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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives May 6 1990, Page 1

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Brandon Sunday (Newspaper) - May 6, 1990, Brandon, Manitoba Orts Lute Rio i i m Pur fashions less obvious is better pry White seasons apartheid jagged Edge painting on saw Blades weather sur Lily Cloudy 6 1990 prime minister tells tories to stay Loyal or join the opposition Mulroney issues warning to caucus Mulroney warning news line air Force plane crashes in Russell Russell a Canadian forces aircraft was extensively damaged after making an emergency Landing in a slowed Field near Here saturday after the ct134 musketeer air Craft experienced engine fail ure shortly after Takeoff from the Russell municipal Airport at about 4 said Brian of Canadian forces base Portage la an instructor from cab and two cadets were aboard the but no one said burglars steal knives burglars have stolen Money from the Marquis project and pocket knives from the boy scouts of Don Brennan said the thieves appear to have entered at 107 seventh Fri Day night through a second floor fire nothing appears to have taken from Kennedy realty and poor Michaels Book said inside 20 1820 17 68 20 911 Are you the Guy who advertised hed found a up with reports of dissatisfaction swirling around his prime minister Brian Mulroney sent a Blunt message saturday to any renegades in his party if youre not pack it in and join the a weekend soul searching session for the conservative caucus was disrupted by reports that some Ontario conservatives Are dismayed by the party re 16percent standing in Public opinion polls and would like Mulroney to Marquis Battles activists expulsion by Dave rider Sun staff the Marquis project has launched a Campaign to Stop Immi Gration Canada from kicking an anti apartheid activist out of can a Brandon National development and human rights is asking students and teachers at three local High schools to write government officials protesting the departure order is sued to Mahmood a South Africa born member of the african National was denied refugee status april 27 and Given six weeks to leave the in the Winnipeg Resi Dent spoke at a Federal govern men funded racism workshop at the Keystone Ive met i know him and Hes a caring said Marquis schools Programmer Cathy i cant see Why they like him to leave the a Carberry collegiate teacher has already responded to Marquis said was 10 years old when he left South Africa with his Mother on a permanent exit per which is Akin to renouncing their the Indian government has not said if it will renew the no expired passport it first issued in 1969 to who is of East Indian so he could attend school in after earning a master of Sci ence degree in Vanderee managed an african National Congress farm in Tan Zania and came last year on a visitors visa to stay with his parents in Shair Vanderee said in an interview an immigration adjudicator was totally inhumane to Rule that his son is a National of India and could not be granted refugee status because he did not fear persecution its almost racist to youre of Indian go Back to said the phys his family is he Speaks see family 2 some nationalist Quebec conservatives have also reportedly held discussions with parti quebecois officials about leaving the tories and forming a Sovereign list party in Ottawa if Meech Lake Mulroney emerged from a meeting with tory maps and Sena tors to Tell reporters his caucus backed his efforts to Salvage Meech but he had a Strong warning for any my who didst agree with if a member decides at some Point in time that this View is in compatible with his own Aspira then he can pack it said Mulroney let out a Hearty laugh when he was asked about the suggestion by David for Mer president of the Ontario con that some disgruntled tories would like Mulroney to re sign before the next i understand that he was re tired by the voters of Ontario when he ran Mulroney said in a reference to Mcfadden defeat As a provincial candidate in the 1987 discontent Over the proposed goods and services Meech Lake and other issues have reportedly prompted some rank and file conservatives to voice the Hope that Mulroney be he was particularly peeved to hear that Bernard a for Mer parti quebecois Cabinet minis was trying to recruit unhappy nationalist Quebec tories to join a Federal Wing of the youre talking about some body who gives an interview who is not a member of my some body who Hast been elected dog Catcher by the people of the prov Ince of one prominent nationalist que Bec Jeanpierre said he knows of at least two maps who have met with although he name but Blackburn said All Quebec tories will continue to work within the conservative caucus at least until june deadline for the ratification of the Meech Lake after that we will extra Effort Sun photo by Pam Doyle Bryan Bercier puts some Elbow grease into his Job As he washes cars for the Elton collegiate Safe Grad car Wash on saturday at the or Shell station on 18th Street and Rosser the students Are raising Money for South african govt make Progress Cape town up Black Leader Nelson mandelas african National Congress appeared ready to Edge away from its 30year guerrilla Campaign against apartheid following three Days of talks with South african president de Klerk and his v the two leaders told a news con Ference Friday they Are satisfied with the Progress made in the first official encounter Between the government and the movement that has opposed White Rule for 80 today we can say a great step Forward has been said de who set the stage for the talks in february when he legalized the Anc and freed Mandela after 27 years in we Are All said Man Deputy president of the which still maintains its head quarters in exile in Zam South Africa is a the two delegations each with 15 members pledged in a joint com Munique to combat violence and intimidation from whatever Quarter and reached agreement on a five Point plan to ease the tension Between they said a joint working to be named by de Klerk and Man would thrash out Manopla proposals for the Mandela release of As Many As people regarded by the Anc As political the working group would also try to end obstacles to full negotiations on changing the the government undertook in order to ensure Normal and free political activities to review Tough Security Laws that give it wide Power to crack Down on political there was no formal mention in the communique of the Ancs year guerrilla which has claimed hundreds of lives and injured thousands of the com Munique said the government re iterates its commitment to work toward lifting the nearly fou year state of the lifting of the emergency is one of the Ancs de mands before constitutional negotiations can de Klerk said at the news conference the Anc delegation endorsed the commitment in the joint communique to end violence and the document is our document and we Are therefore going to look very hard and earnestly into the whole question of the armed Strug Gle in the Light of this he pressed to say whether the Anc would abandon its armed opposition to White Mandela said we Are going to look into the entire question of the armed please be satisfied with an aide to one government Delegate said the two sides had agreed on a vague formulation about viol ence because the Anc would need time to adjust its position on armed its a marketing the source just plane exciting Virden electrician builds plane from kit for Winter project new plane Brock Higginbothan poses by the plane he built As a Winter by Lynden Sun staff Virden it is hardly an achievement to rival the initial flight of the Wright Brothers in but when Brock Higgin Botham flies off into the Blue this summer he can Pride himself in having built his own the 38yearold electrician says the kit built plane enables him to get Back into flying without spend ing for a new the 500pound 225 pkg Craft was constructed from a kit purchased through a supplier in for it was contained in a crate four feet four feet and 15 feet when i first unpacked it and i saw All the boxes i had second but then i read the Man Ual a few times and i saw that it All fit Higginbotham takes on a project almost every Winter and in the past has rebuilt a Cabin Cruiser and restored a he Hopes to build another aircraft next Winter per haps constructing one for some body i had a pretty Good Back ground in i flew air planes and helped out at the Airport helped tear them he i found it pretty i think anybody who was not Orien Ted in mechanics would have a bit of Higginbotham and a Helper spent 380 Tours building the plane which still must pass Federal trans part department i have had it running and did some High Speed but legally i am not supposed to Fly until it is As a safety the government requires that the two seat plane be flown Solo during the first 25 hours of says Higgin who insists he int worried about taking to the the kit is a proven As Long As it is put together there should be no i flew one at the factory so i got a Basic idea of How the air plane is going to the True sense of accomplish see Virden Man for Home 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