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Brandon Western Sun Newspaper Archives Nov 23 1899, Page 5

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Brandon Western Sun (Newspaper) - November 23, 1899, Brandon, Manitoba The Western Sun. Brandon. Nov. 23. �699 a a up to be hanged i via in Kab. A Tea Fite rus trial a Ehy of to boy Are taught a . And gardening. A am Tim Prie or to eight Alt i Hon Rwy Rio mending. Ser tag 5 stutting. To. I in tsp a Ops for of to Ary to Sasi i arrangement Are not Satis Fai Ett Iii Hilda Blake to pay the penalty of her 2�?� of rfcs crime on dec. 27. Agnes Glendenning sentenced to five years. Dupont Given six months and the cat o nine tails. Roddy not guilty. To Pat thing on a proper i Teal without delay. A a Rosier Bak it a Aad a a cml a be p he m or that the girl May to Tang i Ibi important Branch m i Moseke Epta it a the Pup a seem a a a Quot cw5btu, a a exc Eimu discipline prevails. 4 the grand jury a presentment and his lordships reply p of us a a a a i a he it us Tbs r he Jim a la ? we Mhz cbab9� in a c to arg to one of Pete Otmer won i plead a malty. Mgt Patterson on behalf of to Crown As a he a. # a a a prisoner pleaded Morad. A a a Ang Tor and was re tie Hospital. In Hospital was reported say of highly efficient and creditable condition. There Are two canes of diphtheria in the isolated Ward i of a. Anuci pation of hearing the ghastly sentence of death pronounce a to it to court room waa crowded this morning. A first ,252� to to at of John Roddy a of Law Hwat it charged with an a Foisiy wounding and assaulting and Wing bodily harm to it David or sol Ste som boy a8�> an somewhat feeble. Am had no counsel and did not Cross question any of to witnesses. Klump fh2\nm e fit the effect that a a Tim evening of the 21st of septem company with a number i at the it a a hotel re iff1 p e Priwner was there we ghz a in a Tat of into i a woe what to won of to Hulln t 1 us n. A we and White there the prisoner stabbed him tji�i0� or the Cleat with a Jack knife it was after dark and i a a to a a he was taken to the botel. The Young men who were with jump gave corroborative evidence. The Constable gave evidence As to at resting the prisoner and when called upon to answer the question of 5jnr�t asn.t2lr�ddf a former character in stated that the prisoner had a 7 5?�� a tire ten a week before the affair took place. Joz Sig am 8tat0d that he had been called upon to attend Klu up. Found him with a wound in the right Side of his Chest. The patient had \ in Laid off work for two weeks this Eio fed the Case for the Crown Fez of a set. Iliad a a counsel the Arac a a a or jury was Init to his lordship. He a ked the prisoner if he wished to make any statement who replied a no. Since i have heard the witnesses i have Learned More of the Rase than i Ever knew in Hie address to the jury his lordship stated that there was no doubt that the prisoner had been pro oked to a certain extent but that would considered when the Nen Ienco if he were found guilty was pronoun a a tit a be had found on hour after the de i ppm to from the House. T Tiati it or tgfe1 of Bow be had re a a Findlay and found Dupont at the House. Uliey talked for an hour or so but nothing was a Aid with Rrime Dupont 1� now charged with or in a ass it aha of 1 selcan Hrino a to a Tyr a irl bad been no a a Hilb Tor examination. Is m 00 was a i mag Uig to the Pristner. Aiad he in Are typhoid fever patients. Toe greatest need of the institution so an isolated Ward for patients from contagious disease. The grand jury desire to bespeak More Liberal financial support for most worthy institution from surrounding municipalities. William Middleton Foreman. Reply to presentment. Firmes then opened their Case k. R Luicir Rase sly re River Ivor evidence. A saw that the Case had originated 2? a a in piracy to extort Money gym him and Quot thac by Stussi for Tif a of it the been in my year of charged with 5iss. Be y an a a an Etc Cora Pritee he reviewed his trip to the Pir and old i had ih5?i if vii1�?o� there up tu1 the a has t is Russ parents which was Riis Foteen minutes after lie a chief Justice Killam in reply to the presentment of the grand jury wild w thanked the members of that body for Ali appreciative manner in which they had referred to a Bis present appointment it was Gratifying to himself after being on the Bench so Long. A a up a using to him to he called on to serve in Brandon first As he had been Over the land now or copied by the City Long before there wars a person Here. Brandon was sir to Antlej by a farming Community that the City ought to be proud of. He regretted exceedingly that two such serious charges against women As the two before this court were to be found in Manitoba. He was not aware that at any court in Canada had two women charged with murder and a it guilty been dealt with. He thought with i the jurors or. S. E. Clement lieu addressed tin a. 80910 a pm ought to be taken jury on behalf of the prisoner Ano of Tut Mal into Rabi a Point it t�o8f defence. The child certainly to suppress juvenile crime. He had discussed the matter with the minis ter of Justice. It some times occur gave her evidence in a manner not i t0r he that the closing up of expected from a Giri her ago the reformatory had i bad effect Demty attorney general Patterson it onite Trimi nats -nn-ace.? jul a a up the Case for the Crown he trusted such an showed the guilt of buyout. H a lord 1 --8ti.�ution is the reformatory on a re i St. Iafe a. A a a it a a Ihirg re tip a a a a after being out for about one hour the jury returned with the verdict of not guilty. Roddy wan then informed that he was a free Man and he tottered out of the Box and left the court room. To Hile tie jury were discussing that Roddy Case the prisoner was taken out of the Box and a deep silence pervade t the whole court room in a moment for everyone present knew what was coming. The Sherif opened the door of the Box. And in a few minutes governor Noxon walked into the room followed by Emily Hilda Blake the self confessed murderess of mrs. Robert lace. She was dressed in a Lehet Waist and wore a Grey Serge to Kirt her Bair was tastefully arranged and she showed no apparent signs of being uneasy. She took her place in the caged Box and in an upright manner stood before his lordship. I Deputy attorney general Patterson Aroe and a ked that the sentence of the court should be passed upon Emily Hilda Biko. A Emily Edda Blake a his Honor said a have you anything to say As to Why the sentence of this court should not be passed upon you a in a Clear and not unsteady voice she said the clerk of the court then asked that a Deuce should prevail. Bis Ford ship addressed the prisoner to the effect that it was a sad duty he had to perform the Only thing that gave him strength was the Law he had no discretion in the matter be had to Date his duty ire was tip inc it apiece of the Law. The Law allowed Only on sentence he would therefore report to the authorities at Ottawa they alone had the Power to change the sentence if the circumstance justified it hut he could hold out no Hope to her that such should lie done. The sentence of this court is a that you be taken Back from whence you came and kept within the four wads of the prison until the 27th Day of december. When you shall he taken out and hanged by the neck until you Are dead and May the lord have mercy on your the condemned prisoner stood like a statue in the Bov. She was seen to gasp for breath and then she Lew Al to his Honor. On being taken from the Box the murderess cast a look Over tie whole courtroom and was taken Beck to her cell. Agnes who pie Atka guilty to the charge of manslaughter was then brought in for sentence. A she appeared to be quite at ease and when asked if she had anything to say Why the sentence of the court should not be passed upon her. She wised or. Cameron counsel for the defence old reseed the court in a few words and state 1 that it had come to his knowledge that the prisoner had an unbalanced mind. He asked that the a a Mettice of the court we made As Ien heat As the circumstances would allow his lordship said that the crime was a terrible one and that to was fortunate for her that the present charge of manslaughter had not been Chance to murder. The counsel had suggested a weakness in her intellect. But in did riot think that her intellect was so weak that it would allow her to leave her child exposed out on the Prairie a she dal. It May have been in some degree negligence but after it on Whir gang All the eve a knee lie would sent a acc her to spend five years in the Manitoba Penitentiary at 9tony Mountain. Tie civil Case of Alexander. Kelly amp co. V Ere us the k pm nay Farmers elevator is going on before the judge this afternoon. Fhe a vide acc a Hud been Veu and explaining the Law m ref. Amienee to such Neffe Alee. The Case was carried on through the services of an Interj Reter. Drle Rose. The jury then retired and after discussing Case found the prisoner guilty of indecent assault. Y i Ford hip then informed the Pris Oiler that he agreed with the a ends on the jury had Cerne to and that the Law allowed a sentence of two Vears wit i a whipping to be imposed. Hanf1�?� worm sooner be his Honor said that crime a such As this must be stopped and he w mid impose a sentence of six months and ten lashes applied with the cat o nine Tai isl grand jury is presentment. The grand jury then made their presentment which was As follows tie presentment of tie grand jury was made at 5 o clock yester no. They expressed their congrats la tons his Honor stated that he would for Van re a copy of the presentment to tie minister of Justice. He was pleased to learn that the province was Freer from lunatics than Ontario. Relative to increase of Laud for the inmates to works the minister of Public works would also be sent a copy of the present Manti he also thought the Jur a is ought to take up the matter individually with the member for this constituency. It was a plea sue to his to Heartl that a the Public buildings War found in such a Good condition. A for tie Indian school an it i its sanitary condition the Minster of the Interior ought to be apprised or the matter. The Hospital As was expressed by the jurors was an institution that required More Public support and lie was also of the opinion that the municipalities near Brandon ought to donate More than they do at present. His lordship then thanked the jurors for the Able manner in which they performed their duty. 1 Ictor poot was w a Werlo a a Barge of knowing a girl un1er 14 the name was shouted b�1 Dupont Faviel to appear. He has not left town an w v1, arraigned the morn my. A haired old Man i about 7.> years of age a lid not come to he expectations of the court a Maib. Barged with a wounding and assaulting with intent to do Gra sous bodily injury he pleaded a a. A a Liz Aad Wil be tried to Day. G of evidence in the Cald Law to pied a Oak of adjournment for lunch. 19 a Sarser Nyimi acc defence and bad in nip Nutly to be called to order by the judge or. H. A. Henderson in Fra address to the jury stated that a a pm a for damages but the removal of the stigma that had been cast upon him by the deter data and Foroff Bich the defendant refused 2 aha a Caldwe ii also address i Inez Stu it oat about half it i Road a it a defendant it l 7�j? i and u1 damages at a nominal sum. Tjw Jary was then dismissed. The Case or Jan depth the Victor dust charged with criminally know my a girl under 14 rears of age tame up to Day. Dupont is a of about do somewhat Hald and of a a Opte Khu the girl is a a not act t years of Warto in pct is a Bachelor living hear Delean. He bought bread re Pirot pm Day Dupont arrived during the absence of the parents at Findlay and the two children Irene and Francois alone. He seat Francois out to play in the Garden 10 Lite evidence of a a Al a the crime was commit Tell 81� gave her evidence i Early fun Tel uld 1104 so mixed up. Although jlztyj01 time. Before she could a or preliminary Examina Tion but did so when the name of the magistrate was mentioned. Her brother Francois was not to Bright. He gravely announced his age a a years. His Iory ship introduced a few kindergarten Jmc Salties in the shape of number work. Francois counted accurately to fhe but a iter that his ideas were somewhat erratic. His a lordship ruled that his evidence should a % corroborated his Sis ters Story the mothers evidence Vas also of a corroborative nature her Cross examination continued after adjournment for lunch. Two More witnesses remain to be examined for lift rt1�iou that of be rather and the doctor. Spend the a Holiday at Home Canadian excursions via pretty fingers. Handsome bings. Northern til a it \ ?e-erv�9 und Shouki a a a with the other. Uwi Ozment of Pacific Fitte Diamond and fancy Gem rings it very Nuy Active and will prove urte Resti Tig to any per pm u contemplating a Purofo a both in de Sigli and Price a h Mailett watchmaker and jeweler breads m Sai Toba. Atlantic steamship lines Canadian excursion tickets will be mild by the Northern Pacific from december 4th to december 31st inclusive to principal Points in notice a in ? 18 hrs by Given that an application will be made to the parliament of Canada at the next thereof for an act to extend the Brandon and South Western railway from the City of Brandon North Easterly to Gladstone thence South Easterly to at or near the Iown of Carman thence northeasterly to the City of Winnipeg also from at or near tie to tavern of i Rma southerly to the Boun diary line in Range five or six it South Westerly from a Point is township six or seven Range Lour or five to the Boundary in township one Range sixteen or seventeen and South Easterly from a Kent to Waship five or six Range twelve or thirteen to the Boundary in township one Range eleven or twelve. And to Inere Atwi Cue capital Stock of the company and for other purposes. D. H. Purdon. Re president. Dated this 9th Day of october 1899 17-9 at amp parisian Numidia amp a californian Vancouver Dominion camb rom an Montrose Monterey Lake Huron Allan line Allan line Dominion Dominion Dominion Beaver line Beaver line Beaver line a 8. Teutonic germanic pm Louis St. Paul Weete Raimand Etruria Campania from Halifax dec. 8 dec. 10 dec. 17 Tiete 10 dec. 24 i tec. Fit dec 29 dec. 6 dec 18 from new York nov. 29 Deo. 6 nov. 22 dec. 6 nov. 21 nov. 25 iter. 2 White Star White Star american american red Star Cunard line Cunard Linea a cabin�?$42.50, $60. $70, 80 and Ujco wards. Second cabin�?$32.50 and upwards. Steerage�?$22.50 and upwards. Passengers ticketed through to All Points in great Britain Aud Ireland and at Low rate to All Points of the european Conlen ent. Prepaid passages arranged from All Points. Apply to j. H. Long Worth Deriot agent or w. P. F. Comm dogs genial agent Winnipeg. Ontario. Quebec new Brunswick Nova Scotia. Good for three months from Date of Sale with Liberal a top Over privileges. Limit will be extended upon payment of reasonable additional a Aras round trip ticket will be said to Points As far East As Montreal for 40 and at correspondingly Low rates to Points East of Montreal in Quebec new Brunswick and Nova Scotia Chas. S. Fee a. P. Amp t. A., St Paul Canadian Pacific railway company h r. Austin agent for the Avis. Emily Hilda Blake who is to be hanged on december 27, 1899, at Brandon jail. To his lordship upon his Elevation to the honorable position of he of Justice of the province. They thanked him also for his Clear explanation of tip air duties and the officers of the Crown for Abl assistance rendered. The indictment of two women on a charge of murder was referred us a a Wentni startling event m the history of the court House and jail. To la in official inspection of the court House and jail had revealed a yesterdays proceedings. Tii court room was crowded yesterday afternoon to hear the evidence in the Queen is. Dupont Case. Mrs. A Trio stated that her daughter a Young and Bright girl of nine had inform a her of the facts and she hi#0 Lumu the a tar if dings satisfactory state of affairs. So to one prisoners have been to it a find a in the jail since tie beginning of the year being a daily average of about Tiu at present the re Are nine two of whom Are females. Most of the prisoners have Hern is carted for theft. It is a deplorable fact that the majority of the a a Mere youths the Asylum. In the Brandon Asylum to a jury found 142 a Naje and 62 female patients a Tova of 20 h of Tiiu a about one half Are from outside the province., it was somewhat reassuring to learn according to reports furnished the average number of insane Jergo no per thousand of Popula t a on for the province an i territories is Only j.18 As against 3 Jer thousand in Ontario and 8.57 in Oregon . A. Only one Patteet in a on find to the refractory Wank thirty male patients work regularly on the farm about fifty in the House Twenty of the females work re to Larry. Twenty it Ccase Donahy Tea my Only Twenty urn to ploy a. The jury a ailed attention to the de Sira Cihiy of increasing the in it at of land in older to Burnt a a Miloy new amp it for the inmates. Everything in sad about the building is in an eminently satisfactory condition. The Industrial school. Thar arc 201 , fifty est boys the crowd that parked and wedged it if into the Small portion of the court room yesterday afternoon had it Cuno Eity satisfied by a glimpse and a Short one of Emily Hilda Blake the murderess of mrs. Robert Lane. Her to Al lasted about five minutes the passing of sentence having we a deferred. The Young woman has undergone confinement behind Iron bars Well and look i the picture of health As she walked firmly to the Dock. It would take a very Fertile imagination to attribute to that Well dressed Good looking Young woman any of the inhuman qualities that go to i55?�45e the Law breaker and criminal. The charge of murdering Mary a a a a a Riidu her and his lordship a t is est Donne Par be present que Une Demande Sera a dresses a parlement do Canada a a procaine session Fin d of Tenor in acte pour prolonged be Chemin de Fer Brando get Sud guest de la cite de Brandon tens Une direction Nord est just us a Gladstone de la dans Une direction Nord est Junqua la cite de win be Carman de la dans Une direction Nord est Juary a la cite de win biped aussie de la of pros de la Vil-1# de Carman Versle Sud just us a la Ligne Frontier dans be rang Cine of Suc aussie Versle sub Ouert a partier d in Point dans be township Sia of sept rang quatre of Cine just us a la Ligne Frontis re dans be township us. Rang seize you Dix kept it Versle Sud est a partier d an Point dans be township Cine of six rang Douze of Treize just us a a la Ligne Frontier dans be township in rang Onze of Douze it pour augmenter be capital actions de la Compagnie it pour d autres fins t d. H. Pur Don _. President. Date be 9 octobre 1899. Excursions to the East $ 40.00 to Montreal and West thereof to Quebec and to All Point in Ontario. Thomas organs amp pianos a also it of sewing machines the latest and Best styles 9th Street at Hugg Iason k Mcl Ellaan a store Brandon. Tickets on Sale dec. 4th to 31st Good for three months with Stop Over privileges an Extension of time granted on payment of on additional figure. W. F. Johnston licensed auctioneer for the City of Brandon a Tel Bankers and brokers. Geo. Skaller s co a a counsel a tie replied in tie negative. Done to Jot want Soia Eoas to a i for a i t you a no thank Lor he however insisted and Askel cd. N. Old Well to Confer with the prisoner concerning her plea. T in a a a nuts a absence they return i to the court room. A be icily h Ida Blake rest the clerk you stand charged with the mar Are Veu guilty or not guilty a Liere was a deathly stillness in the court room. The prisoner stood support tag Liefa i upon the barbed ribs of tie Cage a remove the said the Judgew the grand jury had returned shortly beam this bringing is True Hills in it a Crim Irmi cases. Agnes a ten sex Ming was next a uni Geek she is a woman of shout j h Ebar de with a Aluag left her illegitimate Clum on the Prairie near Lier Home North of Fleming from which exposure it died. 8h� wanted a a Oun Sej and or Cameron we aka to look after her interest. They ret Tel Aad when they returned she Consol. Stock Exchange b lds a 60-62 Broadway new York. Lots of Money g1. Make through speculation with Deposit of $39.00 thirty dollars upwards for 3 per cent margin upwards on the Stock Exchange. The greatest fortunes have been made through speculation in stocks wheat or cot ten. If you Are interested to know How speculations Are conducted notify us and we will Send you information an d Market let ter free of charge. Usual commission charged for executing orders. Government municipal sales attended to in any part of the province. Excursion rates also in effect to Points East of Montreal and Quebec and m maritime provinces also to the old country. Palace sleepers first Chung coaches free colonist sleepers and tourist sleeping cars on All trains j. H. Lox Worth agent it. Alibi c. E. Mcpherson As amp. Gun. Pay a at Gen. A. Aguf Winnipeg wino Reg and Railroad Bonds Quot Atilo Fura Teli Edou application and Exchange. Or Purchase sate a. 25 r. D. Evans. Titi Censed auctioneer. Parmard a Salm a spec last Winter Supply is already in. Canadian Anthracite is a big enemy to cold. Keeps your Home or office comfortable and Cherry. Why pay Echo Rabat prices for Coal when Yon can gel the Best As follows Steve Anil in raaen Mie a Ingle Tea. In five ton Lois or More. Mat a he by the Ion. A t5 $7 m Hanbury manufacturing copy Call of Roii interesting circular on Coal. A phone 12. Corner 6th Street Aso assisted to arises. 6th gig

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