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Brisbane Courier (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia the optical House of Chas. Sankey Fraser Brisbane optometrists e. W. Crosier. T. W. Rofe Freeman of the worshipful company of spectacle makers London. Fellows of the British optical Assoc. Honours r Row fellow of the British optical Assoc. And r. C. Brier f.i.o.q., by exam 246 Queen Street. .1 ? i to Senate v. People out Liberty Tilro exult on the Freedom til the press and that cannot he limited Teilh Mil being hat. Jefferson. To. ? p in months ago thew people of Australia a voted for a new Federal government. By a decisive majority they declared that they had had More than enough of the a Lifley government s socialist Rule. They rejected its Bank nationalisation policy. They condemned its weak kneed attitude to the communists. They voted for the policy of or. Menzies and or. Fad Den. The leaders of the Liberal and country parties promised to break up the communist organisation. They undertook to repeal the Chifley government s socialist banking legislation and to put the common wealth Bank again under the management of a Board of directors. They pledged themselves to extend the benefits of child endow ment by making a provision of five shillings a week for the first child. They said they would abolish petrol rationing. People s vote a majority of the people voted for these things and when they elected a new House of representatives giving the Liberal country party coalition 74 seats against labour s 47 few could have doubted that they had made in end of socialist Rule and that a new government would have ample Power to carry out the mandate it had received from the people. But since the new cd Cronl parliament met four months ago the people of Australia have had their will baulked and their mandate treated with contempt by a Defeated and rejected party. Excepting for the abolition of petrol rationing. Which did not require legislative Sanction every government measure has been blocked in the Senate. People vetoed the Senate has not been exercising Independent judgment in these matters. Its labour majority has been used As a tool of the labour minority in the House of representatives. The result is that minority Rule has been imposed upon the people of Australia. It is a Rule of legislative veto. Or. Chifley and his party reduced to 47 members in the House of representatives have this Power to Over Rule the mandate which the Menzies Fadden government obtained from the people last december because they contrived be fore that election to make certain that labour would retain a majority in the Senate. If communists Are to be allowed to carry on their subversive activities for several More months under the shelter of the Law it will be because. Or. Chifley and his party Are More concerned to win tricks in a parliamentary game against the Menzies Fadden government than to protect the people of Australia against dangerous men. People s loss if mothers have to go without an additional five shillings a week for family endowment which the Menzies Fadden government wanted to give them this Moh it will be because the of Jeral labour opposition is Najy pretend ing that it would give them lore. Though it refused. Them even five shillings a week when it was the government. And if there is to be a double dissolution it will be because a labour ? minority in the House of representatives has used its control of the Senate to make it impossible for the Menzies Fadden govern ment to carry out the Wil of the people until the j people get themselves a Nev Senate deadlock remains on three Bills but labour backed Down child Bonus to pass Senate Supply vote Canberra thursday. A sensational labour collapse occurred in the Senate to night when labour granted Supply for the govern ment and was expected to pass the child endow ment Bill. However the deadlock remains on the anti red Bill the Bank Bill and the Senate double dissolution deadlock Bill. ,. ? in a tense atmosphere to night the Federal labour party executive met to discuss whether to withhold Supply from the government. This would have brought on a lower House election within six weeks. The lower House too Del adjourned awaiting the Senate s decision and Mem Iris gathered in groups in the hobbies and King s Hall Dis ussing wild rumours which a culled throughout the Louse. A meeting of Cabinet had de med to Tell the labour party hat unless Supply was passed a 1 1.30. The House of repro would be adjourned or a week. This was later deferred by the government when it i Learned that Supply might be i passed. At 11.10 . The House of representatives had still to neet. No official labour statement Las yet Ben put out on child do went but it has been unofficially Learned that the Jabour executive made its de Ision because it believes a Urther withholding of endowment would react against t politically. It is being rumoured in the House that the child endow 1 nent Bill will be passed by the Senate in its original form. This however has not been officially stated. Child v. To 5 or the first child., and no Klaus i will be inserted in the 3ill instructing the arbitration 3nurt not to take the payment account in seeking the asic wage. Originally the government Tad planned to Start payments 3n july 18. Swift moves in both houses to night s developments followed a Day of baffling by Swift moves in which Amend ments were inserted taken out und reinserted in the govern ment s major legislation in the two houses without either party giving Way. When the anti red Bill passed the final stages for the third time in the House of representatives four of the Hief labour caucus opponents of the Bill messes mul Lens Cremean Keon Vic my Chambers . Did not wrote. An official labour state ment said these members had been paired with government members. Government members commented on the fact however that 15 minutes after the Bill was through or. Keon was Back inside the House. Govt. Rejects labour Bills a decision by the labour caucus in the morning to adhere Only to the one Amend ment to the child endowment Bill that directing the court not to take endowment into account when fixing the Basic wage did not move the government. Labour s Senate Amend ments to the Bank Bill were also thrown out in the House of representatives. The House Rose soon after 5 gagged ? by Ian Gall . To await legislation Back rom the Senate. After dinner both the Cabinet and labour executive net to decide tactics. Cabinet decided that unless he Senate passed Supply by 10.30 ., the House of representatives would adjourn until next thursday. Still see new election ahead parliament will adjourn with members convinced that an election sooner or later for both houses is inevitable unless labour suddenly capitulates on he anti red Bill and banking Bill. After site Najr for 47 Days parliament did not pass one Bill until last night and that was one of minor importance. Subsequently other minor Sills which were passed covered the Wool stabilisation fund and the granting of longer i ice leave to the Coal miners. These were All labour proposals in the last parliament. Vic. Govt. To resign Melbourne thursday. The Premier or. Hollway will Call on the governor sir Dallas Brooks late Tomor Row and ask for dissolution of the legislative Assembly. It is improbable that the governor will Grant a dissolution. ? the governor will then Send for the labour Leader or. J. 3aln. Who will say he will not be Able to form a government out this his party will support the country party which will i hen be in a position to gov san. Or. J. B. G. Mcdonald the . Leader will then be summoned by the governor and granted a commission to form a government. Labour men resign the no Confidence motion still being discussed late of night defeat of the government is certain. At a trades Hall Council meeting to night the Secretary i or. J. V. Stout and assist ant Secretary or. M. C. Jor Dan said they had resigned from the australian labour party Central executive be cause it had ratified the pact a entered in to j by the victorian labour party to support a . Government. Attack on ship Hong Kong june 22 . Raiding nationalist aircraft pumped More than 100 bullets into the British freighter lady Wolmer when they at tacked her near Swaton yesterday according to officers of the ship which return to Hong Kong to Day. Six were wounded including the chief officer. Another Bullet grazed the Arm of Tain t. Mccabe of Hong Kong. Sang and danced labour cheers Ward in Fia Berra. Thurs i Day. Scene of wild excitement marked or. Ward s return to the labour tarty room in parliament House to night. He returned to the room when his 24-hour suspension Tom the House of representatives ended at 9.9 . Because the House of representatives was not sitting the Oom was crowded and As far Uva As King s Hall members Ould be heard singing Auld syne now is the hour ind the More we Are Roe Ether the singing was led by or. Curtin lab. stood costless on a chair beating time with a walking Slick. Or. Haylon lab. rearing an Nair Khan Tea and i red Scarf danced around the room assisting him. Senate crowd the cheering and singing continued for nearly n Quarter of an hour. For the first time in recent memory the Senate galleries Ivere not Large enough for the Road of spectators which Gath ered there. Most of the visitors came in expectation of a scene when or. Ward returned to the House but when they found the House hard been adjourned until the ringing of the Bells they moved to the Senate. The dreary Supply debate drove Many of them away. Only the hardiest remained for the night. Towards 10 . There was a slight move toward the. House of representatives. And 10 lonely spectators began a Vigil in the dimly lit galleries. The Only member in his place was or. Nott ind., sat Reading a Book. Order challenged this afternoon the speaker or. Dameron told the House that he had seen and spoken to or. Ward in the precincts of the House. Or. Ward had 3een ordered to remain away until 9.9 to night. He proposed to Deal with him at the earliest possible oppor Timilty. The sergeant at arms could be directed to bring him before the bar of the House. The opposition Leader or. Chifley said it was the most extraordinary announcement Ever made in the House. Or. Cameron last night for the second time i gave a ruling that when a member is sus Pended from the service of the House he is suspended from the whole building. He added that this was under standing orders and under the procedure of the House until the House Dis agreed. Within rights the postmaster general or. Anthony claimed the speaker within his rights because of a House of commons pre event. Or. Chifley moved that the House dissent from the speaker s ruling. The treasurer or. Fad Den moved the gag which was carried by 67 votes to 33. Or. Chifley s motion was hen lost by 65 votes to 33. To train . Its in Britain London june 22 special. American Jet fighter squad Rons Are expected to be based in Britain soon. This has been disclosed by the times aeronautical Cor respondent who says that the . Air Force command in Britain has been notified by Washington that the first Squadron is Likely in the autumn initiating a system of rotational training similar to that of . Flying fortresses and super fortress groups. Tie american units will train jointly with . And other Western Union countries in de Fence exercises he adds. Lea amputated Townsville thursday. Arthur Dennison of Bundock Street belgian gardens had to have his right leg amputated after a collision Between a motor bicycle a bread delivery outfit and an . Trailer to Day. 1 dead 1 critical in crossing smash dramatic picture shows truck and engine locked together after last night s level crossing smash at ferny Grove. Hit in heavy rain Dayboro banana Farmer was killed and his companion critically injured in a level crossing smash at ferny Grove last night. In blinding torrential ram their Utility truck was crushed to pieces at 6 ., in a collision with a ferny Grove Roma Street passenger train. The smash occurred on he Samford Road crossing half a mile on the Brisbane Side of ferny Grove. The victims were believed ast night to be dead Keith Owens 30, banana Farmer of Dayboro. Injured John William Nugent 22, single Dairy Farmer of Day Boro compound fracture of left and right thigh head in uries and severe Shock. Brisbane general Hospital oct hrs late last night were lighting to save Nugent s life. In the smash the steel truck Sody caved in and was swept to5ft. On to a Culvert Bridge. Owens the passenger in the , was terribly injured and died almost immediately. Ambulance bearers and the train Crew struggled for 15 minutes to free his body. The truck s engine and wheels were jammed Back into he Cabin. Miraculous escape from instant death Nugent had a miraculous escape from instant death. His legs were jammed in the wreckage and his head Fel Between the open sleepers of the Bridge. Police said that if the train had travelled another six inches he would have been decapitated. The truck s Load of cabbages tomatoes and packing cases strewn beside the rails. The train Crew told police hey saw the truck s headlights approaching in the premature darkness. They said they sounded their whistle but the truck Driver did lot appear to Realise the Janger. The Samford crossing is not equipped with Gates or lights. At the time there were no passengers in the six Carriage train. Late last night breakdown gangs were still trying to Clear he line. Scene of the crash gang s Large vehicle haul Ondon june 22 special j-1 a highly organised Gong which has stolen vehicles containing goods valued at More than �55,000 in Lon Don streets within a few months is thought responsible for a haul of �23,000 yester Day. Vehicles stolen yesterday and later recovered empty were a British railways lorry with tobacco and cigarettes valued at �20,000 a co operative society Van with tobacco and cigarettes valued at �2000, a Florist s Van containing artificial Flowers and feathers Worth �700 a car con Taining clothing samples valued at �200. Scotland Yard detectives Are satisfied the thefts Are not casual affairs but have Beer carefully planned by a Gap with methods of obtaining accurate information about the movement of British railways vans. ? Israel minister Canberra thursday. The first minister to Australia from Israel or. Joseph Isaac Lin ton presented his credentials to the governor general or. Mckell at government House to Day. Naval police Berlin june 22 . The . Radio Here to Day accused the East German government of preparing to equip its new naval police with torpedo boats and other illegal Craft. Port fire destroys . Ship t o n d on june 22 u . A 6539-ton ship Laden with chemicals and machinery burned Ner Seit out at Juve Pool to Day. She was the elder Dempster Reighter Fulani. Fire began in her Sulphur Argo and spread rapidly. Firemen fought the Blaze for even hours and the weight of he water pumped into her holds caused a heavy list. Dock hold up feared authorities later decided to let her Burn out and to concen trate firemen on protecting quayside Sheds from heat and fire. A Dock official said that if the Fulani capsized before turning out she would Block the whole Dock system. Marvellous ship escape London june 22 spec Ial. The one Man in 74 who escaped for the ship Indian Enterprise is now in Hospital and will live. The ship blew up in the red sea and Sank within a minute. The survivor pakistani sea Man Nur Hussain was on the ship s Bridge and was blown Clear. Doctors say his escape was marvellous and that he is not seriously injured. Muttering Magazine Maga Zine Hussain gasped out the first clue to the mystery explosion when he was put ashore at Suez from the norwegian ship vestral Larsen which rescued him. He is now in a British military Hospital Cov err with bandages. He continually asks in Verna Cular for water and mutters Magazine suggesting that the 2xplosfon originated among 550 on of explosives the ship was Arr Yang. Rain wind sweep City a torrential Doican pour Ecith Wintle up to 40 mile an hour gave Bris Bane nearly 1y2 inches of rain in five hours last night. rain began in the City it 4 o clock yesterday morn no and 222 Points had fallen a 10 . A but about 80 Points of this fell in the downpour that began soon after 5 . Yesterday was also Brisbane s oldest Day for nearly a year. The maximum temperature was Only 60 degrees the Wea ther Bureau s lowest maximum Reading since july 19 last year. The minimum was 57.9 wheat crop menaced. P. S. Japanese general to hang ordered War massacre los Negros june 22 the australian War crimes court Here to Day sentenced Takuma Nishi Mura to death he Hant intr. And his former personal aide Captain Shoichi Nonaka to six months imprisonment. Both had been found guilty of having murdered 110 australian and 35 Indian prisoners of War at Parit Surlong Malaya on january Zzz iy42. At the time of the offence Ushimura was in command f the japanese Konoe division Imperial guard which was advancing on Singapore. It was alleged that he gave he order for the execution which was passed on to the officer in charge lieutenant Ujita by Nonaka. To Day both the accused stood n the Dock wearing prison uni orm As the court president brigadier k. R. Townley of 3rlsbanetranslated the to dict and sentence to them in japanese. Neither showed any sign of motion. Nishimura continued of stare straight ahead As the death sentence was pro bounced. Heavy guard immediately afterwards he was handcuffed by lieu tenant Harold Mackie e.a.n., who had entered the Dock with i naval Petty officer and native policeman. Both prisoners were then led to a waiting truck which was heavily guarded by native police on its return trip to los Negros compound. Conviction and sentence on Ooth Nishimura and Nonaka have to go before a confirm no authority before they arc carried out. During the trial the prosecutor or. A v. Rooney produced a sworn statement by lieutenant Ben. Hackney of Bathurst ., the Only known survivor of the massacre. This described How the prisoners Many already badly wounded were bound with rope and wires Bay netted machine gunned and then while some were still alive drenched with petrol and set on fire. An evil Man in his closing address to the l court or. Rooney described Nishimura As an evil Man who cared nothing for human life or suffering and who had no re Gard for International Law nor for the dictates of humanity he said the court was Fortu Nate to have the testimony of lieutenant Hackney whose in contradicted evidence showed the order for the killings to be utter Only Wanton and Unne Ces the method of kill inc was beyond All argument Barbar our and inhuman. Nishimura was a Man in a High position of authority in lamed with Power and into i ated with temporary Success. Accused sorry l\7hen the defence Case closed this morning Nishimura s counsel Choji Nakayama asked permission for accused to make. Statement from the Dock. Nishimura then said i am deeply sorry that due to my carelessness such an incident happened. I wish to give prayers with sorrow to those who were killed Nakayama told the court that Nishimura had a 19-year-old on and a 14-year-old daughter n Japan whom he had not seen or eight years. Nonaka had to Small daughters. Nishimura is already serving i life sentence imposed by a British War crimes court at Singapore in 1947. Reds come by subs Newyork june 22 special. Russian submarines operating at night Are bring ing men and equipment of the Philippines according to for eign news commentator Constantine Brown. Brown says internal Condl ions in the Philippines Are i deteriorating rapidly As the re. Ult of the infiltration of imported communists reliable reports indicate con lotions in Luzon Are so bad it s dangerous to travel More Nan a few Miles outside Manila without a military is Ort. Communist agents Are doing their Best to spread the feeling that America is an enemy. Sven the great prestige Gene ral Macarthur used to enjoy is being undermined by agents Ivhon describe him As a Japan Ese Lover and a tool of ame rican imperialists. Bandits kill 2 Singapore june 22 . Two policemen were killed and two wounded when terrorists ambushed a police car near Ipoh Northern Malaya last night. The night mail train Between Singapore and. Kuala Bumpur was fired on near Sega mat Johore and one chinese Pas Senger was wounded. Puzzle Over wounds Douce Are investigating How a Rock Lea garage worker received two wounds in his Chest yesterday. The Man Herald Lance 41, is in the general Hospital. His condition last night was Seri dus. Lance who is married Livria in a room under a House next o a garage in Ipswich Road Stock Lea. Police said last night that a broken Beer bottle was lying aside his bed. They believe he May have Follon accidentally on to the bottle. Lance who works in a City Arage knocked on the door of the garage near his Home about b.30 . The proprietor or. P. Bent Ley was checking his takings. In Bare feet or. Bentley said Lance was there in pouring rain in his pants and coat. He had no Signet no boots and no socks. He was without a hat. He said to me get the he said Lance first told him that he fell on a knife and later . He we in a a Iirth Side hotel where he Hauen attacked. Detectives under Subi spec Tor j. P. Buggy Are investigating. Still search for hit run All police efforts to locate the Driver of a hit run three ton truck which seriously in cured a girl cyclist on May 29, have so far failed. They Are continuing the Earch. The girl 17-year-old Gladys Atricia German of Jubilee Terrace Bardon was knocked Lown near the Corner of Edmondstone and Thompson streets Mayne. She received a compound fracture of the leg other in juries and for a time it was eared she would not live. Bits of Metal and Pasti ii Iii ? 1. Are the tangible ele ii i merits of a pair of spec a i n toc is. But spectacles Are i ii not endowed with any Bene \ it i final Power a 1 except of the a b a interpret a full ii of my. And proper a i i Fig psf Pil \ understanding % i ? Mas a particular visual problem. I Hal. A the lenses prescribed must 1i j�2 h incorporate accurately the 1 ml2sry\ffifct findings of the Examina h i it a % Comfort appearance and u tie a i visual efficiency. I buttons Are 5/ vice Thich costs so Little yet gives you go Tiuch carries this Ideal through with every care from the initial Eye examination to the Complete spectacles As fitted to i the wearer. Jymm a try a optomet.ri8t, i c ?hn07/ Sutton House 133 George St. ?5k\ e i l. Loj a a taxation lining % a Iszu if Betm a own both and chttott�1fc-fe Queensland s communists Are carrying on in their party Headquarters in Adelaide Street while Canberra a cubic to Lii ii Pic. Yesterday the comrades lad the old Flag flying in heir window the Union Jack it the red Flag. But this does not necessarily me any political significance. The window was badly broken ind the Union Jack was Hung n such a position that it would protect the comrades from Vind and rain. Maybe they did t have a hed Flag Handy maybe they Sidn t like to use it just to plug i broken window. ? ? the Green hell i Twenty films about mighty Tarzan have been made since you and i were Young Maggie All of them in synthetic Jungles now foe the first time Thi Hollywood producers Are go ing to make one in the real african Jungle. And they re worried stiff i hear from London. Producer sol lesser in t sure that Tarzan s Jungle Wise Chimpanzee can live on a real Jungle diet. He fears that the studio s famous cheetah will tear off into the hush look ing for a lady cheetah i and that Hollywood s Tough Jungle Folk might catch some disease. And what if Tarzan King of the Jungle got lost floods cold and rain Haven t dampened that Sydney spirit. One refugee from our a our was shocked when in a 3risbane bar yesterday a local it zen expressed sympathy hat floods had Cut Sydney off i oni much of Australia. Good gracious no said the Sydney character. We re All ight. The rest of Australia s Solace ? ? ? South Queensland s speedboat men including a Good pro portion of Speed Happy youngsters Are getting their boats ready now for their unofficial Queensland versus Championship at Long pocket on sunday. ? Will be represented by Ossie Hall s Fox an australian title Holder that hops Over the water like a Kangaroo. A super charged Kangaroo that is. ? ? what people think. Maybe English Forward Jim of Atherstone is right in think ing Queensland trains Are stoked wrongly. They get there but when ? to Day ? to Morrow ? hours late ? Day by Day ? John Public Bunda Crft. Re or. Glassop s walk Day by Day june 20queensland Amateur Marathon club members average 180 Miles monthly training held a 16-mile race last sunday one member Jack Burke walked to Southport in 9 hours. The present generation in t so soft after All Colin Mclellan Wilston

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