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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 2

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Brandon, Manitoba W 1965 Christmas United commercial travellers roller skating rink wednesday dec. 22 time 8 30 . Adm. $1 extra cards 50c blackout $300.00 to go 2 More blackout numbers called on same game each Worth $100.00. 14 games each game turkeys for draw prizes plus fun amp More prizes the Brandon Sun monday act Moor n. Ims artificial Trees Are gaining on real Evergreen by John Lablanc Canadian Pratt staff writer technology is gaining on one of the age old symbols of the Holiday season the Christmas tree. Though the natural tree business is by no Means dying or even ailing its artificial competitor is starting to Elbow its Way into Canadian living rooms in significant numbers. One major manufacturer estimates one of five Trees in Canadian Homes this year will be of plastic. With some of the new ones he claims the kids will scarcely be Able to Tell them from the real thing. And this year for the first time they can even be made to smell genuine with squirt cans of Pine scent. But the tree growers Are not crying despite a gradual downward trend that set in about eight years ago. A Cross Canada Survey by the Canadian press shows that sales notably in the Export Market Are holding up Well almost everywhere by comparison with last year. Some sold out in some areas demand is outstripping Supply. Many Large Ontario growers were sold out Long ago and disappointed United states buyers already have been putting in orders for next year. Graded Trees from new Brunswick a big exporter have been sold out since september Only in Manitoba where the output is relatively Small anyway is a drop from last year being predicted. The demand was All right but Snow hit the Woods before the ground froze in the swampy Southeast tree area and cutters had to Wade in water up to their Knees. The Only All Canada figures available Are those for exports and these last year amounted to slightly Over 8,000,000 Trees Worth $5,822,000, according to Federal government officials. Individual forecasts made around the country to the up Survey say this year should be right up with these figures. Christmas Trees in Brandon Are sailing a like hot cakes Quot with Many varieties offered to the Public. The most popular and equally most often in Short Supply seems to be the scotch Pine. Dealers in Brandon have Boon offering scotch pin Trees from British Columbia and Ontario nurseries As Well As some Manitoba grown spec i from grocery store front Yards to lots reserved for tree sales Many locations Are today filled with steadily dwindling supplies of the Yule Centrepiece. One dealer has even combined Trees with Snow mobiles offering a ride around the Christmas tree lot to visitors and prospective buyers. Artificial Trees made generally of plastic although Many of Metal construction Are also making themselves known Are just starting to make inroads. Brandon stores advise that the number of artificial Trees sold this year so far is greater than the turn Over a year ago. But As a lot of the Man made Trees have been ordered by mail order no count of the numbers arriving in Brandon has been possible. The Choice Between the artificial Trees and the Quot real things Trees has been dictated it would appear by the amount of room available for use by a tree the convenience of artificial As compared with the a feeling Quot of a live tree or by personal preference. However there has been a modest but steady fall off in recent years and Federal authorities attribute it to three factors. These Are the increasing inroads of artificial Trees expansion of the Christmas tree Plantation Industry in the . Which takes 91 per cent of Canadas exports and More rigid Quality control of exports which holds Down the numbers shipped. Lloyd Hawboldt Extension director for the Nova Scotia lands and forests department admits that the artificial tree is a Factor but says the emphasis on Quality control is the major reason for any decrease he says a less junk Quot now is being shipped out than in the past. Actually this year the Export of Trees from Nova Scotia traditionally the largest shipper i is expected to Rise by about 90, too to 2.880,000 Worth $2,000,000 most of these go to the new i England states but some travel As far As Europe the other big maritime shipper a new Brunswick with i 1,286,000 Trees exported last year a reported had weather slowed cutting hut. Given a break the business was expected to do As Well Ai in 1964 launch research in new Brunswick the Federal forestry department has begun a research project aimed at Bustier and better shaped Balsam fir. Results will be assessed next fall. The prospects were not fully Clear for another major producer a British columbian whose total output dropped last year to 2.030,000 Trees Worth $1,315,000 from 2,139,000 Worth $1,642,000 in 1963. Quot it will be hard to Tell if business will be up or Down this said a spokesman for the . Forest service. He said last years decline did not represent a trends a a the orders just did no to come Quebec which accounted for one a Quarter of Canadian exports last Christmas figures to ship about the same number this year. In Ontario or. William Bres in managing director of the Christmas tree growers association of that province said that Quot generally Export figures Are up and there is a great demand for Canadian scotch Pine much greater than last he said . Buyers were trying vainly to get Trees in Quantity up into december. Prices were hitting a High of $7.50 in Toronto though the Ontario average was running Between $3.50 and $5. Denies inroads while the tree growers and the artificial free manufacturers Are in a stiff Battle in Ontario or. Breslin denied the factory product was making major inroads and said a they Haven to been he said the fact that manufacturers had turned to making imitation scotch Pine it which they claim is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing Only proves they have failed with other decorative Trees. But in Alberta the provincial lands and forests department said the rising popularity of artificial Trees is largely responsible for a steady decline there in demand for natural Trees in Alberta and on the tree scarce Prairies generally though a tradition of families cutting their own Yule tree persists. All three provinces have special arrangements for this. In Alberta cutting May be done at 25 cents a tree from three areas designated by the government. Most of the cutting in Northern Saskatchewan will be done for individual use. In Southern Manitoba a Forest area on the trans la Anada Highway less than 50 Miles East of Winnipeg is made available at 25 cents a customer Complete with picnic tables and Between 3,000 and 5,000 families engage in expeditions each year. I a of of of of of a a of i i of of of potted mums 15 la 25 blooms per Plant these Flowers will last and last special per pot. Cash Ano carry 25c extra for delivery in Brandon the gift of a pet is much appreciated by Ivory member of Tho family. Come in end look Over our selection. Be sche to buy your pet a present it have some real Good suggestions Lindenberg Garden Centre opposite the City hell new phone a $-2398 in the past year .s.r. Worked to improve consumer goods by John Best Moscow up a a new Kremlin leadership sought to make a Start in 1965 at improving the Quality and output of things like buttons and bread flour. The same work a Day preoccupations seem Likely to absorb the successors of Nikita Khrushchev in 1966 As the soviet Union edges tortuous by but unmistakably toward some kind of consumer Economy. Foreign relations will continue to be dominated by the fierce soviet chinese dispute and the divisions that it has fostered in the communist world. In various ways Russia is Likely to go on trying to isolate China from the mainstream of International communism. At the same time it will probably step up its behind the scenes attempts to help bring about a settlement of the Viet Nam War a policy which peking adamantly and vociferously opposes. Since at least 1957, when the first sputnik went aloft Russia has presented the ludicrous spectacle of a country that can Blaze trails into space but can t produce a Good Button for the general consumer Market. Protests increase the same applies to a whole Range of commodities from electrical appliances to fruit and vegetables impossible to buy except in season. As for flour it is sold publicly Only once or twice a year on festive occasions and in strictly rationed quantities. Rank and file soviet citizens have grown increasingly assertive a in a discreet Way a in their demands for More of the Good things of Lite two events during 1965 signified the determination of the men who took Over from Khrushchev late in 1964 to come to grips with Russia s towering economic problem. One was a speech by communist party first Secretary Leonid Brezhnev the other a speech by Premier Alexei Kosygin. Brezhnev at a March meeting of the party scentral com Mittee announced a whopping invest in e n t of 71.out too too rubles in agriculture during the next five years. At russians official Exchange rate that amounts to 85,000.000,000 Canadian dollars. A Large part of the allocated amount will go into farm mechanization and production of More and better fertilizers the Brezhnev plan also offered a wide Range of incentives to Farmers to produce More. As if to underline the chronic malaise of russians farm sector and the need for drastic measures to Deal with it Russia suffered another bad wheat Harvest in 1965. This forced it to buy huge quantities of wheat on the world market�?$450,,- Worth from Canada alone. Disease hits cattle towards the end of the year foot and Mouth disease broke out among soviet cattle herds Only just recovered from the disastrous Harvest of 1963 when thousands of animals were i slaughtered because of Lack of fodder. The disease spread rapidly Over a wide area and indications were that another agrarian calamity might be in the making. Of profound significance was Kosygin a speech to a september meeting of the Central committee outlining a revolutionary new plan for making Industry More responsive to 1 consumer demand and widening the Powers of individual Plant managers. Some of the stifling controls hitherto exercised on factory directors from above would be lifted and ability to make profits would become the chief yardstick of efficiency. Among other things this was expected to raise the general Quality of goods produced. Outside observers were in i pressed by the business like Way in which the new program was presented and by Kosy gins willingness to discuss economic problems in economic terms free of ideological distraction. Take Stock in foreign affairs 1965 was a year of stocktaking and re evaluation. The quarrel with peking resumed the bitter course it had taken before Khrushchev a overthrow becoming Ever More irreconcilable. But on the whole the Kremlin s position appeared to have been strengthened by its policy of quietly cultivating support of other National communist parties for such policies As peaceful coexistence and. Improved Domestic living standards. Some observers even dared to believe that Moscow had succeeded in re establishing a measure of influence in communist North Viet Nam. Which Khrushchev had allowed to fall by default to chinese influence. There is every evidence that the russians have been probing diplomatically for ways to help bring about an end to the War in Viet Nam. And they would appear to be in a fairly Good position to press the matter with Hanoi having helped North Viet Nam defend itself against . Air raids by supplying anti aircraft equipment that has brought Down a number of attacking planes. Missing chapter reveals thoughts the Jolly season the Brandon Post office like most Post offices throughout the continent. Is experiencing a heavy onslaught of the yuletide mail. Pictured above from the left Are mrs. R. M. F. Smith mrs. J. D. Wiley and mrs. A. T. Osborne engaged at one of the sorting tables. Post office officials said that about 90 casual helpers have been hired to Cope with the heavy overload common at this time of Vear. Mayfield pm have joint Centennial plan a Maryfield sask. It special a the Village of Maryfield and pm 91 will jointly finance a Centennial project under the provincial Federal Grants program it was decided recently at Maryfield Council meeting. Under the scheme the offices of pm 91. The Maryfield municipal offices and a lending Library will be housed in one building to Mark the 100th anniversary of Canadian confederation. Estimated Cost of the building is $17,000 new York Iafe a Winston Churchill wrote six months before the outbreak of the second world War that the world could still a Welcome and Aid a genuine Hitler of peace and toleration a it was disclosed saturday. The statement is in the final chapter of a proof copy of Churchill s Book step by step published minus that chapter in june 1939. The chapter had been written in March six months before Hitler invaded Poland setting off the War. The proof copy is part of a collection of Churchill a writings presented to Columbia University by Daniel Long Wal of Noe Sho mo., formerly an editor of life and time magazines and an executive of Doubleday and co. He said tile proof copy had been mislaid and was Only recently found. Prof Samuel Hurwitz of Brooklyn College a Churchill scholar said the unpublished chapter seems to extend the time when Churchill thought Hitler could be appeased. Churchill maintained in his later Book. The second world War that he Felt Long before the War that there was no Way to appease Hitler. Longwell a Churchill scholar As Well As collector said he once wrote Churchill asking Why the chapter was omitted from the published Book. He said Churchill replied his Standard response that he remember. Long Eli said he thinks the chapter expressed a common conservative party opinion that England should stay out of the War and let Hiler and Stalin i Battle it out. But by the time the Book was published it had become Clear that Hitler was a mortal threat to England. Longwell said. The chapter also suggested that Hitler might make the same mistake As Napoleon by invading Russia which he did on june 22, 1941. Churchill wrote of Hitler a will he draw upon himself the same resentments and deep flowing tides of mass antagonism As brought the great Genius of the 19th Century it Napoleon to failure and to sorrow or will some Flash of inspiration Light for him the future and reveal the Shadow of the past a Churchill also suggested that Hitler might have Hurt himself by intervening in the Spanish civil War. Even though it looked at the time that Germany had netted a nothing but Quot yet it May be that in the end their trampling Down of the Spanish Republic will be found to have ranged against the nazi regime a feeling among the wage earning classes in every country riot excluding Germany which will be a heavy Load for any autocratic government a he wrote. Dunkin amp Pettit optometrists 36 a 9th Street for appointment phone a 64454 we want to very a sincere Quot thank you Quot to All our great friends and wish them All the laughter fun and Good cheer of this Happy Holiday season management and staff Saan stores Ltd. 7 17 Rosser Brandon mrs. M. E. Wheeler 1828 College Avenue receives her Safeway spell Quot Cash Quot Cheque for $100.00 from John Kazmerick 18th Street store manager

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