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Bridgeport Post Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1966, Page 2

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Bridgeport Post, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1966, Bridgeport, Connecticut Two the Bridgeport Post monday september 26, 1966. Powel takes View says he had taken the initiative in committee Reform new York a rep Adam Clayton Powell d-n.y., whose Power As chairman of a House committee has been watered Down said sunday he considered that a the Harlem negro said he had taken the initiative in committee and he said he planned to see that other House committee chairmen have their Powers lessened. He said he will personally Lead the fight to Reform House rules next january. Powell s View this is the beginning of the end of monolithic control of congressional committees he said at a news conference. Powell is chairman of the House education and labor committee which voted last week to give the majority the Power to overrule the chairman on such matters As scheduling legislation hiring and firing staff members and spending committee funds. But i have always worked with the Powell said. Despite professing a Victory in having his Powers lessened Powell added enigmatically watch How my Powers in crease come october and no he is said Powell still the Guy that carries the leather Over the goal Antipoverty push he told newsmen he plans to Send the Antipoverty Bill to the House today. One reason for his committee s revolt against him was his failure to Send the billion Antipoverty authorization Bill approved by the committee june 1, to the House floor. As chairman stripped of my Powell said with a Grin i will Convene a caucus and give them the Battle plan for getting the Bill through the House. Nobody can Convene the caucuses but he said. Prior to the news conference it the Aby Zinnian Baptist Church in Harlem where he is pastor Powell told the 2.000 persons in the congregation Dur ing a sunday Sermon How Nehemiah got the jews to re build the Walls of Jerusalem with a trowel in one hand and Spear in the other. If there is a lesson to be Learned from he preached it s Don t get so occupied in what you re doing that you can t defend this funny world 9-26 watch your head on the door ask the by Shirley Schraub the question my five year old son entered kindergarten. He is a Bright boy who can recognize some written words and can do simple arithmetic in his head. His teacher has told me is coordination especially of the Small Muscles is poor even for a boy of his age. He does know How to make most of his letters however. When 1 suggested he write a Etter to grandma for example in ends up frustrated because t turns out so Messy. He also dislikes drawing pictures be cause it is too difficult for him i think. Can you offer any suggestions the answer children react in various ways .0 frustrations. Your son is. Be no asked to do things such As Etter writing which Are cult for him. Even when he Ries to do his Best the results Are unsatisfactory to you and so they Are to him. Instead of giving writing instruction to a child who is not ready to write you should pro vide experiences which will con tribute to his readiness. Get a blackboard for your son to write and draw on. Encourage him to use it this will help develop his it Mutt thing to having your own Teeth again nearest of having your own is possible by an artificial membrane invented by chemists. This membrane Den Tures to items and Mouth surfaces just living tissue firmly binds natural Treuil. Now Many can cat and laugh with Little worry of dentures dropping. Fix Dent elastic Mem Fine absorbs the Shock of biting and Chew protects Gums from Bruit Long. You harder cat faster with out pain. Enjoy hard to Chew foods like Steak apples Corn on the cob. Fix Dent also helps you speak More dearly More at ease. The special Pencil Point dispenser permits to ipod fix Dent with precision. No mess. No oozing. Even resists hot drinks Alco Holic beverages. Fix Dent often lusts round the clock. Dentures that fit Are essential to health. So see your dentist regularly. Fix Dent at All drug counters. Motor skills. See that he has ample Opportunity to paint. Encourage him and Praise his efforts. Find something Good to comment on. Don t criticize Ane Don t expect his work to be a piece of Art. Above All give him More Freedom and less help the question my son is 10 years old am does t hand in any papers ii school. He does his Homework a times but we found he forms a mental Block in school and As he says he just can t think this has been going on since he started school. The school psychologist recommended treatment at the child guidance Center although he has absolutely no behaviour problem How does this tie in with schoo work the answer it seems to me your son has emotional problems which Are affecting his ability to concentrate on Classwork. The feigned Dis interest is really a withdrawal on his part. He does not feel up to coping with his work so he wants no part of it. There is no Point in either o us guessing what his problem is your son needs professional help and it is obviously available to you. Take advantage of it. Gronouski is visitor at Auschwitz Camp osw1ecim, Poland a . Ambassador John a. Gronouski said during an unnerving visit to the former Auschwitz extermination Camp saturday it behoves All of us to see tha this never happens to made a two hour tour o the nazi death factory in which four million persons arc Esti mated to have died during world War ii. Now at Clark s custom re upholstering All pieces scotch guarded at no extra Cost to you never before has this been offered on All our upholstery fabrics featuring 10 Quality Points that assure you 100% satisfaction 1. Furniture sterilized connect Cut Seal of approval. 2. All jobs stripped to the Bare Frame. 3. All frames checked for solidity. Corner blocked and braced. 4. All broken Springs replaced. Readjusted and hand tied. 5. Inch Copper bands anchored in base of Sag less construction. 6. New filling added 7. Your Choice of new fabrics upholstered As you desire. 8. Brand new Spring cushions. 9. Frames polished. 10. 5 year warranty on work Manship and construction. All Miracle Fini h repels water resists stains retards soil also specialists in custom made slip covers free Home service phone 366-s601 j our decorator will Call at i your Home any time with huge selection of decorator fabric samples. No obligation. It Mill since ii9f in Percy probe spoke to Valerie and twin 30 hours before slaying Kenilworth 111. A a 19-year-old youth was sought for questioning in the Valerie Percy slaying today As police beefed up their forces Lor a Long investigation. The investigation is going to take a Long said Kenil Worth police chief Robert m. Daley. He said state troopers had joined his 11-Man Force trying to track Down the Slayer of miss Percy 11, daughter of Charles h. Percy gop nominee for the u. S. Senate from Illi Nois. Also taking part in the investigation Are state s attorney s police Cook county sheriff s police Chicago crime Labora tory and identification technicians and Fri agents. Wanted for quit police sought for questioning a youth about 19 who spoke to Valerie and her twin sister Sharon some 30 hours before Valerie was killed. Police said the girls sat near the youth in an elevated train car As they returned Home from their father s Chicago Campaign Headquarters. They quoted Sharon As saying her sister introduced the youth by his first name Only. Sharon told police the conversation then ended. She said the youth transferred trains with them and got off at their Stop walked behind them a Short Dis Tance and then took another path. Police said Sharon s description of the youth matched sket Chy descriptions of Valerie s killer. They did not disclose his first name and his last name was not known. Miss Percy was beaten and stabbed repeatedly sept. 18 in the Percy Home. Daley said More than 150 per sons have been questioned since the brutal murder. He added that it is possible that 150 More persons will be questioned this week. Nine fingerprints were found in the Percy Home which do not match those of any member of the Percy family or of persons known to have visited the Man Sion police said. There Are about computers now in operation Over the country. In t a bedroom phone within your reach it costs less than a Quarter a week order your new phones by calling your local Telephone office or ask any Telephone Man. The Southern new England Telephone company now earn More on your savings an extra dividend at the rate of of 1 per year on both regular savings and investment savings accounts for the period from september 1 to december 1, 1966 payable december regular savings accounts current dividend plus an extra dividend at i the rate of 4.25% 25 a Yea o year total dividend at the rate of investment savings current dividend plus an extra dividend at the rate of 4.6o% .25 total dividend at the rate of 4.85 90-Day notice of withdrawal required minimum balance save by the 7th of each month. Earn dividends 13 aim in Bridgeport an near you

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