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Brisbane Courier Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 3

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Brisbane Courier (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia supreme court. Mondat june 1. Criminal jurisdiction. Before his honour sir Charles Lilley c. J. Or. B Mansfield instructed by or a. I. Cooling from the Crown solicitor office appeared to prosecute on behalf of the Crown. An absent Juiston. William Edward Campbell of High Street to Wong who had been summoned As a juror but was absent when called was fined �5. Sub sequently the Fine was remitted As it appeared that the juror had been in attendance at the hour for which he was summoned. The court owing to pressure of chamber business did not sit until 10.30 instead of 10 ., and at the former hour the juror was not within hearing Lilien the panel was called Over. Fal sifting books or account. Joseph Pringle Amos pleaded guilty to charges of having falsified the Bank pass Book of the go Burrum divisional Board of North to Noaberg of which he was clerk arid also to having embezzled certain sums of Money the property of the Board. He was remanded for sentence. Cattie stealing. William Radford pleaded not guilty to a charge of having on 30th april last at Enog Gera stolen one cow the property of William Anderson. To was defended by or. Rutledge instructed by messes. O Shea and o Shea. Or. Mansfield in opening the Case to the jury stated that on 8th november 1s88, William Anderson the prosecuting witness purchased a red and White cow branded 9ka, at or. G. T. Bell Sale Yards. After the cow was milked for eight months she was turned oat on the Eno Gera ranges and the " old station the animal was seen grazing on the Flat and ranges from time to time up to five months ago when it was found with the prisoner cattle in a paddock which he leased from the Ithaca divisional Board. When asked about the animal the prisoner claimed the cow As his stating that he had purchased it on 2nd novem Ber 1888, from or. G. T. Bell and produced a Sale note for a red cow with a different Brand which he said was the receipt for the animal in question. The evidence Given on behalf of the Crown generally supported Tim Contention that the cow found in the Possession of the accused was the property of Anderson. Or. Kut ledge did not open Tho Cass for the defence but called a number of witnesses who Efforo that the animal in question had been purchased by the wife of the Acou aed in november 1888, and had been in his posses Sion Ever since. One witness also added that the cow knew and " answered " to her name. Counsel on either Side having addressed the jury his Hoyoun summed up Tho evidence and after an absence of eight minutes the jury brought in a verdict of not guilty and the prisoner was discharged. The court then Roso. In Orvil jurisdiction. Before his honour or. Justice Beal. Vickery and sons v. Byge partly heard. The solicitor general or. T. J. Byrne with him or. Lukin instructed by messes. Lilley and o Sullivan for the plaintiffs the attorney general . W. Griffith him or. Rutledge instructed by or. G. V. Helligar for the defendant. This was an action brought by Vickery and sons Boot merchants of Sydney against Hans bogs As a member of the firm of Boga bros., bookmakers and general dealers of Maryborough i respect of goods sold and delivered and in respect of a promissory note of the firm. An arrangement was arrived at in this Oase on saturday whereby defendant consented to judgment for plaintiffs for the full amount claimed with costs. Leckt v. Walmsley and another. The solicitor general or. T. J. Byrne with him or. Shand instructed by messes. Chambers Bruce and m Nab appeared for the plaintiff there was no appearance on the part of the defendants. This was an action brought by John Lecky freeholder of South Brisbane against Moses Walmsley and Samuel Macgregor to recover an amount due for rates on certain property in Stanley Street South Brisbane. The plaintiff leased to the defendants in november 1884, for a period of Twenty one years. One of the conditions of the lease was that defendants Rete to pay the rates. They paid them yearly up to 1887, since which they had paid nothing. This year the South Brisbane municipal Council made a demand on plaintiff for the pay ment of the arrears which amounted to �244 is. Plaintiff accordingly paid that sum and now sought to recover it from the defendants with interest added. Formal proof having been Given of plaintiff Case judgment was entered in his favour for the amount claimed and costs. This concluded the business of the sittings end the court adjourned sine die. In insolvency. Before his honour sir Charles Lilley . In Tite matter of James h. Fitzgibbon. Or. E. M. Lilley instructed by messes. Macdonald Paterson Hawthorn and Fitz Gerald appeared on behalf of or. James Henry Fitzgibbon a chemist of fortitude Valley and applied for a certificate of discharge under clause 169 of the insolvency act which states that after the expiration of three years from the Date of the adjudication the insolvent with the consent of a majority of his creditors whose accounts amount to �10 and upwards May move the court for a certificate of discharge. Affidavits having been read showing that the necessary conditions had been complied with the discharge was granted. City police co by monday june 1. Before or. P. Pinnock ., and or. D. Hamilton . Drunk and persons charged with drunkenness were discharged and j a seventh not putting in an appearance his pail was forfeited. Joseph Doyle for conduct no himself in a disorderly manner in Queen Street and James Thompson for a similar offence in Brunswick Street were Ach fined 5s., with the alternative of six hours a the cells. James Roache for a like offence Nann Street was fined 10s. Or twelve hours in i m pc a de Felt pet m earthy for making use of obscene language within the Jeanng of persons passing in the Public streets was fined �2, with the alternative of forty eight Jonrs in the cells. Osslind Tinq the pad in it str acting the police while engaged w the execution of their duty was fined 10s. Ii mans Ozment until the rising of the court Cert Black for drunkenness was fined 10s. Of imprisonment until the rising of the court. Toscamo Feo the , �ve.,, and Christina Anderson All a wed Gusty to having escaped from the lock run of. And were each sentenced to one month imprisonment. The Also ordered Ney should be returned to the Hospital at expiration of the sentences. Nascene land Taos. John Sullivan for wig use of obscene language was fined �2 a. Alternative of forty eight hours in the Ipi in Jolln Walsh for a similar offence in a Chardt Street was fined �1 or Twenty four Muren the cells in default. U0h.c-cy.-George Browne 20 years of age native of new South Wales and we. In a queenslander 25 years Oia Law i char8ea As vagrants having no Wai Meana of by report detective of in Tyson arrested them both. He stated he �tt10 Browne for about twelve months tim�.?for a1 0ut for years durin6 that live Lii i not done anything for an honest look and their associates were women of we Larrikin and convicted thieves. Terai robberies had recently been reported at Ujj detective office and Browne was one of the 81? suspected of being concerned in robberies. Both prisoners were remanded Den " a Fot the production of further Evi i ftl1 wa8 allowed each prisoner in �10 be " respectable surety in �10. Before or. P. Pinnock. . In e. Murdock again appealed on remand charged with having in december of last year deserted his wife leaving her without Means of support. To was Dis charged As the wife stated her husband was living with her again. 4 Todd charged with having no lawful Means of support was remanded for a week. Edith Lukin charged with a similar offence was sentenced to three months imprisonment or. Pinnock saying he thought the gaol the safest and Best place for her. There were forty previous convictions recorded against her. V Hoffman charged with the larceny of an umbrella the property of John Ward was discharged. Nellie Phillips charged with the larceny of 2s. 6d. From a South sea islander was also discharged there not being sufficient evidence to connect her with the offence. South Brisbane police court. Monday june 1. Before or. G. A m. Murray ., and messes. Weedon Allon Chancellor and Appel . Obscene Phipps was fined �2, in default seven Days imprisonment for making use of obscene language. Indecent Shipp was charged with having made use of indecent language towards James buddy on the 20th May. After the hearing of much evidence and Cross swearing the Bench fined the defendant �5, in default two months imprisonment. Mary Worthington summoned Samuel Ham mond for making use of indecent language towards her. Messes. Weedon Allen and Chancellor who constituted the Bench Dis missed the Case. Minchinton jim., was summoned by Frederick Rasmussen for having on the 6th May illegally pounded one Black and White Heifer branded pop the pro Perty of Rasmussen. As the defendant did not appear in answer to the summons a warrant was issued for his arrest. Accidents and offences. Emily j. Williams again appeared on remand at the City police court yesterday morning charged with having obtained several sums of Money from Ellen Johnston a widow siding in Kent Street. Mrs. Johnston gave evidence to the effect that she had known the accused Emily j. Williams for five years. She wit Ness kept a general store in _ Kent Street in january last year and was assisted by Hel son in the business. About the Middle of january of last year the accused rented a furnished cottage from witness in Kent Street dose to the store and dealt with her. She accused paid for what she Puro Haspod for the Frist two or three weeks. About Tho month of february the accused came into the store and said to witness " i m going to go Home. I want a lot of things for the voyage. You get a lot of dresses made for me for the the accused also said " i be got �3500 in the London chartered Bank in on the strength of this statement the witness Supply other with goods. The accused dealt with her for about fifteen months and during that time she sup plied her on the strength of representations that she had Large sums of Money in the Bank with goods to the value of upwards of �100. Similar evidence was Given by mrs. Johnston son who managed the business and it was also proved that the accused who waa defended by or. Turner had no account in the London chartered Bank. She had however called there upon several occasions and stated that she wished to place a sum of Menos which was coming to her As a fixed Deposit in the Bank. She went far As to sign her name in the signature Hook but did not Deposit any Money. The Case at or. Turner request was adjourned for a week. About half past 3 o clock on sunday morning Harold Saunders reported to sergeant Slattery that he had seen a woman in the Stratton Drain but he was unable to get her out. The sergeant in company with Saunders went to the place where they saw a woman named Hewitt standing in the Drain up to her Waist in water. On being taken out she complained of feeling ill arid As blood was flowing from a wound on her head she was taken to the Hospital where her injuries were attended to and she was detained As a patient. The woman who was under the influence of liquor stated that she lost her Way and fell into the Drain. The South Brisbane Bench have had to listen to some disgraceful language of late and Tho police magistrate and several . Were yesterday called upon to hear a further instalment in the Case of Shipp v. Buddy. In giving judgment the Remarked that the Case was properly a police Case As it was an offence against the Public. Another indecent language Case was about to be called when the Bench Rose and retired. Some thought to strengthen themselves for their further duties but on re appearing immediately without the The reason was made obvious. The chairman inti mated that the Having ruled that the last Case being properly a police Case they could not see their Way to go on with this one As the offence was said to have been committed the same evening and by one of the previous defendants who had been already fined �5. The Case was therefore dismissed and a considerable amount of time saved the court. Meteorology of Australasia. Cheep Wea Trieb bread Brisbane 9 ., 1st june synopsis. Western Eucla 017in. Northern territory and Central Australia. Cloudy generally under South East winds. Moderate rain has fallen in Northern parts namely Daly Waters 0-37in. South to gloomy under South and South East mods fresh at places on the coast. Sea smooth to moderate. Bain re corded North of Adelaide and in the West Burra l 25in. Farina 0 25in. Port Augusta 0-21in. Streaky Bay 0-64in. North Queensland it will be seen from the above figures that considerable rain has again been registered and the weather yet remains somewhat Cloudy to raining in parts. The sea is moderate and smooth. Our Western returns Aro not yet in. Extreme temperatures received 91deg. At Croydon 67deg. At Herber ton. South Queensland considerable rain has also been recorded Over this half of the country and it is yet Cloudy generally rain is still falling Here and there. The currents Are chiefly from Beh Yeen North West and West. Sea moderate. Extreme temperatures 78deg. At Cunn Mulla 48deg. At Stan Thorpe. Bris Bane and suburbs Wickham Terrace c8deg. And Oldeg. Ca Pemba 67deg. And 59deg. New farm 68deg. And 59deg. Bulimia 69deg. And 60deg. Bowen Park 67deg. And57deg. Botanic gardens 68deg. And 60deg. Kangaroo Point 69deg. And Oldeg. South Brisbane g6deg. And code. Ithaca Valley c7deg. And Oldeg. Albion 68deg. And g2deg. To Wong 70deg. And 57deg. Special note the recent rainfall was monsoonal in nature and the Type of weather with relation to the general distribution of pressure and temperature May be regarded As singularly abnormal for the season of the year. New South , unsettled and showery generally and heavy rain recorded under South to West winds. Sea smooth rough at Gabo Island. Rainfalls Orange 4-Ooin. Port Macquarie 0-16in. Newcastle 0,27in. Sydney 0-50in. Cape . George 0-0310. Forbes 3-03in. Dubbo l-87in. Hay 0-37in. Deniliquin 0-85. Waggett 0-32in. Bourke 0-66in. Wilcannia 0-98in. Went work 0-87in. Albury 0-32in. Gabo Island l-20in. Cloudy and gloomy in parts showery. Rain has fallen generally heaviest Omeo 0-81in. Echuca 0-Goin. Tasmania. Cloudy throughout winds chiefly southerly. Rainfall Southport 0-o9in. New to showery in Southern and Central parts Fine and Clear in the far North. Queensland rainfalls in detail North Queensland Ayr c-28in.tlayrshire Downs 070in. Bloomsbury l-46in. Bowen 0-36in. Cairns 0-03in. Cardwell 0-Osin. Charters towers 0 23in. Collaros 1-s8in. Croydon of join. Cumberland o Osin. Emu Park 0-90in. Floraville 0-91in. Georgetown o Ogin. Mackinlay,l-60in. Mackay1, Erin Marlborough 2-26in. M Don Nell 0 07in. Mein 0 02in. Musgrave o sin. Nebo l-60in. Pentland Ollin. Richmond 0 93 in. Bockli Ampton l52in. St. Lawrence 4-18in. Tate River o Osin. Thursday Island o Olin. Torrens Creek 0-65in. Townsville 0-Llin. Yeepoon 0-65in. Winton 0"82in. South Queensland Agavale 0 02in. Alice River 0-63in. Allora 0 45in. Alpha 0-62in. Aug Athella 015 banana 2 61in. Barcaldine 0-33in., Beenleigh 0-7oin. Blackall 0-25in. Bollon 024in. Boon Berry l-80in. Bundaberg l-9gin. Bustard head l-34in. Cabool Ture 065in. Cambo Oya 0 55in. Cape Moreton a Olin. Charleville o Llin. Cleveland 0 42in. Crow nest l-2oin. Cun Yamulla 0-31in. Corinda 0 79in. Dalby 0-68in. Double Island Point 0-86in. Huaringa Ooin. Dulacka 0 47in. Eidsvold l-54in. Emerald 2 85in. Eulo of sign. Emu Vale 0-30in. Eassifern 0-34in. Gay Ndah l-22in. Gladstone 0 95in. Good a Olin. Good Windi 0-59in. Gympie 0-88in. Hawkwood l"60in. Inglewood 0-15in. Inskip Point Ipswich o Llin. Isis Ford 008in. Jim Bour 0 57in. Killarney 0 27in. Kil Ivan l77in. Laidley o loin. Leyburn 0 36in. Lytton o loin. Maryborough l-48in. Mitchell 0 26in. Mount Perry 0 86in. Zerang 0 95in. Pine Hill 0-90in. Pittsworth 0.45in. Redcliffe 0 68in. Boyleston l14in. Roma 0-76in. Sandgate og8iu. Sandy Cope 0 85in. South port 0 90in. Stan Thorpe Olgin. St. George 0 46in. St. Helena l-35in. Surat 0-30in. Tearoom 0-85in. Thar Mindah l 39in. Toowoomba l 84in. Wallan Garra 0 45in. War Wick o 40in. Wolford Lagoon 0-05in. Westwood 2 20in. Woodford 0-94in. Woody Island o sin. Yul a 0-32in. Esk 0 13in. Manango 040in. Ravenswood o Olin. Cloncurry 0 59in. Boulia 0 04in. Donaldson l g5in. Donor Hill l51in. Balbo Creek 0-6�in. Tambo 0-53in. Aramaic 0-52in. Clermont 0-63m. Burketown 0-09in. Spring sure l83in. Avon Downs l-25in. Cres Brook l24iu. Brisbane and suburbs Wickhart Terrace 0-87in. Ca Pomba g-71in. Eno Gera l-01in. Gold Creek 087in. Ithaca Valley 0-75in. New farm 0-20in. Ono Day botanic gardens 0-79in. Kangaroo Point 0-86n. South Bris Bano 0"91in. Albion o-70in. Bowen Park 0-81in. Bulimia 0-87m general forecast on Friday last and our intimations for wot weather issued previous to that Date have been fully realised. A tropical disturbance of considerable Energy travelled into these latitudes from monsoonal areas a decided abnormal characteristic at this season of Tho your. As will to seen by our rainfall statistics the precipitation has been heavy and general. The North Eastern districts of South Australia have also Boon affected by the same influences. The contre of Tho storm system at present lies South East from Sydney and vessels in that locality will most certainly meet with very squally weather. The barometer is now High Over new zealand that heavy rain is also being experienced in connection with Tho present distribution of pressure East from Gabo and South from lord Howe Island and to look Forward with Keon interest to receiving information from ships in those latitudes in duo course. As a whole the present distribution of pressure is very complicated and irregular. Forecasts 5.16 ., 1st Juno Western our usual figures Are not yet to hand we prefer not to Issue a fore cast. Northern territory and Central Australia. Atmosphere unsettled areas of Cloud with a Tendo Noy to rain will alternate with times of Loaring skies. South unsettled More rain especially in Southern districts. North Fine in Eastern parts with considerable loud still however a tendency to alternating showers. Much finer and More settled in the far West. Winds variable. Sea slight. South the same is the North and conditions improving. Now South finer. In the far West and Central districts. Still very unsettled with a tendency to local squalls and further rain in Eastern and especially South Eastern parts under fresh to Strong winds from Between West South West and South East. Sea moderate to rough in places. Victoria and Cloudy showery and squally in the Eastern parts of i these colonies under winds Between South East and South West finer in Western districts. Sea moderate to rough. New unsettled in Eastern j coast districts finer in Central and Western areas. Clement l. Wrap of government meteorologist shipping. Juno 1.-Gambier, s., 1000 tons. Captain t. A Richardson from Sydney. Passengers mesdames Bowden j. 1?. Gilchrist Smith w. M. Galloway misses e. Sinclair p. Gilchrist Hatfield j. Batoh form k. A Tapleton messes. A Shaw w. Ware p. Toi Bena j. Pascoo p. Bull w. Paine j. Davidson t. W. Blasbe j. Murray j. Rhodes Captain Bowden or. Nevaro Rev. J. Moody and 20 in the Steerage. Vim Howard Smith and sons limited agents. Departures. June 1.-Eurimbla, . Company s., 1055 tons Captain j. Selmos for Bundaberg Gladstone and Rockhampton. Passengers mesdames p. Nott Kaeser and 2 of Alldren Lee Pritchard Young Turnor Whito and child misses Swain and Feeney messes. Mas Monck a. Tones Gibson h. Cahill Finlayson Maldon Al m. In. Atakor g. T. Bell w. Hamilton Irvine Turner Whito and 10 in Tho Steerage. The . And . Company Dimity a managing agents. Juno 1.--Fitzroy, . Company s.,870 tons Captain j. E. Buto Hor for Sydney Tran shipping to s Marana for Melbourne. Passengers mesdames Hannah and child j. Robertson w. Brown and a. T. Fordyce misses h. Boh Uckmann and Amos or. Kesteven messes. J. Daly r. Nicholls. J. Hird o. R. Doive a. Hetherington w. Macintosh and King and 84 in the Steerage. The . And . Company limited managing agents. Imports. A special charge made on consignees announcements inserted a this column Gambier s., from Sydney 70 bags onions l8 cases stationery 11 bags Salt 325 cases codfish 3800 bags flour 140 costs fruit 75 Bales Hay 25 cases spirits 100 Drums Oil 5 cases leather 9 bundles shafts 10 hosts Tea 100 bundles brooms 5 Rolls netting 10 Drums tar and a Large Quantity of Northern cargo. Exports. To Nowarra s., for Sydney 2 cases tallow 8 bundles sheepskins to boxes said to contain 9590oz. 3dwt. Gold c7 Bales Wool 2 pierces tallow 40 cases jams 65 cases Pines 60 cases arrowroot 40 boxes dates 4 boxes figs 65 bags oysters 3 cases watches value �50077 sacks Bones 668 bags sugar 92 casks soda crystals 1466 boxes candles 10 Bales paper 5 Bales skins 442 hides and sundries for Melbourne -55 Bales Greasy Wool 44 cases Pines 8 cases Sweet potatoes 53 bags oysters and sundries. Wodonga s., for Sydney 2 bundles sheep skins 5 cases fruit 5 bundles skins 10 boxes soap 1844 Mats sugar 101 bags Coffee 15 casks earthenware 137 bags scrap Iron 8 Bales Greasy Wool go cases Pines 315 bags Maize 12 cases fancy goods for Melbourne-83 bags oysters 102 cases Pines 100 bags Coffee 61 cases tobacco 49 hides and sundries. Fitzroy s., for Sydney 22 bags oysters 46 hides 6 casks tallow 320 bags sugar 20 bags arrowroot 51 cases Pines 5 casks belts and sundries. Steamers due. From Mugrave to Morrow. From Cooktown and on thursday. From on thursday. From Rockhampton and Maryborough. Burmah on thursday. Steamers leaving. For Sydney and to Day at 12 o clock. For Cooktown and Northern to a at 4 � " for Maryborough Attr to Morrow at 4 ." " shipping movements. Queensland. Ara Watta s., from met Journo arrived yester Day in Sydney takes h5r departure from there to Morrow and should reach Brisbane on Friday. Aramaic s., from Bisbano should reach Townsville this afternoon. She will i leave there to Morrow and is duo on Friday morning at Cooktown. Anglo Noiman barque from London is berthed at the South Bris Bane wharf. Aberfoyle barque left Bunda Berg on sunday for Newcastle. Bar Coo s., from Cooktown left Townsville yesterday and is due in Keppel Bay to Morrow and in Brisbane on thursday afternoon. Birks Gate s., is still Laid up in Sydney. Bulimia b., is Laid up in Brisbane. Bunvath s., from Brisbane arrived yesterday morning at Rock Hampton. She leaves there to Day is due to Morrow in Maryborough and on thursday in Brisbane. Barr Abool s., leaves Sydney to Day and is due Hoie on thursday. Cintra s., from Brisbane probably arrived yesterday in Melbourne. She leaves there to Day for Brisbane via Sydney. Chintu s., from Hon Kong leaves Brisbane Early this morning for Sydney. Derwent s.,from Cooktown with the Leura mails and passengers for Burketown probably arrived yesterday at Burketown. Eurim Bla s., left Brisbane yesterday is duo to Day at Bundaberg at Gladstone to Morrow and at Rockhampton on thursday. Edinburghshire barque from Glasgow is berthed at d. L. Brown and of wharf. Fitzroy s., left Brisbane yesterday and is duo to Norrow in Sydney. Glenworth s., is now Laid up in Brisbane. Gambier s., from Sydney arrived yesterday in Brisbane. She leaves at 4 To Day for Cooktown via poits fid is due to Morrow ? night in Keppel Bay. A Koo Nowarra s., from Ryjer Sbano left Sydney yest Ordey and is Doo to Morrow in Melbourne Leura s., leaves Brisbane to Day for Sydney and Melbourne. Lady Musgrave s., from Brisbane arrived on sunday at Bundaberg. Sho leaves Thore to Day and is expected hero to Morrow. Lizard ., arrived at the bar of the Brisbane Kiver yesterday. Moonta Soho Noi from Bundaberg is still in Brisbane. Mary Peverley Schooner is now bound for Brisbane. Riversdale ship from Tichio is still in the Garden Beach awaiting repairs. Rane Lagh s., leaves Brisbane at 4 To Morrow for Mary Borough and Bundaberg. Sedwell Jane Brigatt Tine from Sydney is still in port. Tara b.m.s., a berthed at the . Company wharf Kangaroo Point. She Takos Hor departure for London on tuesday next. Wodonga s., from Brisbane arrived yester Day in Sydney. She takes Hor departure from there to Day and should reach Melbourne on thursday. Varrego s., from Brisbane is due to Day in Cooktown. Wastewater Tysor line Steamer from London arrived at Sydney Yos Torday in route for Brisbane. Varalla s., from Burketown is due to Day at Cooktown. She takes Hor departure from there this evening with Tho Varrego a mails and passengers for Burketown. Inter colonial and Oversea. Adelaide s., from Sydney arrived yesterday at Melbourne. Bungaro s., from Melbourne arrived yo3 Ter Day at Adelaide. Ouzo b.m.s., from Sydney arrived yester Day at Adelaide in route for London. Clan Robertson ship from London arrived on Sun Day at Sydney. Enterprise s., Frota Tasmania arrived yesterday at Melbourne. Polynesian s., from Marseilles left Adelaide yesterday in route for Sydney. Shipping memoranda. Shipping interests Are specially advised by or. Wragge that a barometric disturbance will be experienced by vessels in approximate int. Sadeg. S., Long. 158deg. E. Such is affect ing the Southern coast line of new South Wales and will pass Over the Pacino on a North Easterly course probably Between nor Folk Island and Tho North Island of new Zea land. Aurthor rain will Fallan tonne option with this storm system. T. The . And . Company limited have advice through routers that the . Jumna outward bound for Queensland poits loft London on the 26th May. The shipping Trade at the present time is in a bad state in Queensland and steamers Aro leaving the ports of the Colony practically empty. Only seventy five men Are employed on the . Company wharves Brisbane working an average of thirty hours a week at is. An hour. Applications for work Aro made every hour of the Day arid the wha Finger states that within twelve hours he could if necessary get 500 Mon. On account of the depression four of the company vessels Are Laid up the Flamang the Glenworth Tolje a Iotria and the bulimia the Throe latter. Being in Brisbane. This unparalleled state of the Trade is Attri buted to the effects of the shearers strike. A most remarkable occurrence is just re ported in connection with the voyages of the two ships Cooke Mouth and Lorton. Both vessels sailed from the Mersey on the 6th of of Tobor. They wont Down Channel Side by Side and passed the Tusker and went into the Atlantic together. Two Days afterwards they wore lost to bight and did not Seo oath other again until the Day they crossed the Equator. Again they separated and did not meet again until in lat. 22 Then began a Neok and Neok race which lasted for Foi to Days. Thoy went through the soaring forties together round the Horn and up into Tho Pacific Side by Side. One sunday Captain steel of the Lorton and his family would go on Board the Cockermouth and a return visit was paid to the ii Orton on the following sunday by Captain m Adam and his wife of the Cockermouth. During the week scarcely a Day passed without one or two of the Crew going Over from one ship to the other for an " interchange of the vessels in the mean Timo wore sailing As fast As Thoy could but their Powers in this respect Woro very similar and neither could gain on Tho other. On new year Day a storm was encountered and the Lorton Hove to until the trouble was Over. The vessels that Day Sepa rated and did not meet again until they got to Astoria Oregon the Lorton had been in port about forty eight hours when the Cockermouth made her Argus says that the torpedo boat being built by messes. Yarrow a do., of Poplar for the victorian government to be sent out to Melbourne in june or july is of of to same Typo As the largest first class have been constructed lately for the British government. It is 130ft. Long and has a Lori of 13ft. Oin., and its mean Speed will be 22 knots. It will carry a tube for shooting torpedoes at the Bow As Well As two tubes at the Stern fitted on a turn table. The latter May be fired at any Angle simultaneously or independently. Or. A. Wilson Engineer in charge of ports and harbours and inspector of victorian naval and military machinery who is now on a visit to the old country has inspected the torpedo boat and expressed his thorough satisfaction with it. Vessels to 27. Abercarn barque 1083 tons from London for Brisbane sailed 10th january. Webster and co., agent. America 1236 tons from London for Brisbane sailed 2nd March. Castlemaine brewery and Quinlan Gray and co., limited agent. Adolph Harbor barque 1091 tons from Glasgow for in Bane to sail in april. D. L Brown and co., agents. A Biel Abbott Brigantine 690 Tony from new York for Brisbane sailed 12th february. Webster and co., agents. Blackadder barque 970 tons from London for Brisbane to sail in april. Webster and co., agents. Beenah barque from Glasgow. Aplin Brown and co., agents. Buckingham Tyser Lino Steamer 4010 tons from London for Brisbane via Southern ports sailed 18th april. Webster and co., agents. City i Glasgow ship 1168 tons from London for Brisbane sailed 14th february. Brabant and co., agents. County of Flint barque 1083 tons from London to Brisbane to sail 10th january. Cory Rechon barque 1299 ton from London for Brisbane to sail20th february. Smellie and co., agents. Charles a. Rice barque 680 tons from new York for Brisbane parbury Lamb and co., agents can mock water barque 995 tons from Glas Gow for Normanton to sail 20th december. Clynder barque from Glasgow a ii. Brown and co., agents. 777 a Dout Ohland German barque 838/ttrnfl, from Hamburg. D. L. Brown and co agents.? Durham a., 8234 tons from London for Bris Bane to sail in april. Webster Trad co., agents. Gulf Stream 1378 tons from London for Bris Bano sailed 10th March parbury Lamb and co., Arenta. Gulf of Corcovado s., from Glasgow to sail in May. D. L. Brown and co., agents. A Linker 672 tons from London for Brisbane sailed 28th february l. Brown and co., agents. Hippolyte barque 790 Tona from London for Brisbane sailed 19th november and put into Newcastle on the 18th March in distress. Smellie and co., agents. Jumna s., 5197 tons from London for Brisbane to sail 25th March. The . And , company limited agents. Kinfauns barque 931 tons from London for Brisbane to sail in april. Largs Bay barque 1178 tons from Mayport for Caiman to sail on 14th up Obuary. Lapwing barque 747 tons from Liverpool for Brisbane Sailor 20th january Loch Fergus barque 846 tons from Liverpool for Brisbane. Castlemaine brewery and Quinlan Gray and co., limited agents. Maori King Tysor Ima Steamer 3808 tons from London to sail 8th May. Webster and co., agents. Mercier barque 725 tons from London for Cairns to sail 31st january. Me Kara .n.company ., 3094 tons Captain a. A Cavo from Loudon for Brisbane Viil ports to sail 27th april. . And . Company limited agents. Maren barque 581 tons from London for Townsville to sail on Isth Marah. Marion Crosio barque 1428 tons from. Glasgow for Brisbane to sail on the 10th March. D. L. Brown and_co., agents. Marion Woodside from London for Brisbane Sailor in March d. L. Brown and co., agents. Nor Hyatt Ahi Prybo tons from Glasgow for Brisbane Sailor to the 20th foil uary. This Robsel put Back to re Tow cargo Ili Iftode in heavy weather. D. L. Brown and co., agouti. Ruthwell ,li296 tons from London for Brisbane sailed on Tho 11th february. Parbury Lamb and co., agents. Star of England Tysor Lino Steamer 8511 tons to said 3rd slay. Webster and co., agents Serapis ship 995 tons from London for Bris Bano sailed on Tho 25tli february Webster and co., agents. Siam Iron ship 630 tons from London for Brisbane sailed 28th March. Smo Uio and co., agents. Scott barque Gbo tons from now Yorr. For Bris Bane. Tho Castlemaine brewery and Quinlan Gray and co., Brisbane limited agents. Nordenskjold barque 750 ton from London for Rockhampton to sail Sec january. Tillie Baker barque 683 tons from now York for Brisbane sailed 28th february a. Shaw and co., agents. Vega danish barque 625 tons from London for Townsville to sail 20fcli january. Vale of Nith barque 672 tons from Liverpool for Brisbane sailed 15th Murroh Webster and co., agents. Was Wator Tysor Lino Steamer 2810 tons from London for Brisbane via Southern ports sailed 20th March. Webster and co., agents vessels in Harbour May 27. Anglo Norman barque Captain Hay ton from London. Binnun Philp and co., agents. Bulimia s., 2510 tons from London. Tho . And . Company limited agents. Diana barque 715 tons Captain Stephens from Workington at Townsville. Edinburghshire barque 1279 tons Captain Fago from Glasgow d. L. Brown and co Hawkes Bay Tysor line Steamer 4g00 tons from London. Webster and co., agents. Iolanthe barque 1593 Lons from Middle Broat Normanton. Janet court barque 99g tons from middles Borough at Normanton. Palma , Para Brig from Bouth sea islands. Ivor nit i barque hog tons from Glasgow at Normanton. A Ivorydale ship 1805 tons Captain Parr from Telita in Dut robs lying in Gardon Rotoli. Tara s., 4718 tons from London berthed at Kangaroo Point wharf. The . And . Company limited agents. Victoria . Company n., from Sydney at Brisbane Captain Kio Hardson reports that the Gam Bier s., left Sydney at 2.35 On the 80th May passed Boal books at 1.80 ., South solitary at 4.55 On the 81st Point danger at �.40 Yos Tormajr rounded Capo Morton at 2.10 ., and arrived at 5.15. . Experienced moderate northerly winds and showery weather to South solitary thence to arrival Light North West winds and Fino weather. Mails. Mails will to made up at the general Post office Brisbane for the undermentioned places As follows Rockhampton and North Elk except Bowe thursday. Is and and Normanton. Per Gambier s., at 3 To Day tuesday. and Railo Lagh s., at 8 To Morrow wednesday. Townsville Cooktown the dismay Island porn Darwin and Chang Aba a., at 8 On thursday. Commercial. Goon an office monday evening. The customs Revenue collected at this port to Day amounted to �2668 14s. Ii. The customs duties received on saturday were As follow spirits Oaas and bulk�19 19b. Wine Cabot and bulk ,�1012s. 6rl. Boer ca8esn.ndbulk�7 12s. Oil �123 tobacco �103 6a. Go. Nigara �14 8s. Tea �23 9b. Chicory Cocoa and chocolate �80 candles ill is dried fruit and nuts �154 ibs Macaroni Cornflour Raizona and preserved milks �17 17s. 4d, leather � j 15n. Starch a arrowroot Pearl Barley Sago tapioca and split pow �2 Fis. Go. Rico �89r. 7 1. Paints a is. 2d. Onions �4 Timber expo if duty on Cedar �8 7s. 2d. Colonial rum. I go. 5d. And Valorme �167 8s. All other dues of. Total �770 9s.l0d. Inferences to matters commercial in these Dull times must necessarily to of much the Bame character. Merchants have apparently made up their minds to let speculation alone for the present and what business is doing is therefore of a purely non speculative kind. The week has Opo nod quietly far As the pity Trade is concerned but a Good Many country orders have Como to hand and these were to Day receiving attention. Flour is firm at �12 10s. For leading brands with Little business doing. The sugar Markot is Dull and in produce Tho Trade ii confined to what is Neces sary for Immediato requirements. The Steamer i Industry which has left for Sydney left 6000 a of new zealand potatoes Here taking 7000 bags for the Southern Market. For potatoes the Market is easy with prices up to j �3 per ton. Respecting the Adelaide breads Tufis Market messes. John Darling and sons report on the 20th May wheat is steady at 4s. 9d. To 4s. 40d. Per Bushel with but Little offering and no disposition on the part of holders to sell As deliveries Are on an exceedingly Small scale and the weather continuing vory dry is causing Farmers to be reluctant in parting with the balance of their holdings. The surplus remaining for Export is in very few hands and shipments for Europe after Tho few vessels now loading Aro completed must be considered at an the Argun of thursday last refers to the Melbourne Market As follows to outward appearance Tho local Market has been Dull with an easier tendency and 2000 to 8000 bags have been sold at 4b. Lord. To 4s. Lid. But there is also an inquiry for Large parcels for which 4s. Lid. Is freely offered without result. A fair amount of business has been done in bleached wheat at 4s. 7�d. To 4s. 8d. Oat of 2909 bags offered at auction Only 404 bags were sold 81 bags prime fetched 4s. Lod. To 4b. Lid. 242 bags off and bleached 4s. 4jd. To 4b. God. And 181 bags screenings 2s. 5d. To 2s. Cd. There has been a steady demand for country flour both for Home consumption and for Export. Considerable sales of roller have been made at �11 to �11 6s" and of Stone dressed at �1 Lesa according to Tho Herald the Sydney floor Market is steady at late quotations. Or a concerning sugar Herr licht in his month Jav report published on 18th april gives the tits mate of the production of 1890-91 As g.055,001 tons against 5,069,142 tons in 1889-90, show ing a surplus of 380,000 tons. The proportion of beet sugar continues greater than that of Oane the total being 3,670,000 tons of beef which Wab an i Noresce tons for the year while of Cane sugar the total was 2,385,000" ton boing. An increase of 836,000 tons. Referring to beetroot sugar on23rd april or. C. Czarnikow says " refiners being discouraged by the relatively Low value of their goods have bought very sparingly previous Ratos boing barely obtainable and apart from a few isolated transactions of More or less importance there has been very Little doing on speculation. Nothing of Spoo Ial interest has Arisen regarding the now crop the swings of which Are already much later than usual. In fact to have to go Back Many years before finding swings beginning in May Only whilst for years past we have Boon accustomed to read of first swings looking Well later swings indifferent. Of course Tho weather May considerably alter this. As to the extent of land sown the indication previously Givon of at least 5 por cent Moro in average remains unchanged. It is expert Oil that Russia and Holland will Bow less the latter country requiring a minimum sum from fabricant and any Defi Oieno to be Mado Good by those Fao Torios who produce More than Tho Quantity allotted to the Queensland Farmers co operative Agency company limited report the follow ing sales of produce to Day Maizo from is. Lid. Per Bushel potatoes Small. �2 15s. Per ton butter superior1b. To la. 4jd. Porib. Butter inferior6d. To 9d. Per la. Bacon not Goodie. To 8jd, per la. Mixed , �3 10s. Por ton eggs is. Id. To is lid. Per dozen Lecorna Hay not Good�2 10s. To �2 15s. Por ton Honey 3d. Per la. Fowls not very Goodis 8d. Per pair oranges 2a. To 3s. Id nor Caso mandarins 2s. To 8s. Go. Por Orso Lemons 4s, 3d, per Caso bananas go. Tola per Bunch. Monetary and mining. There Woie Fow sales of Gold shares on Tho Brisbane Stock Exchange to Day. Brilliant and . Goodgo United Stook had buyers at Tho morning Call at 9s. 3d., but in the afternoon 10s. Was obtained. No. 7 South lady marys Woie bought at 2s. 2d., and Thane were Voial sales of Queen consolidated Simios at from 8s. 7jd. To 8i. 5jd. Golden Gates brought 11s. 9d. Tho Only Silver shares which exchanged hands were broken Hill books at 2s. 9d. Brisbane Stook quotations. Por of buyers. Sellors share. Ulv Banks of Isson q. National Banc Royal Banc. North Quoon Llanil. Union ,. Deposit Banks and built Jino soon Kriks Queensland Deposit Federal Imperial " Freehold Permanent Dana Bank of q land m. Freehold pro up ditto contributing Olty and Srbui Linin fraa.noiat.aoek0ikb financial Quaranto q. Perm it tin too Boot. Q. Mortgage of. First Issue ditto second Issue Union Tuitoo Gas Brisbane youth Brisbane ditto Townsville Gympie Ipswich p. Of t. A a 0 d 7 0 0 10 1 0 0 a 1 � 0 10 1 0 1 0 0 10 0 10 5 0 3 10 0 0 1 0 0 13 0 15 0 1 0 1 0 0 15 �31 Maryborough Rockhampton Mackay paid up Toowoomba Charters towers Warwick ,. Butew Triet Porkins of. Pro up ditto contributing Oast Inaina lao England pm up ditto b quote Upland Raollon a. Martin a of. . Walkers tramways 0. Tow. Pyrites of. Townsville Lloyd automatic totalisator company . Ins Ranoo ,1 0 a 0 12 0 i � a 1. 7 to n c 8 0 0 0 c1 0 4 q 0 17 0t i a d for mining Liaros the Brisbane Stulc sex Oriange quotations Are Given no 7 South lady Mary 2a. 2d. Golden Gale 11b. 9d. Queen consolidated is. 7�d., us. 7d., 3s. 8s, fid 3h. Did. Brilliant and . George ten ipod ils. Dd., 10s. Brokon Ifill look 2s. 9d, by Yew and Sellers quoted respectively Columbia and Smith Field is. 8d., 2b. Crown and Phoenix,-1 do. Boilers Ellon Hakius 9d. Sollet no 1 Iron Ali ditto 64d., 8d. North Glo Miro 9s. Los. No. I North ditto id., 2 d. South Glasmire and Monk land a. 2d., 5s. 7d. No. 2 Grout Eastern 3b., 8b, 10d. No. 1 South ditto cd. Fld. Buyers no. 2 Bouth ditto go. Dud. North lady Mary paid Upis. Of. Sellars North lady Mary Leasel old 8s., 8b. Cd. No. 7 South lady Mary 2s. 2d., 2b. 8d. No. 6 North Phenix is. Id is ? 10d. Wilmot extended contributing3d., 7jd, Caledonia and now zealand 4d. Of. No. 2 North Phoenix 4s, 8d. Buyers no. 4a. West Day Lawn 2b.10d., 8s. 9d. Golden Cato 11s. 6d. 12s. Of. Quoon Cross Hoof 8s., od., 10a. Queen Consoli dated 3s. Cd., is . San built 27s. Sollors new Grace Darling 2s., 2s. 2d, Brilliant and George United 9s. 8d., 10s. 4di Brilliant look contributing12s. Buyers Brilliant wore Oster and Victory United 10s., 10b. Cd. No. 2 South East Day Dawn is 2s. No. 1 East Sunburst is bd., 2s. Hidden treasure 2s, fld., 8s. Baub 10d., is 5d. Mount Bobo and Stockman 3n. 8d., a. Mark Twain 4s. 10d., 6s. 9d. Brokon Hill look 2b. 7d., 2h. 8 a Underlays ojd., 2s. Eivor treo United paid Upis., is. 3d. Ditto contributing8d., 4d. Muldia paid Upis 7s. Ditto Contri buting4s. 3d., 4b. Of. Tho manager of the broken h11 Block Silver mining company wires list june Boro 1088ft. Country bands spar and at the Fountain head Battery port Darwin some chinese Tribu tors have just crushed 85 tons Quartz for a yield of 005oz. Of Gold. It is stated that a larger Quantity of similar Stone awaits crushing. The immense yield has caused considerable Ono Stemont among the chinese who Are Locking to Tho District in Large numbers. One of the most interesting exhibits shown at a recent show at Gulong Mudgee District was a Quartz Crusher invented by or. Hazon Camp a local Miner. It is of very simple construction and can be moved easily from Placo to place. The machine is worked by Lover Power the levers being Sot in motion by turn ing a wheel. Owing to its ease of Carriage and its simplicity and hand Inesa this contrivance is calculated to to of great use to miners who wish to test a ref. By Means of this Little machine Stone can be rub Hod at once and tested with Little trouble. A correspondent of Tho Sydney mail gives an interesting account of the swamp Oak diggings situated about thirty five Miles in a South Easterly Dirco Tion from Tamworth. The Field seems to to one of extraordinary Richness. To says that in August lust Charles Mitchell and William Woods pitched their Camp on swamp Oak Creek. Thoy were Only there about a fortnight when they found Tho first payable reef on Tho held the Alpine which is Esti mated to yield about 3joz. To the ton. The storm King consists of a lease of eight acres and is one of the Best properties on the Field. The main Shaft is Down about wit., with a reef fully 18in. Thick showing Good Gold. Thero is another reef in this ground which is very Rich. As much As 4oz. 12dwt. Has been dollies from 201b. Weight of Stone. Adjoining Tho North end of the storm King is the Bising Moon of 8 afros which has been floated by a Melbourne company. The reef property is about 2ft. Wide and estimated to yield Over 5oz. To the ton. Tho next claim is the wedge a Small wedge piece Between Bising Moon and the next lease. Some really splendid Stone is being raised. The Little Tichborne consists of an 8-acre lease also and has been floated in Sydney and is now working in full swing. A trial crushing of 1 ton yielded Tho handsome return of a Little Over 20oz. Another trial crushing of 24cwt. Yielded the great return of 31oz. 12dwt. The reef on this Renine is also about 18in. Wide and is is Good As Ever. The reef on the vah Dering jew leases about 2ft. 9in. Wide showing Good Gold the Highland Mary is truly a network of reefs. There Are three Good sized reefs running parallel which Are considered payable. Bunning parallel with this lease is the Victory raising some of the Best Stone on the Field. The great Britain a being opened up considerably and Showa some Fine Stone. The reef is Over 1ft. the storm King on the South end is the storm Queen a Block claim and it is look ing very Well. Then again along further a the new year gift discovered on new year a Day last from which some really splendid Stone is being raised. The storm King line is truly a wonderful Lino of ref As there Are payable reefs working along it for fully one mile and at half. The routine flush reef is about 2ft. Wide and carrying splendid Gold. A trial Rushing of 1 ton yielded the handsome return of a dwt. The Rainbow is showing great Gold. The principal reef is about 3ft. Wide. Tha Queen of Sheba is showing payable Stone. This reef is about 15in. Wide and is running parallel with a Large Granite bar. There Are numerous other Olazima which have Ery Good shows on them but those which i have mentioned Are All really first class properties. The township Haa been Laid out and surveyed and most of the allotments have been taken up and buildings Are in course of election everywhere. The Seo rotary of the band of Hope Golt mining company Charters towers wires As follows a partial loaning up from 30g tons yielded 777oz. 12dwt. 12gr. Smelted Gold and still a Gympie correspondent wires that tha following Salos Wero made on change to night North lady Mary lid. And Loid. No. 2 South great Eastern 8d. No. 1 South Phoenix,2s. 3jd, South Gla Miro and Monk land frown 5s. 3d. Down to 5s. or. Edward Pope wires from Gympie a follows business in the share Market a quiet. Sales no. 2 South Groat Eastern 8d. Great Monk land tribute of. South Glasmire and Monk land from 5s. 4d. Down to is. Id. Crown and Pheonix 2s. 4jd. Foo. 1 South great Eastom 5s. 7d. No. 1 South Pheonix,1 2s. 4d. No. 2 great Eastern 3s. 7d. North lady Mary paid Upis. 4d. North lady Mary contributing lid. No. 7 South lady Mary 2s. 2d. North Glasmire 9s. 3d. Caledonia and now zealand 6�d. And 6d.j Phoenix Goldon Pilo i the Gympie Miner of to Day in its monthly mining summary states that very Little of " Spoo Ial note has Trau Beirod in connection with a any of Tho Minos on the Field during the Pasti \ � month. Affairs Havo Boon uniformly Dull and unfortunately the present Outlook does not inspire much Hope of any Groat improvement ins the Ira Modisto future. Tho returns Are below the average and the Calls once Moro exceed thai dividends on this too asian by Over �1900., at Presont ruling prices the estimated total value of the mines Hera is �380,788, which represents a material decrease on that for tha previous month As also that for tha corresponding month of last year. Calls Wera made in connection with thirty seven mines the total amounting to �7110 5s. Ten Minea declared dividends Tho total being �5177 19s. 4d. Dialling took Placo at Nineteen mines and from 7985 tons 17owt. Of Stone 49980h. 9dwt. 18gr. Of Gold Wero obtained. The Avo Rago yield of Gold per ton during the first five months o 1880, 1887, 1888,1889, 1890, and 1891, was Loz this year it is 14dwt, 5gr., or it let. 18gr. Less. During the Formen period the nominal Calls amounted to 45 per cent of the dividends for the latter the dividends Aro 80 por cent of the Calls. That is to say that for an Oxton ditto during the first five months of 1891 of 91 por cent of Thal average amount expended during the first five months of 1886, 1887, 1888, 1889, and 1890, Thoro has Boon Rashod 0 per cent less Stone which ,1ms contained 28 per cent less Gold Tal the ton yielded 33 por cent less Gold in All and paid 07 per cent loss in dividends j during the five months of the present a Oft a total of 37,080 tons of Stone have been crushed for a yield of 2g,850oz. Of Gold. Tile Calls have amounted to �32,440, and the dividends to �25,980. The following Aie the Fig Rob for each month january 5030 tons for8974oz. Calls �0702 dividends �4658. February g9g8 tons for 5402oz. Calls �5858 �4190. Marioh. 7697 tons for 4854oz, Calls �0210 dividend a �3750. April 9505 tons for 7022oz. Calls �0500 dividends �8224. May 7085 tons for 4998oz. Calls �7110 dividends �5158. As compared with the corresponding month of last year May shows an increase of 277 tons of Stone a door Easo of 30goz. Of Gold or of dwt. Olgr. To Tho ton a Deor Easo of �569 in Calls and a dec Caso of �5493 in dividends Hollander Wright and co., Stock and Shara brokers mom Bors Brisbane Stook Eio hango203 Queen-Street.-tadvt.1 Edwin o. Goertz Slook and share broker member of Tho Brisbane Stool Exchange 178 Quoon Stroot. Rai Vii r. J. I Price. Shar broker Gympie. A latest news from mines and Market on App ctr a v commercial telegrams. . Melbourne Jario i i buyers of what freely offer 4s. Lid., but n0 business is transacted. Holler flour has been sold at �11 5s. About 11,000 packages of Mauritius sugar medium to Good medium Whites Havo been placed at �21 10a. To �22. Fino but Rathor heavy Queensland yellows brought �19 10s. Noneo Tript Grays �17 los. To �19 103.-, Good soft Browns �15 10a. To �10 j Good Grainy Browns �14 5a. To .014 15s. , Juno 1. Mobers. Pitt son and Badgery report 21,000 shop penned to Day mostly medium and inferior Quality which wore almost unsaleable 7000 being withdrawn. Prices were lower for All qualities particularly for poorer descriptions and pros Poots for the next week Are bad. We sold nearly 8000, including Tho Warrah Rothera at 11s. 10d., Topping the Market Tho Wal Hallow Wethers 10s. Ltd. Bakers os., of. 1540 cattle carded Good Quality Woro scarce and prices very Low through out. To sold 770, including the mount Cornish Bullocks averaging �4 19s. Christian and Miller Arrow Field Bullocks �4 12s. Of. It eynolds a �4 12s. Lillyman a �4 11s. Witty combo a �4 8s. 9d. Finl ayls a &o., mining telegrams. Ebosi our own Chian runs towns june 1. The Brilliant company Havo crushed 1320 tons of Aiono for a yield of 2300oz. Gold and a dividend of 2s. Per share has been declared. The band of Hope have partially cleaned up 777oz. Gold from a crushing of 300 tons of Stone and Are still crushing. Latest sales Aro Brilliant and . George 9s. Cd. And 9�. 7d. No. 4d West Day Dawn 3d no. 7 North East Queen 8s. Go. And 8s. 5d. \ or. Clifford remarked lately in an address \ on " individualism in Christian work that " Publio work is abundant that it fills the whole vision and blocks up the principal Way to human hearts Tho Road used by god of personal sympathy and practical to holding the Mirror up to nature. Or. John Baldwin of no. G Leigh Street red lion Square London Engineer for messes. Drew and Cadman manufacturer of mirrors 247 High Holborn London writes for Many years i have been an almost constant sufferer from rheumatism in my feet and limbs. All the remedies which i tried failed to cure me until a. Friend recommended . Jacobs Oil. The contents of one bottle of this remarkable remedy reduced the swelling and removed the pain at Price 3s., of All chemists and druggists. The opinion of a Trade journal. A correspondent of a Prado journal writing front Paris says the cheap makes of american watches seam Likely to make an excellent record As Correct timekeepers i have in my Possession a Waterbury series j movement and i must a knowledge that i am astonished at the accuracy with which triese watches keep time. Tho one � carry does not vary Over Twenty seconds Par wee these timepieces Are handsomely cased and As they Are placed Apon the Market at a Price within the Roach of All there a no reason Why every working Man Aronld not have an accurate time keeper in his pocket. One of the main objections to the old Waterbury was the fact that it was Long wind but this has been overcome in series a and a Short wind pendent set movement Rabsatt.

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