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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Brewster Standard (Newspaper) - October 2, 1891, Brewster, New York Established 1869. Printed entirely at Home m. W. Smith a. Van sm1tii, so. A a a. D. Whitlock Mith Bros. Amp co. Funeral directors and embalmer8. Open Day and night. Lung Roll Row night Calls or_0r .7�?�� for a Quot Cru a pm mph attended to the 1lmt a funner. Residence Barrett House Prospect st., Brewster . A Tau order. On a How Oren a. N. Whitlock a co. Cauro Falls will Rural a a a prompt and cure fill attention. Brewster Putnam county . $3.25 Friday evening october 2,1891. $2.00 per annul. A Knox undertaker Brewster a. T. All new non pm emt by me amm Jno a or it the use it Ira no do Nercil Imine Lutc Litton ton gluon to sit cases. Garry Anos furnished Lor All funeral occasions. A a under. M. D. A. Wednesdays at his office Brewster n. A jul Frderic s. Barnum attorney a Counselor at Law and notary Public Brewster new York. Dan Lmarr Mondara ill tuesdays. A que. L. H. Miller. Physician a surgeon mate Street Brewster n. Lottra hours from s to a to a. In. And 1 30 to i �0 i. M. Bram j. Miller attorney a Counselor at Law and notary Public Yace Over Post Oara Brewster. N. A first National Bank. Brewster n. Office hours i 9 a. M. Until 3 p. M. R. Wells. A tabular. Charles Denton pres. J. G. Wood surgeon a physician. Brewster . Residence and office Cor. Main is and Park Avenue. John Cane Vari in Kumiga and demo split fruits confectionery nuts Etc., Fosters Block Brewster California Anil other grims Florida oranges dogs dates peanuts Cucu Nutini haitian a of. Snick always Frosli Ami of the beat. A share of Public patronage solicited. Mgr Alao a Nice line of cigars. Southeast hotel Brewster new York drills Reynolds proper. House refitted and refurnished. Free stages to and from the Harlem new York t new England and now York City a Northern depots. Quot a aral cd Ana i vary to attacked to the hotel pure Stelt House Brewster. N. A. B. A. Munson manager. A Glrst class country baled centrally la cute i la the Village of Loreu Ater within easy Dan Trace of All railways. Furu Slius bust fur Travelus and summer boarders. a shovels stages meet All Aralua. Tura Oul from to nor livery will be Lur ulsted promptly of . Eureka the great malarial cure. It not Only roller a for the time but it eradicates uie cause of the buffering and tones up the do bloated system. We Gifu Ruutel Uba Tuuu of us vegetable and Dueral pulses. It is Dussea All the Good without buy of the Piui Groub n utilities of Gul ulue. It acts with Speed the Lamella a being of Tuu perceptible s four one Duse. A Success is certain. It Hus never lulled la u single Case try it we about delay us it is absolutely sure cure for malaria Lio Daube and la Grippie. Prepared and pal up Only by the Ouitaa co., Patterson n. A a a u. B. A. For Sale by a. K. Dequi is Dressler a y. James s. Grose Kaleb in Choice beef veal Lamb rams Etc., r. Washburn sold stand main Street Brewster n. Central Market. Main Street Brewster n. Go to Cho grand Central meat Market where of can buy Chotro Floter beef veal Spring a my fresh pork Sun Snga hams turkeys ducks and chickens it Rock Bottom prices Low. Or than any other companion. William e. Maher manager. Q c. Merrick Carriage manufacturer main st., Brewster a y. Est Iclal attention Given to orders for new work. Repairing Nuil trimming in nil branches executed promptly and. At Ronson Nolc prices. Call and examine and see prices before going elsewhere. Photograph studio new National Bank building next doer to Library building 24�� main Street Danbury Conn. Mrs. J. Ii. Folsom proprietress James e. Towner auctioneer sales of All kinds promptly attended to it Short a Dice. Residence and 1. O. Address towners n. Schechet. F. Merchant tailor Opp. Harlem depot Brewster 1 my now in a cared for fall and Winter Trade. In my line of goods will he found some of the Latch Iliad of and patters in both foreign and Domestic cloth which will he made up quickly in Tylea to butt the most Flatt Louft and at Pricer As Low a the lowest. Call and see my goods. Or. H f. Miller surgeon dentist will ire it ills office in Brewster Boudny tues Lay Ami wednesday and at his office in Carmel thursday Friday and saturday of each week. Nitrous oxide Gna administered in extracting Teeth at al i hours a al i work guaranteed. Philip Diehl Baker and confectioner Brewster n. Choice confectionery. Tropical fruits Mats toys Etc. Specialities ice Cream luring the season. Saiia fat or from Matthew Arch 3uun Tom Len fou Utala with Choice creams and Byrua. Shire stallion a Rodham registered in English Shire horse stud Book no 8085. A a in you Nosk do Lap Roulias horse blankets harness whips a Good buggy or car then ral at the jul Publ tory of Geo. F. Sloat in ask st., Brewster. . W Here will be Fuu uti u Picut variety of a very thing la title line. From Iff to Iff per cent do scout made us it of Carriage und buggies. Putnam county savings Bank Brewster. Now York incorporated april 5,1871. Deposits received from 9 l m. To 3 p. A deposits made on the 1st, 2nd, or 3d of the Quarter draws interest from the first into Huffst added Semi annually january und july. W. S. I Hobo us. President. Anex Uilia f. Lou Olla j Reasonr. Theja Loop Kitty of and imported 1iy j. D. Cile Evelt. Imported in dec., 1890 foaled 1887. Is u dark Breu n slightly Dupple Thlu Pults stud Long 17 bands mud Ueless ubut Puri ads. He 1� absolute la Suud Culet , mud bus . Ills Alre Guod All us mud Quot no. �7m, i Une of the Best Shire so Allous la Eagle mud. Tils Ili tui vol. Upp. S7j, is by a Vurby a Quot Farmers glory a Iff id g. D. By Quot Dray Maui my. Will stud fur service at Jiff Euzeb at firms of the Croton magnetic Iron mines i meow amp a. Pm s am Cointo n. Marco i Kun ii m Taiji Dur tug mtr Vonc Lieut at Jivu 4cr ion % it pet week it Gnidic Raj us. Mum. La Kial Uruu in us keep i Dudca a Juil it a Cir to bulb Tolu Giulie Lulier and Aii Cam Uli uld Ike udder cooed la h. Dickinson stud Groom Brewster Putnam co., n. Forty quart $3.25 Iron or an $3.25 milk cans greatest of the old slave. A n cent lilt or to the Gall i Riter onit to Wail oort of Africa just North of Liberis says a great Miny traces yet exist of the Largo establishments main Tan cart by 1�?~dro Blanco when he was making his enormous Fortuno in the slave Hado fifty years ago. Of the hundreds of men who for three centuries engaged in the african slave Trade the spaniard Pedro Blanco towered above them All in the extent and Success of his operations Pedro Blanco was a Man of education. He was born at Malaga Spain Price fire cents. We he hypnotised burglar William Parker who was shot at by policeman Baker saturday and who Vas sep posed to have feigned death necessitating the Nso of an Elt it local Battery to induce him to die h 1 faculties was not spamming and his Caso is regarded As most extraordinary and interesting. Parker was net hit by the policeman a Bullet but he fell Over and was picked up apparently dead. The officer and the doctors at the i Lansmann College where the seemingly inanimate Westchester end Putnam Railroad. Substantial Progress is Bong made in the matter of the Westchester and Putnam Railroad and in the operations at the sunk mines. The surveyors Are at work of the Road making some changes to meet the objections of some of the land owners. They have a so driven the Contro stakes from the Croft mine to the sunk mines and Are now engaged in driving the slope stakes. The deeds for the right of Way f. A. Hull amp co., 181 main st., Danbury it a. A. Weldie boots shoes and rubber goods of All kinds of Good body was taken supposed Norria drowned Mino Are we a were found upon him and there was Snoj a d owner Ltd id off the alight action of the heart that the Low a Quot by need Aboul 3fi�?T000 a a Road i from the cheapest to the Best. Foster s Block Opp. Harlem depot. A. E. Clink ii Arry d. Pearson. Loans and investments. Have you heard of the treat wheat crop in the the Northwest v do Yon know what it is doing to build up Duluth. V if you done to know write us for information and ask us to Tell you about our 8 per cent mortgage Loans. Cline a Pearson 308 first National Bank Duluth Minn. References a a. S. Paddock Brewster a. Y., Geo. Ii. Swift Prev. 1st Natl Bank Amenia n. Y., a. S. Of Nossoll pres. 5th ave. Bank new York City. Birch amp Mckee. The largest Stock. The lowest prices a dress goods in All Lac latest strict Anil Shade. Plain and fancy Yellets Black and coloured silk Black and coloured silk re amp Dames pushes Etc., at tub lowest Ash Fries. Extra bargains in fall hosiery amp underwear a full line of Jet Anil in us trimming to match Drca. Good it Bitch amp Mckee a a 256 main Street. Danbury Conn. At the Brewster pharmacy a. A Deforest proprietor is constantly left a Complete Stock of drugs medicines perfumery toilet articles. Sponges Chamois Combs and brushes paints oils Glass Putty. Prescriptions a specially. A a into Wulc to show Good. Como and Mia us. W. H. Schnabel Florist Croton Falls n. Will bid i at 4,w in j Hundred Hue bedding j1ai� Buuri lib Geranium coir us agn Ruihui Wuchina huh la a Llu Ulrope pan Toca ote us ready to to it i out now. Vegetable plants. Cd lunge Tumuli Pepper celery. Club Flower. A i Piau Tluck. Per Dot Tuu. Per Huu Drou 15.wikr Uto Daaud. Greenhouses Are now Well filled Ault nil to Umic a he Luu. If Tiu a uni but cull i Ului. Will be i thud Luuri Jill Gay Tull or Axi Ruo. Add Wui j we u. Burka Ifil Crulus full,. Brewster livery stables Baxter amp shove proper s. In connection with the Brewster House fit Southeast House. Fist Glass turnouts furnished for u17 our plus at Mcaa Faalilo Ruto. Sly Kcal attention Given to train orders and to the tra Velling of Hubli generally. Complete outfits furl ahead to summer boarders by the Day week or Mouth. Horses wagons harnesses Etc. baud tur Ula or us Ubangi. Hacks meet All trains fare 1bo. Trame solicited. Baxter amp shove. New store at Sodom Southeast n. d. E. Ketcham amp 0., dealers in dry goods groceries and fresh meats. Ever Miodu uld a about u cuu it Juo curad Olmi Obure. Everything new and fresh. Dos reputable business because Hejaz la it the prospects of a great for. West ladies mid the Bouins a mint const. In 18�og Captain canot visited Pedro Illano and wrote the Best description of Bis establishment that we have. It was Wruten however in the Blunt style or a Sailor and undoubtedly be omit Lod a Groat Many interesting details. Lie said that As lie entered the River and pushed upward among Tho Many islands be was astonished at he great pains the spaniard Hud taken to avoid Boug surprised by i users which Weie constantly on the Alert to Ca Pidie slaving vessels. He saw at least 20 watch Towbis made of High piles protected against Sun and rain and enabling the watchmen to observe the sea at a height of from go to 100 foot above the ground. A number of these watch towers were fixed in lofty Trees. Each watchman had a powerful , with which be was continually sweeping the horizon. Then there were other Lowers extending into Tho Interior within signalling distance clone another. Upon the appearance in the oiling of a hostile sail the news was telegraphed by signals in a few minutes from the coast for Miles into the Interior and thus Pedro Illano and his agents were instantly informed that there was danger in the nor. Then there was great bustling of the hundreds of slaves who filled the eat traders Barr Wooods or slave Sheds into the mangrove swamps or Oil into the Judgie where there was not one Chance in a bundred that their presence would be detected. Ii the vessel sent a few boat loads of men ashore they found nothing in ibo Sheds except Bales of harmless merchandise and Pedro Blanco was ready to receive them with the Blandes of smiles and an apparently very Hearty Welcome assuming them that to was glad to receive visits from people of his own coir that to had quit slaving for a living and was now in legitimate Commerce and he hoped they would come to see him often. At that very time he would probably Havo 2,0110 or 3,000 slaves out in the swamps. The slaves chasers could find no proof of his nefarious business and off they would go to seek their prey in other directions. In a similar Way the news was communicated from Post to Post of Iauco s establishment whenever one of his Little vessels returned from the Western world for a fresh cargo. It would lie at Anchor Oil the coast take on a Little Indian rubber Coo Sanut Oil and other articles of legitimate Commerce and wait for some dark night when nothing bad been seen or Beard of any Cruiser and then it would rapidly fill its hold with the poor wretches who were lied together in the bar racoons and off it would Start for America. Pedro Blanco was extremely fortunate. Now and then be lost a slave vessel but the most of his cargoes of Black people reached the Western world in safely and were sold at great profit to the traders there. He could afford to lose an occasional vessel for the profits on a single cargo that Fely reached America a mounted to u Small Fortune. Each of the slave depots on the islands was in charge of an agent. Upon one of these islands near the Mouth of the River. Blanco Hud his business Headquarters but he resided Miles up the River upon another Island where for a Long Lime Nis sister shared with him his business cores there he lived in ail the luxury of a Semi Bur Buric Prince. Further up the River upon another a Bland was his Seraglio a which were his wives who after the custom of the a bes in that neighbourhood Hud each a separate dwelling. He built on the Ibi ands twelve Large slave Barracks or bar racoons. Each of Wohleb generally contained from 100 to g00 Staves. The Wulls of obese Bur rocks were made of a double Row of thick piles driven five feet it to the ground and fastened together with strap Iron. The roofs were of poles with Palm Leaf thatch which kept the Bur Day und Cool. Each of the but. Toons was guarded by three or four Spur turds or portuguese. Capt. Cunot described Pedro Blanco As a sunburned 1 Lille Mesa who for fifteen Yean had nut left the Mouth of the gallic. River and received with the most bounteous hospitality every while Man who came his Way. In 1833 Pedro Blanco gave up the business. And retired i j lava a with his Fortune said to have amounted to severs millions of francs. This famous slave Dosier was known for a Long Lime As the Rothschild of West Africa mud his paper was Currul Aud accepted in the Money marts of Europe. The King of the slave traders lived Many years to co Joy his ill gotten Guios. At last the business that had enriched h m was completely suppressed and in tip is lilt s now a it Reni nil the world that Vidro Blanco Ever lived except lire rums of his slave bar racoons Aud of the Little Palace he built for himself on the i aloud in Tho Gallinas River. Walls a is this a Strong Cigar ? j Junior it a Quot a never yet out is in Tab. This theory has now however Given Way to a much More interesting sex Whon Parker was Laid upon the slab at thu Hospital he seemed dead cough. Not a Muscio moved and tests of the eyelids and the use of noodles stuck Liuio his flesh made no impression. But the physicians knew that the Man was alive. A powerful electric Shock settled the question and Parker cum pad Oft the slab with a yell. But he had not been pretending and the a Leory is that he had been fright end into a Trence or an magi Saiy death. Lie really supposed that to had been shot and killed. A physician who Hus s Neo examined the follow and gotten some of is history said last right Quot the Case is certainly a curious one. Parker declares that to was not spamming and his condition indicates that he was not and that he knew nothing front the i thu he Board the shot until be was us to speak galvanized into life by Tho Battery. Now i done to want to be quoted by name until i have made some further investigations but this seems to be really an extra Ord aary Case of hypnotism. Parker says that when the shot was fired he Felt a and Are now prepared to make contract for them. The ties must be of Chestnut Oak or Butternut seven feet Long six inches face and six inches thick. Ties Man birr 1 Quot r a ii As soon As the survivors have complot their profiles and ascertained the Quantity of Earth and Rock to to used and made an estimate of its Cost which will be in a few Days the company will to prepared to receive proposals for doing the work. The work will be divided up into sections let us t the contractors. The wish of ibo company is that the work May be done by the residuals of and Putnam. It seems to us that some of our Brick mrs ters who Havo bad Large experience in handling material and who have horses Carls and tools on hand will find it profitable to look niger the contracts. Some of the Farmers through whose land the Road runs have expressed a desire to construct the Road to rough heir land. The Rord bed Mill be built wide enough for a set Edard gauge Road and Tho ties w l to Laid for that purpose but the Road As first in d will be three feet wide or one foot wider than the Croft mine railway. The rail on Tho Croft mine or Iway will to Taton up re sense i moved to the sunk mine and there used lion As though something had hit him in in the Many m is of Road to be bilt the heart. Now the freaks of the �mag-1 Thero. Ipalion at i Mes present astonishing air. Batchelor the general manager of the Enterprise was in town of monday contradictions. You remember the of in quoted and Well established Case of the patient who was led to believe by the dropping of water upon his neck that he was bleeding to death and actually died. This Inri May be what a mown in hypnotism As a Good subject. The Flash of the pistol and the excl Amalin of the officer May have thro i him in it a hypnotic state in which to supposed that he was dead and he in get have died to the elec in. Bock had not aroused him the Case is to be investigated thoroughly. In the Means Mold a str languishes in a Loyac is no Philadelphia record. Their courting done by a Quot. In the presence of a crowd compose 1 of nearly All the tot. People George Turner and Helen c. Crift were married at Bristol Conn., saturday afternoon by the Rev. John Tower. Never a til five minutes before the us / a had the Bride Ever seen the Oom but nevertheless they Are head Over heels in love. Several Mouths ago Turner advertised in the Western paper for a wife. In the advertisement be said that he did not want Auy old mrs and that none but pre in women need apply. He also wanted a Hel meet As his lot in life was not exalted. Miss Crift was is years old when she saw the advert sement Aud eng it said no old maids need apply she answer of it. Her Home was in Indianapolis. She Boon received u request from Turner Lor a photograph which a he has by forwarded. In a Little while Turner wrote that her Pic thru was satisfactory Aud be whiff ready to sign a contract for Matrimony. Preparations Weie soon beg in for die , but Turner ius Mcd that ids Fiancee should come to him. He re used to go to her mud even declined to meet her to new York. She How to work do u incident. The vulgate. A lady slipped on a banana Akin on Sokool Street yesterday afternoon end broke a leg. The staccato style. It is a Job for Tho surgeon. A banana skin did it. There was a elide a a Cream end e Dill Tona. The atmosphere was full of lingerie from from hairpins and brio a no. It was laughable. But Only to a few. A dozen Meo gallantly i asked to the Rescue. It was a woman who had fallen. Horror a nether limb was broken. A wan a a a thousands. Tue Florid style. Tripping lightly Down Sokool Street yesterday afternoon her fee aglow with health and her every muscle nerve vein and Artel j in Harmony with the invigorating autumnal atmosphere a representative of the sex was seen suddenly to deflect from the perpendicular and in another instant this one of gods last and Best gifts to Man came with crushing Force to Tho Bard unyielding pavement. Tho immediate cause of Ifie unfortunate lady a downfall was the Greasy envelope of that now common tropical fruit the banana which Home thoughtless if not malicious individual had cast upon Tho Public sidewalk. The victim of this carelessness or worse had sustained a fracture of a limb and it will be Many weary weeks Ero she will again be Able to walk erect and stately As heretofore. Tin facetious style. She will be careful How she treads on banana skins hereafter. She did no to know it was loaded but it tired her. It is Only a broken leg not much Comfort to her but a Good thing for the surgeon. There a Money in it. People who throw away banana skins should be careful to so throw them that they will land with the Slippery Side Down unless they Are in league with the Bone setting profession. In that Case of course it is transcript an erudite Echo. In the course of lamp by summer some strangers of distinction were induced to a wild und a frequented relist a a dista at pan of the Highlands chiefly from the reports they Beard of an Echo which was remarkable for the Elear Aud distinct Cluro of its reverberation. On reaching the spot whence the trial of its Powers is usually made the guide put his hands to the aide of i Mouth and bawled out with the lungs of a Stentor n salutation in gaelic Wiloh was repeated with a precision that seemed beyond Tho exportation of the parts. One of Ali gentlemen by Way of try Long the strength of his voice put Bis baud to the Side of his Mouth in the same manner As his guide and called out Quot How far Are we from Home Quot these words much to the Surprise of their guide were also repeated when poor to Bald. With a simplicity Wiloh brought a smile Over the faces of Alt present exclaimed Quot you buy think it strange gentleman but this is the first time i Ever heard on Esho speak Quot i have no doubt a said the gentleman Quot but it can repeat other languages if you Pul it to the test a and instantly crawled out Home Brief questions la French Spanish and italian. Donald looked More dazed than Ever. Quot Well i must say that a very queer. And thursday of last week pad says that everything is be no pushed As rapidly As possible. Tho Westchester und Railroad company was incorporated on monday last with a Cash capital of 8100,000. The directors Are Thomas a. De Sou of Orange . Charles Batchelor of now York Cuy Franklin Couch of poems tilt Samuel Vohu i Robert l. Cutting Williams la Erry 1 Borras butter Sherburne c. Eaton and John c. Wags Iff of new York it. J. Why they sat up. Tho Small it in of it a a stars Igo As the name May appear is one of Lac Good Little places of Tho Ozark Region in al a song. I dropped in o the Village one june night and after a look at the surroundings 1 determined to find a stopping place and spend the night a Ink. I wont to a respectable Loo in House that was built entirely of logs and after i had rapped several times on the half c used door a native Man Long haired and half Ata. Red looking made h s appearance Aud directed his gaze at me Lor a moment. Quot Weil a be at length drawled Quot a i do anything for yer Quot "1 would like o spend the night with you a i exp n used Quot and i am willing to pay you anything that is right for the Quot i thetis it Quot returned the native Quot Cote right in an i la see what can be did Fer i went in and waited in the dark until he bad bad provided a Light with a p be Torch. Then 1 saw that we were not alone tug Ulherr in thu s tote loom of the Bouse. Quot these m my explained the Aly own father and my own self have native indie at no Hulf u dozen girls of known that Echo for More than seventy various Ages who were on the jiitr8 stud War never knew it use any left a Ruml i Home lie went on sweeping she did not come und he went Home disconsolate. Later he received a Telegram a tying that she was detained in new York but would Irive on saturday. Soju after the wedding the boys and girls of the town surrounded the Turner House armed with tin Bous Pius Aud other musical . R id gave the Bride und Groom a serenade. We never knew it uso language but the gaelic a must come to him in Bristol. She agreed a Bis hand to the other Side Quot is the boys1 Quot your Echo is More Learned then to come. She was due in Bristol on of Cherfan Ihyo a cavity Ike be them a than you supposed a said the gentleman thursday. Turtte Hung around the i 1 was inwardly wondering where they i Ian liking though at a Joss whether to depot All Day anxiously Awu thug her but intended that the Wilt a their gales should rest his head when the old Man set my curiosity at real a when company comes like you a he said Quot ther cmdr us takes tier time Sierpin a Quot you Are rather badly crowded,1 1 replied. Quot but f done to think that you ought to make buy one tit upon my a Quot that a sit right s anger a came the 1laconic answer of the native Quot but if a Christian and Devil meeting. I you had us much stole a a in be lied you a the struggles of childhood with Long i Wale i. Too a words Are often As pathetic us they Are a droll but it is thu funny Side which is it would not have happened Apt to impress their elders. Quot no. Sir a said the Ell anger a Ludy went not Long since to Call up ugly us the crowd looked at the Shower impute Donald a remarks to Arch Nesa or simplicity. A a you May say that said ii a pm fellow with an expression of earnestness that was highly Umus no to those presort Quot but As the Echo has never been out of the of Unity whore can she have got her Edu Eavou pm a lion Lon daily Oloch. On a neighbor in the country and found the five year old Sun of the Bouse playing upon the Lawn. Quot How do you do George a she said. Quot is your Mutuma at lome pm Quot no airs. Gray a be anti Rcd with the must approve 1 politeness. Quot i urn Soi a for that a the can Ier said. A will she be gone Long Quot a i Don t Inow a a in a tile fellow answered doubtfully. Quot she s gone to u cd. Alian and Devil Quot gone to what p the lady exclaimed a astonishment. Quot to a Christian and Deli meeting in the Vostry a was the reply. Aud it suddenly flashed across the callers remembrance Liitt for that afternoon Hud been unix Enid a i in _ us ii of 1 the Toutch a meeting of the society of Chris Liau Endeavor Lia plut recorder. Editor Why do you of j your poem a youth a l otly so that it would be sure not to come Back to me. Of fire and fury falling upon torn Pei lust night. Quot if i Hud Boon living it the time of that event pompe i would never have been destroyed. Quot it would us Teh a Quot remarked one of the by Claudeis. Quot Why would t it Quot Quot because 1 am the a Ranchi Nurer of a roster s Magot. Of Breletic Balm proudly declared the speaker draw re himself up to his full height Quot Aud Quot it al famous preparation is guaranteed to curtail eruptions or Money ref ended to wanly five Neuls u Box Fer Sale by All first Cluss a egg lists. Geum Muu permit Molo hand you some of my but the crowd had fled faster than the l Pompeii aus. A Cincinnati Cotini trial. G Una at Chicago to Lela i Mould have uric it the boys take my Over Oal up to my room and show me the Way. Clerk 1 would advise you to put it on. Sir if you Are going to your room. Its of the top floor Aud you w 1 need it before Yor get up there spoon collecting. The custom of collecting spoons doubtless had its origin in the visits paid by our Well to do people to Europe since it has f out time immemorial been the Uit Siom Quot to bring Back something in the Way of Sou Veouis of the trip. Representative articles from the several countries visited were easy to obtain Aud it was but a step to the fashion of getting like Angeles from different lands by Way of contras a As for instance headdresses foot Wear gloves and the like. Trest utly it was found that the various countries indulged in different patterns of spoons that in England the or Idle terminated u a representation of a foil blown Rose in Scotland a Thistle took the place of Honor the a Tern of the handle Mure or less representing the pc Fly stalk of the National Flower in Llo Laud the ire lit ional Windmill is not Only represented but is arranged so that he slightest movement of the spoon sets the Faby wheel in operation. These As Well us Lac Good eur Mclod mementos you a from Ducu Kiark mud Norway Are repro acute Sivu of the countries and stand for the entire do Saiu. Still Many of the european cities will be found to have emblematic spoons the engraving of which is calculated simply to recall the Tingle municipality ;