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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1990, Page 4

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - March 31, 1990, Brandon, Manitoba Editorials or. Bouchard pens do nothing proposal so this is the government that is not afraid of implementing an unpopular policy if its for a the Good of the country. That a the line prime minister Brian Mulroney and his lieutenants have been spouting in defence of decisions to chop via rail to bits and implement the goods and services tax. The Public May not like the policies but they re what the country needs they say. However when it comes to environmental legislation the governments highroad of doing what a right goes out the window. On thursday environment minister Lucien Bouchard launched his governments so called Green plan on the environment. It contains very Little information that suggests the government is going to get Tough with polluters. Now the environment minister says he wants canadians to Tell him what to do about acid rain global warming enforcing environmental regulations reducing waste protecting fisheries and other issues. Another delay and the environmental clock ticks away. There Are two reasons Why the government Hasni to enacted Tough legislation Money and fear. Or. Bouchard knows a comprehensive plan to fight the nations pollution problem will Cost a lot of Money. As we All know Canada is up to its eyeballs in red Ink. So that gives Good reason to put it on hold. But the truth is the government is afraid to get Tough with polluters. First of All while Public opinion polls often indicate that canadians support environmental legislation in practice they Likely be As enthusiastic. People believe that doing their part for the environment Means Little More than using disposable diapers. Meanwhile for environment Laws to have any Impact they would have to attack some of the things that make life in this country so grand. Fossil fuel use would have to be reduced substantially. That Means people who have had a Long lasting love affair with their automobiles will have to contemplate the Park it and walk approach to transportation. As Well with the Economy doing a bit of a tailspin lately it is not a particularly opportune time to enact Laws that might hinder growth even More. As Well profitable companies that pay their workers Good wages a such As pulp and paper Mills a will Likely be forced to adhere to tougher standards. That Likely Means Job losses in some areas. The . Congress recently went toe to toe with Coal miners who Are worried about losing their jobs As a result of tougher clean air legislation in that country. One would suspect that an unemployed pulp Mill worker would have a similar reaction. However unlike or. Bouchard who threw the Issue Back in the laps of canadians Congress and the . Senate had the courage to approve the Laws and face the Wrath of the Coal miners. The Point is the government knows it is time to act on protecting this part of the Earth. And they wont hear anything new during the committee hearings across the country. Environmentalists will pitch the idea of wide scale legislation that May not be practical. Some business people will advocate a More conservative approach that Likely go far enough. Instead of taking the moral High Road and enacting legislation the government has hidden behind a document that says much but does Little to save the environment. It seems like the government is selective in terms of what policies it deems important. If it Falls into their economic Agenda the tories Are willing to take heat for policy. But because the government is backing Down on environmental legislation it provides evidence that protecting the land sea and air Isnit particularly High on its list of priorities. So much for having the guts to enact unpopular but necessary policy. Serving Western Manitoba since 1882. Published daily except holidays by Canadian newspapers company limited 501 Rosser ave., Brandon Man member of the Canadian press audit Bureau of circulations the Canadian daily newspapers publishers association. Second class registration no 0304 subscription rates Home delivery seven Days a week $4 20 biweekly mail a $114 annually member Manitoba press Council unresolved complaints Over Content May be referred in writing to p o. Box 171, Winnipeg Man r3c 2g9 main switchboard a 727-2451 circulation a 727-0527 out of town toll free a 1-727-5111 fax a 725-0976 Rob Forbes publisher Brian d. Marshall managing editor saturday March 31, 1990 Peter Dalla Vicenza editorial Page editor Jim Lewthwaite news editor 109th year a no. 72 Uncle Sham. Trade pact creates link Toronto a would a free Trade Deal Between the United states and Mexico be a threat to Canada irs Dianne it. Matey in leadership lacking on All fronts Accord Wisdom absent Ottawa a As we stumble through this a critical juncture in our history a to borrow the words of prime minister Brian Mulroney a one can to help but wonder about the leadership we re getting. Just How much has this to do with the admitted constitutional crisis the question is not new but when our three Federal party leaders went on National television last week it certainly took on a greater sense of urgency. And of course it centres largely on Mulroney whose importance in the current debate both As Leader and conciliator cannot be Over emphasized. He is after All the prime minister of All Canada. But watching him address the nation last week a to talk about our crisis and to announce that new Brunswick a Resolution on Meech would be presented to parliament a did no to you get the idea that he was floundering like the rest of us and when you watched opposition Leader Herb Gray and then new democratic party Leader Audrey Mclaughlin offer their responses did no to you feel they really had nothing to say and in Gray s Case he did no to even say nothing very Well. It was All so reactionary. No new initiatives no inspiration. Just the same old stuff about the inherent understanding compassion and decency of canadians and the need for us to cooperate so we can fulfil the nations True destiny. Perhaps we have expected to hear initiatives and inspiration from the opposition parties. Yet one had the feeling that had we been listening to say Robert Stanfield or David Lewis we might have been left with a Stewart Macleod More brain food to Munch on. Instead for the umpteenth time we were told first on behalf of the liberals that a we need to have canadians in All parts of our country As Active participants in the dialogue a then on behalf of the nip the same thing. A if the Constitution is to truly reflect what Canada is All about All canadians must have the Opportunity to be involved a declared Mclaughlin. In the current Case these messages go Back to 1987 when the Accord was struck. In a More general sense they go Back to 1867 when Canada was struck and it was first suggested that someday we would have a made in Canada Constitution. But the Federal opposition leaders Are not the main players Here that role belongs to Brian Mulroney. And while Gray and Mclaughlin were on the tube for the express purpose of reacting to the prime minister it was Mulroney who came across As the most reactionary of All. We re not talking about his position on the new Brunswick Resolution but about his apparent reaction to the perception he favors certain parts of the country Over others. It might Well be me who a out to lunch on this one and Mulroney a melodious outpouring of patriotism perhaps struck a responsive chord with a majority of listeners. But i find it difficult to find inspiration in a prime minister who feels a necessity to publicly express his affection for the country. It depends on How its done of course. The americans seem to have a certain hankering for the practice but up Here it tends to distract from the main message. Not Only that it can also dilute the prime ministers leadership stature. Why should any prime minister feel a need to say a i love Canada a All of that surely is a Given. And it can become downright embarrassing when in the Case of Mulroney he sets out to buttress his beliefs. A when our ancestors looked at deep Snow covered forests at Prairies that stretched to the horizon and at mountains that seemed to touch the sky in their hearts they knew they had already seen a magnificent he could have added but did no to that they also knew in their hearts it was pretty damned cold out there. There was More about How they built better than they knew etc., All of which has been said by previous prime ministers in one form or another. While it would be unfair to begrudge Mulroney his share of patriotic motherhood time this was an occasion when there was a virtual outcry for leadership of the inspirational variety. We know this is a wonderful country and we had automatically assumed our prime minister loves All of it. What a needed now is some hard headed leadership to protect its future. There was Little sign of it in that telecast. Thomson news service Ontario voters ready to rebel Over French services legislation by Derek Nelson Toronto a the nerve of those tories suggesting Ordinary people might be heard from on language matters. No wonder nip Leader Bob bae is a a astonished at interim pc Leader Andy Brandts Call for legislative committee hearings on the implementation of Bill 8, the so called French languages services act. After All the cozy Little political club that runs Ontario decided the province will be bilingual a and that is that. What More needs to be talked about bae was just following Standard procedure when he proposed that All three old line parties the liberals As Well As the pcs and the nip support a Resolution in the legislature reiterating their support for Bill 8. In the process everybody could get in the usual quota of shots at All the a a bigots and a a racists who find the transformation of Ontario government and government related institutions into bilingual entities to be wrong. In political eyes such unil Ingual English a a bigots and a a racists probably Arentt real canadians anyway. There will be proof of that if the tories hang Tough and insist on committee hearings. These would take place around the province and following Long precedent groups such As the French Canadian association of Ontario Alfo would deliver their comments to the politicians in French. Considering How important Alfo is to the imposition of bilingualism in Ontario an awful lot of unilingual English speaking ontarian might be interested in the organizations opinions. Unfortunately they a be out of Luck. The problem Isnit that Alfo will speak in French or any other language for that Matte but that it wont be translated into English for Hansard the journal that records parliamentary proceedings. You see real canadians will be Able to read it in French or English so Why bother translating it for the Grimy 89 per cent of ontarian who can to use both languages Rae Premier David Peterson and most of the other politicians at Queens Park a reinforced by their talking parrots in the Media a seem to believe that the Only thing wrong with Bill 8 is How it has stimulated a a bigots and a a racists and the evil Genius of spec Alliance for the preservation of English in Canada. Well spec was Here Long before Bill 8 and made very Little Impact on people. Any growth in support for spec just As support for the passage of English Only municipal resolutions is a consequence a not a cause a of this bilingual duality being imposed on government related jobs and services. Whether these individuals would get any satisfaction from a legislative committee stacked with pro Bill 8 politicians is another matter. The truth is most politicians have swallowed the ideology that True canadians Are Bil Ingual canadians. Its time they Learned different. Thomson news service the very existence of Mexico is a threat to Canada from a protectionist Point of View. A rapidly developing country filled with cheap labor gives Canadian workers nightmares. That a because factory owners Are casting their shrewd eyes southward. Already plants have folded in Canada and slipped off to Mexico. Companies deciding where to expand Are beginning to look outside of North America. As mexican workers increase their skills and productivity More companies will expand there. News this week of free Trade talks Between the United states and Mexico brought Canadian fears to the fore. A a in a upset that Canadian workers could be placed in direct Competition with mexican workers who earn $1.60 an hour a says Jim Peterson Federal Liberal Industry critic. Its a scary thought. In a sense though Canadian workers always have competed with workers elsewhere. Low wages by and Large we have done Well. Peterson a comparison is misleading. Canadian workers Are still among the most productive in the world. Mexico slow wage rates Are offset by equally Low productivity. Still we do face serious competitive pressures. A recent study shows that Auto parts companies for example would be better off building new plants in the United states. All things considered it is More expensive to operate in Canada. If the United states is cheaper for the parts companies think How much More attractive Mexico would be. . Auto firms have been expanding output in Mexico for some time. The troubles that beset Magna Canadas biggest Auto parts maker cast a pall on the Ontario Economy. The rest of the country could soon be affected. If the Auto Industry continues slow in the months to come it could drag the National Economy into recession. No doubt the american plan is to create a North american common Market similar to the european Community formerly the european common Market. This is not a bad idea. But it will require some adjustments. Chances Are the Canadian Cost Structure will have to fall. That Means prices but it Means wages too. The question is which will fall first and by How much it is the americans who Are talking Trade with the mexicans not us. They do not seem to be afraid that the flow of goods and services Between the two countries will undermine the . Economy. If canadians Are afraid there is a reason. Tough Competition the United states is our biggest Market. The americans buy about 80 per cent of our exports. We rely heavily on our exports. If Mexico joins in a Trade pact Canadian and mexican exports will compete nose to nose in the big american Market. Mexican Oil will compete with Canadian Oil. Mexican Auto parts will compete with Canadian Auto parts. Given its Low Cost Structure Mexico could win More new manufacturing plants. In time Mexico could leave us behind industrially speaking. Yet we have areas of expertise the mexicans do not a in service communications heavy equipment financial services. Indeed As Mexico grows in economic importance it will become another big prospective Market for Canadian goods. Dianne Matey is the business analyst for Thomson news service. Canadian Ling Meech Lake debate inspires imaginative prose Ottawa a a a it a not carved in Stone a said Frank Mckenna. A deadline not etched in Stone a said the Toronto Star. A not cast in Concrete a said Joe Ghiz of Prince Edward Island. A the position put Forward by Newfoundland is not cast in Stone a said Clyde Wells. A a it a not a seamless web a said David Peterson of Ontario. A it s open ended a said Harvie Andre the tory House Leader. Using various building materials they were All trying to say More or less the same thing that Meech ii was open to changes. But Here in the flurry of Meech speech of the past couple of weeks you see language in the making. Many of the ways of saying something is inflexible use the idea of Stone. Don Mcgillivray and the variety is greater than shown above. In a Quick search of electronic newspaper files in be found a written on Stone and a engraved in Stone and a entrenched in Stone and a set in Stone As Well As cast carved and etched. There May be regional varieties. In Ontario people seem to etch. Don Blenkarn of the commons finance committee a torontonian for example said details of the goods and services tax weren to etched in Stone. In Albe Ila they re More Likely to a a set things in Stone however you do that. Not All the expressions Are logical. Carving engraving and even etching in Stone make sense. But when something is a a cast ifs usually made by pouring some molten material into a Mold and leaving it to its hard to do this with Stone. I suspect the association of Stone with writing that can to be changed comes from the Bible account of the origin of the to commandments. In the Book of exodus god gave Moses a two tables of testimony tables of Stone written with the Finger of can people be a carved in Stone if they re inflexible the Canadian language May be tending that Way. Last year Manitoba a Sharon Carstairs suggested the word a a uphold should replace a a promote in the Meech Lake Accord. But she added a a in a not carved in Stone to in other words a a in a not absolutely inflexible about using the word uphold a where does the a seamless web come from there a a a seamless Robe in the Bible. But the expression a seamless web is traced by the Oxford English dictionary Back to 1898 when it was used for the idea that history was like a spider web with everything connected to everything else. Nothing could be taken separately without tearing the web. Senator Lowell Murray adapted the idea to the untouchable Meech Lake Accord in 1987 a a compromises have already been made by All parties and the Accord is a seamless Murray will be associated with another Meech word egregious. He and his Boss the prime minister said they would change the Meech Accord if anyone pointed out an a egregious egregious comes from a latin word meaning a flock or Herd which is also the Root of with the a be a in front it Means not gregarious a standout from the common Herd. Originally it meant but now it Means conspicuously bad or flagrant. Needless to say no egregious error was discovered. For those not completely turned off by Meech Lake there was a Bonus in the discovery of a new phrase maker on the National stage. Frank Mckennas informal English is something like the prime ministers spiced with colourful expressions like mul Roney so Rya dance with the lady what bring Mckenna will Long be quoted As saying a a it a time that All of us spiked our guns with perhaps the expression comes from memories of the. 1960s when protesters against the Vietnam War and other things used to try to put the stems of Flowers in the barrels of rifles held by troops called out to de fend government buildings and bar the path of marches. This Wasny to quite the same As spiking which meant disabling a. Muzzle loading Cannon by driving a Spike into the vent the Hole through which the Gunpowder was fired. If you have thoughts on Canadian English or examples of Meech speech write Don Mcgillivray 512-151 Sparks st., Ottawa Kip 5e3. Southam news

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