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Bridgeport Post Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 4

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Bridgeport Post, The (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Bridgeport, Connecticut Four the Bridgeport Post monday february 19, 1962. He gives View despite boost in new budget continued from Page one education is still deliberating on Bow much to ask for in this category the tax Board does t know exactly How much to allo Cate. He said yesterday s move amounted to insertion of a tentative so that the rest of the preliminary budget computations could proceed subject to future adjustment. The school Board is expected to meet on the matter sometime this week. The addition to the health insurance fund is presumably linked to current studies on broadening this coverage. The civil service commission has asked the mayor to consider monday dad has every thing. He just has t paid for it a major medical plan present cams and Blue adding to the Cross coverage which already is set for in the budget. Or. Simpson said the tentative budget allocation will provide the added funds if they Are needed. The joint City employees coun cil recently asked the fax Board to provide funds for a major medical program and estimated the Cost As for the employ is or if the City provided coverage for their family members As Well. Stadium change hinted another budget change made yesterday seemed to set the stage for the Public works department to take Over maintenance of Harding High school s Hedges stadium a task performed by the Park department the past several years. There has been no prior announcement of such a move but the tax Board indicated it had this in mind As it Cut the Park department s stadium maintenance budget from to 500. The is to allow the Park department to continue to care for the grass at the stadium. The rest of the annual stadium maintenance was incorporated As part of a in crease works added and health insurance 000 added. The increase in the tax refund account brings this item to 500. Comptroller Thomas a. Mul Ligan explained that the Large sum is needed to cover refund required by recent court ruling n assessment Appeal cases ant also to cover any possible re funds on motor vehicle assess ments which were made on new revised basis this year. The increase in the Library Budet was made to comply with a a which guarantees the Library sum equal to one Mill on thax rate. This was originally seat but the recent announcement of the preliminary grand list As required this appropriation to 324. Has announced will taken As a Public applied to the Public maintenance account. Specifically this increase was made in this division s account for materials and supplies Rais ing it from to from this it might be indic ated that the also cover the recently discussed major renovation project at the stadium which mayor Tedesco be under works department project. There was no tax Board discussion As to whether this was the purpose of this fund. Teacher for the Blind the1 tax Board added to Hie school Board s teacher salary account to provide for a new Job of teacher of Blind Chil Dren. The comptroller previously had disapproved the school Board s requests for this and other new personnel. At a recent Public hearing a number of speakers pointed out that this particular salary would be fully reimbursed by the state government. This was the Only Ter Day by the tax to comptroller s school budget recommendations. The school budget now stands at still less than the school Board originally requested. In the fire department budget the tax Board added to buy an assistant chief s car and a fire alarm maintenance truck. These had been part of the fire Board s original request of 059 for new vehicles but the comptroller had approved Only new pumper. Still missing is one other Sedan re Quested by the fire Board. In the increases totalled offset in part by the 000 Cut in the Park budget for Thi stadium resulting in a net in crease of Park changes bypassed the tax Board temporarily by passed any further consideration of possible changes in the Park and recreation budget in which the comptroller has recommended less than the depart ment requested originally. The tax Board said its subcommittee on this particular matter has be to Confer with the department Heads but the talks Are expected this week. In the one remaining change in figures yesterday the tax Board added s100.000 to the Esti mate of income from state Educa Tion Grants bringing the total from this source to this brought the total estimated non tax Revenue to subtracting this from the pro posed new budget total of left to be raised by local taxes. Lawrence e. Mckeon who was in charge of compiling the Granc list before his service As tax As Sessor expired a few weeks ago submitted to the Board the preliminary grand list total of this is up Over last year s grand list and also 910 higher than the grand list estimate on which comptroller mul Ligan last month based his pro posed budget and 40.8 Mill tax rate. It was this million grand list difference plus the increase the state Aid estimate which made yesterday s budget hikes possible without a tax jump. The comptroller s budget represented a increase Over the current year s spending. Yesterday s additions increase the budget jump to above the current year s. Change ves " i Oard in the the report urges erosion study continued from Page one Money spent for corrective Pur poses has been the re port claims. The suggestion to the Legisla in u. S. Army corps of engineers Beach erosion Board in for More Basic research on Waves in Long Island sound arrives ends threat of snowfall continued from Page one about Normal with a High in the upper 30s with Snow or rain wednesday night and thursday and possibly again about Friday night the local Bureau said. Most Public schools will not have to face the possibility of losing another Day to the weather. Bridgeport Fairfield Strat Ford and Many communities in this area Are on mid Winter vacations this week. There were sessions today for most parochial schools in the Dio Cese of Bridgeport the Rev. John f. Mcgough diocesan superintendent of schools said. How Ever principals could Call off sessions if conditions in their area warranted it the diocesan school office said. Such was the Case in Norwalk where St. Mary s High and St. Joseph s grammar schools were closed. Guiana is quiet strike averted Georgetown British Gui Ana feb. An Uncertain Cace settled on this tropical capital today after a siege of rioting looting and burning. La Bor leaders called off their Gen eral strike against leftist prime minister Cheddie Jagan but his 5ast Indian followers were re ported plotting reprisals in the u it errands. British armed forces hurried y flown from Jamaica and Lon Don on Appeal from Jagan stil vere braced for trouble although fire blackened Georgetown was quiet. British officials said last night More troops were due in today o reinforce those that arrived Friday and saturday. Flames Roar out of cottage the situation until it could remained tense be determiner whether workers would obey their Union leaders Call to re urn to their jobs. Racial tensions Between be and East indians appeared o run High after rioting negro mobs burned a half mile Square if Georgetown s business Center and its East Indian stores on Fri Lay. The rioting left six dead cores injured and million property damage. Jagan an East Indian himself jets most of his support from last Indian Farmers and work is outside Georgetown. Negroes generally support Forbes Burn am Leader of the people s a ional Congress party whom a ast August s somewhat Gan Defeated election. Tensions relaxed ast night however with the announcement of labor leaders that hey had called off their week Ong strike. The Back to work Call came after the Union leaders met three and a half hours with Jagan. Me negotiator said Jagan agreed o a series of demands. A radio announcement said the unions grouping civil servants government employees and Pri was never implemented the re Mary schoolteachers had asked the workers to return to work South East Side of ram no Vaik and the restored burial Irti Hilll port Points out. The two Man study was based on surveys of the natural Beach on the Island Fici Aily Beach just East of Sherwood is land. Westport. The burial Hill Beach which is a Westport town Beach was re stored in 1955 under the same contract which restored parts of the Sherwood Island Beach areas. With the Trade Union Council recommending its strik ers also to resume work. Item by item yesterday s Bud its adjacent to Sher Wood Island but the beaches Are changes were other budget changes by the Mouth of tax collector s office and Small Creek. Ded to buy two validating and receipting machines zoning com Mission ss25 added to buy a n Jwj commission said or. Sanders John j. Curry chief Engineer for the state water resources talk arranged by episcopal unit Danbury feb. Wright chairman of the Board of the Layman s movement for a Christian world will be guest speaker thursday at the annual George Washington s birthday meeting of men and boys of Dan Bury area episcopal churches. The get together will Start with a corporate communion service at . In St. James Episco recording machine zoning Board j and or. Ellis also made a Survey a Church. The communion to be of appeals added for a new 0 Silverwood Island by Means by men and boys from Jay l _ office chair health and Char statistics compiled by the state episcopal churches in Danbury cities building s3.500 added fori0vcr a 0 years. Ridgefield Bethel Redding new major repairs to elevator and installation of self service controls to eliminate Job of opera Tor fire Depan ment s15.1s5 added for the two new vehicles fire hydrant water service. S33 surveys town Brookfield. Sandy Hook and Sherman Over a period of years. Or. Curry said his have indicated varying times Inland Sherman will be followed which erosion takes place. A dinner and or also disclosed that Many teaching men to natural and artificial managers flames Roar from cottage on Hillside Avenue in Woodmon one of two fires of suspicious origin in that area of Milford Early today. 4 firemen Hurt on Milford Call continued from Page one believed to have been touched off by a firebug on feb. 8. Quick action of firefighters pre vented a major fire at Smith s wonderland skating rink off East Broadway feb. 10 when the arsonist struck again in that area. Fire marshal Leonard Botsford has not yet determined an Esti mate of the loss in today s fires. Chief Coley said fire and police investigators Are working around the clock in an intensive Effort to apprehend the he asked residents observing suspicious activities by pedestrians or car operators to Call fire or police Headquarters immediately. The Milford red Cross disaster committee served hot Coffee to the weary firemen and police sgt. John Zientek headed a Large detail of police in rerouting traffic at the fire scenes. The Rev. Carl Scherer of Laurelton and the Rev Edward Taft fice department Chap lain were at the fires. Cancellations postponements the weekly luncheon of the Bridgeport chamber Commerce scheduled noon in the Statfield hotel was called off because of storm conditions. The featured speaker was to have been Joseph b. Burns president of the connect Cut chamber of Commerce. Among other cancellations or postponements which have been reported is a Bridgeport league of women voters workshop to night in the Home of mrs. Joan Amaruso 1921 North Avenue. Also a dinner meeting of the Public relations committee of the jewish Community Council has been postponed till tomorrow at . In the jewish Community Center. A meeting to organize a state police commissioner s association scheduled for tonight in Masuk High school in Monroe was postponed until feb. 27 at . The Monroe police commis added to bring total to Sand Over tile years. Communion services will be sinners have invited members of All state police commissions to organize the new association for celebrated by the Rev. F. Gra the betterment of relations be la unix Luigi Lurl c Ceifus Raicu by Pic t Jiu air pollution control Bureau. B Luckinbill Rector of communities and a Coor or. A his says geologic study i Riina tinn of in lick work. Added to account for Misc Jan eos needs making it is. 150. Also. Building commissioners sh2 added for two office chairs says geologic study inc slate s coast. Is needed to beaches to local wave Conditi Ijames Church. Churchmen in the Danbury j donation of police work. Public works account for Well cleaning. S5.500 added for by forming Sand cells educator device and s5.soo for. The Westport Norwalk Survey truck Chassis Public that the straight profile Street sweeping account. In the direct placement added for Lour s3. Of Beach restoration is .00 for Leaf loader Public unnatural and doomed to do Mph by the the re 000 added for four trucks plus port says. Sis.500 for four truck the of feels on beaches incinerator. For new differ according to the Type and Crane Bucko Highway Mainton direction of Waves and the con nce added for two Tours of the land according to trucks. Plus ss.500 for four Jet report. Therefore a general study re not provide adequate in Hillside Horri Al. Omia Tion Aid a detailed study Rui decl for Kiev roof for accessory a area May make reservations and and to determine by contacting their patterns 0 their Church or Parish key Man. And n pen i daily fire record Midnight saturday to noon today at Madison school police today Are seeking a burglar who entered Madison school. Wayne Street and fair View Avenue during the weekend and ransacked the principal s of fice. An inventory is being made pos fire it. William Healy is treated at the scene of Wood Mont fire Lor a laceration of the forehead by ambulance Driver Wil lard Chamberlain or. Phone rate boost to go into effect Here soon the Southern new England Telephone company today began work on an amended petition to the Public utilities commission which would increase private Tele phone rates in. The Bridgeport area from to s4.60 a month. Early action seen we can t say when the new Stead of the present daily guar rates will go into effect but it Antee plan. Extending certain base rate areas. Should be James Jolly manager of the company s Busi Ness office Here said. I yesterday the company report actor James Barton edit did not plan to Appeal the Nam Mii ruling of feb. Critical condition commission s which rejected state wide in creases totalling Al though making Clear it did not agree with part and parcel of the commission s reasoning behind the rejection the company went on. To say it Felt nothing could be gained by an Appeal. The change in rates that will be suggested in the amended petition will result from a reclassification of the Bridgeport Exchange and affect subscribers in Bridgeport and Stratford. Despite the fact the commis Sion turned Down the company s state wide schedule of increases it nevertheless approved the Bridgeport reclassification in the feb. 6 decision. Thus approval of the proposed rate boost for Bridgeport and Stratford appear rebels insist peace talks Aren t ended continued from Page one de Gaulle at the Elysee Palace at 3 . 9 . Premier Michel Debre also was present. According to French officials the agreement was reached late last night after a final week of Tough haggling at a secret hide out on French territory near the Swiss Border. All Paris afternoon newspapers Banne lined across their front pages that the cease fire agree ment had been completed. Officials puzzled French officials were at a loss for an explanation of the rebel denials. However they were con Vinced that even if the rebel statements resulted in More last minute bargaining an agreement now is certain. Earlier officials said that three principal documents had resulted from the secret negotiations which have been going on intermittently since last october. The first was a purely military cease fire agreement calling for an end to the fighting in which More than moslem and europeans have died in the past seven years including some 000 French soldiers. It still was not known who would sign this document Al though the French want the Mili tary on both sides to sign. Terms of agreement the political terms of the agree ment will be Laid Down in two declarations of intention which will be made Public simultaneously by the French government in Paris and the rebel government in exile in Tunis. The main terms of these according to the French were expected to be agrees the algerians shall have the right of self de termination. Mixed provisional executive of both moslem and euro peans with a moslem chairman will be set up soon at govern ment Headquarters at Rocher noir East of Algiers to run the territory during an interim per Iod of six to nine months. Mixed Security Force of to men probably under a moslem commander will e responsible for internal secur to during the interim period Al Hough the bulk of France s army will remain for a time. Referendum will be held throughout Algeria after about six months in which the entire population will vote whether it wants Ull Independence or to remain under French Rule. Would create Republic As expected the vote is overwhelmingly in favor of Independence a Sovereign algerian Republic will be set up. Will retain garrisons and bases in Algeria for a num Ber of years. And Algeria will co operate in exploiting Sahara Oil. Dorism designed to undermine the government s authority shake Public Confidence and make in impossible to carry out the cease fire agreement. Secret negotiations the agreement was reached after a final week of secret negotiations. There was a last minute hitch saturday reportedly on guarantees for the european minority. Officials said this May have set Back by three or four Days the earlier feb. 25 target Date for proclaiming a cease fire. First reaction of French politicians to the news that an agree ment had been reached was mixed. Former Premier Paul Reynaud l moderate rightist expressed Confidence that the rights of the europeans in Algeria had been Given sufficient guarantees. Maurice Schumann a Catholic popular Republican mrp and chairman of he National Assem Bly s foreign affairs committee expressed Hope that Quick appeasement would follow the cease fire. But former Premier Georges Bidault also a member of the mrp remarked everything that has been published so far gives Rise to shame rather than Liz recovering rumours denied continued from Page one Salvator Mundi Hospital saturday with what her friends described As exhaustion but what or. Richard Pennington said was food poisoning. A nurse said this morning that miss Taylor had a very Good get. And ate breakfast before she was Burton was in Paris and miss Taylor s husband Eddie Fisher was in Lisbon when she was vitalized. Both flew Back to Rome yesterday. Fisher saw his wife last night. Today a representative for Bur on called newsmen with this Ormal statement from the actor for the past several Days uncontrolled rumours have been growing about Elizabeth and my self. Statements attributed to me Lave been distorted out of pro portion and a series of coincidences has Lent plausibility to a situation become dam aging to Elizabeth. Explains Eddie s absence or Fisher who has business interests of his own merely went out of town to attend to them or a few Days. My Foster father Shif Burton Las been quite ill in new York and my wife Sybil flew there o be with him for a time since my schedule does not permit me o be there. He is very dear to oth of the actor s agent said Burton himself had returned from Paris after completing a Cameo part another movie. He further quoted Burton As saying Elizabeth and i have been close friends for Over 12 years. I have known her since she was a child Star and would certainly never do anything to Hurt her there will be firm or professionally. Or the future of the 1.1 million europeans in Algeria after Independence. The agreement must be approved by de Gaulle and the French Cabinet As Well As by the rebel government in exile and by the to member rebel parliament or National Council of the algerian revolution the Cora s expected to meet in the libyan capital of Tripoli wednesday to study the draft settlement. cameras if As officials Here believe the in answer to these rumours my Normal inclination would be Sim ply to say no comment but i feel that in this Case things should be explained to protect Eliza no delay in filming a spokesman for 20th Century Fox said miss Taylor s illness would not delay the filming of Cleopatra because she was not scheduled to appear before the rescuers Hunt flood victims continued from Page one barrels and jars As City authorities prepared a mass immunization program against typhus. Official mourning the Hamburg City state parliament today ordered state mourning for the flood victims. The extent of the damage in Germany was unknown but was considered vast. British insurance firms alone reported they lost an estimated to Mil lion in Marine insurance on goods awaiting ship or Shore transport. The to residents of Hamburg s wll Helmsburg suburb still were Cut off today and 90 additional British and american helicopters were on their Way to the devastated port City to shuttle food clothing and medical supplies to them. The emergency staff of the German armed forces reported food plundering in Wilhelms Burg and Kirc Dorf Hamburg s two worst hit areas during the night. Road and rail traffic South of Hamburg was still blocked today three Days after Hurricane Force winds sent a six foot wave smashing across this Elbe River port City. Communications were frequently disrupted. Along the Low lying North sea coast officials reported 25 dead or missing in lower Saxony. An estimated 700 per sons were still trapped by floodwaters in Buxtehude near Stade on the Elbe but they were said to be in no immediate danger. Elsewhere in Northern Europe 35 danish and norwegian boats and two danish air Force planes swept through the North sea look ing for two danish fishing boats missing since Friday. A third fishing Cutter capsized and Sank on saturday. Three crewmen were still missing today but two others were plucked from a rub Ber Dinghy. Before the end of the agreement is approved by both ides the cease fire will be signed at a formal session somewhere the spokesman. Jack Brodsky said miss Taylor a salary has been about a week and France in about eight to to 20th Century Fox insured her life Days. For ajj0ut million during the rebel chief to be freed filming. Algerian rebel vice Premier Rwjr Pennington said Rushing Mohammed Ben Bella being held miss Taylor to the Hospital was by the French with four other Ebel government members at a chateau South East of Paris was expected to be released in time o attend the ceremony himself. Ben Bella and his companions were captured by the French in 956 when flying from the moroc can capital at Rabat to Tunis. A perhaps excessive precaution because she could have been treated at Home. But Given the previous illness of miss Taylor stricken some time ago by pneumonia and successively undergoing a tracheotomy there was a certain amount of he said. Immediately after the _ cease fire i it was a year ago that miss car hits wife Driver is held continued from Page of the Road. A car he said was coming in a northerly direction behind the woman. Or. Mcgregor said when the car passed he looked Back and saw the woman on her hands and Knees on a Snow Bank on the Side of the Road. Thinking that the woman had been struck or. Mcgregor said he stopped his car and started to go Back. He said a second car travel ing in a northerly direction went by and All of a sudden she was not or. Mcgregor told police he pursued the slow moving vehicle by foot. He said when he got to the Driver the victim s Hus band he was incoherent finds his wife the two of them he said then looked around the car and Dis covered mrs. Caldwell tinder it her Between the Axle and the front wheel. Or. Mcgregor told police Cald Well cried out of my god of my god it s my or. Mcgregor said he left Caldwell at the car while he called police from a phone in a near by House. Eugene Mollis 30, of 7 Ridge Street a passing Auto St stopped his car and began to free mrs. Caldwell. Or. Mollis told police the woman s had been so tightly wedged and her clothing so entangled that it was Neces sary to Jack up the car and re move the wheel before she could be extricated. Sgt. Joseph Sheehan investigating officer from the Norwalk police department said or. Mcgregor told him that the Caldwell car had been operating in an erratic manner. Also assisting in the investigation Are patrolmen Walter Arndt and Charles Seaman. Mineola n. Y., feb. Is signed and proclaimed Ben Taylor Lay near death from Neu a actor James Barton 71, Bella and his companions Are sex Monia in a London Hospital. Doc was in critical condition in Nas petted to be flown from Here to tors made a Small incision in her Sau Hospital today following a Morocco. Throat and inserted a tube to help heart attack. De Gaulle is expected to an her breathe. This is called a Barton Best known for his Mounce the end of the conflict in tracheotomy Long run As Jeeter Lester in to another radio to broadcast to the ambulance attendant Paolo Bacco played the leading French nation. A Renzini said miss Taylor appear role on Broadway from 1934j at the same time he May As cd to be unconscious when she through 1939. It was the second sume Agair near dictatorial taken into the Hospital sat longest running play on the great preme Powers As he did at the urday night. White Way. A native of Gloucester n. J., Barton began his stage career at the age of 2, when he was car ried on by his parents. His varied career has included appearances As a soft shoe dancer stage a time of the generals revolt in Algeria last april. I this would enable him to take vigorous action to crush any at tempt to seize Power by the terrorist secret army organization the european right Wing to determine what was taken. A merely a formality. Sunday alarm. Firemen window was forced 10 gain end Vir said the amended sent to Stratford Avenue and Bunnell Street to investigate water leak. Back on duly . I or film actor. In recent group which is fighting to keep years he appeared in under French Rule television dramas. French troops ready briton was stricken yesterday Strong forces of French troops at his new Hyde Park. N. Poised on the outskirts of Al trance police said. Home and taken to the Hospital. School Board Iucci for teacher of Blind Board Library directors shm71 in i Park department 56.000 de dec from stadium account a Piunt. Wo.000 added ii Jit. To anti Nance 5 11. Ill added Talaiya today .-still alarm. Faces Tipsy charge i Walter b. Hunziker 51, of 214 Street was arrested on charge of operating a motor petition will be filed with their is wife Katnryn was at his commission As soon As possible bedside and a hearing subsequently will. Conducted in Hartford. Other changes engineers to meet the Miracle of modern and other Points that will be Cov-1 Hes Ives will be discussed at a Wood gain forecast Wash Lafiton lumber ship ments in Are expected to to Tal 33.6 billion Hoard feet up 5 Pir

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