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Brisbane Courier Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1953, Page 1

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Brisbane Courier (Newspaper) - June 29, 1953, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia the optical House of ? a Chas. Sankey fraser355 ii Brisbane optometrists e. W. Crosier fellow of the British optical ii Assoc. Honours. T. W. Rofe diploma of the worshipful com Pany of spectacle makers London. D. R. Row fellow of the British optical Assoc. R. C. Brier fellow of the Institute of optometrists old by exam. 246 Queen St. Find the Ball see Page 7 Home s 30om delivery edition or Clauve in aus Nln to Moffis it High Grade 15 jewel Loyal we amt Chrome Case electronically a a tested for accuracy. Hkli2 believe tyranny is a Wayto collapse berliners Are Bent on revolt from Dou las brass Derlin june 28 revolt in Eastern Berlin a fill come again. Sooner or later unrest will Bubble Forth again into resistance which is not As it is just now passive. That is what they confidently Tell you Here in this strange Island of a City whose Eastern half is still barred off by German Rifle men and russian tanks. This the free berliners Eay. Is the beginning of the end. The events of the last 10 Days have pointed the Way surely to the col lapse of the Eastern tyranny. Are confident t his View is held by Many Western Allied officials Here As Well As by the Jubil ant West German authorities. In West Berlin s lofty City Hall where professor Reu Ter the chief burgomaster has held court and kept Faith All through these mad Post War years they give you solid arguments apparently based on reliable in formation from across the Frontier in support of their confident belief that Malenkos Jand Grotewohl and company have had if in Eastern Germany. One View is fairly general Here in this Western listen ing Post. It is that the russians when it suits them will sacrifice the pieces Grotewohl and Ulbricht the communist party leaders with a cynic Cal disregard for services rendered. Moscow s line i Berlin believes that mos cow is set firmly on its new line of Cooling the International temperature for its own purposes of course and that the Berlin riots of june 17 will not make it waver in the slightest. The russians still have troops and tanks in Berlin. But they Are clearly anxious to quieten things Down As quickly As possible and to pull out and leave matters to Ulbricht s people s police it is not at All inconceivable that a War could have started in Berlin last week if the russians had let their hair Down and started shooting up the City. The fact that the risk was kept in tight Check and that Moscow has now dictated a policy of conces Sions to the workers encourage the belief that there Are much bigger stakes than Berlin in the present East West game. 10 injured in smash ten people including. Two Small children were injured when two cars collided at Rock Lea Vesterdal. The collision occurred at the intersection of Ipswich Road and Granard Street at 2.30 pm. None of those injured was seriously Hurt and Allex cent one were allowed to go Home after treatment by ambulance bearers and at the mater Hospital casualty Ward. They Are in one car David Mcilwraith davidson.1 56. Waterton Street. Anner Ley. The Driver his wife. Agnes 46 Helen Shearer 19. Sincle. Same address Bruce Shearer 15, same address Dawn Granville 17, single Waterton Street Annesley. In the other car Colin Matthew Burridge 32. Single of Childers the Driver May Mclennan 37. Married of am Moor via Gymmie her children Dell. 16 Ian 2 and Janice 5. Mrs. Davidson was detained at Hospital for Obser vation. League club suspended Warwick by Tele Printer Alloro Rugby league team refused to Toke the Field against East Warwick in a scheduled St. George cup Competition match at the showgrounds yesterday. The Allora men s action was because they thought unfair the suspension of their Captain former interstate Rugby Union player Vince Bermingham. Subsequently an Emer gency meeting of the Warwick league suspended Allora As a club from the league for the remainder of the 1953 season. Empire games Vancouver june 28 Aap Australia would Send a team of at least 49 and possibly 60 men and women to the British Empire games Here in 1954, the games society announced Vester Day. Australia is the huh country to enter the games gruesome lift new York june 28 Aap a Block and tackle and seven policemen were required yesterday to remove the 32-Stone body of mrs. Florence Shine 43, who died in a third floor new York Flat. Big development needed in final two Day s play has England s team resources to pull 2nd test out of fire London june 28 England s Hopes of winning the test at lord s ran High for a while yesterday. Then once More came a breakdown in the Middle Register of batting. It will need a develop ment Over the final two Days beyond English re sources so far noticed if the match is to be won. A. Draw May Well be beyond her. I the australian attack on his dry slowly wearing pitch seems More versatile my better fitted to make Jse of it and England j just Bat last. We saw test Cricket at its toughest yesterday morning. Che australians evidently decided that the first hours May would be crucial and hey put everything into it. Telling blow in his opening Over Lind Vall bowled Graveney with i Ball which was either a porker or. Near enough de scribed As one. Anyway it meant such a lot both ways. Graveney had batted like \ True test batsman and o get rid of him yesterday before he settled Down was i i telling blow. Importance of it was not Only the Dis Missal of a Fine batsman but the fact that it brought Compton in to face the new Ball from the moment the Battle became fierce. Lindwall bowled at his fastest and Miller neglected finesse completely in favour j of the More Normal weapons i of a fast Bowler. Compton and Hutton were subjected to a test of courage with real Pace at both ends but they held on grimly despite some narrow escapes and a few bruises. Did t falter i admired Compton s de termination even More than his skill. Pate had not smiled on him during his last australian tour and a Duck at Nottingham added to a rather agonising run of Low test match scores. With that background the desire to erase the memory of pre Vious failures and the Des Perate need to make runs for England he never faltered. I remember vividly the trouble Denis had in 1948 with bumpers. Somehow he could not avoid getting into what we Call no Man s land in a Long talk we discussed this subject and t propounded to him the theory i still hold. The safest Way to negotiate a bumper on the slumps or leg Side is to move inside the line of flight. Yesterday he did just that and looked All the better for it. The partnership brought 102 invaluable runs. Irrespective of runs it was a feat to survive Tiit period. Had one of them faltered England could have been out within an hour. If that appears a rash state ment the answer is Plain to see by what happened after lunch when six wickets fell at one stage for 54 runs of which Brown made 22 by a do or die Effort. The pitch again revealed occasional uncertainty in the Bounce which was to some extent a mental Hazard for the batsman. Tide turned pull Marks to Hutton and Compton. They paved the Way which regrettably was not followed by their Succes sors. The tide was first turned by Bill Johnston Bowling spinners to three Short leg Fields men. Johnston always looked More dangerous with his close leg Field. Of All play ers to fall to it. I least expected Hutton to be the Man for he was negotiating the danger with relative ease. The Ball before his dismissal had nearly decapitated Hole and for that reason alone Hole s catch ing of Hutton was the More meritorious. Left a Gap England s dependence on Hutton was quickly revealed. Upon his dismissal one end looked open and when Benaud beat Compton with a Fine leg spinner both ends were open. Pent up feelings of the crowd were let Loose when Wardle off drove taller to the Fence giving England n first innings Lead. It was a magnificent drive in the Hammond manner and showed that fast bowlers can be driven if batsmen am prepared to try. Once More Lindwall deservedly emerged with the Bowling honours. After throwing everything into the morning session he came up for More and narrowly missed the hat trick. Quick wicket when Australia opened there were portents of aggressive intent which were Cut Short by the dismissal of Hassett who was adjudged caught behind on the leg Side. I heard the sound and whether the subsequent Atti tude of the players indicated some doubt about it or merely gave expression to Surprise at such a Quick wicket i Don t know. Toward the end of the Day we saw an innings by Miller containing his usual six but. More than that some beautifully executed shots and Calm certainty of control Over his Bat which for bodes ill to the Fielding Side should he resume in the same Frame of mind to Morrow. Morris had to fight hard for his runs but is still there a rather discomforting thought for England s bowl ers who must somehow make a last minute Effort if the initiative is to be regained. I lotion in whole or part forbidden. Miller the menace p. 8. Not asked for report on team from Tom Goodman t Ondon june 28 a the australian Cricket ers arc upset Over suggestions from Sydney that the australian Board of control Mihr ask team Mana Ger George Davies for a special report on the players conduct. Or. Davies says he has not had a request from the Board for a special report and he sees no occasion to make one. The players feel that the team s executive could Deal with cases of excessive drinking or Loose living if necessary but they ridicule j reports apparently by people not associated with the team that such behaviour exists. J quietest mob i one experienced player i said this is the quietest mob i be Ever travelled ? with. The older Fellows Are i practically the same Bunch that toured South Africa under Lindsay Hassett and manager Chappie Dwyer and left a great name for Australia and we have every reason to think we Are popular in England him i Down on a hand and a knee but Hole had caught English Captain Hutton for 145 off w. Johnston s Bowling. This radio picture from lord s captures one of the dramatic incidents of saturday s play in the second test. Australia first innings 346. England first innings 372. Australia second innings one wicket for 96. Weather London yesterday had showers. Forc Cas. For today improving. Full scores Page 6 Churchill the world watches fatigue must rest a month says medical bulletin Bermuda off a chm mib Ion Don staff and Aap i Ondon june 28 while the whole worm to Day anxiously awaited news of his health Britain s 78-year-old prime minister sir Winston Churchill sat in the Sunshine at his country Home at Chartwell in Kent. Above the Large Mellow Brick House fluttered the prime minister s Flag the red purple and Gold Standard of the lord Warden of the Cinque ports. Fatigue from the exacting engagements of the last few months has forced the prime minister on of his doctors to rest for at least a month. Sir Winston had a comfortable night and continues to rest a bulletin from his doctors said to Day. His personal physician lord Moran staved overnight at Chartwell and saw him this morning. The Bermuda big three talks for which sir Winston was to have left in the battleship Vanguard on tuesday Are off temporarily this was announced 25 Miles away in London after president Eisenhower and the new French Premier m. Laniel Hod been consulted. I president Eisenhower Laid in a message to sir Vinston that he re added the postponement of he big three meeting As my a temporary defer nent there was no ques Ion of cancelling the con Terence As far As is known he is lot suffering from any complaint. While he is resting in Winston will continue to receive the More important official papers and questions of major government policy vill be referred to him. J the minister of state j or. Selwyn Lloyd be 1 omes responsible for the Lay to Day affairs of the i foreign office and will be assisted by lord Salisbury lord president of the Council. I the Chancellor of the exchequer or. R. A. Butler 50 will preside at Cabinet meetings. He will. Be virtually prime minister of England. Many political observers have looked on or. Butler As a More Likely successor o sir Winston than the foreign Secretary sir an Thony Ede now in America recuperating from free serious operations Felt tired sir Winston went to Chartwell unexpectedly two Days ago. He Felt tired and decided to rest for a few class before boarding the Vanguard to go to Bermuda. But yesterday a medical Lepoint signed by lord Moran and sir Russell brain a neurologist with a world wide reputation said the prime minister has had no respite for a Long time from his very arduous duties and is in need of a Complete rest. We have therefore advised him to abandon his journey to Bermuda and to lighten his duties for at least a month did not die sir Winston s health save Rise to concern in april of last year when he was con fined to Chartwell with a heavy cold. But he quickly threw it off. Earlier that year Rumour of his illness was so persistent that he had to Issue a denial. In february 1950, it was reported that he had died. In typically churchillian fashion the prime minister then announced this is quite untrue during the second world War sir Winston had three serious attacks of pneumonia. He quashed a Churchill is dead Rumour in 1944 by quoting Mark Twain s immortal words that the Story was grossly exaggerated. Three years later he had in operation for hernia. Heavy Burden it is doubtful whether any prime minister whatever his age and Constitution could have borne. Such burdens As sir Winston has done recently without his health be ing impaired. O for months now he has been doubling the Job of prime minister and foreign Secretary and. On top of All this he has had the Corona Tion the accompanying non Stop ceremonies and functions the Commonwealth prime ministers conference and has had to be Host Clay and night to a great array of visiting statesmen. Security build up had begun in Bermuda last week when july 8 was still the Date for the big three talks now postponed. These troops arriving at Bermuda by air from eng land were the first of 250 Welch Fusiliers to take part in big Security precautions for the conference. Car Tram smash Melbourne by Tele Printer five people were injured when a Tram and a car collided in St. Kilde yesterday. Vessel adrift warships copter in Rescue Cydney by Tele Printer the air Craft Carrier vengeance flip a Tenn i and a Navy helicopter co operated in a sea Rescue yesterday. They rescued four Meni who had been adrift at Seal in the 27-ton vessel Loch Aven for six Days. The Lockhaven s engines broke Down on monday Andi Westerly winds drove her 401 Miles out to sea beyond nor Mal coastal shipping lanes pick up by radar vengeance a to Chirk for the missing Laatch Irene which is six Days overdue from Newcastle picked up the Lockhaven on radar sent a helicopter to Check the vessel s plight and ordered the Bataan to take her to i oort. The four men on Board were Captain r. Hall of Padang Jock Gordon. 42. Shin s Engineer of Sydney Gus Kuster. 42, ship s Engi Neer of Padang and Barry Kelly. 31. Engineer of Manus Island. ? the Lockhaven had riot been reported missing. City attack by thug a thug attacked a Young Man in Albert Street opposite the City Hall at 1 1.10 last night the victim ran to a taxi cab and was driven to Roma Street police station about 100 Yards away. He is David George Heiser 25, single of Vincent Street indoor Spilly. Who suffered lacerations to the lips and one ear. Heiser told police he was walking along Albert Street to a bus Stop when a Man about 6ft tall grabbed his Arm and said where Are you going the Man began punching him and called to two other men with him hold him Heiser who was later treated by ambulance bearers said the attack was a Surprise. Police believe his attacker mistook him for someone else ? excited on �1517 win mrs. E. A. Evans of Falconer Street Southport was still excited yesterday. Scio Hurt a pin Tel i of a find the Ball Competition win on Friday night. She shared the prize of e1517/7/ with two others. Each receives �505/15/8. Main beneficiary of this week s contest will be the Queensland Bush children s health scheme s Redcliffe Home. A donation of �250 will be made to the Queens land. Social service league women s Section. Cyclist killed in collision a motor cyclist returning from a Tennis party was killed instantly in a collision on the Zerane no Misbah Road at 6.20 pm yesterday. He was Ronald Arthur Burns 19. Single. Forestry department worker of and Vance town seven Miles from Zerang. He was returning from Tennis courts at Advance town to i Home about three Miles on the no Misbah Side of the Village. The collision with a. Utility occurred on the top of a Rise in the Road Burns was thrown on his head on to the hard gravel surface. The Driver of the Utility was not Hurt. Ii 1 1 Iii i i ii Mill latest photograph of sir Winston Chur chill whose medically ordered month s rest has set Back the Bermuda conference. He is resting in the Garden of no. 10 Downing Street London. Butter stocks Check by prices officers Queensland prices inspectors have been alerted to Check on Exi Stiner butter stocks. The prices minister or. Power said last night that i state wide Check would Ollow rumours that a butter drice Rise was expected. He had no official info nation about a Price Rise however there had been iome panic buying Al Eady and the butter mar citing Board had increased supplies to retailers to meet he extra demand. Or. Power said present stocks would have to be sold before any Queensland Price Rise could apply. Deciding subsidy Canberra a by Telegram Federal Cabinet is expected to decide on thurs Day whether to continue the butter subsidy at its present level of �16 million a year. The subsidy at present is equivalent to about Lod or lid per la but for some Lime the government been anxious to reduce it. Even without a reduction in subsidy the butter Price could Rise above its present metropolitan level of 4/2 be cause of increased production costs. He did Diss new Delhi june 28 Aap results of a Bache Lor of arts examination issued yesterday showed that c. K. Bhaskaran a i student who committed Sui cide because he feared he had failed had actually passed the examination. Bhaskaran hanged him 1 self at his Home before the results were announced. I blazed away Over crackers new York june 28 special Joseph Ful Ler 67, burned Down his House and shot himself in Keithsburg Illinois because he could not stand the noise of children firing crackers. He wounded three children with a Shotgun and they are1 in Hospital. With still six Days to the fourth of july new York state has outlawed the Sale of All fireworks even Tom thumbs ? Fuller s death brought the i Gunpowder death Roll this year to three. Two teenage girls were suffocated when Gunpowder exploded in a Chicago fire works factory. Six warehouses were Burnt i out and two firemen Hurt. Plane has to return Perth by Telegram engine trouble compelled a Qantas Constellation from South Africa to turn Back to Cocos Island yesterday. It was scheduled to arrive at Perth at 3 pm. The plane developed trouble after one hour s Fly ins from Cocos. Or about 200 Miles out Over the Ouen sea repairs were made and the plane was expected to leave about 10 pm and reach Perth about 5.30 am to Day. Expect fog Fine Day Early morning fags along the coast from Bundaberg to Coolangatta Are forecast by the weather Bureau for to Day. Only rain expected is isolated showers along the coastal fringe. The Bureau forecasts a Fine mild Day for Brisbane with a cold night. �4000 theft Sydney by Tel Printer Sydney police and Detec Tives yesterday launched a wide Hunt for thief who stole jewellery valued at �4000 from the Dover Heights Home of mrs. Leah Wolfson on saturday Niche. Footballer Dies Melbourne by Tele Printer Ian Brown 24, a footballer died in Ballarat base Hospital yesterday from head injuries received in an australian rules match at Ballarat on saturday. The Midnight Oil will they Stop him working t Ondon june 28 l. Aap the lights burned late As usual last night in Chartwell where sir Winston Churchill has been ordered to rest. Close to Midnight the window of the prime minister s tiny study on the ground floor was still aglow. The adjoining room where his secretaries work was also brightly lit. Just before Midnight a policeman opened the High Gates in the Brick Walls around the 17th Century House and a despatch rider on a motor Cycle roared off through the darkness in the direction of London. A local taxi Driver said doctors May order him to Stop work ins hut they la have a hard Job making him obey one sees him As Hope of t Ondon june 28 Aap the con Cern in Britain Over sir Winston Churchill s health would be shared by the whole free world most sunday news papers said to Day. The observer called sir Winston the chief Reposi tory of humanity s Hope for peace the sunday express said at this moment it is a severe blow to lose Chur chill s authority and experience in world affairs even for a month. President Auriol of France in a personal message said i beg to convey my most affectionate wishes for a prompt recovery together with my most faithful pledge of Friendship the italian prime minis Ter Signor de Gasperi sent a personal Telegram wishing sir Winston a speedy return to Good health. Europe blow in Bonn. Herr Erich j do Venhauer chairman of the social democrats West 3ermany s main opposition j party said it is most re 1 Jretta ble that sir Winston Churchill should fall ill just now where the entire Western world was looking Forward to the Bermuda inference As a prelude to x four Power talk austrian political circles received the news with deep regret particularly in View of Russia s change of Atti a tude to Austria. They thought a peaceful solution of the German and austrian problems could Only some from a four Power agreement preceded by a conference of the three i Western Powers. East Berlin radio was the first Iron curtain station to announce sir Winston s ill Ness. It made no com ment. Concerned in Brisbane yesterday the acting prime minister sir Arthur Fatien said on behalf of the people of Australia i am concerned to know that the health of the British prime minister is causing such anxiety. Sir Arthur said he had some close and intimate knowledge of the extent to which sir Winston Churchill accepted responsibility and discharged his duties. We All Hope and Pray that he will be restored satisfactorily to his former vigorous health he added. Western policy is left fluttering blotto big 3 planning Mew York june 28 in Aap the third postponement of the rntmiw1rk anti Means the Western policy towards Russia must continue to flutter uncertainly in the breezes from Moscow i Reuters diplomatic correspondent said this to Day the correspondent said that events in Korea and Germany in the past fort 1 night had made a top big three meeting More urgently necessary than Ever. Much could be done through the Normal Diplo Matic channels. But the present confused International scene demanded some Down to Earth talking Between the three top leaders of the non communist world. I the big three meeting was postponed twice before because of the French poli tical crisis. 1 Relief the new York times Cor respondent in Washington reported the reaction Here to the postponement of the Bermuda conference was of disappointment with a Flash of Relief the Relief came trom icon on a big four meeting which would bring the United states. Britain and prance together with the soviet Union would also be postponed. United states officials have been much More Scep tical about such a meeting than the British prime min ister who proposed it and they did not look Forward to to grips with the Issue at Bermuda . Concern news of ? sir Churchill s illness its aroused deep concern among government leaders and people of Che United states in addition to a per Sonal message of sympathy from president Eisen Hower congressmen expressed Hopes for the British prime minister s Early recovery. Former president Harry Truman said i am terribly sorry to hear of it. I think very highly of Winston Churchill. I Hope it s not serious. He is a great Man. The world needs him in Moscow it is expected that the postponement will be welcomed As giving rus Sia further time to Man oeuvre before the West formulates a definite policy. ? advert Lens announcements no draughts to it turf no Naco air control windows Are fitted with a patented pressure sealing automatic lock you sleep secure behind Naco -. Louvres. At the touch of n linger they /5y a of close silently and completely nov if Fri be wind can Nitelle them no worrying a \7 9 draughts pass Between the Blades no v Byz i intruder can open them from the outside. The positive pressure sealing automatic lock makes sure of that. And they open just As easily letting in a draught less flow of air to sweep gently away the humidity of summer weather to give you the full Benefit of natural air conditioning. Naco air control windows can be fitted in any room in any Home you can do it yourself at a Cost less than Ordinary windows. Obtainable at All leading hardware stores of pc windows anole to product of n. V. Appleton pay. Ltd. A Piv Lilon is Appleton industries ltd., Brisbane Sydney me Liurni my the bowls games you can see Down the South coast now Are about As relax ing As being chased by 3 Bull. Big Southern and Queensland bookies holi Daying around the j Tweed have been Bowling a few Friendly games we hear and you could t fit aunt Matilda s corsets around some of those Rolls of notes. One keen eyed character won �1000 in an afternoon another lost �800. At one stage �1300 hinged on a single game and even the sparrows looked like duodenal ulcer cases. Of e for the Hoad dept the r a c q nun tiled it up in. A neat Little bulletin this week end. Per fee lion Ifill be reached when the automobile can be made car proof. ? show business it turns out Fiat Brisbane is the richest Surprise Anthony Quayle s shakespearean have had since they pulled out of Stratford upon Avon. Nearly 1000 Cash customers were turned away from the packed theatre saturday we gather police had to control the queues country people arrived in special buses. Hungry for culture. One determined Brisbane character made local stage history by turning up carry ing a Kitchen chair. Real heavy Job it was and he wanted to put it right there in an aisle till they talked him out of it. The Stratford players we gather were tickled too Deathe. Atom age name just announced for Kim airline s new super Constellation pm tones Are Nice and Homey Electron Proton Neutron photon Meson and Deuton. No men Tion or the old on s we know Best Knock on and Box on. Looks pretty certain now we hear Over the Grapevine that the Federal location will be held towards the end of next May. June the latest possible month has been ruled out of Many politicians Asun suitable for campaigning too cold crowds won t go to night meetings. ? ? the wide world there s not what you d Call a cosy atmosphere in India these Days we re advised by a Cairns businessman just Back from there. He saw one Friendly sign in an in Dian hotel dogs and South africans not allowed

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