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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 4

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Brandon, Manitoba An Independent newspaper serving Western Manitoba since ish published daily except sunday and holidays by Sun publishing company limited 24 tenth Street Brandon Manitoba. Member of the Canadian press audit Bureau of circulation and the Canadian Dally newspaper publishers association. Authorized As second class mail by the Post office department Ottawa and for payment of postage in Cash. Lewis d Whitehead. President and publisher James e. Retd managing editor la Bor j. Zink. Editor. Editorial Page Brandon Man monday february 19, 1962 trouble with spelling a Canadian conference on education report says spelling Reform might produce sentences like this a we Instine Tilly shrink from Eny Chaeny in what in familiar and what Ken be mor familiar Dhan de form of words that we hav seen Riten More Niemz Dhan we Ken posit la estimate a the report a reforming English spelling a was prepared by a committee headed by professor Christopher Dean of Queens University at Kingston ont. The committee presents the main arguments put Forward for and against spelling Reform but takes no stand itself on the Issue. It lists these arguments for Reform 0 reaction against the irrationality of English spelling a a the very arbitrariness of English spelling immediately Calls Forth the opposition of Many a logical faculties. 0 saving of teaching time in school because children could learn faster with phonetic spelling. 0 elimination of Drudgery from learning to read. 0 increase in a child a Power of comprehending written English and increased fluency in a child a written work. 0 reduction of delinquency and crime a emotional and even delinquency troubles. Have a High correlation with education 0 provision of Clear guides to pronunciation. 0 furtherance of English As the worlds a a second language. The main arguments found against Reform Are 0 Public apathy and prejudice a there can be no doubt that most people do not care one Way or another about spelling Reform and that of the few that have thought about it the great majority Are too Lazy to 0 lowering of educational standards a hardly an argument but More than a 0 no machinery for bringing Reform about. 0 immense labor needed to persuade people to accept Reform. 0 objections from printers. 0 reprinting of Many books would be necessary. 0 foreigners would no longer recognize English words derived from their language. 0 grammar rules would be complicated. 0 objections from scientists a new terms Are coined largely from latin and greek elements. They Are written forms and properly they have no pronunciation. An attempt at a phonetic spelling would be an artificial thing. It would obscure the meaning of the word by destroying the accustomed appearance of the constituent elements and would bring no compensatory 0 continued need for revisions of spelling As pronunciation changes through the years. 0 different forms of spoken English in different countries and even in different regions of the same country. It it it the study says Noah websters 1806 dictionary included Many of his proposals for reforming spelling including such words As a the do for a head a a or Elm for a realm a a a Masheena a for a a machine and a a thumb for most samples of reformed spelling in the Booklet Are from the new spelling advocated by the simplified spelling societies of Britain and the United states. Another system now being tested in England by the University of London would increase the alphabet to 43 letters to provide a More truly phonetic spelling. Some advocates of spelling Reform say it should be used just to teach children to read. Then it might be dropped As youngsters move to higher grades. Others see this As a Means of gradually introducing spelling Reform to the language. Here s Why British new spelling advocates feel people can get used to their system a we Taek up a Book printed in amerika and a Honor and a Center Jar upon us every thiem we Kum afros Dhem Nae even to see a forever in Plaes of a for every a traits our Abenshon in an a plezant Wae. But Sheez Are Ieso lasted Klesez think of the Meny Burdz that Wood hav to be Cha end if Eny real Imru ulment wer to result. At the furst glans a pase in Eny Reform speling looks a a Weer or a ugly. This Obj Keshon in aul Warez the furst to be maed it in Pur Fegtly natural it in the hardest to Remus a. Indeed its Efet in not weekend until the nue speling in Noe longer nue until it Haz been seen open enuf to be so now you know Why spelling Reform poses a bit of a problem. The celluloid paperback an editorial in Tho St. Louis Post dispatch the Success that has greeted the writing of novels from motion pictures demonstrates we suppose that it sometimes pays to put first things second. As paperback novels a come september has sold 500.000 copies and a a Ocean Sll 450,000. A tel Cid a a splendor in the grass a and a Gidget goes hawaiian Are other celluloid to paper transpositions which Are commercial successes. All this is in the Best tradition of milking a profitable thing dry. In the same manner we have seen the sons daughters brides and whatnot of Lassie and Frankenstein a monster proliferate to the steady clinking of change while Tarzan a swinging through the Trees has become the nearest approach to perpetual motion and a the untouchables shows sturdy signs of getting to be the interminable. Nor is the end yet in sight. It cannot forever go unnoticed that the possible routes by which the creative spark May profitably flit have by no Means been exhausted. So we shall not be surprised if we see a novel based on a movie based on a popular song perhaps that old favorite a Roll Over. Beethoven a quickly followed by a Roll Over Beethoven or �?o16 tons a backed up by �?o32 tons a presumptively twice As Good. The fact that As one successful Hollywood author says a a novelization Are frightful most of them Are written by Hacks a does not seem to deter them. There Are however appearing some Small signs that Depths exist to which the practice cannot be successfully sunk. The publisher of a novel written from the film a the big Gamble attributes its failure directly to a the miserable Quality of the so it appears that even with second things coming first just so much miserable Ness is enough. Below the line Quot muzzling the military new Yerk Herald Tribune. ,. A we Jomwe a is Max Good lord j i Hope they Niev or Unm Uzzle you Quot Europa a new world Power la in the chaos of Europe a new giant is born Charlet Nichols in in Veteran it More then a Quarter of a Century covering the news a capitals of Tho world. For several years a headed the news services of the Southern Haws company serving in Ottawa Washington and London. Since joining Tho Toronto Toi Ogram As that newspaper s foreign editor or. Nichols has travalled widely to bring canadians first hand reports of Tho world . A new great Power is taking shape on the map of the world. Its foundations have been sturdily built its economic Structure is visible and impressive its political machinery is installed and has begun to operate. Its boundaries can be traced sharply in the Complex of Western Europe. Its population of 170 millions is almost As Large As that of the United states More than three times that of the United kingdom. Before the Structure is Complete it will surpass the United states in numbers outstrip it in steel production shipbuilding electrical equipment and agricultural produce. Its Economy is dynamic and expanding. Europa Call it Europa it has been too Busy building to enjoy the luxury of contemplating anthems and slogans. It is without a Palace or a figurehead without a Banner. And yet it is probably the most historically significant reality of the 20th Century. It Calls itself today the european Community. It is a modest name. It fits it Well. It has been built on the battlefields of the modern worlds greatest wars. It has risen out of the ashes and agonies of the rivalries and Slaughters of the states that now comprise its whole. It has changed the whole base of european political equilibrium from the tenuous balance of Powers to the integration of ail these in a common country with common political and economic Aims. Its birth was not accompanied by Herald fanfares. There were no Boarts made for it then in 1957, when it came into being. The ceremonies were quiet without splendor though a King and a q.,Oen. A grand Duchess and three nation by Charltte Nichols spacial to Tho Sun a1 presidents attended and certified to its birth. Those who signed the treaty of Rome which brought their states into the new Power were the King of the belgians the Queen of the Netherlands the grand Duchess of Luxembourg and the presidents of France Italy and the Federal Republic of Germany. The treaty was not a business contract it was an Alliance in the Sta Eliest european tradition. From the beginning the growth of the Power that is Europa was swaddled in descriptive words that mean Little to the rest of the world. The Story of its development was told in an idiom that was strange to most a technical terms and new symbols devised to fit an unprecedented happening. At its Conception it was the Schumann plan then the Benelux treaty then the european Coal and steel Community then the european economic Community sometimes called the inner six. These were not phrases to excite the imagination to illuminate the vision behind a movement that could change millions of lives within a Short decade. The words a common Market suggest something of a trading arrangement a commercial Deal. They do. If you look into it deeply enough if you Are not put off by the austere and technical flavor of the phrases suggest an economic Union in the heartland of Industrial Europe. Sun Fleam that Cost of living Index has As Many Decimal Points As disappoints. It it it it it Many of the men who worked their Way through College Are now working their sons Way through. It it it it it a doctor says germs do not live Long on Coin Money. We do not live As Long on it As we once did either. It it it to it talking of brotherhood touch of financial Good makes the whole world Kin. It a it Man is the Only animal laughs. Other animals Are that silly. It it it it it while most motor cars Beha e nobly on a cold morning the few which done to get All the attention. There s a moral the a somewhere. Unification and if you follow through you realize that an economic Union must be the foundation of something much bigger than that that that must be Only the beginning. And then comes the realization that what is happening is the unification of Europe. It is called the european common Market this concept that envisages a Majestic Europa. It is a belittling and misleading Label. The United states of America is a common Market and the bloodiest War in history was fought to make it so Canada is a common Market but it did not become so without a Prodigy of Effort and political tribulations the United kingdom is a common Market and Battles were fought before it became one. Yet we do not talk today about these three nations As common markets first and nations second. To think of Western Europe today the concert arranged in the treaty of Rome to begin with it might be Well to Point out some of the thing the current Senate hearing ii of the Quot of the military is not or should not be. Concerned with. It Isnit or by concerned with the question of civilian supremacy Over the military or the right of officers to hold their own opinions or the right of enlisted men not to be forcibly indoctrinated in any ones personal or partisan views or the need to guard the National Security. All these needs rights and protections Are inherent in our form of government. It is difficult to believe that any congressional group would be preparing an assault upon them. Fact it at the hearings which opened last month under the chairmanship of senator Stennis two basically unrelated matters seem to to under consideration whether . Edwin a. Walker was unjustly treated for his troop indoctrination program and whether civilian censors have in fact a a muzzled military men by Pencil Ling out references to communism in their speeches. Gen. We Alker seems to us to represent an i n d i v i d Ual and thoroughly a typical Case of an army officer of extremist views who was disciplined not because he held his opinions but because he sought to impose them upon the men of his command. Now that he has retired from the army he is at perfect Liberty to present his views to the Public and indeed that is exactly what he is currently doing. We believe that any military Man with similar feelings should do the same and that As a common Market is not sufficient it confuses rather than illustrates the reality. The common Market aspect of Europa today is vastly important. But it is most important in the fact that it marked the beginning of a United Europe. The dramatic development of Europa As a new world Power thus differs fundamentally from the fusing of states into great nations and empires by a Unity imposed by armed Conquest or political decision. In this Case the economic foundation comes first the political Union is expected to develop from it. The unification of France and Germany Belgium Luxembourg the Netherlands and Italy into a single Community May Well rate in importance with the fusion of the German states under Bismarck with the unification of Italy. Like those events it Marks the end of a Balkan style fragmentation the end of rivalries in Commerce and prestige and military Power. Third Force integrated in the North Atlantic treaty organization for its defence intimately Allied with the Atlantic Community historically and culturally it already is emerging As a third Force in world politics that so Long has been talked about As a vague aspiration. Instead of being a clutch of Small nations pushed into the category of third and fourth class Powers by the March of history and the emergence of the new giants in Russia and Asia it has become a collective Power itself rivalling the others. Before the Structure is even half completed other nations of Europe Are seeking a place within its Complex. When it is completed probably within eight years it should encompass All the territories that today Are Vari coloured shapes on the Patchwork map of Western Europe. Its completion will change that map change the pattern and currents of world Trade change the balance of world Power. That is the Broad picture the shape of things As they Are today in a prospering vibrant and advancing Europe. Obstacles lie ahead. Some of them May slow the Progress to realization of the concept behind it but with the drive and Energy behind the movement the obstacles will have to be formidable indeed to Stop it. Next the Constitution of Europe look ifs free Christian science Monitor one Luck your that not with the color of the trading stamp swaying the flow of consumer traffic from store to store a group of manufacturers has now joined the game. Their product so in noncompetitive lines of course will include on their labels identical coupons w hich the purchaser can clip and save until she has enough for a selection of alluring and these in addition to a a gifts from the other types of Vari coloured trading Stamps with which she is filling her books. As costs Rise and the homemaker shakes her head Over How Little her Dollar buys one wonders whether r Ever occurs to her that part of it goes to buy a a gifts that she gets a a free with her Stamps and coupons. Put nyx a i to today trom Che Tipper room the Senate subcommittee will have a hard time persuading reasonable men that there was anything sinister in the army s handling of the Walker Case. The situation with regard to censoring of military menus Public addresses by state department or other civilian authorities is a Good Deal More complicated. No one would enjoin a policy of Complete silence upon military men who May in their Way have enlightening contributions to make to subjects ranging from soviet communism to american education. And yet the United states army and Navy Are not debating societies nor can officers permit themselves to be put in the position of publicly questioning or disparaging either National policies or military commands. Moreover it is conceivable that a statement which is harmless or incontrovertible in itself can be deemed undesirable at some particular time such a when important or delicate negotiations Are taking place. In All such cases surely the National interest is Paramount and can be determined Only by responsible officials with Access to a wide Range of information. The overwhelming mass of military men we believe find Little difficulty serving both their nation and their consciences within the armed forces military activism has never been a problem in this country and we doubt that it will Ever become one. We would Hope that the present hearings Are conducted in such a Way that both the United states army and United states Senate emerge from them with their responsibility and prestige enhanced. Peru act reporting Ottawa car respondent for the iranian Sun Ottawa a mental picture of the prime minister picking petals off imaginary daisies All the while reciting a april. June. October is an amusing one. We done to envy him his preoccupation. How much of this will he wont he game is John Diefenbaker s doing and How much is due to the speculation of news correspondents present company not excepted it is impossible to Tell. But starting not later than his Tiff with the Senate last Spring it has been the pm a policy to rattle the halyards at frequent intervals As if he were about to hoist the election Flag. I done to suppose this disconcert More than a very Small percentage of the population. The Ordinary Man on the Street i imagine care less. Tho people it most annoys Are those the pm enjoys keeping in a continual Flap of confusion and uncertainty his political foes. If it Only disturbed them it would scarcely be Worth pursuing this matter further this is just Good clean fun compared with the Slimmer Shearier aspects of the struggle for political Power. But the business Community the men who make the nations Economy tick also Are kept in a Tizzy. And that a where this Petal picking can do real harm. A a a companies have to plan ahead. For capital investment for production for Market development and merchandising. What a government May do and even the political complexion of the government often is of great importance to them. They want to know where the government stands and where Industry stands with the government. For example the . Dollar Exchange rate is important to any company buying or Selling abroad. Unofficially the liberals let it be known they would t be Adverse to a 90 cent Dollar. They Are critical of the governments free floating devaluation As contravening the rules of the International monetary fund to which Canada ostensibly subscribes. If the liberals win an election this year maybe companies should key their operations to the possibility of a Dollar pegged at 90 . Cents. But How can any Board room hedge on this Prospect when the liberals wont have a Chance to win the election until the pm Calls one and when the pm sits picking Daisy petals occasionally dropping one for passing reporters to see a a a what we seem to have Here ii a conflict of two great goods. One the Boon of tory government. Two the Benefit of maximum Industrial planning for production employment corporate profits and National Prosperity. It May be easy for the pm to rationalize that the former is the sine qua non but this is a dubious argument for Industry. On top of it All is the uncertainty about the budget. Companies Fine tooth the budget in their planning but the minister of finance wont even admit there will be one before election. What about taxes depreciation tariffs the ministers economic forecast his forecast of government borrowing intentions of interest rates the pm likes to talk about the a a irresponsibility of the press the liberals and the a bureaucrats. I d like to hear a few company presidents on the subject of irresponsibility. Women As women Montreal Star it might be cheaper for the american Public if it were willing to pay for what it gets instead of trying to get More than it pays for in the process paying a High Premium for fooling itself. Heavenly father teach us thy Way and thy truth for thy truth lord is our Only Armor and thy Way our Only safety. In the name of the redeemer who taught us to Pray a your father who Art in a without understanding a word of the technical gush on the women s pages males apparently have cause for some gentle rejoicing. A report from Paris says that the great Couturier who this week Are going through the elaborate ritual of their a openings a have decided to return to the natural line with curves in their proper places. This happens every few years. By some mysterious process a perhaps extra sensory perception the leaders of the fashion world whose plans have been wrapped in a Security supposedly As tight As Cape canaveral a simultaneously decide that women should look like women for a change. Of course it does no to last. At the next showings a new line will creep in the stovepipe look say or the Teepee or the Tea cosy. Over a couple of years this line will become More extreme to the Point where the women themselves begin to see the joke. Then swish Back to the natural look. And so on in an endless Cycle. There Are those who claim that All this is a matter of profound artistry. It is of course nothing of the sort. It is a matter of planned obsolescence. Each year Paris so and increasingly Rome so i a t e s t decree about the feminine Silhouette Are rushed across the Atlantic and soon appear in slightly modified form to fit the Ordinary housewife rather than the emaciated Paris mannequin in tile stores of North America. Whereupon every wardrobe is outdated and must be replaced. Nor is this Small business. Exports of fashions earn France More than exports of automobiles. And All this enormous expenditure this year just to demonstrate that women Are the shape of women. Ridiculous situation parm re advocate . Department of agriculture reports that about $2 of every $20 spent for groceries goes for the packaging. Sometimes the package costs As much As the food itself. These figures Call for some serious thinking. We seem to be reaching a ridiculous situation. People once thought tha Entine a Day was for the according to world Book Clouedia it was believed Birds chose their mat february 14

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