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Bridgeport Telegram Newspaper Archives Nov 3 1922, Page 37

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Bridgeport Telegram, The (Newspaper) - November 3, 1922, Bridgeport, ConnecticutT the Bridgeport Friday november eleven How Snowdrift is made by l. A. Jell in september the Fields of the South were White with Cotton and cheerful darkies were slowly shuffling Down the Long rows picking the Snow White bolls. If it weren t for that Cotton crop we d be Hun Gry people this year. In its Way that Cotton crop is As necessary As the wheat crop of the great Northwest if be a wholesome Well fed nation. Cotton seed supplies something Moro than a third of All the fat we eat. More than a billion pounds a year. We d be hungry people if it weren t for that Cotton crop. Does it seem Odd to think of Cotton in connection with cooking fat or Trees in connection with sugar nature is very generous. We get Maple sugar and syrup from a tree that May some Day be the boards on our Kitchen floor. We get a delicious wholesome fat from a Plant that May give us our Gingham apron too. Cotton is one of the most important food crops in this country. When the Cotton is picked it is taken to the Gin Eli Whitney s great invention where the seed is picked out from the Long White Fibre. The White Cotton is baled and shipped off to the Mills to be Woven into cloth for the outside us and the seed to the Crusher to become food for the inside of us. The Cotton seed As it Cornea from the Gin is Small and Gray and looks a bit like a Pussy Willow Bud because of the Short Cotton Fibre that clings to the outside. It is put into an ingenious machine where tiny knives scrape off this lint from the Hull or Shell and thoroughly scraped the Cotton seed is like a Little dark Brown nut. These seeds or nuts Are cracked so As to get at the kernels or Rich with Oil and then we great kettles so that the Oil can be easily pressed out. This Job of cooking the Moats is quite a skillful one. In our company we re As proud of some of our old experienced Cooks As a Good hotel might be of its chef. There is an Opportunity for judg ment and skill in this cooking and it makes a difference in the product. When the meats Are cooked they Are placed in huge Hydraulic presses and the Rich molasses coloured Oil is squeezed out. The Quality of this Oil will vary considerably. Cotton seed for instance is no More uniform than wheat or Corn or any other crop. All Tho apples even from the same tree Aren t going to be exactly alike and each Etc aptly As Good As the next. The Quality of Oil will vary depending on the seed and the cooking and our first Opportunity to make Snowdrift better than any other cooking fat is to select Only the choicest Oil from the millions of Gallons pressed. The Oil then goes to a refinery. As it is pressed from the seed the Oil is dark in color and has a decided odor and flavor. Some folks like this flavor. More Don t. If you like molasses better than White granulated sugar you might possibly prefer Cotton seed Oil before it was refined. Molasses not Only sweetens but flavors thing it sweetens. You taste the molasses in everything you sweeten with it. Refined sugar sweetens but does t change the flavor. Similarly Good Cooks want a fat that fatten or enriches food without making everything taste of the fat used. So Oil refiners not Only try to get All impurities out of the Oil but also try to take out the color and any Strong flavor. The Ideal Oil would be almost As Clear As Crys Tal a just pure Rich per cent no impurities colouring matter or flavor whatever. The bust we have Ever seen Wesson Oil is such a Pale Straw color that it is almost no color at All and is so delicate in flavor that you really Rich delicious Oil in your Mouth More than you taste any flavor. There Are Many Good refiners and most of the Cotton seed Oil on the Market is pretty Good. Ordinarily it bears about the relation to old fashioned Cotton seed Oil that Light Brown sugar does to molasses so far As color and taste Are concerned. That is it is yellow and has a Dis Tinct flavor that you May or May not like but it is Good wholesome food. Quite naturally All refine Jar in t alike. When Snowdrift fresh Rich creamy cooking fat for making cake biscuit and pastry and for frying a thing takes knowledge and skill and experience some Are bound to do it better than others say nothing of the difference in the stand Ard of excellence that different men aim at. Our next Opportunity to make Snowdrift bet Ter than any other cooking fat is to refine our selected Oil to a degree of purity and goodness that we do no i believe is equalled by any other refiner. We do lust that. By the Wesson method. That does t sound like a very modest state ment but it s True. As a Reader of advertise ments you might be satisfied when we Tell the truth and not expect us to be modest too about these things we re proud of. The Oil that is to be made into Snowdrift is refined by the Wesson method to a degree of purity and goodness that we do not believe is equalled by any other Oil you could per cent pure Rich nourishing food. The As we Call David Wesson he is an eminent chemist not a physician and his offi Cial title in our company now is technical director is an authority on 1he refining of vegetable Oil and invented or discovered or whatever is the thing one does with a method a method of refining Oil that was named after him. The Wesson method of refining1 vegetable Oil probably marked the greatest Advance in the interest of the whole Industry. Choice Oil refined by the Wesson method to an unequalled purity and Richness is then ready to be made into Snowdrift. Snowdrift is made entirely of this pure vege table into a creamy cooking Hydrogen Ting women o f this country did t want to Cook with a liquid fat but wanted their cooking to be White and solid and look like the old fashioned hog lard they were accustomed to. When you come to think of it All fats Are oils All oils fats whichever Way you want to say it. It is just a matter of temperature. At 30 de Grees fahrenheit vegetable Oil butter and hog Lai d Are All solid fats. At Ordi nary room temperature the vegetable Oil is liquid and the butter and lard still hard. Around 100 de Grees the butter melts vegetable Oil and butter Are liquid and the hog lard soft. At 115 degrees the lard melts and All three fats Are liquid. However habit is Strong. Years ago when Cotton seed Oil was first offered to women As a cooking fat they did t want to use liquid fat. They wanted it White and solid. The ladies usually get their own Way. It was discovered that or beef be mixed with vegetable Oil in some Way or other chilled and the mixture would Harden into a solid fat with the appear Ance and consistency of hog lard for Many years vegetable that is partly vegetable shortening was made in this Way. Many manufacturers still make it that and Tell you so on their labels if you will read All the Small Type. But in the search for improvement an English Man discovered that by Hydrogen Ting it was possible to make a solid fat entirely of pure vege table Oil. Some of us Are not acquainted with Hydrogen except As a part of water. The Only chemical formula some of us know off hand is parts Hydrogen and one part oxygen pure water. By adding a Little Hydrogen to vegetable Oil under pressure and chilling it the Oil becomes Quile hard at Ordinary room temperature. And this hardened Oil itself a pure vegetable fat can be used instead of tallow or suet to solidify More vegetable Oil. This discovery enables us to make Snowdrift an absolutely pure vegetable fat. A Small Quantity of Wesson Zed Oil has Hydro Gen added to it until it is a glistening hard White fat. A bit of this hardened Oil is melted and mixed with the rest of the Oil. It is then poured into pans in which huge Rolls Are slowly turning round. These Rolls Are hol Low and filled with brine from an ice machine so that they Are freezing cold on the outside. As these icy Rolls dip into the pans of warm Oil the Oil is chilled and clings to the Rolls like so much soft Snow. As the turn round this soft snowy fat is brought up out of the pan below and keen knives scrape it off into a Large Cylinder in which there is a rapidly spinning Rod with Jades like a giant egg beater which whip up the fat into a White creaminess. Our method of Hydrogen Ting is not a exclusive one like the Wesson method of refining. All makers of pure vegetable cooking fat Hydro Senate their Oil in somewhat the same Way. But even in doing somewhat the same thing there is Opportunity for us to use the experience and skill of Twenty Odd years in making this process con tribute to the superiority of Snowdrift. Just the right degree of hardness in the hardened the right pro portion of hard White fat 1o Clear liquid fat just the right judg amount we will plate from in. With White a nov matter nor toe that go could 1 soft an had get too Denly tits s 9 to 9 Drift is just the creamy consistency that a Cook finds most convenient to use. This in t an Accident. It does t just happen so. It is one of the results of trying for More than Twenty years to make a perfect cooking fat Only pure and Good to eat but pretty to look at and convenient to Cook with. From the beater Snowdrift is tuning White pure Rich and air tight cans or buckets to bring it to your Kitchen As Sweet and the Day it was made. This airtight can is last but far from least. The Way we Send Snowdrift to you May not seem a part of the Story of making Snowdrift but it is tremendously important because on that air tight can depends what Snowdrift is like when you get it. It does t do you any Good for us to make Snowdrift Good unless it s Good when you get it. Any cooking fat or shortening is at. Any pure fat without a preservative in it will grow old and stale and finally rancid in the course of soon depending somewhat on the weather. It takes time for a cooking fat to make the trip from where it is made to your Kitchen there May be a Long Railroad journey or delays in shipping. There Are sometimes Long Waits in grocers warehouses and More or less time spent on your grocer s shelves. You might possibly get a can or bucket of cooking fat within a few Days after it is made but it is More Likely to to several weeks old and sometimes Montha. Of course if you found fat objectionable Strong or rancid you would t use it. But if the fat had grown old and stale without actually spoiling most folks would use it think it was not a very Good kind of fat and never what the real trouble was. Lots of women have told us that they be used cooking fat of one kind or another All their life and never really knew until they tried Snow i Drift How Sweet and fresh a fat could to. We used to put out Snowdrift in Ordinary cans and buckets and tubs just like anybody else. Soon we discovered that in an open tub we could t be sure what Snowdrift would be like when you got could t even be Sui e it was clean. After that we packed Snowdrift Only in tightly covered buckets. Then one any years i ago we found some Snowdrift on the shelves in grocery stores that we were ashamed Drift that we could t believe teas Snowdrift. The covered buckets had kept it that was the Snowdrift was very very stale. We realized then that lots of women might ask for Snowdrift and get this stale Ordinary fat in Stead of the Good fresh fat we d made. What was the use of All our Cave and Pride in making Snowdrift the very finest we knew How if we sent it out and let Luck decide whether you got it As Good As we made in or warm weather and standing on grocers shelves had Al-1 most spoiled it before it reached your Kitchen we put Snowdrift in an airtight can so that when you open it in your Kitchen it is As tweet and fresh and Good As the Day we make it. Nothing but an airtight can or bucket will keep it fresh. A tight cover won t i if it is on pretty tight. Freshness depends on Eal air tightness As you know if you have Ever any Canning or preserving yourself. If you Ever find a can of Snowdrift that in t Sweet and fresh As the Day we made it the u u ble in t with Snowdrift it is with that can. You be probably had an occasional Jar of your own leak and the contents spoil. Once in a while a Snowdrift can does t stay airtight and the Snowdrift is no better than if it were packed n an Ordinary tin or bucket. Take that ran to your grocer and get a can of real Snowdrift with our and Good As the Day it was made. In the Early Days a truly airtight can was t i convenient but the goodness of French Snow sold waa Worth the bother to Lac most hate can. Now in our constant Effort to do thing we can to make Snowdrift a perfect King we be even improved the can so it is right convenient to open and still keeps adrift fresh. Fiat s the whole Story of making Snowdrift. E choicest vegetable the Wes Vay to a purity and goodness we do not ire is attained by any father cooking Gen added to a bit of Reamy per cent pure Rich in a truly airtight can it when you get in in your Kitchen it is and fresh and Good As the Day it was full strength until Vised. The special process of manufacture is the reason. You use less i Jufa 1 m m i m a to ii Fly i u j. V y i pcs papyri

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