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Brisbane Courier (Newspaper) - January 22, 1881, Brisbane, Queensland National Library of Australia lie advert urls of Helby tool Ger. Written for the queenslander by ? posterity to Init Ito but an example Ido not a . Junius letter x11. L0ueter Paetl-vh4pm,l Ami Lily Vou Batter Reck the � than even did the adviser. By .5 i Unis lord Bach says that co pleasure is comparable to the standing on the Vantage around of truth which is just what the writer of this veritable history claims to do every event recorded in these pages has actually happened either to personal friends or persons Well known o the writer the name alone being fictitious. What s in a name ? certes the name was not riven to him at the baptismal font if to was there to never i collected the fact and none of his ancestors for to had ancestors had Ever borne Bleb a appellation. Nor is the name manufactured for the Ronco it was his just As much As his Peculiar patronymic which it is needless to introduce Here. Suffice it to say that be acquired the name at the school which he we will not say frequented for his absences whenever to could make a excuse were frequent but at which he attended and was acquired in quite a accidental manner. He was known far and wide better by it than the Jia Uirl he could legally claim whether his school Fellows saw some hidden fitness in the Nanio or not we do not know. Booger As he will be known for the future vva3 a Stout Burly lad about 4ft. Loin. At the time this Story opens with Light Brown hair eyes of a indistinct Hue generally called cat s eyes a Good set of Masti actors and his years As the French say he had seventeen years of age. H�3 father had been a Soldier Brave and bad retired on his laurels and half pay which was just genteel starvation. Booger however did not inherit the martial taste of his sire and when he Lett the local school the old Man was unable to push him in the world. Having paid pretty highly for his son s education he of course concluded it had been As Good a one As he could give Bim but he b. Would have Cut a sorry figure in Competition with scholars from our primary schools. Now he entered the service of an apothecary of the town who by transposing his name was familiarly called standup straight or shortly old Booger used to say he was straight in his name and narrow in his ways in the commissariat line. Still Booger grew and thrived and was familiarly known a3 the Young doctor by the old women and boys who did not know any better poor things than to an apothecary a doctor Aud in the capacity of Young Geu Lemau assistant As in these Days he would be designated he was occupied one morning in the arduous and necessary occupation of dusting up and getting things " ship shape As he called it for dwelling i a seaport town he had imbibed the usual Quantity of Slang a Theu an old wound who followed the occupation of nurse and in that capacity had been instrumental in ushering into existence sundry additions to the population and also performing the last offices for those who were taking their departure for the unknown Laud whence Thero is no return rushed into the shop Aud saluted him thus Arrah Young doctor for the love of the saiut3 give me something for a poor Mau that s taken very bad Down the Street Here where is he said Booger assuming an important look in As near an imitation of his Boss As he could. " what is the matter with Bim " of Sorra a one o me knows there s some thing the matter void his Booger held a consultation resolved himself into a committee of the whole for a few moments so to the advisability of calling the head of Tho establishment but us it was a cold morning and still Early a Little after 0-Aud As the amiable individual rejoicing in the name of straight was of an irascible Turu of mind and not accustomed to hesitate As to the nature of the first missile that came to his hand on occasions he decided to act in accordance with the proverb " lot sleep ing dogs lie which happily expressed his private sentiments towards the head of the establish ment and proceeded to act on his own Hook. He was in great doubt As to what to should pre scribe As the state agent of Tho person s ailments was somewhat vague also there was an uncertainty about the recompense being forthcoming. He dared not leave the premises to visit the sufferer but having drawn from mrs. Cook that the Mau was endow voting to get rid of something which was annoying him it equally his Eye lit on the tartar erotic and he forthwith provided Mary with a dose with strict injunctions As to the manner of administering it and resuming his work presently forgot the occurrence. In due time the master his appearance in a gorgeous dressing gown and Betook himself to his desk to write and there was silence save the scratching of his pen for some time Booger knowing from old experience that until the lion had been fed he was to say the least dangerous the silence was broken at length by the Advent of a Small crowd of boys and girls and Mon at the head of whom was Mary with something held in her apron with both bands and a run Piug file of ejaculations commenced " glory be to god " Jim did you Seo it " what is it like Mary " o praises Kitty is it alive and so Forth. Straight looked up. " William Seo what these people want said he. No Booner had Booger opened the half door of the shop than he Felt what he could Only Ima Gine to be the paws of a Bear about his neck almost strangling him while the owner of the paws poured Forth a string of thanks and praises in Irish which As far As Booger s understanding was concerned might As Well have been bad hebrew or worse greek. " what the Dickins is Tho matter with you an answer came from the crowd mrs. Cook sir Mary Cook doctor she has it. " has what roared Booger. " of the thing your honour the Baste. Show it to his honour the crowd were making such a Row half a dozen speaking together that Booger thought his wits were going. Old straight s voice re called them " William what is the matter ? i i Don t know sir. They say Mary cookha3 a something in her apron and there s a big countryman half choking me that s All i know about it " bring the woman in and abut the door " which was effected. Now my Good woman what is the matter a then your honour i Dunno but i believe its a a what " a _ what in the name of All that s useful what is this drop Druk what do you Call it ? what is the thing William Booger thought it sounded very like greek Asu. Recollection served but not being sur held his Tongue. Then it occurred to him that the shortest Way of finding out was to examine this strange beast if it were a beast. " now Mary said he where s this thing what s its name 5" sure it s Here in my Well show it to but Mary did not see Why she should have the trouble and risk of catching the Baste and wanted to make her own terms yet her Awe of the imposing looking person in front of her checked her and while she was hesitating not As to what would to a fair thing but How much she dared ask Booger who was apprehensive of an outbreak on the part of the Superior authority whispered Mary Shew it to us and i la Brand a May hesitated the morning was raw she waa weary had been sitting up All night with a poor woman who was that Way poor thing she was in want of her morning Glass of Porter ? St & in it to after a Long Prol Crue con Cering How she happened to be passing and Nash Law to Man trying to turn his inside out and How she came for the Medicine to the Young doctor although where the Man was was nearer or. Rone s now this was decidedly Crafty on the part of mrs. Cook for or. Rone was the rival apothecary and she saw by straight s face a ii a hit &0 a a treat was Nauy concluded that she was to Deposit the of Ste a Basin which Booger tendered and to Juk two shillings of Good and lawful Money of Ireland she knew nothing about great Britain and cared less. Mth doctors both old and Young had Noloe of what the Baste As Mary caused it waa it i 15"inatno c0dveyetl a meaning to them Che n. F an. Octopus 0l" a polyps or anything -. As tar As the hard name went so amid great expectation she deposited the fearful monster in the Basin which on minute inspection turned out to be a Shell less Snail about 4in. Long. The countryman was then called in and subjected to a examination which As he knew very Little Saxon and Mary was by no Means perfect in her Irish was considerably prolonged. The sum Aud substance of the matter was that he had to be up Early to bring a loud of Hay to Market and so did not go to bed that he slept on some Hay in the barn and Moro he did not know Only that he was " mighty queasy in his innards and on coming town had a drop which him sick a thing evidently beyond his comprehension and was at ii."1 last gasp when Mary gave Kim the drink which caused the eviction of the unwelcome tenant bet re them. Mary received her Money and in contingently went off to invest a part of it in her " morning taking her countryman with her to share the draught. Tho creature was put in a bottle Aud had his morn ing in the shape of some spirit Vin alias spirits of wine. A big Label was put on the bottle and the whole was exhibited in the window to admiring crowds. Taken mom the stomach of a Mas. By j. Stand up Stua qut or words to that effect. The crowd seeing the Man come out with Mary followed to hear the particulars which assisted by her Drain she gave them with Little embellishments of her own gently insinuating that if she had not providentially been passing by at the time Aud been pretty Quick about her Means of Relief the thing might have been the death of the poor Man her version being received with Faith which found utterance now and then in ejaculations of " Oyez Seo that now " Tho poor Man the lord be Good to us a there being Only one dissent eur a Man of a Specula Tive Turu of mind who wanted to know " Liovvi the blazes it got into the Man " Why you great Omagh Iwin came the answer " it Crep Down his " Bedad Inu be so. Beg Shay Gomash Moi Shin i wonder what had he for supper As no one essayed to enlighten him a shut up Aud departed. The news was All Over the town in a Little time and to Many Vor Sious Siiro Given of it and Mary s share in the affair and the Young doctor s were so mixed up that it became a matter of Faith with three parts of the population that Booger had Cut the Man open taken out the " Baste and mended Tho Hole As Well As the doctor himself could have done. Doctor in this in Taco having reference to a regular m.d., f.r.s., who wa3 in practice in the town whose acquaintance the Render May make As we go on la consequence of All this talk Booger became a Public character quite a hero. Of course he did not contradict any Rumour which tended to glorify himself. He began to feel himself a Man of some importance and was so confused by the congratulations he received that a hazy idea was generated in his brain that to really had done something out of the common in fact performed an operation assisted by nature of course did not the Best physicians allow that Thoy could Only assist nature ? pity tis the number is so Small. Quacks think they can renew even the cellular tissue whatever that is. Booger Felt that to was a different Mau now the delicate appreciation had raised hi3 Soli esteem he was disposed to question old straight s authority Only to was not quite prepared yet. He continued to have enlarged ideas of ii a standing and importance and consequently took Moro Evro of his personal appearance impelled thereto by the hardly veiled Flat teries of girls who wanted to make interest for tick for a bottle of hair Oil or a bottle of scent and lads on Tho same Lay for a Cigar now and then. He adorned himself to such a degree that envious people used to say to looked As smart As a " rat of the male Neudor going to a christening the history of the individual who witnessed the expedition is lost in obscurity there is nothing for it but current report and As everybody says it and what everybody says must to True no further authority is required on the subject. Booger being at that time a lad of Nineteen thought that As he was already becoming famous this would to an auspicious occasion to make some Progress in his love suit. He had been " carrying on Ashi delicately phrased it with a fair Damsel the daughter of a Baker in the town. Her name was Annie and As the readers will learn the fact of her father being a Baker led to Sonio important results she had hair of a Hue which she described As a Golden Auburn but the rude rude b is called her " carrots and Hurt her feelings thereby. Booger addressed himself to prosecutor his suit with Ardour and with Success. Who could resist a Young doctor especially one who was so Nico and so Clever and had such Lovely a cent ? in the course of h3 Reading which he fondly imagined to have been extensive to imbibed the impression that to Prosper with women especially with Young women one mu3t be a bit of a a roue for which the qualifications were the being Able to drink smoke and play. Fighting to thought Hail gone somewhat out of fashion and from his experience of Tho Contact of old straight s mib silos with his cranium to rather thought to could dispense with that part of his education. To began to stay out late of nights making his exit after old straight had retaken himself to slumber used to Havo sundry whiskies during the Day till he became pretty Well inured to drink and did not find it very hard work after All to had never played at any game but spoiled fives and then Only for a Dandy a game or a Gou been of tobacco. In his efforts to learn play to found it a very expensive sort of thing so to fell Back on smoking which was rather a gentlemanly diversion when the cigars were not too Strong and the pocket Money not spent. He had established commercial relations Asho phrased it with a Young lady the served in a tobacconist s shop and was sure of tick for a week. As Annie s Mamma for she had one though the old lady has been passed Over so unceremoniously objected to both of his innocent amusements he was obliged to be careful when he paid his Devoirs. Now it so happened that the premises next to the Baker s were occupied by a grocer who also sold whisky not on the sly he had a Lic Eube and moreover it was drunk on the premises As Many of his customers used to be and the door of the room in which the worshippers of Bacchus met opened on to Church Street which went in a Westerly direction till it Cut Nosel s Terrace. Directly opposite to the end of the Street were the churchyard Gates of Iron crowned with a spiked Frame. We say Gates for there were two separated from each other by a narrow Lane. This description is necessary that the Reader May understand what follows. The upper Gate opened into the churchyard. Just inside the Gate the Road divided into two paths surrounding the Church. On the right hand Side close to the vestry was a old Square Tower hundreds of years old which had seen some rough usage in the wars of ancient Days but was at the time of the Story used As a Belfry. It happened on one saturday night after he had bid Good night to his charmer that he turned into Martin s the grocer s to moisten his Clay and meeting some people whom he knew he succeeded so Well in his purpose As to become pretty drunk by 9 o clock. Some soldiers from the Barracks were drinking in Tho room and offence being taken at some observation of boogers a Row ensued either Side being nothing loth which ended in one of the soldiers being felled with the leg of a Stool and left for dead. An alarm being raised that the patrol was in sight which came round to pick up All the men who were not in Barracks when Tattoo sounded there was a sudden clearance of the inmates of the drinking shop. Booger who hardly knew what he was doing rushed up the Street before mentioned and hearing the cries of the soldiers for the Church Gate and commenced to climb Over. The soldiers who were in Chase getting bight of him came on As fast As possible but Booger was Over when they arrived and running up the Lane. He did not like to enter the churchyard which being in Ireland was As a matter of course haunted or believed to be so which came to the same thing. The soldiers not caring to climb the Gate despatched one of their number to the Sexton s for the keys and As Booger from a Corner of the upper Gate had them in full View there being a Gas lamp a Little distance Down the Street he waited until he saw that the Gate was opened and then ran along the right hand path. The soldiers having the key were not far behind him so feeling him self hard pressed and having no wish to be pitted like a Lark with a Bayonet he for the space Between the old Tower and the Church. The Belfry door wa3 open so he ran towards pc and was just in the act of stooping to enter Tia Low arched door Whon right in front of him he saw two balls of fire gleaming brightly. He dared _ not retrace his Steps he knew bythe cries that the soldiers Wero on him there was nothing for it but to enter and Lio quiet. But the awful g1 ring eyes a front terrified him sorely and All Tho stories to had Ever heard of the appearances which were said to have been witnessed in the place occurred to him to further disturb him. As he pressed on some thing struck him on Tho breast. Putting no his hand to found it was the Bell rope which had a knot on the end. Becoming every moment More sober he Felt with his hands and coming in con tact with something hairy he was convinced that Teie was no ghostly visitant to contend with the previous occupant of the chamber being a old Goat which had the rim of the churchyard. Booger Lay still for some time until hearing no noise he crept out and found that the soldiers were retiring. The Immediato danger being Over one would Havo thought he would have the beat of his Way out of Tho churchyard but the Devil of fun which gets Possession of a irishman entered i to him. He waited until he judged the enemy was clean gone then to returned to the Belfry and taking his silk handkerchief he tied it to the Ropo above the knot and fastened it to the Goat s horns in such a manner that the Goat could Only stand on his hid legs having Dono which he went his Way. He had hardly reached the Gato when the Goat feeling his position tiresome began to Buck and jump about which set the Bell going at a fearful rate. It was a Largo Boll and might be Beard Miles away. When tired of his exertions the Goat would stand quiet for a Little time and then commence again. Booger his Way along Tho Back Street till seeing Tubero was a sufficient crowd to give him Sholter he joined the press and of course was just As anxious As any of them to know what the Row was about. In a Short time a couple of thousand people had collected some of them Only half dressed and the mayor had been also summoned. The first thought had been that the town was in flames but no sign of fire wa3 to a detected and no reason could be assigned but that Tho evil one in person was in the Belfry which re commended itself As the most reasonable solution of Tho Puzzlo. The crowd West As far As the churchyard Gate but no further not a foot. Not a Man would stir for some time at last two men were shamed into action but they had not gone far when Tho Bell which Hud Boot silent for a Little rang out such a dreadful peal that they turned tall and ran Back to the crowd. Several attempts were with the same result. Now in going up the path to the vestry it was necessary to pass the grave of an old surgeon who had been a very bad liver and was said to have amassed his i buoy by piracy. No Rasa Evor grew on his grave Aud it was generally to loved that it was " Ould Watkins who was at the Bell. Having been a grim looking old Man and the terror of All the youth of the neighbor Hood in his life his ghost was Given credit for the Possession of a double portion of the living Man s Malignity. This operated on those who were rash enough to attempt the passage is it was just when they got opposite the Gravo that the peals were Niobe furious because the Goat could hear Tho footsteps at length the mayor offered �5 to any one who would put a end to the suspense by seeing what was actually the cause of Tho Row Booger who had kept very quiet of Tho skirt of the crowd being in dread lest some our of his fellow Roister ers might be a Nong them at last presented himself and volunteered but As he thought if to was too Quick about it lie might Xci to a suspicion As to his being Cone a Rcd in the matter he one or two starts but he was plentifully encouraged by Hoso who were not inclined to go themselves. " go on Alannah sure to won t Hurt you said someone in the crowd though Why to possessed any immunity from Ould Watkins was hard to conceive unless it were on the grounds of being in Tho poisoning profession. However he went on to the Belfry at lat and then the most dreadful peal of All that had been heard previously rang out. " of god i be Good to him the Ould villain is strangling him " do be Hoar that and sundry exclamations of a like kind burst from Tho crowd Vav Homo fears were very soon allayed when Booger his appearance leading the unfortunate Goat with one hand Whilo in the other he held about a foot of Tho Boll rope which to had Cut off in order to give effect to his Story. Naturally in telling his tale he did not omit any Nittlo Points to give it More effect and his description of the fiery eyes staring on him from the doorway told on the audience. To merely showed Tho rope and said that the Goat had stuck his Horn in the strands above the Kuot and could not get Clear. Roars of laughter followed on the circulation of the tidings that after All it was Only Ould Folkes � Goat that was in it. But Booger became still Moro raised in the estimation of the Public than before. He to do him Justice did not feel very comfortable until he heard that in Soldier had recovered Aud been taken to Barratta As lie was Only " Kilt. A North Carolina Zirri i a soon after the close of Tho last War Captain a was appointed a Justice of the Pouce in a country place not far from a i Vigli North Caro Lina. His father had been a planter in Mather Small Way and his son the Captain had acquired considerable experience in the business of managing real estate drawing up deed a during the father s lifetime and thou in settling Tho estate after Liis decease. Further than this he had no Legal knowledge and indeed his entire Stock of " Book learning was Small and poorly selected but any Lack in general information was fully up for his uses by self assertion. Late one afternoon Asho was Riding Home from Raleigh he met a Young woman and two men who hailed him and enquired it to was Captain a. The Young woman and Ono of the men wished to be married at once. The other had Como As a witness. They had procured the necessary License but an irate father was on their path and swore that they should never be married. It was considered on All accounts safest to have the ceremony performed without delay and try pacification afterwards. Now Tho Captain had never witnessed a Marri age and naturally had no very Clear idea of what was usual in such cases. He remembered having seen a Book about the House years before with a form for marriage in it but what the Book was and where it was he could not remember " Why said he when he told the Story after Ward. I knew the Postles Creed and commandments and at first i thought i d use pm to begin on but then i reckoned on the whole they was too turned he asked the couple to come to his House secretly hoping that he could find that Book but they declined for the reason that the matter admitted of no delay. A Leas assured Man would have been sorely perplexed but not he. He lost no time in re moving Bis hat and remarked hats off in Tho presence of the All being uncovered he said ill swear you in Fust off. Hold up yer right " me to asked the Friend of the Groom. " of course said the Captain " All witnesses must be sworn. You and each of you solemnly swear that the evidence you shall give in this Case shall be the truth Thole truth an nothing but the truth s Elp you god. You John Marvin do solemnly swear that to the Best of your knowledge an belief you take this yer woman Ter have an Ter hold for yer Belf yer heirs exec Merters administrators and assigns for your an their use an be Hoof forever " i do answered the Groom. " you Alice ewer take this yer Man for yer husband Ter Hev an Ter hold forever and you do further swear that you Are lawfully seized in fee simple Aro free from All encumbrance and Hev Good right to sell bargain and convey to the said grantee herself yer heirs administrators and assigns i do said the Bride rather doubtfully. " Well John said the Captain " that la be about a Dollar n fifty " Are we married asked the other. " not by a turned sight to aint quoth the Captain with emphasis " but the fee comes in after some fumbling it was produced and handed to the " court who examined it to make sure that it was All right and then pocketed it and continued know All men by these presents that i captains of Raleigh North Carolina being in Good health and of sound and disposing mind in consideration of a Dollar n fifty cents to me in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged do and by these presents have of ared you Man and wife during Good behaviour Isi until otherwise ordered by the the men put on Tish hats again Tho Young couple after shaking their Benefactor s hand went on to meet their Jestiny and the irate father while the Captain Rode Home Richer in experience Harper s Magazine. Yisco Utiss blur Bertou of ladies dress. I should be glad to know what the women think general about the style of dress we Aro it or Lieut doomed to Wear and i eau see no better Means of fico aug out thin through the column of the Queen most of Tho o whom i h Ivo spoken to say As i do that All pleasure in walking is Quiza gone and for those who Are not Strong the Titi Guenof Mitthu Geverz few Steps v Ith the heavy Onanow cling in Skut 13 a very serious Cou s duration 1 he v i diet of Racku ova Ledger Aulhorn ties on the Cut of our teases is that a rather tight skin pc fal hug in slightly at the Knees is the must i of ii ind displays the Fetuao form to the greatest us Vantage i Don t dispute Iton to Coutv i fully agree but should add the words when standing still but in walking women do not fall in slightly at their Knees b it step from the u hips like the rest of the Huniu race there Foo i maintain that our pie seut cos Tumes ire unnatural Aud unfit for us to Wear dung those periods of the Day when we wish to be up Aud about Graceful As worn by ninety no people out of a Hundred they Are not for they so f Isten Tho legs tint they oblige Ever Jono to Uko Shoi t tumbling Steps and thei e is usually a piece of Skut which is alternately kicked out and caught by the Heel behind which would strike every one As most absurd it to were not so thoroughly used to seeing it there seems to me Only one Way out of it and that is to hive the present tight sent divided sons to to some than a like Tho trousers worn by women in Tho East the would to quite Loose and Viou d certainly not display the Figlio quite in the indecent Mauuer the present skirts do v Hieb would be no Small gun to society and they would to perfectly Coinelo Retablo and i to nuke Laceful Ihn feet would look much prettier us any Ono his Only to look at the effect on Little boys feet of Long Sailor trousers co Iupati de with knickerbockers to Seo there a nothing sets Oil a foot better than a Loone trouser i do not How Ever will to use the Wold " trouser with be ird to the costume i am advocating As it Law is Brit is the garments worn by men in this country to Peoples minds Aud anything less like that in what i mean thei e could not be i mean thei Illy what i Sirij a Liri divided from h Vit Vav Bovo the Knees Aud full Down to the Inkles whore it might finish with binds or a tiny h mice Leco Diug to the t Ste of Tho wearer i think Tho Burces of oui dresses would Havo to to m Ide Ruthei differently something after Tho Cut of a outdoor jacket coir jul do Vii nearly to the Knees of Coursi too thi3 part of the drc�3 would vary Verj much to suit different people slut Young girls could Wear it Niode lately Tircht Aud Rathur Shorter than older women who incl it have it either quite Loose 01 what is filled halt fitting but surely Tho Talent tint pm Pim and execute Tho marvellous garments to Beo duly and hourly could ulan Ige u pier a Mouts to suit All figures of the health Aseet of thu question i say Little for if people Don t i ten Fodi Rieber Sou and what he s lid in Ina lecture last Spring at the London institution about the extreme of oui present tight Aud heavy clothing they Are not Likely to attend to debut i think i May safely say that All medic ii men will Agio that a Moro unwise Aud unsuitable costume Foi daily Wein than our present one could h utile be Devio cd we pm he , still keep to it Foi evening Durcos and there i Don t think it does Ruehli irm is or Icli Cilly no one moves about much at evening parties and when not too tight and with a Moil Erite train it is decidedly Graceful i pin pos Ely a not Refet to whether Axhi Bituin As much As possible of Bato chests and shoulder is desirable or no that is Euti roly a Mallei of Chotro Many people suggest Shorter skirts Foi Ino Mug dresses but i Don t think they would Ever be Coulib Universal As so few Puoplo Kavo evilly p i feet feet and Ankles and also without very thick stockings Thoy would be cold and Verv Thies blocking a a Plain Lound but named sent would be comfortable Doub less Aud would not to heavy but ii Vvong 1 i Ive such a Bare ungraceful look i do i of think people nowadays could to got to Ilott it Iho weight of the dresses to Wear now is very i eat a they usually Are with heavy Kilt plantings and the constant drag cannot fail to to injurious though the difference in our Appe Zianco from the change i Aai now nov oct aug w Ould not to very i eat Couo Idonur How a Airov Tho shits non ure and How completely they display Evory move me it of the lets still ii Reform of this kind would have to be undertaken by Conan Diablo into v m of those who Gru m thinking it would be to the advantage ind com fort of themselves and others might join a sort of society Lor the time being and Ogielo to begin of a particular Dayan different smaller sow tie i Foi Ming themselves in Tho venous towns it could easily be managed without Ruth remark i think if people will think it Over and consider the Blessing and convenience of being Able to step into a Trainor Acio the Tuttoi without having to prepare to he flu Robt tin own Down by a sudden Jerk it oin their Diess having selected that moment to cling to their stocking and the com fort of Nof feeling As if their Lofs were tied together whenever thei o is the least wind they i l come to the conclusion that the proposed suck euro is at any rate Worth a trial i should to glad to see what suggestions will be thrown out by others for Foi Ming ourselves into a Tequ ovary society till some such dress becomes Universal How frenchwoman Bathe the frenchwoman commits herself to the water under the Protection of a Malo assistant for the most part a professional person. The Vaigneur i give him his French name because bather is not an adequate translation of the word is to be seen at All hours on the Hue where the sea and land Como together with Tho air of a Marino Prodigy who has come in with the tide and waiting for his prey. To is not however directly a product of the deep but a Fisherman or a Sailor uniformed from head to foot in Blue Jersey overalls thick boots and Sou Wester the last exchangeable for a Cap. His prey Cornea Down to him enveloped in a Peignoir which she throws off before she reaches Tho Edge of the water. If you have seen Dupuis take Judie in his arms at the theatre de3 varieties carry her Down an imaginary Beach and Over imaginary Waves till he plunges her softly into an imaginary sea you May form a Good notion of the ceremonies As conducted Hore at Dieppe. At Trouville you might have seen both Dupuis and Judie rehearsing Naniche from nature but neither of them would venture to appear on the Beach in the costume which passed without criticism on the stage mme. Judie least of the two. For the rest the Waves and the water Are in some states of weather and tide almost As imaginary at Dieppe As at the varieties in Paris and the function of the Vaigneur is As purely Ceres Ouiola As that of a Footman on the Box of a coach Aud four. To performs it nevertheless with equal sincerity. If h3 charge does not wish to be borne aloft through the first Breakers which May average flin in height he lakes her by the hand gallantly leads her several Yards into the Ocean until Tho water reaches her Knees Aud then introduces her into a ring of other female bathers whom he has previously established in this Safe spot. They join hands for Mutual Protection against the violence of the sea and when a wave bolder than the rest reaches up to and encircles the waists of these fair creatures they give a Little startled leap upward and the laughter and pretty cries of pretended fear or modest shrinking from the threatened embrace is borne shoreward to the ears of the thick fringe of spectators for whose Benefit this Little comedy is daily and hourly played. Tho main duty of the Vaigneur appears to to to take Caro that his clients do not rashly go too far out to sea. I have seen one woman swimming apparently out of her depth but the reckless daring of this adventuress excited such a flutter of terror among the Bai Guetis and All the company who witnessed the feat that it waa obviously unusual Dieppe correspondent of the. Tribune. War cannot two slender persons Ever become great friends ? because they will always be slight acquaint Tanacs. Love in a lift. From London society Lovix Purv d a everything it is omnipresent places and con Hions Iboo lately fatal to every other hum m experience do not at Lect la Grande passion there is i used Rico id of love in a balloon and the Feu Leinau at the polytechnic institution will Beal credible witness that Lov o has not been found i possible of on in a diving Bell much Sweet courtship has been conducted in runway c imag Esaud the present writer who his never tasted to honeyed sweets of spoon my himself once knew however a Numble Cut an to who positively proposed and Vav is a Deptel unit the awful gloom ind Roar of Tho Mont Caius Tunnel and survived the strange sensation my w h Manie 1 Mil i adj Ever Itei wards As the old Story books say there is i f wee too called i Ove in a abut love in an hotel Elev Tor Why the Simo hotel ictus by advertised that clout Neil lift in Bri Shaws railway guide As having Beon constructed upon a altogether Imp Ned principle Mil furnished with a Patout safety Brike Vav High rendered accidents Coputo impossible but Lov o has laughed at locksmiths Mil Patent safety Blakes from the time of Daug Roiva Helen Aud heroic pal is of Troy to that of miss by Niche Bitney Aud or Frank Fauliso staying at the Cavendish Giand Lotel at Saville Tho other Day the Cavendish seemed altogether too Unm Euso and splendid Foi love Vav High Deni mils As you know my dear Ivy Din co3iucs and Freedom from Tho scrutiny of Musj nip thetic eyes photo cupid was exposed to Public Bose in Ilion in Tho go test Cav Ausai of a notoriously scan Ilal Lov Ingriid f Union Tutu Lovo eur used no possible in Tho grind drawing Loouis Sheie dowdy Dowa Geis and hic ulv Leidy Laneil Piu Steis stabbed repetitious with then knitting Needles utterly to the noisy Salle ii Manya with the eve lusting Ici sib1 of the German Van items la Tho Cousie Vantory Thetro Vivero always Boine gouty old men scandalously wealth talk my about the Virtues of the Niedzi civil wit Era Vav High they hid come to Suavillo to drink too late in Many nut Mees to dilute the numerous bottles of Nell la Iua they imbibed years Igou leu the Hall pot Tel w is in m Lii Lieut personage with a in Mell a expanse of shirt flout to bore i Semi Eccles i i3tieal Semi inst Ocianie no Pearalee Ion Hubly knew whether to regard him is a Duke of i Bishop \ Oil Felt constrained to address him respectfully As sir und Vovou derail with Goat Feir Mel Trout hug at the he u tvs bother such i Superior being would not regard Youl modest Huoi mum of Ulf a Crown with lofty i 1 no one lost our s n Vuie and became i Usu ii ii inside Sueh an est i novel Hen 1 miss Blanche Whitney a number but or i i Ink 1 air ii Avis i know Elrod is Thoy by it the h Yal Academy la no 59j the figures How Cici do not Allee Tho Story if the stitely Interior and sous of general splendour of the Civet dish wis fit ii to senti ment not so by Ivl Llu Ltd Elf by Nillo 13 the Home of Romance lbs Sci Libou Hood Niue it Bavo been is eel Lily invented Foi lovers Hie Shady Pino Vovou is which clothe the bulk Hills that close Lound Tho Vav i Tenn Plica like invest ing hues on Uvey Side hive Sei pentium Wall 3and even such a Stern political dec non list is or John Ruskin his written in i Oit Dunja a of the deep gee i be 1, tie Lui silvered valleys of Suavillo tint 111 to lieu you might expect to cited sight � pin Apollo the muses while 11 Idle unto ill Tow their Are Beau Titial Deus such As the it eni Tuu ii impostor Claude me Luotto unlit have painted to the cml iding p inline ind asked Dost thou like the picture i together with 11 dome music ii with Maude Sobti h melodio3 und Fra Gruit with Lweis so fatal indeed 13 the is u it 01 Llu tation 111 these Lles per Leiu of Miena that the Douro Row 3 its own 01 Ango blossoms for Tho Yumei oin Betroth us that 11c hero brought about each Seison miss Blanche la Tioy and or Frank Tauaho did not escape these facilities f i flu Latsiou Iko Young people were to Iovu into each Olhow s society at Tho Civ Cudish to had Como Down from Chambers 111 Tow 1 to kill 1 few Days with his Uncle a Wail by silk spinner of Manchester who lolled in riches uni a Billi Der and whom link Letreve Ionly styled the cocoon when speaking of his Vuu Culjai to latino to miss Blancho Iii papa Vav is h Wini Tho racking pains of Lac Matic gout washed out of Lum at Tho hot Baths for which Suavillo has Boon famous Ovet Bince the Liomin occur Tion and to hoped to leave ins clutches behind Lum As a i i tical testimonial of Tho Healing qui tics of Tho Thermal Springs for Ink f Urlio was a Good look nig athletic Clever Young fellow Broad of shoulder Blue of Eye blonde of Beird just a girls Ideal of a Bryc hands Ohio englishman Blanche Whitney although Sho had not perhaps what a punter would cons idea a single Poi fact Scaturo in her face set it Oil with such Bonny Bihwu Wavy hair such animated Hael eyes such a vivacious Little Mouth Sucha winsome chum of expression that she Bec Uuie absolutely Boatti Ful especially when she smiled uni smiling Sho nearly always was no wonder that Frank Fairlie who had in his time run unscathed Tho Gauntlet of much Foumalo and had Doln i 1 Tanvi Linni Tula to attack we nuns was mortally v of used in Tho heart by Blauche. It was altogether done by hoi Indeli Pablo but irresistible witchery of Manuel and now How Leaden be owned the hours when they were separated How Fleet Tho time p issued when Thoy Vivero together How often Thoy Mot Quito by Accident you 1 no what w like and t Ilka Thoy had in Shidy wooded Vav Ishow they whispered Sweet confessions and Confuo need 111 the Byl Viiu Boh tudo of Tho Limestone Dales with Only the silent and listening leaves to head then Story they had just returned to Tho Cavendish one evening from our of those Loi Mittic rambles and were is loth to Leavo each other is lovers generally Are from when a Roi Tam Young Coule in caplets Girden wished each other a thousand times Good Nihill to these steam Engino Dedon Ento Days of breaches of Promise and divorce courts they promenade thu do sorted corridor of the hotel that at least was better than Tho frigid society of the drawing room the in atmosphere of the Coffeo room both out Young people Weie 111 a merry mood Uley we e full of the Light spirits and ludicrous Cine Duco tint belong to youth and Hope and love and health after o. F a turns along Tho c u j Etc passage 1 r Ink re marked in his Happy careless manner pausing at the Bottom of the Hydraulic elevator i say pet should t you like a 1 Ide on Tho lift it s 1 perfectly Safo Oyes she said with a a Little 1 Lugli it would to so awfully adventurous Don tyo know " " 1 Hen to 11 go up they a tarted and Between the third and fourth station or floor in Toute stopped " it has been the i earn of i vhf what Moro to said to shall not report the elevator had paused hardly a Minuto when the night Porter passed along the corridor to noticed that the lift was not at Tho Bottom As it should to to prevent any possible Accident to fastened it safely and Walke 1 away the occupants of the lift suspend d m Medio Hoo Mab act s col tit could move the machine neither Ono via nor the other they could not alight on any Hilling they were prisoners in a dark funnel Perl ups boy might remain in that Tern Blo predicament ill in it who Situa Tion though excruciatingly fare Cal did not present its humorous aspect to Blancho and 1 rank the Gaffur waa somewhat compromising too Trank had placed miss Whitney and him self m a pretty dilemma Cool and collected As a Rule 111 this position he was utterly embarrassed what could to d to ten minutes afterwards a scotch gentleman the director of a Bank which was soon afterwards notorious As the scene of a terrible financial tragedy when passing the hit Beard a piece of Money fall perhaps it was his Thrifty Cale donian love of the " Babeo perhaps it was to Avert the pecuniary danger impending that to dropped on his Knees and Bogan to search the carpet diligently he found the Coin and also one or two others which had doubtless fallen previously they were two florins and a shilling the Bank director was rising from his devotional attitude when another Florin fell Down the hoist two half crowns followed m Swift succession and were As quickly appropriated then to i half a Sovereign and a Sovereign were dropped slowly and to was greedily awaiting for More aur Ferous manna falling when the manager of the Caven dish a very Little Man for such a big building put in an appearance " what is the matter or m Closky ? he inquired " i hoc sir you Are not unwell of no1 i am just engaged in picking up some Money which someone is kindly dropping Down the Well it will help to pay my Bill �0 i am grateful for it lie Bald with a scotch Effort at " Why the lift is not in its place exclaimed the manager startled at the discovery " a hero s Tho night Porter ? Robinson i Here sir. Said that Iwuc tonary turning up with prompt obedience " what about this lift Robinson ? Well sir i knows nothing at All about it and that Sally does know i saw that the Litt was not right Bitso i scotches it ind meant to ask Tho Day Porter about it when a comes in the morning sir i knows nothing us that Sally does know during these Sipl auctions thoth Horn Tho Coffee 100111 and Drain no loom close by a few noticing Tho scotch gout Ceniu still on his Kness concluded that to bad been Seigal with a sudden spasm of illness soon in alarming Leport was spread curiosity and sympathy Vevie atoned ind a Small crowd of spectators including m. I Bitney a Bovic looking gentleman with no Nous Nso about him and Tho cocoon were gathered round Tho scene of this innocent comedy ouly too soon was curiosity Gia tired i Belo Carno from above a o truest entreaty Paul Eric in its very Humour lot us Down now themes i Sacii fellow Tor Boa Ven s Sake let tis Down 1 i Jive you Soma Moro to Morrow lbs manager ordered Tho Bolt to to a moved and slowly Tho lift glided Down with it3 confused cargo so Velv her Dainty Botines Sci his Diab Gaitis came to View there was i go Dipso of bion of velvet chess and Light Tweed trousers. Hiero was great twittoiui0 among Tolj lubes Tho Genii Leuieu Volm Perci. Ominously now miss Blancho flu toy and or Lumu 1 mho stood levelled be with a nervous twitching on a Palo face Sho blushing anti looking is abashed As does my lady Leadlow when Shaia discovered behind the screen in Sheri ilm a Palij or who toy Glare the cocoon wis White with rage ibo angry fit Hor m a paroxysm of p Sion accosted 1 rank Whit the Devil do you mein sir by such conduct " of nothing Host but Nord " 1 d b b better m m marry your daughter you know Ibero w is a quiet mintage about a month after Wauls and the suit Nevi t Abono upon Hap Ier Budo and bridegroom thin Blanche Bitney and i Auk f in to but that lift is watched like a thief to this hour sporting Fossil. By Lliel tilt. Tut january silos of blood Stock m a Istona do not appear to have been very numerous by att Udod this year and the paces realised wore anything but sensation ii at Bundo Oia Puk Only four Colts out of i git not s lot Vuro disposed of the rest being withdraw 1 Lionso sold Vivero u Gray Colt by tub ii can Dutha dam of Lono hand100 Guinea Chestnut Colt by tub ii Chu psyche by Pune 12 Nuie i Chestnut Colt by tub ii Cam pile 70 Guinea Sand a Brown Colt by Tho a Uno sue out of Kestrel 00 Guin is Lurline a Colt was pissed in at 3 0 Guinnie and the Colt Lyl ii ii Cain out of Tho dam of Progress was also pissed in 330 guineas being Tho highest Ollor Foi him at Fleuti Iutin half a do on Sci rugs by Lush kuil., Tho i openly of or Matthew by int avenged 120 guineas each the highest i Leo being obtained for a full Bio thei to Mon Tipu we was secured by i f Len at 1?0 garnets Thiee t to veil old Klug of clubs Colts ill from lady Kirk mares Lon Lisco 2 in and 03 Guiu ois respectively Aud 113 this sue who i is had but few chances can Dumouc so Otchis c1 us Odd Luck Anil / Tui Best Tot Ina children these Colts should be list til us a client Len Pidiry went for 90 Guinea 1, Aud Westhill 1 four Weir old full brother to Sybil tin bin a roads very Chu to at 33 guineas or Stubley writes to say that his nine 1 Winkle by l new Oilin out of Tho 1 by chopped a Colt Loal to Ugloi lit St Autis Stitmon on 13th novo Mboi j to mates which i Stuhl y brought to Queensland should Provo 11 Aub Stantial Benefit to Tho Turi 111 the Colony Tud i to list that their Union with Bia Fine hoist con Jueius May end 111 satisfactory insults who 1 void Succo Osni meet ing on Tho did instant which Vav it of Sueo pro vented to taking notice of Hist a Veo j a Pim Copal event the now of 11 s Gitt Ilton Dilip waa won by the tie Yeai old guiding Niti Gnu 1 son of Feu i in nicotine Phe Sei by es1 no Natch from a Sailor Mare won Tho Luti stakes and ran second for Tho lubes Purso Aita a Dis Petate Rico with Nitro pm Gamester won Tho a Furlo Rico after in a citing Nice with Debon Cairo and i Neild Eli and these with Ono 01 two races of minor Lui Potance up a very Oujo Pablo Day s sport. At i la 11 Gommel the Tho a pcs Wei As Good an could to fisc a fully k it we Lin nisus hotel m the now you in those oulblu0 Dib Tii to owners of hoists have Cousin 1 Pablo do faculty 111 notting com a to t thu then nags � Ali it the Goat of putt _ Usu horses ram hardly to of tar l anything but 1,1 ass fed and is our us to believe bullish Grassa. That won the m Don plate Renauti Fzli. Be Iba he Dlo 1 co was a i Htu in wll poisoning second and Mirn \ m Ham doll to id make pm Tao it r Lul Dicapu 11 it i Ico and the flying 1 ? Coronation being second to Lum on etch of Sion who Couso Lytton s tikes fell to Antelope Goldsborough second and Stock whip thu cud Tho hurry Scuiry went to 1 use Jirl who following Voro Tho stakes paid Over on the Vuc new Yeni s meeting to Al w lung �1200 for Tho Champion Stankos to or l l Smith �810 for Tho Normanby stakes i j Whittingham Cimo next with �17 in the yarn Villo still is i Liri c Yeal old 1 Lundie i then or r Wilson x2s5, for Tho Midsummer Handicap or n Webb received �210 for the steeplechase ind or i Cluney x216 for Tho hurdle racer w Branch i id x20� to t in for Botond Money 111 the Champion St ikes and or Ivory �100 for third Mousy 11 Rio Simonec or goyder recently had Tho Mcatur Monts taken of his horse a sex and As a comparison Between them and those of Robert the Devil and in ecu Charlie my to interesting to Many i append Hiern Sussex height Loli do Girth 0ft Liu aim 22jiuleg 8�tugaskin 18111bhoi Ilder 27mhip to Hock com i mice Charlie Hei it Lelh 3imgirth 5ft 11 Jinar 22inleg Sim Gaskin Ioji i shoulder 30j 111hip to Hock g2in Robert Tho Devil height Loh 2iugirth it 10 �111ann ioj111leg 8iugaskin 18jinshould or 29 ship to Hock Lom who following Aro still left in the second Mary Borough Toal stakes a sweepstakes of 2 avs. Cicet from starters and 50 sons added for foals of 1878, to run As two year Oldstein act 18811 mile or Cadell a Trig 1 by Clanon Inoima by m i 0 Iii or cull la i Juco by Elmon Micieli by Jaek front in p Vii c kit Ella to Huntor by Clarion Christmas Lylial 11 in or l it oho s g by Doncaster Sarah Bimi to or a Rosos cd or g by podcast to Alleo or t Losos c1 or of by Loii Casci Tomuo Maro or i Hosoa of by Lulu Init Pil rain lion j p Ile Llach a by Koinm to Ken by Leo pol i Iraj lion j 1� Boll ubi by epigram memento by tunic Imp Hoil 7 p Boll Abo by Fps Crain wheat sheaf Luigi lion j p Boll a b c by 1 i ram a loan Imp lion a. Ii Browns of i Dumun a soon of Trum 3 lion a. Ii Atohi Abr f by Loumeau pot Iua Bya Ioil Moro or n w Brown s Csc by Reni an flu Demero by Sledmere or n w Brown s by 0, by Reliman blink bom by Happy Prince Imp Nero were originally Twenty two nominations and a Large percentage of the fifteen still loft in will probably Seo too Post lha Mary Borough turf club have done a Good Deal to wards encouraging Young stakes m their District and it is Gratifying to find that their efforts Are bearing fruit. At Cunn Mulla Tho South Varrego jockey club held a mooting on the 3rd and 4th instant the Maiden plate was won by attraction a two year old filly by Molbo Urno the name of her dam doe3 not appear Tho publicans Purso was won by Kaluga by Archer and the same horse won the now years Handicap boating Tzeh son of Attila and architect who Consolation takes went to Vagabond and the Farewell 1 Handicap to Tox while ladybird won the Hack hurdle race a very plea East two Days sport was enjoyed though owing to the Long spell of dry Vav Eather the attendance was not so Largo As is usually the Case. At Charleville racing does not appear to be in quite As flourishing a state As could be wished our correspondent says that at our time Chest Mas of Flor the racing carnival of Charleville Aid that the club met with Liberal support fro the country neighbors but that now they refuse their support on account of alleged mismanagement some of the business people in the town too have refused to sup port the club but offered to subscribe to u meeting held under other Asp tit Sand bet thu two stools a might have been expected the races fell to the ground altogether i Trust to is they May manage to Ettie then amicably and that the w Arrego Kacius club May again become a flourishing institution goodness knows that divided Intel costs Are fatal enough t hot be racing even in Largo communities jew much More so must they be in am ill Ojea 1 i Here was a Little sport on Tho racecourse at Toowoomba last monday week a match hid been Between i Tuc kotts Bay Mare i widget and or Lovell s Bay Auto Daia for Asido but after �8 a Side had Hoon Deposit i or Lovell Fife Ted a match was Theu male Between tid got and or Fox s soda Ater a son of Charlton for �10 a Side one mile weight for age which re Stilton in favour of the 1 Itter by a length my informant tells to that widget should Havo won easily Only Foi being badly jostled however no protest was catered after this a hit Rory Scottny Avis got up catch weights for which four faced Tho stat Sci namely fidget now Moon lady Lizibeth Chi and a two year old Colt by 1 Ptg Raji out of 1 i deity this result of in a win Foi fidget by a head from new Moo the epigram Colt who earned 90t 71b, and is Only recently broken in being i is who Geelong cup is the. Next item of import Ance in Tho t icing a void and though the books up hero Aro As Yot silent on the subject to Southern colonies no doubt some Speen Hatton is go tug on Over this overt Wellington has top weight 9st 21b, at which Hobai accepted and though i do not expect to see h m win he will probably Tun Tho Lood cou3tint horse to invariably Dos Aud be not far away at the finish he was sold previous to the Chan Pion St ikes to i Baldock Foi 1000 guineas a 1 lie should be Worth every Penny of it his death nation is India Savanada sit 131la i Sun narrow sat Zilaro both Toina Kibly Weil in and Progress also reads Verv Well it 7st 111b a weight which should Embie him to run very prominently Napper Landy was very leniently tic ated at Gat 111b, but he his been a pitched who following Are the Acop Mcca Wellington St 21bsaw Una set 131b, Dart will sit 71b, saw Tri Vav set 51bwoodlands set. 21bodd tuck set. 21b, a Crims 7st 121brichmond 7st 111bprogress 7st 111b Booths by or 7 t 51b, Gipsy Cooper 7at ii p g7stto Lillo Gat 12lblady Mohsn 0-it 7lbwestern Pinn Ess o t ,0acynic Gati St 12lb lbs Pattou Folk 1 hear Coutie Plato holding thou annual Rice meeting on St pit Ricks l a when Thoy Aio suit to b Ive m enjoy Able Gal tet aug Lina Chalres with Tho Login and Albert Tookey club but i do not think that either dab much from the collision As the t a o districts Aio pretty widely sep United current otes on natural history. The rain mud. " Nitt i us w rating from 1 Horn Borough says a Pur of Channel Bill cuckoo St go hips Noil. A Hollandia not Ido their appear Auto towards the end of november and Boveia Wero to be heard litter on j hey Wero generally Hying up 01 Down Tho Ciesok in pairs As though on business Bent probably making a Call on i Mottow 01 Payung a Clandestine visit to hot dwelling la n b i the soy in Ops a named the i no Bud As i s presence is supposed to indie Ito i no i Bav e f i some years noted its Appen Ince m knee Rishi 1 just be Foo the wet Caton ets in Gould Stuttis tint it Mikea its Ile Paramo from net Scull Wales in Jiuu aty but whither it proceed i not known i to Btu to eau safely in i from this that Tho Scythia is Sponeb the of pot lion of the j cat i c the Amy it ii to Queensland Tud then tet tirus Touth to e Joy who a Vitoi Nins Troi Henedo Tho ii Jan nun Lud is vory Appio nato a Micro is doubt tint it by cedi Ohio Ami that Tho i ova is its a Stet Patent or Piru Cipully so i am inclined to think inv even that other Bues Aie Pic sied into the Sei vice and i Bennett of Sydney when prop ung some to to on this Bird for Gould in Isis motions Lunn a Young one into an aviary occupied by a Dacono Gillis laughing j Ikus Sand of Clit y hungry if Tor i Long Jotun of it opened its month to to fed its wants Vav Ero at once attended to by to d Celo who with Ghoul kindness took a Teco of meat and after prepare my it by hotting it about until it was in a tender and Pap y state placed it carefully in the j Otting sey Titi Ops Mouth Ami continued to toed it until it could shift Foi itself i i a o Boen anxious to pro euro a specimen of thu Peculiar Bird Foi the purpose of dissecting it cd Sitiar Yinug Maeu its to the correctness 01 Othet Wiso of Tho ass option tint its thro it is prov Ted with i sack into which Tho to is taken and cat nod until a Oppio Tutty oilers for Deposit to it with Darno Crow. Up to the pros ont to Cor Thoy Havo persistently kept out of Range Thi Cisco Withas Nott apus Alo writes botanist states tint i take exception to his remarks in Kcf Ciuco to Tho Cas c wary but to must have 10id my Papet vey hurriedly to arrive at such a conclusion and i will refer to my Papoi again to will see that inking exception to i Couch tried wih instead w i j Ila i found that the buds 1 is views but Ataee to Impi taut Pur helmet Sei Ved Anol Hei Ana. E who sting pose botanist thinks the finite of my to co could be gathered without any danger of being stung by the Leves i Grant that such v is possible but it would require the bands and intelligence of it botanist to do so i i list with to Tams Fin Thor information 111 reference to Tho cassowary will be f01 Taco snug from those persons who Aio in a position to Forward it perhaps the gentleman at Cairns who recently c to poured bomb y Oung ones and who i am told watched them hatched for it. � a Iuo Noou wout kindly Send a few notes natural history notes received with thanks from w Yard with w Jordan and j a toot do in to i ass the subject of a depraved t taste in aug mils is an interesting one Vav hich has not been studied is much a shops As it might in human beings it would seem to depend on ill health of either body 01 mind but in animals it would seem is if it might to present and the animal enjoy Good health Uno remarkable instance in a herbivorous animal to can vouch for it occurred in a sheep that had been shipped on Bird one of Tho Peninsula and Ovental steamers to help to Supply the Kitchen on Biard hut while fattening in developed a Ino Iduate Tasto for tobacco which it would cat in any Quantity that was Given to it it did not Caro much for cigars and altogether objected to burned end but it would greedily devour to half chewed quid of a Sailor or a handful of Roll tobacco Whilo chewing the e was apparently no undue flow of saliva and its t isto was so Peculiar that Moat of the Passen Gers on Board amused themselves by fee dog it to see for themselves if it were really so As a Conser Tatenco though in fair condition the Cook was afraid to kill the sheep believing that the Mutton would have the flavour of tobacco an other vory remarkable Case has just been communicated to us by Francis Goodlake this time a flesh eating animal in the shape of a Kitten about live months old who shows a passionate fondness for salads it eats no end of sliced Cucumber dressed with vinegar even when Hoffr with Cayenne Pepper after a Hittle fencing it has eaten a piece of boiled beef with Mustard its Mother was at least once seen to eat a slice of Cucumber which had Salt Pepper and vinegar on it the Kitten is apparently in Good health and its extraordinary taste is not easily accounted for even supposing it once got a feed of Salmon Mayo nats Why should it now elect to prefer the dressing to the fish nature a Bee my arrived foreigner lately stopped at an ame Ucan hotel and at the upper table began to play fearful havoc with a plate of lard boiled eggs scooping out the Yolk and leaving to White untouched just As he was devouring the tenth one Tho waiter remonstrated with him calling his attention to his wastefulness " Good gracious Man he remarked " you would not have me eat ten vites would you a Yolk is Der Chicken and Der vites Der Fedders do you links i v ants Ter make v on great bolster of mine stomach ?

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