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Bridgeport Post Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 1

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Bridgeport Post, The (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Bridgeport, Connecticut Bridgeport newspaper will meet tuesday wrangling forecast with gop lbs message set by Jack Bell Washington under lowering Shadow of the Vietnam new Congress which leaders be has Pinch Penny Man Date from the voters opens its doors tuesday for a months Long session. Both houses appear headed for a wrangling beginning which com the tone for almost continuous controversy As the members appraise the state of the War in Asia and the state of president Johnson s great society at Home. The White House announced saturday that the president will deliver speech on the state of the Union in person to a joint session of Congress on tuesday night. This Means that the administration program will be Laid be f6re the legislators before either chamber can get very far into controversies coming up As pre Luminari 9 action. The House must decide whether to deny to rep. Adam Powell d.-n.y., or remove him from chairman of the education and labor committee or take some lesser disciplinary action. Powell a negro is in hot water because of troubles with the Law in new York and be cause of his conduct of commit tee business. In the Senate a Hardy band of liberals has served notice it will try to water Down Rule 22, which requires a two thirds majority to end filibuster talk. As matters stand neither Effort seems Likely to go any where. Gop Tang Johnson s delivery of he Mes Sage will a Down to work if. Ctet fwd m Pate five Perrocco seen going on ballot with petitions socialist town chairman Al Bert m. Perrocco apparently has qualified for a place on the ballot in the special election Jan. 26 in the City s 22nd senatorial District to fill the Senate seat by the recent democratic state Seit John j. Relihan. Town clerk Frank reported yesterday he verified 159 names on nominating petitions filed last week by or. Perrocco As those of registered voters in the 22nd District and has forwarded them to the Secretary of state in Hartford. Or. Perrocco needed 122-.valid Sig natures equalling one half of one per cent of the cast for the Post in the regular election nov. .8. Formal certification of or. Perrocco to go on the ballot rests with the Secretary of state and is expected to be granted on the basis of the petitions As Suring a three Way race. Democrats have nominated former state rep. Raymond c. Lyddy. The Republican Candi Date is Abraham i. Gordon who ran against senator Relihan last november. The District generally covers the City West of main Street. The weather data . A Citer Bridgeport and variable cloudiness and cold to Day. High temperatures in the mid to upper it s. Overnight Low in the 2t s. Thirty per cent Chance to precipitation. Monday fair and cold. Winds northwesterly winds at is to 25 Mph through most of today. Small Craft warnings Dis played for Long Island sound. Temperature highest yesterday 45 lowest yesterday 23 highest year ago yesterday. 43 lowest year ago yesterday. 37 precipitation yesterday Trace for month barometer 8 . .30.14 humidity 8 . 92% the tide today tomorrow High . . . . Low . . . Almanac sunday january j eighth Day of the year. Eighteenth Day of Winter. Sun rises at and sets at . Post weather forecast. A Trudy cold today monday Faik Cou Bridgeport january 8, 1967 fiery scene of Manchester Accident this what the Wilbur Cross Highway in Manchester looked like Early Ter Day when a Gaso Metruck skidded and overturned near the overpass. The Driver of vehicle s. Ekstrom h i a winds yield Hurt. The battered truck spewed More than Gallons of gasoline on the Roadway sending flames 159 feet into the air. Firemen using foam Spray apparatus brought the Blue under control after a Short time. A state trooper at the scene said the Accident would have caused a catastrophe it it had occurred on a weekday morning in the midst of Rush hour traffic. Sky skip plays Hob with television viewing by Robert. L. Sawyer to viewers have been grilling icer Leech during the evening ours As a to interference Nown technically As sky skip As caused poor n Many cases has made viewing possible on channels 2 and 4 using the past week. The interference which ranges rom heavy bars seemingly superimposed on the picture to a Complete blotting out of the naw York signal by another indistinct Mage has resulted in innumerable Calls to service men in the Rea it was reported. The Assoc Ted with warmer s caused when upper Cloud Lay is move Down Low enough to reflect transmitted to signals. When this happens signals transmitted on the lower frequent ies which would normally never reach this area Bounce off the Cloud layers and into this area. The signals Are picked up by area receivers and intermittently Sig als from new York and Boston and possibly other Distant stations of Battle for the to screen. The principle is the same involved in the use of the satellite for transmissions to Europe and other Distant places. Signals Here Are aimed at the satellite and by Means of reflection Are skip Ped to a receiver in Europe. The principle used in Amateur radio to reach Distant places. The sky skip interference rarely affects the higher Chan Nels hovering usually on the lower frequency channels 2 and 4. Although ithe reorienting of the Antenna has been known to help some cases of sky skip it is rarely a cure. The intensity of the interference varies widely with different locations in this area which is regarded technic ally As a fringe area for new York signals. Service records indicate that the Phenomena is usually intermittent and rarely lasts for any Long length of time with an average of from 10 minutes to an hour but the records also Indi Cate that sky skip occurs much More frequently in the warmer months than it does during the Winter months. The ironical fact is that if your sky skip interference is severe it is usually a Good Indi cation that your Antenna is in Good working order and is High enough to pick up Strong signals those you do not want As Well As those you do. Lowering your Antenna is a sure cure for sky skip in most cases but Don t be sur prised if you Don t get very Good reception on the new York Chan Nels either. Auto crashes into fireside apartments a 17-year-Ola Milford girl receiving a driving lesson from a Friend drove the car off a five foot embankment last night at the intersection of Remington and Stewart streets and smashed in the. Bedroom Wall of one of the fireside apartments police re ported. The Driver of the car Marilyn Mitchell of 965 East Broadway was arrested for driving without a License Beatrice Mautte 17, of 81 Regent Terrace Milford was charged with giving a driving lesson without a permit. The occupant of the apartment mrs. George Dubois 73, was not at Home when the Accident occur de. Police reported miss Mitchell was driving North on Remington Street and apparently became flustered and was unable to Stop at the Stewart Street intersection. The car continued across Stew Art Street lore through a Wirt Resh Fence and Over an embankment smashing in the Wall of mrs. Dubois bedroom. The occupants of the car were not injured. Patrolman Anthony Vida investigated. Did you Ever Stop to think that most of the people favouring birth control have already been born . Puts of stamp on visit mexican Diplomat is member of Mission for Geneva Parley Washington two private american Citi Zens Are reported to have gone to Hanoi to invite a number of North Vietnam Ese to a meeting at Geneva in May to examine the requirements for peace. With mexican envoy accompanied by a mexican Diplomat they have been to Japan and plan to visit phenom penh Cambodia on a similar Mission a spokesman said. They undertook the trip with . Government approval leading to speculation that they might bring Back word of prospects for earlier talks aimed a ending the War in Vietnam. Although they talked with state department officials be fore leaving there was no sign that they were acting in any Way As representatives of the Johnson administration. A state department spokes Man was asked if the depart ment approves or disapproves of the Mission. He answered it is not. A question of approving or Dos approving this project. They Are not going on a Mission from the United states to of the Mission came saturday front the Man aging editor of the Miami Flat news c. Edward Pierce who said in a statement 1 c. Baggs Harry Ashmore and ambassador Luis Quintanilla have travelled to phenom penh and Hanoi to invite persons in both cities to attend and participate in a convocation to examine the requirements for peace. Meeting in late May i the convocation is being sponsored by the Center for the continued on Page four Bonn is eluding set sum Accord by Carl Hartman Bonn Germany a chances have about disappeared that the new West Ger Man government will tie itself Down to spending any fixed amount on buying arms in fhe United states after july 1. The . Government is reluctant to press for a fixed sum. Chancellor Ludwig Erhard lost his Job partly because he failed to get president Johnson to let him off such a Promise. He had undertaken to buy american military goods and services Worth million a year until july 1. . Troop Cost this is equivalent to the sum . Authorities estimated that they would have to spend in Gold and foreign Exchange in order to maintain american troops in Germany. West Ger Man purchases offset this spending and prevented a net loss of american Gold. Officials Esti mate that the potential Drain May reach j800 million a year after july i. Finance minister Franz Josef Strauss who was once defense minister said in a recent inter View when i signed an agree ment like that i saw to it that a letter was included saying that the Federal Republic undertook to fulfil the Accord Only within the framework of its budgetary Kai von Hassel Strauss successor As defense minister did not write such a letter. Now he has been relegated to the lesser Job of refugees minister. Many people in Bonn were sur prised that he got into the new Cabinet at All. Limit offset buying shortly before leaving the de lense ministry von Hassel said West Germany would have to limit its offset buying in the United states to 50 per cent of american expenditures heir july 1, instead of 100 per cent. The same figure was repeated in the Early Days of the new government. Now the picture is changing. Continued m Page four bid to Hanoi car crash fatal to woman Auto backs out of Stratford lot hits it obstacles Stratford _ mrs. Mole d. Curtis 31, of Lau Rel Heights Hospital Shel was fatally injured last night when she was driving backed into three obstacles at Honey spot Road and Moffitt Street. Hits Post were called at o clock said the car hit a Tele phone Booth guard Post a Stop sign and a Utility pole. The car was backing out of a parking place and evidently went out of control. Police said the car shot Back Ward after mrs. Curtis turned on the ignition. Mrs. Curtis a dietician at Laurel Heights was thrown partly our of the car and it crushed her when it hit the Utility pole. Mrs. Curtis was taken to Bridgeport Hospital by Stratford police. She died at . The medical examiner s report to police said a crushed Chest was the cause of death. Mrs. Curtis was the wife of Isaac l. Curtis also a resident of Laurel Heights Hospital. Three passengers escaped with minor injuries or none. They were Natalie Howard 27, of 133 Larkin court Stratford Jack Mceachin 51, of 152 East 150th Street Bronx n.y., and Priscilla Mceachin 23, also of the Bronx address. Assigned to the scene were patrolmen Ronald Beckwith rofl Desrosiers and Albert fal Lioni. The m. Mcdonald Isaac funeral Tome was called to handle arrangements. Mekong is defended by swamps snipers . Marines struggled through the open Campaign Delta that could make the Viet namese War. Who s who there have found Cam laced by Naulga has Stream because of the Prospect that Sharp action against Indi Genous Viet. Would civilian casualties it s hard for even a native to distinguish guerrillas from peaceful Panama Clad peasants but heartland of hip communists for 20 years and now americans Are joining vietnamese troops in an Effort to crush guerrilla bands estimated to total men. Vietnamese efforts Over the years had led but to a stale mate i negating hard won gains farther North. The Viet Cong s extensive Del t organization feeds Large quantities of men supplies am Money to red units in other arts of the country. The Rice largest is on now in the Delta and Viet Cong tax agents Are vying Grain from the peasants n areas the communists con of. Swamp mud and water initial y proved a greater obstacle than the Viet Cong for the american marines who in com Pany with vietnamese marines Are making the first big Ameri can thrust into the Delta. Eight vehicles had to be towed out. Enemy res islands to the Man task Force which stormed ashore by Landing Craft and Hel copters on White Beach Friday rom a flotilla of. 12 . Navy ships was reported limited to scattered sniper fire. The opera Ion called dec House five centers 55 Miles South of Saigon. Picture postcard land from the air the Delta looks Ike a picture postcard land. But vietnamese troops regular goodbye Wood Mont hello Mars helicopter visits swamp no one can answer by Jane Zeliff Milford somewhere out Here in a strange language two ittle people in pointy hats Are singing goodbye Wood Mont Ocllo they must be. When a helicopter began set ing Down in the swampy Clear no bounded by Anderson Mer Vin and new Haven avenues in Voo Dmont yesterday it attracted he attention of a swarm of Resi dents Many of them children they watched with Delight As it i unwed up again almost As if it found the ground too Damp for sitting on. And repeated this a Leuver a number of times before lopping up and away Over the spire of St Agnes Church. Opinions on what it was and Why it was there ranged from somebody drowned in the swamp to somebody s learn ing to both possibilities were at least tentatively ruled out along with Many others when the u. S. Coast guard Rescue station at Eaton s neck l. I., the Mil Ford police department the Sikorsky aircraft corporation Pri vate Pilot and Wood Mont Resi Dent John Hall two major construction companies which own copters and the Bridgeport municipal Airport All disclaimed any knowledge of the flight. There seemed to woo Monters Only one reasonable the copter must have come from Mars with reluctance that . Mili tary planners decided american units with the fantastic fire Power of heavy artillery and fighter bombers should move in to help. Their fear was that i. An aggressive military i stance among the seven million or so Delta dwellers might Label . Forces a colonialist Arr Ray. That is a tag avoided so far be cause the americans have been deployed where there were fewer people and More room to Man Euver. Broken by the movement of sume men of the . 25th infantry division to the Northern fringe of the Delta last fall. They have been largely engaged in getting acquainted with the terrain and villagers of a sector Southwest of Saigon. Experts figure a full infantry division or so men is the minimum needed to really Start carving through the stalemate. They estimate the initial Cost of continued on Page foot Yale s sex swim Bob Kiphuth Dies at 76 Haven a Robert Bob Kiphuth retired swim Ming coach at Yale University and expert in the Field of physical fitness died saturday night. He was 76. Kiphuth retired from Active coaching in 1959 after a 41-year career. His teams won 520 dual meets and lost Only 12 he also coached . Team in several olympic games. In today s sunday Post Section Page books and arts c Bridge b 10 classified ads d 7.24 comics e Cri swell c 2 editorials b 24 financial c 22-23 Junior Post c 8-9 movies Heaters c 10-11 obituaries d Foj outdoor life d 4 political pendulum 5 Puzzle c 6 radio to c 20-21 real estate c 18-19 sports d is Stamps c 6 women s news b 2-11 Sears supplement Section f Home appliances 1-8 Parade Magazine Section g 3ex education 6-7 Aye Dunaway go Oon t Force eating .54 Copeti

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