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Bridgeport Post Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1966, Page 4

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Bridgeport Post, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1966, Bridgeport, Connecticut Food the Bridgeport or i monday september 26, 1966. Gengras raps Dempsey on state Rule achievements of All the citizens of our beloved i Gengras attacked certain proposals made by Dempsey including a plan for a centralized de apartment of correction and voluntary reporting of Campaign fund contributions. He said a centralized depart ment which would control thei Al on the Republican said Gengras. I Don think the Republican record of the past is perfect. That s Why i be called for a new Breed of in addition attacking the democrats at the state level Gengras also struck out against the policies of president John on. Asked about the War in Viet West Hartford a s Gnu. John Dempsey and Republican gubernatorial candidate what is needed said Gengras Clayton Gengras Are in a better Quality of person total agreement As what pro running these acts must Cleive special Atten a rather than have candidates lion in the coming two years. For political office decide for in a face face debate with themselves whether they will re Gingras sunday Dempsey said lease Campaign contribution Fig More must be done about water ures Gengras said the general pollution unified transportation i Assembly should adopt a Law education open spaces and As making such disclosures Manda is stance for the Distad Story. the Day you have legis Gengras agreed saying morality you re in serious state does indeed face crises answered Dempsey. Water pollution education and both Dempsey and Gengras transportation. To grab for their Par the West Hartford financier i1 " the credit for the state s added however that a crisis recent financial surpluses. He Drew the most sustained applause of the evening when he said pres. Johnson refuses act on stopping inflation until after exist in one other area the management of your govern Gengras referring the Dempsey administration said says gop wrote budgets while the governor claims the budget surpluses on his last three said Gengras it was the gop House approx Ive have let incompetence committee that wrote rampant because the people budgets and had them Connecticut have not taken an passed despite the governor s Active role in politics. Complaints. The governor was i am a political on his budgeting. Said Gengras who is seeking his i Dempsey then noted that first Public office motivated by frustration Over trends in pol icy by this government. Conditions in Connecticut Are shockingly self he added. Dempsey lists firsts Dempsey countered by listing Connecticut s firsts and High 1962 the gop Cut his budget by s30 million but later put through a two cent cigarette tax in crease. And in 1965, said Dempsey he refused a gop demand for a one cent gasoline tax increase. While Dempsey urged the election of the entire Democrat costs among the states ticket Gengras did not men ing highest per capita income lion any other candidate during and the country s first open the debate at Emanuel Syna space program. To said arc the Gogue. I am running As an i Dividu Nixon predicts a Good scrap Washington a former vice president Richard m. Nixon predicted today a Good scrap for the 1968 Republican presidential nomination. But Nixon who would not commit himself the race said in an interview in . News world report that the Battle would not be fatal. He said he would do every thing i can see it that the fight will be an ideological fight and not a fight about personalities that it will not leave the permanent scars that the fight of j964 asked who would be the Prin Cipal contenders for the Nomina Tion Nixon replied that the no vember election could produce some surprises. 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Farbstein rounding out 10 years in Congress strongly endorsed the Johnson administration s position As stated by am Cassador Arthur j. Goldberg before the United nations Gen eral Assembly last week Farb Stein called for support of the president. War escalation Weiss a Reform Wing demo crat said there has been a fierce rate of escalation of the War and the trend has the United states flirting with nuclear Weiss urged that the United states Stop All the bombing of and South Viet Nam and cease All offensive military action obtain what he called a de Facto Weiss added if that were then coupled with a Clear and unequivocal statement that we would be willing negotiate at the conference table directly with the people who Are doing the fighting on the other Side that is the Viet Cong itself it seems me there is a great possibility we could Settle this Farbstein and Weiss both jewish Are contesting in the 19th congressional District where the registered democrats Are about 35 percent jewish. There also Are Many italians puerto Picans negroes. Greeks Irish and chinese in the cosmopolitan population. Clash in debate Farbstein and Weiss both Tocwish Are contesting in the 19th congressional District where the registered democrats Are about 35 per cent jewish. There also arc Many italians puerto Picans negroes greeks Irish and chinese in the. Cosmopolitan population. Farbstein and Weiss clashed in the television debate Over a Campaign pamphlet put out by a Friend of Farbstein that said it is the duty of american tews support our president and our men on the fighting front and not turn put backs on them with easy critic Weiss called on Farbstein repudiate the pamphlet. There is nothing Reudi Farbstein said. Seven primary contests in addition the one in the 19th congressional District will be held in the City tuesday. The runoffs were ordered by the courts on the basis of irregularities in the june 28 primary that could have swung the outcomes. Mim old us fount o Sci de War s blended scotch whisk too scotch we product of s blended and bottled Kies John Dewar distilled quart. Proof i distilled. Blended and 8ott sole distributors import comp unite i n g d o m under govern Mateos recovering from drug reaction Mexico City a former mexican president Adolfo Lopez Mateos is reported out of danger after an illness caused by a reaction Medica Tion. His wife sunday was quoted As saying Mexico City s cold weather gave him Arm pains and Medicine he took for it caused a reaction. Humphrey talks of Frk on coast los Angeles a vice president Hubert h. Humphrey spoke about . Sen. Robert f. Kennedy today As he began a tour of California. Comparing president Johnson with Kennedy the vice presi Dent said president Johnson s View is a Little More mature a Little More responsible a Little More in the Public Humphrey talked about Ken Nedy and his own political future on a television news inter View taped for released in Southern California tonight. Begins 2-Day tour it began a two Day tour of the state in which he planned vis it Federal installations and help democratic candidates including gov. Edmund Brown in his race against Republican Ron Ald Reagan. Humphrey took an optimistic look at his own chances for sharing the 1968 presidential ticket with Johnson. Asked if the president had promised him a place on the ticket Humphrey said in the realities of politics the presi Dent is required have an option. I Don know who he will want As his running mate. I la give him the full measure of Devotion and if i do that you la find the president won be Dis satisfied with me arid Well be walking Side by Side for Many months and Humphrey also said the War in Viet Nam will continue for some he said financing the conflict is not beyond the Means of the Economy by Long compares Korea War the War he said takes it smaller slice of tiie Gross National product than the korean conflict and i do not think you can say it is beyond the Means of the Economy Bear if we use today Humphrey goes into crowded suburbs around los Angeles and then More sparsely populated areas Call ing for the re election of Brown and democratic congressmen. He predicted California democrats would hold their 24-14 Edge in the state s congressional delegation and possibly pick up two scats. He also traded wisecracks with comedian Johnny Carson on Abc s tonight television show taped for viewing nation ally tonight. Humphrey laughed when Carson joked that the vice president had been meeting with state leaders and picketing a Ronald Reagan film Singer this week Only behind this Label. The scotch that never varies More and More people Are coming know and appreciate the consistent High Quality of Dewar s White this is no fad this is a Brand you can Trust. Welcome scotch the world new Singer sewing machine Sale a Thon Price pay As you sew. Terms suit your purse win a color . Ask your Singer Center Lor details what s a Fjor tomorrow it at is n c e r today since 1110 main Street Bridgeport 4s East main of Treit Rico port 333.ii3t Conn. Poit Eckter. Milf Ltd approved dealer 1311 pin fold. and All other Singer sewing centers open monday thursday no this til Irwin predicts Gengras defeat says con governor race in remark does Abner w. Sibal of nor walk the Republican candidate for Congress in the third District think Clayton Gengras his party s candidate for governor is fighting a losing Battle or. Sibal s opponent Congress Man Donald a. Irwin of nor walk says the Republican con Gressional candidate appears be conceding the state election. In a television debate yesterday Over tic Channel 3, Hart Ford congressman Irwin said that the defeatist attitude on the part of or. Sibal is evident with a remark that he made last week saying that the congressional race in the fourth District close one. The Norwalk Democrat s re Marks were mide at the close of the program and or. Sibal did not have an Opportunity answer. Rep. Irwin was commenting on a statement made by or. Sibal in Greenwich last week in which the former congressman referred a news Story in which rep. Irwin described himself As the underdog in the race for the House seat both men filled for four years. Or. Sibal reacted my own designation As the underdog and indicated he will be in a real Tough rep. Irwin stated on the telecast moderated by n. Thomas Eaton of tic. Chides Sibal this surprised me coming from he said because if our race in Fairfield county is going be close he must be conceding that the race of Gen gras and governor Dempsey is All but Settle d. Think he May be right. I Don think Gengras has a prayer against Dempsey. It was very much in line with or. Sibal s rec Ord have worked for the sup port of or. Gengras and rejected for example Peter Mariani whom people like himself had encouraged look for the Nomina Tion and at the last minute travel around and push Gengras for the the underdog comment of or. Sibil last week was part of a speech in which he said re publicans Are running against difficult Odds but expressed Confidence the gop will win on election Day. Rep. Irwin made no reference this part of the speech. Irwin arrives Laic the telecast second in a series for congressional candidates in the state started with or. Sibal As the Only nominee present. Rep. Irwin who arrived about five minutes after the program started ran into fan Belt trouble with his car on the Road and had ask help from the state police get the studio tic officials explained later. Because. Of his delayed arrival rep. Irwin spoke second on the program and As a result made the remarks bring ing it an end. Or. Mariani whom he. Mentioned in his remark about the underdog claim is a state senator from Groton and minority Leader of the state Senate. He was regarded As the front runner for the gop gubernatorial Nomina Tion until Republican state chair Man a. Searle Pinney and other top party leaders rallied or. Gengras late in the pre Conven Tion period. He has taken no part in the gubernatorial Campaign. On the program or. Sibal charged that High administration officials have made mis leading statements about the Viet Nam War adding these have caused division in the nation be cause people Don know where we Are Sibal raps inflation he charged that an undisciplined democratic majority in Congress is responsible for rag ing and that republicans Are needed in Congress change the situation. He criticized rep. Irwin for always Fol lowing the party leadership of the Johnson administration. Rep. Irwin said or. Sibal s record and his own in Congress Are Well known in the District and that this should make a Choice at the polls less difficult than in cases where an incumbent is running against a Candi Date who has not served in con Gress. Or. Sibal complained that Mort Gage Money is virtually impossible secure for Many who need it and said interest rates Are prohibitive under the pres ent administration. Rep. Irwin conceded there Are problems in the Economy but said Congress will act in that Field this week. He said the Economy has been functioning magnificently since the late president Kennedy was elected. Or. Sibal asserted that irresponsible spending by the democratic Congress was erod ing away resources of persons on fixed incomes on pensions and called for holding spending within reasonable rep. Irwin replied that or. Is bal s record provides no great guarantee that he would have voted much differently than i or. Sibal refuted this claim asserting he would have voted differently Many times in spending areas and adding i did always follow my party leaders As my opponent has done Irwin replies rep. Irwin said or. Sibal and Many other republicans have frequently voted recommit legislation then voted for it on final passage when the attempt recommit fails. In this Way they can have it both ways and feel they do very Well on the the Sibal charge that top officials of the Johnson administration have misled the people on the Viet War was called bunk by rep. Irwin who attributed changes in policy the Chang ing nature of the War itself. Or. Sibal renewed a Campaign charge that rep. Irwin had taken no Active role in seeking changes in the draft by asking questions As a member of the House armed forces committee at hearings. Rep. Irwin replied that or. Sibal s Republican col leagues asked most of the questions. Slightly Over half the dwelling units in the United states have been built since world War ii. Open daily 10 til 9 . Sat. 10 til 5 . It vacations v1 International 670 state St. But. 386-1851 eave. Shop tuesday til . Save More on famous Brand paint wallpaper Interior Flat White Oil paint be tinted Flat Oil Latex. 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