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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 1

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Brandon, Manitoba 84th year no. 281 Brandon Man., monday december 20, 1965 6 pages City edition emergency Calls fire. A 9-2444 police. A 6-7466 ramp. A 6-3555 Gen Hospital. A 6-7421 ambulance. A 9-2444 civil defence. A 9-2411 . Caught in Middle dispute rages Over Viet Nam talks Washington a the Johnson administration found itself caught up today in a Stormy dispute Over its publication of correspondence reporting and probing a conditional peace offer from North Viet Nam. Publication came after the St. Louis Post dispatch reported Friday a new peace offer from Hanoi had been rejected by the United states. The state department said the United states had in fact requested clarification of the offer. Saturday Hanoi denied any France returns Leader Paris up a president Charles de Gaulle 75. Was Given another seven years sunday to guide the affairs of France. With decades of military and political life behind him the wartime free French Leader received a mandate from the voters to exercise until 1972, if he wants to the enormous Powers of the French presidency. Re elected on the second ballot de Gaulle can turn his attention now to the common Market relations with Western Europe the United states China and the soviet bloc Frances defensive alliances and a backlog of Domestic needs. De Gaulle got roughly 55 per cent of the valid votes cast sunday a Good bit Short of the a Frank and massive support he originally demanded. Francois Mitter id 19, Candida of lie United left and his sole opponent on the second ballot got 45 per cent. The turnout was nearly 85 per cent of the eligible voters almost equalling the record number who voted in the first ballot two weeks earlier. With Only a few overseas posts still to report election officials said More than 24,000,000 of the 28,558,709 eligible voters went to the polls. Some 12,868.601 supported de Gaulle and 10,586,150 Mitterrand. There were nearly 700,000 spoiled ballots. On the first vote dec. 5, with an absolute majority needed for election de Gaulle got less than 45 per cent of the vote while Mitterrand Drew 32 per cent. Four other candidates who split the rest and were eliminated directed their supporters to oppose de Gaulle but Only about half obeyed. Support from the communist party made Mitterando a candidacy suspect to Many voters who had opposed de Gaulle in the first round. Elections for the National Assembly Are scheduled for 1967. At present the gaullist and their allies command an absolute majority. Peace feeler had been sent. But or. Giorgio la Pira former mayor of Florence who was one of the principal intermediaries in the affair insisted the offer had been made la Pira met president to Chi Minh of North Viet Nam in Hanoi nov. La and passed on the vietnamese views to italian foreign minister Amintore fan Fani the United nations general Assembly president. Fan Fani reported la Piras message in a letter to president Johnson nov. To la Piras colleague at the Hanoi talks prof. Mario Primicerio accused state Secretary Dean Rusk of sabotaging the bid a by disclosing in Advance what had been later Primicerio denied having said this but the journalist who interviewed him said the quote was Correct. State department officials called Primicerio a charge outrageous. Arthur Goldberg . Ambassador to the United nations said sunday on abcs issues and answers the administration would have a preferred to carry on this discussion in privacy but was faced with a a crisis of confidences with the Public Over the credibility of its peace policy. North Viet Nam itself denounced the whole thing saturday As a hoax a charge echoed sunday by the chinese. Diplomatic authorities said privately the Hanoi government might have considered its denial necessary to preserve its position with China which is regarded Here As vehemently opposed to peace in Viet Nam. But officials said it was equally possible North Viet names leaders Arentt ready to negotiate yet on any terms other than their own. When the sequence of events became Public . Officials went to great efforts to emphasize that the apparent peace feeler had not been rejected As reported by the Post dispatch. But the next Day the Post dispatch quoted a Well placed diplomats at the United nations As saying . Bombing last wednesday of an electrical Power Plant near the North vietnamese port of Haiphong constituted a Clear answer to the peace offer and this was realized by Johnson. There were these other weekend developments a Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield returned from a fact finding trip dealing mainly with Viet Nam and said a the longer a solution is delayed the More extended the destructiveness of the conflict will become and the More difficult the restoration of. a Pope Paul appealed to a responsible leaders to heed at the least a Viet Cong proposal for a 12-hour Christmas eve ceasefire in Viet Nam. A Goldberg commenting on the Popes Appeal said the United states seeks peace a not Only for Christmas but for All As for the Viet Cong proposal Goldberg said a your local commanders have been authorized to work that out provided it can be done without themselves being fired Oil Airlift starts As africans Call for Summit meet Lusaka Cap a Britain began an Oil Airlift to Zambia sunday As leaders of Kenya Ethiopia and Uganda called for another african Summit conference to agree on action against Rhodesia. I but Zambia which imports most of its Coal and Coke from Rhodesia had to Start paying about six times More today for the fuel because of a new rhodesian imposed tax. Zambia also began rationing gasoline today. The Airlift began with the Landing of an Raf Britannia bringing 2,370 Gallons of diesel fuel from dares Salaam in neighbouring Tanzania. Canada studies zambian request triumphant smiles bearded astronauts James Lovell left and Frank Borman Are All smiles As they stand on the deck of the aircraft Carrier Wasp in the Atlantic being brought to the ship by helicopter after being plucked from their record making spaceship gemini 7 which splashed Down saturday after completing 14 Days in space and logging enough Miles for to round trips to the Moon. Space twins off for tests quakes hit Athens apr two earthquakes jolted Northern Greece today causing panic in several towns and villages. No damage or casualties was reported. Cape Kennedy Fla. A astronauts Frank Borman and James a. Lovell jr., who sailed far enough during their two weeks in space to make to round trips to the Moon begin three Days of medical checks stores Are open late this week Brandon business establishments will be open tuesday wednesday and thursday of this week from 9 . To 9 . To give people an Opportunity to Complete their Christmas shopping. On Friday Christmas even stores will close at the regular 6 . And remain closed until tuesday at 9 . Normal store hours will be observed in the week Between Christmas and new years. Here today to help determine what physical Rigours space travel has on Man. People who talked with the astronauts said their main complaint about the flight was the confinement a they stretch out. They also asserted they dreamed a lot during the Mission sources said. Food some of it dehydrated a got tedious and somewhat objectionable toward the end of the flight the sources noted. Air Force . Borman and Navy cmdr. Lovell As Well As gemini 6 astronauts Walter m. Schirra or. And Thomas p. Stafford All remarked How easy it was to see through each others spacecraft windows while they were rendezvous ing High above the Earth wednesday. Schirra and Stafford indicated that rendezvous was easier than they thought. They co piloted two Small planes thursday from the prime recovery ship the aircraft Carrier Wasp to Bermuda. On the Way sources said they tried to Fly their two aircraft in formation and noted it was much easier to Pilot two gemini spacecraft in formation even though the spaceships were speeding at 17,500 Miles an hour. Navy capt. Schirra and air Force maj. Stafford flew to Houston sunday afternoon after a Brief reunion with Borman and Lovell. Borman and Schirra had a Well publicized bet Over which spacecraft would land closest to its target the Wasp. Officials said Schirra acknowledged that Borman got slightly closer but blamed it on an instrument in the gemini 6 capsule which was slightly off. Astronaut Donald k. Slayton director of the gemini 7 Crew said the bet was called off. London gangs get big hauls in the news this afternoon unemployment Down but unrest mounts declining unemployment and mounting Union unrest dominated the Canadian labor scene in 1965. Both situations Are expected to have dramatic results in 1966. See Page 16. . Space Success captures headlines United slates spaceships gemini 6 and 7 flew around the Earth As a team for More than five hours last week executing manoeuvres that brought them within six feet of each other. See week in review Page 13. Artificial Christmas Trees gain ground though the natural tree business is by no Means dying or even ailing its artificial competitor is starting to Elbow its Way into Canadian living rooms. See Page 2. Editorials. Page 4 also sports. Pages 6 and 7 in women Spages to and la the features. Page 12 Sun classified ads. Page 14 today obituaries. Page 15 police probe two Breaks Brandon City police Are investigating two weekend break ins that netted thieves nearly $500 in Cash and two adding machines. Thieves entered the North american lumber co., 117 fourteenth Street through a boarded window broke into a Safe removed $491 in Cash and an adding machine. The Safe was cracked by hopping a Hole in the Back and peeling the material off until Access was gained. Det. Frank Britton said the theft did not appear to be the work of amateurs. Police had not established the exact time of the break in As the premises were vacant for a Large portion of the weekend. The theft was discovered this morning. Late Friday night or Early saturday thieves forced their Way into the Crane plumbing supplies 1204 eighteenth Street and made off with an adding machine. Police Are investigating both thefts. Londo apr highly organized gangs Are winning a hit and run War with police in Britain a big cities. In London alone and within six weeks criminals have netted a $3,500,000 total haul in audacious carefully planned raids. Underworld informants say that in at least one raid there was a link with the $7,000,000 great train robbery of August 1963. Pioneer i streaks on Mountain View Calif. Up a Pioneer i the solar re s e a r c h spacecraft launched thursday from Cape Kennedy was reported streaking toward the Sun at 63,387 Miles an hour today. The 140-Pound spacecraft was returning data on solar particles and magnetism said a spokesman for the National aeronautics and space administrations Ames research Centre. A report late sunday night placed the spacecraft More than .503,000 Miles from Earth. Its six month 50,000,000 mile journey will carry it on an orbit around the Sun Between Earth and Venus. Some Scotland Yard detectives Are reported to believe that part of the train robbery haul two thirds of it still missing was used to mount last months $3,-000,000 raid on Carrington a the Royal jewellers. Police who estimate it must have Cost $25,000 to stage still Are seeking the jewel thieves. Other raids that came in Quick succession dec. 9 a Gem relics Worth $56,000 stolen from the museum in the Duke of Wellington a House at Busy Hyde Park Corner during evening Rush hour. Dec. Ll�?$252,000 Gem haul from Mayfair firm of bermans. Dec. 12�?$140,000 haul in antique Silver from Bloomsbury firm of Schrub soles. Dec. Is�?$84,000 in Cash and postage Stamps from a London Post office. Dec. 16�?$84,000 Worth of diamonds seized from a Gem merchant As he left a subway station. Dec. 17�?$42,000 Worth of furs and jewelry from a London apartment. There were also a number of fur and Gem raids in the $25,-000 class. Suspicion is growing that there is a nucleus of wealthy Crooks at the Centre of things. This is a new development in British crime. On hand at the Airport at Lusaka were presided t Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and Commonwealth minister Cledwyn Hughes. Before he left for London Hughes said rhodesian firms Are finding it difficult because of Britain s economic sanctions to get even minimum funds needed to keep going. Hughes predicted that next year Rhodesia would sell Only five per cent of its valuable to Bacco crop on which it largely relies for foreign earnings. The Airlift began after the White minority government of Rhodesia Cut off the flow of Oil to landlocked Zambia. The rhodesian action was in retaliation for the Oil embargo Britain imposed against Rhodesia last Friday to tighten the economic Vise on the government of prime minister Ian Smith. He declared Rhodesia Independent nov. La after refusing to yield to British demands for Steps toward eventual negro majority Rule. A British zambian communique said Britain is paying for the Airlift until the improvement of surface routes from negro ruled neighbouring states to the North. Improves dirt Road Britain also is spending �3,-500,000 $10,500,000 to improve the 1,000-mile dirt Road across Tanzania to a Railhead in Zambia. Meanwhile Oil is on the Way to Zambia on other routes by Road rail and Lake. In new York the . Ambassador to the United nations Arthur j. Goldberg said in a television interview american Oil companies have agreed to co operate with the embargo against Rhodesia. Meanwhile president Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia and prime minister Milton Obote of Uganda called for an immediate conference of All 35 african Heads of state. Diallo Telli of Guinea Secretary general of the organization of african Unity was expected to poll other Oak members concerning a meeting. Fight rages in Dominica Santo Domingo Ftp the precarious peace efforts in the dominican Republic appeared today to have been dealt a shattering setback by a Battle Between army troops and former rebels. At least 13 persons were believed killed in two shooting incidents sunday. Twelve were reported killed in a six hour Battle that raged around a hotel on the outskirts of Santiago the country a second largest City. There were conflicting reports on the cause of the Battle that saw army tanks sent in against an estimated 125 former rebels barricaded in the hotel. Shooting ended following the arrival of 150 . Paratroopers of the inter american peace Force. Ottawa up a the Cabinet is expected to Deal today Wien a request from Zambia. Rhodesia a neighbor for an unspecified number of transport planes to assist in an Airlift of Oil to that land locked Commonwealth country. Zambia normally gets its Oil through Rhodesia. Britain and the . Have imposed Oil sanctions on Rhodesia and Are hoping that France. Italy and the Netherlands will fall in line. Prime minister Wilson of Britain supported Zambia a request in his four hours of talks Here sunday with prime minister Pearson during which Viet Nam was the main subject discussed. Or. Pearson is scheduled to hold a press conference today after a Cabinet meeting. Or. Wilson held one before his sunday evening departure for London by Raf Comet Jet and 3 aldermen in finale three men who have been charged with a share in the duties of operating the City of Brandon will step Down a officially Quot tonight As the final it meeting of City Council ends the year. Aldermen David Weiss. R. K. Armstrong and Harry Collister Are retiring. Or. Weiss has served four years on Council while aids. Armstrong and Collister Are finishing single terms. Waiting in the wings Are three newcomers to civic politics. Elected in october Peter j. Neu Feld Allan g. Mckenzie and Orville e. Gusdahl have been attending Council meetings since their election and will be installed As aldermen at the inaugural meeting of Council in january. On the books for the final meeting of the year will be matters studied a week ago by Council meeting in committee. Included in this business will be legislation making the City ready to take part in the Canada pension plan final approval of tenders for fuel Supply for 1966 and other matters which must be completed to end the work of the 1965 Council. Said very serious economic difficulties Are already developing in Rhodesia As the result of sanctions. Canada Bas embargoed 90 per cent of imports from Rhodesia valued last year at $4. 300,000. Or. Wilson said it is impossible to form a View on the exact time when the economic dislocation in Rhodesia will turn itself into a return to constitutional government. British sources said they expect the economic Pinch to take firm hold soon after the Christmas holidays. Canadian informants said or. Pearson would like or. Wilson to Call an extraordinary meeting of Commonwealth prime ministers to Deal with the rhodesian problem. However aides to or. Wilson said this appears unlikely at the moment. Two african Commonwealth countries Tanzania and Ghana already have broken diplomatic relations with Britain because the illegal rhodesian government has not already been toppled from Power. Or. Wilson said Britain is a willing to consider going to a Commonwealth prime ministers conference proposed by Nigeria for Jan. To in Lagos the nigerian capital. 4 children die in fire Toronto up a fire claimed the lives of three of or. And mrs. William Wilkins four children at their suburban East York Home saturday and the fourth died in Hospital sunday. A grieving mrs. Wilkins said sunday a i read about the other family but i did no to think it would Ever happen to she referred to another fire in which or. And mrs. Walter son Ier their three children and or. Sonier a brother Stanley died in their Toronto Home last tuesday. On saturday mrs. Wilkins children John 4 Mark 3 and Penny to months died in the Blaze at their Home. Her son Matthew 2, died in East general Hospital sunday. The forecast sunny today with Cloudy periods tonight. Sunny and continuing mild tuesday with winds wast 15. High Low hero sunday 26 and 14, forecast Low tonight 2$, High tuesday is. Noon temperature today 25 degrees. Deming Callum jewellers Ltd. Imp the House of rings a Homo of Columbia most trusted Nome by diamonds. Strait

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