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The Facts (Newspaper) - April 6, 2003, Clute, Texas April sunday covering Brazoria county where Texas began final four Texas Battles Syracuse in National semifinal in new Orleans sports in Diamond anniversary Lake Jackson celebrates turning 60 by Velda Hunter the facts Lake Jackson Long gone Are the Days when Mary Harrington Stoddard had to pull off leaches after wading through Waist deep Rainwater on her return from school in Lake Jackson swamp lands that produced an abundance of hungry mosquitoes dont nag Wanda Harrington Pursley As much As they did in the 1940s and the blackouts that left Lake Jackson in the dark during world War ii As planes flew Over head Are now a part of Lanell Harrington Roberson memories but the Harrington Sisters also remembered the fun they had growing up in Lake Jackson As they celebrated the cites 60th birthday saturday at the civic Cen Ter Plaza the event which Drew former residents Newcom ers old timers and visitors included free food entertainment and a Flashback through history at the cites museum the Trio moved to the City in 1942 with their family they recalled moving into a Brand new duplex on Coral Vine Street attending Lake Jackson Junior High and Riding the bus to Freeport to Braz sport High school everyone knew said Roberson while sitting with her Sisters everyone was close to each times have changed in the last 60 years but some things remain the same As several residents pointed to the cites Beauty when asked about qualities they loved most about the City of facts photo Eric Lyle Kayne Harold Crone cuts the Lake Jackson 60th anniversary cake in front of the Lake Jackson historical museum on saturday afternoon to celebrate the cites Diamond anniversary its been a Well run City very Bil Neely Lake Jackson resident for 30 years enchantment hundreds of people gathered for saturdays birthday party which included birthday cake for 300 said Maria Laughlin museum director in addition to the entertainment and food participants were invited to see How Lake Jackson began and transformed to what it is today an exhibit featuring Lake Jacksons history will be on Dis play at the cites museum through May 31 Tours of downtown Lake Jackson were also Given children played popular games of the past that included hop scotch jacks and marbles but if its not electronic they probably never heard of Laughlin said museum visitors read about How construction workers build ing the cites first houses Hung their lunches in Trees to protect them from insects dogs and wildlife visitors read about Lake drug which was open from 8 to 10 daily it was the favorite meeting place for business people in 1945 during the 1950s Lake Jackson residents also shopped at the style Mart the City first department store Mary Smock who moved to Lake Jackson in 1951 recalled her Days As a nurse at Dow Hospital after Reading about the cites med ical services the Lake Jackson resident also substituted for nurses who worked for the cites first doctor Robert Miller like Many other longtime Resi dents William Howard moved to Lake Jackson to work for Dow chemical where he worked in research he recalled How Hurricane Carla forced about 30 families to move into the Junior High school and How he found a huge fish the storm brought Inland others like Bill and Melda Neely who have lived in Lake Jackson for 30 years recalled Muddy streets and difficulty find ing housing when they first moved to Lake Jackson its been a Well run City very Bill Neely said no one knows whats in store for the next 60 years but some residents had predictions i think Lake Jackson will stretch All the Way to Stoddard said candidates focus on a cleaner Freeport the facts Freeport candidates for the cites leadership positions agree on one thing the City needs cleaning up where they disagree is How to do it every race in free ports municipal election is contested this year on May 3 voters will either endorse the current regime by reflecting three incumbents or request a change by selecting one of their challengers mayor Jim Barnett a 65year old Retiree faces challenger Beverly Nixon a 70yearold Community activist Ward d Council Man Carlos Martinez a 41yearold company Branch Man Ager faces Rosa Lujan a 52yearold self employed notary and Ward b councilman Jim Phillips a 69yearold rancher faces two challengers w w Bill Rains a 59yearold Semi retired construction manager and Manuel Diaz a 52yearold Salesman Phillips Martinez Barmett Rains Phillips and Barnett both said there pleased with the direction the City is heading i feel like we Are making Progress for the first time in Phillips said i dont think the Outlook for the City of Freeport has been this Good for 25 Barnett said Council is mov ing Forward on a number of plans to revitalize the City such see election Page 3a a photo pc Brad Burlyng hangs a Flag where his company has set up Camp under a Concrete awning saturday at Saddam International Airport in Iraq forces that captured the Airport were working to set up their areas even using furniture found inside a reception building blasting right into Baghdad troops move in with ease but leaders say fight far from Over by Calvin Woodward associated press troops dashed inside Baghdad on saturday blasting targets nestled in Palm Trees to show they can move at will against Iraq beleaguered defend ers allies adapted their air Campaign to prepare for a climactic ground assault on the capital Saddam Hussein Blac Clad militia his desperadoes suddenly surfaced in downtown Baghdad and iraqi troops deployed at strategic City Points at the Nightfall in preparation for a showdown but tens of thousands of Citi Zens fled no longer believing the assurances of their leaders that the american ground Campaign was being beaten Back officials declared a near choke hold on the capital even while warning that Many other parts of Iraq Are not yet under Allied control there pretty much Cut off in All air Force capt Dani Burrows speaking for Central command said of Baghdad fighters while acknowledging americans raided a suburb iraqi leaders talked bravely of prevail ing we were Able to chop off their Rotten the iraqi armed forces said in a televised statement claiming victories no one could see Allied warplanes now Are flying Over Baghdad nonstop using munitions that include Concrete filled bombs meant to damage fixed targets with less risk to civilian buildings nearby air strikes against the Republican guard Saddam Hussein loyalist fedayeen militia and Arab fighters from outside the country followed a Daylight raid into Baghdad Industrial suburbs by at least three dozen tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles the aim of the probing attack was to sap morale of the iraqi fighters refute Public claims of iraqi officials that they arc winning and perhaps spark surrender or overthrow of Saddam government americans lost at least one Lank and an assault vehicle in periodic firelight officials said they retooled their air strikes to support a coming ground assault on the capital while hoping iraqis would give up the fight before bloody Urban combat became necessary at War i furious fighting at Gates of Baghdad pagel4a i saturdays key developments i Central com Mand releases details of pos Rescue Page Isa i for i depth updates on the War throughout the Day go to com proposed legislation Aims to prevent Gay couples from adopting plan Doest sit Well with Gay Community by Michael Baker the facts its every mothers Nightmare and one former Lake Jackson resident fears a proposed state Law will make it worse for her than for most Moth ers the Nightmare starts out the same Index i i i editorials i i i seen and i state i for Katy Koonce with a cryptic late night phone Call saying her son was in an Accident there is a frantic drive to the Hospital wondering How he is then the twist a nurse tells Koonce that Only family members can visit so she cannot see her son it really scares said Koonce now an Austin resident in a situation like that the last thing you want to do is be fighting with did you forget the people at the should Waylon have two mommies Koonce 40 is not yet a Mother but she will be soon her partner Paige Schilt is expecting a son Waylon at the beginning of May but Koonce worries that if a pro posed Bill in the states House of representatives passes she will clocks were moved ahead one hour this morn ing moving an hour of Day Light to the evening for War weather outdoor activities never be Able to legally adopt the boy she considers her state rep Sid Miller r Stephenville filed a Bill that bans adoption of a child by More than one person of the same sex the Bill is sitting in the House committee for juvenile Justice and family issues but Koonce said it was on the fast track for a House vote though Hes not familiar with the Bill rep Dennis Bonnen r More inside sports Angleton Al county girls selections Page in shuttle disaster foam still key part of investigation Page 16a Angleton said he agreed with the sentiment behind it the Texas Eagle forum also sup ports the Bill the group is part of a National organization that Aims to return what it Calls traditional values to America the group has honoured Bonnen for his voting record in the past Merrylynn Gerste Schlager the educational Liaison for the forum see Bill Page 2a weather today of thunderstorms High 79 tonight storms possible Low 65

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