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Brisbane Daily Mail (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia direction Union theatres Ltd., and King s pictures Ltd. Monday & tuesday Mack Sennett s melodramatic comedy the Crossroads of new York. A six Heel comedy that in t All comedy in i All Romano in t All drama but plenty of each with gorgeous thrills. Entertainment in Adt Tiou the Law of the gee at nor West a vivid picture Olio turbulent North where Mun arc guided by the right of might. Also Brisbane s own local entertainers the new ideas. Showing All week j twice daily Hla Tineo 4 ., night 8p.m. I Tajc. Now ideas were received with huge applause. It. Both fees f bios osterday. V j Box. Plan at paying s or Alica j ire. King 30-is Chiju Tinl. \ we alts not the Best show in Brisbane it we Are setter than the Best another � unprecedented unparalleled. 1 the greatest. Success yet new theatre Royal direction. New theatre Royal. Pay. Manege j. T. M Intyre. Yesterday s Andion Ces declared it the dlr fett Winner presented to Date. Reek your seats for to dior vow sight and re Reynolds and de Tishe a your own company in. The. Misleading lady i � with v. Wll Olimjon with a special aug mooted cast beaded by your favourites. And1 the first appearance of Cyril Mackay supported. By /. Habr Noton Reynolds of 1 Edward r. De Tisne. Gerald 1iaroouht, v Lionel co Boro Ewilliam Ralston Gilbert Ehk Bry Oharles Fardon. Leb. Williams. George. Bm7try, t Lottie Sargent 1. Irma Watson v and. Lire misli1adeng lady ". Yvonne Banvard plan at palings Ani after 0 At theatre. Phone. .7084 and 3160. The Man of the hour now 13 m0ise1witsgh Moy say Evitch the greatest pianist of the1 age Brisbane Bearon opens his majesty s theatre direction 3. And a Tait. . May 29. Moisei Witch s. Wonderful Sydney Triumph. On saturday. May of Benno wit Aeh. Tho polish ton hts of he plan to a made Ula re in Autar Elln i of to Sydney town Hall. An in Renao audience Garo him rep Troua greeting. Never love there been greater demonstration of nil dam Haver As Riga run the piano anything to and Roach the Mastery of Moimoi Tilty Cir. H Boguc plans for the four Brisbane concerts open at Pai Iino s tuesday morning. , Ami res. Stalls 7/fi stalls 0/ family Circle 3/ Anil 2/ plus tax " a Ca a pm mib piano repairs i we arc Able to undertake the most extensive kind of piano repairs. Our association with the Beale factory in . / affords us Access to one of the Moat completely equipped piano plants in the world. Repairs in muted to us Are not Only done by thoroughly trained factory opera Tives but efficient organisation ensures prompt return. Prices no More thin Ordinary. Beale & co. Queensland to St opposite Pike Bros. jazz jazz learn the Siuw " smart set to time Litfia from London. Can Holsted pc � cry Vrtol. Of a tuition. Of write or them. " 4000 fer1 Prospe Tubi the Saxon school Imp Eppg ill m. Tivoli theatre the Young Rodolph. Valentino is seen. As Amos Judd in his latest Paramount master piece the Young Rajah which Tivoli Row will too for the first Timo to mor Row. It is. A spectacular Story showing Tho screen s most passionate Lover in a Tolo which carries Mote realism and a splendour than even the Sheik or Millood and Sand Wanda a Lawley. Appears of the girl he loves and head a by supporting cast. The residents of Daleford a Small new Len Giarve town have often wondered about Amos Judd who Jas been adopted by Jos Liili and Sarah Judd. When a shrill buy to was brought to the Judd Home by two Kat indians one a general the other a Prince and their introduction Wai a letter from Moreton Juddi Nondis. Joshua s brother. To o letter asks thai Joshua adopt him and. Call h a a los Judd Joshua dic3 suddenly Amos Horvatt end becomes very popu or being Troi Vincnt during the boat race. At Tho Baat race supper he is Maii cd by Slade. A fellow student and Amos i unwittingly Tho cause of Slade being killed. Slade s Frond Dennett is link a later Arm and Bennett of a in Lov Vith Molly Calwa. A priest in lilo to Mph of Krishna tells general a Fiji Bluit Amos is heir. To a Rajah s throne. The Halin Unjali and lift councillor plan. To kill Amos when they discover be is alive Pmj in am Crick. They Send a Del pea Tion to the states to find Amos find put him out of the Vizy. Amos has succeeded in winning Tho love of Molly and Ehe con Reffi to marry him. Her father is fond of Ames und or. Cabot is generally interested in Tho occult Powers which Amos possesses. Amos Cwb Iri Al vision he i being attacked by knt indians 7_and a. Randi station Koines to him that lie Mill Livo to Leo his wedding Day. To. Confides in or. Cabot to fit be in worried Uliey decide to. Fight # the Prophesy and Amos goes to a Sanatorium where to is to to kept under guard. Rut Tho. Fast indians enter and take him Owari and they Are about to murder him n Hon Tho Prichat Onrada with Gene ral Graci and Bis men appear. The priest tells a Moa. He most re 1 turn i to India and free Bis people. Amo realising where his duty lies gods with them. Molly is heart broke Wincn he departs but we eee Ainos dreaming by Tho Shore c a Beautiful Lako. And As he looks in the to sees Tho vision of a hindu wedding. When the Bride raise ber4 veil the Faco is that of the woman he loves. Lois Wilson. And Jack Munhall will Alee be seen at the Tivoli j tomorrow in Broad Uay Light i to is Joti graphic 6tory of Tho underworld taken out of Polico records and written for the. Screen by two master writers. The j Are other pictures in support 7/manslaughter Cecil b l b Mille creator of a scored of famous screen classics has excelled her Seif with Bis latest Paramount Mai iter Piny manslaughter a pm Coupe de. Luxe which will come to tie Tivoli theatre next thursday for three Days and nights Only. Manslaughter ran for 15 in Syd nov 0 it Yiu ohly to Fife Enedy at Uio Tivon foe fire to Mays and despite Tho Cost will be seen atthe Ustel Price of adj asian. Thomas. Meighan. Catrice i Joy and Loi w Vil sop tend the a fast. Gorgon to / gowns and sets luxury galore thrills in pro us Lon and drama As i Temte As any thing Yon. Over saw Are embraced in this production. La terpsichore tomorrow week Tho., eminent French , m to Terpich Trowill play a Brief Tivoli season before 6ho leaves Antalia for Tia famous Folies Bergor Avih Paris m me is Ono of the leading . Liei world and recently arrived in Australia under Short contract to Tivoli circuit the famous artiste carries her own set Ting and scenery and will appear after noon and night. M to la terpsichore. Is hymn rect theatres most costly engage ment. Tut Tut " you must see this week s scream at Bohemia Home of Many other sensational novelties 1 and delightful surprises., Ata. Served nightly at 8 t a i r,t." Rawdon Blandford a classics of 1023. Brisbane s Best show with feed Bluett Elton Black Arthur Aldridge. Charles Albert Moulin Rouge Trio and a Host of favourites. We have not in creased our prices 3/, 3/, and 1/.Box plan at paling s and theatre phone 7809. Book before you no. 8b0wkett sooty. Do you wish to participate in the next ballot Host people who Sitt desirous of building a new Home or pay ing off Tho one they have just purchased would Avail themselves of Tho benefits offered by this Hoci Otyis they were in Possession of full information re advantages to to gained. To will to pleased to have you Call and obtain. Full particulars remember this is n sound in vestment Thero is to Cianco. For �1 monthly you arb Olig Ilc to draw �s00 or �400 Dor. 10/ monthly. / when the society is fully Eul. Serl cd 2000 members will to a fortnightly ballot for �800. If you do not win this one there arc May Intro to follow. All pros Cativo members May parti Capato in Tho next ballot Hay 24 by joining now. Call write or phone for full particulars no. 8 Bowkett society r. G. Dates Chambers Queen and George streets Brisbane. I """"7. Majestic theatre pictures and new ideas. Chi monday and tuesday use big Pic Iurco attraction at the Majestic will to the Crossroads i f new it tells the Story of a country Boob who visit new Lork and almost of once finds that the women arc after him. First it is his boarding House Landlady and eventually the near Star of a musical comedy who needs backing for her show. Also to Bro 3 the Rich girl who meets the hero and Falls in Jovo with Bini. There or breach of Promise site death defying stunts and thrills without num Ber dramatic and comedy situations follow one another clo Eclov and the six reels seem like Twao Snappy is Tho action some help considerably the direction of f. Richard Jones is in Ost capable j in d the cast apparently have in tired into to spirit the thing with seat putting it Over in great 6tylc. The. Supporting Scaturo consist of William Mong in a vivid or Nam of the Ore Field. The Law of the great in addition the management present in entirely new company which will to known. As the new i cab cach Mem Ber has. Been / 6? from Trio rec it. Muj Celic local Talent Competition which attracted Over 250 cd trick. A our adults and 11 children make up the company which is tha first entirely local Combina Tion. To.ploy7un extended., engagement at any City . The. Programme will consist of Bright musical and vocal i Umbra and re assisted by la Lect Nii Clio Riis Alfona i Ca u rest a if raid the comp july. Will prs 6oiit it Worth we Lac and it resting Lour of miss 1 Billee Lookwood. An 16 years old. Ballet dancer who was gives & Chance last week in / Sydney. By the a 6 White management and Mado a hit which promises to bring her into line with Josie Melvio. Final concerts. Sistine choir Tsoi ousts. The principal of Tho inc moral Sis Tino choir vow of Togo Glicr As a brat will Vba heard and Ninny spark -lin7 operatic in Imberg Iii lev neapolitan gloom will feature Dir Enuh songs Wilt also bit govt to a Signor Emilio ca6olari Maestro of the soloists who Are now delighting musical audience i in Trio Northem Pari of tie by Asci was for a term chorus master at the Constanzi opera House Rome Whereat was closely associated All Tho Best a ingers. Riat Italy has Given to Tho a world in the last two decades. As mom feign or Trdla Deputy in Tho Chapel choir s tour Maestro Casolari gave Abun Dant evidence of his outstanding Genii a a a choral director. Casolari has re. Cei cd. Ninny honours at the hands of the ecclesiastical and government authorities Iii Tom ui.$epp/pggancjli. Another of. Tho. High log los of thou soloists is Tho Eon of a mechanical cig Iucci und Wae born at Forli Italy. As a Little boy. Hoang in the leading Church of his native City. His father who was opposed to Musio a a profession did guis Pppe quote Young and thenceforward hip boy devoted 1 himself entirely u the stud of Pausic. Fart of his Early studies War to voted to the Comet Tromba at the Licco Musicale. Of St. Cecilia in Venice where to secured Tho diploma of professor Bosforo reaching his majority when Only 20 Yeara of age Signor Paganelli repaired to Rome and to Bro bad Uio advantage of being taught Harmony and counterpoint at Tho Academy of St. Cecilin by Tho famous Maestro Sot Acciola. The Valuo of Tiiu great master s work is admirably demonstrated in Paganelli a perfect vocal Art. It a rate str a curious coincidence that All Tho Sistino choir soloists who Liao won such Fame in Tho world of Musio should Havo been no less Success Ful on Tho Field of War. Signor Felice Belli Tho Favourite Bass baritone 6crved during. Tho great War As on artillery officer and received tie Knighthood of Tho Crown of Italy and Tho medal for bravery. Signor Pasin Nti received an officer s commission and High diplomatic preferment in Northern Africa. Signor Rasponi Ako Wou officer s rank and for conspicuous bravery mid Signor Costatini who bad Somo tragic experiences in Russia was commended for Gal Antry As Scro the genial Paga Noil Facchino thrice wounded Massoglia and Sarti. Allan Wilkie returns Allan a hic and Liis Well known com Pany will return to Brisbane to open a season on june 7. Several additions to i rope Toiro Bavo been prepared for production Here including the tempest and Henry Tho first of these is n fantastic comedy dealing with life on u half mythical Isle. Tho other _ is Ono of the Best known of Tab historical series and contains in the figure of the King perhaps the nearest approach to a real Binm or aus my Pear flu a Hunter 1 Watts win Nako her Reapp Caranci. New theatre Royal the misleading in " the misleading lady the management of the now theatre Royal has a Nide excellent Choice of material for Nrec nution during the coming week. Saturday night s performance Drew a crowded hours which did. Not Cori Cal its opine in thai. The new. Niece was. Highly Wili factory Fielen Steele the mislead j ing lady involves her Hurt and hostess Aud tie members of the Oan Riell House in Rev in o most Dir concertina tangle of event through allowing Jock Craigen n fellow Auest to make love and pro pose to her for the Sake of a Wager made with her friends that she would be Mirr Cesnul in bringing Craigen to such a position. Almost is soon As Craigen learns the truth the nov Tracey arrives., and that Helen and Tracey Are Eti Gared. Thenceforth occurs a series of. Situations oftentimes most trying for who e corp Ned. And provocative of continual Ioury tar on the pah of the Audi ence. Helen chill eff Carieen s sum Ming tin of or Nettit do towards men Aud sarcastic Nelv alludes. To Liis account of the love making of the Savages of in Inconia. Raisen s reply is to carry her off to Bis Loir Camo in the. Moun Tain. A hero Craigen in Helen enact n rom do of love which . In designed o fore the pro to admit by love for him Tho dual of wits is in. To rpt a by the discovery that an. In Mlo of n Earv mental Hosp Al is in. H Fine in the place. His antics while and a the delusion to to. Lie is Napoleon Bonaparte or Ovid additional comedy ele ment in the solution of the problem Between Helen and Craigen that is the Eliise of th1. Vei a. Much involved Situa b on. As Helen. Steele. Miss. Yyonne lies a Riott to which. Mirah Femme Romont. And her or he part evoked. Of rennet. in Thuja t o or. Cyril m of Lavitt a Lover when Haa. Been tricked Ino reveal Iii his affection for h s fallow Miest merely top amusement of the House party play Hobart Mucsi. Convincingly. He sustains his difficult role throughout the for cd acts Wilh conspicuous Success. Messes Harrington Rey nolds e. R. Do Tinc Lionel Lunn Gilbert Emery and misses lotto Sar. Gent and Irma in tsp and Tho other members of the company ably Suppah. Tho principals. Tho staging of Tho play is done in a most Complete and effective manner. It is full of incident throughout and should prove one of Tho most popular of Tho theatre Royal productions. Empire theatre. Antonio and Antonio and son Tho Farewell production by Tho con Moroni musical comedy company acc Fuller s Empire theatre on saturday provided a second half entertainment that should. Attract All lovers of clean comedy to local Vaudo Villa Headquarters during the week. Con Moreni. In the Toio of Antonio Vjio is trying to Zun a cafe gives a. Joyous display of his Happy facilities for Humour and proves the focal Point around which As Tho plot develops the fun centres in fast and furious fashion. Ballet work by to charming group of girls known As " Tho six brunettes is one of to outstanding features of Tho show and indeed Many Habi tues of local theatres arc agreed that in their coordinated movement and Graceful Dis play of feminine Charm tin s compact Little Ballet has not yet been equalled in Brisbane. Their work in addition pc onh Nucci by to fact that they continually appear in fresh rocking schemes that prove not Only a. Delight to on Looker but suggest that the Ballet is controlled by someone who knows what Tho Public wants. Many pretty musical numbers Are a ters Porsch throughout to production and to big crowds on saturday were treated to something rather unexpected in the sex Tette from " Lucia i Lar Omar Moor that received Brilliant vocal treatment from fix voice dominant non nil which were the Sweet Soprano of is Lin la Galt and Tho robust Tenor of or. Gordon Terry. 11 Salva Tion Sis proved a very popular item from Alex m this tar while Tho Terpsi Chorean propensities of Mina Goldberg and los Austin found Dainty expression in " Gonte various vaudeville in five separate turns Ulea Sally whirled away to first half of the show. Sam Stern. Hebrew comedian was again tie Centre of a dorm of approval particularly in his Tony in firtion of n jewish Pir in to ghetto of London ringing. " i want a it Man Long or a talented australian violinist held bin hearers in musical to Rall Tho while lie envy Brilliant interpretations to Tho into Mewis prom Ruf Tionna and Moo i special mention abound be made of the attractive and unusual work by 7hex. who contributes n a rip of Rand news he capable Mannu lotion of Bis hands and Finora. Four newcomers in Tho " Span los Onar title attracted much notion with their vocal liar omes. World s greatest smoker not Long Ngo there died in Holland a certain Mynheer Van Klecks who could justly claim to Havo been the world s greatest smoker. He Seldom smoked., less than a Pound of tobacco a Day and sometimes Man aged to turn As Many As 10 pounds into Blue Clouds in o week Iii Spito of bus he lived to be 81. It is calculated that during Bis lifetime he consumed 11 tons of tobacco enough to make a nil. As big 03 a Largo Ito so. Another i Reol smoker kept n careful record of his consumption for 45 Sears. During that time be enjoyed 628,713 riyals a Biclie works but at ?8 a Day it was Lucky for him thai to lived in Austria where cigars could be us Taino for less than n Penny each. How Aro you feeling same Ain t no count Boss. Ain t flt Fob nothing no Moh. Don t think. I d miss Mah self muck of n i dropped signals new Bridge idea. Scheme for Quick thinkers. A great Many people., seems to Tiiu � that Tho science of auction Biadgo ban reached its / Heigh t and that the prent system of signals conventions etc., makes it a cinch for partners to understand each other. When a couple of strangers tits Down to play partners Why unc of thin Mcnelly always asks a Cupplo questions Liko for inst. Do you want to be took out on. A .3 double and of a Trum bid. With u 5 card major and when these matters Haj. Been settled be two ii them they Feci like they can Galliaod and play As smooth i arts Csc of Bridgens or and mrs. Hoyle writes an american humorist. Personally however i Don t believe the majority of Bridge experts has More than scratched the surface of the Art of team work and d couple of people that has got vision a Cougar to see the real possibilities of the Gamo can make All kinds of n Monkey out of the so called exports that thinks they Are up to snuff. A example of How fur a pair of red blooded Quick thinkers can go is. A team of. Conventional Piork and Beanes took Placo at a excy Eusivo 3d ave. Card club in y. City arid As. I took part in same in in a position to relate the incidence just As it come this occasion As i made my entry i was seized upon by col. And mrs. Loot. Who was looking for a 4th for their game i was led. Into the. Card pm and. Introduced to my partners for the evening / a Young lady of about my be ram e Lucy weasel from Middle West. Instead of asking did i want. To be took to and plus i that Mies weasel merely asked to Vas i. Familiar with old song i find i Ca tight on to her meaning and nodded my head. You -kn6 we re said that i have got a. Habit of singing during the game Wlinich 1 nope col. Imd Mai. Groot will exc inc. Tie col. And his wife Modded their head and the Gamo started. When to out half an or. Later i and miss weasel though to was some Hun Rcd Bead we Only Lamg Jot a Dollar pct pt.-,"cot. Gout dealt the let hand and in sad to Jet did m a tit i / Jar h o was setting on to sprit. Sire. bid Al no Trumure and to Sis passed around. According to tie conventions it would have been my Cue to Lead the fourth High from my longest suit. Which wan a club and i was about to lend from same Volien my humming Trio Jfe Frain of a old ii Ign Wahidi a Mandy and Rijo Zhuni hid the isl and 2nd. Linesa id Thop r of a sudden Tho words of the second no Jenme into my los Al. Namely your evas they Shine like. Diamond.-, love to Moi so instead of a Cut i led a Funtall. Diamond which made a grand Alamo As my partner had. The. Orb a 12 diamonds and the of acc of Spad. / had i led Jav heart or a club we would Tianye been up , ,.a, erase. Pfow i d Vou Ilen a. A Dia . Go not a matk to me. I re e i a a Dispir Iii a it was one of the four Sziics that had Kot Ilieen menu Pond Wax Jim Reily. " co cold ground. Aliss weasel dealt the next hand and passed again j mrs loot hid a. 1 no and it was passed around. All the darkens am a Weipin hum med my partner. Massas in do cold cold ground so i. Led her a Spade and another grand of Ftp wag the result a she held Trio Aco of dim a in addition to Tho other 12 Spades. A this Timo the col., and Liis lilo woman was furious but they was no recourse what is the matter cd. A no cd him but lie undo no reply. / the col. And wife was More careful in the a bidding after this eccentric Start. And from then on miss wac Kiel and myself made no More grand Elams. However we continued to Battle the Oppis. Like for inst. They came a hand which its. Loot was playing same in 8padoi,-nnd it was jilt first Lead from a hand which i often Call a bust. Only they was not a club in my hand. Hearts and Flowers. R i. Was pmz2lingwhflt should i Lead alien mis "weasel1 Ogisi humming hearts and Flowers so i led her a heart Al had no Flowers Antl did not think she. Was hinting. For me to go out and buy her a nosegay. Well she. Did not have hearts and. Trumped same and then i. Began ringing bes Puoplo on Earth -b.v-p.-o. which she took the hint and. Led Moback a club. /. I have not Goethe Apaico to Tell All. The details of our Gumo but sufficient. To say that to continued making a. Monkey out of the Loots and they could Nob make either head or Tail of How we was doing it. I. When a certain suit Wrt led and miss a Casel wanted. To let to know she had Tho Jack of same she would sing Vinke Back your Gold which the next to the inst Lino is make to your wife or Rise it would be Many a Stormy wind shall blow Ere Jack comes Home again. "queenie.". If she had Tho Queen she Sung Eucenio was there and if Sli wanted i should play Low it was Sweet and Low or rocked in Tho Cradle of the a Strain from come Lako a trip in my Airship signified a Aco and Dublin Bay meant i should double. Fuoly the Loots become furious and refused to go on with the dilemma As the totals showed nothing on their Side whereas to had rolled up 2200 pts. Tho Gam broke up in a turmoil but Tho better nature soon asserted itself and he made us. Out a Cheque. Later it proved to to worthless. Grace Sam kissed to twice Aud three times Tho other night. Alice pshaw that s nothing for. Sara.". A real flesh builder for thin people., a new discovery thin men and women that big Hearty filling dinner you nto lost became of All the fat producing nourish ment it contained you Haven t gained in weight Ono ounce. That food passes from your body like unhurried Coal through an open Prate. Tie material was there but your food does t work and stick and the Plain truth is you hardly get enough nourishment from your meals to pay for Tho Cost of cooking. Hug is True of thin folks the world Over. Your nutritive organs your functions of assimilation. Aro sadly out of gear and used reconstruction. Cut nut tie foolish foods and funny sawdust diets. Omit the flesh Cream rub on. Cut out. Everything but the meals you Are eating now Nna cat with a very one of those a single Sargol talc to. In two weeks note the difference. Five to eight Pond solid pounds of healthy Gay there fat should be to net result. Sergol charges your weak stagnant blood with millions of Frosh new red blood corpuscles gives to blood the carrying Power to deliver every ounce offal making material in your food to every part of your body. Sargol too. Mixes with your food and prepares it for the blood air easily assimilated form. Thin people gain nit the Way from 10 to 25 Pound a month while taking Sarrol an the new flesh stay put. Sargol tablets Are n scientific combination of six of tie 1 Best flesh producing elements known to chemistry. Bev come 40 Tel is to a package Are pleasant absolutely harm Lees and inexpensive and leading chemists in Brisbane and Vicinity sell them a Bert to an absolute guarantee of weight in crease or nor of Back i. His majesty s theat -1 j. 0. Williamson Ltd solo., direction e. J. And Dan Carroll and Quinlan. 1. Sistine choir. \ soloists j grand Farewell season Wjk j of two nights saturday May 26, monday May 287 the greatest musical event of the Century. Positively the last Opportunity of hearing these world rpm owned singers. Two nights of enchantment. A two glorious programmes. Book your scats. Savo disappoint Maui. I prices 6/, 4/, and 2/ plus tax -. T Box plan at paling s. R----�7rrni-,,-ji1 to flood your Kome wit i music i instil into your children a love for Good music and Gladden your Dull hours with Gay dance tunes. Soothe your worries with melodies of love life Andt laughter. Refresh your spirits with inspiring band music and glorious orchestral selections entertain your friends with a gramme of. Great. A. J \ music just As it is Sung or played by famous artists the new Eai soil the instrument with. A soul illustrated catalogues sent Post free / = j i. Easy terms arranged. J i. I 1 at text a 86-88 a aeon Street t i it Ryl Llin Vod Brisbane. There s no sweeter tobacco comes belter Brand than the three castles. " \ perfection in a cigarette Asl a fragrant As a Spring morning As i a tasty As a Nevrly baked loaf As satisfying As a Good right s res of have Cornea ii go Fig Lui j three castles remain Ana still hold that reputation for Quality. Of / a. Which Thackeray 1 the i cigarettes a Anst Lenl Paclib of 1 0, is Elf i 50. The / ii. A fins of 50 Are recommended for Hooe Lurt 1 in & h. O. Will of j

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