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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1963, Page 1

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - September 30, 1963, Brandon, Manitoba No. 213 Brandon man., monday september 30, 1963 16 pages City edition Whites nabbed racial bombing 23 car cars derailed first arrests in Birmingham Birmingham Ala. Apr two White men were placed in City jail Early today for further investigation into the series of bombings that have rocked this racially troubled City for several years. Col. Al Lingo head of the state Highway patrol 1 said that others picked up in the investigation have been released. He declined to say How Many others had been questioned. Night Warden l. A. Holcomb identified the two being held As r. E. Chambliss 59, and Charles Cagle 22, both of the Birmingham area. Lingo would give no information on the men nor on results of the questioning. He also de dined to definitely link them with the blast at the 16th Street Baptist Church sept. 15 in which four Young negro girls were killed. Although the investigations into the bombings had been intensified since the Church explosion these were the first arrests. The City has had More than 40 bombings since the second world War but the one which nearly destroyed the 16th Street Santo t i go a Baptist Church was the worst former president Juan Bosch about 20 arsons were Hurt in sailed Toto aboard j0&Quot the blast which inflicted More Navy than $44,000 in damage to the charging the military coup the -9 at stake a a j Church As Well As damaging Bat overthrew him was Organ the o2 seats at stake. A a a a. Holn Jinpo tied before his inauguration last Only twice since . Entered Stork stand a Stork perches atop a traffic gig Sparks near riot february. Confederation july 20. 1871, Nai in Toulouse France where it has chosen to build the a Hutch him Hanff naked a High official source said has a general election produced a nest. Traffic lights will provide warmth and Comfort a near riot sporadic outbursts Bosch was a it it Ard frigate a ,,in the coming Winter. Of violence Continua through a us Quot it it. A Oum b. Landed on in 1941 the libel a1 adminis a. _ Vounce French Island of Guada traction formed a coalition with ithe Day Mem lw0 it Oung a Ottawa it up a parliament the commons picks up its while on the surface All will the conservatives. In 1952 pre m Iii resumes its labors today after work where it left off aug. 2 appear As though the com drier Bennett came to Power 11 by i an eight week recess during without the formality and pomp Mons merely adjourned Over with 19 of the 48 seats that com a of Lii a ill Jiji i Victoria up a there was talk of a record turnout today As British Columbia went about electing their 27th government since confederation j a heavy percentage of the Winnipeg up a Twenty tag cars. Two containing Gaso Tern s North line when it jump 872.718 eligible voters was sex three cars of an East bound Ca line and the other Asphalt we Reed the tracks about 7 . Petted at the polls Between 8 Nadian National railways freight held under control by the Dis Gilbert Plains is about 255 porn train were derailed near Gilbert strict fire department. Miles Northwest of w Winnipeg. A a n p. A Plains man., Early sunday Caus cause of the derailment was the spokesman said the Inci in such issues As Power doing three of them to break out not immediately known the Dent was not expected to cause a elopement medicare Automo in flames. Spokesman said. The 63-car train a delay in other train schedules be insurance and revamped there were no injuries a car was proceeding towards Winn and the tracks were expected to to proposals spokesman said Here. The Burn Peg from Saskatoon on the sys be cleared Early today. Tile forecast was based on _ a solid attendance at a three Day Advance poll last week. Good weather was expected in All 42 constituencies. There was speculation in some newspapers that no one party would capture the bulk of commons resumes its labors today Loupe probably today. With Bosch were his wife and Fiji Quot Nigul to Cliv i cd Loo us Aai it i Luul inc Lul cd he Iii i Ujj uni Vii Usu v it till Bijj i Llev Quot a Al jul Vav lil huh internal stresses mounted that attends the opening of a night each of the parties apprised the legislature in those in Bill foil Norli o in it ii it face t in Inbau ital i he session Intro Ontario key to new parliamentary session. Holding pensions preaches the resumed session Days. With new and diverse View ,. I Points. Retains Power for the liberals an incipient Prem or Bennett a social b we Bein vers who credit government has been in a Vai inv. Trull a seek Lake pact negroes were shot to death Lone by police officers and the. ,. ,. Other As he was Riding a bicycle. In. Antonj Robert Barrera. A two White youths Are free on a a div of the Junta $10,000 Bonds in the death of the lbs removed the president from second negro. Olce wednesday on charges he president Kennedy dispatched was on. Cor Muni a and his former army Secretary Kenneth administration was chaotic. Royall and former army foot revolt of no credit government has been int Thali to act Earl Blaik to sir in to Kennedy annul a Mekinc Grestl i ix>w0r Ever a since they 28 Ottawa cps top officers eral government plans to put Mangham to help soothe the Washington a the big o. U Jim a a or scan 19�3, like it a sed 10f the Canadian labor Congress legislative machinery into to troubled racial Waters. Question of whether to allow the sunday with a Compromise a hold to 39 in l956 an j took 32 in Tjon to Clamp a government he emissaries conferred with Sale of . Wheat to Russia ran gement for strengthening get Jugg election. Have been summoned Here for nil maritime ,r Iii i Karol an new non Flalive. A a _ Ottawa up a Ontario can Only because our situation i Nake or break the Federal con Ferent and More Fortunati Ribu tory portable pension plan us a he told a dinner of ror me a urus in rime minister Pearson told the after receiving the award from the summer recess the Machin Only social credit and the the meeting will Start sex lation sunday night in a fire state Secretary Rusk of the cry was set in motion for the nip have nominated full aptly 24 hours before the fed Side Chat preview of today a re . Calling of an annual general slates. The liberals have 51 can. Sued parliamentary session. The two men met for 30 min meeting of the progressive con dilates and the progressive _ # _. The pensions plan and Sicul utes before the dinner and or. Sedative association next year conservatives 44. There Are foul a amp Elf Sci Woit Icin ural ism pose serious problems Pearson was briefed a quite at which opposition Leader communists one independent.1 ii though wheat sales to ret on the talks with John Diefenbaker will submit and one member of i Annj of diff irk cat1, Al i a o i a a k i n t a a fact nor a la i a race to see whether an a weekend when two prominent the russians have made no septable Union trusteeship can negro leaders a millionaire formal request to the United be worked out by Csc and q Gaston and lawyer Arthur states. But soviet negotiators Al Cio leaders before Parlia Ujj shores took Issue with or have been talking in Ottawa of intent imposes a trusteeship by Martin Luther King jr., Over deals for american Grain. One Law or. Kings threat of renewed report mentioned 3,000,000 tons the government plans to Start demonstrations. L. _ a Ite. Cie Vav. A in Vine Iaci Lucuk of 13 demonstrations. For $250,000,000 independen a a a a a Crl a Lalov process on its Jar King president of the Kennedy administration office social Iii Igo Iii 3 to i la trusteeship legislation Ednes Southern Christian leadership vials sounded out Congress last on the bal Day in the commons. If there conference had accused City week on feelings about a Grain Lisbon a the Canadian unanimous consent of the of. To of Movin too slowly in Deal with the russians. The of a mourn sales w a Xcvi a a ,., ,. Jhrona and Russia have sparked lord Home British foreign Sec his leadership to a test of c just party of Canada on a a a a conference Nan accused City Ween on Iee Ungs a oui a Gram i brighter Trade and balance Rel by and Russia s Andrei a cofidence. An executive Mec my Dot i Lisbon of a i in Canadian Jig unanimous consent of the of fallers 0f moving too slowly in Deal with the russians. The off payments picture he said in Myko held in the Wake of the of the party is to be held Here the conservatives who have wife of a new Ork City Engi position parties the govern meeting negro demands. Facials considered the Burden of a recorded radio and television test let an treaty. At the end o Oconer no elected a member in to Neer was killed in an Antonio ment could push the legislation Gaston and shores both of congressional sentiment to be or. Pearson said he also re weekend death toll seven mrs mrs. A. B. Knowlton a longtime resident of Brandon died suddenly at her Home at 434 Twenty second Street sunday evening. Born in St. Thomas ont. Mrs. Knowlton moved to Brandon acini acus or firm Ingram aaa social credit Back Ute genteel bigotry of a prom-1 can work out some a Obj a to cred leg Couk result nent Canadian dub that bars a t0 l Caouette established his group government distinguished Canadian but he confessed that neither a amp a separate Wing which in later or. Pearson told re he nor or. Rusk had been tends apart from the la porters he had no particular briefed on the latest meetings orthodox social creditors. Dub or individual in mind i Palm while the social credit split Canada s problem of racial Maceachen and labor moved the 17-member new discrimination is less pressing Sec Carv Willard Wirtz of tile democratic party group into a a a a third position in the parliament in his National address or. Tary Hierarchy the socialist Pearson spoke from his official group was quietly struggling residence to review five months with its own internal lit Al of Liberal government and fences. I Bey revolved on the i i a a a sketch some pending problems question of whether the Nii ii m it Lack of Ontario support for1 should continue to give Loci is xt�?Tv0h the Federal pension plan will support to the minority govern of Lead to revision and possibly rent of prime minister Pear by the Canadian press scrapping of the project he so to Ket in 111 Otlien an a. A said since Quebec had already avoid another general election Suty seven persons died in to operate Myn mishaps during the weekend scale me the liberals have 129 Mem 80 in traffic accidents include we can still have a National hers in the 265-seat House and in five killed saturday near plan providing All the other lose one vote in any division v r a my provinces want it. But if for in with Alan Macnaughton in the Minto ab., Lien a stance Ontario decides that it chair As the commons speaker lived with a truck. Wishes to have its own plan the conservatives have 95 two persons were drowned then the National plan would be members and a combined vote and five others died in Acci come i think entirely i prac of All opposition parties is dents of an unclassified nature needed to upset the govern two men one from Winnipeg if Premier Robarts offer of ment. And the other from Ontario died Ontario co operation did Lead to j the Senate will hold its first in a spectacular aircraft crash Ontario participation then the Post recess meeting tuesday late sunday As their Light plane plan was possible. Night went into a tailspin and nose a a a dived during Landing at fort Frances ont. Ontario topped the fatality list with 22, consisting of 19 in traffic accidents one by drowning and the fatal plane crash. A Canadian press Survey from 6 . To Midnight local times shows Quebec with is deaths is on the highways an two in a fall and new Brunswick with the third highest count of seven All traffic. Manitoba British Columbia and Alberta reported four Highway fatalities each and Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan each had three Road deaths. Saskatchewan also had one drowning and a fire death. Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland hrs a no fatalities. Ive Wile of a i grew position parties my to it Ein meeting negro demands. Facials considered the Burden of not elected a member in to Neer was killed to an Automo ment could push the legislation gallon and shores both of congressional sentiment to be. Years predict a resurgence this bile Accident sunday. The Engi through All stages and into Law whose Home have t Een bombed in favor of it. Quot Ulton Neer was serious condition at in one Day. Recently issued a statement urging that current negotiations attacks be Given full Opportunity for Scarborough Reuters a Success. Britain a opposition labor party City councillor George seybels today launched a full scale at we arned that or. King would by tack on prime minister a arrested again if necessary to Millan and his conservative a reliable informant says a break up a threat of renewed government As it prepared for Imper of St intr must be tied. A local Hospital. I on the other hand the gov Howard Gerard Doherty 32, eminent could allow the legis and his wife Patricia Mary a lation to follow the Normal Isaias Fli inn a1 in Ferenee of Trtat the legislation prepared for 111 rations. I a a a christians and jews in Cleve a five Union Federal trustee j Moose tile recess saw a c a the Premier sees the eiecli0n Rived Here three months ago. Procedures thus buying time so and he it Aid Only a Matier of ship has his priority and wil1 do Ltd be Een Ati Onai Leat credit versus social she came from Regina a Ca that a private trusteeship might degrees part Tes Tow criminal proceed the America a in Quot and has warned that a Nadian embassy a poke Amah by achieved Acial acts of Birmingham and and. Canadian Central labor Deputy hem Caouette. Vote for one of the Par. A a reliable _ bodies can work out some a with 12 social lie Clit oat Macelt in minor ii the couple had two children f a vim. A number of strings must be tied demonstrations. In in i ii Lichtly ased 2 and 3. He works for an together before a private un-1 or. Fulton says his part for american steel firm erecting a Jon trusteeship could be Laid be the first time in years offers giant Bridge across the River fire Federal labor minister voters a Middle . A. Knowlton in Brandon California hot spell an electoral showdown. Party chairman David h. Davies called 1963 a Quot year of disaster for the conservatives in opening Labory annual convention Here. His attack followed a keynote speech by Harold Wilson sunday night in which the oppose the forecast sunny warm Low 50 a High 80 w Ith her family in 1901 and had _ _ resided Here since. My avg it easy a lifelong member of first i fore Federal labor minister Maceachen As a workable plan endorsed by both the Csc and Al Cio. The prospects and possibilities for a private rather a than a Public trusteeship were Mia pfc Fol Al aired in Boston saturday at the Tion chief predicted Macmillan meetings Between or. Mac eos Angeles Bali alter of. Methle so Sarr fixed by Eachen and . Labor score five Days of Marta heat South Jhu t in a us Mai Era Cal forma today slipped in lost in sighing and gasping Back into autumn. Sunday it was 102 downtown. Pions report the predicted High today 93. Saigon apr defence see by tuesday said the fore rotary Robert Mcnamara to Caster the temperature should Daj postponed his departure for tary w Illard Wirtz. Police firemen n Luei orig Lien Tjui in p up easier me Lempera ure a i Wuhu United Church mrs. Knowlton City police and firemen report Rise Only into the Low 80s, about Washington for 24 hours. Was a member of Princess a quiet weekend with Only one Normal for this time of year. Mcnamara had planned to Alexander of Teck chapter of fire Call. The crack in the blazing sep lad Saigon later today after a the Iode and the Brandon col firemen were summoned at 9 member heatwave came As moist one week inspection tour of lege women a auxiliary. . Saturday to extinguish a sea air drifted fog Gily across South \ Iet Nam for president she is survived by her Hus Blaze in a gravel Crusher own the coast driving before it Hun Kennedy band one son Hugh j. Of bran de by Western Concrete which reds of City dwellers who had a spokesman said the Secre Tion and three grandchildren. Was located two Miles East of fled bake oven bedrooms to tary was delaying his departure funeral services Witt be held the City on Victoria Avenue. A sleep on the beaches. Udud tuesday to give Muse from first United Church wed Short circuit in a conveyor Belt it was the end of the second More time to work Here on his mesday at 3 30 . Started an adjacent Tarpaulin on longest heatwave on record in top secret report for the mute in lieu of Flowers tile family fire. Southern California. In 1955 the House requests donations be made to damage was confined to the Mercury pushed past the too the Canadian heart fund. Tarpaulin Mark six Days in a Row. Pope Calls for Reform As Council resumes up from apr it is Vatican City the second session of the Vatican ecumenical Council buckled Down to work today with a streamlined Agenda and Hopes of getting some quicker results than the first. The 2,500 delegates reassembled for a working session under the great dome of St. Peters Basilica where Pope Paul formally reopened the conclave sunday. He made a Strong Appeal for Reform of the roman Catholic Church a feeling was evident among the Church fathers that the session would move with greater Speed and efficiency than the first which ran from oct. La to dec 8 last year. This session will continue until dec. 4. A Young Bishop summed up this spirit. A i think All the Bishops Are coming Back to this session with a lot More enthusiasm. They know now what is intended and what it is they Are trying to he a described the first session convened by the late Pope John As Quot a sort of dry run where there was bound to be some disorder because of the size of the gathering. A but we Learned from it and i think the Council will move much More speedily this time a added the prelate who asked to remain unidentified. In opening the Council Pope Paul said its Aims were redefinition and Rei Orni of the roman Catholic Church restoring Christian Unity and closer Contact with today a world. Hopes for completing the councils business with greater dispatch Stem from Tulve reduction in the number of Schemata or topics to be considered and acted on. Since the Council last met these have been trimmed to 17 from 69. A proposed redefinition of the Church won general endorsement from the first prelates to speak at the opening meeting. The Council press office summarizing the three hour meeting told reporters tile schema before the Assembly Quot de ecclesia a concerning the Church a was accepted by speakers As a a Good foundation on which to it was revised during the re Cess and will be revised further. It will be the main topic before the session. The schema considered the key to All the councils work proposed a new Way for the roman Catholic Church to look at its Structure. It came up originally at the councils first session last year and was criticized by Many fathers As being too juridical and academic and not sufficiently pastoral. There was criticism that the original draft would not help the cause of Christian Unity. Grain threat Montreal up a St. Lawrence River port stevedores turned Down a proposed Settle ment of their contract dispute with shipowners at a mass meeting sunday and voted to Stop work Friday if nothing is clone to reach an agreement by i then. Shipping spokesmen said a walkout of the longshoremen could jeopardize the loading of 60, too olo bushels of wheat scheduled to be shipped to Russia before the end of the shipping season from Montreal trois rivieras and Quebec City. About 1,000 of the 3,000 Quebec members of the internal National longshoremen a association Coo attended the sunday meeting in Montreal Atwater Market

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