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Brisbane Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 3

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Brisbane Daily Mail (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia tailored to i your measure suit my extra trousers �5/10/ tailored to your Mogauro a Ltd no Barge for extras of such materials As these guaranteed Fadeless indigo 8bb0e, Pencil stripes Home buns Plain and fancy sum Mer weight worsted Palm Beach and Florida suiting. These and a Host of others of the Lahie High Quality. Wolfe a son i suits Are made " with French Canvas and hair cloth fronts Well tailored to your wishes. We con Mako such an offer As this because our policy has been to buy direct from the manufacturer and to pay Cash. Woulfe & son 45 Adelaldo-at., next Allan 4s 8tork. Brisbane s or Lento detective Agency. Chancery. Ohbra., cup. Fritton . / Corgo strict urns Bano. Rell Ablo Corot Ner Vlco matrimonial civil. Al k Lal. And Doicu Tio Inq Iiorio to stand Lotio in divorce work and adv so Chc poot methods. Country work a spec fatty. Missing friends trn cd. Inquiries Niiya kind town or Cost � Bee windows. The Home Supply smile is one. Of absolute Atli Frotton. Itis the direct result of knowing where to buy the Best ales Wlas Sand spirits. We make deliveries fre to any suburb or. To boat or rail. Price list free our Home Supply Orloo list in a folder form. Slip it in your Pekot Book. Sont free on application. Wine store Albert Street Brisbane Between Queen and Adels do streets. Moorefield races Abs drum at last Handicap to sir Walter Sydney. Saturday. Moorefield . Held a meeting to Day in Fino weather. Results Bogaratt stakes. 1 Milo. First division. M. M Culley s cd c bomb stick. By Hobbit a Imp Elconin 3 Venus Eilo m. Sullivan 1 p. Keith s . Vertu Tiu . 8.7 k. Bracken 2 a. W. Barry s cotillion allowed 31b, carried 7.8 j. Crowe 3 others Gold beater. 8.13 j. Munro a mat allowed 31b. Carried 7.4 m. An Derson Severance including 21b Over weight 7.6 e. Bartle sauternes. 7.5 r. Harding seismic allowed 71b, carried 6.10 and Ritonia. Time 1.44.flying Handicap 6 furlongs. J. T. M Kynzie s , Abs drum absurd Holyrood 5 years 0.2 k. Bracken 1 e. Silva s . Marcinelle allowed 61b, carried 7.0 l. Davidson 2r. Bailie s . Mollio b., 8.0 j. Munro 3. Others Hopetoun 8.0 j. Taylor Spe Argilla 8.3 l. Syncs Jack Marsh 8.0 e. Bartle Vespucci 7.13 w. Simpson White Lily allowed 61b, car ried 7.1 t. Woodcock Colis allowed 71b, carried 6.7 a. Hunter Flipi Nerc 0.12 m. Sullivan Wincn allowed 51b. Carried 6.7 r. Marsh sister Liny 6.11 j. Crowe j Honey brew 6.7 c. J. Russell. Betting even Money Abs drum 0 to 2 against flip incr 7 to 1 Metlio b., 10 to 1 White Lily Spe Argilla or mar Cinelle 12 to 20 to 1 the others paddock dividends �1 is 6d, �1 3s, and 10s cd. Abs drum led. All the Way and won easily two lengths from Marcinelli with ii Ollie A length away. Then came White Lily flip incr Wingen and Spe Argilla. Time 1.151. Nursery Handicap 5 furlongs first division. R. Wootton s .c. Irish Prince in Jig Imp Irish Rose " Allowcd-71b, carried 7.2 r. Marsh 1 Captain w. G. Law Ronco a f. Sal via allowed 71b, carried 6.11 h. Duff 2 p. O Brien s . Print ass Nano. 7.3l. Syncs 3 others Langdale 8.3 j. Munro my Dycus allowed 71b, carried 7.11 g. Sidebottom legality 7.6 d. Dick son White and Black 7.6 g. Mod Dick Camp Dweller 7.6 a Sulli Van towing allo Yed 51b, carried 7.1 e. Lowry Torwood allowed 71b, car ried 6.13 s. Ruane Bayord allowed 71b, carried 6.12 a. Glowson Ladolia 7.4 w. Shipton Ludy Christian Al Lowed 4lb, carried 6.13 l. Davidson Leopard Quban 6.12 t. Woodcock. Betting 7 to 4 against land 7 to 2 Irish Prince 4 to 1 White and Black 0 to 1 Princess Nano 20 to 1 Salvia 10 to 20 to 1 Tho others. Paddock dividends �2 is �2, and 7s of. White and Black was soon in front and led into Tho straight from Lang Dale Cave dwell or Salvia Irish Prince and Princess Nano. An exciting finish saw Irish Princo beat Salvia a head with Princess Nano a similar distance away., Langdale Whito and Black and Avo Dweller followed. Time 1.4f. Second division. J. Davis s . Magician trillion Althorp 7.11, including 31b Over j. Munro q. Cohen and j. Gough s .c. To 8uro, 7.3 a Lynes 3 Robert Millar s . Gift of the gab allowed 71b, carried 7.11 e. Mill linger 8 others land step 8.7 in. Bracken Princo Dawson 7.10, including lib Over in. Silvestor Salmo allowed 71b, carried 6.13 r. Marsh Valais Queen 7.8 including lib Over e. Bartle air wave 7.10, in eluding 41b Over p. Boots Charles Wallace allowed 71b, carried 6.13 in. Freund Bedolla 7.6, including lib Oyer j. Brown Claracie 7.5 a Lightfoot Peggy Dighton allowed 51b, carried 6.13 l. Davidson so Long 7.4 a. Sullivan Kennare 7.9, including 61b Over c. Welter Man dry 7.4, including lib Over n. Che Volly Wattle Bird allowed 31b, car fled 6.7 d. Campbell. Betting 2 to 1 against magician 9 to 2 gift of the gab 5 to 1 Valais Queen 6 to 1 Salmo and land Stop 10 to 1 sure 10 to 20 to 1 the others. Paddock dividends �1 4s 6d, �1 5s, and Lis 6d. Magician led All Tho Way and won three lengths from to sure with gift of Tho gab a head away. Then Camo Solon Kentaro and Salmo. Elmo 1.4ft. Moorefield Handicap 1j mlle. S. R. Lipond. Junr., and a a. Ryal s .h. Sir Walter Kong Worth Imp wha Katulka 4 years 6.12, including 51b Over m. Still Lynn 1 a. Holland s Glen song 7.11 l. Hynos 2 r. Wootton s . A Kumon Imp allowed 61b, carried 6.7 r. Marsh 3 others dialogue 7.13. J. Brown Mistretta 7.11, including lib Over j. Munro pay Day. 7.8 feb. Bartle pcs Orion Chip 6.10 j. M Pherson. Betting 7 to 4 against Glen song 4 to 1 sir Walter or Mitre ten 0 to 1 Kiku Mon 7 to 1 pay. Day 10 to 20 to 1 Tho others. �. Paddock dividends �1 13s 6d and 8s. Glen song led until the inst 50 Yards when sir. Walter put in a fast run on. Tho outside and got up in time to win a head with Kikumo half a length Awny. After Tho placed horses Jenme Cesar ii Chip pay Day and mis Tretta. Time. 2.0. Tiree year old Handicap 6 furlongs. First division. R. Bailies . Blake Blank Noy ii Imp Bonnie Lassio Imp 8.10 l. Syncs 1 i ii. Andrew s . Lin away nil 71b carried 0.0 l Davidson 2 g. H. Moody s . Hamilton 7.3. M. Sullivan 3 others transparent All 71b, carried " 7-13 r. Marsh Norma talk indigo 7.9 8. Cracknell Birdie 7.4 a. Mont Gomery Buchanan nil. 71b, carried 6.0. W. Brewer Floorn nil club crr Rcd 6.7 a. Hunter Petru Vius 6.13, including 31b ver r. Harding roses pet 6.7 p. J. Toohy my Rose 6.7 j. Simpson. Betting 5 to 2 against transparent 7 to 2 Floorn � to 2 Lin away 5 to 1 Blake. 8 Tol Hamilton 10 to 20 to 1 Tho others. Paddock dividends �1 6s, 16s 0d. And 17s. Transparent made Tho Pace. From Blake at the " Creel Araby winning the trial Handicap from h Eart gun and lock Harbour. And Lin Awny. Entering Tho straight transparent appeared to have the race Well Iti hand but Blake inn past Liim it the distance and won a length and a Quarter from Lin away with Hamilton who just i eat transparent. Levi Sta away time 1.16ft. Second division. " Norman Hastings . Kain a Coo Truu Imp Carobelle 9.1 s. Cracknell 1 Belgrave s Chi. Call Bell allow acc 71b, carried 8.3 j. Russell 2 f. G. Spurway s f. Tingle allow acc 51b, carried 7.9 t. Woodcock 3 others egalite 8.8 j. Munro Rowan tree allow once 71b, carried 6.12 r. Marsh Queen Elizabeth 7.4 m. Sulli Van Mil port 7.0 h. Garrett Prince offa. Nilo Wanco 21b, carried 6.8 h. Schrader Nib inc 6.8, including 61b Over a. Garrard janitor 6.7 a. Hunter. Retting 7 to 4 against Tingle 7 to 2 egalite 4 to 1 Kain a. 6 to 1 Rowan tree 7 to 1 Queen Elizabeth 10 to 1 Call Bell 10 to 20 to 1 the others. Paddock dividends �1 12s, 17s 6d, and 7s 6d. Tingle led most of the Way but in the straight Ninga settled her and won a length from cell Bell with Tingle a neck Awny third. Queen Elizabeth was fourth time 1.16. ,. Welter Handicap. 1 Milo. J. A. Furdock s . Buckram s years buckwheat Imp society miss 8.7cracknell 1 d. U. Seaton s . Ben fix 8-10j. Munro 2 in Lidoli. 9.4j. Pike 3 others car Nirav. 8.6 Sullivan Cabo Chon 8.6. Less 71b allow once l. Davi son King. Carlos 8.3 r Mars ill Omi Nate 8.0 film Volly Holover 8.0 Bartle Belle shot 8.0, less 71b allow Ance Marsh tuck Ridge 7.10, including lib overweight Meddick. Ai Bird 7.8 j. Brown australian Light 7.8 l. Hyne s talk native. 7.7. Betting 5 to 2 against Benefit 7 to 2 buckram 7 to 1 in Lidoli. Belle shot or car Many 10 to 1 Cabochon or King Carlos 15 to 25 to 1 the others. Dividends �1 9s cd 7s 6d, and �1 2s 6d. Buckern took charge half a Milo from Home and won a length from Benefit. With in Lidoli a length Awn third. Then Como cab Johnh Bello shot and air incl. Time 1.42. Murwillumbah rages . Saturday Tho Zitur flu Quioan Luri our hold a Hospital. Buo fit Intel tag in Tia Turay. Heavy storms broke Over Tho course. During Tho latter part of the nicotine heavy rain fell. There was a coed . Fic sults . First and Bra leu Ujj Ivllon 6 fur Lons. Alma c. 1. Stroud 2, uni Uvietta 2, four re Suurs. Do Tiu 2 to 1 against the Winner. Dividend 12. Time 1.4. Third division furlongs. Lead ing article 1, i unc Raa 2, Jaco Murlo u. Three runners. By Tutu 6 to 4 of Tho Winner. Time. 1.4 2-5. Dividend 10s. Fourth division 4 Puna 1, sir Alister 2, l rim lady 3. Seven starters butt Iii 5 to 2 against Tho win nor. Time 50 4-Ssec. Dividends. 9s 6d Anil 6s. Fifth division. 4 . Lryni muttering lady 2, Armenia Only stortors. Rotting 5 to 4 on Tho Winner. Time. 521-5co. Murwillumbah plate. 6 furlongs. Kevin g signal 1. Alma c. 2. Gum Motla 3 Okiw starters. Betting 6 to 4 against the Winnor. Time 1.16 2-5. Murwillumbah Purre 6 furlongs. Bonnie tartan 1, Sublime 2, Cal Lens 3. Five runners. Act Tang 4 to 1 against Tho Winner. Elmo 1.18. Tbs race was run in heavy rain. Cycling p1nkenba club. The above decided an eight mile handle it on Tho pm Gec Road on saturday afternoon a flesh of 15 tigers faced 4 the starter or l Bishop. Results to prior. Salii. I h Monro 2titin, 2 r Downs 2mln. S fastest Elmo was Saccuti a Goryo priory to Rode the distance in 25mi� Davo i the officials w Throe Quarter a of a length. Elmo 1 4ft. A profit entered against the Winner was dismissed. Second . 3 Yeti a Coo trim my Queen Goule 6.3 Alf i lion nil 1. Blair Dale 8 3 selby2 King git. 6 6 Adi tiu3. Betting 6 to 1 against Clad Ligpit. Dividends. �1 19 6d. �2 Lis and 12s 6d. Wen ii length. Time Handicap a furlongs Tathlin. S a cars. By Euice , 3.9 to. Cools. 1 if Roia s daughter 7 12, Leas 61b allowance ryan2 Millibar 9.1 adamsii3 trial 2 v 1 Gulma Rall in a Lvi ends id fid. 9c, .2� 6d. Won a Short Nock Elmo. 181. " flying Handicap about 6 furlongs la Lort Oiso feint or. 9.0 luxury a 2 Dora ship Lily. Lilting 3 to 1 . Dividends ill 4. L3o, Aud 5�. 113 111,00 au1 a half lengths. Lime second division -bunf01l 5 years Imp. Min. Agatha 8.1 . La let thu doubt fi.3, Lusa 5lb Al Lowane i Aynes 2 Louiry us. 8.1 Adamsi. 1 against 8uhfoildividrtndsr je4 7s 6a. �2 ios and 13e. Wonky a head. Timo 1 14. Third division Ayme Ralto aged Ayi Oer Iii pm Liuato 8.0 k.cook1 hop off 8.0 Roy Laucel 2. Notoriety. 8. It oink. 3 being 9 to h Ayto Ekalo. Dividends ao.16s of. �2 l t 6d, and x2 4s. Won & Quenk. Hihl 114. About 6 furlongs a Letoi Audi Gal. 4 years,.ly Bav Eisl Nick an mho. 7. 13 s in Curlo i 1. J. V. / Hov 8.19i Lis 2 Charbon x. Ii it Mitby it Ling 7 to i against dividends x4. 6s and 7s 5d.won a length and a half. Julio second division Arab mar8u, in Tara Eon of do Marsh Imp Arab inure. 8.4 maitin1 is Tiv Larry. 8-0f.�. In Ori t no Jill allowance h Curley 3t betting 7 to 4 Vrajlai i 2,1 three Levi Baths Vjm-8 Handicap about g furlongs. M13s flying Belle. 7.13 g Brownl 2 College girl. 10 o Alf. Tie Wunej 3 hitting 6 to 1 against 311 k.4 Hobby div Hinds �1 19 a 14s Nind 7 6d won Liy Lulf a cud. Welter Hilf Manchester aged Doro Hexter thu merry widow 8 0 if cook1 run tier 8 g Royia itco2 for tuna dry. 8.2 k a nuke -3 Fattiig 6 to 1 against Manchester dividends �0 d 6d, �1 12s, and to 13s 6d won f length. Time 141 ii Luis record for Tho race. Albion Park fracas Trainer fined �25. Finality has been reached in Cen Section with the disturbance which took place at Albion Park a Wook ago tween Trainer i. A Samwell and a Bridgeland the assistant to the Stipen diary stewards. The chairman of the stipendiary stewards or. F. W. M Gill on Satur Day reported that Trainer Samwell had been proceeded against under rules 211 b2i2. And 7 Dand in. Pursuance of Tho Powers vested in Tho stewards had been fined �25. Rule .211 g. Which was added to Tho rules As a result of a conference of the principal clubs prohibits any. Person from administering any stimulant to or using any electrical contrivance upon any horse without having first obtained the permission of the stewards. Rule 212 makes any person guilty of any improper or insulting behaviour towards any Steward or other official in Tho course of his duties Blablo to a Fine of �100, or disqualification at the discretion of thai com Mittee of the club and Rule 7 d gives the stipendiary stewards Power to impose a Fine not exceeding �50, for any improper or dishonourable action in any. Way tonne noted with racing. Or. M Gill stated that Samwell had been charged with authorising a Man to give a stimulant to a horse with out first obtaining Tho permission of. The stewards. The worst feature of the incident was that when 6amwell was before the stewards he had grabbed Tho bottle from the table while Bridge land was giving his evidence As to taking the bottle. Samwell attempted to pour Tho contents of the Bott to on the floor but sufficient of the contents remained in Tho Bottlo to enable them to to Analysed. The analyst had re ported that there was no cocaine Caffell or morphine in the Llou or in the Bottlo. Samwell had previously admitted to the stewards the the bottle contained Brandy and water. Under the circumstances the stewards Ware t of the opinion that the situation would met a Fine of �25. \ the tall of a spa Heow last thursday s storm in in Sivh caused Tho death of Over 80 sparrows in Ono fell these Birds a chosen As a roosting place n tree in to girls grammar a Nooi grou nue and Tho wind Anu min forced them out of their shelter and they fell to Tho ground. Around Tho Baso of Tho Trio Thoro was n Depres Sion Lii he soon filled with water and in this Tho poor Birds were drowned. Tho 80 Lay scattered on Tho ground under Tho tree Aud Wero found Thero not morning. Badly mauled. Sydney saturday. Tjomas Wior Dan 30 was admitted to Tho Sydney Hospital in a serious condition with wounds on Tho head and a fractured Skull. The Man was found near a Giro age. Destructor at Purmont Council and 1 it is believed he had been attacked Thunder Fiah. Inhabitants of Tho River Nile give a Sharp Oloc talc shocks topical suiting 0/jon to have extreme style in your suit. Cd is 5 the fashionable style is very Plain showing Only a slight Waist fitting and if r tailored Well compels admiration. ? we do the finest tailoring. Bowling. Club competitions South Brisbane at Toowoomba. Several Southport rinks wore in Brisbane on saturday and played at to Wong and Oia Flold with varying results. Two. South port rinks won at to Wong. By 17 Points but Bayfield downed three of the Seaside rinks 33 Points. Four South Brisbane rinks paid a visit to Toowoomba and suffered defeat from weal Toowoomba 21 Points and from Toowoomba 50 Points. Metropolitan clubs had a Busy afternoon with to cd option of Tho Graceville boo Dabin. And East arises no greens which Ore at present out of commission. Details of saturday s play follow Okay fixed club. In an singles trophy. Winston Chat Isaacs 22vjg, s. Rink play \ e. Taylor Bongo Dabon Vaughan Low \ Toowoomba vow 20\ mordant Fuller v t. Kelly Burt. 12 \ Weleske Schooley Keggs Gould. 26 Francis Adelaide. A Ansdowne. Archibald bunion Adelaide y., 24 l. Wilson argue Greem lid Mucklow. W. Robertson t. a Sakti Colllns 19 Levy Goldman Edmondson a. Bennett Nan ready Glasgow Weir a Lxiv. ,. H f. S. Bennett Scott Mullin j. Brad Field. Rosy. 28 Gray Weston f. Chapman f. Jaller Adfield .27 1 Balmoral club v \ in. A pairs championship game of Kelford and Norton beat Trout and old Dell 23 10. Anonymous donor s Competition. Palmer j. P. Atkinson Chalk doctor 25. Stanton Bra Mao shall rust .14 rink play. Ford Inquald Strachan col. Evans Booboo dabon., 80 Bennett m Leuan Craniey e. 31. Gibson 26 disc key Waller Nick Len White Kirkland 84 Gaskell Campbell Lindsay Itao Thomson 15 Jordan Campbell Coles Morrison ,. 32 Malthus Ball Clarke Crowe ,. 20 yer Onga club. " rink championship what lured Rohrl Steuben Ward Roberts 28 Brood a Morecr Sterling. Derrick. 17 Garrard. Frasor Tregurtha Groom 31 purr Thomason Konyu Vaxer 28 singles championship games resulted Roberts beat Brond 215 m Mellon beat Riddle 2117 Valentino beat Ubl. 21 12. Rink play. Blvd to Ozark Jameson. Henderaon.20 Connor Eldr logo Stimpson Inglis. 24 Ruiell Atterton a flock Hudson ,. 29 Greenfield Sard o., Aveton Point -74 Mynahan Cosgrove bin tbsp Acrond ii 81e. Paine Kaye Ulings North new Man 15 Yates Tucker o Dwyer j. Thompson 87 Whitlook t. Thompson Elbi Ostone Sharp 15 Windsor club. Rink play. U Donald Fullerton j. A Grant love 25c. Baker Mumford Charity Torrance 21 o. S. Bott Downey Barclay Hux Sta 81 Livingstone Best Pumfrey Wallace. 35 Barker Carfoot nevello s. Reid 24 Buke. Not j. J. Bott Grice 24 m. Reos Adkins. Lamb Johnston 81 Ash Glamour Thomson Peol ,. 24 Knox Gibson Lover. Balo t m 28 Orr Stalnos Campbell Kerr to 18 Betts. Richardson Holdway 81buttorworth,. Lamb Hother Ogton 21 8tevona torrent Hambly m Lennon 25lloyd,. S. Taylor Bingo Mann ingils 20 South Brisbane club. Rink West. Mantle Murray 28burge, Driver wilson., Fyk. 23 8haw, Jopes Robinson 21 Spranklin. Green Moore 20 Gonzlo Martin Beresford Lowry 28 Saunders l. Jarrott pug son a Mao Mullan to of Toowoomba club. South Brisbane beaten. Four Toowoomba club rinks achoo cd vie tory Over South Brisbane Tho handsome margin Lof .50 Points. Results. S.Power, Rowe Donald priest 16 in got. , Austin 21 Nutt g. Hooper Borton Cossart. 81 Irish Gato Jarrott Stafford 14 Buchanan Ross Brown Jaydon 82 Woods barter Boll Robertson ,. .17, Berno Barlow m Leanan Moore 83 Gibbon cuff Ewart Macfarlane 5 to. J totals ill 01 rink games. V Jarrott Nutt Barnes Jones 27 Llo Wolyn Nutt Lane monks 23 m Kinney Allen Buchanan Warron f. Hooper Globson ,. .16 Georgeson Morgan Roberts hate 29 Oak Loy Power Stevens priest 27 a games in the a championship com petition resulted proven beet Atkinson 81 15 Correll boat Robinson 8129 diner Best Fen nor 8124. Consistency Handicap Rossart 157, o Brien 168, Abbt Toowoomba club. Local rink8 beat South Brisbane. Four South Brabano rinks Wero beaten at the West Toowoomba Olubas follows . S3. Ossolo Morritt Fryar Davis �. 26 Irish Gale Jarrott Stafford �. 25 Seeley White of Briody Wobb 27 Woods barter Bell Robertson 25 Seston Barron. Kills Wylle. 27 Gibbon Cuffe Ewart Mcfarlane. 16 Watson Garry Lynch Bain 3d a , Padget Austin 28 totals 109 68 rink games. Rowe Obelne Bloke Ilen Drea 24 Thorburn Tweddle Ludgate Garter 27 Jarrott r. Tyghe Cordner Redwood 9 of Stuart g. P. Merry Job Stone g. 15 Ewart Villaume Baker. # 21 Stead Rowbot Baro Kidd � 3 record \ breaking. \ the a App rubber comp received i Wiro Irby or j. L., Urton. From Bulla which on Tho Border of West and vhf Tab Autra Liiv fat which place he arrived on itch in fit. To Cross from North to Eucla Voss Little know roads i Western. A Trolin Over Sniddy Patch boulders pumps ?.,. And for a special six Juttie Butker. Fitted with Dunlop Tyrea to Pond up to this Grael Fin teat Emor Kably Achi if Lul Torald i. Patterson nos a Bancroft 8acqnt \ is up Tho Winner Yon Aronld Una a. Ban. V j Vij life Croft too it Moons Yon trill play Tattoo v Tennis for Yon will Hama this Racquet for. To Many years Yomara in Wal car you a rail get w / need to to fool Oft Bacenet select " \\7. From this list toss it i in. O Birt Tirona Baa 1 crot 82/8. Agar lug Bact of it i Aace Bancroft 02/8 you Alloa Bancroft. 05/ la soft if 82/0 Yousaf Bancroft. Toy a buy a ban Boft the Bobaj bust . At All sporting depots Hartigan s famous grand Central hotel. Aix Xii jobs dupe Knob ,. Laorno que blk and Eliza Bixb bxbbex8,this is the hot ii whore the Publio Are specially catered for e. H a r t i g a a proprietress. Thone 926. To aarae " " or a in a i nerf stocks of Cricket goods judicious. Deliveries from overseas we have been Able to maintain uniform excellence of Quality of bats throughout the current season. H. Our clients receive the Benefit of selecting for themselves from the largest and most varied to k Stock of bats in the state. We. Our repairs Are noted Fol for. Excellence of workmanship and prompt a la i in anticipation. Of next season bring us. Your a. Old bit Good handles for re blading. / ii Lull the Brisbane sports depo j 1 j 342 Queen Street. Phone cent. 3m/ i buy made to trim trousers at roti Wells now. During february we Are offering a you Alful Ange of material a penatly suitable for troupere and at redo a Prinea. This Opportunity la too Good Tofta. Cioe la to Day and Aeo the. Yoad Erful values / special Cash prices " 45/ Aid 5 35/ and 42/. Reduced in \. Reduced to / 32 m Vav a 30/ j re Rayspis

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