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Brandon Western Sun Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1901, Page 2

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Brandon Western Sun (Newspaper) - January 10, 1901, Brandon, Manitoba Nth we one goods or pretty Piec it China until a he Supply to All runs out. Everyone will have a Chance to get a Nice Prest it. Get your supplies Early now 19 yen if c l a a nov i i Flemings i Jan. 1901 Vii six Temh j Early sunday morning the firemen fought three hours in the intense cold. The damage will amount to just Ponpug action in the mat allow to Gran headway. Of amp arse Koung a col. Suck a a up Kludj j deluged with water a Wai or. C. A i wit 0 Oice workshop and living Noui on tin a Adolid Flat and Ilia Brandon College lie to quart it is a it nth j third Flat lie Donald and Calvert were fart i net t rum the fire hat they got a full Ahart of water and smoke Ami Timeir sir xxx Stock of clothing and gents funnelling a a a int intent have arrived a i s the Roslyn Castle entered Hail fits last Hight. The westerners leave today for Home. Halifax. Jan Long expected Roslyn Castle with the can Adian mounted in Ira Ami the Battery Biel with second contingent a a in sri 1 Hie Harbor at 7,40 tills evening mess age Foll major Williams. I a Halifax. A s., Jan. 9. 3.15 a. In a a Hope to see friends in Winnipeg shortly. Leave tomorrow for the Wtzy b. Squadron Send greetings to a go on Boeder Avenue. Tuts account eur friends in for the ver7 rapid Progress made by Mal Sfax jus. 2.-Many irises a i be the one occupied by jul. The tire find Emtel Brandon Early yesterday Mot Ding and As a Coo a qui about half a Bim k of Rue sir Avenue merchants Are out of t Tea Inesa. 1 ii starting in the rank of . Carrik t Onfer Trona by store on the North wide a a _ _ of he or bib do . Is Isis. The Tira swept with fearful rapidity to rated with water through the two Story Frame frock it Ween that p int and i hexane which divides the Block at its Centre. The fire Mon easily prevented the flames catching Brown and Mitchell Ware store jest across the Lane but at the other Side slopping the fire was considerably greater. The burning buildings adjoined the three Story loom is and Stewart b of but As tilts building in of Brick veneer the t Laten heat Al Init succeeded in drive log the firemen from their posts. The of sub budding though a Aly scorch cd in the upper Story which was occupied by the Brandon College was saved there is much damage from water All through the budding toe budding destroyed completely cwt almost so. Were among the oldest in a by City and were not of the substantial character of the Dew build the building occupied by d a. Rees or was our of the first business blocks erected in Brandon. I was Bult i in i bbl by Alex Maut ador Hobt. Fld petard oct Nisu by Levi see amp Iio a Geneat merchants and j. Ii Brownlee As a res Mara it. A lug Story is in i ruination Ihu i a turn cordwood sties was found leaning against a j. Long a co., Coal Oil j tanks w a t i it a there is it till fiery eau not be steer trained. Haged for torus hours 1, win Briet it Valuator arrived 1 rom tin Are raged it or two r be. In p. At Una commenced hours Lait the tact that the framework we a a. Ism Arm. Cannot to anytime of the buildings still stands attest 1 in. Ii the appraisal s have Doue men the w cd ii re work of the local lira Quot ors a in Mem the. i n Muu Eon to age n i Foiw no. Ticket agent and w. And the int it has have been Hora for set arum Day Ami the arrival of the Roslyn Castle which was at last lighted at 7.4u this evening there were present in Halifax or. Ogilvie who e husband is in command Curt in confectioner was owned by or. Chat Whitehead the o h r of. Up div u. A. Hee for jeweller Geo. Betting Barber a h. Scott insurance the Telegram and miss Mcdonald dress Mak it i was the property of i. A. Of be better. U. U. A., Aud or. Keysor. J Gil Vale. Wife of Lieut. A Etoff a of ale. J to blk total Loas 01 buildings apis lock of the same lottery mrs Cuthbert j wit be in the neigh tor Hood of v. >0,00 or. Regia. And mrs. Sutton. Discovery of the fire tile fire a discover. About two mrs Cuthbert and mrs. Begin had travelled Alt the Way i rom fort Mac i Sod to meet their husband. Mrs. Cuthbert had sent her Good Man away a Captain amt in was a Ait to Wellborn him bilk a in Joe. Mrs. Lieut ugly visas w . Was Here it might by suit to resume an a erupted Hon i y Moon the you a lieutenant a ran a War of t s permanent Lon e stationed it Kingston run a to a i while a Montreal a few week a. Lore jus War broke oui and they it Ere up their honeymoon a Lulu of Wucka ,. To Tine got an offer of a plate Iuta bivians loud a uting in. Iii t Lutes Wuu Price Meuti us Wile Slot i urged him la accept and bae never wavered in Lier of Ilion even in the Aai k St times that he Ala Tbs re ii. Thug la going. Lieut Odvie Clunk however that cub Adu is a Good nought pm be in it neb to continue the Honey in on la Mutton died at sea on e voyage hum Oil ter in fever. Sergt. Trumpeter Inglis of win a pc. Ais. Ated of enteric fever and was burled at sea. Hts wife. Ii i understood lives Iii Winnipeg. Light of lbs men Are us in Hospital but Are considered con a i Cen rambers of the of deers and men Are still suffering from the toils and privation of the latter part of the computer Lieut. . A Man of unusual 1 Igor and m Jio has bad his i nit share of com paining was oat of bed Bot not fiut b More. Major Forrester will proceed immediately to England in outfall Phil Limos. Many officer now Ever. Declare May never f�4t bet ter in their live. Berg Ropier leg us had hem. With b s Guadron in Winnipeg for Mien years where in a an unusual fax Cerite. Be was one of the beet known in the troop be no a Fine musician a spic to id horseman and a thorough Soldier lie was described by the men at the Barrack a an All round sport and liked by everyone. He went to Toronto 10 join the regimental St of of the Witta Iliou several Day act of the d p arture of the Western Andron. Was o clock by or. Martell photographer on tin opposite Side of Rosser who a awakened by the Rufh Chi �5i of the 1 in be a Gnu rung it the front wok it we. About the Gam time a Drunken Man pawing Down dts Street yell Al fire and policeman hah nay who a standing at the Corner of 9th Street rushed Down and catching sight of the Fri in gave my alarm Friffith Central office. Almost at the same tim an alarm a Bent in by or. Partridge from Fleming drug store to having also heard a cry of fire Ami timing Abl to Nee the Flam from i window. In less than five minutes after the first alarm was rung the firemen were on the scene and had tits water playing on tip of Lams. Chief he Leon says that As he in in Ped oat of bed be could see the Refl Tion of the flames pm the by so it can be sets that urn fire was burning furiously before the fire fighters arrive in the meantime Poi iceman Hammy had explored the upper portions of the rate or Block fighters. Over d. H. Scotts office lived mrs. Oui hard whose husband it working in maid Ury e lumber a Maxis. She Haw her a property about to be con suited annl was so orc Roo me that the decided to stay where she was Aud perish with it. Jul was Only with the greatest difficulty that her neighbors could persuade her to leave Vic burning building. Marshall gook is another most unfortunate Man. He nod ail hts furniture moved into toe rooms Over Busser s and was to have gone in to live to Oay. He had not yet arranged his j urns Ranee and As a cons Ciuco a Iveea everything. A c. Todd Down Low ii ticket agent of the i or Heru Pacic lost All his office fittings and other property Winch lie had in Ais Piave of business. Tee Railroad tickets re Pneena Little value. Start if a mystery a. How the fire started is a mystery and though several theories Are advanced ail of them Are but conjecture. The most plausible is that the fire started from the pipes in curries store. Another theory is that lha place was set on fire Aud another that it was caused by hot ashes thrown carelessly in the Back Yard. Policeman Hanway Stales that the fire first broke through the roof of curries building at the Back which would indicate that the fire Star lad Snake Lye. I urn boning with commendable Ca-1 Ler Prue was ready to to business at to o clock tau looming in his new Island next 10 Channel a up out the Likiu. Us one of toe first articles to secure i Che Adieu you 01 the was Bio in us. Miqueu Power in a Tine which set out behind their building ii was birr to a a afe us to Nee by Nan a of cd m u Plaige mounts of on Iio Soer Avenue oho a w h. U slight leaks in the Bowe were located at one Point the in four Lect deep. Lire procure on the water was not All that could be desired this was due to the tact Taal oae of the pump in tic pumping Slatino was being repaired Ana Only Hull the Power could de used Dave Ander soy did some Good work in Boe at do. Of the aim Stewart Block w Bere by toe fire from to. King through. T As usual uie Man who governs his actions in me p. i that it is an Iii Vav my that blows nobody Good was pre Cut Ana to make the Best 01 ids Opportunity p. L. Mitchell coddled one Youta As he was coming out of bees a o with his pockets id of jewellery another Man was seen disappearing Down a slue Street with a i ouch 01 cluck.-, under his Arm. Policeman Hammy called up All the own i s 01 store in the burning mock aim a luny by a Iep none so that k h a Hunt. K. Campbell it i it e. Werner. Foiw Liucc \ or Elmae. C. A. Patterson. Phillp a Cameron. I dams Bros. 71nk Bros. Goo let a Rea. J. Burchull. I. Lim. To in Srdic. A. J. Baker. John Inglis. James h. Smith. I Reb mi1�?�.? a a. Vyv or a a a pm a a a i. M j. J. Anderson. W. R Bartlett. A. R Irwin. Jaime Ca Nick. J. Mckee. George Sterrett. J. P. Brisbin. F. J oms. H. Borer Muije. George rotting. A. Allen. Nash a Handley. Frank j. Clark. H. W. V. To or. Coh Foll a Coleman. A Grant. R. Scott. H. C. Graham w. A Nicosi. We. Press. Maj. In in Bard m. . C. In Sotl. A. W. Fleming. L. Russell. D. M. Mcmillan. E. . G. Macdonald. W. H. Huu Langton. D. Sch Riff. J. H. Murray amp co. J. R. Curran. J. Brae amp co. W. Ferguson. M. Murdoch. Carruthers. A. E. Mckenzie. William Currie. Merritt Green. L. M. More. J. My kid via. Alexander. Kelly Co. A. Ferguson. A. H. Carter. C. D. Mccu ready a a a a Ltd a Hoise Bros. J. A. Robinson. W. J. Birchen. Trotter amp Trotter. Alf. Benge. Ii e. Kelly. J. H Mcdonald j. D. Kennedy. George Paterson. P. Middleton. Henry James. 3.1 0 5.1 0 to eur 1,00 Ivor 5.00 5.00 5.00 Moo too 12?, 1.00 1.00 fix 1.00 �.00 i. Al 2 00 2 of 2.00 2 00 2.00 2 of 2 00 200 200 2 in 2.00 1.00 1.00 5.00 2 of 1 of 1.00 5.00 1.00 1.00 .50 5.00 5.00 Foo 2 00 5 of 2 of 200 1.00 5.00 200 5.00 5.00 5.00 3.00 5.00 1.00 1.00 5.00 a boo 5.00 2 00 1.00 1.00 2 00 1.00 2 of 5.00 Wilson a carried Eft with a badly Hurt knee the Brandon hot key team met with their fire Deiml o it their own Las Mot Amy when they went Down before a rather weak aggregation of the Victorias of Winnipeg. Where to Lay the blame for the disaster is hard to disco is but out bks of a Little hard Luck which comes to every inns. The Braudeis s in a cd frying to Btu Roe but themselves. The whole team we Ivy Dainty suffering from the swelled need they though hey could win easily and did not commence to Piny until the second a us Ana Aliet the vie had two goals to thu go i they roused themselves am got Down to work but it was to late i hey Pou Ade i Iii. Tics go. Nagiu Aud loft without Avail Mamou was do dig Greta work in go,., Ami Wilson lbs vies. Cover played just in i runt of him while mat stat ii being Well Back to a sift Pieta at inter Point to key is the easiest game in the world to Block us lust ingot in game abut Dauty proved Crown Al out eleven men into one end Otth rink. And if the team Are at ail est Ziy matched the aggressor a Lave great difficulty in scoring. This was what Hupp Ned last evening Hau Che Brandon a started Hie my left As they played in the second there is Little question bul that they would Nave won. The sensational features of the game were three stops made by dug. Morrison which Badhan of the \ Icloria started in on him. Three times it looked As though a score could not possibly have been averted but dug was Good Lor it. Lit skated out to meet his Man Aud every time he succeeded in capturing the rubber amid the screams of the spectators Morrison did on pita Woik Ait in Foughi Iii iut Tell. Job Hail made a sensational run Many show kindnesses during Iii Progress of the firs mrs. D. H Cooper and mrs. Orchard served hot cuties and nation Aud Hawaii. And i. Jr., to ironic distributed mitts to it Iii be erected where the told ones uhf Greaten. Tbs lire Mea appreciated �?zi0od. Ii to j 1by these very much. A a workmen Are to Day engaged in just at tin Chis of the find half that made him the or m the evening. He shot a a Good on but unfortunately both Fen Brandon and Wilson pm the leg just below the knee so great was the fore of that shot that Wilson had to by carried off the and Wilson is not a Man that gives up j easily Hall was Nandin Ped during 1 run i the la8t Parl the match by a Stab with a skate in his he which made a three inc tear in ills Boot and Cut the foot rather severely it a not the Cut so much As Bio fact that Tharp in i he leather made his skate look a that bothered him. The first game was scored by Manton for the Victorias. Hammy Ami w to Weldon getting mixed a and giving Mun or to idly. The mend a Ama Ala big to a mix As badly damaged As had been thought i a a Quot ,u,5la0l�, Nix or Tina Peop a Are hard to say that and they were Able to open for business r i ruin and Hanway. We Nef Sta by prove a the cyst Niay after having scrap the a old have saves b Lens lit in tin City urge Mew blocks from the door and removed a Poi r Nar a a bion of the goods. Hie plate Glass rom Wlna the last a a a a windows Are solidly Frozen up Howe 1.00 2 00 2,00 2 00 5.00 their Stock not badly damaged they were Amie us go a Down and Kuhik j aug Ami nation. Of messes. Yeung �125 u1j Alicr their prop Fly. I cons Stock of swim that it was Slota. A a a a hat i i loan i a Rii u it notes of the Blaze there wet hundreds of citizens who knew nothing of the fire until after Church sunday morning. One Man was or cred in tvs office at noon to Day who Hail not heard of the conflagration. A a a Al in last big fire in Brandon occurred about eight years ago when Alexander lady amp cos. Mill burned. This is a Good record for any City. There has been an agitation on foot for some months to secure a Riuo to n in rats of insurance in Brandon,.last eve plug s fire Iii Prentice the to arouse any people that might in 5 underwriter s association or Iii in All flying Tilers. He found no one in that probability be used As an excuse for portion Lait Oyer Scott office two. A a families resided Ini a had plenty of time to get eel meet of their household effects. Willing viands turned in to remove the contents of the various Storla. From curries nothing to old be Tak Clear lug he Iron the sidewalk in Root 01 the burned area. An bound hewing machine can be teen pm Lite second fat of the Ehor Block and it gives the place a very dreary Ionek that machine May retd o work however. In Brandon College students expect to be Able to occupy a couple of their. Game was put in by cad hat from a scrip Man a Morrison being at the time on lha other a Haj of the goal. The teams were Victorias. Sons of England install officers the sons of England Benefit society held their annual installation of officers tuesday last. A very Large attendance of members were present. One new member was initiated. The newly appointed District Deputy. Bro. Fere Val Jond dusted thu a err instal Ationo ceremonies the following to Parlours and a most enjoyable time Mutton Wilson f let to cad Lara Munton Robinson Marshall a fur the match Dkl Tel Point. Cover Poi it. Forwards. The Bra Adon Morrison w it Iez bion i fire air b in i be ii Fth dug pin firs were tendered a a Maur Ai it ,.�u.i Poyau room j by . In the mean time officers hold office for the ensuing the y . Hail and i be vestry of the Bap Dut Church Are being utilized. A a the town l Glen Over to Issue Euon a is this morning. T in Surat cd Roe r port Good Bubics a it Aon an add loan i thousand or two. Year. Jut p. Williams. Uti it. Harden. ?� j. F. Tai butt . T. Hug Gunson w t., c. King i 11 was a it it. Tips eco is had a bugs followed the subs Antral portion of the to trtaiuiu8f Tile Victorias want Bourn on this mornings regular. Day every cd a who can is putting \ a chap., Honary Rev Mcadam or. I bettor Stoyte a. Reesor the counter cases Aud tools were gotten out before till place filled with smoke. All the Cut Glass am plate of which or. Reesor a very Large Stock was lost. Toss wat cries Etc. Were locked in a tar and Are in All probability in Lur tuck. A clean sweep was made of Giorge Oniani and Dominion amp a amp Flag tvs River whop even a Large parliaments meet feb 6 a Arror. Being re Otei safely tie Ontario i ups Tbs names err Vel a fund St ried for the fire suffers Currie a a Over three Hundred rollers subscribed by generous citizens in a few hours. Water. Or 0 is to Ironto j a. By to la Ontario i the Ekram repro Santa Baa Assn Cmil i for wed tim a Ihor knee proms try mesday feb. 6 Tomt Date was de Ehk i upon at the my song of the cab Liwski on thursday after hut j re a a Russ were Pahoa out of outlier Prem or ass my i ministers i Young grocery Lwft is the Ouock Sikl say aay thine about it until tie Mummy Block but very Tuttie could it of the lieu a Ematt a bursar j m Tjw had we following in had a a a a App a of Phis is t he Aarn urn Partiali a it Iii that dlr Eik a. Fire to is May �tuhoa4h the Loek bans in dih Ereat the follow aug is a list circulated this a Truing by or. D. A Hopper and Aid. F. Nation for the Benefit of the following fun Freri in the disastrous file saturday night. F Clarks Aud family mrs. Gal tan and family. Miss Macdona him. And mrs m. Cook. Inis bsh was got up in a few hours. A it was impossible to feel everyone. D. Mckelvin. Mcdonald do Calvert. F. C. Patereau. A w my a Bis. A lha Ruble fruit co. Lane amp Al Vise. A Hughes. Smith a Barton. Or a Fraser amp Boss boo 5 00 a of 5.00 5.00 5.00 5 00 Harding w. Chap. J. Gray guides., a. Gaucher w. J. J. Johnson ig., r Evans o.g., Slack the annual report was read and shows a excellent years work. The Lodge Bas largely increased both in numerical and financial eur eight. The amount collected through the Agency of the Lodge during the panty Star for benevolent and patriotic Par pose is Only a few dollars Short of one thousand dollars a very handsome past Deputy sap or. A. C. Douglas to get a position a will or Hesson be sheriff i Rem grand Prea Deou Jaswal Waw a a transferred to win Nimg and till Sun will acknowledge any Money c. Mitchell. A eat in Ted Burn it Over to t originated the fund. N a to Kos is Shewn to. D. A Scot. A. Hopper to Douai Soo. John Forbes brows a Mitcheu. Beery. M. Kirc Boffer. A Whitelaw. In. B. Horner. A a j. Symin Gucki a a a w. A Naff in c. Cd hit dwell kit Hwd to. Barclay. Jioie Wiite such is the resist amp it Rumor Here. 7 or. Hughes to go to Winnipeg. A persistent Rumor i in circulation in the City to the effect that they will shortly be extensive change in local government positions in a he City or. E. Aught bursar of the Asylum will be presented to brother Henry j a me he Wilt be succeeded by or. A. A on the occasion of his resigning Tiff . Douglas. Or. F. H hcs on it is also or. Jainey has held Many Ofrim Frt rumoured is to succeed sheriff Cle cup jul of flees id tills Lodge Doroug the k Rellah a inform to a to past seven years and although he is reliable information can by of a Slid intends to take obtained concerning tiles changes the a warm inter a in the proceedings gentlemen interested All of till Lodge. Knowledge. In spite of it Ait the re 5 i it sri Goodw Quot a a a 5 of i k in Kine to the Good things song a 500 a j speech to Lowed in rapid suet j _5.00 Iona until the assail hours of the j churl Petyt 5.001 morning. J does t favor Hibbert 500 Ottawa Jan. Amp or Charles Tnp tooth caused the boys death or who arrived Here last night de Toronto Junction Jan. A us a list a of Atorlan has Percy rues the Ori sir Hibbert Tupper for the Leader of Jane Smith of Queen Road died a hip of the conservative party. Of tin morning of blood poisoning a week age a had an Aice rated tooth Pulko ski Poison set in and to Day he l a corp Charles leave for England in Cooee couple of weeks. Be goes in

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