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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives Apr 28 1990, Page 1

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - April 28, 1990, Brandon, Manitoba Outlook Cloudy until tuesday with highs below 7 c. Details on Page 2. To for april 28, 1990 500 sports playoff action Caps eliminate rangers in overtime and Bruins Knock off Hahs Page 7 save 65 weekly total weekly newsstand $2.75 Home delivered weekly $2.10 save $33.80 us Hwy 0 6191566 lifestyles local Art auction regional gallery to stage second Sale Page 16saskatchewan govt says construction needed to stabilize dam Mckinney angry Rafferty work to resume Regina up a three months after Ottawa halted work on the troubled Rafferty dam in Southeast Saskatchewan the province has announced construction will begin again. George Mcleod minister responsible for the $140-million dam project told the legislature Friday the half built dam will be All but finished by the end of the summer. A the dam will be about 80 per cent Complete by the end of this summer a a he said. Mcleod said an engineering panel recommended some work on the Rafferty dam continue to stabilize the massive Earth work Structure. Gerry Mckinney chairman of the friends of the Souris Valley said Mcleod a announcement confirmed what the anti Rafferty group have said All along a construction on the dam had not stopped. A it would indicate to us that unless environment minister Lucien Bouchard reacts with the full Force of the Law that there a obviously collusion Between the Premier of Saskatchewan and of course the government of Canada to circumvent existing legislation a he said. Mckinney said groups opposed to the project including friends of the Souris Valley will rally Over the next several Days to present a United front against Rafferty Alameda. He added requesting a court in auction against the project is a possibility. A i consider the whole thing As a mockery and a Sham of Federal environmental Mckinney added environment Canada has a copped out in its approach to the project. A we just celebrated Earth Day Here with a Host of different groups. No doubt Bouchard and environment Canada will sell out concerns these people have As Well Down the work on the project ground to a halt in january when Federal environment minister Lucien Bouchard formed a review panel to look into the projects environmental Impact. Saskatchewan Premier Grant Devine has expressed his displeasure with the Federal decision in the past. He was unavailable for comment. See Ottawa Page 2 Devine work resumes Cornwall Island St i mar tact Klerr Cornwall Canada Roadblock by Gam wars Hogan it Gnu it y roadblocks by a nil Gambler violence prompts evacuation Herman news line High flier Sun photo by Pant Doyle Mike Metelski watches and ducks the Odd Kwh at -5 c by the Assiniboine River near time As he and a Friend wrestle with a Bra Crest drive Friday. In Strong winds the hawaiian stunt Kite in winds gusting to 43 Kite can pull its flyer off of the ground. Women a groups Are angry at strip show burnout sets in for recycling volunteers package bomb rocks to station Virginia Beach a. Apr a mail bomb exploded Friday at Pat Robertson a Christian broadcasting network injuring a Security guard a can spokesman said. A package with a Florida postmark was scanned in the Mai room and was thought to be suspicious said the spokesman Frankie Abourjilie. Security guard Scott sleepers was summoned and the bomb exploded when he opened the package Abourjilie said. Sleepers 33, was taken to Hospital accompanied by Robertson founder of the network Abourjilie said. Rhonda Hoover a Hospital spokesman said sleepers was in stable condition with shrapnel wounds to his left leg. Officers from the Virginia state police bomb squad and . Postal inspectors were investigating. Inside children evacuate Mohawk Reserve agribusiness. 3 classified. 18-24 editorials.4 entertainment. 16,17 lifestyle. 11,13,14 local.2,3 Manitoba. 2,6 obituaries. 24 religion. 12 sports.7-9 travel. La weddings. 14 world.5 a can i kiss one of the bridesmaids instead a Winnipeg up a women a groups have complained about an incident in which a stripper was employed to entertain the Manitoba attorney general a hockey team. Some of the oilers who viewed the strip show were Crown attorneys responsible for prosecuting crimes against women a representative of the Manitoba action committee of the status of women says. A i think the objectification of women the trivializing of women that a associated with strippers makes it a real concern a said Judith Kearns. A enjoying it displays attitudes that May also affect performances in the the incident took place in the dressing room following an april la hockey game. Justice minister Jim Mccrae said thursday he was not Happy about the incident which he said involved Only two Crown attorneys but there a nothing he can do about it. A the government has tried to be sensitive to women Mcrae said. A this Type of thing does no to make me particularly Happy. Ill o w e v e rip Justice critic Maureen Mccrae Hemphill said Mccrae should make it perfectly Clear what is and is not acceptable behaviour for officers of the court. A Elf men treat women As chattels on their own time its Likely they carry that attitude into their jobs a Hemphill said. She cited a ease last week in which a Crown attorney asked a judge for leniency for a Man who beat his Girlfriend As an example that kind of thinking. Deputy minister Graeme Gar son said the crowns team Wasny to responsible for hiring the stripper. A apparently this individual came in and performed at the request of somebody Carson said the department won t take any action because the incident was a private function outside working hours. By Dave rider Sun staff a local recycler says depot organizers Are becoming a Burnt out a and it s time for the City to step in a but a City run program is far from receiving the Green Light. Eldon Schmitz vice chair person of the Westman recycling Council said last weekends highly successful recycling depot was run by too volunteers 50 fewer than helped out last october at the councils second depot. A they worked like hell Friday and saturday. Ive noticed a marked decrease in the number of volunteers and it was a lot More work for each individual. But it can to be done indefinitely a we re taking it one depot at a time he said. Schmitz wants the City to either rent a warehouse eliminating the need for depots or hire a depot coordinator. Environment Canada would match the value of City contributions up to $200,000, he said. The 1,200 car loads of newspapers tin cans household plastics and Glass collected last week prove there a Public support added a a. Schmitz. Boro Tsik but in a recent interview with the Sun mayor Rick Boro Tsik said recycling depots Arentt the City a responsibility and rejected the suggestion of a City run warehouse. A it will have to be locally at least private Enterprise that picks up the stuff and gets it to Market a a he said. Boro Tsik pointed to other cities which can to find markets for tons of trash collected in their programs but Schmitz says he a Only had trouble finding buyers for household plastics. Joyce Agar chairperson of the recycling Council and a member of the City a waste minimization committee said she has no quibble with the local government a which donated $500 to advertise the depot. A i think my sense of what the recycling Council feels is we want to work with the City and we re not in a position to criticize the City a a she said. Barge because the land routes through the american sector Are under the control of members of the paramilitary Warrior society which is promoting gambling on the Reserve. Other roads have been blockaded by indians who oppose gambling. Benedict said that in the last few Days seven or eight people have been injured at St Regis one of them seriously. A some thugs grabbed a Man heat him unconscious with baseball bats and then heat him some More a said Benedict. A i understand he is in critical condition in Hospital in chief Harold Tarbell Mohawk trustee for the new York state part of the reservation agreed that violence on the Reserve is escalating. A last night for three hours they the Warrior society had Mohawk Council policemen and Community supporters lying on the floor a said Tarbell. A there was Rifle fire coming through the windows of police Mohawk Community member Barbara Barnes said automatic weapons were fired at the St Regis Community Centre on the Canadian Side. Meanwhile a massive search continued on the american Side of the Reserve for a Man reported missing after violent confrontations Between pro and anti gambling factions. Earlier this week Canada asked the . To do something about escalating violence on the american Side of the Reserve. Indian affairs minister Tom Siddon said the Canadian embassy in Washington contacted the . State department on thursday to underline concerns about gambling related violence and the Lack of . Policing on the Reserve. A the state department assured Canada that they were aware of the seriousness of the situation and have initiated contacts with the new York state governors office and the . Bureau of Indian affairs with a View to taking action a said Siddon. Schmitz said the waste committee which was formed in february to look at everything from recycling to garbage generated electricity is moving too slowly Agar Dis agreed but said she a missed the last two meetings because of other commitments and family matters. Arnold Grambo a City councillor and waste committee member defended the City a cautious approach. A for sure there la be people who think the committees moving too slow a he said. A but i done to think we should go into something half cocked and collect stuff there s no Market for we want to provide people with a Way to help but collecting a Mountain of stuff without markets could turn them , St Regis que. Up a floating on barges across the St. Lawrence River a group of women children and old people started an evacuation Friday from Akwesasne Indian Reserve in the Wake of growing violence. Twenty officers from the Quebec and Ontario provincial police forces As Well As Rump led the operation evacuating worried people to Cornwall ont. A it has become a very tense situation and we can no longer guarantee safety for our people a said Lloyd Benedict chief of the Canadian band Council on the Reserve which straddles the Canada-. Border. The Reserve has been turned into a virtual War zone with heavily armed forces on both sides of the debate for and against gambling. The casinos depend heavily Lor business on busloads of Canadian gamblers. About 5,000 mohawks live in the Canadian sector and Indian leaders say the evacuation a which Bogan Friday with 50 people a could affect at Many As 2,000. The people moved out would be lodged tem Poi Canadian Mohawk women and children Are being evacuated rom the St. Regis Akwesasne Indian Reserve to escape violence surrounding gambling Akwesasne Reserve lands >i�0 warily at Cornwall civic Complex while the sick or infirm would be taken to a Cornwall Hospital. Benedict said the evacuation was by

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