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Brazil Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1967, Page 1

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Brazil Daily Times (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Brazil, Indiana A. Ins oxidation of 1azil daily times established in 1888 the Brazil daily news established in 1889 the Brazil daily times weather slight Chance of rain tonight wednesday. Low tonight 80. High wed. 88. Volume 79 number 191brazil, Indiana tuesday july 18, 1967 seven cents. American rockets destroy 71-boat red Convoy Saigon up a three american rocket firing helicopters tank a 71-boat communist Convoy . Officials said today. Delighted South vietnamese leaders promptly reopened a $50 million Industrial showplace they had closed in the Battle area for fear of guerrilla attack. A we hit them with All we had end ripped them up pretty Good a said maj. William Arink of Springfield md., who commanded the three a a firefly choppers that destroyed the 40-foot. Junks and samoans with pockets and machine gun fire. The destruction of the smuggler Convoy on the Truong Giang River on South Vietnam s Northern coast followed the . Navy coast guard destruction Friday of a 120-ton North . Appeals for Exchange of prisoners Washington up a the White House has appealed to communist North Vietnam and 1he Viet Cong for an Exchange of sick and wounded War prisoners and for Neutral inspection of prison Camp conditions. Some 180 americans Are known prisoners of the communists and several Hundred others listed As missing May also be captives. A we Are gravely concerned that some of these prisoners May not be treated humanely a the White House said in issuing the Appeal monday. The Viet Cong and Hanoi claim that . Prisoners Are properly treated. But this cannot be verified because Neutral Obser servers from such organizations As the International committee of the red Cross have not been allowed by the communists to visit their Camps the White House said. A the United states Calls on the National liberation front and North Vietnam to permit inspection of All prisoners a the Appeal said a and urges them to repatriate those sick and wounded prisoners who qualify for repatriation under the Geneva the statement also said Washington and Saigon repeatedly a made Clear both publicly and privately through Many channels their desire to bring about an Exchange of prisoners. A of the same 180 americans held by the communists More than 20 soldiers and several civilians Are in the hands of the Viet Cong and about 160. Mostly pilots Are confined in North Vietnam. Vietnamese trawler nearby and coincided with the killing of 16 communists by marines in the same area today. Resume construction South vietnamese economics minister Nguyen Huu Llano. Who had closed the prestige project due to a poor Security a ordered construction resumed on the Power Plant fertilizer factory and Coal mine Center that was designed to prove this nation could Progress despite communist terror. / in other action. . Jets flew 134 missions against North Vietnam a War machine monday spokesmen said. They returned to the Don son Oil depot 13 Miles from the major port of Haiphong and left it churning smoke up to 2, xxx feet. They also smashed key train Yards and lines around the capital of Hanoi. . Spokesmen said an air Force f105 thunderchief was downed and the Pilot reported missing. It was the 611th american plane lost Over the communist nation and the 13th in the past 11 Days. Giant air Force b52 strato fortresses monday smashed major communist troop positions 24 Miles Northeast of Saigon and again near Danang close to the giant Complex whose closure had been a blow to vietnamese morale. Massive communist attack Hanh s order last week had appeared justified to some last weekend As the communists in one two three order rained hundreds of shells Down on the Marine air base bastion at Danang smashed open a government prison at nearby hoi an to free 1.200 inmates and tried to bring in a huge amount of supplies on the trawler. The Viet Cong deprived of its propaganda Victory at the project kept up its terrorism. . Officials said a hand grenade explosion at the Plesku air police armory in the Central Highlands Early today killed one airman and wounded 10 others. Two Battles underway near Saigon . Army 9th infantry division troops fought two running Battles against guerrillas monday. They reported killing 21 communists. . Losses were put at three killed and 11 wounded. The Jet air strikes against North Vietnam continued a massive american Effort to cripple the communist nations ability to Field and Supply invasion troops in South Vietnam. At Warsaw the polish television monday showed an interview with a North vietnamese captured american flier identified As col. Gordon a. Larsen. The film also showed scenes of Hanoi wreckage and Hospital scenes of babies described As orphans. Continued on Page two lbs names panel to seek settlement of rail dispute Many trains Are moving again four railroads still shut Down the air Force and Martin Marietta corp. Unveiled the x-24 wingless air plane. The aircraft is a forerunner of a Craft expected to one Day bring Back men from space. The Craft was built at a Cost of $1.3 million. Up telephoto Washington up a president Johnson today named a Blue ribbon panel headed by sen. Wayne Morse to seek settlement of the Long standing railway labor dispute. He said he was a very hopeful we can . Observers on both sides of Suez canal work on Indiana redistricting is continued by 12 legislators Indianapolis up a 12-member subcommittee is beginning work at the same Point of fatal conflict w7hich kept the 3967 regular session of the legislature from enacting a new congressional distracting Law. The subcommittee with co chairman sen. Walter a. Bar and East Chicago presiding today convened again in efforts to produce an acceptable plan to be offered to a special session of the legislature. The group with the other co chairman rep. Jack Smither Man a Mooresville presiding first held separate political caucuses monday then met twice in the morning and afternoon to jointly discuss five different plans. Smitherman at the close of the first Days sessions said the bulk of the discussion had concerned Marion county and the11th District. A we feel that if we resolve our differences Here we might proceed More rapidly than any other Way a he said. When the regular session ended March 9, the democrats generally were holding out for keeping the 11th District of rep. Andrew Jacobs a Indianapolis As it is now. It consists of Center and Wayne townships in Marion county a District which went democratic by about 14.000 votes in 1966 which was pretty much a Republican year. The gop was insisting at the end of the regular session that the 11th be changed to Center and Washington townships which would reduce the democratic Edge. Indiana faces the Prospect of electing its 11 congressmen at Large unless the legislature in a yet to be called special session continued on Page two Jerusalem up a United nations observers stood watch on both sides of the Suez canal today and reported both the israelis and egyptians were honouring the Middle East ceasefire. In Cairo the authoritative newspaper a1 ashram said the presidents of Algeria and Iraq flew to Moscow for a political talks of major importance following their week Long con-1 Ferencek with egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser. The newspaper said the Moscow talks would Deal with a an analysis of the general Middle East situation from the viewpoint of the Arab states j which participated in the Cairo meeting and these states j i assessment of nil i in Moscow. Algerian pres j ident Houari Boum Dienne and president Abdel Rahman Aref held several hours of talks with soviet Premier Alexei n. Kosygin and communist party j Leader Leonid i. Brezhnev. There was no official word on the talks expected to end late today or wednesday. But the arabs were reported asking for even More military Aid than the Kremlin is supplying. The russians were said to be demanding More control Over Arab policies in Exchange for1 additional armed Aid in new York the . General Assembly had 48 hours to reach agreement on any further Middle East resolutions. The Assembly president said he would definitely terminate the month old emergency session thursday. Four Man . Truce teams took up their posts at 6 . Monday night and said All was quiet on both sides of the waterway across which Israel and Egypt traded heavy fire last week. The observation posts picked out by . Personnel sunday Are situated along the canals Banks and at roads along the waterway. The four observers on the israeli Side were an australian an italian a belgian and a swede. Two frenchmen and two swedes were placed on the egyptian Banks. A . Spokesman said there would be no direct communications Between the two teams. Such Contact has been opposed by Egypt. Bake Sale planned for saturday the adopt a patient committee and adopters of the Clay county mental health association in Indiana will have a bake Sale saturday july 22, at 9 . In the lobby of the Riddell National Bank. Each adopter and member is being asked for a bakery item or a Cash donation. Proceeds from this bake Sale will be used in conjunction with proceeds from a rummage Sale to be held later to Purchase or assist in purchasing a hair dryer for patients at Muscat tuck state Hospital. Chairmen for this event Are mrs. Maye Smith 443-3471 mrs. Louise Somheil 443-5381, and they May be contacted for any other additional information. Schedule of events for Clay City fair july 25 the clan City 4-h fair will get underway and will continue through july 29 with a full program scheduled to Delight everyone. A schedule of events on the fair program is As follows tuesday july 25 tractor pulling 1 . To 7 . Wednesday july 26 bring in livestock and All other boys exhibits 1 . To 8 . Tractor pulling 1 . To 7 . Thursday july 27 bringing in women a and girls 4-11 club exhibits 9 . To 12 30 . 4-h Parade. 6 30 ., prompt. Variety show 8 30 . Merchandise drawing 10 . Friday july 28 animal judging 9 . Dairy judging 12 30 . Pony pull 6 . To 8 . 4-h dress review. 7 30 . Clay county Queen contest. 9 . Merchandise drawing 10 . Saturday july 29 pig scramble 1 ,. Pet Parade 2 . Quartet 7 30 . To 8 . Teen night 8 . To 11 . Quartet 9 . To 9 30 . Merchandise drawing 10 . Officers for this years fair Are As follows president Harvey Steuerwald vice president Robert Buis Secretary Mary orman treasurer Ruth Long and the directors Bob Buis Bill Tiefel Ruth Long Mabel browned Staley Jim Ridley Harvey Steuerwald Dale Griffith and Victor Morris. There will be rides on the Midway and food and refreshment stands. Make plans to attend each Day of the fair. Today s chuckle a Soldier leaving an base was overheard saying to a comradery this has got to be love at first sight. I m on an eight hour . Now losing More men than South Vietnam Saigon up for the first time in the Vietnam War More american troops Are being killed than South vietnamese. . Combat reports today also said More americans died in the first 27 weeks of this year than in All of 1966 s combat. The reports gave More evidence that the Burden of lighting major communist forces has shifted from the South vietnamese to the americans. The lists of dead Tell the Story. In the first five months of 1967, the South vietnamese suffered 3.681 Battlefield deaths. The americans lost 2,853. But in May june and the first week of july the americans lost 2.337 men and the South vietnamese 1.922. Americans dominate fighting this supported Allied reports that the Tough now experienced american forces Are taking on the North vietnamese and Viet Cong Battle forces. The South vietnamese More and More Are being deployed to do the Job the americans cannot do. That is to provide Village by Village Protection for civilians in the Allied pacification drive to win the loyalty of the nations peasants. In terms of manpower the South vietnamese forces outnumber the americans. South Vietnam has Abou 620.000 men under . A militia like men of the popular and regional forces which live and fight in their own Home Village areas. The american forces total 466.000 men. This includes 303.000 troops 78.000 marines 56. Xxx in the Navy and 1.200 in the coast guard. The Navy figures do not include the continued on Page two by United press International trains began rolling again today signalling the official end of a nationwide strike but four railroads still were shut Down completely. The association of american railroads said in Washington four others still were affected by the machinists strike. These lines the car said were shut Down completely the Louisville and Nashville the Norfolk and Western the Seaboard coast line and the terminal Railroad of st. Louis. The car said the Baltimore and Ohio and the new York Central still were without full service and the Southern Pacific was still inoperative in the los Angeles area. The Milwaukee Railroad was not operating in the state of Washington the car said. An car spokesman said the st. Louis terminal Railroad still was shut Down and was keeping the Louisville and Nashville the Norfolk and Western and the Seaboard coast line from operating. Most of the picket lines began coming Down alter Congress in language pathologist to speak Here miss Janice westerhouse language pathologist at Indiana University will be the principal speaker at the weekly kiwanis club meeting thursday at 6 . She will be speaking to kiwanis members and members of the staff of the Clay county Hospital who have been invited As special guests. Her talk will be in conjunction with a free speech therapy for stroke and brain injured patients which is now being offered at the Clay county Hospital As a part of the speech clinic at in. Miss westerhouse is directing the service in Clay county and she indicates that any person with aphasia difficulty with language due to brain damage will receive these services free of charge. Patients will receive language training on a regular basis As in patients of the Hospital or after dismissal will return on an out patient basis. Mrs. Madge Scobell administrator of the local Hospital stated that persons interested in the new service should Contact her at the Hospital and arrangements will be made for therapy. Snake lovers Hugh Davis of Austin tex., just happens to love snakes but not so a neighbor who recently called police when Young Hugh was out walking the streets with his seven foot Boa Constrictor casually coiled around his . Hugh has been ordered to abide by a City ordinance requiring a dangerous animals to be kept off the streets. Up telephoto Rural Brazil Man charged in wreck Ronnie Thompson 25. R. R. 5, Brazil has been charged with leaving the scene of a property damage Accident. Thompson was charged with running his Auto into the front of Fred a Market in East Brazil at 2 . Today. Don Young night attendant at a service station located next to the Market called the police after the Accident. Thompson did not report the Accident and his car was discovered by the City police this morning. Two front doors were pushed in by Thompson and window Glass was broken. An estimate of the amount of damage was not available but it is expected to Cost about $100 to repair the damage. According to Brazil police department reports Thompson pulled out of the service station and made a sweeping turn and hit the front of the Market building. Thompson has been charged with leaving the scene of an Accident. He was arrested today and will appear in Clay circuit court wednesday at 9 . Rushed anti strike legislation to president Johnson for his signature monday night. The strike began officially at 12 01 ., sunday. Bill Irvin spokesman for six shop Craft unions for the Santa be Railroad in new1 Mexico said the Carrier had so far refused to reach agreement with the Union about employees not being discriminated against or losing their positions. He said the Union considered this constituted a lockout by the Santa be and telegrams saying so were sent to president Johnson and the president of the Santa be. Milwaukee Road trains did not get under Way in Milwaukee until after 8 . When the Milwaukee Road Branch of the International association of machinists staged a Wildcat strike. The machinists headed a plea by Union chairman Frank j. Balistreri and disbanded their picket lines at about 8 25 am. Kenneth s. Jaworski. General chairman of District five of the 1am, had threatened to keep his District on strike but today backed Down from his threat and told his men to return to work. The District includes sections of Missouri. Arkansas Kansas and Illinois. Jaworski claimed the return to work order was a a unconstitutional and said the legislation was a taking our Freedom away from us that was Given years Back under the Railroad labor some spots along the Seaboard coastline at Raleigh n.c., were still being picketed today. Most of the rest of railroads appeared to returning to Normal operations today and Many had reported Normal schedules shortly after Dawn. Up to 95 per cent of the Industry was stilled by the strike idling at least 69 of the nation s 76 major railroads and 7 xxx Railroad employees. . District court judge Frank Wilson at Chattanooga tenn., today issued a temporary injunction against the shop Craft unions ordering them Back to work on the Southern railway system. A spokesman for the Railroad said its employees began reporting to work. Commuter lines in Chicago. New York. Philadelphia. Pittsburgh Boston and san Francisco were reported Back in operation and on schedule for the most part. Cross country passenger service was slower in starting but Many of the railroads reported Normal schedules and operations by mid morning. Mail deliveries bottled up by the strike were reported moving again today As Post offices eased embargoes that had been placed on everything but first class mail. The be train mail service expected to return to Normal today Brazil postmaster Max Wolverton informed the times today that due to the president s signing of the anti strike legislation by Congress monday ordering six shop Craft unions who were on strike against the railroads Back to work that the imposed embargo on mail was now lifted. With the trains running again the announced embargo on All second third and fourth class i mail will not be put into effect. Wolverton said he expects the service to return to Normal to Day. Birth announcements to or. And mrs. William Thomas Engle jr., . 1? Green Castle july 13, a boy James Talbert. To or. And mrs. Jack Dee Bridgewater 403 King ave., july 14, a girl Angela Kaye. Get agreement Between he Johnson took the action under the legislation he signed monday ending the two Day old rail strike. In addition to Morse an Oregon Democrat members of the mediation Board Are Frederick Kappel former president of the american Telephone and Telegraph co. George Meany president of the Al Cio former Republican sen. Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts and Theodore Kheel Veteran mediator who had a key part in rail negotiations in 1964. Johnson announced creation of the panel at a hastily called news conference. He said he assumed the members would tackle the problem right away. The Board will administer provisions of the anti strike legislation that Congress rushed to passage monday. The Law ordered striking members of six shop Craft unions to return to their jobs for a 90-Day period during which new efforts will to made to Engineer an agreement on a new contract. Should those efforts fail the workers would be kept on their jobs until Jan. 1, 1969 under a form of compulsory arbitration. Previous mediation in the dispute involving 95 per cent of the nation s rail service have gone for naught. Declaring that a the Public interest must prevail a the i Idt to signed the Bill into Law monday evening halting the first nationwide rail walkout in 21 years and getting vital material for the Vietnam War rolling again. The measure was rushed through Congress in one Day after being stalemated in a Senate House conference committee for a month. It meant that the six striking shop Craft unions faced Justice department injunctions if they did not order their members Back to work. The p r e s i d e n to a action brought cries of outrage from Railroad Union leaders. Joseph w. Ramsey a vice president of the International association of machinists Jam the Union that led the walkout labelled the Bill a the strike breaking act of 1967.�?� others charged that Johnson and Congress had been stampeded into a discriminatory anti labor legislation by the railroads. There was no great love for the measure in Congress especially in the House All of whose members must face elections next year. But democratic and Republican leaders reminded the members that trains with munitions bound for Vietnam were Idle in freight Yards that the nation was threatened with economic paralysis. Johnson told Congress in a letter that the strike was a a National crisis. A Complete breakdown of private the Senate approved the Bill 69 to 20 the House three hours later swallowed its objections and gave final congressional approval 244 to 148. Under provisions of the new Law strikes or lock outs Are prohibited until Jan. 1. 1969. The Blue ribbon five member panel a the fourth such Board or commission to attempt to mediate the year Long dispute is to work with both sides during a 90-Day period. If no agreement has been reached by the end of the 90 Days the boards terms will become binding on both sides until a contract settlement is reached or until Jan 1, 1969. Area death mrs. Anna g. Fuetter 79, died this morning at the Wilson nursing Home. Details on Page two

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