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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1998, Page 5

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - January 10, 1998, Brandon, Manitoba Rob Forbes publisher Brian d. Marshall managing editor Peter Dalla Vicenza editorial Page editor Jim Lewthwaite news editor saturday january 10, 1998 ll6th year a no. 347opinion published daily except holidays by Thomson Canada limited 501 Rosser ave., Brandon my r7a 0k4 member of the Canadian press audit Bureau of circulations the Canadian daily newspaper publishers association Manitoba press Council Canadian publications mail product sales agreement no 462640 Assn 0832-4212 our View habitat venture needs support a new year always Means Opportunity. And if habitat for humanity a vision comes to fruition another hard working family in Brandon will have a new Home this summer. As just about everyone knows by now the Brandon chapter of the International organization did not build a dwelling in 1997 after successfully completing projects in both 1995 and 1996. The group whose president is former City councillor and retired teacher Arnold Grambo opted to take a year off because it did no to want to compete for volunteers with the Canada games. The year off also allowed the group to concentrate on fundraising efforts a such As the Sale of raffle tickets on three play houses which wraps up today a to solidify its Long term financial position. There is no doubt the City benefits from the presence of habitat which establishes a partnership with the families involved in the construction. Under the plan that has worked Here and throughout North America people chosen from an screening program provide sweat equity As their Dow payment on their Homes. Habitat then holds affordable mortgages. This program is worthy because it is not simply a handout. Instead it builds a spirit of co operation Between people who need help and others in the Community. In Many respects it is not much different from the generosity of spirit shown in the past in Rural areas where neighbors helped neighbors with Harvest and the construction of farm buildings. And we Hope this Community provides the necessary support to this organization so that it can continue to do this Good work a in terms of Volunteer help and in terms of donations of Money building materials and other goods and services needed in a construction project. This is the sort of venture that Brandon a legion of volunteers should rally around because its supporters Are doing the right thing a namely improving the Quality of life of its citizens a for All the right reasons. Your View criminals should get harsh treatment due to the nature and incidents of violent crimes which Are on the Rise the Manitoba society of seniors inc. Mos the largest seniors organization in Manitoba strongly urges stiffer and harsher penalties that carry consequences for All offenders. Laws must be re evaluated. Criminals need to be rehabilitated. The brutality and senselessness often resulting in death or disability to innocent victims cannot be tolerated. Innocent victims should not be targets of violence. Neither should they be terrorized. Neither life nor health can be replaced. Currently criminals have More rights than victims. The latest incident in Winnipeg was the shooting of food fare grocery clerk Jeff Giles on dec. 29. The 22 year old clerk was shot in the face and died on Jan. 2. Not Only is the victim affected but also persons who knew the victim. The trauma suffering and sorrow experienced by family friends and Community should never happen again. In essence criminals must be held responsible and accountable for their actions which Call for appropriate consequences. Mary Pankiw pm. D. President Moss what you think Send your letter to the Brandon Sun at 501 Rosier ave. Brandon Moi. R7a 0k4 or Send a fax to 727-0345. Dont Hove time for that phone of Newline of 727-2786. We Reserve the right to edit for length a Peng grammar Ibet and taste. A Wpm fn2k pcs wow copy sri mews be r Holiday pie Ming pumpkin the world leaders take fall for korean Cash crunch associated press Seoul a with their once mighty Economy in the intensive care unit of the International monetary fund South koreans Are asking each other How things could have gone so wrong so quickly. One theory is beginning to emerge and if it stands up president Kim Young Sam and his economic advisors will go Down in history As a Bunch of bungling dolts. A parliamentary investigation president elect Kim Dae Jung has promised to launch after he takes office in february will try to answer the big question of just what happened and who is to blame. Outgoing president Kim May be required to testify about How the worlds Lith largest economic powerhouse almost overnight wound up with a tin cup in hand the recipient of a $57-billion us if bailout. In a meeting today with business leaders president elect Kim said the cause of the crisis appears to lie in a the collusive relations Between government and business an Economy dictated by bureaucrats and corruption and malpractice on the part of Chabol a South koreans Many family controlled conglomerates. A above All democracy was not conducted in a proper manner a he said. The president elects transition team already has begun questioning officials and collecting documents fearing the outgoing administration might destroy evidence. Some of the teams preliminary findings a working level officials at the Bank of Korea presented a report oct. 24 stressing the need to seek if assistance and How to obtain it. A the report never reached the president apparently blocked by economic aides the transition team said were a too embarrassed and too arrogant to acknowledge their errors. Questioned in parliament in Early october the government denied any possibility of coming trouble. A i think i remember the report. But the suggestion regarding the if Aid took Only a Small portion a Bank of Korea governor Lee Kyong Shik was quoted telling the transition team thursday. A any real decision was delayed because officials of the related government agencies met and discussed Only How to avoid an if a the president and prime minister Koh Kun apparently were kept in the dark about those discussions. A the first combined assessment of the economic situation was reported to the prime minister around nov. To about the same time it reached the president a said legislator Kim Jong Gil a transition team member. Kim in to a former senior economic adviser to the president said thursday he began studying the inevitability of an if bailout with the finance and Economy ministry in Early november and kept the president fully informed. Not so a senior presidential aide said speaking on behalf of president Kim. Instead Kim Learned about the urgency of the crisis through private contacts outside his Blue House in Early november. Kim in to and then finance minister Kang Kyong Shik were fired nov. 19. When South Korea applied for an if bailout two Days later it had Only $6 billion in usable foreign reserves a one week away from a possible default on its mounting foreign Short term debts. Economists said the crisis had its genesis years ago when South korean companies launched project after new project in a mad Pursuit of growth. To finance that growth the government allowed Banks to borrow Short term foreign Loans freely then lend the Money recklessly. When companies had trouble repaying the debts they just took out More Loans. China and other Low wage competitors began producing Many of the same products at much lower prices in the Early 1990s. The Trade deficit began ballooning. Foreigners dumped South korean stocks. But the government refused to devalue its currency fearing rising consumer prices would Hurt its popularity. When it finally did float its currency last year it crashed. The South korean won lost one half its value in the last year. A it defied common sense. There were warnings but they never listened. A the government did what Only crazy men would do. Its criminal negligence a said Han Sung Shin an economist at Seoul a Monsei University. A this is just beginning a Han said. A things will get much harder. We will see More unemployment and More Price increases. A a who a going to take All the pain the but South koreans militant labor unions warned they will not pay for the mistakes. The korean confederation of Trade unions an umbrella group with about 550,000 members threatened to launch an All out strike against planned legislation to make layoffs of workers easier. A National meeting of unions affiliated to the Actu will be held Jan. 15, which might result in work stoppages at some companies. Mass rallies Are also being planned for Jan. 17. Late thursday the parliamentary leaders of three major political parties agreed to hold a three Day session from Jan. 15 to pass Bills to make layoffs at troubled financial institutions easier an official of the National Congress for new politics said. The party does not hold a majority in die Assembly but is headed by president elect Kim. Kim has repeatedly stressed layoffs Are inevitable in restructuring South koreans Economy to attract foreign investment. The labor ministry said this week it expects about one million unemployed by March. The figure could increase if the country a growth rate Falls farther it said. The Prospect of mass unemployment Drew closer after Seoul and the if agreed today to Cut South koreans Gross Domestic product growth rate to one to two per cent for 1998 from a previous target of three per cent. Viewpoint Ottawa fails on constitutional mandate the governments and Legislatures of the provinces have the Power conferred to them to make Laws relating to matters of civil rights which of course must be consistent with and not detract from the individual rights of canadians which is conferred to them by the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. In Section 36 part 3, of the Constitution act 1982, it states that a parliament and the Legislatures together with the government of Canada and the provincial governments Are committed to providing essential Public services of reasonable Quality to All canadians and parliament and the government of Canada Are committed to the principle of making equalization payments to ensure that provincial governments have sufficient revenues to provide reasonably comparable Levels of Public services at reasonably comparable Levels of the government of the parliament of Canada have not honoured its commitment and has shown contempt for and has violated the supreme Law of Canada by not making equalization payments to ensure sufficient revenues. Preparing Canada for a place in the a new world marketplace or for a new millennium which begins in the year 2000 Are the Buzz words the Federal government spin doctors have come up to rationalize bad policy. But these fancy phrases do not justify cuts to equalization payments which result in cuts to a a essential Public services which in turn result in the violation of a canadians individual rights. A essential Public health education and social services a Are absolute necessities in ensuring civil rights and they Are not flexible. Canadas Constitution clearly states that governments Are committed to providing them to ensure equal Opportunity for economic development not the opposite it does not state governments Are committed to the principle of economic development to ensure equal Opportunity for civil rights. At the Federal provincial leaders conference on this Issue after playing out their part on this Issue by making their Token objections to the massive cuts in Federal Transfer payments the premiers then agreed to support the cuts by collaborating to redefine a essential Public services a so it appears to bring their costs into line with the massively reduced Federal Transfer payments. The provinces have an agreement with the government and parliament of Canada in which they agreed to allow it a direct taxation a providing it makes and sustains equalization payments to the provinces to ensure they have sufficient revenues to provide a essential Public services a civil rights and if the premiers had genuine concern Over the Federal governments violation of this agreement they could rescind it but it appears that they do not have genuine concern for civil rights but Are in collaboration with the Federal government to Cut a essential Public services by redefining at a lower level and Quality the meaning of a essential Public services civil rights. Canadians should begin the new millennium by telling their respective provincial governments to Cut the crop and instead of collaborating with the Federal government to appease the outsiders who want to dictate the civil rights of canadians demand that it Honor its commitments to make equalization payments to the provinces to ensure they have sufficient revenues to provide the essential Public services civil rights that canadians not outsiders pay for. Ray Edwards Boissevain

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