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Brazil Daily Times Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 1

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Brazil Daily Times (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Brazil, Indiana A consolidation of the Brazil ratify times established Issa. The Brazil daily news established 1889. The Brazil daily times weather partly Cloudy warm and humid with occasional showers tonight and sunday. Volume 67. Number 178.Brazil, Indiana saturday july 2,1955. Five cents. Public meeting setto discuss Hospital growth . Gives spy work to germans Holiday Highway deaths pay Rise Factor or ton mount As local police t plans to relieve overcrowded con j Dillons at the Clay county Hospi j Tai will be discussed at 8 p. In. J wednesday at a Public meeting in Mcroy nurses Home. The meeting has been arranged j by the Hospital Board of trustees j and several interested citizens i Pittsburgh a u. S. Steel corp., which granted an average 15 cent an hour wage boost to its employees to Avert a nationwide a steel strike is boosting prices i about $7.50 a ton. Big steels action came shortly j i after it ended the shortest walkout in the Industry a history in a com-1 Promise agreement with the Cio i j United steelworkers. Crackdown on violators Uncle John Hendrix Home to be remodeler ers and county Council at the meeting. David Mace chairman of the Youngstown Sheet amp tube and Inland steel. The companies indicated they too will follow big steel in making within a few hours after the 12, Bonn West Germany iffy the hour strike Ned Friday All of the mostly representatives of civic or United states will give up control Industry so big six had followed a animations. 1 of the most powerful spy service the Reader i agreeing to the pay a preliminary meeting was held i in West Germany next week a boost it Xifre Bethlehem steel earlier when it was decided to have i High German official said today. It corp rep a Jones amp Laughlin t second discussion session. Is the International network head u .1,. Of by former it. Gen. Reinhold we Hope to have members of the a a Ria county Board of commission Gen Len. Blay Lumy this organization with thou Sands of agents on its payroll will Jup prices. A,.tim of i be taken Over by the West Ger j As a consequence Consumers Hospital boar Sal. ,. Man government As a part of j soon will pay More for the count these two groups i to i a Chancellor Konrad Adenauer a of j less products made from steel any Hospital expansion re qui g informant said n will i Cufford f Hood. Steel pres. Levying of taxes o a serve As West Germany a counter rident said the 5.8 per cent hike a work according to Robert Nea q v go Central Intelli which will put a $132.50 Price tag gence Agency Cia. On a ton of Basic Carbon steel a a Gehlen who was chief of hitlers Wasny to entirely the result of the intelligence service on the russian wage increase. Front during world War it has Hood said other factors Are in been spending six million dollars of i solved such As increased taxes american funds yearly on his anti and new construction. While jubilant steelworkers were he has been the target of a1 returning to the Mills Union off of Minim inns vitriolic abuse i vials stood by to get More con Hospital Board attorney. Need for expanding the Hospital s bed capacity is indicated in statistics compiled by miss Helen Broughton Hospital superintendent. The Hospital was built As a a bed institution but As the patient de Mand grew larger private rooms a be were made into double rooms Imp con Timous. Creasing the Cape City As Many As j communist press and Ra-1 tract signatures. They indicated 70 Beds at times. Bul this makes f charged him with they would have no trouble with for extremely overcrowded Condi i sending pies into East Germany any of the to companies the in sons. I Iso Points out = to Comoff sabotage and gather Industry which employ Dow miss Broughton also Points out q undermine the East dues payers. That the Hospital patient census has. J Pittsburgh steel was among the tossed from s20 in ,940 to my a a a a a a Wii a air ceding companies which a retd to the hair and Largo Blue eyes. Gehlen pact fonday night. Nan Ami b there was an air of urgency to expansion of the Hospital s a Sites since 1-8&Quot none of the companies seen worked Tor Hoo surrendered de to want a moment wasted in us Elf. I Vuu building fund of two cents per $100 a assessed evaluation was put in effect. 5 new traffic Laws in effect <0 traffic fatalities on Indiana High ways mounted rapidly today within a few hours after the Start of the j Long Holiday week end. The total had reached six Early this morning in the state and across the nation the grim total was More than 30. Indianapolis ind. A a num in Clay county two accidents Ber of new traffic safety Laws pass-1 wore reported in which no one was de by the 1955 general Assembly injured but arrest of two Drivers Are now in effect following their followed. This was in keeping with promulgation by gov. George n. Earlier pm lice earnings a Erack Graig june 30th. Down on traffic violations in an the state office of traffic safety j Effort to help keep death off Clay announced that the enforcement of county highways these Laws would begin at once and first arrested was William Mann urged motorists to learn and of 51, Brazil on a charge of driving serve them. Included in the new under the influence of intoxicants. Traffic Laws Are i. Slow driving Law which prohibits driving at such slow speeds As to impede the Normal flow of traffic except when reduced Speed is necessary for safety or in compliance with Law. He was arrested late last night by Brazil police after it is reported the Auto he was driving struck a parked vehicle on s. Leavitt St. He was to be arraigned in Clay circuit court this morning. Also arrested was Roy a. Rolli y. P y 4 it in 1954, boosting the daily average from 24 to 53. Expansion a Ril tics have been planned for some two years ago a corno.,. T cd troops Ai ii ing again profits have been High this year cigars Are Rilling in Aud Ai Sost everyone predicts record production through at least the remainder of 1955. That was one reason perhaps Why the strike was the shortest in All master masons Are invited to the Industry a history. A 11iiv break i As he Midnight thursday strike Amend the annual a deadline approached Gow pres fast and master mass Dent David j. Mcdonald and vice Mem mss. It. A. -j.,. A a a. 8 the old Brick House located on the Hill Al National Avenue and depot streets looks like this now. But soon it will be changed. Having no use for the second floor which takes heat theve. F. W. Which now occupies the place has decided to Cut it Down to one Story. Whatever improvements to be made will be Mer the basement addition at the rear. Here John Hendrix lived in the Days of the stage coach and Prairie schooners and of teams that passed by Westward bound on the National Road. The Hendrix established the first Industry in Bra a Wagor plow factory. Much of the City is Laid out Over the Hendrix original holdings. 2. Provides that vehicles pre Json 4 Worthington for feeding at less than Nomal Speed making an improper turn a charge shall drive on the right Lane of made by sheriff Bill Downing traffic except when passing or pre-1 Downing said roil son made a left paring for a left turn. 1 urn irom the right hand Lane of 3. Requires All vehicles to drive Diml land l a. 40 two Miles West on the right hand Roadway of i j morning. Video highways and that no vehicle 1 a property damage mishap re shall be driven Over or across the j sul tto a. Driver of the second car Center strip of such highways sex was Howard c. Dull 39, fort copt at a regular crossover or in-1 Wayne. Downing said roil son ter Section i would be tried in Justice of the 4. Provides that Stop or turnip�306 damage was estimate signals May be Given either by de at signal or by me Zil to Date this fund has raised $97.-900 and at the end of five years when the fund ends will have netted Only some $320,000. This would be Only half of what is needed if the Hospital expands its present bed capacity by 50 Beds in increase now considered Lesii Ible Mace said. The National average Cost Poi room in Hospital construction today Brazil Lodge no. 264 to celebrate annual 4th of july event the morning of july Jeffersonville ind. Us a state police today sought two s of . Masked gunmen who scooped $12, the m m decree with break ast Ai �?~300�?including $1,500 in dimes into 6 30 and Rock Llie Lodge will combat Mcdonald declared the it us h Yil e Branch Banda waste Quot a in coital Koc Kaiue Imus wag almost settled. As Nego 1s $17,000. To expand the Hospital Fer the second Section of the degree by 50 Beds this would indicate a at 730 Cost of $850,000 and possibly a Mil Brazil Lodge no 264, f. Amp a. M. I a a a w state police found their car has sponsored this event for Many fun president John a. Stephens of . Lodge i e up breakfa8t at steel were so close to agreement degree with breakfast at j Mcdonald declared the Dis. Basket Friday and fled eastward to nations resumed Friday it ook just q a Short time to get the final de their tails a one of abandoned later on a county Road Mcdonald had asked for a sub. A a. Years and urges master masons i >1�?zwet tar lip not it a five Miles East of Henryville. They to come out and help celebrate this memorable occasion. Downstate Bank High school boy kale Straub robbers sought shot in Chicago Dies today teen age Battle the distance from the steering to the left outside limit of the body gds eff. The acad Shew lion dollars. The Only method now open to the county to finance this huge expenditure in addition to the cumulative building fund is an additional tax Levy. This Levy would pay for Bonds sold to finance the construction. And the present bonding Power of the county is Only slightly in excess of a half million dollars. Bond Page Corn Mission died Here Fri. The highest paid men to get a 27 ing Power is two per cent of me a continued on Page Fite a it at. Chicago Iff a a 17-year-old High school senior was shot to death Friday night in a teen age gang Battle and police said a 14-year-old High school freshman related he fired the shot accidentally when he got excited. Kenneth Sleboda 17, was Cut stain Tiala wage boost for the Meni a i identified the car As one stolen at w o average. A Clarksville and said the two Rob Al 11,1 not own a Bers apparently had joined an a j Down by a Shotgun blast fired from c i a pc nip it hour wage 11 e Compline and continued their flight one of three automobiles containing former Justice 95, Dies rhe Umon Arndi Ngeup Cru. An a a Distant some is Leen agora. Ile died from Greensburg id of sightly Mer f ii j new Chest wounds office a hot i a prs former Indiana by cents an hour got a contract Horn. Albeit my Els or. Washington state Bank said two a few minutes later. Erne court judge and once chair . Steel which provides a liar hand and signal or by me a Cincinnati Man and his wife Chancial turn signal device. Re were killed Early today in the enquires mechanical turn signal def Sfa no of their car and a truck at wet All Large vehicles where i1� intersection of and. To and . Ody f or Load exceeds 24 inches or when maker. 27, and his wife Ina 25. The distance to the rear of the state police reported the Shew body or Load is Over 14 feet. A a Akers were Kiuei a a to Noy when 5. Changes old hand signal Law car truck Din in i and provides Vern Abel it. 5, fort Wayne. The mrs rate Straub 77 formerly i a. Left hand hand and a overturned. Abel was ,. Extended horizontally Takon 10 a Goshen Hospital and is of the Cory Community died at extended Noriz Ontaiy. In ,.nnhitinn r a an my a in i he Flat count v bight turn hand and reported in fan condition. 6.40 . Today in the Clay county j continued in i age five Hospital where she had been a oxen ,ec1 upward. Patient the part month. had a St Quot pm a Han 1 a a. And Airn extended Dow new Ard. Been ill Tor two years. Another important new Law which mrs. Straub was born in Ken i is already in effect requires that a Tucky the daughter of Joseph and Clu incr must dim his Eliza Summers Knust. She has when following another vehicle resided most of her life in Clay within 200 feet except when Over count y. Mary Rea of Clay City Dies mrs. Straub was a member of picnic a univ a. A Oman of the Indiana alcoholic Rev i tent and hour increase with to an honest judge responsibility of marriage Wile subs for Hubby in jail men wearing Blue jeans and railroaders Caps entered the Bank cent an hour hike. Shortly before 2 p. In. Displaying the contracts with other com revolvers they forced four pm panics Are similar. Amp Oyes and three other persons to some workers rushed Back to the be on the floor while mis. Koop Noills within an hour after big Man was ordered to put the Cash steel announced it had signed the in the Metal waste Basket contract. The same Bank was burglarized la usually takes 48 hours from sept. 4, 1951, by Arthur j. Akers the time furnaces Are heated to 40 the three autos sped away with their occupants after the shooting. Ter it mrs Jiyah Iller of Brazil a j some six hours later police seized i brother John Knust of Cory 7 Clement a cookie Macis who they grandchildren and 6 said related he fired his father s Shotgun from the car in which he sat. Police it. Edward o Malley said j the shooting followed an earlier dash Between rival gangs on the get them in full production. Indianapolis Gwo an Indianapolis Mother taken from her Home and jailed by a town marshal and Constable action on orders of a Justice of the peace said Friday she was humiliated and embarrassed by her experience. A i was Only doing my duty said 61 year old Ingalls Justice of the peace Hatley Chappell. Mrs Marjorie Foley 31 year old Mother of two children was taken from her Home and jailed thur slav night by the Ingalls town marshal and an Ingalls Constable accompanied by it. Lee Eads of the Marion county sheriffs office she was jailed on charges of issuing a fraudulent Check and contempt of court. This was the Story mrs. Foley s husband Robert a month ago paid a speeding Fine in Chappells court with a Check Loi $15.75. The Check w As returned for a insufficient asked Why mrs. Foley was arrested for her husband s offence tempt because i got no answer to two letters i sent Foley asking him to take care of the Mailer. A i figure when a couple is married she s As responsible As her Man is for what he does. A mrs. Foley does t share that View. A a i done to read my husband s mail a she said. A what he gets in the mail is his business furthermore she produced a Money order stub showing she had sent payment in full to Chappell last tuesday the Justice of the peace had t received the draft when he issued the warrant but found it in his mail Box Friday evening. Mrs. Foley said she was not told she could have an attorney and not asked How she pleaded. A i explained the procedure to her and found her guilty. I Quot As so aggravated by All the fuss i guess i forgot to Tell her she could have i a lawyer if she wanted one. And j there ainu to no reason for a prosecutor to be Here. I in a fair and honest judge a a happen main Holiday slows business All Public offices Banks and most business firms of Clay county will not be open monday in Observance of Independence Day. Too there will be no edition of the times that Day As the newspapers employees join in with other it Zens of the county to celebrate the Holiday. Also beginning today the times office will close at i . Each saturday. 40, an Odd jobs Man. Akers now j. D c cd serving a three year prison term South Side fonday night in which mrs. Ruth e. Flock for the $22,000 burglary said he one gang member w As beaten with went to the Bank to a straighten a wrench. Out a bad Check and took the Cash i of Malley pieced together this a when he found All employees had count gone out for lunch. He was caught j three youths were standing in headlights when within 200 feet taking and passing. J. L. Lingo state traffic safety mrs. Mary Martha Ria 59, of the new Hope Baptist Church. Director commended the 1955 leg Clay City died at 1 20 . Today she and her husband John have j Slature for enacting traffic Laws in the Clay county Hospital. She resided in Harrisburg 111., for two that conform to the nationally re had been in failing health the past years. Commended uniform traffic code two years. Surviving Are the husband a he pointed out that Indiana now mrs. Ria was born get. 4, 1895, son Berlin of Harrisburg a Daugh has substantially the same trait in in Harrison township the daughter Laws As most of the other states. 0f John and Julia Harrison Steiner. A last year 21 per cent of our tray j she was an Active member of St. Fie crashes involved out of state Drivers. Since Indiana is the Crossroads of american for traffic movement greater uniformity of Laws can do much to promote More orderly traffic eliminate confusion and prevent accidents a Lingo said. Great grandchildren. The body was taken to the Rentschler of omeral Home in Center Point. Three Days later. Liberals Back new Italy Chiel Ohio go on salary Columbus Ohio apr Ohio a justices of the peace will be operating on the fee system for Only 90 More Days. One of the 39 Bills signed into Law Friday by gov. Frank j. takes some 1,350 Squires off the Long debated fee system. Front of a hamburger restaurant when Sleboda who had been work-1 ing As a Bun wrapper in a neigh 1 j boyhood bakery joined them. Three automobiles roared up and j j squealed to a Stop. One youth leaped out with a wrench and struck Robert re band in the ribs shouting a a we re ready for you a a shot gun blast from one of the i cars felled Sleboda and the cars roared away. Police soon rounded up several youths who admitted Riding in the cars and Macis one of five Brothers was seized later Bevel a Center government a knee Macis a freshman at i Oden assay to the interests of the a j l ech High school was held w without Rome ult a Antonio Segni won the support of the Liberal party for a Center coalition government today virtually assuring him Success in forming a new Cabinet. The liberals hardest holdouts to a Segni Cabinet announced after conferring with the 64-year-old Christian Democrat that they be services sunday memorial rites for mrs. Ruth e. Flack 80, widely known seamstress of Harmony and Terre haute who died Early yesterday morning will be held at the Lawson amp son funeral Home at 2 30 of clock sunday afternoon. The Rev. Fred l. Brooks will officiate and burial will be in cottage Hill cemetery. Friends May Call at the funeral Home at any time. Serving As casket bearers will be Ralph Rissler Willard Eagle Albert Mathis Robert Parsons j Anise Pell and Reggie Mccullough. Hot Driver cools off in court today for using his fists at an Accident scene june 17, Grover c. Osborn a Terre haute labor official today was to be arraigned in Clay circuit court on a charge of assault and Battery. He was arrested by Sherif a Bill Downing on a complaint made by Daniel h. Ely a civil aeronautics authority employee at Hillman Field Terre haute. It is reported that after Peter s reformed Church near Clay City. Surviving Are the husband Fred a brother Herman Steiner of Center Point. She was preceded in death by three Sisters. The body was taken to the Schoppenhorst funeral Home where friends May Call after noon sunday. Rites will be held at 2 p. In. St tuesday at St. Peter s reformed Church burial will a in reformed cemetery. Ethel Todd Martin among injured in train derailment Mercury hits 90 Chappell replied tamed. A i had that woman arrested be asked whether he considered Cor cause she signed a Check when Reet Legal procedure Chappell reified lots insufficient funds in her plied Quot i wanted to do the Light account and i cited her for con j i 21, drowns in pit fort Wayne ind. Iff a Jack Patton 21 year old Soldier on furlough drowned Friday while swimming in a gravel pit ten Miles West of Here. He was tale son of or. And mrs. Don j. Patton of Roanoke in Huntington county. tonight Segni is expected to report to president Giovanni Gron Ehi whether he can organize a Cabinet. With the liberals backing he is expected to say yes. Other members of the coalition charge. Sleboda was a senior at de la Salle High school and described As a Good student. The dead boys Mother mrs. Bruno Sleboda sobbed that Quot he never had an about the same time As Sleboda temperatures were Day to which kept Premier Mario Scelba was shot three other youths were in office for 16 months until his i stabbed in a knife fight at the main forced resignation june 22 have Gate of Riverview Park on the indicated they would go along with j North Side in a separate Inci Segni. Dent. Here today upholding the Weatherman s forecast of a hot and muggy Independence Day Holiday weekend. At la . To the official Reading was degrees. Engineer Joe stunk a id reported from the water works weather station. And the Mercury probably will climb to 92 today stunk Ard said. A a esterday a High Here was so. Low last night was 64. Watseka 111. Iff a a passenger train left the tracks North of autos Watseka Friday killing a trainman driven by the two men collided of and injuring 48 persons born smashed Ely in the face. Killed in the derailment was Wil eight stitches were required to Ham Dick about 50, of Evans die close the wound in Ely a jaw ind., the conductor. Prosecutor John j. Thomas said among the injured was a former Osborn would plead guilty and that Brazil woman mrs. Ethel Todd i a Fine of $1 and costs would be rec j Martin of Chicago. She suffered a commended fractured shoulder and numerous bruises. Marriage licenses mrs. Martin was in route to four new marriage licenses Are Danville 111., to visit a brother on file today in the office of county Oscar Todd also a former Brazil clerk Stanley Palm. They were resident. She now is a patient in issued to Harry Grigsby it. I Bra a Danville Hospital. Ail and Betty Jane Gullifor Bra there were 110 passengers ail Audie Ledgerwood jr., it. I aboard the three each Chicago and Clay City and Anna Maxine Yards Eastern Illinois Railroad term. Brazil Victor l. Elkin it. 4, Bra forty one passengers and three a Zil and Elsie Marie Jeffers Cory crewmen were Given medical stand to Elvin f Watherston Terre Tention and released. Four others haute and Florence Targett Bra-1 were hospitalized with minor injury i Zil. I its

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