborio fractured. Alo Loro Trio Winner of Tho flying and leap received abrasions to Tho Hock Una Tendon. In Tho Arch received a fracture of the Icar Pollock. Hoon goo sprained a Tendon. Steel Point. -.,a of Tho near Shoul with Lamont is. Fla Maco received no Pasiona to Trio nose and Tho Stille. To starter reported that Dutwil was at Tho Barrier in the hurdle Ace and recommended that his it a Uturo should to stipendiary stewards reported that they considered Irish Rufus was kept too tar out of Hia ground in Tho Steeple Chase and asked for an explanation. E. To Oniey who Rodo the gelding state that Irish Bufus jumped the first three hurdles badly and thus last ground. Ilis connections said that Tho horse had not Itro Imd Etnere the last Melbourne cup mooting and was genuinely supported a explanation was accepted ,.ynt 19 slam ters for Tho flying Lla Thuro was i Little to Clio Oso in the Bottog Between Fleur Islo in Lidoli vac Cine and Montoro. Tho last named had to services of j. Too Hoy who had won on his five previous mounts. Most of Tho Field was almost in line at Trio Leger whole vaccine failed and Pike took Flenn Ste to the front a Little less than m =. Rom Homo. Just Here Liow was to be seen making Adash on Tho Raila on Montoro and drive mount out for Oil he was Worth Ramo. On to beat Fleuriste by to lice a St with a wheat a to Lar a tf.0 Field had Liard pulled up when the spectators Coin Rodonis ?, c successful rider whole ins sixth Rico m succession no Jenta happened in Tho Tho Tiol Oriah candid no Insh Rufus was a hot la Bounto starting at 2 to 1. Two Olhorn victorians Agar and Boon goo were at 7 to 1, As was the Randock liar to \ Blue. British Archand cots Wold also from Mel Bourne were next fancied. Die a tvi1 e m Rufus. We it Tho Tail endow Tho Field most of the Way. Steel went out wit ii a. Good Load but quickly came to grief As did South sea while Elamacy foil opposite Kensington Bri Tish Arch ran to the front a Alio from Homo and held a Good Lead fro n Ibong goo Blue gun talk and Agar Lori Tun Arch led Over Tho last Fence Bat Fioke Down badly and his rider dismounted soon afterwards. This left Agar 1o run to the front easily and win from gun talk and mortis. Boon goo appeared Tobe very Lamo on pulling up Host of the others were very much distressed. Moon Rode the Winner in his usual finished Stylo. British Arch Broko a leg and was subsequently destroyed. A. Toohey s Luck Stuik to i m Agair. J in the Nursery Handicap which to won on lady Valais. Although silo had run badly when Well backed1 at Newcastle web. Trio fact of. Toohy be ing on -1ier Taay probably influenced the. Public and shows Mado Favourite for Tho. Nursery Handicap at fours punters selected Blackadder for Trio High Ciglio in Dicapi and after a bad passage he finished third. Mountaineer was next fancied but plenty of Money come for miss Lua Ridden by j. Toohy and she finished up at 7 to 1. Easter week Toorak and cassava wore the next inquired for. Although Toorak ran a Good race his weight anchored him at Trio fun in. When Mountaineer shot out at the. Distance the Raco Doo Kod All Over but miss Lila Ridden by Toohey threw out an undeniable Challenge and Camo on to beat Mountain Cor by a length and a Quarter Blackadder who. Had met with interference near Tho five Fiir Longs ran a fait third As on Tho previous occasions. Toohy recoil of deafening cheers on returning to scale Toolie a last nine in ounts panned out eight wins and Ono second truly a marvellous performance. Results. Ltd Idle Back of 500 sons about 2 Sulca. R. Of Trow Ceka . Los padding ton by Paddy Upton nip -4konq, 6 years 10.0 a. Hawkins 1. Siors. Estate late j. O. Oterson. . I delusion 6 years 9.10 j. Onions 2 j. J. Garvan s . Clan Robort. Years 9-7, including 21b Over Al Moon 3 other starters borr san 12.1. E j. Mooney Chrys Ostuni. 10.9 8. Rold i Dun Wil 11.8 a. Doy carte 11.5 Harris Amazonia 11.3 t. Butler Pali 10.0 o. Black fifteen seconds 10.0 . J. O mealy Keno ale 9.7 w. Ii. Baker lord Black. 9.5 a. Ferguson lion ram Pant. 9 0 j. Carlisle lord Positano 9.0 j. Lealden Crown Locaso 9.0 8. Harap. Son., betting 4 to 1 each against delusion clan Robert. 5 to 1 Amazonia 10 to 1 in lbs Chrysostum. U to t 14 to 1 los Paddington. 20 to 35 to 1 Tho others dividends for 10s. �5 19s 6d. 9s 6d, and 9s. Dutwil was left. When fairly going delusion was in front but Over the stand Juntip he was joined by Dutwil and Lora Black the order Tho others being Chrysostum. Clan Robert Les Paddington and Pali. With carte last. Delusion again forged to the front Aud at Tho mile obstacle was out from lord Black Dutwil. Clan Robert Chrysostum and la Paddington. The Las named made a fast run round Ken Kington Side and he was with delusion at Tho straight Entrance. I cd padding ton and delusion had a great Battle Down the straight resulting in a length win for the former with clan Robert in lengths further Hack third. Ken Carlo wag fourth and carte last Pali fell Aud lion rampant ran off. Time 3.401 Courso record. Flying -0f 50o sons. _ 6 furlongs. Ii. C. And Clark s . Mon Toro by Almissa Imp Adria 4 m years. 7.12 j. Toohy Kelso s . Fleuriste imp6 Yean 9.8 j. Pfc 2 to hanuman a . All wheat 3 years allowed Sib carried 7.4 j. Muloahy ,3other starters. Volpi 9 0 k. Bracken Filkin 8.8 j. Munro Curr Awesu 8.7 g. Willis Paginini. 7.6 o. Barden Pagan Climer allowed 5lb, carried 7.13 j. Brown Woolf Stone. 8.4 s Cracknell ready Aye. Roady. 8.2 i. A. Walker Yal Dolid. 7.15 w. Johnstone vaccine 7.9 e. Bartuch Myam Lcy. 7.3 m. 8ulhvan Rule shot. 7.2 a. J. Montgomery Tutlo Flower 7.2 j. Manning. Moog oils allowed 71b, carried 6.7 11. To radar .beon., allowed 71b, carried 6.7 a. Garrard Huo rss. Allowed 61b. Car ried 6.8 in Jarrett Cirrus allowed 71b, carried 6.7 Cutler. Betting 5 to 1 against Fenrir the. 6 to 1 Vui Dolid. 7 to 1-Vaccluo 3iontoro, 1 10 to 1 col Stone 12 to 1 All wheat Klein 14 to i Cirrus ready Aye ready 16 to 35 to 1 Tho others. Dividends �2 10s 6d, 16s. And �1 9s. Ready Aye. Ready was left it the Start of which vaccine. Volpi. And Pagan chief had the lest. Yaccino went to the front and led into Trio straight from Cirro. I Agni chief Myam Lcy Ami Jcu Alstn. With ready. Ayo. A Nav Mak ing a dash on the outside. At Tho Dis Tance a great Battlo was being fought out Between Montoro who had slipped up on the rails am wheat Floii Lutc. Ready Aye ready and Cirrus. Vigorously Ridden Montoro shot to Tho front in the run Home and won by three quarters a length from f1euri�te. Who was a neck in rout of Aid wheat Roku Aye ready was fourth and Kuorava. Whose Saddle slipped was last. Time 1.13j. Steel . Of 500 Fivos 21 Miles. K. M Kilion s . Agar by a Luik Nev Imp Grcic Berry imaged. 10.3. K. Moon 1 a Nolan ? . Gun talk. Aged. 9 0 a. Ferguson 2 mrs. 0. B. Wright s . Morus. Acid 9.1 j. Holden 3 other starters British Arch. 12.10 but Ler Irish Rufus 11.8 e j Moonert 5.10 j. Troy Cerise Liny 9.3 j. Sollitt Fla Maco 9-5, including 31b Over i f. Moore sir Noel 9.0 8. Tea Zapson Otcel Point 9,0 in. Davies a spoon 9.01ta. Barnes South sea 9.0 0 Murphy. Betting 2 to 1 against Irish runs 6 to 1 Boon goo. 7 to l Agar Blue. 10 to 1british Arch cotswold,-20 to 1-Guntaik. 25 to 1 Morus. Dividends �1 18i, �2 2s. And �5 10s.steel Point made the Early Pace but fell at Tho third jump leaving cotswold in Chargo from air Noel. Agar British Arch and Blue. Passing the stand British Arch took charge but cotswold resumed the a to making until the Hill was As Cen cd when Brit if Arch again went to Tho front and led Down Tho Hill from Blu Boon goo. And in talk after a Gap coming Agar and Fla Maco who Well shortly afterwards. British Arch cleared the last Fence Well Clear of Blue gun coining Agar and Fla Maco who Feli into Tia course proper from Agar Anjou talk. In Tho run Homo Agar won by Throo lengths with Merit a similar Dis Tance away third. Irish Rufus was fourth and Cerise and Grey last of a Strung out Field. Ticino 4 46. British Arch pulled up in the straight and it was subsequently found that Nohad broken his near fetlock. Nursery Handicap of 500 sets 7 furl Onra s. Kahlick s . Lady Valais by Valais Imp lady child Wick 8.2. Too Hoy 1 0. Ii. J Schmidt s . Royal Ligh Tou allowance 7lb, carried 6 7 a. Garrard 2 U. Beaton s . Collared 7.1 111 old Long 41b Over to. 3. Montgom by 3 other starters Wool own 9.0 Tiv Bracken . 8.13 j. Pike Hon 11 it. 7.12 m. Sulu run Rcd Tino 7.12 j. A Munro id class. Allowance 71b, car ried 7.4 l. J. La yuck am Star. 7 7 c. Spencer Templo bar 7.7 f. Sel kalg Cristimo 7.4 j. Hal Cathy Mph Broek 6.7 k. Cutler Bronti sir. 6.13, Imdad it a 61b Ove Hurphy socialist 6.7 s Davidson rotting 4 to 1 a canst lady Valais. 9 to 2 Linda ski 6 to 1 Wonio Oriu 6 to 1 Rosebrook. 1q to 1 us Una Rortina Boc Taliath 12 to 1 Royal Llight ii Aris Timo. 14 to 1 c Maroi. 20 to 1 the others. Dividends to 16s w. �1 03 6d. And �1 12s. Vertino was the smartest away from i Ady Valais. Of Laroi Ali hear. And Royal Dighton Bertono and Royal i photon disputed Tho Lead into the Stro Cut. Where Artif title. Bin aka Ifo Udini. Ami Fady Valais were their nearest attendants. Too hey brought lady Valais with a great Rush from the distance and won by two and a half lengths Fetn Royal Dighton who was half a length in front of col Laroi. Bin aka was a Cloo fourth mud Pompio bar last. Tunc 1.23t May btake8, 730 sons h mile. J. Champion s . Penn Bont by Piastre prize gun 4 years 7.7,. In. Eluding lib Over j. Munro 1 w. Tinson a . King of Tho Forest 6 years -8.6 j. Toohy 2 a. Burton s . Punch 5 years 7.10 k. Bracken 3 other starters Grey Arrow 8.10 w. Johnstone master Ragou 8.0 b. Mars Don mirth kor 7.6 s. Cracknell Princo charming. 7.3 b. Dickson am Berle 7.2 s. Davidson i Poyan 6.9 J. Play pcs Vieta 6.8. Including lib Over a Sullivan Gem of Isles. 7.0, including 7ib Over Mitzi 1 Glen Row 2 Miti Ghi 3. Two others time .1.17, dividend i 10s Aud 6s 3d. ". Emerald races Emerald saturday. Tho pastoral so City s races yesterday Woro very Success Ful. Results 31a1den plate. Gondolier 1 Doc Tor 2-. Slow foot 3. " iian Bocai Mistee h1vebs Dale walk Over. Bridge Flats Book. 1 Dom Way 2 Molly d., 3. Ubab , 1 miss Elf 2. Handicap. Bra 1iam, 1 passbook 2 Blackrod 1 Farewell Handicap. General 1 Blue 1 doctor Dorset lass a i Sandown Park. Tres Sady Queen. Beaten Melbourne. Saturday. Sandown Park races were held in threatening weather. Results hurdle race. 2 Miles. Brav and Long s Buoo Najl. By Brood j lady Rufus. 10.7 o. Boyd 1 1 j. Smith s Furland. 9.0 a mid Ducton 2 j. Stuart s vol ecu strand 10.3., Sirop Fon 31 of starters Clear be 10.11, Golden desert 10.10. Oui Harry 10.6, la coup 10.0,1xlurray 9.10, 9.9. Hand alone i 9.5, Tomach 9.5, mount Neileon 9.2, Glit Ter 9.0. Bev w. Jardno. Considering the slowness of Tho trucks very Good times Woro. Put following. Woro Tho old Cills ref co 1. 8. Carter sub re Force w. St Coj a Turtur j. I. Brown Check starter. Ii. Of Sacy timekeepers messes. F. K. Duty vatne f. W. , Geo. Trow and n. Wallai of. Judges messes. 8. J. Glas sop 1. I. Merritt j. Durston und ii. Powell clerks of course messes. J. O Halloran g. It. Cook and t. Dully press Ateward h. Tew Call Steward t. A in Lhynn number and Lostumo Steward of. Slock Bon. Ass slept Secretary . I. Brown Lioni general Secretary pm. Niston Hon. Mccre Lary to Wong harrier. G. 0, Cooper. Re Sulla were As follow Junior Handicap. 73 arts. K. Bicley in Refl. To. Ward scratch2. Won easily in d 3-5ecc. A . Handicap 100yards first heal s. U. Roath Waco 7j1 ii. V. Schou Tor 32 time 10 3-i0sec. Second heat 1. O. Clowes 111 l. F. Tib Bette 712 time Losek. Third Lient f. Mills i1 a. What hog. 2. Time 10-l-Fisec. Fourth heat w. In Franklin 4. 1 a. I Baker 82 time ld2-5see. Fifth heal p. Dulton 8j1 b. O sul Ivun 02 time 10 2-5sec,. Sixth i int a. V. Robinson j0j1 . Jardine 02 time 10 1-5, seventh neat S. Spurn 13i1 s. M Lvov 8j. 2 time 10 1-Flsec. Eighth heat v. Max ecu. Do1 g. Bay icy 10j2 time 10 3-Loaee. Ninth Licat j. Ramsbottom a1 a ,6io Moo 512 time 10 3-6scc. Tenth heat h. 0. Russell 61 j. O Regan Ini 2 time 10 2-5sec. Eleventh neat w. A. Burnup 01 j. F. Re Hardson 812 time lose. Twelfth Licatta. A 0. Sweat Man 103. M. R. Smith 92 -.time. 10 3-5scc. Semi final first heat. W. Franklin 3, time 3 0 1-Qsoc second heat a. It kor 1, time 10 3-10 third Hent. F. Mills i 3. lose fourth heat f. W. Jardno ,3, Timo 10 a fisc fifth heat w. A Burnup 3, Timo lose sixth heat a. V. Robinson 1, time 30 l-10sec. Final f. Ills i1 a Burnup i2 f. W. Jardno 0.3. Time Locc. Wonky inches. L. Junior and leap 75 Yards. Q..under in . Bent. I. Of. Tibbols scratch1 up hides 7j. 2 time 8 3-5sec. Second heat we Tien Suesay 8i a ,. A Iowa in i 2 time Oseo. Third heat 8. A. �tlorney.-. 5 of l e. A Beoley 42 ii Rae .8l3-&sac,. Fourth heat ii. Day 0i1 t. Boast. 22 time 8 2-Ssec. Fifth heat l. J. Palco 101 c. L. Larkin 122 time 84-5scc. Semi finals. First heat h. Day 3, t. Boast 2, a o. Cir web 3 time 8 2-Osec. Second heat 8. P. Thorney 1. V. L. Glenn cosy 2, l. I. Tibbetts 3 Lime. 8 c-5socfinal t. Host 21 h. Day0i .2 Thorney 53. Time 8 l-5scc. " in. ,.r Patron s Handicap 100 Yards Club i heist a. Colbert 71 a Fisher 4. 2 time 10 3-5800. Flo Otid Hent t. Knight2 1 f. Blako 0 ,. 2 Tinie i use third heat e. Sweatman0 ,1 1 walk Over. Final. K. Sweatmon 1, 0. Col Bert .a,.1, Blako. Rime 10 a fisc. Schoolboys Handicap Ruderi i Erk. Hey 1, a Reeve 2, a. Baxter 8,s" schoolboys Handicap incr i4, e. Mor Gan 1, 0. Larkin 2, Log sctt u. Junior Handicap 220 Yards club i e. Beeley 12a w. Wardscratch2 j. Butler53. Time 24 4-Saec. Weight putting. A. Colbert lift set Ilu. A s. Cocks a gift 31ft Oln. In t. Knight scat i30ft oin j \ 880 Yards a. Handicap. First heat w. Humbe dross 100 Yards-41 a o. Marxson 702 j. Rush. 65 3 l. I sic Nion 554 b. Pace 555 .tlme,2mln 1 2-Ssec. Second licit h. Parcel 001 l. T. We Stop 002 w. J. In Grogor 753 j. M. Catolane 75 4 Mitchell 00-5 time 2niiti 4sec,. Final w. Humbe dross 1, l. C. Mar Sou .2, l. T. Weston. 3,. Time 2,11. 440 Yards Consolation Handicap. A. Fibber 18 yards1 a. Ltd Bisou scratch2. Time -57sec. Magnesia Best for dyspeptic stomachs it neutrals Ostlie dangerous stomach acids we Iii Causo indigestion. Tho widespread Uso of magnesia by physicians in the treatment of stomach troubles a due to Trio fact that it in stoutly neutralised and cuders harm less Tho dangerous atom Inch Oncidi which Crisp nearly nil digestive disorders Aith to d gone and stomach made a acct chs Aud painless digestion invariably follows. Old dyspeptic whom indigestion our weak sickly stomach has made mis Crable for Yenta find Quick and lasting Relief in info remedy find Urc ii Galit Able to oat what they please. Jut t a Glas of hot Magnam water prove . Trouble. I fre Paro the in Gnettia water Al Home by dropping Ono Taip ooh fun four tablets of pure Salix magic eight in a Glass of hot water. Any reliable chemist has the genuine Salix Lnag Icsia and Blo Maeh sufferers Olio follow fhis.phmftndreligi-. Otily avoid Pepsi pills a drug and stomach will soon find that Tho digestive apparatus relieved of irritating acid and distending , soon resumes its Normal activity and will do its work us aided by the artificial digest Nile. Prices to be increased. Be Wise and make an Early selection. Carpets and rugs latest Cable advisor that owing to Tho continued High prices of raw Mato vials Thero will be an inc roast in Tho Cost of carpets and hugs. Winter is coming and you will to wanting oar pets and hugs to Mako Tho Homo cheerful and cosy. Our stocks Aro new and we Liao Tho largest assortment of carpets and hugs in Queensland. This week s prices. Tape witty bugs 8/, 8/11, 10/6. Velvet 1-Lle bugs 10/0, 12/6, 13/g, 11/, 18/6. Bbl Esible Avo ii Kos 17/6,=22/6, 30/6, .82/6, 15/g1.72/ s. Axm1xstek bugs 11/0, 22/6, 26/, 27/0, 30/, 32/, 75/. Tapestry Squab is 0ft x 7ft Iii 60/, 70/, 78/0 Oft x 10ft Gilt 84/, 06/, 100/0 Oft x 12ft, 06/0, 108/0, 122/0f. Best Veia it 1 , 0ft x 7ft Gin 142/0 10ft bin x 7ft Gin 150/ 10ft Gin x Oft �10/2/0 12ft x 0ft, �0/2/6, �11/17/6. Axm1nste1?, Oft x 7fl oin 170/, 205/ Oft tin x 10 it. Gin �0/17/0,�11/16/, �14/5/, �16 9ft x 12ft,. �12/12/6, �13/10/, �16, �16/17/6, �17/6/. Wilton. Ort oin x Oft �7/10/ 9ft x Oft �13/17/0 Oft x Ull Gin �16/17/g, �16/2/0, �17/6/, �17/16/, �22/2/0 Oft x 12ft, �13/17/0, �18/,�10/10/, �20/5/,. �24/10/,. �26/.carpet Bunners Boji 5/0, 0/6, 0/11, 7/0, 8/0, 0/0 up. John Hicks company Ltd., George St Brisbane . Of Ann strict. All Wool to eels Greys land , tailored to your measure to always sell 25 per cent under " usual Brisbane prices. Brisbane Sest business suit a last week s Brioe 1 �5/5/ this weeks -�4/4& Bend t of patterns the australian tailoring co. Opp. Bubnes statue Petrie bight. Hartigan s famous grand Gen h Al j hotel. ,. Ail liquors Superior .1 pacing Queen and Elizabeth streets. I this is the hotel Tiro Tho Public no up orally Catoria for. Q e. Hartigan proprietress. Phone 920, 1. Hamilton. I Youyee estate j Fob Sale by i Public auction on tub ground at 2.20 in in i next saturday May 26. In incr Insorn Lions from . One Tuggart Liliu. Properly comprising1 the choicest building blocks in the Hamilton. Will Tilc of Yehei As Adove. J Lio bites Are on the popular Camern slope of this favoured. Elevated Lin Calitr. And Ore the last non Diablo building blocks la to obtained with an Uri excelled View of Tho River Morton Hay the a lauds and surroundings Thoy no Ulso conveniently situated boing within a Fow Ini sulcs walk of the trolly and River snoring water and Electron Loilit anyone desirous of so Curitti a Homo site in Trio to Omilion area cannot do bettor Liun inspect the so docks As they Are absolutely Tho Best offering in Lri Abano to Day. on application Charlton Elliott & sons auctioneers asm evaluators "356 que in Street.

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