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Brisbane Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 4

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Brisbane Daily Mail (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia i this sunday afternoon special. Cheap excursion to Redcliffe Koopma leaving Circolo Quay 2 to . Leaving Redcliffe on Retcka 7.50 . Allowing three Bonn at Hort. Refreshments on Board. Fares. 26 a Kildren. . R for your car a and your Tro Blai cease. We Cany foil stocks. Installations at oar service step Ioas. I if yen appreciate prompt and Astl factory service no into on Are race Sta Tion and be Vetn give Yon advice Trev of charge an matter what make of Bat Tery Yon have installed. Distributors Eric Jacob motor coy., Ltd., a use Abd ask streets 2bibsave. Phone 6885. Toowoomba to Warwick sunday motor ser vice via Clifton weather permitting. Leaving after Arr Iraj of Crishan train. Latest Model of passenger aos tto. J particulars from t. A. Colgrave phony 1347. . Motor service to Tew Antin and noose. From Comrov. Latest m Del hum on letters and telegrams to to Pattemore Propri elot Tew Antin. Phone 7.tick to orb Bhom Jyh. But it ticket Kowik i s bits est Abt Union f it s Tor a Noble. Tace and worthy cause. Kauklys thei limbless and Aua rigid bulb. Hon. To aiumu., a neral of is to. Stas Tat. Be ally steel 1 i in ii o7 a Bir Itti. J o of lib St Taro ju00. Is. ? p a Pius Etc. �252. 5lh Arlie valued �100. 5 6th Price valued �100. Pri in in a at m0l8. F1 ,0n v Babi Cribei. Tie " it v Ono Hal by. Fra fall bran Rhei of . Boo Vilall Alio i Tobice Maisti throughout . I i i to or More Post free from 8ec 0. Drab Dale. 9bllgh-l. 6x8- nay sj7.w. Age frs wanted tub lxmblk8s Bolde ebb "0r1t i my r 7 your morning shave t a Delight. Mrs. Howard s next Palace hotel Bouth bib Bane. Still Bellko casket tickets. Nobby tyres in to landed another Large con Ign meet of this famous Tyre. They ate the cheapest and the beat and won t we. Prices 30 x 34 u.0.o.o. �3 0 0 880. 120 Hobby .6 0 0a 880 x 135 Hobby �0 16 0 816 x 105 Hobby. �6 0 0 880 x 135, habby �6 16 0 v 829 x 120 Hobby. �4 16 0 v a. 760-x 00 Hobby. " �3 0 0. 766 x 106 Hobby t �4 i 0. 34 x 4it Hobby �8 to 0 \33 x 4ia Hobby�5 0 0 Jothen Ean compare with 4theu Sansare Tho largest Dmitr Lutora of Platea Royal Cord Tyrea and our or Lea will in treat von. Fiend a Price Lut. We a tread your tyres without heat log by the. Latest process Micholls. Deaigo cup Omondi and guarantee 3000 Miles on Liy. Wheal tread Aad of song i a few. Prate for 30 x i is c3 .0 0 any design 31� x 4 .,.\�2 10 0 any design 32. X 4 v\c2 16 0 any design 81g-x 105\c2 16 o any Deigo 880 x 120 ,.v\1 10 0 any design All other Iek just at res Saable. To repair tubes he Yon wait. General rubber co. Boundary phone 6077- \ interest Given of i ii current aces Una a j tue of Dekal be Post 1 i Pink open current j ? or drawing account according to the i Ute i j practice of banker and allow 3 per cent interest i on the minimum Morith Vij 4 a Aiice when not below. I �20 no charge for keep i inn account Cheque books issued a j Federal Deposit Banka. \. J 11s Queen sure let Law \ ulv wow suburbs vanquished. 7 keen premiership fight valleys on equal terms with leaders. I slow afternoon s 7 the of Cricket enthusiasts Are Dze to Vanbey for putting 7 a Stop to toe riots Rios career of sub Nuhs. Because a the att or Tronald Here a Nett list 1bey could hardly Hare lost the Competition. As is is saw Vader and sub chs Are level Rutt too Abol Oso Point behind. This is a great thing for the game and it Means the greatest interest is the remaining snatch. Rlaoe�5srr Taele. Trite. R. . In. L. P. To. Noburu s 4 1 2 1 15 vol Lett s i e 1 25 too alms. 1 a 2 14 $1147 . 8 2 ? 4 s. Brisbane. S 1 1 suburbs beaten. There was a Verr Stern Frog Cut St the exhibition on san Dir and Alti ioann Valley even to ally finished Ducr by 60 rum there Reno time when the in Isle was very Roach in doubt. Hartigan and Farroh a opened for suburbs and the former monopolizing the strike had 17 runs to Hia credit be fore the Little Man bad a hit. The two settled Down to play sound Cricket Al though in one Over Artigu to god i ii. J dangerous Clr Carer the head own Ond up and then nit me hard part finn eur at j mid on. A Smirt fieldsman would prob j Sheltr Ime got his hands to the Ball. T it was travelling Bard eventually reach 1 Trig the Boundary. The account was Hundred. However when the Sab Srba Kipper failed to Stop a fast it Rasht i be from Sim which waa practically a shooter. Farquhar goes out. Shield restrained himself being Content to say there and let the run of is. A i Aorta came 03 the left Lander Ket his wicket. He. Vent out to it Wing in i bed. End was stumped by i Yard. Making no attempt to get Back. Wat is hit very freely but it was a bad Stoke that brought about his dismissal Farquhar was eat at 102, Well caught by o Connor and with by departure a lot of Hope left the Berta of his followers. Cain get 22 is Good style although he was obviously nervous Schuta i add Ayres he finally went for a big hit misted and was bowled. Brew s inning was quite Good one of the Best of the after noon la Andrew went for lit o5 har tripod Ami was ear3r eau gel extra cover by . Walters with 12 not out played quite Good Cricket and looked is if he might ret a lot More Rocs. The innings finished at one minute past five at which time Hurwood hit Stanley s wicket. Y Alley deserved it. Taller deserved to win 00 the Day s performances for although the Bowling did not look to be or a Strong it was never really ooh area. The changes were usually effective and with close and accurate Fielding runs were hard to cot. The ground looked a picture and to heavily was it grassed that it probably Cost tie batting ride a few runs. It would be unfair to is Over with out mentioning the excellent Fielding of and Fewin. Likewise the splendid keeping of o Connor. The iat Ter took three very Nice catches and stumped one Man. Toomb Uii beats South Bris Bane. The premiers. Tail wagged to some effect yesterday the last few wickets Tak ing Thoeoore to 206. L e. Oxenhem arms not out 98. Bars Tow pot 21. And Corbett 19, All in Good style. Gill two for 39, Shewan three for 65, Redgrave three for 66, and Sherry two for 30. Divided the wicket. A South Brisbane nearly saved the in Alnut defeat for they lasted Long enough to give Toom bul Only 40 minutes Bat Ting at the finish. Gill and Redgrave were the heroes these two. With or. Sundries were responsible for two thirds of the runs scored. Apart from Thein the batting was procession Hornibrook Drew m Blank Baring 38 runs hit Oil him without a wicket. Westcott. Four for 26, Pontow three for 26, and r. E. Oxen Ham three for 28. Divided the wickets. The 34 runs required by Toom bul were chiefly hit off by she Pitird and l. A. Oxenham the latter Bein once again not out. Que by game. Liere was not Rauch interest in the univ Casity game match Astl a result would not in any Way hot to a bearing on the premiership Woollon Gabba did no better in their second Knock totalling Only 103, leaving University about 90 runs to get an out right win. These they managed to Knock a pith the loss of Only five wickets. The bulk of the runs Wei made by Cecil Thompson and Rahmann the for Mer making 46 not out Ond the latter 18 not out both shaping the Woollon Gabba. � batsmen Archer who made 33 not out was the Only one to hat with boy Confidence air. Her. Its Gabba. Sarong is Ming l a l. To Aimar. C Stark. I than Pabb h h. Watzna b Blat Una 13 sued rfcs a ,. I total bowl org. Pm Soma. Four for 13 �l3rouj%. Five for 44 to Sypsas one fee it tact to. Sec oaf do cola e Xuee. Pc hour car �. 2s Mcvear. b Man or n c. . Out i a m Stirk. No out & Bale v l. Water ail. B b. Warm a 1 by cacti c. B. Water Axl b l stat Aram. St out. 27 Suu dolts i z to Jil fit ice a. P2 bowl log. More Gnu two Jar 25 Labia. Soar for it h. We Trman one for 3t Raiati Titica. Coe for if Moaref Pone Lor pc. ,. A Grade gases 2zass tab.stts-. Gabba it seated uni Merritt bras a songs bad 134 Rupa alter very attractive a aae orcs. Grebba. Tarsi Ian myi s4. Is Rwy. Firat Lunga. To Ewohn. B chamber Las �0 . 6 a Jade .56 livery o cd Amberlea 4 Batet aaa g Baa Berlaga pc Carlos b Clyde Dingi Eiith. Re Clyde. U Harvey sol out 6 a drive pc. 7 t Ota 13 Larity cd end in Nga. � Hertzberg b Clyde .1 3 Bot Worth. T Clyde l 18 Larry. B 1 Bate ago. O Cut Mcbrian -0 Dale lab it Clyde Wharrey of test. �. 8 total j " bowing for to Thea Clyde three to t7 chamber la three for 7. 7. Tooth vol. V Booth Brisbane played 1 Davies Park. Toom bul a on by an inn Ings and 2fi Rune. South Brisbane first i Siors. 44 ?l.il4 Booth Orlf Tanc Woood in Umbai few grips 25 not out Waed 1�. Bowling Wegter Sotl five for a or step four or Al car de f Gabba r Valley ct1. Valley. 52 it wetly 2fi. Etc twid 18 Gatna pm 4nnihgu.k144, Ond two for la l i Bennett 55 not out Cripp 5t, saujvd0�n.c7 Lav Lotrnr m Ore or eight for 15 Hay. Four for 116 and. Tuisee iqr.9 i t South Tulaba Beaud Toom bul payed at Graceville Iii. South Era Ebony. Final. In Ninga. 131 in. Or Grille 33, k. /hckejv341. Bowling Keir four for h. Pii Kington Turco for 21 South Hrul do dec could nine iffy. Declared with four Lor j6t s. Rod Gravo. Iune. 6fr k. Jil Ekey 74. Thomson 5c, clerk 27 Bowling Llu Ifim eix for 38 Toom bul second innings. Throw for 181 Iciak 81 rot out m Lucklow Iii. Toom bul Toj by a Chou Wick cat and 1 Rune. Valley and what cart suburbs met at Oraw Itell coi a Valloy first inn nge 174, suburb first Ipi Unga j0q Valley Boond innings six toc 142 d claim do Wertli 49, Scott 41 not out. Lax & not out. Suburbs Mcmond Iii Wiigs. L4t Twu Llams 31. Old cry 22. View 20l Imp Lilii or Valley Daly five Tor 13,. Duim three for 50. Valley won outright by 78 runs Junior Grade. Won Bra Lanu Wue Defeated by Glen Allan by 61 Ruus scores thu pallavi first Milusa 132 heat in Banu fret lining 46 Olenahan. Mccond Lim Lugi ii Andersen a v Kulczor 1 ii cafe b p. Full by hib sub i u i Fulchur. 2 b. Pal Kilbon. H i tivlla0n"r i8iroalbodfors 0 a. Bowl of l t gory. Fiji. Lyric i b l Conrad 14 a Burk �0 Oluic bar. B l con Ruth e u Hill b a. Fulcher. 0 a Reterson not us. 9ijl to pc j Fulcher 0 a Huber us. Rusher. 9. Sundries a tools .64. Bowling. V Ful a it Vii for for �7, a \ 4,141 Jur 16� l. Conrad two West fir Lobano. Second inning Al w. Bow ecu. C b buy b in. Bogari Al t. Far. run str be. T &2,j t Pitt Sun Deq Tor j1. Ii Cuevo uate for Ite Kloa r Windsor played at do Kioa ii tid. To Una won by 01 Ruu to corp too like Manir 140 Etcil Crilo i in loom bar Trubon 22, i. T cart Ubois no wind Fly ii ,iy-0,scr w. Us kill 20 and12s Wacker 4 Ain kill u love Thor 17 lion Long for Bockla it Dallas Gnu. All win Corfi for n Bow aug Diri own cell r Turco for Tor la 1 of canny ton one Bri Tol t unit a Labana brat of. m4 o. And Ion 127, A magi to it a p. S4, 1. Nolan 20, 0. Mamlok four for dirt no Kolb 7 Juit. Out. A. Fiyod for Del atoll o. Andor on five for. 24 a. , Throo for -30 p qty a to the i0.-? r. A ,j.,0,rhr2rv for lsa0 tw0 f a 17 rur Roii. P i�1 pc Ronget fee for iat ammo a a. Theroi it men . 17 runs on tic first if Enron Point is and 5? r2vic"j 4s." 0.t s or Teton. 41. &7 web a 4�t m a 4 Otoo. Tor k5rtll a pank 09 Paw i unix you jct la Innangi and 60 runs. Warehouse games held and co., Ltd., and Barry and Sho crts Ltd., played at Coo paroo. Sirof Barry of Roberts first innings. 83 isfcr01 19- bowl Nga for 19 1l father one f7r 0y for 9ito Robt by co. Jred. Met innings Throe for lie rihs0. Ave Tivey by. M soot a1 not out. J. Magurro l6 not pub Lam Long a. Wiki set oho for t t. In of tuck. Of Tor 2l v Bros., play of Kin and Kingi Tilori at Dii limb. Eft Atte first inning 244 a. Sparks 79. B. To psf inns 41. O a i Vert 99, e. Hullo to King first innings Bone of r of Pike Bros. Ltd., a to o-1 so East to match was a Day on a perfect we cos. 8� number of prey a 00rc were / i i Iku Bros., bust inning 233 Ali rat 40 not out More Dull 37, inc Puuing two Beautiful hit Tor of. Thou fou it. In Otto i. Mihic Lulf 3o. A Leweling 15l la do Ucli and la a Urt inning four for 34 fish Luif Phil. Tour Lor i R Lavoy. Tai tvs Tor s4 t. A Pilasa Saiid co. Mack Ana a a c $1 to. It h Upumao of u. Mulc Bow lift Fecowicz. Lor cd u Uil sos. For Lor to. Itis Trp. Rittu. Of i Fie govt re in t ing Siliec. Clayeo at lutca8c 0.p v., t s is Klutzy a it Cut. u. Init in. Id to Yudiko ban 3�, o. Juicer Doceti ii. W. To Vesper is Doi out. I ovum for u.r.o.1 w. . Catt Tor of a Homo. To for 11 4r Ivy Jivraj u. Pvt Afati. Sou for 2zi i. Athrur nude cd Fil o. Cit pc. Two Tor in. La. Camp of acid on and scan r .--ayc8 j a us i Soccio Pihiou. Fc3 \ Down 23. Bowl cd for Dixon it and four ror b a Dan Labow line for c3. A. Allan. I Chen foe s5 i jul twin. Two 1�r i a Rodwic to i a 1r i. Allan one for 15. Boa big Lor Cajio Bill to. R. Port Rix in 3lh ii. Ilac Pivoru Lour for i com. He to and co., owl t 3. C rot inn pts lid Scon Earp re fir a. He Jiga of i of Stan Scrani 2fl r. O in inner 34i. I sctt pm. Of Jav Iriti Wugk in. O. Len Okay 1.n. Bowling for eurom 31. G. Burkay. 5iuitucio. A Jill into. for Kiili Assai first t . Jarrod ten a sati Ozial Hurt. In f a Iudita Lor t i run on Chi we voc of itch St. Xio Orgo. An a t-yiu3n. A Ifil .1. A tical or w43 m form. I to topped the Eon Rair. To Styir up 77 Jot Irv Wralty Ngai nut tit a. A till by of unix our tint Ifft ult Liu Reahn Taw Ivorn a act attire i of Nelv ii his Ajio-�rsii�9 in Pic Ryhn troll Ruihui Ati Cocheo. But Nysti for pm Xiluo Jit Vul again m 5 Arm to Finy mooring 71 Lor Gor x a fifth fit Tivey of a for v into inn. Atoruk . Five 2a 7 in Mcnary old v acuity two for of Gorun Ibe. T inc a a 2b. 1 to enrage a9 Utmos Tia. V Nuno Melbourne matches. Meluso Luxl. Saturday. Fht Ueth Roua for 73 a Tori a downed Flifle for so. Richmond of Carlton Richmond. Firsty innings 228. Bayliss -?5, clem.jlindroy-32. Chat bind re j Tes Dhaiti �. 1,4?w not fcb 30. Bowling old Lett Ibry for 68 i c oru Ehy fire for-63j,.curi ifs. Of for is curites lrst"1dniags7 1-Rio we cots for 5 Sot out pc 6otttih . T. _ Rah Hctor Northcote. First innings Fotr it Akita Ftf-3qs Charlrs world not nut 138 yeomen fit Bod Bury c 41, Gibaud 18, Dickon. Flot out he Rowling King Favro for ,67 i to Twig. Two for 62 � Ernie Ruddle peso Besiko . To a wic Clerc to of friends through out 4uo.cusluil i.,�h& information that or. A Fernic r Eddlo is making Latis. Factory. Progress to\yor4s will be received with great pleasure. the a Dolce of is medical attend Natrin 4eroio. Went to . To. Over hauled by Trio Chi Picut surgeon Sif William m Cor Miek. An. Operation was imperative Ned it has proved thoroughly Success Ful. Up Yinto advice received in Firis Bane on saturday afternoon gives pro Mise that or. Stud to will soon be on the High Road to practically a Complete recovery. Blaze. On. T1nana ignites. What might have been a big Azo had it Nob been for Tho promptitude of the men on the e Tirma occurred on that ves Sel on saturday evening. Shortly before 7 o clock eases of Ben sine were being loaded on this ship which left. For Maryborough and Bundaberg later in the Tii Erht. One of the cases apparently had a leaking tip in it for after it had been placed on Tho boat a spark from id ii gliding apparel Tus set the fumes on Firo. And soon the in of became enveloped in flames. The wharf labourers and the deck hands on Tho boat Quick to Deal with the situation they seized a Nenry Vonse and poured water on to the Burn ing Case. A message was sent 4o Trio Are brigade but no sooner had this con than it was found the flames Una been Extin Gui fired Ond another menage was sent u the brigade notifying it that its or vices would not to to quid a n mat Ter of. Precaution one engine was sen to. The Xor Man Whaff where the Josef was berthed. Tiibi stack in Lii re Trio fro started contained some hundreds of cases of Benw this cargo was inter taken Froc the boat and Sho Lett on her voyage. Severe form damage at. Gym id Gympie. Friday a Aenes. Of thunderstorms bossed list fug. From 9 o clock until/2 o clocking the morning. Heavy iffy leu and a Sharp fall of Hall. Wile lasted for to minutes Tho Bambi a were Folk la and did to damage. The Light Ming was very Sovare theele Fric Light in Tiwe Ity we put out of commission but was Rusti a d after a Short interval fhe. Poppy trends at the North Smithfield Shaft acre struck Large split Tara being Torr rpm Tho up ports. m a coc1 was Stu Neil bythe. Effect of Flash which struck a Fence at o Adcock a farm. Several panels of kure were Laid Flat. Be Uriu a re decl at the Post office act he. 24 Lomira Lii Diug at 9 o clock this a priming was appoints. While i70.-k.iiii at Trio Hajj be so ret 011 Turov Ford Over s a 5p0, if Tel few Trot i in rinse the Orty a Streipa of adj run Job stir wet h Voltr rvs is Norm Rolondi Omrea one us Utora d o first West i Thuhoa in a Lam we nil i a Xiv styx from Chr right Hwy Litlo to Capo. Al 5-a� Jai Al to Xart 75 s4� Rrt of Noa � Pocis Ond to on. Prevail inc. C. To. Hall Day 4csvrsj a �7 it n 4 of nifty. Fish inc a lib j the pm to at try. I Wester suburbs a s. Th1ll1p s j trocht. J to lion tip it i to Mir her wan in keep. Tits ii 7if Rondi Llenis a Oral y at 300 sea 3oo poo t0. 3. K Oxtal 247 37 a3 20 of i a i 777 �5 3t 70s 1 a n�7l i7s7 33 30 87 70s i i. 1 1s730 214 33 03 r. Ctfi"1 s 8 27 103 1 7\ Lvoff 157 t4 s3 25 70s R 7�r 1mi 16 37 30 3 70s i. 07, Dorrit 13 so 20 2.4 Jan h. Of re it is 29 29 25 105 farther 9 31 23 s3 103 a. Hart on 16 27 31 27 101 j u h ? 17 30 s3 29 j03 i 3. Of to to Iro 737 23 30 23 89 m. Felxi iroc 7427 2h 33 103 a. T Clarke 75 25 35 25 104 Sham is. S. Stolfi. 54413, 1 Anew 45910, 2. Cite of brisk aka club. Trip Eig Loti Competition was fired Over . 500. And 600 Tariu. C. W. Halll Dij a Fine 100 off Rifle first torn or err Price Winner. W. Rotl hex Ai 34 30 105 i u. H Eslien 12 30 32 32 105 O. Hurt Lara 18 31 31. 31 105 to. Manuel 14 29 30 32 70s 1 r. Smith 76 29 31 30 j05 a is 21 34 30 103 i it. 7 h. Bice 10 29 33 32 104 j Al. Grey 14 29 33 2r 104 .7. .7. Smith 15 29 us 29 104 it. Siumin 9 29 31 3l 1 13 j w. Stanley 11. 30 31 31 103 i it. T. Ward 12 28 ""32 31 103 j f. H. Rare Brollier j2 23 32 31 103 it Larrr 16 29 20 23 94 i a. Silvester 30 18 14 vat 79 x. Brow Nln 30 6 17 20 78 natives sweepstakes. Of h. Belion. 2c 83 30 91 w. J. Thomas. 20 04 27 90 c. Hawkes. 34 27 27 88 to. ,7. Site Gold 24 26 01 81 a. It lion 25 31 29 85 it. Perrim. 26 85 30 91 5�. Taylor. 22 20 22 61 West end Competition. J. Nixon 2820 20 "23 96 r. Mounsey 20 30 82 27 105 a. Rce Oart 12 20 3u 23. 99 t. Meyers 27 31 34 27 305 a. Hilton 11 33 32 32 105 h. Horton 16 27 31 24 98 g. Doolon 20 ,. 24 28 16 88 o. Gourard 20 32 20 3� 105 c. Rose or 15 31 30 30 105 r. Trone 27 22 23 20 03 on bal club Sweepstake. 800 600 600 t to Al 30 83 2d 100 r. Barnes 10 34 34 28 100 l. X use 14 28 30 30 1003. Caffery 13 27 31-26 97 Moulton 8 28 34 32 100 a. M Kentle 5. 81 32 33 100w. Hard lonj12 28 03 29 100" f. Stafford 8 29 34 81 100 w. M.-don1d 8 30 31 35 100w. Adyr 17 20 32 00 100g. Aryans Queensland s bus by a preteen is tire and J. Cudden the first Enier Getcy Man who is. Paying his own expenses to some Good Prarlee with the Short . And Mark Vii ammunition Bull eyes Home in the majority Golf. Play at Yuerong Pill a. J i a Ball Tho i Ofey. Handicap. Staged at Lecrone Polly on saturday. Afternoon attracted Oyer 50 entries. The weather. Conditions were clout la. And Cool. Quite Tho. Rorerson of. Tuuao prevailing in in ecu. Durian Tho that shh coarse was in Good order was l0" a outward round 0t, print Kwh leu Stago Hes Todd 6 up. Thereafter he Tell from Groce. However and fun laced 2. I Jujj Cona Wutte 2 a at Tho Short v Thi Folio Lii g caws Woro . A Clark h j 1 up a cd Ward 71 up. To c. Fowler. 22 Down. V. A. Paine 182 Down. V. L. Power 9. 2 Down. H. 7v. Herbert 12. 2 Down. T. Hall scr t 3 Down. R in s. Gibson 73 Down. It. Galley 93 Down. W. M a Marshall 114 Down. J. H. Cannon 9d Down. J. U. Hill 120 Down. Dr., Iloyd Levy in 17c Down. " if. A Broad 77 Down ? c. In Noble w7 Down. E. E. Tooth had an unusual cd Perleno at Tho third. Zhiying from lie tee he skied the Hall which Mado Contact with Somo Trees on the left of the Fairway and after Ricochet Ting from Ono. Branch to another it eco Tualla Camo to rest nestling in a Twig of bark about six feet from Tho Groin id to player succeeded in. Dislodging the Ball at the second attempt having thoughtfully borrowed a dub from his partner for the purpose. R at Hamilton links. The Royal Queensland Golf club held bogey Handicap Competition on saturday after noon the Winner l clog found la or. T. Gamin who i shed up Trio following cards were returned t. Gamin 15anuario Riding 184 Down. A. J. Sinclair id4 Down. L. Aveyard its Dawn w. Der Dan 35 Down. Part p. Ass sly Cdr c Down. A. J. Thompson 135 Down i O Sulla ran 12 # .6 Dowe j f. A Sable 11e.Down. \ i Ido Lukin 126 Down / Geo. Brown 8of Doton / a f. Ceni Tuffe 14. 7 Down i a 177 Down. I a p. Poll Gerald. 11. .8 Down. I or. K. Bruhn leh 1 19 � 8 Down. I Many of Clayra did return tic or c i white1 crushing taxation. Sydney saturday. The imitation launched to Succuro a repeal of die Fede ral land tax Lias tic support of sir Samuel Hordern. He states that to saw very a Crl crisis times ahead both for pro Perty owners and Tho Public generally. Lower taxation in other cities would Lead to t Drift front Sydney of manufacturers and traders. Crushing taxation was retarding National industries and holding Hack Trade and employment. If big Indus trial concern which found employment for thousands were to. He bled White by taxation then they must Buffer and the pc pc with them. ? in Ploskon at sea two men injured. Adelaide saturday. Tho Steamer Caparra which Arr Cpd at port. Adelaide Lute on thursday night with Coal re ported that on wednesday when six Miles off Cape Elway the chief officer or. Buek and the. Boatswain went into to. 1 hold to take measurements of Tho drum Clit a. A Little later an explosion blow off the hatches of to. 2 and no. 3 holds. Tho Boatswain who wus coming out of no. 1 hold was blown to Tho deck. Tho officer came up immediately after words. Doth wore badly burned about Tho face and bodies. The Are which Broko out was extinguished within half an hour. The injured men were landed at Apollo Bay and taken to Ciau and admitted to the Hospital. No App rent damage was sustained by Trio vessel and u explanation is Forth coining of the Matiso of the explosion. Nobel founder of the Nobe prizes owed his vast Fortune to the do Covey of dynamite. Jul Lull a Lull ii Iii the world famed j i economical and reliable equipped with Battery ignition. J 55 v 3 i can be purchased for 1 ii fully equipped with i Dej Mhz o spare Tyre and tube v of s r and ready for the Road v b1 Ujj. The car can also be supplied with g j Magneto equipment for �10 extra Sof. As i . Big shipments arriving. I e. G. Eager arson Ltd. A. _ Overland and Willys Knight cars i i n e is Tead brisk an e. Vib Iii Iii Iii Iii matt6r Liat Profer Floc Kcf flt All tyros free of Char. Note our tw0.ddresses Barnes Auto co. Opp. Gresham hotel iad Biranji. Seebt " Ana Corner North Quay and a icon at rect Brisbane. Enjoy the hot weather on i the water with a Hafix Miller outboard motor v v lift Hafix Miller outboard motor May be attached to any skirt in a minute its 2-H.P. Will take you anywhere at any Speed up to 8 \ Niiles an Hiir without anything like the Cost and trouble of a. Large motor boat v Send for Booklet free of Cost or see one 7. J Adelaide Street Brisbane. Note How easily they Start Haw reliably they run. You need no experience with motors to use a Hafix Miller outboard motor Upkeep and Cost of running i6 negligible Hearty Welcome 1924 and a thousand welcomes to thai Superior drink Perkins Axil bottled in quarts and pints. Obtainable a hotels i rat a a s Odd a r in a. Win to bolted to your address or Wolfi Sonthi of receipt of a. Hfte6bbxhuxqo. V. T. A -7 Fri ii r at fou u a i if will be p rated to your add reit ,./ month on room Lotof it. Y Jet car a Quawk rowing. Commercial club. Bat lbs beaten in Han Ulcar 80ullb. Tho commercial i Tulus club regatta held of blur play afternoon was in honour of the duos popular pc Alden and Foro Annc supporter. Or. A. X. Ucros Ytoll Juri. Deroy of Tho oreo their Dequi Turc for a Tuur of Britain and in Clamp a Larvic crowd of Xiv wins Nib bars and up porters gathered. At the club s Boathouse amongst whom Many old. Associates of sir. Dufor and past members of the com Mercial club. Miny of la realtors indulged in dancing bbl can events .1 the water was tory Calm for Tho rowers. Details Rcd. rout or n4 v a Audone tit. /. C. 2. In j tit Mel 43 Vul -. Roche 2vhf a Ira Macy boil Long Moro. 6bxlt j a Rchard Ilta i 8 to ton Wal King Mort a fax2 /. G or lbs aug ,.sl. Boft Duhin 13 in tall j to Keity Boive l Dann Cox. 3,. Won by half a length with two Engolia Between second and third. A Beoita heat a. 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