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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Brandon Sun, The (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Brandon, Manitoba Liberal convention concludes canadians must create Canada says Marchand by Garth Stouffer Sun news editor 1 was allowed to come that probably Means 1 am oui of the race quipped Man Power immigration minister Jean mar hand saturday eve Ning As he appeared at the in Nua meeting of the Manitoba Liberal party speaking without a prepared script or left immediately after speaking to catch a plane Back o Ottawa and attend a Cabinet meeting before noon Manitoba liberals that the most important things for canadians to face today is the fact that they must create Canada we must do a the things so that All canadians can feel they belong to the same country so that they Are not strangers reflecting on the feelings that he experienced while travel Ling coast to coast with the b and b commission or mar Chand said commissioners found that there were five countries Between the Atlantic and Pacific Siuk Vav Wivo by economic and geographic conditions or Marchand said it is important to wait for the decisions and recommendations of the b and b commission said he scoffed at claims that the 000000 or s8000000 the commis Sion will have Cost canadians by the time it reports is too High a Price to pay the Price is not too big he said in fact it is not More than the costs of a few fighter planes scrapped but it will be interesting to know what can Ada is it will be interesting to know what the French canadians want maybe we wont accept the recommendations but we will at least know the problems or Marchand said French canadians have real and Well founded grievances that can be corrected but grievances that cause hard in Canada he called on canadians French and English to forget the French were first in Canada and also that they were Defeated in 1759 but he also said it must be remembered that the French canadians in Quebec Are not a minority like any other minority in Canada what other minority controls its own territory he asked what other minority operates its own government its own schools institutions and churches Quebec is a society within itself it is not compar Able with any other minority Why is the frenc Canadian problem important because it can break the country he noted that any other minority holding a majority in a province could have the same degree of importance if ukrainians were 90 per cent in Manitoba he said you would speak ukrainian in the House in Manitoba or Marchand noted that in order to Weld Canada into a single unit it is necessary to recognize the differences be tween Peoples and capitalize on the differences he acknowledged that As some 7000000 French speaking citizens on a continent peopled by More than 200000000 English speaking Quebec Resi dents must recognize that it will be difficult to maintain their language and customs must All get used to differences said or Marchand not Only in Canada but in the world As the world shrinks we have to get used to speaking to people who speak differently and we in Canada have As Opportunity to practise i dont think the chinese Are going to learn a new language if we Are coins to make a new world we will have to accept people As they Are or Marchand complained of the difficulty of attracting Good French canadians to eater the civil service or other govern ment offices in Ottawa lacking frenc language schools for their children and other familiar institutions he said such people do not feel at Home in Ottawa if a frenc Canadian not speaking English wants to see a Deputy minister said or Marchand most of the time the Deputy minister will refer him to someone Tower Down the scale because of this the frenc Canadian will not have the right to speak to a Deputy minister or any other High rank ing official prejudicial treatment in the armed forces too was scored by or Marthand who noted a Young frenc Canadian joining the forces will be told to learn English before proceeding to anything else this enforced need to learn a second language he said puts the French Ana Dian recruit at a disadvantage which continues through his service career if you English speaking Ca come to Quebec said or Marchand you will have your schools your television your newspapers but there is Only one place where we Are at Home and that is in Quebec where we have our institutions Why do we build our institutions in Quebec because there we Are understood this is All that is going on in Quebec Noth ing else we cannot change the Contin ent he conceded we wont change it i am fighting to make Ottawa a bilingual capital he said where we can get Good French canadians to work for the country so that we can Weld the country together we ask you As liberals in Manitoba not to say yes to everything from Quebec but you must have a human attitude or we will destroy Canada be cause we Haven spoken be cause we Haven understood each other French should not be imposed on you but you should recognize in the West that French Canada is asking something reasonable and acceptable to All Canada turning briefly to social Security measures or Marchand acknowledged thai there Are financial limits in Canada but proposed that canadians must always put the emphasis on human problems the most important resource in Canada is human beings said or Marchand not Only from a sentimental View but from an economic View we must invest in health and welfare we cant afford to do even thing we would like that would be silly nor can we just look at the accountants sheets and say it is nonsense to do anything More noting manpower programs which pay living allowances while canadians Are undergoing retraining or Marchand said this program is not nonsense because society 30 years ago didst give the opportunities for education that exist today he suggested that Money invested in training 45yearold people will be returned with Good interest in the coming years final edition 86th year no 254 Brandon Man monday november 20 1967 12 pages Canada raises her Bank rate Otta Warp the govern ment and the Bank of Canada reacted cautiously to Britain devaluation of the Pound the Central Bank raised its re discount rate to six per cent from eve effective today and said it would continue Tofa Cili Tate the provision of adequate credit to meet the needs of sound economic expansion finance minister Sharp said the government will maintain the Canadian Dollar at its cur rent Exchange rate the equivalent of 92u cents in us funds most major exports will be affected Toronto up most major exports from Britain such As cars whisky and Wool Lens will be affected by the British devaluation of the Pound John Mackie chairman of the British automobile manufacturers association canada1 said sunday he said in an interview it is Only a matter of How much and when i dont think theres any doubt about a reduction some shop owners Here Deal ing in British goods dont know i Parent firms might increase their wholesale prices if retail prices to Canadian Consumers Are reduced Ernest p Carr president of the Canadian importers association said it should make it easier for canadians to buy British goods they should get More value for their dollars but that rather evident 1 t Wood Vic president and general manager of household finance corp of Canada said the increase in Bank rates would have a stabilizing effect or the Economy or Wood said he doubts the increase in the Bank rate would create higher interest rates for commercial and other borrow ers he said the rates already Are High and there might be an inflow of United states funds if they increase much More c f Mackenzie president and chief executive officer of the Canada permanent Trust co said the increase in Raie by he Bank of Canada would not affect the Trust company Britain devaluation he said resulted from special Circum stances affecting that currency Pound Sterling while or Sharp said the government does not believe deval rating the Pound will have any substantial effect on Canadas International financial position government officials were expecting some slowdown in Ca Nadian exports of goods to fhe United kingdom Canadian exports to the Vajk have for years been running at about double Britain sales to Canada last year exports to Britain totalled su31800000 and imports were s644700000 most recent figures show that Canadian exports to Britain to talled s679386000 in the first seven months of this year and just about half of these were fabricated materials totalling s329169000 the highest Cost to Britain of goods imported from Canada and other no Sterling areas to Gether with the other austerity measures taken by the us May put a Cir no in the govern ments target of Canadian exports totalling sll250000000 this year at the new Exchange rate in Stead of britons having to pay six shillings and eight Pence to buy is of Canadian goods they will have to pay a Little Over seven shillings nine Pence hitherto it Cost canadians about s3 to buy a Pound Ster Lings Worth of British goods now be Able to get the same goods for about s257 or Sharp said in a statement saturday that under the present pattern of Canadas International Trade and payments the Brit ish action would not have a substantial effect on Canadas International financial position because of greatly increased exports to other countries can Adas Market in Britain has shrunk to about on tenth of this noun tvs world Market or Sharp also said the government believes the present Exchange rate on the Canadian Dollar at 92i cents us is appropriate and the govern ment intends to maintain this rate the 922cent Canadian Dollar was established in May 1962 and is held to within one per cent of that on a pledge Given by Canada As a member of the Toner National monetary fund eco countries will contribute to loan actions May give Britain Export boost London to the 143percent devaluation in the British Pound rolled around the world today Many countries expressed Confidence in the economic future of Britain Al though at Home there was bitter discontent among labovites opposition conservatives and Manint Estreet Australia one of Britain major customers said it would not devalue its Ailse v but the s Marchand in Jean Marchand manpower and immigration minister outlined some of the real problems which tend to separate French canadians and the rest of the country when he spoke to the annual meeting of the Liberal party in Mani Toba saturday or Marchand called for recognition of the problems in order that English and All other work to Gether to Weld Canada into one nation die predicts soviet Union will free captive nations Paris renters All six european common Market countries will contribute to a International monetary fund loan for Britain to help bolster the devalued Pound Sterling West German finance minister Franz Josef Strauss said sunday night the West German contribution would be he told correspondents after a meeting of common Market finance ministers held Here at instigation of France Strauss said have agreed on an assessment of the situation no common Market country will follow Britain in devaluing but we All appreciate it As a begin Ning of a normalization of the British economic situation we Are All contributing to the International monetary fund loan other common Market coun tries Are France Italy Bel Gium the Netherlands and Luxembourg new York up John Diefenbaker former Canadian prime minister said sunday night that its time for Canada the United states and other Western countries to begin a Campaign in the United nations to have the soviet Union live up to the principle of self deter Mina Tion for captive nations under its Rule the Campaign should Call at Tention to the double tongued soviet stand on self determine Tion Diefenbaker told the world Congress of free ukrainians saying armed action to free the captive nations is unthinkable the former conserva Tive Leader said the most effective course of action would be a Siren Call for action which sooner or later would Force the soviet Union to Bow to Public opinion and free the Ukraine and other nations under soviet Rule Diefenbaker was the main speaker at the banquet and received the Shevchenko Freedom award named in Honor of Taras Shevchenko a ukrainian poet it was Given in recognition of his Long and outstanding service to Canada and his dedication to the cause of ukrainian Freedom the Congress also held a mass Freedom rally at Madison Square Garden saturday Diefenbaker said the continuing failure of the United nations to pass a charter of human rights reveals that Many nations have been giving lip Scricc to the in charter but Are no prepared to produce a binding charter in place of the declaration of human rights if there had been a United n a t i o n s charter of human rights what happened to the people of the Ukraine the bal Lic states and elsewhere in the world could be remedied by International action Michael Starr whom Diffen Baker said was the first Cana Dian of ukrainian descent to lie named to the Canadian privy Council spoke the Congress saturday and referred to the Ukraine As a land enslaved by the soviet Union the former conservative cab inet minister said no tyranny is More Blind than that exercised by the men of Moscow a that the devalued to s2l40 from 5280 us and to s257 Canadian provoked Matching devaluations in Spain the Republic of Ireland Denmark Israel Hong Kong Malta Fiji Bermuda and Guyana major currencies such As those of the United states can Ada the common Market coun tries Switzerland Sweden South Africa and Japan remained firm observers said that such Posi Tive actions could give Britain an Export boost because its lower Sterling rate would make its goods cheaper in those coun tries the conservatives reacted As expected their Leader Edward Heathr charged that the govern ing labor party had reduced Britain from a prosperous nation to an International pauper the tories spread word that they expected the government to resign and Call new elections London bookies reported a Rush if betting on the conserva Tives in the next election officially not due until 1971 most countries that devalued with Britain Are suppliers of food and raw materials mean ing British buyers can import from them at the same old prices British salesmen in countries that held fast Are in effect Sci ring a 143 per cent subsidy to undercut their Competition in crease their profits or a Rombi nation of both however Many prices on the Home Market will go up result ing in a curtailment of buying the government Hopes this will turn manufacturers to the Export Markel so that Britain balance of payments will move toward the Black again British industrialists were divided Over the Likely effects of devaluation Val London is a comparison of the value of the British Pound before and after de valuation with the us Dollar Canadian Dollar French franc and West German Mark i u s s 240 j Canadian s 257 franc 1 Mark Johnson slams broadcast Bill sir John Hunter chairman of the Swan Hunter shipbuilding firm said devaluation should go a Long Way to obliterate the Price advantage which Japan has held on the other Arthur Knight finance director of court auks Ltd warned unless the prices and in comes Board is effective in re sisting the wage claims that will follow the inevitable Rise in the Cost of living our costs will be raised substantially in Tokyo the Stock Market today suffered us heaviest fall since the end of the second world War As brokers rushed to sell orders at least 180000000 shares changed hands St Johns que up pre Mier Danie Johnson has warned that Quebec intends to be firm with Ottawa to prevent the Csc from becoming a propaganda Agency for the Federal government the provincial Premier said saturday at the end of a three Day caucus of the ruling Union National party the Federal governments new Bill on Broad casting now before parliament Borders on fascism or Johnson criticized the Bill because of a Section thai deals with the promotion of National Unity and said his government will try to obtain control of a Dio Canada the French language network of the Csc there can be no definition of National Unity without the presence on an equal basis of the French element or John son said we dont think an organism like the Csc should pro Mote ideas which originate from one government this is quite close to fascism he said the Federal govern ment in Canada is Liberal and English speaking which is still worse adding would you mind censoring thai please the Premier said he has been toying with the idea of taking control of Rad Ocanada for the last eight or nine months and that the idea was taken before the caucus which supported it wholeheartedly he proposed tha control of Rad Ocanada be i timed Over to a broadcasting Council com posed mainly of persons appointed by the Quebec govern ment and of a few persons appointed by the governments of other provinces French speaking minorities there would be perhaps a few Federal appointees to main Tain some sort of link with the English network if Ottawa refused to hand Over control of Rad Ocanada the Only alternative would be for Quebec to make broadcast ing a top priority and set up its own radio and television net work eventually Rad Ocanada will have to be controlled by a group appointed by the Quebec government Lesage presses for medicare Montreal up if pre Mier Daniel Johnson has enough Money to take Over the French language network of the Csc then he must also have enough to establish a Quebec medical care plan opposition Leader Jean Lesage sunday commenting on or Johnsons statement saturday thai the i n i o n rationale government wants to gain control Over the French language Branch of the Csc the provincial Liberal chief asked How can the Premier give such priority to this question when he says he does not have enough Money to establish the medical care plan in july 1968 or Lesage was speaking Liberal caucus meeting Here at which Robert Bourassa was re a Lacieri president of the policy commission of the Quebec Liber Al federation the forecast Cloudy becoming sunny in the Pete Nikon with j Little change in temperature winds southwesterly i at 15 Lowhigh 10 and 30 sundays extremes were 2918

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