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Brandon Weekly Sun Newspaper Archives Feb 26 1914, Page 3

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Brandon Weekly Sun (Newspaper) - February 26, 1914, Brandon, Manitoba A i Quot a a a pin in a a a a a a a a a a a a a _ ii. R a Quot a War a a in Iii Immi Mumm entirely exonerated of charges made against him by sex policemen chief of police Berry held blameless by City Council after lengthy hearing intoj7 evidence submitted on alleged offences which occurred sixteen months ago aldermen characterize whole affair As attempt to Wash dirty la non wily Jug concerned there is absolute one did not vote on motion which cleared chiefs Good name aldermen and holders of other official positions speak in highest terms of chiefs work since he came Here eighteen months ago sex Constable declares he was forced to make statements which when written out he claimed were misconstrued chiefs dramatic plea for fair play. I two big liners seriously damaged i in collision at Naples it Quot a jul Naples. Feb. Is the White Star liner celtic collided with the % timbre Madonna Here today and both vessels were seriously Damag % eel. The Madonna was unable to leave for new York for which port a she was to have deported today with emigrants. So to has been Dock de for repairs. The celtic was seriously damaged on the counter but is believed to have been Only slightly injured below water line. She a inn was bound for new York. Nino to spend big amounting West a a it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it h it it it it Many congratulations received by chief Joi chief Berry since be came Here. A i have never had such an accusation brought against me la the whole of my thirty seven years.0 said chief of police Berry when interviewed today Fie added that during his fourteen years As a police officer he had never been suspected and it had never been suggested that he a turned a wrong today the chief is receiving numerous congratulations from All parts of the City and among those from Winnipeg was one from Deputy chief Newton Reading a congratulations More Power to you. Result is Only what we when asked if he intended to take any action the chief said he was not at the moment prepared to say. A that Thi Council after consideration of the evidence submitted at this meeting finds that the charges made Are not sustained and that chief Berry be and is hereby entirely exonerated in respect thereof.0 the above was re Resolution passed by a full meeting of the City coun a ii just before 7 of clock tuesday night after sitting from half past two in tile afternoon to hear certain charges a ailed by some members a evidence a against the police chief who was a mused Anong oth a thing of brutally entreating a prisoner arrested Tori drunkenness of letting a bad Man out a without trial of accepting Tunney i from women connected or alleged to i i be connected with houses of Ili fat. Aud of Many other minor matters which any neglectful chief could be guilt the. Enquiry lasted for nearly j live solid hours and at the conclusion 1 i be chief was entirely exonerated a very member of the Council with one. J exception pronouncing him entirely innocent of every charge brought against Bim. The Only Alderman who i did not vote was Ald. Mckenzie and ii was elicited that to was fined last 1 summer for an infraction of the traffic by Law. The decision of the Council waft received with applause from a packed Council chamber because the evidence showed that the whole of the chiefs accusers were members of the Force that bad been dismissed for Vari j Book however he refused to show to a Quot Ains a 10 searched. Ohs reasons explained by the chief in members of the Council. It was deals version of the charges one by one Sid edly wrong to say that the drunk As they were brought he. Collapsed Iii a Heap after the chief at the outset mayor Hughes said he a assaulted him. Had brought the matter to the notice chief pleads not guilty. Of the chairman of the police commit nothing to it. Obscene language the next charge also arising from Tho information of or Carer was that on nov. 9. 1912. The chief used obscene language to a Drunken woman. To this Berry replied that he had no recollection of the Case but he and thought Creamer would not have could positively say he would never dream of using obscene language in the station least of All to a woman. Sergt West involved. The next complaint arose Over a Wordy warfare Between two Costa Jules a Rearer alleging that Sergt. West mayor Hughes done to you think i insulted him and the chief refused to wag right in taking the matter up redress his wrong when it was submitted to me Ald. Coleman what did you want or. Fleming it All depends How it Tho chief to do fire West was submitted. J the chief in this Case said if any j report had been Mado to would have Biggane s version. Investigated it. Lie had nothing against Kex Constable Biggane. Next called wa8 a capable officer but corroborated the Story of the arrest j there were others just capable As As told by clearer and was question j h ttl0 chef wow disc Pine him it j made such statements unless forced to do so. He. The speaker thought the chief had been blamed wrongly j because of the new men under him j being a Little too zealous or too of Fie iou. I it a a a a a a accusations along that line Tho chief then left the chamber. The evidence deceived. Council final details of rate War settlement to be made known this week Ovice pres Bury in Montreal conferring with presi Dent on new work. Many parts of West to Benefit conference of Many lines to con j report denied that com my intended redo ing appropriations. Sider reconstruction of the Pany intended reduce Pool. Said he did not want to harm the chief Asho had nothing against him and the chief had done him no wrong. Lie would not swear to his memory. Led at length As to the cruelty. He gave a a practical exhibition of Jiu Jitsu to Ald. Coleman who bad questioned him i severely on the amount of Force necessary to subdue a violent prisoner. Ile admitted that to had been late on j duly More than once and when he left the chief told him they had better i part. After a Long Harangue he told of calling the chief up late at night asking for a reference and that the chief had had to complain about hit deviation from his beat. Sergeants Story. Sergt. West next called said to was in the station when Sharau was brought in and he saw no violence. Pointed out that it was All Given by sex police officers and As an offset they bad the evidence of Sergt. West and i . Mcleod. To did not think any j Loudon Fob. 18. The final details j j no Jug Asb Alili round or All of Tho charges waft Good enough of Tho settlement of the Traus auntie to warrant the Council suspending j rate War bet the German ship further extensions to list Tho chief and lie moved that Tho he lot to exonerated. Ald. Shillinglaw seconded. Ald. Mckenzie objects Ald. Mckenzie opposed Tho motion thinking that the matter should to More fully investigated lie said sex Constable Kilby was ready to swear to Hie brutality Etc. Jail give incr Speaks the mat lurched Forward at the chief too after receiving information absolutely unsought w hich he thought warranted Tho fullest investigation by Tho Council. Sex constables allegations. There was so to delay at the because of the from of procedure to to but he did swear to some items taken Down at the time Iii a notebook Winch and Tho Chiel syrup put the Man Back he Volt in have seen any violence and Hoard any thro its. West Auer i that clearer had made accusations against him which near1 led to an a Rico for defamation of character. Once when a Rearer alleged witness was drunk he he i had two glasses of whisky Fie had Tho highest opinion of Tho chiefs j qualities. Witness produced the charge Hooks show big the it lies of the arrest of shaman. . Mcleod War also called Aud to the chief when asked for his version said he must first plead not guilty. Ile asked a Rearer a Large number of questions aft to the cause for dismissal being in in hotel and lying to Ulm about it Aud general in a efficiency. Going on with his Story. To _ j. I i itally i or Traduce the Story of Rearer the Chiel said he and Good reasons Tor 1 adopted. Fili ally i w As decided to dismissing a Rearer but seeing that read w Ritten statements made by one j Christmas was approaching and he la to ont Bible Reader who stated that Jonas a married Man a Rearer could Iii afford to lose his position and he hike was a member of the Force from nov. 1st, 1912, to Dee. 19 of the same year. His chief Case against his Superior was that after he and Constable Biggane took a Man named Lionel shaman to the police station for drunk Mients on the. Night of nov. It 1912. The chief stuck his thumbs cute the mans Throat causing his Tongue to hang Down Over his i bin banged his head against the Wall slapped him a bout the face and said he would show them How to treat a Man like Thurman. These allegations were made at Tho office of mayor Hughes last thursday by a Rearer who was warned As to the serious nature of them but bearer sprung a Surprise by stating that he was forced to make the statements under threat of action in Case of refusal by a provincial Constable. Dieted the Fine. When his pay Check was the five Days Short bearer disputed his the chiefs right to Fine him and he said a you know what to do if you done to like it a and bearer took that As his dismissal. Ile the chief could not remember the Case. Hut it was inconceivable that he would 11, the Man. Because he was As humane As any of them and would not even allow his men to handle a prisoner roughly. Tho mayor next read a letter from Mother sex Constable t. Kilbey who. Like a Rearer left the Force not of his own Accord. Kilbey bore out what a Rearer said As to the brutality. Magistrates opinion. Magistrate Bates was called and declared he had never since the Chiel i the mayor Here took occasion to re i Lite a Rumor was carrying out to p a election Promise and agreed j that he evidence was greatly of variance. The second Case. Just As readily a9 any other Man. There was drunkenness mentioned in thin Case and in reply to Tho mayor chief Berry said when off duty an officer had just the same rights As a civilian but he must never go into a hotel in uniform. The mayor stated he had Many other charges which be would himself decide As to whether they were i trivial or not. Ald. Coleman Aud Evans said ail i charges should be cleared up right there it boing obviously unfair to keep charges hanging Over the chiefs head. Ald. Evans said i move that the other charges if any be taken right now Aud if taken now regard them for what they Are Worth. The mayor to that a vote of Cen sure on me Ald. Evans yes. You can take it that Way if you like. You have the right As mayor to Call this meeting i but not after calling us Here. To hold i charges Back. Damaged ribs i Tho next Case arose from a letter written by one we White who has served several terms for vagrancy and who is now an inmate of the Brandon Asylum. In his missive White said he was sent to jail for four months by magistrate Percival on nov. 12, 1912, j kept a week in the police Ceils Here and could not have been More badly treated. The water Hose he wrote was turned on his face until he could not breathe two constables ill used Ping companies Are to be Arranger her ti7is week. Phillip Heineken. Managing director of the North Cor i Man Lloyd arrived Here today to at i tend a meting of the Continental North Atlantic steamship lines and Albert Balling or the Hamburg american line. Is on the Way from Ger i Many. The agreement Between the two lines will it is thought be completed prior to a conference to be held later in the week Between american British and Continental steamship lines with the object of reconstructing the Atlantic Nook militant used whip to assault elderly Baron lord Weardale victim of outrage at a London railway station today. Governor Heathcote called upon in regard to a statement that to to a chief Berry that Kilby was a Crank said this was Only two Days ago. To gave instances of Bow notorious Char a actors had sent letters while in Lei j idling their friends to steer Clear of Brandon because de. Berry was i there. He also told of the summer fair statistics for the past three or four years showing that while in pre Vlious years to 1913, practically no cases had Boon seen in 1913, some of i the Cleverest Crooks on the continent had been apprehended. As to White to was As Idle a Man As could be found. Regarding Speers he would not like to Trust him with his life or his business. The mayor complimented gov. Heathcote referring to visits to the but it would take a Good Deal More in the performance of a very arduous and trying task. Asked for his opinion of the chief. The jail governor said lie was convinced there was not a finer Man As a chief or of a Man. In the whole of caned. Crearer used Hose pipe Ald. Coleman said to greatly regretted the charges being made. All Cabinet ministers. Of them save the first had no ground j lord Weardale was walking with whatever. He elicited from mayor a 9 wife along the platform when he Hughes Tho fact that it was Crearer As approached from behind by the who used Tho Hose pipe on White. Ile j woman. At the first blow from Ber contrasted different persons ideas of j powerful dog whip he fell in a Heap to brutality and Tho exaggerated ideas it be ground. Already planned is be ing discussed. Montreal Fob. Ira George j. Bury vice president of Tim Canadian Pacific railway Western Linos arrived hero this morning to Confer with Tho president regarding the company a work West of the great lakes. If waft ascertained that there was absolutely no truth in the report that the company contemplated making a substantial reduction in its Idi appropriations but that As a matter of fact or. Bury had been called East by Tho president with the object of conferring on further extensions. What the extensions Are to be is still unknown but it is understood that they will amount to a consider Able sum of Money and that Many parts of the provinces will be benefited. Final hearing will be held in Telegraph Case in near future was going to a wedding. I u. Us Al lit was Ila who was a him. One of them jumping on him. And the next charge was then taken up. Jbi8 Ruhs were fractured. Vohen in Jai that of a Man named Kelly he wag under the sortors pare for alleged by Crearer to be in fi0me Timp company of a Man who reported the 1 next Day that he was robbed of $100. A bum of the first water. Kelly was released a few hours after j the chief said White was a a bum of his arrest. The details of Tho arrest Tho first water a but that was no Roa Aud the Many a movements wore Given Tsoa Vichy he should be abused. He. The by Crearer. There was mention of a chief recalled something of the Case Bank Book Aud $50, but no suggestion. The first complaint coming from the in reply to Ald. Coleman who by the j governor of the jail. Enquiries were Way is a k.c., of crooked work by the made and the speaker was satisfied no chief in regard to this sum. Ribs were broken and that White used vehement denial. His a Lender ribs As an excuse for he stated that the drunk was not Able j came. Hoard a single complaint against to walk having to partially car j the department for brutality. Ile could hot i to the station by himself and j not recall the Case in question but to Biggane. Bur that at one Point did a j did not think for a moment that the something about playing fair and chief would be guilty of the acts at lurched Forward As if at the chief tribute to him. The chief a a Rearer also surprised Tho Council by declaring that his supposed sworn statement Vas wrong in several parts Aud that he Only signed his name to the stenographers notes before they were transcribed. Why he was dismissed. Ile stated that be was dismissed by Tho chief for loitering about hotels Aud had also been fined live Days nay a ii action which he told the chief he could not legally i Arr out. Lie fur was. In his opinion a most humane Man. It came to his knowledge that anything of the kind was going on or \ on to Cert a ii y look into it. Sex mayor Fleming. Eventually Biggane who is now on. London. Feb. 18.�?a militant Suffragette armed with a whip attacked Baron Weardale while he waft waiting today with two Hundred other guests for a train to Althorp Park Northampton. Tho party was Goin to attend the wedding of Hon. Sydney Peel son of Viscount Peel and lady Delia Spencer. The Suffragette apparently mistook the elderly peer for one of the the anxiety of his friends was relieved when it was found that lord Weardale had not suffered any serious which were often formed of minor troubles. Tho Brandon Hospital he said was one of Tho finest institutions of its kind in Canada and was praised i injury the woman was arrested. By thousands but still there were when the Suffragette who had As sore who took a a shun Nero against it. A salted lord Weardale was arraigned he believed Tho chief might have amp Lle refused to give Lier name Ard told Given the Man shaman a Good Shak Tlle police magistrate she did not doing after being called a foul name but so to 10 a anything. That was Only human. On the other j i or i Weardale said the woman was hand lie considered the chief the keen a stranger to him. As a possible sex est and shrewdest Man he had met in Pluna Lon of the assault he noted that years and surely he would not be sol in ad<1 Karl Ourson of Kedleston foolish As to act brutally in the pres Nero int presidents of the anti suf the chief vehemently stated that to idleness. He hardly credited the Story had not yet sunk to the level of Rob about the Hosepipe Bing men in custody. He gave in washing dirty let stances of giving Money Back to the Ald. Evans again remarked that it City on principle Money to which he All appeared to be a Case of washing was entitled As informant. He Point dirty . The mayor did not agree of out that a Man could be held while j with this and said to had More cases they had reasonable ground for sus on which he would Reserve the right Pinion. But As soon As those suspicions to act. I j fell the Man must be released or he Ald. Bourke chairman i think it was liable and through him the City is a matter for the Council to say he was sorry it was impossible to de whether you have such a right of Vise a system which would safeguard you refer to Tho Bawdy House across the City absolutely from a dishonest Tho River i would like it threshed out. Chief but he pointed out that if he i have investigated it myself and am Hie City fire department was sent for. Nuns tile dishonest scoundrel these men entirely satisfied that the chief took i before be came sex mayor Fleming took the Opportunity to explain his posit Ion. He told of the interim Between the dismissal of the late chief and appointment of chief Berry it being Hor dec lured that he was hired by j luring that time that he gave Carcar mayor Fleming and told to report All irregularities to Bim. This he did we Hen the chief was entreating the drunk a respectably dressed Young Mau of 28 years witness thought the hied had lust his senses for the time iveing. Iii answer to a multitude of questions a Rearer denied May things he was alleged to have said ii i statement Aga inst the chief and als hied to make Likely to turn him he was hardly la right and proper stand in the Aiat-$50 Over to the City Tor. W hich he obtained As his share in a liquor Case. He quoted another Case of restoring $140 to a Man after it had been found and the Man had gone to the mayor Aud there is nothing to it or a Job of the Force. He the mayor j country when he could have a was watching the department Verv As a appropriated it and no one a Ald. Bourke absolutely nothing to it. And moreover i have spoken to a minister of the government who also declares the chief took the on in a Losely at that time and did Tell Woultz have been any the Wiser. Proper course and that the Man by Crearer As Well As All other con next went Over How he Hind the accusation would he do snips Stab s. To report irregularities to him. J out the department on coming Here Sod. Lie did not remember however any totally in chaos. Sordid details imputations of brutality and was Cor a candid invitation. Lain that had any been made lie would went on a gentlemen if you be de ii. It. Sneers contained the so ence of his inferior officers thus placing evidence in their hands which could be used against him. The Man Kilby left the Force after Soire dispute and there were people like Airt. Mckenzie who had no use for a the chief because of an Auto conviction ready to listen to such complaints. But it would take a Good do More finn the evidence they to i Beard to filter Eric Tittle the Good opinion lie had of come Berry. Applit amp eur. Winnipeg it friars said brand9a had take cd one of the finest men Over seen there. The charges were also months old. Us admitted the a hit was very strict but boat was need0-�?T, especially after the lax methods under the old i regime. His position made him create enemies Ira it was Plain to see that he had at least one enemy on that Council. The major was Correct in bringing the matter to the not ice of j Ald. Bourke but after hearing All that had been said he the speaker thought they could not ask even for a com Mission to investigate and the chief should be Given a Clear Bill of discharge. Ile had always been proud of chief Berry but never More proud of hint than at that moment. Gratist society. The detective who arrested the Suffragette in Euston station says she told him a i meant to give him a Good thrashing. Yon done to know what harm he had done the prisoner wore Tho badge of the omens social and political Union the militant Suffragette organization. She we As remanded for further inquiry. Lord Wear Daiez a assailant has been identified London. As miss Mary Lindsay of Ottawa Fob. Is the final hearing in the Telegraph Case which has been engaging the attention of the railway Board a intervals for about three years is Likely to be held shortly within the past week the c.p.r., . And , sides of the ease have been submitted to the Board in writing As Wras directed by the Board. The . Argument is expected in the course of a few Days. The Case for the people was submitted some months ago by Isaac Pitblado k.c., of Winnipeg who was named by the late government when the inquiry was commenced to represent their interests. There will in All probability be one More hearing and then the Way will be Clear fir a judgment by the Board. This Beauty Gold plated Signet Nuce let fancy embossed pattern expands a it fit any Arm but up in Lovely Plush Lineal Box. 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V rms to Oay a Ltd John free Ballam s trappers wide j Rry Ltd a few Ciiab a Kook Ltd to Pac Felly Ilia teat Ana i re Ted it a we Fri Bow we a Natl where to trap Batt and traps to . And a a a Miter Rai Ahja feet a on exam the raw fat Taju atre Ai or a up 10-tbe-Unutfur , it Ahn Oli Tei v in i it Jar to a aking. Mail dept. Soi Xii i Rem St. La. Ald. Mckenzie got up to make an a ii. X Long typewritten statement sign outlier amp proc of but there were mar-1 he went on. Gentlemen if you be cd ii. Al Speers contained the Sor Murg it once have looked into them. Or. Eve these charges or any such thing did devils of some girls being thrown Fleming paid great tribute to the work As is alleged Iii the Kelly Case i want out of a Block an allegation of Money i que t0 Nie amp a right on the spot. Being received by the chief to keep j ,1 take full responsibility of letting the them posted also reference to Al Man out and on tie matter of run a licensing Case. The woman also left i Ning the City i have tried to give you the City after he. Speers had told the a clean City and it is the greatest chief they were Here. Oon my have Fiat 1 cd a explain Ltd Thal spe6r? Iii did not ask for the chiefs suspend strictly is d l l Ato a a Vert p0�r cons table As a to it Rove Ucli Sioa or discharge. He thanked Ald i. Enforced. He concluded if Constable had bungled his own cases p f f Tho by Laws Are too strict Don t blame and was not going to a butt in in City j a a a a Izz it j me. Because i did not make them but attains. It was exceedingly difficult l for code Una a a a it is motion Wert taken i a inns a is Ito prove a prostitution Case and the animus be had asked to dismi8�?z City was not big enough to get rce it Janot Ber official. But would not do so j Sider Al the chief had a he a us a Bain because he might be accused of thai mixed farming pays of dissent several aldermen j saying a we want to get Homo to sup it was 6 15. He talked of hundreds of complaints daily also about the chief drinking in hotels and wound up with another plea for further investigation. The mayor said after the evidence. It did not ask for the chiefs suspension or discharge. He thanked Ald while Manitoba a justly proud of the Quality of her wheat the reasons for lire Ina the adoption of mixed tanning Are vital and re cognized of such by Alt thinking Farmers and business men alike. Mixed farming does not mean that wheat should cease to be a Staple crop merely that through better farming we can grow More wheat on fewer a Roa end reap larger profits per Bushel at the same time enhancing Revenue through of her channels. Nowhere can foods for Stock be grown More successfully than in Manitoba. We can produce a High Quality or animals and animal products the Market offers every encouragement and there will be a certainty of financial results. Mixed farming will help to solve the problem. Also labor Toronto like these against an honest i or major said in this Case he con who would readily obtain direct enacted wrongly Deuce. In not ascertaining Kelly a character before letting him out. Al. Co Lenin. As to the Money accusation lie treated it with the same contempt As so for As this charge j that with which he did Alt the other sin. The motion was put and everyone voted for it save Ald. Mckenzie. He did not vote do your part the department of agriculture ably supported by the agricultural societies of the province the agricultural press till newspapers and the transportation companies is putting for i every Effort to Foster improved methods of farming and improved conditions in the Home. Let us help you. Write to the Manitoba department of agr a culture or to the Manitoba agricultural College for information on any phase of the Good work that interests you. Hon. George Lawrence minister of agriculture Ana immigration Winnipeg

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