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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 1

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Brandon, Manitoba 91 by Vear no. I to serving Western Manitoba it or. 1882 Brandon man., saturday Mav 27, 1972 phone 727-245 Price to cents today Castro does t want to meet with Nixon Vienna apr Premier fide Castro of Cuba said Friday he was not interested in meeting with president Nixon the bulgarian news Agency Bra reported. Reporters in Sophia had asked him if such a meeting was a possibility. Castro said conferring with Nixon would a make no Dijonn apis Chancellor Willy Brandt made a personal television Appeal to West germans Friday night to help authorities end a wave of terrorist bombings. There have been 1 5 bombings in Germany since May 7. Including one that killed three United states servicemen on wednesday. The bombs also wounded several people and caused thousands of dollars Worth of damage. East Berlin Reuters East. And West Germany Friday signed their first interstate treaty which regulates traffic across the heavily guarded Border. Simultaneously both sides said negotiations on a Basic Over All treaty normalizing relations after two decades of suspicion and hostility would begin june 15. Silver Spring. My. A Alabama gov. George Wallace underwent therapy for his paralysed legs Friday and for the first time sat briefly in a straight Back chair As doctors said he continues to improve from his Bullet wounds. Toba water bombers fight ont. Fires by the Canadian press with at least 133 fires roaring through the tinder dry forests of Northern Ontario the province Friday borrowed water bombing aircraft from Manitoba and British Columbia. The aircraft will join More than 30 aircraft incl us enc borrowed earlier finn Juelan and More than 1.500 men battling a new War of blazes set off by lightning. Nanaimo. . Up a an Oil spill that Cost $114 to clean up Cost a liberian freighter $2,500 thursday. A i cannot impose a lesser penalty a said judge t. G. Bowen co Hurst at the close of two hours of submissions in the Case of the freighter Evgenia. He noted that under the new statute providing for a maximum penalty of $100,000 imposes a High degree of liability and is aimed at disastrous spills. Ottawa up a the latest Batch of opportunities for youth Grants includes two Worth More than $8,000 each to record activities of others receiving opportunities for youth Grants. Announced Friday the list contains Grants Worth $2,555,265 Tor 177 projects. It brings to 2.845 the number of projects approved involving Grants of $29,580,314 it Public funds. Ottawa up a Canada does not Jitend to take any action towards expelling Greece from nato because of that country a suppression of civil liberties prime minister Trudeau told the commons Friday. Toronto up a the Globe and mail says inflatable garments which the National health and welfare department thinks May pose a health Hazard Are being offered for Sale in the current catalogues of the t. Eaton co. Ltd. And Simpsons Sears Ltd. The garments Are promoted by their manufacturers As weight losing devices but the department has contended hey have not been proven effective in weight reducing or body slimming. Inside it. Gle Norkey ski club needs help. Page 7 Canada s electoral map redefined Page 9 sports i. 7 comics. To classified. 16, 17, 18, 19 family Page. 15 viewpoints. 4 Ann Landers la it crossword 19 Horoscope Al forecast mostly Cloudy today and tonight with showers or thundershowers. Frequent Cloudy periods and a few showers on sunday. Lows near 50 highs sunday. 05 to 70 is gov t to Purchase 2,000 Hopper cars shoulder Carriage Manitoba Liberal Leader i. H. Asper gives prime minister Trudeau a tip on wearing a shoulder Carriage used to Cai re a child. Or. Trudea it what was Given the Carriage at a party function in Winnipeg last night asked a is the Bottom Waterproof a Quot agreement signed to stockpiles of All missiles limit Moscow apr Richard Nixon and Leonid i. Brezhnev leaders of the world s two nuclear giants have signed accords to limit their missile stockpiles and pledged to seek Complete disarmament in the years ahead the first step Back from the spiralling arms race that began in the ashes of Hiroshima a general Ion ago came 16 minutes before Midnight Friday night Iii the glitter of a czarist Palace in the Kremlin. There the . President and the soviet communist party chief on the fifth Day of their Summit talks placed their signatures on a treaty limiting deployment of defensive missiles and on a five year executive agreement restricting offensive missiles. Under the treaty which requires . Senate confirmation both sides will have the same number of defensive missile Sites and launchers. Under the companion executive agreement. The russians will have a numerical Edge in Long Range land and sea based offensive missiles. . Officials said the defensive missile agreement is Iii treaty form because such weapon systems Are relatively stable and More easily subject to Long term agreement. They said arms technology could cause More frequent changes in offensive weapons which could not easily be incorporated in a treaty a document More cumbersome to Amend Willi Hie strategic arms ii i Adon agreements wrapped up. Nixon paused in his Summit negotiations today to Fly to the Scenic former capital of Leningrad known As St. Petersburg in the Days of the czars for eight hours of sightseeing. Sue ii International issues As Vietnam and the Middle East still Are dangling and almost certainly won t be resolved at the Summit. The Amus accords contain these major provisions both countries will have Only two anti ballistic missile Sites with no More than Khz defensive missile launchers each. One . Site will be the one under construction near grand Forks . The other will be near Washington . One soviet site will he the one Iii place around Moscow. The other will be at least 780 Miles away from the russian capital. Neither country will he allowed to Start construction of additional fixed land based inter Continental ballistic missile launchers after july i. A Hie United states now has 1,054 icbms launchers the russians have 1.618. However. . Officials said the two countries remain at rough parity in Over All nuclear punch. The United states has a 3-to-l Edge in the number of offensive missile warheads although the russians have roughly a 3-to-l Edge in total Megatons. �?. Officials said the agreement provides for no on site inspection to verify compliance with the limits. But they expressed Confidence adequate verification is possible with spy satellites. The United states May have no More than 710 submarine based Long Range missile launchers it now has 656�?on no More than 44 modern ballistic missile firing submarines. It now has 42 such submarines. A the soviets May have no More than 950 Long Range submarine based missile launchers a it now has about 700�?on no More than 62 modern missile firing submarines. Ii now has 25 such submarines in service and another 18 under construction. A under a Complex formula . Officials say the soviets can reach their maximum allowable submarine based Force Only by giving up 210 land based inter Continental ballistic missiles. Cutting the land based strength to 1.408. Henry Kissinger Nixon s assistant for National Security affairs. Predicted the treaty curbing deployment of defensive missiles anti ballistic missiles will sail through the . Senate with an overwhelming margin. In the treaty a preface both countries declared their intention a to achieve at the earliest possible Date the cessation of the nuclear arms race and to Lake effective measures toward reductions in strategic arms nuclear disarmament and general and Complete Winnipeg up prime minister Trudeau urged Western canadians Friday night to participate fully in Federal affairs and couple the Appeal with the announcement of a $42-million rail car Purchase to boost Grain movement. Or. Trudeau s announcement that the government has authorized the Canadian wheat Board to buy 2,090 new railway Hopper ears Drew applause from the 1,000 people attending a $100-a-couple Liberal parly dinner. A government source said the first of the railway ears would be in use by late summer and All 2,000 should be in service by the end of the year. Tile source said about 1,300 rail Hopper cars recently have been leased from the United states. There Are plants in Canada at Trenton. N.s., Sorel que. And Hamilton ont., capable of making the cars. Or. Trudeau who made a Strong Appeal to westerners to assert their belief in federalism said. A i wish to emphasize that the Farmers of Canada will not Bear All or any part of the Cost of acquisition of these a this step is boing taken by the government Iii acknowledgement of the importance to the entire Canadian Economy of Grain exports and of the threat to our sales program should our delivery commitments not be met. Quot the manufacture in Canada of this Large number of rail cars will have a significant Impact in other areas of the Economy As Well and will represent Quot Ain thousands of the prime minister also announced formation of a a Canadian advisory Council on whose members would be appointed within a few weeks. Tile Council would a make recommendations designed to ensure the full participation of All canadians in the cultural development of this it was also Iii Winnipeg late last year that or. Trudeau announced a program of Federal Grants to cultural organizations of canadians whose ancestral language was other than English or French. In his speech Friday the prime minister emphasized the need to prevent feelings of alienation and suggested that non Liberal members of Parlia Merit had helped create such feelings. A no Canadian should feel Distant from the Federal government. Whether he lives in the Yukon or in Newfoundland in the Gaspe Peninsula or on the Prairies every Canadian should regard himself As being As close to the Federal government As those who happen to live across the Street from parliament Hill. A we attempt to respond from Ottawa to the expressions of opinion from All parts of Canada. We do our Job in the Light of the advice we receive. A if it is enlightened constructive advice the Job is better done. If the advice is obstructionist devoid of positive ideas As has been the ease for so Many years from so Many opposition Prairie maps the Quot task or. Trudeau listed Federal actions of special Benefit to the West a a record 706 million bushels of Grain exported during the 1970-71 crop year and expected exports of More than 806 million bushels during the 1971-72 crop year ending july 31. A implementation of a the Long desired Western Canadian concept of two Price wheat a under which program 176,840 Western Farmers received extra payments totalling $57.6 million this year. Moving the Canadian mint to Winnipeg. A Grants from Central mortgage and housing corp. Totalling $76 million in Manitoba alone next year. Or. Trudeau also painted an attractive picture of the Canadian character and society saying Canada is one of the few countries to provide Universal medical care and old age pension plans to give Security to All. He said the government is making Progress toward another Basic goal providing employment for All. The principle of guaranteed minimum incomes had been accepted by canadians. A that acceptance reflects our understanding that Canada is an agreement to live together for the purpose of helping one another to Lead Fuller lives. None of this assistance is possible without a healthy functioning Federal system of he recalled comments by Green Juliana of the Netherlands. Who once told Lier children they would like Canada since canadians a smiled a it is my Hope that they always shall smile easily a said the prime minister. Bullets and bombs in Belfast Belfast Reuter a a gunman shot a British army doctor Early today As he was treating a Soldier injured in a bomb blast in this Northern Ireland capital an army spokesman said. The spokesman said the doctor was shot in the stomach As lie attended the Soldier who was suffering from concussion. Two civilians in a crowd which gathered after the bomb went off in a shop in the City s old Park area also were wounded when the gunman opened fire. In separate incidents two other civilians were hit by shots fired from a ear in another Pari of the City. The gunman who shot to doctor fired a total of seven shots and the army returned the fire the spokesman said. The army said it hit him. The body of a Man with gunshot wounds was later found and it was thought thai he could have been involved in the incident. The protestant Ulster defence association has warned that it will put up More barricades in Belfast this weekend in protest against the British government refusal to Send troops into some roman Catholic areas which Are in the hands of tile outlawed Irish Republican army. Von Braun Calls it a Day Washington i renter in German born rocket expert wether von Braun announced Friday his retirement from tile United states space rocket program he has master minded for 25 years apparently feeling he had been pushed to one Side. Von Braun whose German rockets blasted London and other British cities during the second world War. Said he is going into private Industry a where the tools of Progress Are being von Brauns departure from the National aeronautics and space administration has been predicted by a number of space experts following the decision to move him from the rocket development Centre at Huntsville ala., two years ago. Since then. Von Braun still upright despite his 60 years had strayed from the limelight. The decision to cancel two Apollo Moon flights meant Hie . Already had on the Racks two of von Brauns giant Saturn v rockets it presumably will never need. Cuts in the space flight program meant that von Braun moved to Washington As Nasa Deputy associate administrator with responsibility for future planning had lift in rocket development work on his hands space experts said. A i am leaving with the knowledge that Nasa has enough Well thought out plans to keep it moving ahead for Many years to come even though some of these May have to be deferred because of budget restraints a he said. A i would like to devote my time now to help implement some space projects i feel Are of particular importance a lie said without giving details. A i think i can do this Best in private Industry where the tools of Progress Are being he will join Fairchild industries. Which builds aircraft and communication satellites and is involved in other aeronautical projects on july i As corporate vice president for engineering and development spending control hot House topic s. Viets turn Back tanks Saigon of a South vietnamese forces smashed the second tank assault in two Days on the Central Highlands provincial capital of Korntum today bul infantrymen were locked in close fighting and casualties on both sides were reported to have soared to nearly Mph military spokesmen in Plesku 25 Miles to the South said government ground forces and United states gunship firing electronically guided missiles knocked wit seven tank Over night raising tile two Day total to 19. As the North vietnamese offensive began its 59th Day. The fifth assault tins week was made on South Vietnam s North Emi nost defence line Al my Chianh above Hue. Field reports said the communists were thrown Back into occupied Quang tri province with heavy losses. On the third front at an Loc 60 Miles North of Saigon bloody lighting raged into its 51st Day Lur control of Highway 13 and the besieged provincial capital Ottawa of a liberals traded jabs with opposition mrs Friday about what conservatives say is the declining control of parliament Over government spending. James Mcgrath Fco St. Johns East said in commons debate that House Rule changes introduced by the liberals in 1968. Have made examination of government spending Quot totally ineffective and Al Best a frus grating Norman Cafek l Ontario defending government spending said that the Cabinet cannot be blamed for a the stupidity of people in this House w Lio now complain that we Are doing what they authorized us to they were debating a conservative motion which accused he government re no drug parliamentary control Over Federal spending and affirmed the principle that parliament should control expenditures of Public funds. It was a routine opposition Day motion which under House rules did not come to a vote. Treasury Board president c. M. Drury reiterated that the government is prepared to do All it can to ensure that the auditor general can properly carry out his functions As watchdog on Federal spending conservative House Leader Gerald Baldwin charged the government with failing to provide the current auditor general. Maxwell Henderson with the staff and equipment lie needs to do Lus Job or Mcgrath said thai Nile changes were supposed to give commons committees added influence in discussing government spending estimates. But these rules required the estimates to be reported Back to the House by May 31 in the fiscal year. This in effect meant that they were passed by May 31 no matter How much Effort went into examining the estimates he said. Or. Mcgrath also said the rules allow Liberal whips to a move Iii roving squads to bolster their majority on commit tees As the ease May these roving maps know Little about what the committees Are doing and Are there solely to ensure a government majority and to thwart the efforts of the opposition he said the conservative my aug tested that the opposition should be permitted to Call any three departments for careful examination of estimates without any time limits. Senior Public servants and Cabinet ministers would treat opposition maps with greater respect. Or. Chafik said it is not within the rights of the auditor general to comment on whether parliament should have approved certain government expenses a Elf it did make a mistake the re Flection on parliament should come from parliamentarians he said it is not the function of the auditor general or anyone else to guide maps through the estimates saying a gentlemen you ought to know what you Are doing before you vote a

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