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Brisbane Courier Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1953, Page 2

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Brisbane Courier (Newspaper) - June 29, 1953, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia i _ half Price Sale of frocks i starts tomorrow tuesday 8.30 i our showroom in Elizabeth St. Is being remodelled and ? the builders must get Possession on saturday 4th july. ? this Means that the whole of our Stock of Beautiful Model frocks must be moved out before that Date. Here is an Opportunity that May never come again. Sole starts 8.30. All his season s stocks must be cleared this week. Every Well known frock maker represented As Well As / models from our own workroom. Wonderful new styles at half the marked Price and less. The frock reductions Moke this Sale something to remember. So Many bargains we have not space to list them. J you simply cannot afford to miss this Opportunity to i Stock up for the next six months. Hundreds of frocks in this season s most popular and i expensive fabrics All a oink out of this Safe at half Price and less. With the import restrictions in Force these cannot be replaced. Model frocks in Cropes both Plain and printed hand worked and beaded printed jerseys voiles Shan tunes and linens All reduced Many As Low As 39/6, 49/6, 59/6 to 99/6. Exclusive Model frocks designed and made in our own workroom each one to be cleared at half the marked t Price. Come Early Redden spy. Ltd 167 Elizabeth Street Brisbane. Leaders in craftsmanship Quality Economy and of Geourge promptness and Courtesy the courier mail printing service first floor the Brisbane club building Adelaide Street Brisbane. Directly behind we invite your inquiries the courier mail. For All clones of printing ? a work ,.rusinen drop a Telephone Fao 1 1 tonal. ? Large or Smoll. Hostess Asp ,.jack. Kramb in Nugo i Fitta to 1l ? h Rijk ill is. W3 ? it l9ibfiw a it 22332 of Vadlin South of i. Then stay at Sydney s loveliest hot Blum Ftp the Mayfair j9right in the he it of King s Cross is est. Hont a 751 Tal Grams Mayfair hotel spacious Ultra modern with lounge on every floor and ? luxuriously furnished this Lovely building i by deny s newest hotel is equipped with every luxury in every. Room. From hot and cold water service to Telephone. Each bedroom has a Bright airy window some overlooking Magnin ? cent Harbour views. The Maylar s famous dining room i under ? supervision of High class chefs. The Mayfair offers you Sydney finest service and cuisine. Bathroom suites available. L first with the news for radio news More people Are turning to . The Queensland radio news service is first with the news on radio. That s because . Is a courier ? j mail service and is backed by. The world wide new services of the courier mail a exclusive to stations 4bk-4bn-4ak-p. ? the i four Jar Iloilo a Liberty depends on the for Cudoni of the Prat and thai quintal be limited with out being Tost. Jefferson. A tired Titan sir Winston Chur chill is an old Man. I his amazing Energy has i easily persuaded us to forget his age. But now we remember it. He is in his seventy ninth year and he is having to rest. I no wonder he is tired. Since or. Anthony Eden became ill he has been doubling the duties of prime minister and foreign Secretary. He has had the care of a Young Queen s Coronation. I All the Many ceremonies of state associated with it have required his attendance As her prime minister. Immediately after the Coro nation he had a week of daily conferences with other prime ministers of the common wealth. Since then he has had to keep the House of commons informed on the government s policy at Home and abroad while preparing for the Ber Muda conference. That conference twice postponed until France could find a prime minister to Send to it must now wait until sir win Ston Churchill recuperate his strength. In his Kentish country Home enjoying what Sunshine an English summer bestows he looks out upon the peaceful landscape of eng land s Garden county it is a scene to inspire him for the task to which he would dedicate those remaining years of National leadership which in the natural order of events must now be few. Only last month in a memorable speech in the House of commons he spoke of the goal that world statesmanship might attain of letting the weary toiling masses of Man kind enter upon the Best spell of Good Fortune fair play Well being Leisure and harmless happiness that has Ever been within their reach or even within their dreams and he added if there is not at the Summit of the nations the will to win the greatest prize and the greatest honour Ever offered to Mankind doom Laden responsibility will fall upon those who now possess the Power to decide though Britain has had older prime ministers Palmer Ston and Gladstone it can i not be Long before sir Winston Churchill will have to ask younger shoulders to take the Burden of the Queen s govern ment because it has become immeasurably heavier than it was in the Days of Queen Victoria. But it is to be devoutly hoped that his month s rest under medical advice will reinvigorate him for the Bermuda conference. The ripeness of his experience and Wisdom is needed in International consultations. As presi Dent Eisenhower has said his health is of great concern to All the world pitiful waste the state tries to reclaim Young criminals but for thousands of habitual drunk Ards its Only treatment is a Fine or 24 hours in jail with free meals if they make a nuisance of themselves. Many of them have become social derelicts women As Well As men. So Long As they do not annoy anyone no one cares where they live or How they live. We see them sometimes searching rubbish bins or sleep ing in obscure Corners of our Parks. Perhaps a War pension or a widow s pension saves them from destitution but most of their Money is spent on drink. Is there no Means of pre venting this pitiful waste of manhood and womanhood crossword no. 3086 solution to 3085 across 19 permit 1 vagrants 30 revolt 4 group 22 Willce 9 illustrious immovable. 2g Decora to worse Uon 13 females 28 Arm 14 tank 30 Bellow 10 fenced 32 requited 18 scholar in and Shin 34 fight 35 store House 36dts pleasure 37 Assembly 38 tee total How Dull i 39 new Down 1 Tower 2 this addition weakens effect 3 advanced 6 conclusions 6 digit 7 shrine 8 town one rings the Bell 11 Anaesthetic 12 increased 14 you need press these 15 decade 17 tool 18 animal 21 produced 23 weeds 25 Globe 27 outcast 29 redacted 31 flowed gently 33 weight 35 quadruped 36 flushed women stand the most pain in tiring i by Chapman pincer at last the doctors admit what women have Al ways insisted that the worst pain a human being can suffer is the agony or childbirth. It is even sharper than the pain of being badly burned but it is More easily endurable because it has purpose. By using an instrument called a Colorimeter. Doctors have found a crude but practicable Way of measuring pain. The instrument focuses a Light beam of known strength through a burning Glass on to a Hospital patient s forehead. The patient is asked to say when the Burn hurts As much As the pain caused by his complaint. To record pain doctors have invented a unit called the Dol. At the top Toothache earache and backache carry a painful Ness value of Between 1 and 2 Dols. By comparison the sharpest pain of a heart attack and the terrible headaches of severe brain complaints rate 7-9 Dols. The worse pangs of child birth Are at the top of the scale with a pain rating of 10 Dols. Most men get through life without experiencing pain greater than 5 or 6 Dols. In dying there is usually Little pain attached to the process of dying the doctors claim. Most people die in coma a depth of unconsciousness at which no pain can possibly be Felt. Further pain research is go ing on at Middlesex Hospital medical school a where doctors Are burning them selves so they can study the different Levels of pain at first hand. One of them or. John w. Markham has endured 38 bad blisters during the last year. From the latin Dolor meaning bodily pain Coronation committee at it Isa save Cost showed indifference the mount Isa Corona Tion celebrations com Mittee has asked to brine under your notice rail Way department action which is typical of the treat ment meted out to country people and apparent apathy to the throne. Each year the May Day celebrations committee at mount Isa invited children from Dafarra and Duchess to mount Isa for the May Day celebrations. An excursion train has been provided each year by the railway depart ment without any guarantee being requested. This year the May Day committee decided to hold no May Day celebrations in mount Isa but to Combine with the Coronation celebrations committee on Coro nation Day. As usual a request was made for an excursion train but it was refused unless the committee was prepared to put up a guarantee of �57. The committee decided that in View of the few amenities available to country children the High railway Revenue from mount Isa and Dafarra and the special occasion they would not As a matter of principle put up the Guaran tee and instead made arrange ments to have the children brought in by motor truck. Children from Dafarra Cam Coweal and Boulia were brought to mount Isa in trucks made available by Pri vate owners. Boosts Revenue during the year ended june 30, 1952, mount Isa mines limited alone paid the Queensland railways �897,835 in rail freights and this year the figure is expected to be considerably higher. We have no figures from Dafarra but it is one of the biggest if not the biggest trucking Centre in Australia about 80,000 to 100,000 head of cattle being trucked each year represent ing about �500,000 Revenue. These Are two lines among the few in Queensland which operate at a profit but apparently it is unreasonable to expect any Concession Here As no doubt the profits from these lines Are needed to subsidise the Brisbane suburban fares. Apparently too the annual May Day celebrations Are More important and worthy of More consideration than Ai. Event which occurs once in our Sovereign s lifetime. My committee draws your Atten Tion to this indifference to the country people who Are the producers of the nation s wealth and this example of the government s indifference to our Sovereign lady the Queen. W. F. Aplin Secretary it Isa Coronation celebrations committee Duchess Road it Isa. Attack on ? / Union Rule to his statement on cessation of overtime in railway workshops the transport minister or. Dug Gan said since the War 27 to 30 per cent of the Locos have been out of commis Sion As a tradesman who left the railways in disgust i be Lieve or. Duggan should have prefixed his statement with since the Advent of the 40-hour week and the capture of australian Leader ship by ignorant and or anti australian Union Bosses we could take the 40-hour week standing on our Heads if All would work. Since we be come under Union Rule de cent Well meaning tradesmen have been Browbeaten into loafers who Are increasing costs of living and at the same time grumbling about High costs. Or. Duggan and ? others have appealed for greater Effort. This is just waste of breath. As every sex Serviceman Well knows australians re act Well to Leader ship backed up when Neces sary by a kick in the pants has this country to go bankrupt As it did in 1930 be fore politicians and the people Wake up american Union leaders seek More pay for More work. Their men Are the Best paid and the happiest workers in the world. Fitter Ayr. Drunkards should pay says Reader to the editor the article by Ray 1 Roberts 26/ 6/53 is sadly interesting. The 40-hour week resulting in crowded out bars especially on saturday mornings is a curse rather than a bless ing. Many men and women have never had so much Money to spend. In dealing with drunkards the present system is stupidly lenient and is not a punish ment at All. If these people waste their Money and cannot meet the fines and pay for their food let them work off their indebtedness. Our City streets Are filthy and in the suburbs streets and footpaths need weeding. The drunkards have no Pride in themselves and we Nave no civic Pride in keeping places outside shops and houses clean. Why not therefore Send out a party As a working Bee with police supervision so that the workers do not slip into the local. The drunkards should be made to pay in chores. G. Watkinson Bris Bane. Well dressed Man of the future will a with Are now being dominated by fashion dictators to the same extent As women. New York stylists aim to present them in a Slimmer deeper lighter and More colourful out took. Men will throw a longer Shadow than formerly according to a new York times Magazine devoted to a re port on men s Wear. The new look will be tap ering trousers with fewer pleats intended to make him appear taller and leaner. Single breasted suits will be More natural having slightly padded shoulders longer Coats and narrower lapels. Clothes will be lighter the Point of greatest interest is the move for lighter clothes to com Bot summer heat. With this fashion trend the male will shed 41b of clothing next Spring and summer. Where he was carrying around upwards of 11 Jib of clothing All he will need to carry next season is 731b and still be fully dressed. Using 1940 As a basis for comparison the fashionably dressed Man in 1954 will carry these weights All approximate hat 4oz 1940, 2oz 1954 shoes. 3llb, l Job shirt bulb lib suit 3ub, 2ub Topcoat 3jlb, 211b. Like the trend in films style for men has gone third dimensional. New fabric which will turn the male Dresser out in a rugged Mould is described As snubbed and dubbed flecked g r Ai n e d. Or splashed intended for dimensional effect clubs Are thick and thin yarns Woven through the main body of the fabric. In contrasting Colour they also add Colour accent. Aii illusion of heaviness the Overall picture creates an illusion of heaviness and bulk where none exists. Other Points arising from the new fashions Are you can prepare to throw away that wide brimmed hat. Because narrower brims will be in with tapering crowns. As a hint to the individual who refuses to Wear a tie is the shirt which has its own Bow tie fixed to it. More Colour will be seen in dress shirts and Shorter Point collars Are tipped to find favour. Ties will be narrower with More emphasis on pastels and Light grounds. Shoes will have less trim with slip on becoming More popular for Wear in town. Big change from London the edwardian look a with o dash of Mili tary style is the clothing highlight from London. Considered a revolution in male wearing apparel the new edwardian style is the first big change in 40 years less picturesque than the original edwardian style but promising greater Comfort. The new fashion induces the male to Wear a i fou but toned single breasted Jac Ket with a nipped in Waist. A narrow strip of Bright or Plain Waistcoat is allowed to show the narrow trousers Cut nigh for suspenders do not allow for belts have no cuffs and carry a hint of a guar Matvs ceremonial uni form. Gloves Are carried not worn. Colours for Australia a variation of the Bowler hat known As the Bill cock completes the new ensemble. On our own Doorstep out of this world colours will be making a bid for recognition As an outcome of the fifth men s apparel convention which met at Melbourne this month Many of the colours like Honey beige Caprice Blue and sea Haze have been borrowed from women s fashions. An Eye catching sweater intended to highlight that rugged masculine appear Ance comes in such inspired colours As Gay Blue Maize mushroom club Grey and Forest Green past and future men s vicar trends Are reflected in the latest styles from the old world and the new world which will be clamouring for attention in Australia next Spring and summer. While the new world has peered into the future the old world has lifted a Leaf out of the past dusted it and touched it up for the present Day. Edward vol himself a then and now of. Men s style is satirized. The High Collar again with separate cuffs pinched in Waist. Only yesterday the fad for the loud wide hand painted lie. Ats next year Man trill cast a longer and leaner Silhouette. Revere Nee for food needed reaching in his Church yesterday or. Blake said not the least of the needs of to aay is a return 10 reverence for god. The fear of the lord is the beginning of Wisdom the safeguard against sin and the secret of Happi Ness. The commandments were Given to be a pattern for Liv ing and to inculcate a holy fear of god. The first commandment claims god is to have no rival in our worship the second that our worship shall be in terms worthy of him and the third that in himself and in everything by which he is known he shall be held in Everence. The third commandment states that the name of god is to be held sacred from All misuse and levity. There must be no perversion of his sacred name for avarice ambition or amusement. If the name of god is deprived of its dignity it is gradually brought into con tempt together with All. For which god stands truth Justice and equity. This commandment forbids perjury or false swearing. No Day much discussion centres on the abolition of trial by jury. What we need is not abolition of the jury but abolition of the Light and contemptuous use of god s name in swearing the truth. Recognition of the Gravity of perjury is almost unknown among witnesses. But invoking the lord s name for false purposes perversion of jus Tice and jury rigging is an insult to the god of truth. Grievous Dishonour is done to god when men swear by him falsely and the lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain. The fear of the lord and reverence for the name of god Are two necessary invest ments for the people of this land. the Rev. D. C. Blake has been the Pulpi d presbyterian minister at Hamilton lib i a i ? Finch ig5j no i Egan Home Mission work at Mackay in 1939 and was ordained and inducted it Prynn Nitin in 1q47 Queen s Welcome do it with Flowers Melbourne is giving a Lead by planting one j million Gladioli. Cannot i Brisbane out on an even. \ better and More colourful ? p display by _ growing one � million dahlias i i t what Melbourne can do j s let us Shou that Brisbane \ in can do better. I i now is the time to pre j f pare an Overall plan forc this cite to prepare for the p Queen s Welcome in i954.\ � just think of what might i � 6c if every citizen resolved / to co operate in the Sug Bijj Gest cd Dahlia display i ? the horticultural Effort j would give Brisbane an overdue face lift and so p help to develop a much � needed civic conscience. I ? the help of what May ? be termed the big three the press the lord i ? mayor the education min j f lifer is essential to give a i � Lead to Alt interested Public ? bodies. J the million Dahlia plants could be obtained from seed from Green plants and j � from tubers. March the ? month of our Queen s visit f is the month when Dahlia in blooms Are at their very j. Best. I make our Young and a gracious Queen s Welcome so ? memorable that she will be f desirous of honouring us c with a second visit. S Thomas Henderson Ascot. Manchester guardian Liberal Manchester there Are still sad uncertainties in Korea the not Nimr of the present confusion there will clearly have a great effect. But if a Settle ment comes about in Korea the Drift in Europe will be towards a settlement of Ger Many. The Wall Street journal. Conservative Tendon Argentina Australia and new zealand have increased meat production by 16 Pei cent since 1939. Does Britain get a larger share no. She gets 350.000 tons less than before the War. In t this a stunning condemnation of government bulk buying before the War private traders were Able to get All the meat Britain needed. They never let the nation Down. Daily express Republican a Tew York. The unite states entered the korean War in a reflex action against danger. When Success ran High we said we were going to conquer North Korea and finally faced with Munfor Drift in Europe meat for Britain the korean Wah seen difficulties we reverted to More limited ambitions meanwhile Many of our allies seem to have had no purpose at All. Chanel a or otherwise. Thus it is that we have drifted into the fix we Are in to Dav the Christian science Monitor Republican Roston. The news that 134.000 Federal posts Are to be studied for possible re Moval from civil service status cannot be viewed with equanimity. Americans have to face the question do they want a government career service or a return to the spoils system if they prefer the spoils sys tem then Thev had better read history. . Textile salesmen told take it easy with these miracles Mew York America is entering its third Battle of the fibres this summer and the Miracle Fibre people Are Beai Nina to tread More warily. Top executives in some of the country s biggest corporations that make new fibres such As Carylan Dacron Dynel Orion Are issuing orders to their advertisers and passing advice to textile Salesman warning them take it easy with those Miracle claims the trouble americans have been led to expect a few too Many miracles from the new fabrics. Thousands of angry letters have come in from people who be tried to test the miraculous qualities of the new fibres. There have been scores in i o i c pressed lighted cigarettes against Dacron suits or Orion shirts or Carylan socks Many of them labelled fire resist ant and been amazed to find that the result is us ways a gaping Brown Hole in the material. Storm damage others have tested their new suits by going out into the first available thunderstorm they be found i that their suits get creased and wrinkled and sopping wet like any other kind of suit. And More who be carelessly tossed their suits into their washing machines have been staggered to find that they come out of the washing machines full of All the old wrinkles. Those sort of incidents have occurred enough times in the last two years to upset the big Fibre making corporations. But the fault does t lie in the new synthetics. It lies in the cigarette butt Case in High pressure publicity that can mislead millions. The1 new synthetics Are fire resistant Only in that they Don t burst into flame but they do melt under great heat. Help Wool so. Where a year ago there were confident statements that Wool was Well on the Way out there s caution now. The corporations Aren t so sure now that they have the world s Wool growers by the Throat. Take the word from one of the biggest makers of Miracle fibres the Union Carbide and Carbon Corpora Tion giant american com Pany that has Well Over 200 million dollars invested in its synthetic Fibre plants. The corporation s1 sales manager Carl Setterstrom says we so null ban the term Miracle Fibre it s in . The new fibres Are no More miraculous than a new Alloy and if we re not careful people will begin to look Down their noses at goods made from the new fibres these new Man made fibres will i think help in crease the Sale of Wool. There la be a bigger Market Lor Wool because Many of these new fibres Are at their but when blended with Wool. They la also make possible the use of coarser grades of Wool. We must admit that natural fibres like Wool Are better for some uses and the Neil fibres lot others and that blends of the natural and new fibres arc frequently better than either alone. Wool will remain a Basic textile Fibre and we can say with equal certainty that the fabrics of to Morrow will be made largely from blends of fibres both natural and syn thetic unreliable Carl Setterstrom do snot mean that every thing is Rosy gain for the Wool grower. He does not mean that the big Ameri can corporations that Are Chi ring out Man made fibres by the millions of Miles have found that the new synthetics Are unreliable proof that that in t the Case lies in the big amounts of Money that America is putting into huge new Fibre making plants. Production of the new fibres is growing fast As each big new Plant goes into operation. Last year America s manufacturers turned out 300 Mil lion la of the new synthetics. For 1953 the estimate is for 400 million la. And by i960 the makers expect to be put Ting 750 million la. On the Market. ?. ? announcements ? a 111 l a Jim g-11 minutes Chicken la Noodle soup fed like something delicious for lunch extra a Fol guests for dinner something hot and tasty Iru maj jut Irb for a bedtime snack Here s your answer. Ij�jmbs&-&8w& Nestle s Chicken Noodle soup is the we , easy economical Way to tempt appetites. ski psf Jef soft each pack makes three whole serves. Vij Malm 3&w w ski i in som country Dirr Eti. Ljbwfei�4i.l w other varieties ? i onion Becj Ezekle with Tomato and i oodles t t pea with Ham. Of toil .m.,4

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