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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1990, Page 3

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - March 31, 1990, Brandon, Manitoba Revenue Canada Revenue Canada taxation import agr notes by Dave Williams Westman soils starved for Sulphur the Carberry and Roblin areas a stick out like sore thumbs a for having the lowest soil Sulphur Levels in the province Manitoba agriculture reports. Meanwhile soil Sulphur Levels have risen Only slightly Over the past couple of years in the rest of the province. Ken Mcgill head of the provincial soil testing lab said this has happened at the same time soil nitrogen Levels have risen dramatically. He said in the Carberry and Roblin a rep districts More than 75 per cent of Fields Are receiving Sulphur fertilizer recommendations for High Sulphur use crops such As canola and Alfalfa. A soils in both areas have tended to become quite depleted in Sulphur Over the years to the Point where three quarters or More of the canola and Alfalfa Fields require additional Sulphur a Mcgill said. He added the Low Sulphur Levels Are Likely attributable to the types of soils prevalent in the area As Well As the kinds of crops grown. Other areas with Fields Low in Sulphur include Russell and Minnedosa. Hyundai Plant finds alternative to layoffs Para backs water projects the Prairie farm rehabilitation administration contributed to 394 water projects in southwestern Manitoba from april 1988 to january 1990. That included 153 dugouts 131 Small diameter Wells 91 Large diameter Wells and six sprinkler irrigation projects. Funding for the projects was provided through the Rural water development program. Conservation week soil conservation week has been set for april 9-15. A soil is a fragile resource that must be protected and nurtured to ensure canadians have a healthy and prosperous Agri food Industry a Federal agriculture minister Don Mazankowski said. Government sources stated that recent studies show 20 per cent of Canadian Farmland is now affected by wind and water erosion organic matter loss salinity and soil compaction costing Farmers millions of dollars annually in lost productivity. Provincial agriculture minister Glen Findlay said Farmers have a taken up the challenges of being More conservation conscious in their farming practices. A we Are counting on All Manitoban to do their part in assuming responsibility for the sustainable development of our land and water Pool appointment a senior Manitoba Pool elevators officer has been appointed the new chairperson of the senior Grain transportation committee. Greg Arason chief executive officer of me replaces Stan Price whose term ended this month. Other new executive committee members include vice chairman Manson Moir Manitoba producer representative and Peter Loewen of Saskatchewan. The executive committee also includes Macgregor a Curtis Sims Manitoba producer representative Peter Thomson of the Grain transportation Agency trucking Industry representative Tom Jensen Bill Somerville of up rail and Brian Haddow . Producer representative. Among the five retiring committee members is cup foods chief executive officer Al Huffman. Canola task Force a task Force has been formed to examine the Canadian canola Industry. The task Force will examine future potential for canola and canola products technological factors and policies which have an Impact on the competitiveness of canola production processing and marketing. The task Force will also recommend Short and Long term changes which could be made to the canola marketing system. The first report is slated to be released in november of this year. Members of the task Force include chairman David Hughes chairman of the Board of the University of Lethbridge and former chairman of the canola Council of Canada Peter Lloyd director of marketing for can Grain Bill Craddock chairman of the Board of governors with the Winnipeg commodity Exchange Gerry Moore chief operating officer with United Grain growers Murray Davis vice president and general manager of Central soya Canada Dwight More president of the canola Council of Canada and Jim Leibfried of the University of Saskatchewan. Other members include Jim Middagh vice president of Northern sales Alex Graham first vice president of the Alberta wheat Pool Ike Lanier director of the Alberta canola commission Mark Roe manager of Alberta food products and Keith Lewis past president of the Saskatchewan canola growers association. Young Farmer awards handed out Montreal up a while North american car Assembly plants Are laying off thousands to ride out falling Auto sales the Hyundai Auto Plant in Bromont que., has avoided layoffs by shuffling its workforce of 855. A we Haven to escaped the slowdown in the automobile Market but rather than making layoffs we prefer another option a Plant spokesman Martin abran said in an interview. The workforce at Hyundai Auto Canada inc. Is non unionized and abran said anyone hired there must agree to be flexible. So employees Are moved around for production reasons. A it keeps the Job More interesting for them it removes the routine of Assembly work a said abran. For example Hyundai recently pulled 60 workers from its automated Assembly line and put them on teams in charge of improving Quality control. These workers Are Back on the Assembly line but Only for a month. More than 3,000 Canadian autoworkers Are or soon will be on indefinite Layoff while thousands More Are experiencing temporary layoffs of one to three weeks. The Hyundai Plant about 80 Kilometres East of Montreal makes the five passenger mid size sonata which Sells for Between $14,000 and $20,000. The Bromont Plant is in operation 46 weeks a year five Days a week with one shift per Day. It currently has 800 Canadian and 55 korean employees seconded from the Parent company based in South Korea. In 1989 the Plant produced 14,780 vehicles. Man closing Down bar because of his beliefs Brian and Joyce Belluz of Thunder Bay have won the outstanding Young Farmer award for the mid Canada Region covering Manitoba and Western Ontario. Honorable mentions were made during ceremonies this past week to Dennis and Betty Turner who operate a cattle and Grain farm near Killarney and to Doug and Paulette Connery who operate a vegetable farm near Portage la Prairie. The Turners were nominated to the regional event by the Brandon and District Jaycees the Connery by the Portage farm business association. The Belluws began farming in 1980 and have built up a 30-cow Dairy operation since then. They modernized and result the operation As Well As bringing in the use of round Bale silage in barn Hay drying conservation tillage pasture rotation heat exchanger milk Cooling a Grain bin dryer and a feed Mill to produce cattle rations on the farm. Milk production has been increased by 50 per cent through their efforts in Herd husbandry and the use of comprehensive Herd record and health tests. Seed treatment reduces disease seed treatment can significantly reduce disease problems afflicting canola wheat Barley and other crops Manitoba agriculture reports. Plant pathologist Gary Platford predicts that Blackleg is Likely to be a significant problem in southwestern Manitoba this year. A in our 1989 Survey Only Low Levels of Blackleg were found in Central and Eastern Manitoba but the disease appears to be spreading a he said. A we found an average loss of to per cent but losses up to 50 per cent Are Platford said seed treatment wont necessarily result in increased yields but can help prevent the introduction of disease into a previously uninfected Field. He said canola seed should be purchased from disease free areas and treated with a seed treatment fungicide. Seed treatment is definitely warranted for Prairie Spring wheat and is justified in Barley As Over 70 per cent of Fields were infected with smut last year Platford said. Platford said Only a Trace of smut was detected in wheat in 1989. Scientists studying effects of nitrates Winnipeg up a the Way Winnipeg businessman Helmut Sass sees it liquor causes More death and disruption than illicit drugs. So the devout Baptist is standing firm by his decision to shut Down a popular downtown restaurant and throw 30 people out of work because of his religious objections to alcohol. A a there a so much being said about the drug Barons in Columbia now we done to realize alcohol does much More damage to Peoples lives than drugs Ever do a the soft spoken real estate Developer said wednesday. A being christians my wife and i have always had a difficulty with the Selling of the bespectacled Sass admits it was a Tough move closing Jean Louis a restaurant at Oliver so he a become friends with Many of the staff and the upscale Pohly decorated restaurant was booming. The employees will be offered Severance pay and jobs in the booze free family style restaurant fight on to save tall grass Prairie Winnipeg up a there was a time when the waving Golden tall grass Prairie extended Over 1.5 million hectares of Southern Manitoba. Today says world wildlife fund official Arlin Hackman a we Are talking about preserving acres. A ifs frightening because that Sall that a left a says Hackman head of the funds endangered spaces Campaign which is urging governments to protect such wilderness areas before they disappear a along with the species that live in them. Half of Canadas endangered species live in the Prairies that stretch West from Here to the Rockies. Conservative Premier Gary Filmon kicked off the Manitoba part of the Campaign tuesday. A every one of the moves that we make will be dedicated towards increasing the proportion of Manitoba that a dedicated to this purpose a Filmon said. Unlike a lot of countries Canada can still tackle the problem by preserving the habitats that endangered animals Call Home Hackman said from his Toronto office. A in other places they Are Down to literally preserving genetic Stock in test tubes a he said. A there we can still preserve the the wildlife organization wants 12 per cent of Canadas vast land mass protected by the year 2000 in wilderness Parks and ecological preserves where mining logging and other development is prohibited. Only about 2.6 per cent of the country is safeguarded now. The 10-year deadline is a key part of the Campaign which was inspired by recommendations in the United nations landmark Brunt land commission report on the environment. The consequences of waiting longer could be irreversible said Hackman. A in very simple terms we Wili see Many More endangered species a he predicted. He would like to install in the same spot. Oliver a is located in Winnipeg a historic Exchange District. Since restaurateur Jean Louis Danguy became manager last june business has steadily improved and the prestigious Toronto based Litt report recognized the restaurant As one of Winnipeg a four Best. A a it a a Downer a Danguy 40, said about the latest development. A basically i was kind of settling Down for the rest of my life in this restaurant that a Why i put my name on the Board. In a very upset for my Sass said he went on the Wagon himself about 12 years ago after seeing friends and associates lose jobs or otherwise suffer because of addiction to the bottle. He a trying to Send the same message to his four daughters aged 12 to 18, whose portrait hangs prominently Over his desk. But he said he ask them to abstain if he was still operating a licensed restaurant and bar. Winnipeg up a alarmed by Tim Prospect of dead lakes and undrinkable water researchers Are taking a hard look at the use of fertilizers and the handling of animal manure. Manure and some fertilizers contain High amounts of nitrates which seep through soil into groundwater or run off into lakes Andrj seas. A there s real concern because nitrate Levels in groundwater and in the great lakes Are steadily increasing a said John Gulley a research scientist with agriculture Canada in Ottawa. Nitrates occur naturally As or garlic matter Breaks Down in the soil. They Leach in Small amounts into groundwater. But heavy use of fertilizers and the modern practice of raising hundreds or thousands of cattle pigs or chickens in a Small area can result in greatly increased nitrate Levels. The human body converts nitrates into nitrites which limit the ability of the blood to carry oxygen. Infants can suffer the most. Brain damage or death can result from oxygen starvation also called the a Blue baby some studies have suggested High Levels of nitrates in water also increase the incidence of stomach cancer. On the Prairies where fertilizer use soared from 500, he tonnes in the Early 1970s to 2.5 million tonnes by the mid �?T80s, nitrate contamination is frequently the result of fertilizer spills or the improper handling of manure. But scientists say research is needed to determine if nitrates could eventually wind up in the water Supply. See Foj amp waterworks for swimming pools 840 Mctavish ave. Brandon a 728-9507 outside Brandon Call toll free 1-800-862-6320 a amp a tax facts at a amp a we specialize in preparing farm tax returns. This year bring your tax return to in Brandon 244-10th Street 727-5177 or in the Brandon gallery 726-0537 hours 244-10th Street a monday to thursday 9 . To 9 . Friday 9 . To6 . Saturday 9 . To 5 . Brandon gallery a monday to Friday 9 30 . To 9 . Saturday 9 30 . To 6 . Killarney 523-4929 Oak Lake 855-2112 Virden. 748-1755 Sandy lake.585-2669 Glenboro 827-2461 Pilot Mound 825-2164 appointments available but not necessary a amp a tax services 100% Canadian a offices nationwide luncheon with Paul Martin Liberal leadership candidate monday april 2, 1990 Royal Oak 11 30 . To 1 30 . Keynote address 12 15 to 12 45 . Students $8.00 adults $10.00 for tickets please Call 727-6514, 727-3187 or 727-2148 your 1989 income tax return people with questions what a this goods amp services tax credit All about the proposed goods amp services tax now before parliament would replace the Federal sales tax. It has two main objectives to make Canada More competitive and to improve the fairness of the tax system for All canadians. The plan includes a new credit to offset part or All of the tax for lower or modest income households. This is the goods amp services tax credit. How do i know if i get the credit with your 1989 tax package you la find a Green form explaining How to apply for the proposed goods amp services tax credit. It will help establish whether or not you re eligible. Even if you done to have to pay income tax its important that you fill out the Green form and Send it in so that Revenue Canada can determine whether or not you qualify. What happens next it is proposed that cheques be mailed out to eligible canadians starting this december 1990. Of you qualify you could receive credit cheques every three months. The amount of credit you receive will depend on the income and family information you provide. So its in your Best interest to fill out the Green form and return it with your 1989 tax return. What if i have any other tax questions of you have More questions about the proposed goods amp services tax credit Contact your District taxation office and talk to the people at Revenue Canada taxation. They re people with answers

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