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Brisbane Daily Mail Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 3

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Brisbane Daily Mail (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia Poller s this Quartetti Hyman Lenzer Ibex Conway and Beecham j Sam Stern inst week of can Moreni s Coy. Antonio & son j i next week i Daisy Jerome hurl Evans revue 00. I plan and prices As usual. I Cremone theatre proprietor Jolin n. M Yallum. To Morrow evening at 0 . R. White and j. Ross present. The Midnight frolics. The show Trtat will set All Brisbane talking. All Star cast include Dick and Dorothy Trio George Taylor and Naomi m Quoin Idan Booker supported by Dorothy White Grace Marrs Nellie Muguiro Brewer Myrtle Skewes Vera Henka Lek White Dunn up Ullvan Mavis Taylor Madge a cock Peggy Tver Mickev Phillips Ysobel Row lc3 White e. J. Feran. Yonne of Helen Liq to Good muscle i go to the. Midnight frolics. You desire a Hearty i nun go to the Midnight frolics you wish to har Pond Lin no go. To the Midnight frolics. You Admire pretty. Fork go to the Midnight frolics. If you would like to Soe some handsome men Well modesty forbids us to talk anyway. If you want to spend an enjoy j Able ave nine. I go to the Midnight frolics. Plans at paling s. Prices As usual. Brisbane citizens / band. Will Bender a programme of music botanical gardens ,. Boo 0 c next May Sor at 3 . I Iti a Kaie Seli. Conductor ,. Newey nol secretory. By. J the Trade Mark f to v tells the Story a we design effective Trade quarks. We do Alt classes of illustrative i work from making Tho net clips to. Making the blocks. Phone contralto. 1007. For our reprice on m a -totlve.". A. Best Ltd., process Emir ravers and commercial illustrators. Woodlands studios tank at., and North Quay Brisbane in a commencing thursday direction Wilny Market theatres Ltd. ? first session will be at 9.30 in the f i /. Morning / the drama of a mad age a drama for those who say. Youth must have its fling without regard of any conventional limitations / a Flop of mad revelry saints and and wine but they forgot to heed the voice of conscience too Long 1. I �. " 1. Here s the picture with Tim strongest Climax Rolio screen has Ever seen i a film that is a startling portrayal of the lot our life led by modern to. Madcapy9uth. S a torrent of emotional thrills and exciting climaxes is i v " sgt the picture shown for three Days Only it will be advisable to get to that 9.30 . Session. The later ses. Siw will be crowded. I. " t a in ? ? f _ Moise Witsch .1 Sci Trio Moise Witsch the famous russian 1 pianist whose concerts in Sydney Are at present creating a veritable so Nulion in musical circles is to give a series of five rentals in in fiume commencing at ins majesty s theatre on tuesday May 29. During Iho inst three reasons he has he Conio the Favourite pianist of the Day the idol of England America and France. Critics de of arc he Lias Tho technique and the touch by which huge audiences can be thrilled Diutch named. Moise Witsch re creates in himself Vanl tin feels to have been Tho mood of the composer. It is this playing which establishes an inv Sable chord connecting Tho player s mid the hearers hearts and swayed himself by the. Feelings. Of Tho moment he sways his Midi acc. He makes Tho music lie draws from the instrument supreme in every Sou i Tho audience his. Feelings and passion Civ by the in Douce new a. Those Are moments of the greatest Triumph. The foregoing pen picture is by a leading Sydney musical Crit u. Psychology a curious comment on the different psychology. Of. Audiences in England an Australia \vlicn/r6ynlty or vice Royalty Dron into lie show is made by or. G. In Mulcaster the Young London dramatic Star now appearing is bulldog Drummond it tie now Palace theatre Melbourne. In Loudon t have noticed he said that when Royalty was present at the theatre Ahtl audience seemed much less demonstrative and harder to move than at lither times. Here it isquite., different. The presence of Vico Roy nity does not seem t Iii nov Way restrain theatre goers from manifesting their Iii Terest Ovid approval of n play to me the Dif Orenco was very not Icca Blo. Imd 1 might add decidedly he Lofnik a cold audience is the actor s despair. At Bohemia Brisbane play goers Aro Loyal to old friends at. Bohemia theatre they Are pay ing tribute to seven of these. The latest addition to the company is or. I red Bluett Lule Elton Black Arthur Aid Ridge Alice Bonnet to Albertl Orcy Luckny and plan Niobe Jones have further enhanced their reputations. This combination. Of Proff Sionil Quality and Public popularity should have the. Effect of establishing the company As. A Perman ent institution in this City. Daisy. Jerome after several years absence from aus Tiahna Daisy Jeromo returned and a Fuller s theatre has scored one of her characteristic triumphs. Thero is nobody just Liko Daisy her radiating personality just gels one. Her methods her style arc All tier own Shutco her departure from Australia Daisy Jerome has married her husband is capt Iii la thu clip. She loved India for a time but got tired of Black faces and decided to come Back to the to Tilry and people nearest her cart. And Australia is glad for Daisy is a Revivi flying breath of. Gaiety and gladness. Sho will be seen Al the Empire theatre on j saturday april 26, in what promises to j be a very notable programme. Busk Stibs of Only australian singers but singers All Over the English speaking world will lie interested in Sicordi g recent Publica tion., of six australian Bush songs by William g. James. This Young. Australian composer a Bailey fur orchestra was produced at Tho Savoy the spire in 1016 conducted by the composer also an orchestral suite at hid Queen s hah. Others of his compositions include songs and piano solos some of which have. Been already favourably noticed in these columns. The present song Cycle May to regarded is this most ambitious and successful achievement due in some Mensure to Tho vivid lyrics of Richard Baylis. The Landof who knows where is n Riding song with a remarkably bustling accompaniment that will lax n Good pianists capabilities. The Swift motion of Tho whole song should make it highly effective. Bush silence gives the suggestion of the Solitude and Sublimity of Tho australian Bush the accompaniment some what after the Tosti s but with Fine chromatic shadings and murmuring rhythm be honest the men who write advertisements for motion pictures and prepare articles Deal ing w to them Scro warned by will a Hays against placing before the Public in Hal haul or Dis Honcut matter when Hays. A poke to More than 100 members of Tho motion i i tuvo advert pcs association in now York last month. Tho re corded against censorship in Massachusetts was a Nigger vote than any candidate 1 running for. Office Ever received in that state. It. Isby to you advertisers to do your Beuto up to a High Standard by advertising truth Blly and honestly. The press a Hays has. Becir h great help. I always speak frankly be forc newspaper. Representatives and do not Brieve in. Meetings that arb closed to motion picture Industry furnishes 20,000,000. People daily. With a social fabric land in. . You Honsl y and truthfully advertise Tho produce. To bul i but o More to. World . Than anything else Aivil to must keep our i Industry right.". Author s trouble s. Under lib. Heading wanted plays Robort Galo Wood Lias Cen relating Jib experiences Iii the Loii Tion "stage.". I know to says that there is no room in this country / for " How authors Iii less they n to Ina certain clique or Monib Tir Cici iliac Cut. " of play Dud Punj Luis Ahtl comedy Iluff to managers and actor Mai pagers. Wild. Produce Sand everything j have. Sent has been returned., nine times out of every to Biol liar chg be ii of cd much lids Readl Only in one Lin Saco was a reason Given for the return of the Urti clo to do not know. Your name. Another play was kept by a eur lain producer for seven months and when i at lust in to Meas and to rip demanded its return web Polly informed that it had bar lost. 1 at once threatened Mogul and the script was Etui used to me by the next past undo a i have Slanco seen my first act taken and. Used in a show produced. By this same manager another script conic Back with the Cool request eliminate com own a Amolend put in mine As author and we will take it right away another came Back with something to this effect have rend script and like it immensely. Great possibilities in it. I am Render wonderful almost superhuman pc Rocity. In technique. Many musicians affect Hie 1 manner of dashing into chords with great physical i rec. This artist without any apparent Effort gave the Climax of his fortissimo wit i a dynamic effect. Then Tamo a sonata Appassionato Byci Hoven s soulful music was interpret a wih at its in Epsily nil Tho ideas that thronged in Law comp ofor s Brum clearly interpreted for the Audi Enro re the time the pianist Jenme to the. Finale the and enthusiasm re called the artist a Lvii Beethoven wrote his sonata he Vns. Uncertain about the composition f tin finale to is related that he Friend Ferdinand urls persuaded him to come Miniie. Lia terms Johore Tho celebrated. Parisian dancer who will appear at Tho Tivoli theatre on the 28tb, out for a walk into Tho country to re fresh his mind. Beethoven went with him and a. Udden inspiration . Him. still and with his in musical voice Sang Tho scale through without articulating a a not. To. Caird to his Friend Al l Havo found a subject a their he ran homewards until he reached his piano. The. Gratia finale Seething in his Bruin materialised Asho and transcribed the notes. A group of Chopin s. Music was rendered after to. Sonata in. The sumo faultless manner. A toccata by Ravel was played Here f6rtrrther first. Time and Moisei we Racli answered the. Encore with the plaintive Strain of Palm Moira " Llo Frain do Berceau a Cradle song u a Token heart. ,. La Cath Zdrale by. Debussy is a Tono poem in which Tho sailors liner. The Bells ringing undo Tho sea of the submersed City. Scriabin in s xon Turne for the left hand Only to unplayed the. Perfection to. Which Moisei Witfoth Lias brought Bis technique ver fiction was the verdict on Tho whole Dame Nellie Melon s company is vapidly1 growing. Or j. Nevier Tait brother of e. To. Tail. Had the task of choosing the artists air. Pum. Naples Antler Tho company will to selic Ted front Tho Best thu Viciana of Tho Art i centres1 of Europe. ,. Buforo final accept Anco Dame. Nellie Molba listens person ally to their perform Anco. The names that Hare Heen made Public so far of the Melba Odera company Are ,. Conata. -. And Ladouska. Two tenors. Signor calusa acid mar ques. Two Bari be and Bassilla. With a Solino the Bass Singer. The Drc is splendid organiser and she is not spar ing. Time or. Trouble to give Australia operant its Best. Tulfo sents will urdu be Boci Tedfor months in Advance and As again in. Her last season Tho girl thries will. B friends to Iier Hrim Olfs Len ii a Jill to i Loa Sod to. Hear Tomt it is a Only hotter. Gou � go Lytt in Lior l Way. At "1 Job t Lite Tuv Fiji it c n last monday night Tho pics Eutch Tho nud Ienco wit i Plano Grix die souvenirs. Grandpa and been to Tho Cin Qia or Trio. First time thy so r Ful times to mild la pfc i Rinnet Lio Gotting deaf in to old ago. Al film Almu l was thru i curl in t vicar. A word they was Graybe p3 a e3 commencing " j Tima 1 i to Morrow i bal Insi i 1 Ltd hair goal Fob three Days Only. F i. I direction. w Haymarket Theu trea i tit. I Rodolph Valentino s latest and greatest screen Triumph in e Rodolph Valentino As a Brawny Coll go athlete As the swe Othart of i a gorgeous Frinco of India in Jowo led Costanios costing thousands of pounds Trio Young it. A. I picture of Stup Oudoue size and lavish Atmo Sphore. A Breezy glittering spectacle with Audgo Hammer act n. And breathless thrills. If Wanda Hawley As the prettiest thing in skirts one tumm on to ave or he Wedd Iliff who Trio Houra or Naglit wore Young a Silver Moon cart uncut Najr a Adowa in Tho room a hero a lived in agonising fear Theof bin impound Long when thief in wll Soriana i Jack Mulhall f he married a Beautiful stranger " coming to the Tivoli on monday week May 28.a the Dir Litif of Paris mile. Terpsichore. Ii the goddess of dancing h Tho highest salaried dancer Over imported to Australia. Direct from Paris to the Tivoli theatre Brit h Bane by special arrangement with Musgroves Tivoli theatres Ltd. Khor Ait dance creations Laclede the dance of the dying Swan and it is a Revol Atlon also. H dance Oriental Tho. Tempest the dying Swan and Tho dance Bach Amale. T 8

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