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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives May 27 1990, Page 4

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Brandon Sunday (Newspaper) - May 27, 1990, Brandon, Manitoba The sunday editorial Page Rob Forbes publisher Brian t Marshall managing edit6f May Pef 1r of Coltof Fitl pits met Tiff Jim Lewt Whaff k news editor 126 serving Western Manitoba since 1882 faking first step Liay help control damage in Quebec i before this Brockville was barely a on the Oft afro however Withiel the heat of the Quebec if Flash Cai Iada this Small City of has received a lot of negative attention because of one incident involving a few during a demonstration at a local train station to protest Ontario controversial drench services three or four Woitt Unity residents wiped their feet on the Quebec t television cameramen shot the incident sited it has been shown on Quebec television a Jumber of times of t that coupled with the resignation Jbf environment minister Lucien Bouchard due to constant wrangling Over the Meech has left people with the image hat Brockville is a redneck it is under the Microscope the same Way hat Sault Marie was put under scrutiny when its Council declared it an English Only and although other communities declared such status before and after the Soo look such that City now has been branded ant French for it is unfortunate that a particular Community and All the people who live there be labelled As a result of the actions of a Lew and what is More unfortunate is Sill of English Canada is receiving that Label in Quebec As a result of the actions of of a few Choice French Quebec is feeling very much a victim now that the Meech Lake Accord is Likely not going to be passed before the june 23 and these people believe they dont have a place in the the Lead of the clergy and local politicians of they travelled to Montreal and apologized for the actions of the 5 right its not surprising that some Quebec residents Are unsure about what father canadians feel about and theres Jilot of hostility directed towards that province right now As a result of the country tenuous political i the problem is that English canadians Quebe cers View the Accord and its implications we see it As a negotiable Legal Quebec tees it More As a Symbol of the country acceptance or rejection of what it stands at this Quebec residents have to be assured that no matter what happens in the a next few weeks or months regarding the they Are a necessary part of and if that Means taking the first step and delivering the message to so be i quoted i disassociate myself with the ambiguous Charest committee recommendations which gut the Accord of its former environment minister Lucien Bouchard who resigned from Cabinet in protest of the Federal governments position on the Meech Lake he was used to having things a certain Way his Ted after Doug Pearson wounded two people and killed himself in a Florida Church because he was upset that other members of the congregation removed some floor even if we graduate a million doctors a wed still have problems with Distant and smaller Kerry associate Dean of postgraduate Medicine at the University of commenting on the shortage of doctors in Rural regions of the i feel for the people who Are left in the Joyce who lost a son to aids at Vigil for people who have the disease or died from its on the Richter scale somethings coming mayor Rick Boro Tsik after learning that funding for Keystone Centre expansion will soon be in Brandon comments about Brandon being treated different than any other Community is simply out of Justice minister Jim Mcgrae reacting to a letter from City solicitor Robyn Singleton that the provincial government didst consult with Brandon on several pieces of political uncertainty in Canada affecting the nations business by Dianne Maley Toronto this weeks Rise in the Bank of Canada rate to per cent has nothing to do with it is the result of political the Economy is saying interest rates must fall substantially if they we could be in for for a glimpse of the danger that one need Only look at what is happening Oil and Gold prices Are on for a wave of Selling by saudi arabian Banks knocked the Price of Gold Down an businesses Are failing or being put up for Sale in numbers not seen since the 1982 it is beginning to look like the Economy is grinding to a durable goods orders tumbled by per cent in in both residential and commercial real estate in Many vacancy rates Are climbing and rents Are real estate prices in most North american centres have been weakening for some in the United this has caused a crisis in the savings and loan savings and Loans lend most of their Money in the estimated Cost of bailing out bankrupt savings and Loans is climbing the general accounting office says the bailout will Cost including allowing for the Exchange that More than Canadas total National the number could Rise to billion if the Economy falters and More savings and Loans go the Gao the Federal Deposit insurance reports that its insurance fund has lost Money for two years in a the Odic insures Bank it attributed the loss to the biggest number of Bank failures since the great in regulators Are growing nervous about mortgage this is particularly True in the Toronto where the real estate Market has on the Federal superintendent of financial institutions admitted there could be a the troubles will Likely be with the smaller institutions and smaller and there will Likely be a lot in the greater metro Michael Mackenzie told the House finance Mackenzie says he is watching lenders Canadian interest rates Are More than five percentage Points higher than they Are in the United if political events were to drive them even the Economy would be heres How political uncertainty affects interest foreign investors buy government of Canada when they they increase the demand for Canadian this pushes up the the rising Dollar attracts the attention of currency they buy which pushes it up but if International Bond buyers sense something is wrong in a they head for the they dump Bonds because they Are afraid the Exchange rate will their fear becomes a self fulfilling seeing the currency bail this sends it spiralling the Central Bank is forced to raise interest rates to Stem the on finance minister Michael Wilson said this has happened already to some interest rates Are a full Point higher than they other Wise would be because of political he he advised us to Ponder the economic significance of the Meech Lake it is not just a constitutional or political matter but an economic and it can affect the Cost of investment decisions and the lives of he told reporters in Dianne Maley is the business analyst for Thomson news television advertising numbs mind Toronto f heirs one gift of technology that stands head and shoulders above the its the muting Button on the re note control of ouf to were it not for apart from one or two a free would be even More of ail affliction than it generally i particularly hate Beer though i have nothing against Beer itself in its proper the same could be said of the commercials for hundreds of other toilet bowl Ture on the never never aids to feminine weightless you name its not just the nuisance Factor or the Way 95 per cent of All Tom Harpur advertising grossly insults our sensibilities and there Are much More dangerous forces at i recognize that there Are some ethical advertisers and there is a place for making known a particular products function or merits in a inoffensive in one form or the majority of advertising in the Western world is wittingly or unwittingly engaged in the propagation of much Oil current marketing research is involved in the sophisticated exploration of where it is that people always degrading by called feel an the Challenge then is to come up with Clev Erly packaged and marketed products to scratch that the temptation Here to pander and Pimp on behalf of every weakness from covetousness or envy to insecurity about ones personal image or fears about ones health has been just too seductive to theres a More malignant twist As in addition to sniffing out More existing like ferrets in a Rabbit there is a High powered Endeavor aimed at constantly creating new itches hitherto unfelt and unknown undreamed in they thus beget false needs wants and then trumpet the glad news that their client just happens to have the product to satisfy bluntly this is it not Only ensures that our wasteful consumption of planetary resources no matter How Many Green slogans we Are sold will keep growing it flies directly in the face of the Basic Laws of human happiness and the modern marketing message is the More you or the happier youll compare that with a More ancient Henry Thoreau found that a Basic Rule for happiness was simplify in every Way you every Possession complicates your life to some degree and distracts your in the gospel of is re ported As having told his disciples to become passers i believe the saying is if nothing could be More totally at Odds with the under lying message of our and what it Means is you Are on trek if you want to enter into travel Light sit Loose to material things realize your spiritual nature and pass by anything that would hold you the message of the advertisers promotes a second that any kind of suffer or Block to our personal is a terrible evil and an injustice not to be tolerated by any decent human they thus falsify our View of life and trivialize the Power of self discipline suffering to change our lives in a positive when we we Are not being singled out for punishment by some fickle Finger of we Are sharing in the life process of the universe to live is to so say All the sages and to be told to expect otherwise is to be led Down the path of while nobody in his or her sense would willingly seek out suffering though we bring a Good Deal of it upon ourselves it can be what Jung called a creative illness or an whether physical or that forges inner growth and most of our deepest insights and soul enlarge ments come not when everything is Bright and Beautiful but when we have passed through some Valley or there is one great falsehood that almost behind the entire advertising pitch today that you and i Are were going to be Here consuming and consuming but so blatantly wrong As the late Laing once were All infected with a sexually transmitted disease that has a 100 per cent mortality that the kind of reality that Madison Avenue cant copyright Toronto Star Harpur is a Toronto author and Washington Notis Media misses boat on Meech Washington like struggling for its Freedom from a Quebec is being portrayed in the american press with the dramatic resignation of Lucien Bouchard from the Cabinet catapulted Canadas constitutional squabbles onto the front pages of prominent but it was not hard to detect a feeling that Quebec is the underdog struggling against eng Lish Canada to assert its culture and one of the most thorough accounts of the Meech Lake crisis appeared in the Wall Street which traced Quebec woes throughout history and compared its frustrations to that of a weak partner in a troubled it was a Shotgun the journal imposed by British redcoats when they scaled the Cliff below Quebec City and Defeated Frances Gar Rison there in but the journals reporters Are impressed with the Way Quebe cers have built a culture despite the National domination of English speaking the irony of the current crisis is that Quebec is really a distinct even though the Canadian Constitution Doest say the newspaper Quebec already has most of the institutions and gadgets of nation a Stock fashion magazines and a 24hour music video Chan French music and television Are in much better shape in Quebec than their English counterparts Are in the rest of Canada and to prove that Quebec could be a nation in the respected financial journal stretches its Case to ridiculous extremes even in the grocery Quebe cers stand it the province accounts for 26 per cent of National grocery but 54 per cent of the Tomato juice according to Nielsen Quebe cers buy lots of Yogurt but hardly any sour Cream the reverse is True in English Quebe cers love routine French Fries smothered in hot Gravy and soft cheese a delicacy unknown in the rest of its the first time a fondness for Tomato juice and for lading excess fat on Fried potatoes has been used to demonstrate a distinct the new York times also seems smitten with Quebec a recent times Story began this Way and said Claude uttering the words with a shudder usually reserved for cod liver we drink the Story goes on to quote president of movement As saying that Quebec is economically prepared to stand another times Story noted that Quebec businessmen Are taking Pride in their gallic snapping his Daniel a business school student in said were More More we Are wait until you see he 1 went to a party there and it was like something my Mother would go to Tea this emphasis on Quebec cultural differences May be since the Meech Lake de Bate has focused primarily on the distinct society american newspapers Are searching for that to be both newspapers have Given some coverage to the debate in the past without Tilting towards amid the flurry of headlines Over Bouchard decision to quit the Cabinet and the progressive conservative the Washington Post provided a balanced account on its front in the Macneil Lehrer a one hour Public affairs show on broadcast a series on Canadas constitutional turmoil that was a Model of fairness and Host Robert Macneil was born and raised in Canada and May be More sensitive than most american based Media people to the Strong feelings the Accord has but you get a nagging feeling from much of the american coverage that the Gist of the problem is that Quebec nationalist aspirations Are being sup pressed by three spoilsport which have refused to support the Meech Lake the Quebec sign which angered is rarely none of the stories i have seen has mentioned the fact that Bouchard resigned primarily Over the Charest which recommended that the distinct society clause in the Meech Accord not supersede the charter of rights and that the Federal government should allowed to promote and protect linguistic nowhere has there been a mention in the Ameri can press that Many English speaking canadians have reached the conclusion that Quebec is determined to promote its distinct society Over the rights of a feeling supported by Quebec unwillingness to allow the supremacy of the charter for a press that holds individual rights in rever its a surprising Thomson news service

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