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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 1

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Brandon, Manitoba Ration Nerving Western Manitoba sin cd 1882 90th year no 262 Brandon Man saturday november 20, 197 phone 727 2 4 ,1 Price to cent Toda Schreyer to quit Over school Aid plan Nixon clashes with Al Cio prexy Miami by a h. Flu. Al president Nixon s Blunt pledge to press wage Price controls whether organized labor likes it or not has met with brusque dismissal by a hostile Al Cio convention. The confrontation apparently signals a major presidential Campaign clash in 1972. Labor sources expressed mixed views Over who Carne off Best politically in a rare Public clash Between Nixon and president George Meany of the Al Cio at the federations convention Friday. Salisbury i Reuter i Brit Ain and Rhodesia ended a full working week of talks on an Independence settlement formula by scheduling another negotiating round today amid signs that the outcomes breakthrough or breakdown May be known within a few Days. For this second Day of full meetings the British team was again to be headed by foreign Secretary sir Alec Douglas Home and the rhodesian by prime minister Tan Smith. Dublin Chi Britain s former prune minister. Harold Wilson is Likely to Call for a conference of three parliaments to seek an end to Northern Ireland a bloodshed political sources said today. The idea canvassed during Wilson s visit Here would bring together All parties represented in the parliaments of Britain Northern Ireland and Tho Irish Republic. Tokyo a China announced today it had staged a one of the necessary and limited nuclear tests conducted by China for the purpose of defence a the . Atomic Energy commission detected the nuclear test thursday. But peking had been silent up to faces backbench Mutiny Ottawa Chi the government faced Mutiny in its ranks Friday As it battled continued opposition in the commons to its proposed new tax system for co operatives and credit unions. Attempts by the government to Buffer the onslaught with softening amendments appeared fruitless As Eugene wide leu ii a Essex uttered the ultimate backbench Here a threat resignation a it we pass this he promised a when this Bac Bencher goes he will go in the damnedest storm you Ever Ottawa up a transport minister Don Jamieson promised Friday new rules to make snowmobiles quieter arid safer after government Tsu showed the machines Are unstable too loud have poor lighting and trouble turning and stopping. A report of the tests carried out in a Snow filled gravel pit near Here last Winter for the transport department said legislation is needed to remedy safety defects in the machines tile report was tabled in the commons. Ottawa up a Canadian Farmers grew record crops of Barley and rapeseed this year while increasing wheat production to 523.7 million bushels Well above last year s wheat crop of 331.5 million statistics Canada reported Friday. Tile statistics Bureau s estimate of production based on crop surveys made in the last week of october shows that the Barley crop should be 654.8 million bushels up from 415.7 million in 1970. The rapeseed crop first hit by Bertha army Worms then by a Stem disease will still Rise to 98.5 million bushels from 72.2 million last year because of increased Garth Stouffer takes a look at the Toronto Royal Page 3 6, 7. 8 12 la 14. 15, 16 i 17 sports. Comics family Page classified viewpoints Ann Landers. Crossword. 14 Horoscope. 12 forecast Cloudy becoming sunny this a Ter noon. Winds Northwest 15. Temperature steady near 25 and dropping to near 5 overnight. Sunny and colder on sundae. By m. Haroon Siddiqi Sun City editor premiered Schreyer May have served notice to his Nim caucus and parly officials that he would Likely quit his Job if delegates at the party s annual convention vote in favor of discontinuing Public Aid to private1 and parochial schools. Rumours persisted All evening Friday on Brandon University Campus where the convention is being held that the Premier had made his feelings known at a caucus meeting held earlier in the Day. Sid Green minister of mines and natural resources and cd Gonick. La for Crescent Wood and a loading member of the Waffle Wing of the party Lune been the two most vocal proponents of stopping government Aid to private schools a viewpoint Premier Schreyer vehemently disagrees with. Asked by newsmen whether he had put his Job on the line. Tile Premier refused to Cit Hor confirm or deny the rumours. During intense questioning by newsmen the Premier simply said Quot i am a social asked if this meant he would accept the decision of the majority of convention delegates. He said a Don t translate ii to mean anything a soon after the Premier spoke to newsmen a workshop at the convention which he attended voted on a Compromise formula that could avoid a split in tile party Over tile thorny Issue. The formula reportedly worked out by former education minister Saul Miller in private discussions w till various delegates. Would simply advise the government to hold a free vote on the Issue at the next session of the legislature and let each la vote according to his conscience. Regardless of party affiliation. However it still has to be approved by the entire convention sometime today. Indications Are that it will be approved. Ii passed the Resolution will not Only be acceptable to or Schreyer and avoid a split in the nop but could also help though that is hardly the nip s objectives the conservative and Liberal caucuses in the Manitoba legislature escape the pros pets of deep division. The Resolution was carried at the workshop last night by a vote of 39 to 14. With Premier Schreyer. Finance minister Saul Cherniak. Or. Miller and Larry Desjardins supporting it. Or. Desjardins and former highways minister Joe Borowski had made if known earlier they would consider leaving the party if the convention voted against Aid to private schools. After the vote. Premie Schreyer said he was Happy but added he would Reserve detailed comment until after the entire convention had dealt with the matter. Among those voting against the Resolution was or Gonick or Green and or. Borowski were not present at tile panel discussion. Immediately after the vote was taken proponents of stopping Aid to private schools including or. Gonick repeatedly tried to generate a dialogue on the Issue by attempting to bring to the floor some of the resolutions on the subject that were on the convention Agenda. But they were ruled out of order in Light of tile Resolution already passed. A it rn1 my former highways minister Joe Borowski states his position regarding abortion at the nop meeting Burowski threatens to resign open abortion backers win first round by Dave Campbell Sun staff writer pro abortionists won the preliminary round Friday of what is shaping up As a major divisive Issue confronting delegates to the annual convention of Manitoba new democrats. The three Day affair being staged Iii the Western Manitoba Centennial auditorium and parts of the Brandon University Campus began yesterday morning. A motion urging the provincial government to press Ottawa for removal of abortion from the criminal code was passed by a vote of 33 to 18. With Heath and social service minister relic tenpin Register ing his opposition. The Genera feeling on both sides seemed to be that the motion in effect Calls for Abor Tion on demand with Only the prospective Mother and her doctor making the final decision. The motion was the culmination of almost i1 hours of Lively debate and procedural Vera nil my at a workshop packed by about 7u delegates la is expected to be one of the first items to come before a general convention plenary session this afternoon. Sex Highway minister Joe Borowski. Who failed in an attempt yesterday to introduce a watered flow ii Mot Kin has Audi outed he will resign from the nip if the convention As a a whole adopts an open abortion stance. Larry Desjardins the recently turned nip la for St. Boniface indicated in an interview yesterday that lie also might feel conscience bound to resign from the party ii Abor Tion on demand became an nip Plank. But like Many other coven Tion observers or. Desjardins was far from convinced that the idea would find a majority acceptance at the plenary session. He like others Felt that those attending Friday s workshop were not representative of the party As a whole there Are a number of factors supporting that v new a by late last evening almost xxi delegates had registered for the convention. About 200 More mainly Winnipeg Union members and Farmers Are expected by convention officials to arrive today. In the main they represent tile More moderate sections of the party and Are Likely to vote against abortion on de main a in addition to the workshop on abortion and other health and welfare issues six other panel sessions yesterday were simultaneously debating everything from agriculture to labor Nance human rights and education. All panels were Well attended. All delegates will have ail Opportunity to vote Al the general plenaries today and sunday. A Many of the delegates at fridays workshop dealing with abortion were members of the party a youth and Waffle elements. Both Are leftist and longtime protagonists of or. Borovy ski. Particularly on the abortion Issue. They did t miss yesterdays Opportunity to again Challenge the outspoken Thompson la. Boti verbally and in votes. A one Salvo does no twin a said or. Borowski on leaving the afternoon portion of the workshop which he said was a packed by pro abortionists. The abortion debate had been heated with adjectives like m u order Quot and a a butchery Corning from the one Side and claims on the other that to deny a woman the right to control Lier own body bordered on a a fascist or. Borowski has dramatized his Campaign with distribution of a fold out pamphlet citing statistics and observations from Many sources on tin abortion question. Included arc two pictures one. Under the heading a is abortion civilized a a shows a dismembered a to lied human embryo. Hie other is a Down Ward shot of an open plastic bag containing what Are said to be aborted fetuses or. Toupin said the Cabinet already has discussed informally the abortion Issue and Cli cited Itiat Federal Laws Tor the time being should not be change. At the same time the government has been paying for legally authorized abortions for Manitoba wherever they Are performed. Abortion. At present is covered by the criminal code of Canada and eau be granted Only by a Hospital committee of three doctors who feel a woman a mental or physical health is endangered by a pregnancy. The workshop motion to go before the general plenary says that abortion is a primarily a matter of individual conscience a and Itiat the provincial government should a actively urge Ottawa to remove abortion from the criminal code except where it is carried nut by a an unlicensed medical As or. Toupin sees it if an abortion decision is left to the woman and one doctor she can eventually find a due Tor who will consent to the operation and a that s abortion on demand Quot some abortions Are needed. Lie said. Inn once you get to abortions on demand this is w Here i have to step out even if the abortion motion is passed at the plenary it will not automatically become government policy according to sir. Toupin. The nip caucus of 31 Las would review the math make recommendations to the Cabinet and Cabinet would then make the final decision. If the decision was for abortion on demand. Or. Toupin said he would resign from the government. A when you reach a consensus in Cabinet. I have to live with that consensus and it i can t. I have to he said he would speak against the motion when it comes up for debate today. Meanwhile about 75 Manitoba Waffle members in the Large majority pro abortionists met late last night to discuss their general strategy for the plenary sessions. Addressing tile group was by Gonick controversial la for Crescent Wood. He and Sheila Kubiack. A Winnipeg women s liberation organizer Are expected to be two of today a key pro abortion speakers. While abortion and government Aid to private and parochial schools Are Likely to dominate the policy debates delegates Are also faced with condensed but still numerous resolutions that were screened Down from an initial 2oo at Fri Day s workshops. A highlight of the convention an address in National nip Leader David in wis is slated for Early this afternoon. On sunday a new provincial party executive will be elected and policy debates will continue related stories on Page 2 it the entire convention does not approve the Resolution today and votes instead to abolish Aid to private schools an unlikely Prospect More so because of Premier Schreyer s reported resignation threat hanging Over the convention the party a stand will be exactly the opposite of Ontario nip policy on the same subject. Commenting on this possibility of this diversity Between the new democratic parties of neighbouring provinces or. Desjardins said it would be ridiculous. I could then resign Here go to Ontario and join the nip there ii would t make Gas Sale nixed Ottawa up a billion Dollar natural Gas Sale to the United states was rejected Frida v by the National Energy Board casting fresh ammunition into tile current debate about american relations. For the first time since Large Gas sales to the . Began in 1962. The regulatory Board wholly denied applications irom three companies that would have expanded exports by 2.66 trillion cubic feet Over 15 to 2d years. Canada is reserves Are not adequate at this time Tor sue a Sale the Board said Iii a Deer Sion Itiat cannot be reversed by the Cabinet. The Federal govern ment could have intervened be fore the decision was made a it did Iii bxi7 to alter conditions affecting construction of a pipe line through the . For Export and Supply to Ontario. A certain dissident was Alberta. Prime source of the natural Gas. It has been the big beneficiary of Federal policy imposed in late 1961�?the so called National Oil policy which concentrated on sales to the . Of Oil and natural Gas. Thai meant that Many Consumers Ontario gasoline buy ors for example have paid higher prices for gasoline than they might have had supplies been permitted from venezuelan or Middle East sources. The policy draws the line on imports at the Ottawa Valley dividing Quebec from Ontario. Tile decision arrived with Canada-. Economic relations disrupted by . Trade restriction Steps and proposed Mea sores to make . Exports More competitive. The Canadian government had said in Early fall it was too a a preoccupied with economic troubles caused by the . Program to continue talks on Energy. There now As Well is tile possibility that Canadian Oil. A less desirable import for the . Government could be affected by the Gas decision. Canada has been pushing Oil exports to the extent that it has a quiet agreement to provide All that the pipelines to the . Can hold. But american demand for Gas has been much brisker. Canada now has commitments to Export 17.2 trillion cubic feet of Gas to the . For the next 25 years and american demand has been skyrocketing Canada accounts for about three per cent of total . Sup plies and the Gas Industry had been banking on increasing that Supply. It differs sharply with the Industry on its estimate of exportable reserves. Just thursday. Managing director i in Furlong of the Canadian Petroleum association told a Chicago audience there is a Long term possible surplus of Canadian Gas in excess of too trillion cubic feet. He said however that Gas prices in the next 20 years for the . Would have to double at least the average current at Border Price it 27 cents per 1.000 cubic fee

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