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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 1

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Brandon, Manitoba C newspaper written and edited to Merit your Confidence in plus weekend Magazine 84th year no. 88 saturday May i 1965 20 pages City edition dominican Republic civil War ends not All respect War end Washington apr pres ident Johnson announced Friday night achievement of a ceasefire in the revolt racked dominican Republic but said this agreement a is not now being fully respite who said gravely a there Are significant signs that people trained outside the dominican Republic Are seeking to gain control Over the rebel speaking in a s w i f 11 y arranged radio television broadcast the president did not identify these people but it seemed to be a reference to communists presumably trained in Castro Cuba Johnson spoke a few hours after the organization of american states had announced a formula for a ceasefire in the bloody six Day struggle had been reached by the papal Nuncio in Santo Domingo Emmanuel Clarico. The Oas announcement indicated there were conditions to be met to make the truce effective. The president apparently speaking on later information went further than this saying a by an outstanding Effort of mediation the papal Nuncio has achieved agreement on a ceasefire which i have urged on a those concerned since last saturday but this agreement is not now being fully tile president said that a in the last 24 hours violence and disorder have increased in Santo Domingo. And he said maintenance of the ceasefire formula a is essential to the Hopes of All for peace and Freedom in die dominican Junta rebels agree with Oas arbitration Santo Domingo apr a ceasefire agreement was reached Friday night in the dominican republics bloody six Day old civil War. But sporadic fighting continued Long after the deadline and the rebels admitted they did not have Complete control Over their men. . Ambassador w. Tapley Bennett announced that the military Junta and the rebels had agreed to submit the dispute to arbitration by an organization of american states commission. The pact guarantees the personal safety of combatants on both sides including prisoners and those in Asylum in foreign embassies Bennett said. Predict Bennett refused to which Side would eventually emerge As the legitimate government of the dominican a Public but he said the United states now considered the Junta As the Only organized authority in the country. Two . Marines were felled by bullets from the leftist rebels during fridays fighting. A dozen or More other marines and airborne troops were wounded the first casualties suffered by . Forces since they began Landing Here wednesday. There was fighting in scattered sectors of the City during the night under the eerie Light of Parachute flares. The rebels ostensibly fighting for the return to Power of exiled president Juan d. Bosch controlled More than half of the capital including the massive Ozama fortress. . President Johnson said in a statement in Washington ,. Friday night there were signify l ind a s8 Mhz a a Al outed the dominican Republic were seeking to gain control president Johnson. Outside influence ceasefire in India deadlocked new Delhi a India and Pakistan the quarrelling giants of South Asia. Were deadlocked Friday on ceasefire proposals to end fighting in the Rann of Hutch Border area. Combat was limited for the third consecutive Day and it was reported Britain and the United states exerted heavy pressure on both countries to Call off the hostilities. But blood ran hot on both sides of the Frontier and few responsible officials in new Delhi foreign or Indian would Trade minister praises budget Ottawa a up a Trade minister Sharp entered the budget debate Friday with a glowing account of a growing Canadian Economy and said the policies of the Liberal government have a helped Canada is going through one of the greatest periods of expansion in its history he said a your finances Are in order and Confidence has been he praised finance minister Gordon for the manner in which he has handled the country a forecast deficit would be wiped out completely. A if it turned out to be the last budget before an election i would have no concern Canadian exports increased 19 per cent last year. Even without the record breaking wheat shipments the increase would have been 17 per cent he said. This would be the biggest Ever. While the 1964 wheat shipments could not be expected to food scattered grocery clerks clean up littered be matched this year he refinances and it is Clear he said dieted 1965 would be the second packages of food stuffs at a that the government enjoyed biggest year. Over the next Seattle wash., supermarket the Confidence of Canadian bus three years the government shortly after an earthquake bfp�1 a a i0,000 measuring on intensity of a awas lion members a Ltd what a a App not he seven on the Richter scale had claimed the to Musait country tue. Pacific no the mess. While and pakistanis 110,000,000 pakistanis government charged that Indian troops have stepped up military activity in Kashmir reinforcing Frontier units and building new bunkers along the ceasefire line in that Border state. It said eight indians were killed in two skirmishes monday and tuesday 150 Miles Northwest of Rawalpindi. Quake damage at $12,000,000 Seattle apr officials have added up a $12,500,000 Darooge total for this weeks Pacific Northwest earthquake. Almost All the damage such As the six deaths attributed directly or indirectly to the thursday tremor is centred in Western Washington. The Federal Small business administration in Washington. D.c., declared disaster areas for All sections of the state which suffered earthquake damage. The action will permit businesses homeowners churches and charitable institutions to apply for Low interest Loans for repairs or rebuilding. The state civil defence department and the . Army corps of engineers estimated damage at $8,200,000 to private property and $4,200,000 to Public facilities. The Boeing co., the states largest employer was the biggest loser. The civil defence department estimated $3,500,000 damages to the aerospace firm s Seattle facilities. In the news this afternoon voice of doom the Man whose voice has been described As that of doom is dead. From across the world tributes pour in for Edward r. Murrow from the people who knew him. A look at this remarkable Many a life is taken on Page 2. Death Sparks new Cycle Winston Churchill May be dead but countless authors Are making certain his memory will remain with us. Several new books some completed before his death will soon be on the boo stands. See Page 17. Mother of the year a Weyburn sask., woman has been named Canadian Mother of the year. Her husband thinks the award should be a Mother of the see Page 9. Over the rebel movement. The old fortress fell to the rebels in heavy fighting Friday. Survivors Loyal to the newly installed military Junta brought Back reports that the rebels were executing captured opponents. The survivors said the rebels had set up an execution Wall in Independence Park next to the fortress and were putting their captives before firing squads. The . Casualties came As the american troops joined with dominican troops in launching a two prong movement into the downtown area from East and West. The dominican troops were commanded by . Alias Wessin y Wessin Leader of the forces of the new three Man military Junta set up in midweek. A Marine column of tanks and amphibious vehicles came under heavy fire As it pushed off from the Seaside Al Emba Jador hotel at the Western end of the City. Its Mission was to make secure a nine mile area designated earlier in the Day by the organization of american states As a Haven for refugees from the fighting. The marines wiped out with Bazooka fire the machine gun nest that took the life of one of their number. Another clash occurred As newly arrived paratroopers of the . 82nd airborne division joined Wessin s men at the strategic Duarte Bridge Over the Ozama River at the Eastern end of the City. The Span is the Only direct link with Wessin s Headquarters at san Isidro air base 20 Miles away and the East Bank of Santo Domingo. The rebels met the airborne troops with heavy fire. During the Day . Navy transports from puerto Rico landed at san Isidro with tons of military material. Thirteen dominican National policemen who survived the siege of the old fortress swam the Ozama River and joined . And dominican forces on the other Bank. They brought Back accounts of massacres by the rebels. Policies discouraged business there had been a 16-per-�ent increase in private investment last year and a predicted in crease of 14 per cent this year. A if t h a to a discouragement then i think that s the kind of discouragement we would like to he criticized the opposition for its attitude on the new can-Ada-. Auto agreement which had a primary objective of improving Canadas Trade balance with the . He wondered whether the opposition was really interested in the country a Prosperity. Or. Sharp s speech which some observers likened to a Campaign address included an optimistic look ahead. The National accounts were in their Best state in Many years and it was a quite possible that the a the Export of manufacture goods had increased by a the amp during 1964 or. Sharp said the 1962 Exchange crisis when the conservatives were in Power was the most unnecessary Ever experienced in the country. A that is interjected opposition Leader Diefenbaker. The minister said that when the liberals took office Britain was a extremely disheartened Over the question of Trade with Canada. This arose partly from Canadas attitude to Britain s proposed entry into the european common Market the fact that devaluation of the Dollar had Hurt British exports and surcharges which also damaged British exports. Broken line Bondsman Dies caused 8last los Angeles apr band Leader Spike Jones. 53, the Zany musician who entertained millions with his offbeat arrangements died Early today. Jones had been released from Hospital three weeks ago following treatment for an asthma attack and subsequent respiratory complications born Lindley Armstrong Jones at Long Beach calif., in 1911, Jones started his musical career As a drummer in swing bands of the Early 1940s he said he got the idea for his noisy style of music when he attended a classical concert and heard the conductor s shoes squeak. Five hour visit Montreal cps a Crown prosecutor Gerard Lagan i e r e argued Friday that the direct cause of the Lasalle Heights apartment explosion last March i which took 28 lives was a break in a natural Gas main there was no other probable or possible cause or. Legan Here said in his summation of evidence to the final sitting of the fire commissioners inquiry into the disaster in rebuttal Georges Emery lawyer for Quebec natural Gas corp., said that if the broken pipe theory is accepted a we must ask what caused the struck toe Foet . Consulate is bombed Montreal it up it a the United states consulate confirmed Friday that a bomb exploded outside the passageway Between two sections of the consulate building doing some damage to the building vice Consul mrs. Gertrude Long had no detailed description of the explosive device. Police said that the blast broke windows. There was no fire. However police added. The consulate is on Mcgregor Street in a West Central residential area of Montreal. The passageway Between the two sections of the building is elevated from the ground. Police said there was Little damage beyond broken windows because the surface of the passageway is in solid Stone. Miss Long said that another vice Consul who lives near the consulate building heard die bang of the explosion and went to the scene police were already there. The forecast sunny thundershowers in evening Cloudy cooler sunday High 75 a Low 45 labor announces steel proposal London it Cpin the labor government announced Friday plans to re nationalize 90 per cent of Britain s steel capacity and an Industry spokesman charged latterly that the proposal opens the Way Tor unit item state ownership. The action opened up a major political crunch that meant prime minister Wilson staked toe prestige if not the life of his administration on the explosive proposals which have constituted a crucial question since he took Power last october the tory opposition and the minority Liberal party which has hitherto Sidell with the gov eminent on most major votes in the House of commons Are pledged to Battle steel nationalization to the end. And e t. Judge president of the British Iron and steel federation said Quot i think this is worse if anything could be worse Quot than a former labor governments steel nationalization in 1949. Quot proposals on these lines will be fought Bard by the judge told a press conference. Outlined the Long awaited proposals in a White paper the government envisaged nationalizing 13 big steel companies making a total of 14 with one already under state control the compensation offer was better than anticipated and would Cost taxpayers an estimated �.>50,000 she $1,659,000, 000. A Choice of two methods of computing was offered. The first was the average of Stock Market prices in the 61 months ending last november. 1964 the other was the average in the six Mouths ending last november. The White paper which is not nationalizing legislation but a policy statement will be debated Iii the commons where Wilson now has a majority of Only four next thursday polling Day in a Birmingham by election which is expected to reduce the labor margin to three. The Attlee labor government nationalized steel in 1949 but the Industry has returned to private hands with the execution of Oxe company a when the conservatives came to Power in 1951. Flood threat drops on red Winnipeg up the red River its major flood threat Over continued to drop slowly Friday. At Emerson near the North Dakota Border the level dropped three inches in 24 hours it remained about i to feet Over the flanks Down More than half a foot from the Peak reached last monday. At Winnipeg the Reading waa 18.6 feet above average ice level. More than two feet below the High rec had this Spring Pearson charms them in Vermont also in the Sun today spurts. Pages 6 and 7 women a. Pages 8 and 9 features Page 16 17 classified ads Page 18 obituaries. Page 19 he Only knew half of it Edmonton up British journalist Arthur Heidi Well who visited Edmonton in March wrote of temperature plunging a to a paralysing 20 below Zero in the coldest bitterest Spring of the the Edmonton journal comments Quot Jolly Good thing he Wasny there in the Winter when it was Burlington. It. Up from state governor Philip Goff Down the line. Prime min ister Pearson charmed his Way through a five hour visit to this Northern Vermont Community Friday. A a red letter Day for Tbs state of Vermont a beamed the governor at a Send off dinner for the Canadian Leader who earlier received an honorary degree from the University of Vermont. Friendly relations Between or. Pearson and the official greeting party which included state town and University officials appeared to grow warmer by the hour. His final informal speech Drew several bursts of applause in contrast to a More quiet reception to his formal speech earlier in the Day. In the earlier speech he called for Mutual understanding Between Canada and the . And said it was not at ail inconsistent with a Good neighbor policy prime minister Pearson ,. To charmed them if his country criticized Ameri Cap foreign policies a if we seem to be unduly concerned with your International policies remember that their outcome May for us As Well As you mean the differ enc Between peace and War a he said. Despite any differences that might crop i a we in Canada know thai Ute purposes of american policy in the world Are neither selfish nor aggressive nor imperialistic a he said to applause. Canadian views on specific matters wont always coincide with those of the ., he said in what might have been a reference to his recent Philadelphia speech when he suggested a pause in . Air raids on North Viet Nam. A we feel bound to speak with our own voice on Continental and International problems which Are of concern to us. Lie said at the same time Canada is aware of the tremendous responsibilities t h e . Is shouldering in orid affairs. Vermont senator George Aiken an old Friend presented or. Pearson his honorary doctor of Laws degree citing or. P e a r s o no a contributions to world peace scores of state troopers were found wherever or. Pearson appeared. Four secret service agents from Washington even checked out basement lockers in the University building where the prime minister received his degree. The Security precautions seemed out of place in the quiet town of 40.000 people. One state trooper noted however that this was the first time Burlington Ever had entertained a visiting

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