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Brazil Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1967, Page 3

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Brazil Daily Times (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Brazil, Indiana Tuesday july 18, 1%7till? Brazil daily times Brazil Indiana. Page three. It is amazing How Many top reporters columnists editorial writers and commentators work for us in bringing Eye witness reports of history in the making \ orld wide. My mail from readers talks with editors that will be extended. Contracts with businessmen and those of All walks of life show a Hun Griness to keep informed. Yet most All Are simply Loo Busy to read or to listen to the flood of news. I am most fortunate with a full time Job of writing a column to be Able to read w idely on current topics. My everyday Reading includes such publications As u. S. News and world report. News week time Wall Street journal National observer the news quotes Reg. . Pal. Oil by United tress International Brunswick Patricia Sheehan 33, pretty lady mayor of Brunswick explaining How she turned Back a negro mob marching on the police station a i just talked to a couple of Fellows who appeared to be leaders and told them 1 did t want any Hong Kong Wen Wei communist newspaper in to a Hong threatening More i by communist Goon Kong Olence squads a your heroic anti persecution fighters will eat you up piece by Washington a the White House telling Why it has issued another Appeal to communist North Vietnam and the Viet Cong for an Exchange of sick and wounded War prisoners a we Are gravely concerned that some of these prisoners May not be treated Kinshasa the Congo Congo president Joseph d. Mobutu. Voluminous daily congressional commenting on the escape of record human events associated press and United press International dispatches from a couple of dozen Trade periodicals and listening to the television documentaries. Old lines of what is a local news have faded. Well travel de hoosiers drawing from the greatest tide of news reporting in history talk state National and International affairs at Cracker Box Cross roads Levels. With sons in the armed forces or about to be drafted with tax j is tapping the Hoosier pocket Book. With nuclear War threat hanging Over everyone s head where does a a local news end in keeping with these views it does not seem afield to bring to Hoosier Day readers the most interesting subject matter 1 have found. It May be a review of a Book by a Hoosier. It May be word of the latest benefits or matter of interest to the Veteran and his family. Or. 1 May brain pick a leading columnist. Last week Hoosier Day digested from the american legion monthly Magazine extended articles on a the world after v the Story looking beyond. Was an interview with prof. Frank n. Trager of York University just Back from the asian Tinderbox. And the mercenaries who rebelled against his government a if the mercenaries had not had their hostages the congolese army would have razed the entire town and not a single one would be left cub scout foreign news questions answers to selective service urges Long Range corporate planning Toronto Upilo Long Range facility planning by Industry is necessary because of a rapid Rise in Plant and equipment investments. Carl j. Keifer facilities and Industrial engineering official of North american aviation told the annual convention of the american Institute of Industrial engineers. Keifer said More than $64 billion will be invested in 1967 for Plant and equipment requirements and that by 1967 this capital investment is expected to average annual exceed $100 billion annually cent and from a without Long Range planning management of company s attainment of company goals and even its future is left partially to Chance a he said. Inflation warning Dayton Ohio. It up a reporting that Industrial productivity was up less than one per cent in the first Quarter of 1967 Over 1966. Fact of Gram a business publication of the univer j sity of Dayton says a with wage rates rising rapidly a slowing of output per Man hour can mean Only higher prices and More the publication says the in j crease in productivity w As Only 2.4 per cent in 1966 Over 1965 from 1960 to 1964 there was an gain of 3 5 per 1947 to 1965 an average annual increase of per cent. Feminine horizon parents advised to give child Small Reward for Good behaviour 2.8 r. Barnett president of National information Center. I had heard both of these nationally famous figures speak. Reading that interested me most this week pertained to the a a inside Story of what touched off the six Day israeli Blitzkrieg that destroyed $2 billion dollars Worth of arms and armaments Union intelligence sources broke Down and failed. Forty five per cent of the Oil come from Arab lands and the Middle East ranked High on the predatory of communism to Frank capture the world. It already school is held for gop mayor nominees today has taken Over 30 nations since world War ii. The Theis that intrigued me was the Kremlin in an Effort to tighten the Arab federation that it had Ai med issued false intelligence reports. They were to the effect that Israle was mobilizing troops to invade Syria. Mercurial minded supplied Arab Nat Ioris by soviet Nasser Egypt s president a Russia. Israel w Ith slightly More soviet Stooge got scared and got than two million population completely out of hand. He mov a seized 26.100 Square Miles of territory from Arab countries that have 55 million population. U. S. News and world report in july 17 Issue carried a challenging Theis that a soviet Blunder ignited the Middle East War. News week Magazine and other reliable news sources supplemented this theory. They pointed out the magnificent Job u. S. Intelligence agencies including the c.i.a., military and state department did in keeping president Johnson correctly informed of hour by hour developments in this six Day conflagration. On the other hand the soviet de troops in Sinai desert and ordered blockade of the Gulf of Aqaba israelis lifeline. The soviet scheme backfired and its prestige with that of the arabs suffered terrific by. Even though the Kremlin realms the Arab world decades May elapse before the Arab countries w ill try a fourth attempt to destroy Israel. Israel has no intention of relinquishing Points guarding its lifeline to the world or annexation of the entire divided City of Jerusalem. Possession is nine tenths of the Law in this game. By Eugene j. Cadou Indianapolis up a Many of the Republican nominees for mayor of Indiana a 112cities went Back to school today at a lengthy discussion of Campaign tactics in Indianapolis. I the teachers included state officials and National and state party chiefs. Two of the most prominent instructors were rep. William j o. Cowger r-ky., former mayor of Louisville and Ray Humphreys director of the j gop National committee s poli a tical education training pro Gram. The program included discussion of Campaign strategy techniques. Use of advertising surveys and computer operations. A special workshop session also was held for wives of the candidates. Cowger licks democrats Cowger held a news conference and spoke at a luncheon session. He won the 3rd District congressional seat. Including Louisville by 20.000 votes last fall. The democrats had by Hortense Myers i Indianapolis up a a Little bit of allowance or other Goodie Given frequently As Reward for a Small child s accomplishments is More valuable than a weekly Dole according to a team of psychologists studying ways of handling delinquents. Director Loren Thomas and i his assistant Phillip Rice Are doing their work with troublesome children at the fort Wayne state Hospital and train ing Center but they said their findings apply to All parents and teachers training children. A parents tend to pay no attention to their children when they Are behaving Well but instead a Reward them with at i Tention when their behaviour is undesirable a Rice said. A we try to reverse this and give in music school audition dates Are announced run away with your wife. For a fast or second honeymoon spend a glorious weekend at the luxurious motto in in Indianapolis a elegant rooms with private Bath radio t. V. Many rooms with color t. V. Just think or to Beds to make or dusting to do a Hearth Ano c111b6psindianapolis finest glory be no cooking to do or dishes to Wash a fair Ufret lounge. You la be entertained by a Well known pianist vocalist in this romantic night spot. A swim in our giant Pool a or just relax in our japanese gardens. Be sure to bring your camera wading Pool for children. If this is your second honeymoon and grandma s Busy a bring the children there s no room charge it they re under 14, and Are in the same room with parents. Special rates if you bring this and with you. Doubles $15.00 twins $16.00 per night plus 5% tax for Friday saturday and or sundays Only your local travel agent can make a reservation tor you Telephone code 317 639 4411 North Meridian and 16th Street Indianapolis Indiana 46202 children a Pat on the Back when Good and ignore the temper behaviour starts Early Rice suggested that the teaching of bad behaviour begins a at a very Early age perhaps three months quot the Mother begins to Rush to her infant whenever it cries. It soon learns that if it cries it will get picked up a he said. Rice said he belongs to the school which believes that babies should be allowed to cry if the cry is one of attention Only and not need. A there Are two different types of crying and a Mother soon can distinguish Between a cry if pricked by a pin or if directed toward getting attention a he said. The psychologists said they found in dealing with slightly older children a an allowance is much More of an incentive to a Small child if broken into Small Day by Day instalments rather than a Lump sum at the end of the week. The end of the week is a future too far away for his stimulate learning a Small goodies which children like can be used to increase a child a desire to learn to dress himself for example a Rice said. Another suggestion to parents deals with the training of Small children learning to eat. Quot it is a Messy Job and there is nervous pension Between Parent and child a Rice said. A try placing your hand around the child s hand and hold the spoon making the proper motions. Gradually his hand does the movements instead of your he said that parents in their work earn paychecks for what they do and that some sort of Reward should be offered to children who use proper tableware. Learn to dress themselves pick up oys and do other behaviour regarded As desirable by adults. Loss of rewards they said that in dealing with bad behaviour so destructive it cannot be ignored they have found that restrictions in a a time out chair or confinement in a quiet room coupled with loss of rewards has been excellent results. The psychologists said they minority Leader Marlin k. Me Bie United nations general j Feit that if rats and pigeons could learn Complex assignments on the a a Reward principle it could work with Slyt retarded child and they also tured the District by 26.000 in 1964. In november 1961. Cowger was elected Louisville a first gop mayor in 30 years. His luncheon address was titled a win the Small ones and you win state chairman Charles o. Hendricks presided. Also on the workshop program was Charles Mccall arts and science director of the National committee who discussed political surveys. House speaker or. Otis r. Bowen of Bremen and Senate audition dates for admission to the Indiana University school of music for the 1968-69 school year have been announced by Wilfred c. Bain Dean of school. The dates Are dec. 8-9, 1967. And feb. 9-10. March 8-9, and april 19-20, 1968. At Bloomington. Each undergraduate and graduate applicant tor admission to the school of music must audition in his principal performing medium. An audition May be obtained by writing office of the Dean school of music Indiana University Bloomington Indiana. The application must include name address performing medium class standing degree Decap j sired and preferred audition Date. Applicants unable to audition in person on any of the specified dates May submit a tape recording details for which also May be obtained from the office of the Dean. Back communist Washington up a the United states is expected to Back the candidacy of romanian foreign minister Corneliu Manescu for the presidency of commentary by Phil Newsom up foreign news analyst on the platform behind the speaker mrs. Indira Gandhi prime minister of India reclined against a bolster Pillow. Lounging in similar attitudes on the floor nearby were other important members of her government and of the All India Congress party. Sitting on the floor is the traditional Indian manner and is customary among the leaders at important party gatherings. From out in front an angry Babel Rose from the 300 delegates attending the session of the ruling party a highest policy making body the All Indian Congress committee. This too had become almost customary in mrs. Gandhi a year and a half of Rule since she took Over after the death of Lai Bahadur Shastri who in turn had succeeded her illustrious father. Prime minister Jawa Harlal Nehru. But there was a difference for this time the angry Babel had its basis in fright. It was the first meeting of the committee since last february a disastrous elections in which the party lost eight states and much of its parliamentary majority. As her father s political heir the delegates accused mrs. Gandhi of departing from the socialism which he espoused and thus along with other leaders of contributing to the party a defeat. To mrs. Gandhi this also was becoming an old Story. The trouble was she was caught in a Vise from which she could not escape. While preaching socialism no one in the Congress party including Nehru himself Ever has seemed quite sure of what they were talking about. On the other hand indians huge problems with food shortages and mounting inflation also made her susceptible to outside pressures for monetary reforms which the socialists resist. Heaviest of these pressures came from the United states and the world Bank and these within the last year had resulted in devaluation of the Rupee a relaxation in the attitude toward private investment especially in the manufacture of desperately needed fertilizer and a sweeping liberalization of restrictions on imports. Especially in a plan to use rupees paid to the United states for wheat As an Aid to Indian education the opposition saw not Only mrs. Gandhi a surrender to imperialism but also the ominous hand of the America Cia. In the end. The rebellious delegates pushed through a number of measures none of which seemed Likely to cure India s ills. One demanded nationalization of the Banks and Deputy prime minister Morarji Desai who also is finance minister dutifully began his conversations with the Bankers. Another would Cut off some $8.5 million divided annually among 400 deposed Indian Princess less than a drop in the bucket As measured against indians financial ills. Another demanded a speedup in land Reform and mrs. Gandhi wrote letters to chief ministers of the states. The the questions most frequently asked of the selective sen ice system concerns the requirements for a ii a classification As an undergraduate student colonel Robert k. Custer state director if the Indiana selective service system stated today these questions along with appropriate answers Are set out below and the printing of these will be in the Public interest. The almanac by United press International today is tuesday july 18. The 199th Day of 1967 with 166 to follow. The Moon is Between its first Quarter and full phase. The morning Star is Saturn. The evening stars Are Venus and Mars. Born on this Day in 1921. Was the first american to orbit the Earth. John Glenn. On this Day in history in 1914. The United states created an aviation Section within the signal corps with six planes available. In 1938, Douglas Corrigan arrived in Dublin after having left York City ostensibly for California. He earned the nickname a wrong in 1951, Jersey Joe Walcott knocked out Ezzard Charles in seven rounds to win the heavyweight championship in 1966. Astronauts John Young and Mike Cooper set an Orbital height record by reaching just Over 478 Miles. Trouble Here was that giving land to a peasant who had neither the knowledge nor fertilizer to work it. Also seemed futile. But that is mrs. Gandhi s dilemma. Question what requirements must i meet to Quality for a ii a classification As an undergraduate College student answer you must file a written request with your local Board for deferment As an undergrad a ate student. Additionally you j must provide your local Board with convincing evidence that you Are continuing to pursue satisfactorily a full time course of instruction at a collage. University or similar institution of i learning. Question How does the selective service system define the phrase a satisfactorily pursuing a full time course of instructions when the deferment of undergraduate College students is being considered0 answer to be considered As a satisfactorily pursuing a full time course of instructions an undergraduate student who is taking a four year course should earn 25% of the credits required for his baccalaureate degree at the end of his first academic year 50% at the end of his second academic year and 75% at the end of his third academic year. In the Case of a baccalaureate degree for which five years of study Are prescribed by the institution a student should earn 20% each year of the total credits required for the degree. Question what is meant by a a student s academic year answer in determining eligibility for classification in class ii a College students student s academic year shall include the 12-month period following the beginning of his course of study. Shop Brazil first Miller sons 421 last National ave nut phone 446-2206 parking Daniel of Richmond spoke on a issues and legislation in and rep. William d. Ruckelshaus of Indianapolis i House majority Leader likewise was on the program. A a teachers also included Secretary of state Edgar d. Whit comb. State auditor John p. Gallagher state treasurer John j k. Snyder Richard d. Wells state superintendent of Public j instruction James t. Neal Noblesville publisher and Secretary of the state committee numerous members of the state committee and a number of mayors. Mrs. Cecil m. Harden Covington National committe Ewo Assembly this fall according to authoritative sources. If elected in september Manescu would become the first representative of a communist nation to preside Over the world body. Man and former congresswoman presided at the meeting for wives and speakers included mrs. William g. Bray wife of the 6th District congressman mrs. Margaret Prickett mayor of Mishawaka state rep. Frances Gaylord Lafayette and mrs. Virginia Mefford. Montgomery county vice hair Man. Found it would apply to so called Normal children. They said that gradually As the child gets older the expectation of immediate Reward can be replaced with a learning process in which he finds that a Token of payment can be used later just As a paycheck is cashed. The psychologists use poker chips As tokens of payment which Are traded later at the schools variety store for various items. A a a a a a highest Quality a highest Quality a a of i a it la x cd car l it it la x cd x a a a a bargains for everyone �?~5 million Gallons prove we re right a s6.95 Quality i gloss House paint s3.69 s8.40 Quality acrylic Latex House paint 4.69 the Best paint Money can buy Johnson feed amp Supply 208 South Walnut phone 442 5261 a x o x m Cut a a highest Quality highest Quality a a a a o x m of a 0 cd a

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