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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives May 27 1990, Page 2

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Brandon Sunday (Newspaper) - May 27, 1990, Brandon, Manitoba Page two set Amfin Mary doctors fear new abortion say pro choices up at least a do Cen abortions have been since lied As Winnipeg filing crib Fiftal penalties under pending Stop per forming the pro Choice advocates you cant Blaine the doctors of hot wanting to go to Penny a spokeswoman of Manitoba coalition of reproductive Choice said Cess to abortion services if Mani Toba is approaching a state of Jennifer Cooper of Winnipeg women health Cooper said if not of the 12 doctors who perform abortions in Winnipeg will Stop As of the Day the House of commons is expected to give final Reading to Bill c43 to put abortions Back into the criminal the feeling is Strong that a some Are hot accepting appoint ments and the others Are saying were accepting appointments but were probably not going to follow cooped the Bill would allow a doctor to Pef form an abortion if he of she views the mothers men Tal or psychological health As but doctors who ignore the and women who lie about their jail sentences of up to two years under the pro Choice activists oppose a criminal abortion Law on the grounds it restricts persecutes doctors and pregnant women and threatens the health of women determined to have it May involve going Back to the pre1969 Days of the coat hang Cooper calling the proposed Law worse than the previous one struck Down by the supreme court of Canada in clinic medical director Robert Mahood said he will defy the Law by performing abortions on social and economic 1 am not taking a risk foolish Mahood i think it has to be done and its fully University of Mani Toba obstetrics department chief Frank Manning lashed out at the proposed Federal this is the stupidest Bill 1ve fertilizer Plant will fail says Fri Gina up a proposed Saskatchewan fertilizer Plant Thich would compete with the local Simplot Canada operation will Fose up to million in its first 10 Leafs of says a study commissioned by its american the Saskatchewan govern which is building the i jillion Plant with Cargill has touted the Plant As a viable invest ment that will offer Farmers a made in Saskatchewan source of but a leading firm of american fertilizer John son and has painted a Bleak picture of Safe cos financial the study was paid for by a group of eight american nitrogen fertilizer producers is challenging the Saskatchewan governments involvement in the they believe the provinces 49 per cent ownership in Safe co and further support from a govern ment loan guarantee amount to an to unfair i Simplot has also cried foul and negotiating with the Manitoba government for a loan to refurbish its 23yearold Brandon Plant in an attempt to stay Safe co spokesman Peter Hay Ward said the study findings Are totally Johnson and associates Arent familiar with Tjie actual Market factors Safe co used in its own he i dont know How you could come up with numbers such As that without knowing the scenario in Side the Model weve the company has repeatedly refused to release its own assessment and denies there is any government subsidy Saskatchewan finance minis Ter lome Hepworth said the study by its Libut he refused to release Cost Bah refit studies prepared for the government because he said the information should not be made available to Leader Roy Romanow shed the government is hiding the spilies to save itself from Embar Sun photo by Desmond Murray indy racer Brandon crosses the finish line ahead of his competitor in an Early heat soap Box Derby thrills Young Drivers Sun staff it had almost All the trap pings of a formula one race sleek helmet wearing a cheering crowd and a unbaked course lined with protective Hay the Only thing missing Satur Day in the fourth annual kiwanis Kar Derby was the deafening Roar of engines but then soap Box racers arc pretty easy on the More than 60 racers from Manitoba and Saskatchewan who shed two at a time Down a treeline Rideau Street Hill judging the concen were there to John took the Check ered Flag for the Junior age the pin sized Mario Andret who Rode in a grocery store sponsored said he fully expected to win and was egged on by the enthusiastic you need a big crowd to cheer you on you need your friends he said seconds after the Smale said the engine less racers Are not too Tough to steer but if you or look Side ways or youll screw his Craft looked relatively Normal compared to a Dairy cow bearing racer and an accounting firms giant Grey adding after being handed a Tower ing the bespectacled win Ner made a Short but eloquent Victory speech its Vern chairman of the said businesses picked their own Drivers after paying for a car building kit and a registration its a fundraiser but its basically to give an outlet for the he winning the division for 13 and 14 year Olds was Craig what Man while Pete Myers captured the 1012 Ever heard 1 cant believe they Are putting it who does not perform said six doctors provide abortion services at Winnipeg health sciences where most Manitoba abortions Are if a crisis evolves then 1 will Start doing abortions Oft principle but in not looking Forward to Manning the innocent bystander Here is women who Are seeking the ser in Brief petition backs firefighters Winnipeg up More than people have signed a petition backing efforts by Manitoba fire fighters to have easier Access to benefits under the workers compensation the circulated by the Manitoba professional fire fighters asks the provincial government to reinstate a regulation guaranteeing them Protection under the the regulation was struck Down in 1988 by the Manitoba court of Lucky numbers 649 the winning numbers in saturdays draw were and the Bonus number was plus the winning number in saturdays draw is daily Deal the numbers for May Are 6 of Jack of Queen of clubs and King of in the event of a discrepancy be tween these numbers and the official winning the official list shall Boro Tsik defends decision Contd from Page 1 any imbalance Between residential and commercial property taxes should have been corrected Mazer mayor Rick Boro Tsik said City Council did not know How severe some of the rate hikes would be but added that he stands by the decision not to phase in the we spent a Long time discuss ing that and i still believe we made the right decision and whats done is photo studio open Friday night Sun staff Fean unlicensed photo studio or dered closed by Brandon City police at 6 Friday was still operating Raj Ore than a three hours a customer c Chris a Brandon Gas station says he and his for Sincee had their pictures snapped by photographic studios at 15 r the Quebec company office was shut Down because it failed to get a provincial vendors licence required for out province direct they took us up into a room and took our i didst notice anything said Lloyd the officer in charge of the said in an interview saturday he was not too worried about any work done Friday but charges would be Laid if the studio did any saturday Busi the studio holds a City of warm today the or May 27 will High my Tow Lor cd Loci tv4iy Uri he Lam sunny with afternoon Cloudy High of 24 and a Low of Light Northeast i Ittoli it tote mainly sunny with a High of off 6ipitetioq the probability is 10 per cent for 10 per cent tonight and 10 per cent of Ilif tall we wac tuesday mostly near High near 2 wednesday mostly Cloudy Ith showers Low near High near from Canadian Al tit Wipf of cute for May 27 in the High was c set in 1919 the Low was c in one year ago the High temperature was 24 c and the Low was 6 the Sun Rose at it will set at r recorded weather service Road information for province Brandon business Margaret Isabella general told the Sun Fri Day that she had appointments booked Friday and would lose a whole Bunch of Revenue and employees because of the shutdown Doug Bottley said the Busi Ness bar Bones studio in the bran Don Squash club did not appear to be operating saturday and a sign on the locked door stated closed due to camera by profs to study mysterious Rock Edmonton up a two tonne Rock nicknamed the brain and described As a giant dimpled Golf Ball with a Tail unearthed at the sync due Oil Sands site in North Eastern Alberta probably came from underwater and not from outer some people at the site were guessing the Grey which be dented with a Sledge was a metre High meteorite but geologist Clark Logan says it seems to be fossilized photographs were sent to experts at the University of Alberta and Brandon a positive identification is expected within the next few pasties Best Friend Sun photo by Dirk Aberson Betty Gillis had company on her appointed rounds Friday after giving her buddy a drink of water a few stops the dog obviously decided this was the kind of person to really get to the pair were spotted near 12th Street and Van Mjorne Meech puts doctors fee Battle on hold 11a i i i i Winnipeg up the Meech Lake impasse appears to have bumped the Manitoba doctors fee dispute to the governments Back says the president of the Manitoba medical both sides Are willing to talk but theres been no meeting set Walter Hoeppner said Fri Day after meeting with health minister Don Orchard in Winkler to discuss the bargaining the Filmon government is understandably preoccupied with the constitutional Hoeppner Meech Lake seems to be the 1 priority with the government right Orchard said he talked about Meech Lake and efforts to bring Quebec As a Fuu partner into can Adas Constitution but Only to ask Hoeppner the health minister said be did not mean to leave the impression that Manitoba preoccupation with the Accord could have an effect on the timing of a settlement with the provinces Hoeppner said that doctors sides since the government with Drew a contentious proposal to Cap fee i get the feeling that the minis Ter would like to Settle this thing we had a Good we will get the billboards and the rhetoric and the advertising out of the Way and hopefully get Down to resolve the minister Don Orchard who have been in a Legal strike position since their last contract expired March 31 want to Settle the bitter Hoeppner said Hes optimistic that tension has subsided on both and resolve it just As much As we Hoeppner Hoeppner said talks will Likely resume next in hopeful that our negotiators will be Able to dream up some ingenuous ways to get around the he Orchard agreed the meeting was intended to ease recent ten Sions and get a better under standing of one another we had a Good Orchard we will get the billboards and the rhetoric and the advertising out of the Way and hopefully get Down to resolve the he re Fering to a billboard Campaign the doctors used to advertise their con the doctors want the province to drop a proposal for a oneyear contract and negotiate a Lon term settlement that includes binding arbitration to resolve future Dis in return for binding Arbi doctors would relinquish their right to

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