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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 4

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Brandon, Manitoba A in Stanton son no Man ii an Island entire of itself every Man to a piece of the continent a part of the main. Never Send to know for whom the Heil tolls it tolls for thee a Donne. Brandon Man., monday december 20, 1965 Brandon College Independence is a necessity the authoritative voices of the students general faculty and faculty association have been added to earlier demands for University status for Brandon College. One year ago the Brandon College Board of directors approved the idea of University status. Last april University status was endorsed at the annual meeting of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce. Support is general both within and outside the College. The Manitoba government must be aware of this by now. University status for Brandon College not Only has support. It has inherent Merit As Well. Both the negative aspects of association with the University of Manitoba and the positive Appeal of improved service As an Independent University were persuasively presented in the resolutions of the student association the faculty association and the general faculty. One of the most compelling experimentation Means the Freedom of faculty members to teach their courses As they think Best. This is now not possible. Courses Are in most cases set at the fort Garry Campus. And final Examina actions Are marked there. Where exceptions to this result it is primarily because an individual faculty member has been extremely vigorous in demanding and obtaining from the University the right to teach his own course his own Way this has several unfortunate consequences for Brandon College. The staff is deprived of academic Freedom in the sense of having to teach University designed courses. In addition the individual University teacher is not Given the final decision in the determination of final Marks for the students. The University As a a a some of these complaints it must be admitted could be just As easily made by some of the colleges in Winnipeg which share affiliation to the University of Manitoba. But for Brandon there is the additional Factor of distance. The College spends about $20,000 per year on transportation expenses to and from Winnipeg of staff members who must make the trip Many times each year to attend committee meetings and other functions held at the fort Garry Campus. Distance also makes it extremely difficult for useful discussions to be held Between reasons for University status is simply the need to get out from under the control of the University of Manitoba. The disadvantages of the Peculiar relationship which presently exists Between the College and the University were most strongly put Forward in the Resolution of the Brandon College faculty association. The present status of Brandon College according to the faculty association a gravely limits its possibilities of expansion and of desirable expansion Means two things it Means the Freedom to plan the nature and directions of growth which is not now possible under Brandon colleges affiliated status and it Means the ability to raise funds with which to support that growth which is presently lacking primarily because funds from National sources Are channelled into the University rather than to the specific colleges which comprise it. Whole is seriously handicapped in the recruitment of staff because it cannot offer potential teachers the rights and privileges they would enjoy at other universities. And the students suffer too. They Are taught courses set in Winnipeg for which the Brandon teacher May have Complete Lack of enthusiasm. They Are forced to write examinations which Are drawn up with incomplete attention to the specific courses of study in Brandon. The students can be forgiven if they look upon some of their courses As correspondence courses taught in Brandon but drawn up and marked in Winnipeg. It is factors such As these which have led to the faculty association to term the present system a a oppressive a an unusually Strong word for a Resolution sent to the Premier of the province. College staff and University staff. Consultation and advice where they Are wanted Are not easily obtained. The distance Factor has another aspect to it. Brandon College is located in a Region southwestern Manitoba which has needs in higher education which differ to a significant degree from the Region served by the University of Manitoba. An expanded teacher training course and the expansion of adult education programs Are just two of the services an Independent University at Brandon could provide for southwestern Manitoba. A removal of the present obstacles to greater service and intellectual attainment is just one Side of the advantage Independent University status would bring to Brandon growth would be More easily financed. Staff would be More easily recruited. A greater variety of courses could be taught and a greater flexibility both in formal curriculum and in teaching methods would be possible. A More effective working relationship Between teacher and student would result. The particular needs of the student at Brandon could be More easily met with the final decision making Power in Brandon. The Roblin government has now been made aware of the wishes of the student body faculty and Board of directors of Brandon College. The government should also be aware that the City of Brandon stands behind the College As do the residents of the Brandon area. Action is necessary and in the coming session of the legislature. While Premier Roblin May be tempted to Reserve the question of University status for Brandon until it will do him the most political Good for example As an election Promise he would Benefit More by acting immediately upon the legitimate demands of Brandon College. He can do this by introducing in the Manitoba legislature in the coming session an act giving Brandon College Independent status and a University charter. <5mkt. Sruv a tip a matter of fact Hanoi or poverty a Choice of enemies Washington president Johnson is in a bind on the budget the bind has reportedly made him exceedingly edgy consequently the whole City of Washington is suffering at the moment from extreme reflected edginess. In order to get a clearer notion of the problem the Best place to begin curiously enough. Is the one place where the shoe has rather abruptly ceased to Pinch. Unemployment has already dropped sharply and the Wisest forecasters ate beginning to talk about a further drop to the three per cent unemployment rate attained during the korean wartime period of fairly uncomfortable economic super heating. Thus the big. Job creating programs on the poverty great society front that were on the verge of presentation Only a month or so ago do not need to be thought about any longer. And they were very big programs. To dry up poverty pockets in fact the office of economic Opportunity had a plan for Job creation that would eventually have taken 750,000 persons off the unemployment Rolls at an by Joseph Alsop average Cost of $5,000 per person. Or about $3,750,000,000 for the programs duration which would have gone Well beyond one year naturally. If unemployment is to drop to three per cent of course such a program would make problems not solve problems. But the reason the forecasters think unemployment May drop to three per cent is also the reason the president is now in a bind. Briefly military spending must undoubtedly increase by a Large total�?$10,000,000,000 is a Good perhaps minimum guess. Irreversible spending commitments under the great Johnson education act will add about $1, 000.000,000 More to the new budget. Other great society commitments unless abandoned can be counted on to add a further $1,500,000,000. Plus or minus. Private Industrial investment in new Plant and equipment is up a whacking 15 per cent or about $3,500,000,000. And there is nothing to counter All this except an increase of about $2,500,000,000 in the annual social Security withdrawal from the Economy. Strictly personal outrunning the dictionary by Sydney j. Harris one of the most fascinating studies i know is the Way in which words change their meanings not merely Over the centuries but sometimes within a generation or two. Dictionaries can scarcely keep up with such rapid shifts in meaning. One of the most common and obvious is the word until Modem times it meant a a now or a a immediately or a at today however when someone says. A Titi be along presently a he Means a a soon or a before Long or a in a Little the old meaning is gone. The same has happened of course with hundreds of words. During the Middle English period. The word a a want meant a a dark somehow the whole meaning became reversed into a Pale a and the older sense has disappeared without a Trace. A modern example of another word turning into its opposite is a livid a which should describe a bluish Leaden color but most people use it to describe a red or purplish color. A Man who a turns livid with rage should get paler but we use it today to describe a face inflamed with anger. Possibly As Theodore Bernstein suggests this is by a confused association with Quot vivid or a a buxom has had a career that should interest psychologists As Well As linguists. It originally meant and had no connotation of a a plump or the British Bride of Early times promised to be a buxom and Bonny to her husband which meant she would be obedient and pleasant. Since Skinny women were thought to be intractable and anxious the word gradually came to men a pleasingly some words narrow their meaning Over the years others extend them. The most flagrant Extension in our time is perhaps a Alibi a which was originally a plea that the accused was somewhere else when the crime was committed. Today a a Alibi Means a reason or excuse of any kind and not just one having to do with place. Recall Lardner so Alibi one word that has been narrowed with on the whole regrettable results is this once meant a to train and control a and comes from the word now it is almost wholly used in the sense of a to and one special Way of disciplining has been turned into the whole meaning of the word. In the 20th Century a a religion has moved out of the churches and into the world. We now speak of a the religion of or a the religion of Money a to describe an overriding system of beliefs whether such beliefs Are theological or not. And possibly we Are right in doing so. Sun gleams people who live in Glass houses should always carry plate Glass insurance. A amp it it May be foolish to run in the heat but no one Ever told the butter about it. O to it n let o at least a horse Wasny to worn out by the time we got it paid for. It it it to it and you notice the feminine touch most on pay Days. <5 q. O. P there is no fool like an old fool they say. But a can to help being old. No wonder then that Quot inflation is the word they mutter nowadays with bated breaths in policymaking circles. A desire to prevent Quot inflation psychology a in fact dictated the misleading manner of the recent announcement of b-52 and b-58 superannuation and new defence department base closings. If you look at the Fine print you discover that this sensible program will get rid of very few planes and bases and save very Little Money this year. The fact that most of the superannuated planes will be replaced by a bomber version of the f-111 was also elaborately played Down. No doubt by president Johnson s personal direction for he is a great old stage manager All this stage managing was meant to convey the impression of ruthless almost bloody minded Economy. The reality behind the impression is the threat of a projected budget deficit As great As or even greater than the famous record deficit of $12,400,000,000 achieved by president Eisenhower in 1059. And no amount of stage managing will prevent a deficit of these dimensions from being hotly perhaps fatally inflationary. Since the Money must be found to pay for the vietnamese War. That leaves the president with the painful Choice already underlined in this space. Either he can take the Road hinted at the other Day by the Brilliant Liberal economist Paul Samuelson when he said to the Secretary of the Treasury. A you know Joe fiscal flexibility has to work both either in other words the president can raise taxes or he can get the budget deficit under control by abandoning one might almost say Disho Noring his great society commitments. For the Promise to go Forward to do More rather than less is very Clear indeed and this Promise is inherent in just about every great society program from head Start to Vista. One does not want to be emotional about this Choice that will almost certainly Nave to be made. The frightful inflammation revealed for instance by the report of the commission studying the Watts riots will be immensely reduced by the expected drop in the unemployment rate. Jobs More jobs and still More jobs Are the Best poultice for this kind of social ulcer. Therefore whereas cutting Back on great society spending would have been acutely dangerous with different Job projections it cannot be railed acutely dangerous now or at any Tate it will not be dangerous if the Hopes and expects Lions aroused by such projects As Vista and head Start and the neighbourhood youth corps and by the education aet Are not rudely disappointed. But in order to avoid this kind of rude disappointment Overly severe cuts in current spending rates have to be ruled out. Furthermore the rates have been rising fast. The poverty program for instance with an Over All appropriation of $1,500,-000,000, will reach a spending rate of $2,000,000,000 per unum this month. A of which brings one Back to the tax alternative that is More and More Discua Al assignment Ottawa with Lubor j. Zink squeezing to Chi Minh of peking Moscow cant afford to be less determined in backing a a liberation War than peking appears to be and Washington cannot but respond to Hanoi a escalation of aggression by sending in More american troops this is the pattern the War has followed from the time Hanoi s sudden increase in personnel and arms infiltration forced Washington to Start enlarging the group of . Military a advisors a which at the end of the Eisenhower administration numbered 700. Since then North Viet names rapidly mounting pressure forced the . To abandon the purely advisory role and to commit up to 170,000 american troops to the conflict. Throughout this buildup on both sides the . Always had the option to end the War by a crushing blow against the base and Sanctuary of the aggression. It refrained from doing so and deliberately limited itself to merely denying the communists military Victory with the Hope that such restraint would leave the door open to negotiations that would preserve an Independent South vietnamese state and prevent a clash with China. Unfortunately peking seems to have interpreted this measure for a Long time hesitant and until recently belated american response to the North Viet Nam aggression As a sign of the a paper tigers a weakness. Even now apparently encouraged by the various a a peace demonstrations. It appears convinced that commitment of additional North vietnamese troops to Battle would break the . Resolve not to let the a liberation War stratagem succeed. President Johnson has made it amply Clear that in h e i p in g South Viet Nam to stay outside the orbit of communist control America will not be Defeated. As Long As peking chooses to regard this pledge As a Bluff and manages to keep Hanoi and Moscow away from the negotiation table the War will grow in relation to the mounting extent of North Viet names aggression. The crucial stage in the conflict will come when either Hanoi fearing Complete destruction of its armed forces Calls for chinese troops or Washington finding the . Casualties too heavy succumbs to the temptation to go beyond denying the communists Victory. Before this crisis is reached and no one can Tell How close at hand it May be no Stone must be left unturned in the seemingly futile Effort to make peking realize that the a paper Tiger Quot will not flinch from direct confrontation with China Over Viet Nam if All endeavours to avoid it fail. It May be that a troubled to Chi Minh. When he gets really scared could eventually have some effect where British and All other diplomacy is getting nowhere. Ottawa a while British prime minister Wilson though repeatedly rebuffed by Moscow is making yet another attempt to r e v i v e the 1954 Geneva conference on Southeast Asia Hanoi and Washington Are p o n d e ring their next military moves in1 vie Nam. Zink the initiative As has been the Case from the Start of North Viet names attempt to impose its will on the Southern part of the divided country rests with Hanoi. Despite mounting american casualties Washington shows no signs of seriously contemplating any Steps beyond a carefully measured response to Hanoi a intensification of the conflict. Having run out of a volunteers a North Viet Nam has already committed to Battle the Best part of three of the la divisions of its regular army. This move was apparently made with the expectation that the ., like France before it. Would find the War in Viet Nam too costly and abandon the Effort to hold the line in Southeast Asia. In this context the recent flurry of demonstrations condemning the . Stand in Viet Nam. And the Kremlin a stepped up political pressure on Washington and London look very much like a coordinated Moscow Hanoi military and psychological warfare manoeuvre. Since president Johnson refuses to be intimated and has already pledged More american troops to help South Viet Nam Hanoi now faces a crucial decision. It knows that unless or. Johnson is bluffing the whole North Viet Nam army estimated at 250,000 men is no match for what the . Can without resorting to nuclear weapons throw against it. This virtual certainty of gradual destruction of its armed forces leaves North Viet Nam no room for manoeuvre Between two courses of action it has been trying to avoid. One is peace negotiations without preconditions the other is China a direct involvement in the War. The first alternative would discredit the so called War of liberation As an infallible method of communist expansion the second would end Hanoi s tenuous claim of Independence from peking. One can Only speculate but i think its fair to assume that it was this dilemma which sent North Viet names dictator to Chi Minh to peking last week. And it is pretty Safe to assume that red China a Bosses who still regard the . As a a paper have vetoed any thoughts of a negotiated settlement that might have crossed to Chi minho a mind. If so the War is bound to grow in scope and intensity for Hanoi cannot risk open Defiance letter to the editor sir Brandon has been my place of birth and work for the past 40 Odd years. I therefore take a very deep interest in this Beautiful City and its Many Good people. Nothing would please me More than to see Progress hit this area and have Brandon stand shoulder to shoulder with other cities of Manitoba and Canada. Some of our City fathers seem to be worried about protecting the labor Force of this locality. It is most encouraging for this is the basis of Progress and Prosperity for any town City province or country. In my opinion the first Steps to be taken should be the upgrading of wages and working conditions until they Are matched with a a a zone which is Winnipeg. I am positive that vast numbers share this opinion with me As one Only has to go Back to the meetings with the department of labor this past Spring when they tried to classify Brandon a Rural area. I take my hat off to the Sim plot construction people for leading the Way in fair wages in the Brandon area and it is hoped that others will follow. At the present time we desperately search for qualified tradesmen and it will get worse unless something is done now. Brandon in the past has produced excellent tradesmen but to our disadvantage Low wages and poor working conditions forced them to take their knowledge and skills to other parts of Canada and ., where they enjoy Greener pastures. We have an excellent vocational school in our City which offers Many Trade courses but most of the students Are from outside our boundaries the reason for this being that Low Trade wages offer no incentive for trades training. In the past our City has been tagged As a retarded area a Battle ground for wages a Hobo Jungle the disorganized City a retired Farmers town Etc. A recent National Survey of 65 cities places Brandon 62nd in wages. I suggest the time to rectify this situation is now. A Point of interest Federal government employees Are paid by a prevailing rate Standard this Means that if wages Are raised in Brandon then a great number of workers at Shilo Rivers and other areas would share the same benefits which would mean thousands of extra dollars for Brandon from Ottawa. This is Worth some deep consideration As every body would gain Here. I now suggest we All think positively and accept the hands of Prosperity and Progress by encouraging fair wages and working conditions for everybody. I thank you for the space afforded to me in this paper which i have enjoyed for As Long As i can remember. J c. Walczak Shilo Man. Hic Brandon Sun an Independent newspaper serving Western Manitoba since 1882 published daily except sunday and holidays by the Sun publishing company limited. 50l Rosser ave., Brandon of the Canadian press audit Bureau of circulation the Canadian daily newspaper publishers association. American newspaper pushers Asse elation and International press Institute. Authorized As second class a Jbv the Post office department Ottawa and for payment of postage in Cash. Lewis d. Whitehead president and publisher Charles w. Gordon editorial James e. Reid. Managing editor Charles d. Macfarlane a editor

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