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Brisbane Courier Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 5

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Brisbane Courier (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia Gable messages. Prom Job London Corbes Podvent Niper exp London june i. Sickness in the Manipur e edition. News received from Assam states that there a a great amount of sickness in the military expedition sent to Manipur in consequence of the recent massacres there and in the detach ment of 200 men of the 60th bifle3 the King s Boyal Eifle corps no less than forty deaths have already occurred. Financial panic in the Argentine. London june 1. Another financial panic has occurred at Buenos Ayres the capital of the Argentine Republic. There is a run on the Banks and Gold is at a Premium of 323. The victorian riflemen. London june 1. The times this morning says that the victorian mounted riflemen who Are competing at the Boyal military tournament have won Golden opinions both for their discipline and the work done by them. Inter colonial. From our own correspondents. New South Wales. Sydney june 1. The Revenue of the Colony for the month of May shows an in Rense of �69,285 12s. 6d. As compared with the receipts for the correspond ing month of last year. The increase to Date since the beginning of the year is therefore. �371,304 0s. 7d., made up principally from the following sources customs �83,889 excise �12,551 land �34,168 railways �242,055 postage �26,844. Against these increases Are various decreases under heavy miscellaneous receipts and the item in connection with the metropolitan water rates. The political situation remain unchanged. Sir Henry Parkes returned from Cooma this afternoon and at once attended a Cabinet meeting. Subsequently he had an interview with his excellency the governor but what transpired has been kept a profound secret. Ministers state that nothing definite will be decided upon till to Morrow when a further Cabinet meeting will be held. The Man who committed suicide on Satur Day by jumping off the Cliffs at South head is supposed to to Charles Jones a resident of Waterloo who bad been suffering from con sumption for some time past. The body has not yet been recovered. South Australia Adelaide june 1. At the police court this morning an interest ing Case arising out of the recent maritime strike came on for hearing. A Lighterman named Peterson sued the Adelaide steam tug company for wages due to him. From the evidence it appeared that the plaintiff and others engaged to Load a lighter for the Ger Man Steamer Dresden. After this they wore told to Load the Jobba to take two lighters to the Anchorage at the semaphore. Just is they were hauling away from the wharf they Neara that tue association men on the lighters were called out and were not allowed to Jiandao cargo. The lighters were taken to the Sema Phore and As the Steamer had not arrived the men were taken ashore. They never returned and the work was completed by non unionists. The plaintiff sued for wages for work already performed and the company refused to pay on Tho ground that the contract had not been fulfilled. The Case resulted in the plaintiff being no suited and this called Forth some rather warm remarks on the part of the Plain Tiff s counsel who described it As a shocking Hill a Dairyman aged 61 years was found in the Park lands this morning with a revolver shot right through his Temple. To t of an eccentric disposition and is supposed to have committed suicide. Fou years ago the deceased was a candidate for Tho West Torrens District in the legislative Assembly. New zealand. Add kind june 1. Addressing his constituents to night the minister for lands said the policy of the government was a policy of no borrowing. They believed that the country should begin to think about reducing its indebtedness and he hoped the time was not far Distant when they would be Able to submit proposals which would Nable them to do so. Overland passengers. By electric Telegraph from our own correspondent june 1. The following passengers travelled by express train for Sydney or. J. Carroll. Mrs. J. Samuels master Samuels or. J. Volkery inspector Britton mrs. Britton Hon. J. Darl Lnor messes. A. M lean j. M. Lenton m. Johnston b. Dickson w. H. Dunlop air. And mrs. J. Chadwick miss , and or. W. House. For Melbourne mrs. Armstrong. ."yti5vcvu messes. W. Ahern j. 0. M Dona a ind j. Borthwick. For Tenterfield or. W. Hudson. � or Brisbane miss j. Collins messes. A. A. Hollander g. Novile g. V. Collina and e. J. Tate. Or Ipswich mrs. J. M cloy and mrs. G. Stant Hopo or. J. Thomas. Once smoked always smoked. Disson s " Champion tobacco pure Ameri can Leaf Arm in the Early centuries after Christ famines or great severity recurred in Europe about Onoe Ery Twenty years and an old writer state that m the eleventh twelfth and thirteenth centuries the average was in England one mine every fourteen years. Now there is not we slightest fear of their Ever returning with anything like their former severity. Indeed our resources Are now so great thanks to the a Vance of science that we could at the very worst Only suffer from a slight and temporary Scarcity a few unfortunates perhaps one or to i Giitl thousand no More might starve to t \ anything like a famine Universal a whole country of commercial and scientific 7na y u at present exceedingly improbable a m-i., in tire win be rendered practically ups be the resources of chemistry alone i meet any difficulty and furnish food to 511 the masses of humanity. During the last four months dated from Al .ua,17 ,t0 30th april says the Geraldton Jow e a rainfa11 at Geraldton on the Jon Stone River North Queensland has been Yard other Woras 11�t 8in-- or again 3 of. A just imagine about two fathoms har info a months the following figures ri.een10bt, m. Dillane Post Rann a Luton Cantlay. 2�-g5in. Feb tots i4o-om March 2� g2in- april 27-08in. R, Story is told of miss Minnie ithni.8 dne3s to Young aspirants. A girl p0.�tn,a� come to new York with Only �2 in her sin � Ith a determination to succeed As Friend ? so far been encouraged by her Bho 8is ��ot6mplate a journey to Europe. Subir ask miss Hauk s advice on the at Onoe received an invitation to be Ceivia i Prima a Nna Sho came and j Chu?i,7v Tosson for which Many singers would ?7 paid their guineas. Miss Hauk i t0 a Tate plenty of calisthenic exercise. In Tho �0,d Baths and to keep Early hours. 5 cd matter of music she told her people to her if ballads and to provide Gont 3 a a repertoire of the music of Verdi mod Bizet and Donizetti. I Toi it coc8 want repairing a postcard sent to feet try Cuil and clock Kors 19 whar. Turt a 18i lne will receive their immediate j b l Tatt i Oev Prand is. 8d. Tea near general Post Queensland. From Ona own correspondents 7 Toowoomba Jane 1. Archdeacon Jones has been offered the Canonoy of St. John s pro Cathedral at Bris Bane but has declined the offer. Heavy rain fell this morning but the weather cleared at 9 o Clook. Westerly winds Are now blowing and it is very cold. Warwi0k, june 1. A change in the weather took place to Day a old Westerly wind with Clear sky succeeding the Cloudy Easterly weather which had prevailed for some weeks past. The rain which has fallen during the past few Days will prove very beneficial to the wheat crop. Wandorah june 1. Heavy Rains fell last week and the Cooper River Rose Over 5ft. No mails have arrived and traffic is stopped. Nations Are however plentiful. There is now every appearance of More rain. Winton june 1. Continuous rain fell on saturday and sunday night 82 Points being registered. The weather this morning is Fine and Olear but too hot. There passed to Day 870 Bullocks from Burleigh for Bourke f. H. Bradley owner Shann in charge. Maryborough june 1. Heavy rain fell yesterday and at the churches there were no services there being no congregations. The customs collections for May were �1016, a decrease of nearly �1200 As compared with the same month last year.?nv�. T a ii. Forty four births were registered last month As against thirteen deaths. Later. The weather has been Fine to Day. During last month 7 2gin. Of rain were registered Here. The Isis investment company s Steamer Kingswear left Hore to Day for Brisbane for a cargo of Coal. The mine owners have issued now rules and Aro asking the men to resume work at once. It is hoped that the mine will 3 working again in a Day or two. Rockhampton june 1. The value of the cargo of meat shipped by the Balmoral Castle from Here last week was Over �17,000. The wharfage dues collected during May amounted to �495, which Bringa the total to Dato for Tho year to �2557. For both periods there is an increase. The annual presentation of blankets to the Blacks took place on saturday. Thirty aborigines attended. The weather on saturday and yesterday was showery and is still very unsettled with fro Quot Light showers. The customs returns for May show a do Orease in the Revenue of �1910, and in the Export of Wool of �19,810. The Quantity of Gold shipped was 24,4110z., valued at �102,625, which shows an increase Over the previous corresponding period of 597-Loz. And �25,690. Both in tallow and preserved Moat there Are increases. The Steamer Hawke s Bay a now loading Frozen meat for London. The North Rockhampton jockey club made a loss of �11 on their late meeting. Owing to the hardness of the Rock in the Narrows Between Keppel Bay and port Curtis the consequent slow Progress made and the costliness of the work the government have suspended dredging operations there and the Plant has been brought to Rockhampton and the staff paid off. In consequence of the Forward state of the construction works in the Fitzroy River the government discharged thirteen out of the Twenty nine men employed in the quarries near Lake s Creek on saturday. The weather was showery during Tho greater part of the morning but since then it has been Fine with every Prospect of it continuing so. The Revenue of the mining registrar s of Floe for the month of May was �58, which shows a decrease of �41 As compared with the previous corresponding period. Mackay june 1. The customs Revenue for the past month amounted to �1054, showing a decrease of �800 compared with May of last year. Constant showers have been falling for the last fortnight and the country is in a wretchedly spongy state. Sugar crushing which was expected to commence about the Middle of june will now probably be delayed. During the month of May the rainfall amounted to nearly hin., and there were Only ton dry Days during the month. There is every appear Anoo to night of the weather cleaving but it is still very close and muggy. Cairns june 1. Or. John anneal made a Long speech Here on saturday night prior to his leaving for the South by the bar Coo. In the course of his Sproch he eulogized the second Section of the railway. He condemned the labour leaders and praised the action of the government utilising the defence Force. He also stated that the policy of the government when the House met would be that of Selling the land to raise Revenue. Or. Annear was frequently applauded during his speech. Nearly All the representative men of Cairns Wero present mayor Severin being in Tho chair. Yesterday or. John Robb contractor and or. John Buchanan Engineer while travelling on a railway Trio Yole Wero capsized. Or. Robb received severe contusions but was not dangerously injured. The weather is Brilliant. During the month of May 33,000 Bunches and 250 cases of bananas were shipped from Cairns. Also 750 bags of tin Ore. Other exports were also Largo. Georgetown Jane 1. The miners and engine Drivers connected with the Etheridge workers association struck work to Day in consequence of the mine owners and Battery owners reducing the wages of the miners to �3 10s., mine Drivers �5, and Battery Drivers �4 10s., these rates being an average reduction of 10s. Per week though still As High As paid on any Field in Australia. Sufficient hands to keep the mines barely represented had signed a contract to work at the reduced rates but several have been induced to go out and it is expected that they will be proceeded against at the police court. The min owners association have issued placards offering �20 Reward for information leading to the conviction of any person guilty of intimidation a. It is expected that there will be a general exodus there being a limited Quantity of labour in any Case offering. Considerable antagonistic feeling is displayed and the conflict will be Sharp though it is not expected to last Long. Thursday Island june 1. . Swinger arrived Here at noon to Day and is taking in coals. The Steamer Airlie has arrived from Southern ports and sails Westward this evening. The Speed with which the vibrations of sound travel in air Baa been repeatedly ascertained by observing Ibe interval of time which elapses Between seeing the Flash of a gun fired at night at a distance of a few Miles and hearing its report the passage of the gleam of Light to the ey6 being practically instantaneous. The velocity seems to be quite Independent of the varying pressure of the atmosphere As indicated by the barometer but is directly affected by temperature becoming greater As the thermometer rises. At the mean temperature of Britain which May be taken As 50deg. Fabr., sound travels at the rate of about 1100ft. Per second. In water the velocity of sound is four times greater than in air. Bub hell s Rich 2b. Tea near general Post office. Advt.1 horse cheap assortment of horse clippers including Clark s and the Newmarket brands at Muller Bro the cheap ironmongers Kent s buildings . Notice to travellers by Steamer rail coach toe. Buy your Portu Means ladies trunks glad Stone bags at the manufacturers n. Lade 8 Queen Burcet oppo Bito town Advt. A cheap and Good bros., of Adelaide Street will be found to be the cheapest Placo in. Town for general and furnishing Ironmongery showing Many specialities in their show rooms at the basement of Kent s buildings inspection . 1 t " b. Moun Costlo and sons a shrinkable Lioanel pyjamas 10s. 6d. And 15s. 6d.- Advt ".-, " sporting the great handicaps by Reley Rora from our own correspondent Melbourne june 1 the following entries were received to Day for the principal handicaps of the Spring meetings of the victorian racing club and the Victoria Amateur turf club Melbourne cup Artisan . Adventuress Educ Mon Mot Sultan steadfast Rudolph Zalinski Strathmore wha Kawai the Golden of Condra buttons King wandering Willie Forest King whim Rel Corinth burlesque Havilah Leviathan Annesley Bandit Freedom Linburn vengeance Myrtle Forelock Antarctic Dundas late chaldean jew boy Mikado ii. Late Newton John s. Port sea lord Hopetoun Mikado wild Bose dreadnought Gresford sinecure litigant be Leaf penance Calm Elfie Lyndhurst Richelieu Naroo Stone design the Admiral Arran the Hebel the spot pro Pudor Are gown Accident Cui Rassier Stamboul deceitful Knight of Tho tradition Glen Eira Garter Royal mail Glenoth Malvolia Benzon Hartington Singapore Tanallon carbine megaphone Aster Sadina sword bearer Laverock spokesman propounded the serf Varrana Union Flag Loyal Tono Carrington Montrose Ascot Vale Chintz Pigeon too capstone Fortunato Diamond. Now zealand entries Yogi Europa Tirail Lour Tirail Lerie Stern Chaser Freedo Merrie England Flinders " Sydney entries1 Ronald Magnus Melos Yolande Elymas Gatling Ethelbort prelude St. Blaize Kingswood Dearest Cobham Bluenose Muriel patrol Sanctuary Wandsworth Bun Gobah Forbes the swell King Olaf Winifred Theodore Sandy Greaves Femando Paris Mitro sir Anthony Brown jacket mime Belgiorno conceit lady Mildred Sulphur High born Killaloo Bengal Stromboli Empire affianced forty winks Mulgrave Tho Tyler Centaur playmate Little Bernia Varrego Bor Gambil Kilisl chorister Corinth Correze Norbert Merrita Melbur Dandy Dick Cardones oxide Sulphide Lancor Sweet bit sir William easy John escort e. K. Grenadier. Young Sardonyx Caulfield cop. Educ Mon Mot Clement s Tonto associate King William steam fast Zalinski to sum wha Kawai Forest King burlesque Havilah Gold reef Newton Strathmore Sylvester buttons whim Rel Leviathan Bandit von Guanco Freedom lord Hopetoun Antarctic John s. Mikado ii. Jew boy Macquarie Dillon wild Rose the Golden King dreadnought litigant Tarran Eldo Clonard Lyndhurst Giroo Cui Rassier Accident Melton Ian Laverock the Seine deceitful propounded Loyal Stone Taurus Bendigo Tanallon co Ramin magic Circle Sadina wrong Granito Renata Freedom patrol Paris Ethelbort Winifred Mitre Stromboli Empire Norbert sir William . Centaur Gresford the spot Deor Wood Richelieu pro Pudor Stone design Wycombe Malvolia Beverley Singapore tradition Knight of Tho Garter Choice capstone Aster Gladstone Chintz the serf Wilga. Carrington Europa Tirail Lerie Yolande Bung Abah Magnus Gat Lin g King Olaf sir Anthony Bengal the Boneo Merrita easy John. The Tyler forty winks Young Sardonyx Ronald Tea Rose Sultan Rudolph pygmalion Don Glovan wandering Wllling Annesley Cor thus Linburn Mir Nee port sea chaldean Dundas late Newton sinecure Harbour Light Calm first Boulka Tarcola Gro gown Glo both Stamboul Benzon Marco courteous Glen Eira spokesman master Walter Fortunatus Montrose megaphone Ascot Vale Gaudy swing tour Billon Union Flag Tirail Leur Stem Chaser St. Blaize Sandy Greaves grand Duko Kingswood Fernando Albemarle a Fianco Correlo Grenadier escort Little Bernie Mulgrave. Queensland rowing association. A meeting of the Queensland rowing association was hold on saturday night. After some routine work in connection with the regatta on saturday entries were taken with the following result Fob youths under 20.-t.r.c., r. Gailey w. Whitman v. Tossup e. Fletcher t.r.c., b. H. Burkitt h. Wards d. G. Stuart a m. Colledge t.r.c., j. Hiron e. Jessup s. Lands Borough g. Gore Jones. Senior double sculls.-c.r.c., a. Knight a Carmichael c.r.c., p. Frankel j. A. Wilson. Maiden fours.-., j. Darvall g. Graham a. H. G. Drury b. Berino t.r.c., s. D. Fletcher a. F. G. Dye e. 0. Cornell f. J. Purney c.r.c., r. R. Miller f. H. Hart w. Johnson r. T. Hilder t.r.c., r. Gailey w. Whitman v. Jessup e. Fletcher. Champion sculls.-c.r.o., f. W. De Little ., m. Slack c.r.c., g. Munro. Junior fours.-t.r.c., s. D. Fletcher a f. Dye e. C. Cornell p. J. Purney , j. Darvall g. Graham a. H. G. Drury b. Berino c.r.c., . . H. Hart w. Johnson r. T. Hilder. Junior double sculls.-c.r.c., p. Frankel j. A. Wilson c.r.c., a. Knight w. B. Car Michael. Senior founs.-.-j. Darvall g. Graham a. H. G. Drury b. Borno c.r.c., j. Williams w. J. Rylance f. Armstrong of w. De Little. Messes. J. T. Bell and h. S. Bliss Wero elected to act As starter and judge respectively and it was arranged to request the Rev. Manley Power to act As Umpire. The races will All be rowed Down the bulimia reach and finish Between the Point opposite breakfast creak and a marked boat. The flagship will follow All the races. Mme. Michelet the widow of the illustrious historian of that name has just edited Tho journal and letters of her husband describing his journey to borne in 1830. The first of these letters were addressed to the Young Duchess de Berri later Duchess of Parma and the last letters to the Young princesses of Orleans. Mme. Michelet was for Twenty three years the companion and Hel meet of her Hus band who used to Call her " his second the first volume of the forthcoming work the pm plication of which is looked Forward to by All literary France with immense interest was to come out on 20th april. The Eitress has written a preface " one which her own words will she Hopes attract great Atten in it she reveals All that she has suffered for fifteen years As the widow of Michelet and As the sole bearer of his great name. Cheap speciality in ladies and gents Nickel Silver keyless watches reliable timekeepers at Muller Bro the cheap Iron mongers Kent s buildings Adelaide Street. Advt household brooms slightly damaged 6d. Each also grand values in crockery Ironmongery a. Carew Gardner and Billington Advt . Tomato sauce a source of Joy to All. b. Mountcastle and sons have just opened shipment Light Bergo overcoats Price 39b. Cd.Advt.1 Job Lio of 2000 Yards Brussels carpet at ,ril7lldxper Yard. Ten per cent off All carpets Njg Fie month. Carew Gardner and asst death of the Hon. James Swan. A Cable message was received at the of Ioe of messes. Wilson Newman Wilson and hem Ming yesterday conveying the intelligence that the Hon. James Swan ,had died in the Mediterranean sea on Board the . Jel Unga on the 2gth May. Or. Swan waa with his wife on his Way to England where he in tended staying for some Tolyo months. The deceased gentleman was in feeble health when he left Brisbane and Many old friends who bade him Good Bye were doubtful As to whether they would see him again. On reach ing thursday Island however mrs. Swan wired that her husband was very much better and quite himself again. No particulars As to the cause of death have been received but doubtless his advanced age for or. Swan had reached his 80th year together with the Oli Matio changes experienced on the voyage wore in some measure the cause of his death. Or. Swap though not the oldest resident of Brisbane is truly one of its pioneers he having in 1846 taken up his abode Here and with the exception of two occasions when he visited Scotland has resided Here continuously up to the time when to boarded the Jel Unga. His first acquaintance with Australia dates from the year 1837, when the Rev. Or. Lang brought him to Sydney from Glasgow. Or. Swan had at that time been apprenticed to the printing Trado in Glasgow and on his arrival in Sydney was looked upon As a decided acquisition to the staff of the colonist of which paper or. Lang was the proprietor. One of or. Swan s i colleagues on the colonist was or. T. W. Hill who was for Many years Printer and publisher of the Brisbane courier but who lately retired from that position on account of failing health. In 1841, when the colonist ceased i publication or. Swan joined the staff of Tho by ency Herald. He did not remain there Long however. To took to farming pursuits though experience proved to him that to Start at a time when the condition of the Solo ii was so Low As it was in the Early forties was a mistake and a Money losing affair. When in 181g or. Sidney Lyons started the Afore ii Bay courier he prevailed upon or. Swan to publish the Poper and it was under these that the deceased gentleman made his acquaintance with Brisbane. Or. Lyons getting into monetary difficulties some eighteen months later the Plant became the property of or. Swan who continued the proprietorship until 1859, when the paper was purchased by the late Hon. T. B. Stephens and Beamo the Brisbane courier. Or. Lyons having in 1850 squared his finances established the free press but it was Short lived the experience of or. Swan and the policy of the courier Seo Rod for it a Victory Over its opponent and the free press soon died. As old residents know anti transportation and separation wore in the Early Days the two questions which almost alone agitated the minds of the Brisbane Folk on Ono Side and Tho squatters on the other and in Rospert of both or. Swan identified himself most prominently " with the popular Side. He was also an ardent Baptist being a member of what was known As or. Lang s Church now the official Resi Dence of Tho government Printer in William Street and when the presbyterians congregationalists and baptists separated for those three bodies formed or. Lang s Oliu Rotor. Swan was Ono of the few Mon who brought about the erection of the old Baptist of Huron in wharf Stroot. The deceased gentleman also took considerable interest in Public affairs. He for some years filled an Aldermani chair and Throe times that of mayor. During his torm of office he did Nuol to bring about the erection of Victoria Bridge a work which if costly in the extreme was one of absolute necessity. In 1878 he was called to Tho upper House where he has continued to sit As a stanch Liberal and an admirer of sir s. W. Griffith. Tho deceased gentleman was born in Glasgow in 1811, and was therefore 80 years of age.? social gathering at the Centennial Hall. A social gathering of members of the Church of England waa hold last opening at the Cen Tennial Hall a a sort of inauguration of the annual synodical mooting which takes place to Day. The Obj oot of this social congregation was mainly to introduce to metropolitan synods men their Brethren from Tho Outor world of Queensland and in a Largo degree it was sumo Essul. A very Large number of ladies and gentlemen assembled including his Excel Lency the governor lady Norman miss Norman Misa Grace Norman and Captain Strachey aide de Camp. The proceedings throughout Wero informal in character. The ladies and gentlemen As they arrived took their scats in any part of the Hall which they desired to select or drifted round from group to group of their acquaintance conversing merrily and helping each other to enjoy the time they were to spend together. It waa in All to spots a social evening. For the amusement of those who were not Dis posed for conversation Signor Giuseppe Truda s string band had bean engaged and these musicians performed a number of selections in oboe Lent style. There Wero Only two speeches. The first was made by the Bishop of Brisbane or. Webbe who con tented himself with welcoming in the most cordial terms the country members of Synod and with the expression of the Hope that this new departure would to the commence Mont of a Long series of similar social gatherings in tonne option with the work of the Church. The Rev. 3? Whitington following directed his remarks to the furtherance of the Brockhampton Bishopric scheme. To maintained although a new Comer to the Colony that there was no Church movement in Queensland which in importance compared with the establishment of a Bishopric in the Central districts of Queensland. It was not the question of supplying the wants of a particular District merely but the question of establishing a now Centre of Church life and spiritual Energy. It was Felt throughout Tho Church of England that there was a growing need for episcopal supervision and in some places the Bishops had been obliged to Call to their Aid the services of assistant Bishops. To knew comparatively Little of life in Queens land As yet but in. His native Colony South Australia he knew thai no sooner did the Bishop of Adelaide go upon inf necessary visits to the outlying districts of3 his diocese than the clergy in the City Felt that they missed him and that it would be Well if he could always be with them. To under stand that the Bishop of Brisbane was in a somewhat similar position. The proposal was not of an experimental character for he had Learned that the creation of Tho Bishopric of North Queensland had in twelve years in creased the number of clergymen in that diocese fivefold. He maintained that such a j movement was one that called for support from the whole of the Colony. The Bishop of Brisbane had always impressed upon his flock that the spirit and life of the Church was not congregational but diocesan and if members would Only look at the matter from that Point of View and feel that they wore personally and individually responsible for taking up a movement such As the creation of a new Bishopric it would not be Long before it was absolutely in existence. The total sum asked for was �10,000, which would provide but a very slender income for the new Bishop but those Church members who could Rise to the knowledge of what the establishment of this Central Queensland Bishopric would mean to the Church would understand that there was Here presented to them an Opportunity of self sacrifice of which they certainly should Avail themselves. Applause they should feel that this was a great Call made upon the Church to which each member should make an individual response. If they did so he would venture to say it would not be Many months before the amount of Money necessary for the establish ment of the Eoo Hampton Bishopric was an accomplished fact. Cheers after this address refreshments were handed round and the ladies and gentlemen spent / a ?. " after several questions had been answered the meeting closed with the Benediction. The shearers dispute a writing policy. Constitutional measures Best. The strike committee at Barcaldine have issued instructions under which the unionists at Isis Ford have left for Barcaldine the intention being to keep the men together As much As possible free labourers Aro not to to interfered with in any Way and the policy to be pursued is one of waiting for the develop ment of events in the belief that the squatters cannot got sufficient labour for their wants when Tho shearing begins in real Earnest. Whether the jurisdiction of the strike com Mittee extends to the South Western portion of Tho Colony has not Boen stated but it appears from accounts which have reached the govern ment that a vory different course of procedure is adopted by unionists there. Over thirty shearers loft Brisbane on Satur Day in the aramaic for Tho disturbed districts. Official telegrams the following is Tho latest official information Barcaldine reports that sergeant John White and the five Spoo Ial constables from Brisbane reached Lansdowne station on the 29th May thirty mounted unionists left Blackall on in. Day it is asserted with fourteen Days rations for oath Man. The object of the Mission is not Yot definitely known. Gilbert Casey address of a meeting in terms similar to those used by him at Rockhampton particulars of which have been supplied by the press. Casoy spoke of Tho colonial Secretary As a to quoted Doggerel Linea in which sir Thomas m a wraith was Oom Parod to a dog and Tho Premier to an ass. Those inflammatory speeches tend much to prolong Tho strike. About 800 unionists Wera present. His Abuso was particularly directed at Tho Premier the colonial treasurer the colonial Secretary judge Harding and Tho press. Cunn Mulla reports that fifty unionists on horseback a and thirty on foot Are travelling Bot won Cunn Mulla and Coo Goola. A the Gates in Tho neighbourhood of Claverton have Boon destroyed. _ Ilu Hondon reports that d. K. Russell Licon Sod Vio Tallor there has been boycotted by Tho Shoar ors Union for the past Threet weeks. At a meeting hold on Friday night after two of Russell s servant girls had refused to join Tho Union organiser Dyas said the Union could do no Moro to Russell than Thoy had Dono by boycotting. It was no use calling Tho girls out. Tho Only thing now was to Burn Hia place Down. \ Blackall reports that the Raven Bourne intimidation Case finished on saturday. Two of the loaders and two of the worst offenders Werel sentenced to three months imprisonment with hard labour in Tho Rockhampton gaol. The other six offenders Wero sentenced Toto . Twelve of the Lorne rioters wore committed to it Hampton circuit court on two charges of arson namely at Minnie Downs and Langlo Downs on Tho 28rd or 24th March. This makes four committal for arson against Nino of those Mon and three committals1 against the Roma Indor. Those trials Aro now concluded and fourteen prisoners await escort to Rockhampton gaol. Tho evidence in Tho Langlo Downs arson ease was very conclusive. The Case against Kosloy for perjury will be proceeded with on tuesday. Forty two special constables Woro sworn in at. Jun Dah on Friday. Rockhampton reports that warrants have Boon issued against six of the men for assault and Battery upon or. Loo Tho licensed Vic Tallor of mount Morgan and also for malicious damage to his premises under Tho injuries to pro Poi to not. Rockhampton items. By electric Tilleo Badii i from Oun own Bact Hampton june 1. Tho Rockhampton District Council of the australian labour federation have engaged off Ioos and intend appointing a local Geore tary and organiser. Six teams Leavo for Tho West to Day. One Hundred and seventy free Shoar ors and labourers for Darr River and Evesham St a Ion Are due hero at the end of the week. Latest from Barcaldine. Movements 01- unionists. Free labourers not to be interfered with. The new policy. By electric Telegraph from Ona own correspondent Barcaldine june 1. In accordance with written instructions from the strike committee the outside Union Campa Are preparing to come into Barcaldine and the whole of the foot Mon at Isis Ford left that Placo this morning. The chairman of the. Strike committee upon hearing the new circulated that a party of horsemen had left Blackall armed and rationed immediately wired to or. Mitchell general Seo rotary of the shearers Union and ascertained that All the Mon Wero in Camp on saturday. Or. Ryan who has resumed the chairmanship of the strike committee informs to and his information has always been reliable that most urgent instructions have been sont to All the Camps not to interfere in any Way Wilt the from labourers or to create any Dis tuba cos. He is convinced that strictly constitutional measures Are the Wisest and Best and that any resort to violence will defeat those Meas pics. He has great influence Over All the unionists and although far away from this Centre some reckless men May do damage to grass or fences it will not be worse than has happened during any previous years. As far As the Groat body of men Are concerned the stations now Are far safer than they were months before the strike commenced at All events so far As All stations on this Side of the Thom son River Are concerned. A Small party of horsemen have been camped at Arri Lalah during the last few Days and it is possible that they May endeavour to interview the Bim Erah free labourers who Start to Morrow for that place but there is not the least danger of any Molesta Tion being resorted to. The fact that these men All of them being new to the Western country were camped within twelve Miles of bar Caldine for three Days without Bein interviewed and that the free labourers for Northampton Downs passed through without the least interference bears out the statement of the labour leaders that no further resistance is intended. Their whole intention is directed to bringing As Many men As possible into the main Camp and to spending their funds economically. Thoy still labour under the impression that the squatters cannot obtain sufficient labour for the general shearing and will be compelled to employ the unionists again on their own terms. �2000 Worth of magnificent Winter suiting May be seen at messes. 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