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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives May 22 1965, Page 1

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Brandon, Manitoba Plus weekend Magazine the newspaper written and edited to Merit your Confidence c4th year a no. 106 saturday May 22, 1965 14 pages City edition Santo Domingo War is halted rebel resistance claimed crushed Santo Domingo apr the civil military Junta claimed Friday night that All rebel resistance in Santo Domingo a Northern suburbs had been smashed. Red Cross teams hauled dead and wounded from the battered area under a 24-hour ceasefire that halted the longest continuous Battle in the month old dominican civil War. The United nations was reported trying to negotiate a 24-hour Extension of the ceasefire which began at noon Friday. Viet Nam leaders is plot to kill uncovered Saigon apr Assassin of the conspiracy to topple the his party was Hurt and no re Hon of key South vietnamese government and the military pairs were required civilian and military leaders High command was la . A Viet Cong squad ambushed was officially described Friday thursday. But Loyal forces got three vehicle loader of . Maas one of an anti govern wind of it in the afternoon and Rines four Miles from the Dament plot crushed through a launched Swift counteraction. Nang air base and a Marine series of overnight raids. One rebel officer. Cape lieutenant suffered a Chest Premier Phan Huy qua it hitch Tan Hung was shot wound. Dared communist Viet Cong dead and 33 suspects were a about 75 . And South Viot elements As Well As chronic rested in the Roundup. The namese warplanes pressed the South vietnamese dissidents spokesman said Hung was air War against North Viet were involved. Killed trying to escape Nam a government spokes Man among the prisoners was the Zero hour for launching col. Be Hoanh thao former commander of the 46th infantry regiment a participant in the abortive coup attempt of feb. 19. Hunted As the Leader of this Queen at reception the Queen and Prince Philip stand with German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard at a reception in Bonn. The Queen has been receiving an enthusiastic Welcome during her 11-Day visit to West Germany. Friday she visited Munich. Quebec pair to hang in Washington the United states announced it soon would Start withdrawing some of its nearly 23.000 marines and paratroopers now in the dominican Republic. Reporters touring the four Square mile Battle zone said they saw bodies being burned in driveways and in the streets apparently to prevent the possible spreading of disease. A High official source claimed casualties in the five Day Northern sector mop up Campaign two waged by the Junta had Cost Quot no less than 400 dead and stolen car ring is found glittering Queen sees state opera Montreal up members of a Quebec separa list organization were convicted about injured Friday night of capital murder cleanup completed and were sentenced to be George Mcilraith. To soften Guillotine gov t to soften Rule hanged oct. 22 Brig. Gen. Antonio Lambert Ottawa up a the govern Montreal up cars stolen in Montreal. Toronto. Hamilton and Vancouver have been seized in Switzerland uncovering what Montreal police describe As an International ring in stolen automobiles. The seizure of More than a dozen cars a announced today by Montreal police who have been working on the cases several months with Swiss authorities arum Interpol die International police Agency the cars were stolen in i Dos and 1984 two Young Swiss men have been arrested in Lucerne. Switzerland. And face several a barges including illegal pop session of three cans stolen in Montreal fraud and illegal importing of goods into the country. Interpol in Switzerland bes their nylons began to run Toronto up a while they were enjoying the Noonday Sun on University Avenue thursday a group of Bell Telephone girls noticed Little holes begin to Dot their nylons. The holes rapidly lengthened into unsightly runs. One operator Saki she soon had 18 runs in Ber nylons. The girls believe the damage was caused by chemical pollution in the air. The Toronto air pollution Board promised the girls a chemist will Sample the air on University Avenue. Metro air pollution control officer. Henry Belyea. Agreed that air pollution probably caused the holes. A suspect is Sulphur dioxide Gas which if present in the air in sufficient quantities can play havoc with nylons. Security chief reported held a 12-Man jury found fran a Quot Rera the to. Preside no ment us re to to soften its go Situe Rinart has cols Schirm. Who claims to be told reporters to cleanup was called Ull Lotin it Rule one of la Rijk a is mods a former French army Para completed a Start several it is asking the com trooper and Edmond Guenette. The j�0111� ceasefire. Mons to adopt in order to Montr Eoj detriment s pm i Iii to Koran no in a col. Francisco Caamano Deno. Streamline the work p or i in Pone department s .0. Guilty after deliberating less resident said a a a tree cml be the a i Arna Stoen car detail said the seizure n. M than 45 tubes Ter Satre Bdrm were 01 ? Fin Jim a j May a Oum Rumm Munich routers More recommend mercy Ter Trtat repel pock Els were Sou l8ader Mcilraith said Friday. Who Dolice have been unable in than 18.000 bavarian gave Schirm Ami Guenette were holding out in the North of the the Guillotine Rule As it now recent a Pang Ocate Tho wends Britain s Queen the most Rous charged in the fatal shooting of cd stands would allow Cabinet min ,.ars that vanished in Canada Quot there May be Many More Saigon Reuters a govern ing ovation yet of her 11-Day Leslie Macwilliams. 56-year-old the United states announced Sisters to allocate time for car West German tour As she a vice president of the internal in Washington it will soon with Tain debates if an All party bus cars 0vpr there a said Decarie Rived at Munich a state operational firearms co., during a draw about 1,700 of its troops iness committee come by. Investigation is still mini House Friday night raid on the downtown guns hop from the Santo Domingo area. To an agreement beforehand. On a a a glittering figure in evening last aug. 29 by five members of . Ambassador Ellsworth All opposition parties have Ca pm Decarie said the thieves dress the Queen accompanied the Armee do liberation do Bunker told a special organza spoken against the Rule oppose by to Canada steal the car and third attempted uprising in the ment officials today a by Prince Philip drove up in Quebec. Own of american states Confer Tion Leader Detic Baker said it Jen driv4 them to new York last eight months was col. Rested col trunk Van Chinh a Maroon Rolls Royce brought the attempt to seize weapons ence that the withdrawal of some would make a rubber stamp of where they Are taken by Shin Pham Ngoe thao a former chief of vietnamese Mij. From England for the occasion for the terrorist group also re of the . Marines and Para parliament and prevent full Dis to Europe press officer at the South Viet. The Queen whose whirlwind suited in the death of Gunsmith troopers would Start with the a Cussion of controversial Letisia Frei Uhi John a Tim re names. Embassy in washing nary , informed sources Munich it Jsu a has Heel a o Ptach a a who a an a. Rival in Republic Tion a a tev Wolfe pm ton. Also wanted is . Reported. The most lavish state occasions Topsy disclosed was killed by a of a 1,250-Man troop contingent or. Mcilraith said the gov As used cars for about Lam Van Phat. Both Are under his arrest apparently was con the bavarian capital a Ever police Bullet during the gun Bat from Brazil. Ern ment is ready to provide an non death sentences imposed in a nested with the alleged plot to known paused on the Rcd car tie with the bandits. In new York the in Assurance Quot that the Power will sentia for past anti government overthrow the government an Peter stairway of the building Schirm. Who insisted on con Council voted Down a soviet Reso a it be abused by setting dras activities. Trounced Friday by or. Phan inside an invited audience of ducting his own defence was lotion that would have con tic limits on Quat charged that Viet Cong Huy Quat the prime minister. 3.500 applauded As the Queen Clad in Green Battle fatigues dem maj the . Intervention As he said he will Call a meeting elements took part in the con about 50 men. Including troth and her husband appeared in throughout the trial. Friday was a violation of the in charter. Of House leaders before the piracy along with ringleaders officers and civilians Are re the Royal Box. His 33rd birthday. Another soviet Resolution de com owns meets tuesday to of the abortive coup attempts of ported to have been arrested about 3,500 police stood on before the mandatory death Ryan Ding immediate withdrawal Moke a change in the Rule he troth feb. 19 and last sept. 13. Thursday night by a police sweep guard when the Queen arrived sentence a handed Down or. Of adj y forces also was voted suggested that a minimum time american sources said How through Saigon Ever they knew of no evidence that the communist Viet Cong enemy was in on the plot. . Ambassador Maxwell d. Taylor informed about the developments went ahead with a planned visit to . Marines at schools must soon Fly Flag sask. Residents see fireballs Winnipeg up Premier limit for each stage of Letisia Votolin said Friday it will Belion May be the answer to do come compulsory for Manitoba position fears. No motion could p1apot. Sask. Up Resi Danang. 375 Miles Northeast of. A in route somebody dents of this South Saskatchewan fired a Bullet into the nose of Community about too Miles Taylor a Jet plane but none in Southwest of Regina reported Here on the fourth Day of her Justice Andre Sabourin said to Down state visit to West Germany. Schirm Quot you had your turn negotiated ceasefire the extra heavy Protection re. Now it is mine Quot u r. Suited from letters threatening Quot you were allowed to conduct rho 34-hour ceasefire was be made then to shorten the the Queens Lite and an anon year earn defence and Youko hated by the med nations minimum time set Canadian Maple Leaf Flag Start Inonu Telephone Call saying the spoke with arrogance of men Ana the red Gross. An earlier Royal train would be blown up and institutions. Your smile Gas ceasefire had become in West German authorities did mocked what we hold most operable because of violations not take he threats very ser sacred. You have believed at a rebel rally in Santo do piously but took extra Pecau and lived by violence. You Mingo s Independence Park a tons. Have had no pity for men. Young Man spoke in favor of several Hundred thousand a women or children. And a cuban Type of government. Public schools to Fly the new ing july in Dominion Day Al d run Jam pm he told a press conference Ino Drana on Dun this will be the late of proc Lama an so Iron of legislation passed at the we Victoria Uay re opt session of the Manitoba the Brandon Sun will not to published on monday expect mostly Fine weekend a Ai 11 i huh of Wuhu ii i i Muir. D9 published on monday seeing what appeared to be variant cheered the 39-year-old now you Are getting what jus a be Micio prone was Gia Drou Victoria Day but the usual by the Canadian press while posts along the main and Sec Large flaming Halls of fire in the Queen in this traditionally Mon Tice holds for sky Early Friday. Archit City seat of the Bavar ites dents said the fireballs Ian Kings until 1918 it was the disappeared quickly after they fourth Day of her West German dropped Low in the sky. A Quot loud tour with Prince Philip hissing noise Quot also was reported the Queens Day and her neither Craf Headquarters tour to Date were climaxed by nor the Dominion weather office her visit to West Germany a in Edmonton had heard of the greatest Rococo Palace. Nym reports late Friday. Henburg Castle the forecast sunny and warmer High fi5 a Low 25 Power Cut traps in elevators. Hits Many stores from his hand and he was jeered by the crowd of about 500 col. Manuel Ramon Arache the ret Al armed forces chief then spoke and said the rebellion would have a dominican Only a few sporadic shots were heard after the ceasefire went into effect a High official source said that the week Long Battle for the Northern suburbs claimed the lives of 400 persons and wounded 1,000, Many of them civilians. The rebels have said that 1.500 persons were killed in the editions will to on Tai on tuesday. Legislature it has. However been Legal for the schools to Fly the new Flag since May la. When Federal Flag legislation received Royal assent. Most canadians will 0�uoba Holiday week explode $1,500,000 in fire crack end shapes up As Chilly with ers during the Victoria Day hoi Clouds and possible rain iday weekend at least 80 per stores Banks and liquor out sons Are expected to die in lets will be closed monday and traffic mishaps. There will be no mail delivery. The Canadian Highway restaurants cocktail lounges safety Council predicts that to and Beer Parlours will operate As Tai will be killed on Canadas usual. Roads during the 78-hour Cele Saskatchewan is the Only bration from 6 . Friday to province that has no Outlook for minute r a a. A Nkia Ann Midnight monday. Rain although Cool tempera an underground fire in downtown third used emergency rower police controlled traffic when Otwane the Council said last years Tures Are predicted Edmonton Friday trapped about during the morning shutoff the traffic lights stopped meanwhile about 200 women by pro rooms it them wearing Black to o i in the news this afternoon South Viet Nom a queer mix up an outsider often wonders How South Viet Nam first three weeks of the rebel with so Many different groups seeking different goals lion. Doctors of several bos different Means can possibly win the War against than8 1 000 dead before Quot this communism. Associated press correspondent sums up Edmonton up a a Loo two of the City a six radio buses which use a separate k a an his views on this unhappy country in the last of five mute Power shutoff caused by stations were off the air and a Power Supply were not affected a u a articles on the Viet Nam War. See Page 2. Total of 64 during the Holiday a 2i-gun Salute will be fired 15 people in elevators forced Edmonton journal was unable to the outage had its lighter Side most weekend was a record. Previ at noon monday on the legis stores to close and disrupted run equipment to produce its a Barbera a electric clippers mourning clothes marched past Ous High was in 1957 when 50 lature grounds in Regina Beer Telegraph service Early edition packed up half Way through his Battie Clad . Marines guard were killed. Parlours and beverage rooms Power was shut off As a safety elevator repair Crews were work on one customer the ing the hotel Ein Bojador and the Over All weather picture will observe their regular hours precaution in a 80-Square-Block called to several office and High Barber did t have any hand demanded to see the i United across the country Calls for but All liquor stores will be area when Power cables and a Rise apartment buildings where clippers nations representative warmer weather today with closed. Transformer caught fire on 100th people were trapped in elevators downtown Beauty shop Are human Light showers and thunderstorms sunday and monday followed by cooler weather. Alberta look Forward to 70 sum just North of Jasper some manager to free them Transfer re Patr is to am ther a a degree temperatures. Stores Avenue after a Short circuit selves by forcing open elevator Constitution of exiled sex presi Banks and liquor outlets will be caused by a construction site doors. Branch out of the affected Aiea Dent Juan Bosch Quot said mrs. . Network television plans for regular programming again Iii the second week of september include 58 established shows and 35 new ones. Comedy will continue to reign As the most popular form of evening entertainment with 33 shows scheduled. See Page in new Brunswick anglers will closed monday but beverage Cave in the shutoff started at 9 18 a in. When the hair dryers stopped Josefina Sanchez 41. A a if it is be out on the first Holiday since room. And cocktail lounges will among major buildings the customers were under not restored there la never be the season opened. Be open. De by the outage were three big a 1 them be special Road safety programs the 20th Field artillery Reg department stores City Hall and . And one Boot Black quit work mrs. Luz de Lima said. Have been set up on Maior que Ament will fire a Salute on the several Large hotels apartment there Are no major hospitals in a darkened basement after american troops Are killing iroc highways with the Cana legislature grounds in Edmon blocks and Multi Storey Bank in the affected area and de shining Only one of a customers our people we want them to Dian army operating first Aid ton. Buildings. Mouton transit system trolley shoes. Leave. Also in the Sun today editorials. Page 4 Church. Page 5 sports. Pages b and 7 women Spages 8 and 9 features. Page to entertainment. Page la classified ads. Page 12 obituaries Page la \

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