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Bridgeport Post Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 1

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Bridgeport Post, The (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, Bridgeport, Connecticut Bridgeport area family newspaper Bridgeport sunday Post vol. Lxxx11i, no. 19 my Mem wed by it 4w m h., trl Timit pm. Man Bridgeport conn., sunday May 7, 1972" second clan of army Xref term. Weather forecast Chance of showers today tomorrow Wii Lutr i thai m rut it pm paces m sections a cwt begins bid to stay Fri s chief fam Sunder my win Strelch Washington acting Fri director l. Patrick Gray Iii says he will Start throwing hard questions at j. Edgar Hoover s key Lieuten ants this week to learn Why the Fri is not catching More top criminals and if it is working at full capacity. In interviews. Gray also disclosed that he will give High priority to fighting organized crime and narcotics abuse As the new head of the Fri s employees a Bureau Cracy ruled by the autocratic Hoover for nearly 48 years. At the same time the 55-year old director and assistant attorney general said has an open mind on the matter of permitting women to be come Fri agents. Will use Hoover s four bul let proof limousines for Security Rea sons but does not want a bodyguard. Hopes to go on having lunch at a cafeteria in the smithsonian Institute near the Justice department. A methodical Man Cray retired to his Stonington conn., Home with his wife Beatrice this weekend to begin drawing up his list of objectives and priorities. He Hopes to do such a top notch Job that he May turn out to be president Nixon s leading candidate to head the Fri on a Ful time basis after the november elect Ion. I m a Guy who s spent 26 continued on Page a-19 inside today s sunday Post arts 7 books and the business and 4 camera classified coins Consumers Criswell crossword doctor in the dress fashions for Fulton j. Junior 9 movies our outdoor prize 8 Stock 3 time for Hue fixes bayonets Vietnam s Fate hangs on outcome9 Hue Vietnam last ditch Volunteer defenders of Hue paraded saturday past shops closed with Iron grates past knots of noncommittal by standers and past the bastions of the City s old military in Ujj t. A thousand men from a 15 in sickness and in or. And mrs. Charles s. Brady celebrated Belr 52nd wedding anniversary yesterday at Park City Hospital where both Are medical patients. The Hospital presented the couple with a festive anniversary cake in Honor of the occasion. Or. Brody an attorney and senior partner in the Law firm of Brody and Brody was a member of the Board of trustees of Park City Hospital for Many years and now serves As an honorary trustee. Mrs. Brody is a life member of the Hospital s w o m e n s auxiliary. Nixon s Campaign purring Washington a be Hind president Nixon s Low key re election Campaign purrs one of the smoothest political machines Ever assembled in ton. It does All the usual things a Campaign organization is sup posed to do and a lot the others can to like conducting its own polls and even producing Tele vision programs. The committee for the re election of the president spreads Over one floor and parts of three others in a Swank office building conveniently across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. A Beautiful Young woman smiles at visitors in a third floor reception room Cut off from the rest of the operation Fay electronically locked doors. As callers Are cleared a Sharp Buzz signals that the doors will open. F behind this Security Are some 125 employees in a half dozen operating divisions from management to Media and a Docu ment shredding machine to make s ure no secrets get out. Second staff this is actually Nixon s Sec Ond Campaign staff since he has within his administration most of the key thinkers and movers of his ims Victory and a few later additions with Sim Ilar Talent. The committee therefore continued on Page warning Given 400 firms on profit reports Topps Section i mighty May time Sale Arama 1-12 grand Way Section j gifts for mom 1-16 Section k warehouse prices 1-4 Parade Magazine Section m paint your Way to Europe 4 Panada diplomacy. 6-7 How of makes men of misfits 14-15 30 powerful people 16-19 threat to National 20-23 troubled kids Call for get it 24 Magnifico meals Section n italian flavor for summer 1 8 Washington the Price commission saturday re leased the names of 400 major firms which it says failed to file quarterly reports on their profits. Warning telegrams arc going out to the firms or their Parent companies notifying them that failure to provide the necessary reports will result in fines or orders to reduce their prices. The commission said the companies have five Days to comply after receiving the Tele Grams. The firms identified by the commission saturday Are those having an annual business vol ume of million or More. Those in this category Are required to give Advance notice of Price increases and to make continued on Page today s chuckle men who Are afraid of being ruined by Suc Cess should get a Job with the weather Bureau. Wallace win in n. Carolina Raleigh . A Ala Bama gov. George c. Wallace won the North Carolina demo cratic primary saturday and crippled the infant Hopes of Terry Santord to emerge As the party s leading dark horse presidential candidate. Wallace who spent most of Panuzio bids Lancaster to weigh conflict by Sidney Folsom mayor. Panuzio last night passed the initial responsibility to John w Lancaster to decide whether he has a conflict of in Terest relating to his Post As chairman of the Bridgeport zoning commission and to act accordingly. I feel that if or Lancaster has become a member of a Law firm that does business with the zoning commission As is charged he should the mayor said. But emphasizing the if in this statement he said he has not made his own investigation of the facts and still has not received the original letter of accusation about the conflict which socialist town chairman Albert m. Perrocco gave to the press last Friday. Sees no wrongdoing i want it Clear that i Don t feel or. Lancaster has done anything wrong in the handling of individual the mayor added. I know of no occasion when he personally acted on cases presented by the Law firm he could of course follow a practice of abstaining from Vot ing when this firm presents a continued on Page year old in a White sport shirt to a 70-year-old Man with a Chest full of ribbons and a Long whte Sard that had Iscum gathered against a North Viet namese attack that is a fore gone conclusion. If Hue Falls Vietnam the past week campaigning elsewhere while former North Carolina gov. Sanford blitzed the state with personal appear ances and to advertising proved he has a solid constituency Here As he rolled up at least 50 per cent of the vote against Sanford Black congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and two non campaigning candidates. With 58 per cent of the precincts reported Sanford was getting 38 per cent of the vote and mrs. Chisholm 8 per cent. Trailing with less than 5 per cent each were Sens. Edmund s. Muskie of Maine and Henry m. Jackson of Washington. Wallace hails outcome Wallace was campaigning saturday night in Maryland where he seeks More delegates in a May 16 primary. He told a Baltimore news conference that he thought his North Carolina Victory would help him win delegates in other Southern and Border states. I think our Victory in North Carolina combined with our victories in Florida Tennessee and Alabama proves that we can win any primary in that part of the country Wallace said. With 59 per cent of the precincts reported this was the breakdown Wallace or 50 per cent. Sanford or 38 per cent. Chisholm 9 or 8 per cent. Muskie or 3 per cent. Jackson or 1 per cent. Both Muskie and Jackson had dropped out of Active campaigning in recent weeks. Nixon margin is m president Nixon was winning 94 per cent of the vote in the Republican primary against rep. Paul n. Mccloskey of Cali fornia who left his name on the ballot even after dropping out of the presidential race in March Wallace s Victory Here came continued on Page said Nguyen due Mai a teacher and political adviser to Hue s so called division of the government has provided Wea Potis for volunteers to defend the City if the army can not hold off the North Vietnam enough signers claimed for fair held budget vote sex student identified in sky Jack by the associated press two Domestic sky jacking ended saturday with the Para Chuting of one Money Laden air pirate into an isolated Region of Central America and the land ing in Cuba of a War protester who vowed he d keep commandeering planes. The Fri saturday in Salt Lake City identified the Hijacker of a Western airlines Jet As Michael Lynn Hansen a 21 year old former University of Utah student. Friends of Hansen said he had carried a marxist poster in a recent Antiwar demonstration in Salt Lake City. The Fri charged Hansen with kidnapping after he commandeered the Western Jet after it had taken off from Salt Lake City. Hansen described by Passen Gers As to dishy dressed Al Lowed the plane to make a scheduled Stop in los Angeles where he let four children and seven adults de plane then ordered the jetliner to Dallas tex., where a fresh Crew boarded the Short Range Craft for a flight to Havana. Nine More passengers left the plane at the refuelling Stop at Dallas. Hansen dressed in red Check ered shirt and Blue trousers had said he wanted to go1 to Hanoi but settled for Cuba. The plane touched Down in Tampa Fla. For More fuel be fore reaching Havana. Five hours later it returned to the United states with 61 persons aboard arriving at Miami International Airport shortly be fore 1 . Saturday. Passengers quoted Hansen As saying the skies of America will not be Safe they said he vowed to sneak Back to this country and repeat the act. The Fri said Hansen who boarded the plane under the name j. Harris said he was acting in retaliation for the renewed . Bombing of North Vietnam. An acquaintance of Hansen Stephen Holbrook a Salt Lake City Antiwar organizer said Hansen carried a poster with pictures of communist leaders in a recent Antiwar demonstration. I told him that was not the by Jules Sebestyen Fairfield sufficient Sig natures have been obtained for a referendum on a proposed million Cut in the fair Field Board of education s budget for the new year starting july 1, mrs. Robert k. O Rourke of Ermine Street said last night. Mrs. O Rourke who is a Leader in the move to Cut school expenditures by Al million said reports received from workers circulating the petitions indicate that More than enough Signa Tures have been obtained to As sure the referendum. A total of 935 signatures representing three per cent of the More than in the town Are required. Mrs. O Rourke said the petitions will be filed with town clerk Mary Katona monday in town Hall. Once the town clerk signifies that sufficient signatures have been obtained the Board of selectmen will set the Date for the voting. The voting would be on the specific question to reduce the adopted budget of by million 1o if the voters approve the Cut the town s tax rate increase of 4.8 Mills projected for the new fiscal year would be Cut by about 2 Mills. 5 demonstrators held in scuffle by Pete Mastronardi the Leader of the Young lords party and a minister identified As the director of the Spanish american coalition group along with three other persons including two women were arrested by Bridgeport police at . Yesterday when they allegedly English Mother bears quilts two girls die Northampton England a quintuplets were bom Here saturday but two of them girls died within hours and the other three boys Clung precariously to life. The quilts were born by cae Sarian Section to Susan Furlow 24, who had been Given Fertility drugs. She had been pregnant 33 weeks. They were her first born. The three Hoys were having difficulty breathing and the Outlook is a Hospi Tal spokesman said. Mrs. Furlow was reported in satisfactory condition at North Ampton general Hospital. The quilts were transferred to the Barrett maternity Home for care in the premature baby unit there. Battled with a numb or of police men injuring two of men during a demonstration in front of Gifu Bels department store. Stale Street. Additional police had to he called to Hie scene. Wilfredo Matos 33, of 70 cres cent place a Leader of the Young lords was charged Wilh assault and later re least under a bail. The Rev. Wilfredo Velez of 51z East main Street pastor of disciples of Christ Church was charged with interfering with police. Herman Torres 18, of 74 cres cent place was booked on charges of assault in the second degree and interfering with police and also released in Bond. Maribel Riccio 22, of building 19, father Panik Village housing project was arrested for breach of the peace and interference. She was released in Bond. Eugenia Muiz 23, of building 27, also of father Panik Village was charged with interference and later released under a bail. Sgt. Anthony Tom of the patrol division said a professional Bondsman appeared at the Sta Tion later to Post bail and release of those held. Police describe scene police gave this account of what occurred a Call was received at head quarters that a group was shout ing and singing very loudly and continued on Page Ese. The provincial government Hopes that As Many men will heed the posters calling for volunteers. Hundreds of citizens have re turned to Hue in the past two Days but thousands were still Riding southward saturday in buses and overloaded trucks. . Officials estimated Only remained out of a popu lation of the Parade had elements of the Noble and the ridiculous. A military band played a Shade off key. The men in tha ranks wore a Jumble of Black pyjamas camouflage uniforms and tattered sports shifts. Some of the troops wore boots some sandals. Militiamen civil servants and a commander s regiment of a half dozen retired officers were represented the Flag bearer was the Ber i boned bearded 70 year old. He is capt. Tran Van Tuan re tired when the present War was starting. He had fought is years for the French and m for the South vietnamese. The column marched from province Headquarters across a Bridge Over the foul smelling perfume River now empty of its gliding samoans and past the frowning Walls of the Hue Citadel where the Viet Cong Flag flew for three weeks in the tet offensive of 1968. This time the people know what the communists really said Mai the political adviser. The defenders held them selves proudly As they passed through town but there were no cheers from the Roadside. A. Few children ran beside the sol Diers but the few dozen elders Hung Back in the Shade. Okay they do what they said a militiaman with a Black baseball Cap and car Bine to the bystanders. When i die i die in m e a n w h i i a the South vietnamese attempt to reopen the Supply route from Plesku to Korntum in the Central High lands appeared to have col lapsed saturday after the ene continued on Page continued on Page mayor eyes Lith hour Park fund bid critical of the common coun cil s failure to act on it last monday mayor Palmizio announced tentative plans yester Day to Call a special meeting of the Council for next thursday to vote on sending an application to the Federal government for for Park improve ments. A Hundred thousand dollars is too important to play games the mayor warned. We Are on the verge of losing it and i Don t want to risk mayor Panuzio added the . Housing and Urban development has told me this Grant is assured under its leg Acy of Parks program it Bridge port acts before the must beat deadline he disclosed that Hud has newly notified him that it must receive word of the common Council s approving Vole before May 15 or we won t get the but May 15 is the next regular Council meeting Date and a vote taken at that time would evidently miss the dead line. Mayor Palmizio said lie s Roina to con act Hud s Hartford of continued on Page a wet Polo last ditch defender Cape. Tran Van Tuan bearded sporting a Chest full of medals car tics mag during Parade saturday through the near empty streets of Hue South Vietnam. The Veteran of the French and South vietnamese armies is part of the City defense division a paramilitary Force o the militia made up of government workers and civilians charged with the last ditch defense of the old Imperial capital of Hue against the North vietnamese

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