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Brisbane Courier (Newspaper) - January 22, 1881, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia there will to a special general meeting to night of the Johnson Ian club for the transaction of important business. In forwarding us a copy of the Wool catalogue of the Melbourne International exhibition which we Aro informed was not issued until All Public interest in the display had died out our correspondent writes an important omission was made in the list of the Wool prices Given in my letter of the 12th instant two Champion prizes awarded to sir Samuel Wilson one for Merino Wool washed Twenty four fleece Sand the other for the most valuable Twenty four fleeces of All Breeds. No Champion prize was awarded in the Long Wool divisions. Of the Merino Champion ship i was aware when i despatched my letter and i had so recorded the award of the jury on a a separate slip of paper for enclosure with the test but the confusion of tongues amongst jurors exhibitors and officials was so great As to what other Champion prizes had been Given that i found i impossible to form an opinion As to the truth. In the morning saw that none of the Mel Bourne journals agreed with one another on the matter so that if i failed in my attempt to record facts about which there should have been no room for doubt i erred in Good company. For the first time in my life i Learned the full Force and meaning of the term Wool gathering and while incubating this experience i made up my letter without enclosing the slip on which was reported the Champion Merino our victorian correspondent writes a very stupid Blunder. In connection with the railway journey of the delegates to the inter colonial conference has Given Rise to much scandal Here. It had been arranged that a special train should leave Melbourne on wednes Day morning Early by which the representatives of South Australia Western Australia tas mania and Queensland should accompany the Premier and the attorney general of Victoria to the Murray River terminus of the \ Ictoria lines provision having been made by sir Henry Parkes for the continuation of the journey on the new South Wales lines. When the chief Secretary of Queensland the Hon. A. H. Palmer applied for tickets for himself and his Young son one for the youth was refused. An attempt has been made to fix the entire blame for this on or. Berry but it is impossible to conceive that that gentleman could be guilty of so senseless an act As to refuse to allow master Palmer to travel by the special train. If or. Berry had intended to be discourteous he might have passed the matter Over to the department where free passed Are no longer granted As a matter of course but no such intention existed. How the Blunder was made and who is respond Ible for it will probably never be known but the incident illustrates the state of terrorism which has prevailed in the departments Bince the wholesale dismissals of five months ago. Al though it must have been evident to More than one official that there had been a Blunder somewhere no one dared to rectify it on his own absolute obedience and no responsibility Are looked upon As the Only Safe course just now. However the Blunder was righted at last but not before it had become a Public scandal and both or. Palmer and Hie son were accommodated in Tho special train and safely reached Sydney. There seems to Beastrom disposition afloat in Victoria to introduce the personal Clement into every matter connected with politics and politicians and in thi3 spirit the Public have been asked to believe that or. Berry in this wretched , acted from personal malevolence with the deliberate intention of insulting or. with regard to the annoyances to whom caused by an Unac countable departmental bungle All classes of victorians feel much regret and no Little one of the liveliest debates of the Bession is says the London correspondent of the Man Chester times Likely to be that which or. Brad laugh intends to raise on the subject of perpetual pensions. The member for Northampton does not intend to impugn the system of granting pensions for services actually rendered to the state nor Doss he even ask that hereditary pen Sions should be stopped at once. All he desires is a commission of enquiry into the whole subject and it is difficult to see How any Mem Bers except those Pecunia Rily interested could refuse to support such a demand. The present system is certainly so absurd that one can hardly believe anybody would seriously defend it. Take the Case of the Dukes of Marlborough for instance. The ancestor of the family 170 years ago was granted a pension of �4000 a year for gaining a Victory at Blenheim after he had deliberately prolonged the War in order to put Money in his own pocket. For the Duke s services which would have been amply paid by a pension for his own life the nation has had to pay him and his descendants no less than �680,000. Another instance is that of sir Thomas charges and his posterity who for 20s years have been receiving �s00 a year the whole amount paid being nearly �180,000, though the services which were rendered Are quite unknown. The nation undoubtedly web a great Deal to the first Earl Nelson but now that we have paid his descendants �200,000, it May reasonably be said that the debt has been acquitted and the most generous dispenser of the Public Money could hardly deny that the services of Earl Amherst have been Well paid by the sum of �230,000, nor could he help admit Ting that Earl Rodney and hi3 heirs having received Over �170,000, ought not to be allowed to dip their hands in the National purse any longer. Or. Bradlaugh calculates that if the 3ums paid to the illegitimate sons of Charles ii. Had been invested at 3 j per cent compound interest the amount of Money realised would be More than the Gigantic total of the National debt so that we have the startling fact that we have actually paid to the posterity of one of la most scandal us monarchs that Ever sat one he English throne nearly eight Hundred million without having received a single service in return. _ the Matron of the diamantina orphanage desires to acknowledge with thanks the following presents for the use of the children from or. Liron to Wong four tins biscuits from messes. 1 inner Isles and co., one package report of the state of the benevolent Asylum Dunwich for the week ending january in is As follows la the House at last report,?i0 ? 31 females since admitted 1 male remaining 217 males 31 females total 248. I surf intend enc desires to acknowledge with ,7, of a parcel of papers for the % nites from or. Justice Pring. The government Gazette of to Day contains.? Yew notifications of Public interest. Ten the said re9ert is placed the a aus the West australian observes chinese immigrants Are of course not the most desirable class. Not in our opinion for the reasons usually Given but simply because they cannot be counted upon to add to the permanent settlers of Tho Colony. But that something must to done and done quickly to Supply the very serious and increasing dearth of labour is unquestionable. Communications reach a from All parts of Tho Colony complaining of the great Felt from the Scarcity badness and expensive Ness of labour. And Tho Scarcity is chiefly of that kind of labour which coolie immigration sup plies. Some few years ago Tho rate of wages varied according to the Daturo of the service required. Shepherds teamsters ploughman etc., received their �3 and i a month besides keep sometimes More while hut keepers Cooks and Knock about men on farms and stations could to had for very much less and were therefore plentifully employed. Now on the other hand no Man however incapable will do a hand s turn for less Thau used to to the wage for the highest grades of labour. And Well paid though he be he considers that he a conferring a favour the employer being to a great extent at the mercy of the employed who will Chuck up and swag off upon the slightest pretext. There need not we believe be any fear that the introduction of a limited number of chinese coolies to fill up gaps in the lower grades of the labour Market will injure the respectable working Man who is willing to work. There will be More Money available to pay for his employment in profitable directions when it is possible to get reasonably cheap labour for services of a different kind which Are now paid at exorbitant and ruinous while his Grace of Manchester is journeying through Australia visiting Ita least accessible regions and making himself practically acquainted with the various source of colonial wealth his Duchess is not unmindful of Tho social responsibilities devolving upon a lady whose rank and personal qualifications give her considerable influence with the political chiefs who make current history. Accord ing to the world her Grace purposes reviving a political institution that has Long been in abeyance. " it is Many years now says that Papernot indeed from the death of lady Palmerston Bince either party has had the Benefit of a political Salon. It is True the late lady Waldegrave aspired to fill the place but in comparison with the Beautiful countess of Jersey Aud of her rival contemporary the Salon in Carlton gardens could not be accounted a Success. If report Speaks True the present revival will be made under most Brilliant auspices and with every possible Prospect of Success. The Duchess of Manchester has established herself in London for the Winter and it appears intends to make her House the focus of politics Aud the place where distinguished men of All shades of politics can meet and talk Over the events. The Duchess of Manchester possesses All the qualities necessary for successfully carry ing out this idea. The Campaign was inaugurated last week by a dinner it which lord beacons Field lord Hartington lord Buneriu and lord Odo Hubbell met and were joined in the evening by a few Choice political spirit including the much abused Secretary for a successful journalist in London has the entree to most houses and the privilege of hear ing the Ordinary gossip of no abilities when they unbind Over their whisky and water in the privacy of the smoking room. Edmund Yates makes much capital out of this privilege and in the society notes under the Norn de plume Ofatlas gives Many racy Little bits of his inter course with great people. The following about the late chief Justice sir a. Cockburn is Worth reproducing there have i listened to his wonderful Story of the great Palmer trial from its commencement to its close How he then attorney general Road the notes of the Case nud of the earlier examinations and became Cou Vinced not merely of Palmer s guilt but of the manner in which the crime was carried out How he worked night and Day in studying the effects of various poisons and finally submitted himself to an examination by Friendly experts to prove to himself that he had mastered the subject How he elected to have Tho prisoner tried on Cook s Case though it was the weakest of Tho several indict Zients which to could have brought Forward feeling certain that if he failed to hang Palmer for the murder of Cook to would indubitably convict him for the murder of his wife. I remember his telling me How having been called away by his duties As attorney general to sweatm Uhter he returned to Tho old b Uley As lord Campbell was summing up and looking Down from a gallery into the court i knew Bifid to by the look of John Campbell s face that paint was a dead Man it was in connection with the Palmer trial that he told me he experienced what he considered the greatest compliment Ever paid to him. Palmer was in Tho habit As he stood in the Dock of writing instructions or suggestions to his attorney or. Smith screwing them up into Little Pellet and tossing them Over to their destination. One of these which he wrote immediately after the verdict of guilty had been pronounced by Tho jury was afterwards banded to sir Alexander Cockburn. It merely contained these words it s the Riding that has done it conveying thereby in sporting metaphor which Palmer was constantly using Tho prisoner s opinion that it was solely due to the attorney general s conduct of the Case that the verdict against him had been of concerning the Export of Frozen meat the Sydney correspondent of the insurance and banking record writes Ever and anon we find Tho Subj not of the conveyance of our surplus supplies of meat to England being brought convard. Hitherto the stumbling Block Hab apparently been the difficulty of getting shipowners to incur the expense of fit tit up their vessels with the necessary apparatus their View is certainly not an unreasonable one that the whole of the risk involved in so doing should not be placed on their shoulders. Within the last few Days a scheme has been mooted by the commander of one of the mail steamers supported by influential merchants and institutions that provided the government will undertake to give a Bonus of �10,000, namely �2000 each to the first five ships that will land not less than 500 tons each of meat in London in Good and Merchantable condition that the necessary steamers and apparatus will be immediately forthcoming. The proposal it is Baid came before the Cabinet on Friday last and is Likely to meet with favourable consideration. Its importance cannot be Over estimated and without doubt if Tho moderate sum asked for to provided by the government their action will be fully endorsed both by Parlia ment and the country at a Correl rodent of the Sydney mail writes i have been much interested in the discus Sion upon ring Barking because it explains what had appeared to me an extraordinary phenom. Non. Upon this run in the upper Bogan District there is a surface Spring in one of the creeks which in the past usually ran for about fifty Yards and filled a Small Hole. At the end of a dry summer the Spring was dry three months since i bad 2500 acres ring barked upon this Creek and although the Winter has been unusually dry the Creek is now running for nearly two Miles and has a Large body of water in it and i learn from a Neighbour that to ring barked a Small paddock during the last drought and in it a Spring broke out and ran for three Miles though nothing but Light rain fell during Tho following eighteen months. In another instance a station situated on the Murray was considered overstocked with 20,000 sheep the Timber was ring barked and now this station carries s0.000 sheep. I have observed also when travelling that ring barked country is nearly always soft and moist while adjoining timbered land is quite hard and if one is to judge of Tho evaporation from Trees by the Quantity of water which runs out of them when the bark ii Cut off it is not surprising that the Oil under them is or Tori s violin recitals. This artist made his first Public appearance in the town Hall last night. The Hearty approbation of his skill which was so frequently expressed by those present amply endorsed our previously expressed opinion in his favour. Like his predecessors Urso and Ketten Signor Orton depends entirely upon memory with no music Page to Embarrass Tho Freedom of his playing. Aided by this High advantage his performance is especially distinguished by finished expression and Many graces of delivery. Herr Siemens his accompanist is Well qualified for his special work and in some of the vocal number exhibited special Talent in this really difficult Art. I Kuiawski Sromance sans paroles followed by a Brilliant Rondino Posi Tion in the programme. Tho Romance is truly a song without words in a full Stream of Melody which issued from or Tori a splendid instrument with the pure sweetness and strength that could Only be produced by the rare Union of such a performer and instrument. Theron Dinocalled for greater manipulative skill and performed with much Grace and spirit. The quartet to of Marzorati from the famous Puritan air a the o Cara was a continuous exhibition of skill and taste which von Hearty applause to which Signor or Tori responded by the quiet playing of the old folks at it remained for the characteristic sketches of the Weirdzin Gari niu3�c, and the Frolicsomeimps dance to create the greatest admiration. Arasato a Zin Gari airs composed by that talented violinist who has acquired such Fame in the old and new worlds Aro full of of treatment As Well As of subject and their rendering last night was a surprising exhibition of skill. It is sufficient to say that Sara Oate has evidently written this quaint and extraordinary music for Nono but violinists of the highest order of Talent. The abounding difficulties of theimps dance of Bazzini were undertaken with Confidence and rendered with o ise and the spirited performance of a Spanishalso do concert following As encore appropriately concluded Signor or Tori a Clever exhibition of Power and ease in Tho management of that ordinarily intractable instrument the violin. Three Well known Brisbane vocalists agreeably completed the programme. The two Sweet ballads by miss at Kinau Wero artistically Sung and Well received. This Young lady is still adding full Esb of tone to her fresh and most pleasing voice and the infrequency of her Public appearances is to to regretted. Or. J. Cane who waa in sex collect voice waa equally successful in two Well chosen songs thedrinking song Fromlurline and Lambilotte s melodious ave Jhiria another Well known , or. Deigan was entrusted with Hatton s most pleasing Balladmy boyhood s Dreamand Thirlwall s Recita Tive Songthus goos the world around Aud rendered both with much steadiness and taste. Or. Atkinson undertook part of the accompanist s work. Monday evening is fixed for the second of these exhibitions of or Tori s wonderful skill. Municipal i sections. Tue following nominations in connection with the annual municipal elections had been received by Tho returning officer Alderman Porter up to 4 o clock Yea Torday afternoon East Whitn Hon w Pettig Civ m l a nominated by messes j 1� Dickson j Petrie d l Broil a e b Souther Don l Cusick a Ai Cher w Williams and g Rall i j Walters plumber Charlotte Street nominated by m sir i j Jickain j a Phillips w Lloyd l s Cohen 1 b Tori eat g horns 1 h hut mud i Donkin Wist a vivid or w Thorne Printer nominated by messes t Kelk s Kije m Rigby j t Snow c Hotelier r e Jirau and j Lous or r s w Irry grocer nominated by messes j Burns g e a looks v Cia Foid d p Milne n w Ravon j s Maura jul and lot handle North word or b Babbidge Blacksmith Noil suited by messes j r Palmer i Wakefield c Reese j f Buckland a Shaw 1 fairy w Webb w j i Cooksley and others or Jamo Teofle contractor nominated by messes w Halloran j b poner m Orouike p a Butler d Kelly l Cusack and j h loin son South quid air r c Payne Baker nominated by messes d Sinclair d Costigan f Ivin Sela & Booth j Toppin a j hooking and w m m Bride King Noo Point Waud or j Sinclair Engineer nominated by me bars w Thompson j m Dounell Jas Durac a d Batch a Peters and j Clements a Lily Waud. Or j d heal Butleman nominated by messes e b Forrest j d comp Bill r l Warry j Petrie e u Drury j Blanc and j w Sutton the official declaration of the nominations will Tako place at noon to Day railway traffic earnings. Tue following table shows the Tiafilo earnings of the Queensland railways for the week end ing january 15, 1881, giving also the increase or decrease As compared with the Corie Pond ing week of 1870 Souther Ain or stuns Ichii was week ended fire Gooda Aud Stock Par a 1 total . 8j � � i 023 15 2 93. 3 3 s a "1ss it i 30s7 � 10 � s a s d h8 13 s 3501 0 0 77 i 11,4718 11 0 increase decre Aeo 30 8 11108 o 3 in 0 _ l217 0 0 total Eia Filc to Dato 1831 jc11100 7 0 decrease upon corresponding period 1880 1 381 12 4 can Tiki Kail waa. I 81 208 110jan. In 80 203 10 6 � s 13.1 0 1030 15 total Trifilo to Date 1881 incr aae upon correspond my Enod 1880 Folly head Tai Luvay total Rallio to Dato Issi the police magistrate at Normanton or b c m Roarty has telegraphed the following statement to the under colonial Secretary dated january 19 a Constable who arrived Here last night reports having travelled with sub inspector Dyas from Georgetown on his Way to Normanton on thursday night they camped about forty Miles from Normanton on the Fol lowing morning the Constable went out to look for the horses on returning to Camp to found that or Dyas had left As he supposed also to look after the horses the Constable not being acquainted with the Bush remained m Camp until sunday morning when there being no signs of Dyas s Roturna to started for Normanton on hearing the constables report sub inspector Lamond and some troopers at once left to search for the miss ing Man grave fears Are entertained of his having fallen in with the Blacks who have been seen in Large numbers in that locality the acting commissioner of police has also received telegrams on the subject from sub inspector Lamond Creen Creek which Are As follow have got upon or Dyas s track North East of his Camp they Are much obliterated by a thunderstorm and it is hardly possible to follow the track in some places i will pull him on thursday night to night if possible the thunderstorm will give him water and Asho has a gun and cartridges with which to shoot food i a confident i Hall find him All right City police court. Friday january 21. Bei Ore the police magistrate and other justices of the peace several drunkards were dealt with by Fino or imprisonment Discoid no conduct Eliza Colvin for behaving in a disorderly Nannt was fined �2, with the alternative of forty eight hours m Tho cells Indro ent la Nouane Nina Montgomery for using indecent 1 i Guage in a Public Street w is fined i5, Oren default of payment three Mouths imprisonment in Tho Toowoomba gaol William b Boliau was charged with having no lawful Means of support he was found guilty and sentenced to is months Impi Sodmont with hard labour Len ctn Jeau Lafo to was brought up on remind changed with lining stolen a Bolt belonging to i settler at new filed Gaia and also with having Lasi Ultch detective Soth Escote inspector Lewis appealed for the proses Tiou and mrs a Wick instructed by or i Orris appealed for the prisoner Lus Pector Lewis stated that an of Cul had Como from new Cale Dom i for the purpose of identifying the or Souer but had filled Todo so and under the Circum stances he could not ask the Bench for a further remand or Swanwick thou asked that the prisoner should to discharged or e b Forrest vice Consul in Brisbane for Prince said that he Lind been m communication with the Authon ties in s Ines and had assert Nudd that there was no Prospect of getting the papers referred to before a Mouth when there would be another witness hero from now c Ledonn under the circumstances he did not feel disposed to ask for another remand but would suggest that the prisoner was made aware that a witness and papera were expected shortly which might Havo a salutary inure no on his future movements these matters were interpreted to the prisoner who was disc hued James Morrison pleaded guilty to the Chargo of behaving in a disorderly manner in Chi lotto Stree by fighting and Shou Tuil he pleaded guilty Aud was fixed �2, or forty eight hours Imperia oiment in default he pleaded not guilty to i charge of ass cult aug the police Constable Glancy gave evidence to the effect that about 7 15 pin on thursday to arrested one John starch on a charge of Dis orderly conduct in Charlotte Street Whilo he had this Man in his custody prisoner mor Rison Carno up and truck him Glancy with his list and with the assist Tuce of others rescued his prisoner Morrison was the first person who assaulted him Aud commenced the Row that afterwards took place other Erous assaulted witness and he was badly Bate Constable Jessop w a the first to come to his assist inc with Job had to be taken to Tho doctor m a lib m consequence of the injuries to received Henry Beesley stated that he saw prisoner Morrison assist la rescuing starch Aud also assault Constable Glancy twice prisoner Morrison was Tho Leader of the gang and waa inciting a crowd to interfere with the police and Rescue Tho prisoner starch prisoner was sentenced to one Mouths imprisonment with Hird labour for this of Euco to was further charged with wilfully destroying police uniform the uniform destroyed was the jacket of const Ible Glancy Aud was torn almost into shreds Tor this offence he was sentenced to one months imprisonment with hard labour the same prisoner pleaded guilty to the Chargo of rescuing a prisoner from the Legal custody of the police and was for this often co fined �5, to be recovered by a Lovy and distress or one Mouths imprisonment a fifth Chargo was preferred against him namely that of assaulting Constable Daly he pleaded guilty to this charge Lus Pector Lewis stated that the const ble had been struck on the Mouth and bitten on the thumb to severely that he had to go to a chemist and Havo it dressed prisoner for this Olleno was sentenced to one Mouth a imprisonment with hard labour j Ulm starch pleaded guilty to the charge of be h Wing in a disorderly manner la Charlotte Street Aud was fined �2, or forty eight hours imprison meet m default he also pleaded guilty to having used obscene language and was fined �5 of three months imprisonment in default sus in Hegarty was charged with behaving in a riotous and disorderly manner in Chai lotto Street const Ible Glancy deposed that about a quit i to 7 o clock on Ali Friday eve Mug he had m m custody in Charlotte Street about a dozen portions interfered with him and rescued the prisoner accused who was in Tho crowd threw a Stone about the size of his fist at Hun san King Lum on the he id and Felling him to Tho ground Constable Jessop Bald he Carno to Limey s iss Istance and heard the accused say Well give it to the Don t let Tho Pri Boner go t Ike him away there s enough of you Here she was Scuto Recd to six Mouths in prison meet with hard 1 Bour Morris Dempsey pleaded guilty to the Chargo of rescuing a Pri Souer from the police us Vas fined of or in default of payment one Mouths imprison meet with Haid labour he was further changed with assaulting Constable Glancy who stated that while he Hud starch in Cus Tolj Dempsey came up and struck him of the neck with his fist James a Brown stated thit Lesiw the ii Mioner throw a Broue at Tho police As Hie As his fist the missile passed Over the shoulders of Glancy and Constable Daly who was assist aug the former and had it stick either of them the result might have proved fat ii is the blow must in either cabe have been struck on Tho Back of Tho head the accused was not More than two or three Yards Oil the Polico when i threw Tho Stout this happened when assist Ance had been go Glancy showed great Pluck he wis thrown backwards on the ground and about six roughs got on him and brutally ill treated him Dempsey was sentenced to one months imprisonment with hard labour for this offence Thomas Mathers for disorderly conduct waa fined �2, with Tho Usu ii alternative he pleaded not guilty to the charge of assaulting the police Constable Jessop gave evidence to Tho effect that the accused stick Constable Glancy several times about Tho head also pushed witness Down and while he was on the ground kicked him on the Bac prisoner also shouted to the crowd to come and assist him prisoner waa sentenced to Ono month s imprisonment with hard labour Hugh i Intyre was charged with assault ing the police he pleaded guilty in Spector Lewis stated that the prisoner who was in the crowd along with the others was one of Tho worst Larrikin in Brisbane. He had already been convicted five times for Petty misdemeanours prisoner was sentenced to one month s imprisonment with hard labour the Fine prisoner pleaded guilty to the Chargo of inciting a crowd to Rescue a prisoner from the police and was fied i or one month a in prison nifty with hard labour Benjamin Howard who pleaded guilty to similar charges was dealt with in the lame manner Jam ii Currie for assisting the Rescue Tho prisoner starch was fined or Iota Yeeu Days imprisonment m default James a youth who has already been convicted four 1wnb for Petty Mirde Meau Oure was fined �5 of erne month s a prison ment with hard labour for noting a crowd to Rescue a prisoner William charged with assaulting the police was remane.1 to Day saturday John Williams was cd sea Meta assaulting the police Constable m dem Ott a that to was assisting Constable Glancy on la Ltd Day evening was assaulted from behind Anc knocked Down several times ultimately had Totake Refuge in m Tufts hotel is nov Sufler ing from Tho effects of the ill treatment had a certificate from or Hobbs to the effect that he was unfit for duty from the injuries Hoad received Constable Glancy saw prisoner trip the last witness and cause him to fall Sev eral times prisoner who wished to Call evidence in defence was remanded till the following this morning the police magistrate stated that a this was the last of the Larrikin cases it was a fit time Foi him to speak m very High terms of the conduct of the police who had conducted them selves admirably throughout the fray Al thought they had Boon mo3t brutally ill treated he trusted that the sentences passed on those men that morning would be a Robson for them and for other if not he hoped that next Bession the legislature would give him Power to order a thrashing for boys and a flogging for men of the Larrikin Type arson Thomas Quinn a. Brought up charged with having felonious by and malicious lyse fire to the premises lately burned Down at Petrie s Bighi the evidence of the apprehend ing Constable was taken after which the prisoner Wai remanded till wednesday nest Bau was refused attempt in sur Crar James 3tewa-t was charged with having attempted to commit am olde on thursday afternoon Semor sergeant Owens prosecuted three witnesses were examined and from their evidence it appeared that Patrick Colly while on in Victoria Bridge about 4 o clock on the Day in question heard a splash m the water and looking Clown saw prisoner swimming in the River with Law clothes on Hov is shortly Aftena Arila re3ciiour die tors Lim Tim Sitiar i Tiou of Leco Diug Iino Lior Sucec Soful Peno of thu it Iii Iii a nil lira Dunne Trio Pett Hilly or our Diro tora Havo taken Over Tho que Oil uni Humeas of Tho Colum ii Mutual Tiibi Niico coins in i Imit i Tonico 1 est poit a of ii it the agouti of a o Beon i Apete 1 amusement Hiu b in undo for quotations of Tho compan s hired in he Sydney Stock lists there Aro to claims Foi Voltich provision a Lalu in thu Iii out Deamud Forward thu b ii inn of Prout my loss amounting to �3743 is Oil it is Proiko 1 to ppr Printu us Collona Hillend it Rit if 10 a cont. �j15 8 0 to �7 8 0 i Tot i �3 74.1 8 5 i his a la says. Hammil and ass s do 1ss1 to Paul up capital. �13,90s 0 0 Kosove fluid 11,600 0 0 Uncle Liuio dividends 110 1 � -�23,5.7 1 0 Bilanow. A 74a s s �12,300 9 11 a 1ss1 by Cash on hand �3 19 0 Austi ill in joint Stock 4.sss 10 3i. 4.s17 l8 0 Olleo Furini Liiro. Iso 0 0 comp my s promises 0,202 5 0 0,421 11 0 debts duo to Tho Cornil my ?108 10 4 and Ance on Nisi to Igo. 13,4 0 0 0 1 ipod Deposit 7,172 0 10 20,022 9 10 �32,300 0 11 Piso it and account do 18.1 to commissions a Sci Chu Goa Junta �525 s 2 silliness directory tul auditors foes 591 1 0 a Anuial chair is. 810 15 4 �1130 s 0 re instil caucus. 008 7 0 1 no and old elite losses 2008 3 8 3743 8 5 cd 1 lbs v by 3 Iraneo from last Liaf Jean Tiro mid fld Olit pie ii Nunia. �4011 10 5 interest louts pc. 934 13 7 6010 13 0 �7010 7 j Gil hum Nivon see rotary to hoi of certify tint Tho accounts and con Puiul thin Ith Tho books a onelious Nul Neeti Ritina of the Queensland Musur Adieu Coni Pui limited i o find Trio Buovo b ii Meo Uliet Emir out Liomin ii jims ."., r l Waii Sumii a auditors january 11, 1831 the cd Vihman in moving the adoption of the report said me aha that the company continued to hold Nso in Agugust the a Verso influence of Low rates caused by a ins to oui petition who doctors h id Toiv Vei bread flatly addressed themselves to v careful subdivision of risks the rejection of doubtful business and the Refus in of absurdly Low r inca and in this Way had Maint used their i oud Lac Mode of con ducting had Retener itch from fair rivalry to i scramble which vis not credit Able at Best Mil often dishonest file profits of the companies Hil now to to share with Sharks of All kinds dem Miling commissions this in Cuenco h Wing Reie hed the Young clerks transacting then employee s business and he be ired there Wero cases in w Inch the servants of the offices Thouis Clvis Wero not free from the taint the management of a uis Iauco co n Pany waa no be 1 of roses and us for the chair Manship he would to willing to consign his enemy to Bix Mouths of it is a weighty punishment he would say one word on the fires of Tho period to Bol by asserted his belief that for one fire the result of inc ident Thero had been 1 Italy three which Wero the v Ork of scoundrels and that offices Hud paid claims and had claims to pay where Thero was no Moi ii doubt that the company was Berne robbed it was compre he Siblo to Lum that the unreasoning jealousy of the offices prevented thou combining even for the righteous o Jet of detecting Aud punish ing fraud and Rendel ing the fire stick a Mastru Mont of terror to the user instead of Tho source of who Lobalzo profit it was now he was sure that the of Licos Wero far too Ficile in settling claims he Boh Evod that every fire should to the subject of Onciu iry and in Case of doubt obstacles should be thrown in Tho Way of Settle ment this however could Only be effectively done by Tho of Iees associating for the purpose of punishing or resisting fraudulent claims and to was satisfied that their would be a in asked decrease in Tho number of fires to understood that some shareholders objected to the Tito ment of accounts but Tho directors would be Happy to offer any explanation or j Gutu Iilah seconded the adoption of Tho report in Union reply to a question asked by or j o hour stated with Robard to Tho claim Mado by Tho Neil zealand insurance com Pany in respect to d image Dono to their building by fire that the Queensland company com promised the matter by paying them �350 As it turned out Thoy should not Havo done this but the directors did what they considered Best Tho time unfortunately by failing to give the a out i British insurance company notice pre Vious to he settlement Tho Queensland company had under a x a i ment enter 1 into with them to pay half the c 8ts of to action tried in Tho supreme court thin Cost the company Onie �500 or �000 the inspector of the new Zea land company when on Tho Evo of leaving Bris Bane pressed for a settlement at once and the directors no doubt made a mistake i l agreeing to the proposal immediately the motion was put and passed. A vote of thanks to the chairman term Init it the proceedings tue Follo iving return kindly supplied to Tho bulletin by or. F. J. Byerley shows the amount of traffic on the Fitzroy Bridge Rockhampton Between the hours of c . And 12 . On saturday last foot passengers 2023 horsemen 1c2 led horses 10 Spring carts 44 busses 22 buggies and other vehicles with one horse 48 buggies and vehicles with two horses 10 drays with one horse 30 drays with two horses 47 Dray with three horses 1. The return Speaks for itself and ahow3 what a great Boon the Bridge must prove to the general Public. The Church of England general fund. To the editor of Thi Bimbane co Mim. Bin he Serenco has from time to time been made in your so hunks to the generous oif i made by Bishop Hale on behalf of the Church of lug land general fund Lins fund which is Tho oui Ono at the Bishops disposal to enable Hui to bring Colci Hymen to Tho diocese and to carry on Church government generally has become Over Ili Irvn to Tho extent of newly �1100 a full Stato Lieut of Tho Eise setting Forth the causes of Tho overdraft a was sovino months Eineo prep Rod by the diocese in Council Tho governing body of the Church Ami published for general information in most of the pipers in Tho Colony with an Earnest at peal to Church members for subscriptions m Aid of the fund who Les Ponso to this Appeal not having been altogether statist Victory a Tia Vollme stc7ctaiy i George admin was in december last appointed to make a personal canvass Audito collect on behalf of Tho fund and Asau incentive i presume to those who h id the menus of giving to opon their Purso Stulgs Bishop Hale nil ionised or Adams to ounce slut it within one Mouth from that Dato Tho l the december the sum of �700 Ono half the debt Shouel be Conti ibo Ted Iii sums of not loss than �50 Eich by Church members Tow arils Tho liquidation of Tho debt to Tho Lis hop would out of his own in Vito mens cont Buto the other half 1 Hanks to Tho Libei Lity of certain res louts on the d hug do us and to us Arthur k in indy and a gentle in in residing not f u from Develin 1, and i May add to mid Lins s earnestness an 1 judgment the required amount his been i o Nii cd up to with �100-that is to Sty two subscriptions of �50 Cich ire needed to Nibuo up the �700 Miciu Tutic the Pend Dunne Inch the Bishops Oller was open i is expired but � am advised by his lordship tint to his con belted to a of Tosiou of fourteen i s from Tho Dite orig dually mule 1 if by that Tuno tin 29th instant the full Imo Init is not collected he will understand thit his Oller a decline 1, and Tho matter will be at a end i have Felt justified is tli3 Tri tourer f Synod Consile nug Tho great importance of thu subject to Lombera of the Church of 1 ugh Iid resident in Brisbane to Placo the m Itter frankly before them in the Hopo Tunit Toiuo one or Moro of our number May be found Ablo and willing to assist the Church in the present emergency we All i no sure regret the it oct Misiou has Anson to so greatly Tat Tho Bishop h Gencur Misity and View his lordship s contribution is a loan to to hereafter re pud if possible but the Oft r having Boen made and Thero being Appi Dontly i no other Presont Way out of our Difili culters it will be a bad reproach Slio Ull web Niblo to claim Ita fulfilment yours pc. L g Drew Hon. Treasurer of Synod. To Wong january 21. Primitive methodist immigration. Till following is the Lott a referred to in our leading Columnstoqueensland dear sir kindly excuse the Liberty i Tiko in addressing you but i behave you Aro the oldest primitive methodist Mim Stei in Queens land and ther foie will to thu most Likely to give to Tho information i desire. " quite recently 1 read a letter in Tho i uni fit methodist from a or Allen of Queens land be King highly of the Colony mid i should like m Tho first place his coi Rob Oratius cannot. without Iho Iii Tion be adopted by y or loony m my of our Church Inonu Berzenny its ugly become Isol itch Aro often lost to us As a if nut lost to the Chut of Altoga thai 1 do it Seo Why Tiloso who will to go to Tim same put should not go together and if pois Siulc keep tooth i you will know that May of of members in Trio country places Here ire just the men you in Jimino Over Thero is your Limata Sucha you Coul 1 recommend for a englishman � what do you think your government would Oller to say 100 or More families l Riun tic methodists Wishful to Settle together each Nganoi head of Tho f Milly to Boa Church a Guibor and to i Ive had at Loist Livo Toaia practical acquaintance with firm work in this country such family to take up 10 acres do you think your government would give Thom a free passage from Heio to seat of Colony also one Yeal s provisions with seeds and Necea Sites to produce Tho first crop also a Crint of two Square Miles of land in Contro of e irony Foi bite of town would your government pay in the first i ice tile expenses of two Delikate from Hetio to select Tholos Tiou and examine Tim land and Leco Nicoud that which they Hud seen or if not one Dole Ito from Hore along Vith a resident Primitivo methodist in the col my provided Olivay tint Over y item of along with the government i Ici i f 1 Mil shill to repaid to the government by c i ii yearly instalment extending Over not Moio than ton years ibis would Holp our Piont members Aud would with the Velior Foi men of Capit ii would to auro to join f submit that a few thousand pounds expended m this Way would be a Sifo and Profiti Blo investment for your government to Mako and would it the Samo Timo help a Bitch of worthy men 1 lion look at Tho advantage of such a Colony to the Church Lioy would not Only Bonillo to support their own Munster but also Render help to support other Sand ii few such colonies would Rourl or Aid from the missionary fund it lungs unnecessary and your stations appearing in the i a tue Asono wanted would to Well supplied with Ministersif Tho Primitivo methodists of Queensland Aro prepared to Tike up this Sill acct and whys would not the Church take no the bit beet of emigration i Durst guarantee that Tho Schomo can to carried out at this und i am vory anxious to Bee Tho Colony Bystrom of emigration take Tho Placo of the Presont isolated Bystrom by which Many Aro deterred for Rai leaving Home otherwise just the men for Tho colonies i have written the above rather hurriedly As the mini goes out this morning i should to glad of your Vicius on Tho above along with or Alton s if Tho rope sen Tatevos at the District meeting of january 8, 1881, could unitedly cipro is an opinion As to Tho suitable Ness of Queensland a in emigration Field and Loam from Tho Mistor of emigration what could to Dono if a Colony or number of Primitivo methodists As above could to found willing to Como i Bull be vory glad to do All in my Power to promote the scheme at this end my plan of immigration without isolation Bui Tible to Tho prune land of Canida and the states is sketched below you will Seo that Wiir farmsteads Aro together with roads Between and township in control a i i _ nor Osontos roads. T township. Kach Block rep Csont a farm of 100 Acrish Anil Orr your blocks represents a Square Milo of land. " in Queensland i presume the Moat suitable location would to on the Banks of a River each farm having a half Milo frontage to River and two Miles deep. T sch would give 100 Quaro Miles and from Centre oct no Bat is the place reserved for the Tonto the ii Lff of Tho j Colony up and Down the River would be about twelve or thirteen Miles. As population gives value to land the lands behind Tho River would soon become valuable. Agriculture in this country is still depressed. Trado is a Little better re air now hut i Don t think it will be permanent. Many Aro emigrating to Canada which is too cold in my opinion but the government of Canada Aro continually bending out delegates from different districts and on their return Home these delegates lecture on what they have seen. The land is of excellent Quality All agree but there Ero drawbacks. Hoping to hear from you i am dear air yours truly Vav. K. Bgotlaxdvictoria. From our own correspondent Melbourne january 15 a Raster have been enjoying their holidays and the political element in our composition has been hushed for the past three weeks signs of More Active life Are now showing themselves the commissioners of customs and Public works and the minister of education Are paying a series of political visits to the ports of the Southern coast where Thoy Are being enter tamed to their hearts Conten the minister for hallways is Lakine a Progress m the West while the Premier and the attorney general or Lerry Aud or Vale ire at a Adnoy attending the inter colonial conference ministers and the ministerial press Are not a Little jubilant Over the evidences of pros Ponty which the customary statistics made up at Tho close of the year is so present the yield of Gold was 82.,o07o/, Aga 73.17o/ for 1879, and the moan number of miners employed w us 3t 0j3 for the later against 37,195 for the earlier Pend showing an increase m the production of 67, 0ozand in employment of a average of � i Minera who Revenue let urus show in Luci Eiso on the Quarter of �102 518, ind on the year of �292,391 exports increased by �3,000 000 during the year and imports fell no by �800 000 in addition to these facts it a noted that Avo Aro now Gathe nug in a fairly Good if not an Abund it Harvest greatly exceeding Tho average of the Hist three year that Money is plentiful and cheap and that Theneui Loyel a it Tiou has completely died out its Prou Lotcia having found Moro profitable scope for their energies in Tho in my Fields for Indus trill of up Tiou which Havo been opened up throughout Tho Colony Hie credit of such a condition of Alfurs when it occurs is Al Vays claimed by the ministry of Tho Day and or Berry and he supporters Are a Irr aute 1 by precedent m appropriating to themselves the Merit of having brought tins state of things about that is what they ire doing at the present moment it m by to that some of the signs of Tho times the cheapness of Money and the rapid Mercaso in exports for mat Ince a j not admit of All Tho f Ivo Ruble constructions that ajesm it to to built on the but there combo u doubt about Tho yield of Tho Harvest Nenci Illy being Good about Tho marked revival which is taking place in mining and about the disappearance to the unemployed from thu fronts of our Public buildings Phebe latter Aro genuine indications of a Turu of the tide upon which Tho country m in honestly Cong Ratul to itself but although politics hive Becu at a discount with the go ueral Public it is Felt tint there Viu a a reaction when reassembles m 1 february it is confidently predicted that or Berry will not to Able to my his followers be Lund Lum in close order on the Lefoi m question his Bill is far too its character f r a Largo Section of the ii dial Pirty Nul m its present shape it fills to rec i mend it self to the support of Tho Lei leis of thu or posit m Ono Gre it stumbling Block in the Way of comp miso is the proposed division if the upper House into single constituencies and the adoption of the ratepayers Roll As the basis of the franchise but As both sides Are agreed us to the necessity of dividing the provinces into smaller electorates and of Oxton Diug the Frau Cluro very considerably it is hoped that i comp uhf in in bring together tit mod Orite men from both sides of the speaker to the settlement for a decide at least of this burning question which has so Long stood in the Vav in of tract Iii legislation of Cou Iao this pm Only to brought about by Adisi Upton of present parties Mil Tho form ingot a coalition Strong enough to cd i y thy House and thu Conn to y Ranchau attempt will be made Wuhsu next or Berry o 1 test Lefoi in Bill is under did u Sion and Soma Honor ibo Iii Bucis convince 1 of the damaging character of the politic ii by Titi which Reu Eleice the last two parliaments to Barren of n suits to enthusiastic enough to Hopo for its Bucenes 1 ept the it Tho commissioner of h in Wijs in Firmi of moderation t i Holu Liy i Dimenco it Girj Sling the other Day and tint Tho minister of Public instruction f 1 in vol suit nothing has to inspired during tie recess t indicate Tho feeling of the Yovor quient in tins mutter in writing above of the disappearance of theunemployed from oin streets i lost sight of one hoc Tiou of Tho Community coming in 1er that design Tiou thit has been sadly on the in Reiso Dunn the hat few months the superannuated government official at very Tuin one runs a Mist Hue vigorous specimens of Able bodied Mon who Havo been thrown on Tho world because they Havo reached the ago of go Jowais Tho late Crown solicitor or guru or and Tho late go Vur quient Pant i i 1 Ile two prominent in livid ils kno in to Many colonists in All Pai is of Australia May be taken As Rop Asonta Tives of this c1 Las they and a do n others whom one meets d uly of our s w in from Tho Mai Luvay Stilton to Tho Post Ofhie 1 Okas if they hid yet ten j oin of Good honest Vav Oik in Thom yet they Havo been pensioned and Turne 1 Adi Ift in the name of let Kuchment it a Cost to Tho country in the a Gigato of something enormous per annul it Eloes not re Juno n very extensive per Nib lotion to bring Ono in Contact with a such client number of gentlemen of thib class to Mako up a total of �5000 a year taken out of Tho pockets of the taxpayers without my Lei lira whatever being asked for or out quod one May Well Assvaliero a the Economy of this that the overgrown government dept Tinetta Ivan Ted i judicious application of the pruning knife is now admitted on All hands and a Fin measure of credit is duo to the Beny ministry for the courage Thoy have exhibited in carrying out a most thank lbs and diff Chilt Tusk but there c m to no real saving to Tho feta to m this lopping Oil of expo nonce hands whom practice has made per feet in thou of Hech Theio Aro men of 40 years left behind who could much Moro readily to spared without being missed a great want of judgment has Beau shown in Tho process of cutting Down Many a younger offshoot which has been passed Over Isa Sci o cum Borci of Tho ground compared to older branches which have been ruthlessly struck off while in Tho act of contributing life ind Shade to Tho Parent Stem when recent retrenchments Aie summed up in a sch Odulo of Tho Revenue statement and a sum Tot ii of the pontions forced upon the capable superannuated is Sot Downin Plain figures As Tho Draper say it will give the taxpayer a Start or i am very much mistaken it would shake Tho Faith of Tho great democratic majority in their present idols if the truth wore told them in Plain Lonj Juh by tholiberal press the Only hour co of information and inspiration they Ever fill in with they will Liston to nothing from the platform which their wire pullers warn thera Toboo boo Hie Hereford is a total wreck and the cargo is now being washed ashore All Tho passengers some fifty in number Wero brought to Geelong in special coaches put on by Cobb and co and their effects Aro All saved though saturated with seawater As Liis will to made a matter of judicial our airy it a to be hoped that the attention of the investigators May to director to the evidence which May be prod to a l0 Luo duo , us Corveu by the officers or neglected by them in approach ing the difficulties of coast navigation it would almost appear from the narratives of recent wrecks thattaking soundings has become obsolete is a practice in the mercantile Marine of modern times the Noi them Standard love Neville writes a Largo Alligator stated to be 20ft Long has been been for several Days past in the Vicinity of i the lower ferry across Ross Creek and on Satur Day evening last As the ferryman waa sitting in his i jut he perceived a dog swimming m the Creek when the Jeo St suddenly Rose from the Depths of Lions tree and dog who after a desperate struggle escape Vij the land but waa to crippled from the injuries that he had to he on the Beach and a woman who seemed to Bobia owner went up to Lum in order to Seo what was the extent of the injuries to had received she had hardly taken the animal up than the Alligator ascended and took the dog away from her again descending with it into he native element this amphibious being was been twice yesterday about Tho same place and several persons inform us that his size is not in the least exaggerated his Appo Orance m that locality put a set on Tho swimming race which was to Como off across bos3 Creek very close to the place m which to has been repeatedly seen no one apparently caring to meet his Alligator ship in his own element

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